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ASME V Article 10 Leak Testing This Article describes methods and requirements for the performance of leak testing.

(a) When a leak testing method or technique of Article 10 is specified by a referencing Code ection! the leak test method or technique shall be used together "ith Article 1! #eneral $equirements. (b) %efinition of terms used in this Article are in &andatory Appendi' ()) of this Article. (c) The test methods or techniques of these methods can be used for the location of leaks or the measurement of leakage rates. The specific test method(s) or technique(s) and #lossary of Terms of the methods in this Article are described in &andatory Appendices ) through * and +onmandatory Appendi' A as follo"s, Appendi' ) - .ubble Test - %irect /ressure Technique Appendi' )) - .ubble Test - (acuum .o' Technique Appendi' ))) - 0alogen %iode %etector /robe Test Appendi' )( - 0elium &ass pectrometer Test - %etector /robe Technique Appendi' ( - 0elium &ass pectrometer Test - Tracer /robe Technique Appendi' () - /ressure Change Test Appendi' ()) - #lossary of Terms Appendi' ())) - Thermal Conducti1ity %etector /robe Test Appendi' )* - 0elium &ass pectrometer Test - 0ood Technique Appendi' * - 2ltrasonic 3eak %etector Test Appendi' A - upplementary 3eak Testing 4ormula ymbols

Written Procedure Requirement Requirements. 3eak testing shall be performed in accordance "ith a "ritten procedure! "hich shall! as a minimum! contain the requirements listed in the applicable Appendices! paras. )51061 through *51061 and Tables )51061 through *51061. The "ritten procedure shall establish a single 1alue! or range of 1alues! for each requirement. Modification of Requirements.

Article 10 contains test techniques7 therefore! there are requirements that cannot be modified by the manufacturer through the demonstrtation process per T5180. 9nly those requirements listed in Tables )51061 through *51061 may be so modified by demonstration. Procedure ualification.

When procedure qualification is specified! a change of a requirement in the applicable Appendi' Tables )51061 through *51061 identified as an essential 1ariable! from the specified 1alue! or range of 1alues! shall require requalification of the "ritten procedure. A change of a requirement identified as a nonessential 1ariable from the specified 1alue! or range of 1alues! does not require requalification of the "ritten procedure. All changes of essential and nonessential elements from the 1alue! or range of 1alues! specified by the "ritten procedure shall require re1ision of! or an addendum to! the "ritten procedure. Referencing !ode 4or the leak testing method(s) or technique(s) specified by the referencing Code! the referencing Code ection shall then be consulted for the follo"ing, /ersonnel qualification :certification Technique(s) :calibration standards ;'tent of e'amination Acceptable test sensiti1ity or leakage rate $eport requirements $etention of records

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