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Chapter 1 The Transformation

Where should I begin? I have been around for many years !any millennia Ages perhaps I have seen many things "one even more This is the story of #hat happened to me !y father #as Adam$ my mother #as %ve I also had a brother named Abel I lived learning the #ays of the land$ tending to the grains and the fruit Abel lived tending to the herds It #as a misdeed as it should have been my responsibility to tend to the livestoc& I #as$ after all$ the eldest brother !other and 'ather came to us one day and e(plained that )od had given them a demand They said he #anted a sacrifice of our crops and lambs Abel and I set out to collect our sacrifice and prepare it for )od Abel chose his best ne#born lamb for the sacrifice As I #atched the animal burn$ I said to Abel$ *Why do you offer the best lamb of the litter? We need that more than )od does +e #ould be ,ust as happy if you offer the runt - *.ffer the best to the Lord$- Abel said$ *and receive the best in returnI loo&ed over at my offering$ the dead crop #hich even the co#s #ould not eat It had not burned Three times I had tried$ yet it #ould not even smo&e It #as an insult from )od +e favored Abel over me +ad I not been a good son? A good brother? What have I done to deserve such little recognition? It #as at that time #hich I reali/ed #hat must happen What I must do Abel had to die And it must be done by my hands The follo#ing day$ I as&ed Abel to come #ith me into the fields I told him that I #anted help choosing my sacrifice I brought #ith me a club used for fending off any animal that may ruin the grains$ and a &nife use to cut do#n the crops As #e got further into the fields$ I told him that I had thought of the perfect sacrifice *What is it$ Cain?- said Abel *0ouIt #as at that moment that I raised my club and brought it s#iftly do#n onto Abel1s head +e fell to the ground and I sat on top of him I raised his head and put the &nife into his throat Blood spilled over the land and I felt a sense of happiness I have made the ultimate sacrifice to )od I offered up the best that I could If

)od favored Abel over me so much$ then perhaps this #ould please him Later that day$ as I #as #al&ing bac& home$ )od stopped me and as&ed$ *Where is Abel? Where is your brother?- I replied$ *+o# am I to &no# #here he is? Abel is the shepherd$ not me *0our brother1s blood calls to me from the ground on #hich you have spilled it Why have you done this?*I only performed the sacrifice that you have as&ed for 0ou #anted us to offer that #hich #e cherish the most I offered Abel to you$ as he #as my brother )od said$ *Cain$ 2on of Adam 'or #hat you have done$ you are banished from the ground that has opened itself up to the blood of your brother If you try to #or& the land$ it #ill not give anything bac& to you 0ou #ill be a #anderer for the rest of the days It #as at that time that I left from the land of my father and headed into the land of 3od Just east of the )arden As I passed the )arden$ I sa# a shado# in the distance .r so I thought 4erhaps I #as seeing things Why #ould anyone #ant to find me after #hat I had done? I #as cursed by )od and because of this$ cursed by everything else I continued #al&ing for a month1s time before I sa# her Late at night$ as I lay sleeping$ I #as a#a&ened by the sound of a #olf ho#ling I loo&ed over and sa# a figure coming in my direction 2he that #as the most beautiful thing in all the lands +er eyes #ere red li&e the blood that spilled from Abel1s throat +er face #as #hite li&e the #ool on a sheep +er hair #as long and blac&$ li&e it had fallen do#n on her from the midnight s&y 2he #as #earing a long$ flo#ing dress that #as the same color as her eyes As she came up to me on that #arm night$ it appeared as though she #as not even #al&ing$ but rather floating to#ards me The air seemed to get colder$ the closer she got$ but my imagination had been dar& as of late$ so I ,ust ignored it By the time the mist had settled and she sat on my lap$ I felt all of my troubles fade a#ay *!y name is Lilith and I have come to ta&e all of your pains a#ay from you I &no# #hat you are going through$ Cain of 3od 'or I have gone through the same 0ou #ere betrayed by )od +e

#ho says he #ill love you for all time$ no matter #hat transgressions you may commit But #hen the time comes for him to sho# love$ he shuns you and forces you to #al& on your o#n The food has no taste The #ater 5uenches not Life as it is for you no# #ill never end I am here to offer you a release$ but you must #ant the gifts that I offer *0es-$ I told her I #anted so bad for this curse to be lifted from my shoulders !y crime #as not big enough to deserve the punishment that I had been given +ad I done something so horrible to have to live for all eternity? 'or the food to not sustain and the #ater to not relieve my thirst? I said yes to Lilith in the hopes that her merciful hands #ould ta&e me from this #orld into the ne(t$ #hatever may #ait for me there Lilith said$ *I do not &no# #hat the gifts #ill do for you$ for you are truly Cursed by the creator 0ou could die 0ou could be forever changed - I said to her$ *As it is$ the life I am living causes me to beg for death If your gifts #ere to &ill me$ it #ould be a blessing to me I follo#ed Lilith to her home and follo#ed her inside 2he retrieved a blac& bo( from a secret compartment in the floor 'rom this bo( she #ithdre# t#o silver cups covered in beautiful engravings and ,e#els Blac& stones and red diamonds 2he also removed a blac& &nife from the bo( It appeared to be made from ony( or some other stone 2he placed this &nife to her breast and cut deeply into the s&in It reminded me of #hat I had done to Abel as a feeling of e(citement rushed through me again 2he filled the cup #ith her blood and then offered the empty cup to me and said$ *0ou must fill this #ith the blood that flo#s in your veins Without such$ #e can never ma&e a true bond bet#een us I too& the cup freely and an(iously With the &nife$ I cut my arm open and filled the cup until Lilith told me to stop 2he then too& the cup into her hands and dran& the #hole of it At that time$ she handed me to cup #ith her blood and said to me$ *With this blood$ you #ill accept my gifts unto yourself 0ou must drin& it as I have yours With your blood in me and mine in you$ #e shall be one and the same for all time I pressed the cup to my lips and dran& The blood #as s#eet and cold Is blood meant to be this cold? Abel1s blood had been #arm on my hands$ yet this felt as if it #ere #ater from a mountain

spring As I finished the cup$ a cold feeling came over my body I thought$ *This is it I am finally dying !y curse has been lifted - All the sights around me faded into dar&ness and I could see myself falling into an endless hole in the ground There #ere arms reaching out to me from the #alls of the hole Trying to catch me$ as if they did not #ant me to drop I fought them off before they could grip me This is something that I #anted I #anted to be dead To no longer suffer the pain of this curse I fell until the #alls #ere so far in the distance that they could no longer be seen I #as surrounded by complete dar&ness #ith nothing but the air around me I must have passed out someho# I opened my eyes and sa# Lilith sitting in the chair$ #atching over me as a mother #atches over her child When I #as finally able to move around$ I sat up and as&ed her #hat happened to me 2he said$ *By ta&ing in my blood$ you ta&e in my po#ers 0ou no# have all the po#ers of the dar&ness The children of the night #ill listen to your call 0ou #ill never gro# old$ you #ill never die 0ou #ill be stronger and faster than you have ever been 0ou have the po#er to put thoughts into another persons head To ma&e someone perform your #ill These things have meaning to me I am not sure #hat it is$ but something tells me that I #ill have many enemies no# What is this thing I have become? Am I a monster of 2atan$ or am I something else? In the dar&ness of the night$ I sa# a bright light coming do#n from the s&y Lilith had vanished into the dar&ness Whatever this light is$ it cannot be a good thing for me If Lilith had run$ so then should I But I could not I felt strong enough that if this #as an enemy$ I could defend myself 'rom this light emerged a being A young$ grandly #inged being strong in body and handsome in face +is #ings #ere green as the grass +e #as #earing a type of mesh armor$ #ielding a s#ord and a shield I &ne# this being It #as the archangel !ichael The Warrior of +eaven The Angel of !ercy !ichael said$ *Cain$ 2on of Adam and %ve 0ou have committed a sin against the Creator Will you repent the evil that you have become and be #ashed in his mercy?- I replied$ *3ot by )od1s grace$ but my o#n$ can I live And by my grace$ I #ill live in pride - *Then I curse you$ Cain 'or as long as you #al& this earth$ you and your children #ill fear my

living flame$ and it #ill bite deep and savor your flesh$- said !ichael I traveled throughout the night$ searching for Lilith Wanting to be #ith her for all time To say than& you for the gifts What she had truly done has given me strength to stand on my o#n 4erhaps I #ould find her soon .r perhaps$ I #ould never see her again .nly time #ould be able to tell the ans#er to that 5uestion The ne(t morning$ I #as approached by yet another grand being A brilliant angelic being of light A mighty angel carrying a shepherd1s staff Adorned on his body #as a yello# robe This #as 6aphael The +ealer .verseer of %vening Winds 6aphael said to me$ *Cain$ 2on of Adam and %ve 0our brother$ Abel$ forgives you for #hat you have done Will you not repent and as& )od for his !ercy?- I said to 6aphael$ *3ot by Abel1s forgiveness$ only my o#n$ can I be forgiven - 6aphael cursed me$ saying$ *Then$ for as long as you #al& this earth$ you and your children #ill fear the da#n$ and the sun7s rays #ill see& to burn you li&e fire #here ever you hide$ al#ays +ide no# for the 2un rises to ta&e its #rath on you I found a secret place in the ground to hide from the sun I thought for a moment$ #hat if he #as lying If I go out into the light$ #ill I be harmed$ or #ill nothing happen I decided to put my hand into the light coming into my ne# home$ ,ust to see if anything #ould happen At the moment that my hand #as in the light$ it started smo&ing and it burned me$ ever so badly Therefore$ deep in the %arth I slept$ until the dar&ness consumed the #orld around me When I a#o&e and returned to the surface$ I heard the sound$ and sa# blac& #ings surround me The blac& #ings of 8riel +e spo&e to me 5uietly saying$ *Cain$ 2on of Adam and %ve )od Almighty has forgiven you Will you accept his mercy and let me ta&e you to your re#ard$ no longer cursed?- And I said to the dar&9 #inged 8riel$ *3ot by )od7s mercy$ but my o#n$ #ill I live I am #hat I am$ I did #hat I did$ and that #ill never change - 8riel then cursed me$ saying$ :Then$ for as long as you #al& this earth$ you and your children #ill cling to "ar&ness 0ou #ill drin& only blood 0ou #ill eat only ashes 0ou #ill be al#ays as you #ere at death 3ever dying$ living on 0ou #ill #al& forever in the dar&ness$ until the last days -

I gave a cry of anguish at this terrible curse and tore at my flesh I #ept blood I caught the tears in the cup that Lilith had given me$ and I dran& them When I loo&ed up from my drin& of sorro# the archangel )abriel$ Lord of !ercy appeared to me The archangel )abriel said unto me$ :Cain$ 2on of Adam and %ve$ Behold; The mercy of the 'ather is greater than you can ever &no#$ for even no# there is a path opened a road of !ercy Tell your children of it$ for by that road may they once again d#ell in the light As )abriel vanished into the s&y$ the only light I sa# #ere the red eyes of Lilith Loo&ing around$ I &ne# that I had fully transformed The #orld loo&ed so much different through my eyes no# I &ne# it #as the middle of the night$ but everything loo&ed as though it #ere midday Colors #ere more vivid than ever before I felt a surge of po#er move throughout my body I discovered ho# to move li&e lightning$ ho# to borro# the strength of the earth$ ho# to be as stone These #ere li&e breathing once #as to me Lilith then sho#ed me ho# she hides herself from hunters$ ho# she commands obedience$ and ho# she demands respect Then$ transforming myself further$ I found the #ay to alter forms$ the #ay to have dominion over animals$ and the #ay to ma&e eyes see sight Then Lilith commanded that I stop$ saying that I had over reached my bounds That I had gone too far That I threatened my very essence 2he used her po#ers and commanded me to stop Because of her po#er$ I heeded her$ but deep #ithin me a seed #as planted A seed of rebellion When she turned her face from me$ I opened myself up once more$ to the 3ight$ and sa# the infinite possibilities in the stars and &ne# that a path of po#er$ a path of Blood #as mine for the ta&ing$ and so I a#a&ened in me this 'inal 4ath$ from #hich all other paths #ould gro# With this ne#est po#er$ I bro&e the bonds that the Lilith had put on me I left the "amned <ueen that evening$ cloa&ing myself in shado#s I fled the lands of 3od and came at last to a place #here not even her demons could find me It #as #hen I reached a small to#n that I learned there #ere many more people in the #orld than ,ust Lilith$ mother$ father$ Abel$ and myself The #orld #as full of many people It #as then that I reali/ed the e(tent of my vision I could see their blood flo#ing through their veins

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