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West Africa Advanced School of Theology

25 April 2014

Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond
Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!
If you live by what I say, you are truly my disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (Jn 8 !"#!$, %&' Let us grin in some peoples faces while our hearts curse them, said a close friend of Muhammad. Islam allows for the practice of ta(iya, or deception, when a Muslim lives under non-Muslim authority. To protect himself and to gain influence, he may hide his faith and even pretend to accept the hristian faith. In the end, however, he deceives himself. !ray that the "oly #pirit will $ring Muslims to true conviction and freedom in %esus.&

Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries

WAAST: !lease pray for students as they return home today. Many have participated in %umaa !rayer during this past semester. 's some see( to esta$lish prayer groups in their churches, pray that many will respond and develop a $urden to intercede for and reach out in love to those around them. W ST A!RI"A#A$% S"&''(S: !rimary schools have proven to $e an effective mode of outreach throughout )est 'frica. !lease pray for these in particular this wee(*

Mali* ' student who oversees a school has had many opportunities to pray with children to accept %esus. #ome are
$eing discipled. !lease pray that, as these youngsters move on to high school, they will grow in their faith and their lives will influence their families and friends.

)orthern To*o: !ray for the salvation and spiritual growth of students in a church-attached school in a
predominately Muslim town. Most of them are from Muslim families.

Sene*al: onstruction is in progress for a new school in a less-reached area. !lease pray for favor and a good
witness in the community even as the $uilding is going up, and for safety for the wor(ers. !ray that the #pirit will prepare the hearts of those who will attend.

World Watch List: Pray for the Persecuted**

+or a few years after the fall of the #oviet ,nion, the entral 'sian country of U+,e-istan opened its doors to hristianity and other religions. #ince -../, however, the government has imposed severe restrictions on the hurch, and ,0$e(istan now ran(s 1-2 on the list of countries where $elievers suffer the most persecution. '$out /34 of the country5s 6..7 million people follow Islam. The few evangelical $elievers, num$ering fewer than 82,999 :.664;, cannot meet in homes or (eep or distri$ute any hristian materials, under threat of heavy fines or imprisonment. !lease pray that <od5s strength and =oy will fortify our $rothers and sisters. !ray for the Muslims> they also come under government persecution at times. May they see and see( after the "ope they see in hristians5 lives.

For Muslim Women***

!lease pray for a Muslim $ac(ground $eliever who has encountered controversy in her outreach endeavors. #he as(s that we pray for her familys safety.

Prayer Resources
)*rayin+ for ,uslims - %uide for .ffective Intercession offers many insights concerning Islam and a different prayer su$=ect each +riday. This wee( we pray for Muslims living in deception even as they deceive others* http*??$ &&Bpen Coors pu$lishes an annual list ran(ing the 29 nations where persecution against hristians is most severe. #ee the full 69-D )orld )atch List at http*??$ lic( on a country on the map or list to read its profile and prayer reEuests. &&&Muslim women need your prayersF Gou can =oin a prayer networ( and receive regular reEuests at http*?? +or a list of resources for prayer groups, see http*?? +ind information and prayer reEuests concerning Muslims around the world at http*?? "ow should we pray for those imprisoned for their faithH Aead http*??"ow-to-pray-for-those-in-prison?. +or news updates concerning persecuted hristians, visit http*?? and http*?? +or prayer reEuests, visit http*?? and http*??$lic?pray.aspI. To help you answer Muslims5 Euestions a$out %esus and the Ji$le, eIplore http*??