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Katja Cimermani 21100179

lekt. mag. Mojca Jarc Dr. Zlatko abi, Professor

OPENING SPEECH Russian Federation

English International Organizations

Ljubljana, April 15th 2014

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

His Excellency Secretary-General, Honorable Presiding Officers, distinguished Representatives. Humanity is at a crossroad. Global economic crisis, rising number of riots and various security dilemmas should be a clear sign for the international community to stand up. It is high time to act in order to prevent international relations sliding into chaos in todays complex and turbulent world. Russian Federation highly supports the initiative of the General Assembly to create the agenda of this years session in such way it covers significant dilemmas to which international community is faced nowadays. Honorable Representatives, Let me first talk about historical impact on todays world. With division of great powers in the past, new phenomena have emerged the movement of states boundaries created various minority groups. We believeonly national consciousness will prevent ethnic-based conflicts. In order to prevent ethnic enslaves that spread hate and discrimination, the level of concessions should be maintained; moreover decision-making process needs to be centralized on the national level. Only state itself knows its particularities. The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of the planet. Constant change of the international community, fast development and technological process are withal causing major environmental changes. Russia greatly appreciates the intensive dialogue on multilateral level and emphasizes the need for formulation of a new inclusive regimepromoting environmentally sustainable development. Sustainability combines all ecology, equity and economy. Global financial and economic crisis has in recent years caused severe damage to international trade, economy and financial sector. To bind up the bleeding wounds of the economy, we need to

support any kind of economical activity, including international fur trade, which has positive impact on the national and international economy. We have to acknowledge international fur trade is valued roughly the same as the global Wi-Fi industry. And we are talking about banning it? However, we support the creation of guidelines to prevent any kind of inhuman treatment during the fur production process. Honorable Presiding Officers and Representatives, Common will, enthusiasm and cooperation will lead us towards reaching agreements on all agenda items. United Nations are worlds leading organization; therefore we are obliged to strive to achieve preconditions for mutual development, stability and peace.