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Lesson Plan Number: 5

Subject: Religious Education Topic: The Person and Preaching of Jesus Year Group: 1st Year (1.1) No. of Students: 28 Date: 15th January 2014 Time: 9.10-9.50 Length of Lesson: 40 minutes ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. KEY CONCEPT(S): What Key Concept(s) (ideas) will I teach in this lesson? The Beatitudes The Kingdom of God and Vocation

(The number of appropriate Key Concepts will vary depending on the lesson you intend on teaching)

______________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. LESSON AIM(S): What am I going to teach? In this lesson I aim to explore the meaning of the term "beatitudes" and to examine the Kingdom of God in Vocation. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. LEARNING OUTCOMES: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to. demonstrate an understanding of the term "beatitudes" adapt the Beatitudes to the 21st century provide examples of people who have a vocation describe how each of these individuals have a vocation explain what is meant by vocation provide examples of different vocations that people have _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ASSESSMENT/EVIDENCE OF STUDENT LEARNING: How will I know that the learning outcomes are being achieved? 1. Key concept one will be assessed by: teacher observation of understanding of questions asked. The Beatitudes will also be assessed by asking students to write Beatitudes for the 21st century. 2. Key concept two will be assessed by: completing a worksheet following a PowerPoint presentation and group/pair work.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: What prior knowledge do students have about this topic? Students will have a good prior knowledge of the term the Kingdom of God as it has been looked at in detail in the previous classes to date. They will have a good understanding of this as the Kingdom of God has been looked at through parables, miracles, table fellowship and discipleship. The next way that we will look at the Kingdom of God is through vocation. In my opinion, students might not have a strong knowledge of the term "vocation". They may be able to explain that it means to serve but however they might not be able to provide examples of people with vocations. From the home environment, students might have an informal knowledge of vocation if this term is mentioned at home. Students might also receive a knowledge of this from mass in the different gospel stories and passages read from the Bible. From watching the news and maybe films, students might also have heard this term vocation.


TEACHER ACTIVITIES: What activities will I use to facilitate the teaching of EACH Key Concept? How much time for each activity? STUDENT ACTIVITIES: What activities will the students be engaged in to understand EACH Key Concept? How much time for each activity? QUESTIONS: Please list lower and higher order questions that are linked to each Key Concepts. (A minimum of six questions specifically related to the key concepts, identifying higher/lower order with HO/LO)
6. Teacher Activity Roll call Correct homework page 64, questions 1-6 Ask different students to read out their answers, correct any mistakes 7. Student Activity Answer roll call Take out their homework for correction Call out the answers they got for each question when called upon Correct any mistakes 8. Questions What is the Kingdom of God? HO What are the different ways that Jesus has taught us about the Kingdom of God so far? LO Can anyone explain what the parables are? HO What did Jesus teach us in the parables? HO What was the second way that Jesus taught us about the Kingdom of God? LO What do we need in order to believe in the miracles that Jesus performed? LO What was the third way in which Jesus taught us about the Kingdom of God? LO What did Jesus show us in table fellowship? HO Who were Jesus' disciples? HO Ask various students to read out their ideas of Beatitudes Provide examples of Beatitudes for the 21st century on the PowerPoint Who were Jesus' first two disciples? LO What is the mission of the disciples? HO Does anyone know what the term "beatitudes" mean? HO What do you think Jesus' beatitudes would be like for the 21st century? HO Write out three beatitudes for the 21st century. HO



1. Key Concept(s) Teaching Key Concept 1

The Beatitudes

Recap on the Kingdom of God to date by asking higher and lower order questions Set up PowerPoint presentation

Recap on the Kingdom of God by answering higher and lower order questions Pay attention to the PowerPoint

Introduce new term of the "Beatitudes" Direct teach the term "beatitudes" using the PowerPoint Ask various questions about the beatitudes Ask students to write out Beatitudes for the 21st century

Answer higher and lower order questions Students complete task of writing out Beatitudes for the 21st century Listen to examples given by the teacher

(15-20 minutes)

Teaching Key Concept 2 (etc.)

Introduce new term "vocation" on the PowerPoint Brainstorm what the students already know about vocation In the brainstorm include examples of people who have a vocation

Participate in the brainstorm of the word vocation Think of examples of people who have a vocation Form a definition for the word vacation Listen to teacher and pay attention to PowerPoint Participate in the class by providing an input into the various stories and pictures shown Provide examples of people with vocations Tell of various stories or different vocations that they have heard of Make note of homework in journals

Has anyone heard of the term "vocation" before? LO Can you explain what the term "vocation" means? HO Can you name any people that have a vocation? HO What is the vocation of priests? LO What is the vocation of our parents? LO What is your vocation as a teenager? HO Does the Pope have a vocation? LO What is the Pope's vocation? HO Would you say that doctors have a vocation? HO Do actors have a vocation? LO

Kingdom of God and Vocation

Form a definition for the word vocation Use PowerPoint to explain the meaning of vocation Provide examples of people with vocations Talk about the various different people Tell stories of the different people with vocations Ask higher and lower order questions on different individuals and their vocation: priest, parents, teenagers, etc. Invite students to tell stories of people who have vocations or different vocations that they have heard of Assign homework task

Can you think of anyone else that has a vocation? LO Can you explain the vocation that the person you have named has? HO

(20 minutes)

______________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. DIFFERENTIATION: How will I differentiate the content knowledge of this lesson so as to include all learners in a mixed ability class? Students able to identify the meaning of the vocation of the disciples following the previous lesson. Students able to identify different people who have a vocation to God. Students able to explain the term "vocation" and have an understanding of the Beatitudes.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. RESOURCES: What materials/resources will I need/use? A Question of Faith, Lori Whelan and Niamh McDermott Whiteboard Whiteboard markers Duster Laptop Overhead Projector Cable for the overhead projector Junior Certificate Religious Education Syllabus Junior Certificate Religious Education Teacher's Guidelines PowerPoint Internet ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. LITERACY & NUMERACY: What are the essential aspects of literacy/numeracy in this lesson? In this class students will come across new terms such as "Beatitudes" and "vocation". I will also be using a PowerPoint presentation within the class. This will help the visual learners within the class who learn better through the use of pictures and bullet points of information. Students will have to understand the PowerPoint in order for learning and understanding to take place. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. SELF EVALUATION: Were the Learning Outcomes achieved? Why /why not? How do I know they were/were not achieved?

What have I learned about my own practice from this lesson?

What will I do differently in my next class?