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Centre for Management Studies MBA (FS / Pharma / IB & RM / Agri. Business) Semester II Marketing Management Course outline
Faculty Member: Dr. Kavita Sharma / Mr. Tejas R. Joshi Session No. Main Topic Sub Topic Reference/ Text Book Assignment

Day 1 Introductory session, discussion on course outline, methodology of teaching-learning, Evaluation patterns, Group formation etc.
1 Basics of marketing Introduction, Nature, Scope. Marketing Concept TB01 Identify product of daily usage, its manufacturer, marketing agency, reason for using that product only. Visit any Tea stall personally and identify 10 random customers analyze CB. NANO car and AAKASH Tabs case study.

Marketing Management

Marketing Environment Consumer Behavior (overview)


Consumer and Market

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Marketing Mix

TB01 Consumer Vs Customer Types of Market Market analysis Evaluation of Assignments/ Query Solving TB01 4Ps of Marketing. 3Ps of Service Marketing (overview) Case study on Marketing Mix TB01 Segmentation - Introduction - Bases of Segmentation - Process of Segmentation - Segmenting the market TB01 Target Market Selection Positioning of Product Marketing Research TB01 Concept, Process Evaluation of Assignments/ Query Solving TB01, RB04 Product Mix Branding / Packaging TB01 PLC Concept Phases of PLC Marketing Myopia

Identify any organization (e.g. GSRTC, MUB, CCD, etc.) and Explain its Marketing Mix. Identify any product define its segment on various basis, Analyze selected target market, prepare positioning map.


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STP Marketing Research

Case study on energy drinks (Red Bull). -----Analyze PLC for pager, FM, Vimal suitings, Garden Sarees, Amitabh Bachhan, IPL, Postal service etc.

Product Mix PLC


Price Mix

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Promotion Mix

TB01 Pricing Pricing Decisions, objectives Factors affecting pricing Determination of Pricing Pricing Strategy Evaluation of Assignments/ Query Solving TB01 Concept Advertising Types of Advertising Ad evaluation criteria Advertising Budget TB01

Case study of Parle G

Develop print Ad for Specs, Helmet, Game of Hockey, Wedding Planners, etc.


Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion Personal Selling Public Relation



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Physical distribution

Marketing Strategy NPD Managing PLC

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Emerging Trends Emerging Trends

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Legal Issues

TB01 Channels of Distribution Functions/ Management Selection of Channels TB01 Management of PD Current trends Evaluation of Assignments/ Query Solving TB01 Developing Strategy Differentiation/ Positioning Developing New Product TB01 TB01 Strategy for PLC Designing Strategy for different Market forces Evaluation of Assignments/ Query Solving TB01 CRM Rural Marketing TB01 Service Marketing B2B Marketing Internet Marketing TB01 Consumerism Legal Issues of marketing Evaluation of Assignments/ Query Solving Concluding Session Final Evaluation of Assignments Final Presentation

- Develop innovative sales promotional technique for given products. - Case study for PR Case study of Wall-mart

Case study of Future Retail Final NPD Presentation on

Discussion on Role of social media in marketing. Case of Gujarat election campaigns by various parties through social media


RB01 RB02 RB03 RB04 RB05

Suggested Readings Kotler, Keller, Koshy, Jha, Marketing Management South Asian Perspective, Pearson education, 12th edition Saxena, Rajan, Marketing Management, TATA Mc Graw hill, latest Edition. S H H Kazmi , Marketing Management Text and cases , Excel Books Stevens and wren, Marketing Management , Best business books Matt haig , Brand Failures ,Kogan Page Bernhardt & kinnear , Marketing th Management,Irwin McGraw hill, 7 Edition (TB Text Book / RB Reference Book) Evaluation Pattern Content Final Presentation on NPD Best of 10 out of 15 assignments* Outdoor project** C.P./A Internal Examination Total

Marks 10 10 05 05 30 60

* Each assignment will be carrying 10 marks; final marks will be calculated based on average marks obtained in 10 best assignments out of 15 given assignments. ** Outdoor projects will be given based on curriculum.