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Sheet1 e e e post MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) assembly

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fuseholder coupled to commission electrical installation member earthing modality (circuit) breaker box / distribution board plaster indirect contact live parts overload to launch the construction conductor circuitry fault resistance uniformity bracket junction box solvent welding brace layout commissioning cable ties trip

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fuse cutout electrical outlet hanger electrical conduit derate Power factor exposed-conductive-parts mean combust cantilever ohmmeter Page 1

Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e Master of Science insulator pin & sleeve devices disturbance conduit body earth/earthing electrode electricity supply system protective ground/earthing electric power high voltage transmission line inductance cable management system anchorage lighting installation reducers stud technical english service penetration parallel rated voltage operating principle contactor characteristic relay luminous utility pole ingress = penetrate basic protection ventilated tray on-load tap changer secondary winding factor thermocouple zinc plated = zinced/zincked eddy/Foucault current cable tray vectorial sum PV system armour junction single pole shunt reactor

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Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e open-circuit fault electrical sockets installation sleeve storey fastener phase to phase fault alloy electric arc builders' level / levelling device power input/output burden chart electrical engineering strut mitigation investment designer = drafter extinguisher engineer embedded software stray current actuate busbar/bus bar compound

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chisel polygon flat electrical cable heat sink transient tape measure mark-up drawing winding = inductor wire insulation surge arrester routing cables neutral conductor adjustable spanner/wrench molded case lime stranded core transformer vault Page 3

Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e line to earth voltage wire-wound resistor puffer alternator cross section transmission line sound circuit rectifier mesh tray cooling fins drywall/plasterboard flow current flow partial acceptance / inspection implement suspended direct lightning strike apparatus motion sensor/detector gypsum electrical design engineer assistant load tap changer phase conductor electric power distribution live pivot direct contact interlock switch rocker switch energised conductor horizontal final acceptance / inspection voltmeter bolted fault lighting draft live front winding quench supply current sine wave

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Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e electrical enclosure wire protective measure scope electric generation plant construction manager assistant plain (U) channel neutral conductor malfunction enclosure performance certificate of completion buried/earth ring conductor decimal stray voltage electrical feeder

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rough in electrical wiring switchgear capacity

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contacts substation perpendicular = normal optical fiber cable electronics channel / U-channel in series with

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cable jacket protective barrier recessed into the wall cable channel / cable trough isolating switch

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Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e live conductor earth continuity test reactance time-current characteristic primary winding instrument transformer delta joint/junction coefficient axle switchboard support raised/access floor rivet thermal and dynamical stresses construction site/area/yard current shock edifice lighting design coupler waveform armature lead extension cord tapped resistor load set square dead front tin slot intensity plumbing instalation ammeter elbows = junction transmission system/grid fuse switch/circuit breaker/cut-out dropped/false/suspended ceiling accuracy Page 6

Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ground = earth padmount/pad-mounted transformer lightning protection installation generating step up transformer bus coupler electric thesis box spanner/wrench distribution system/grid illuminance overcurrent/excess current protection washer diam = diameter luminance capacitor bank capacitance ceiling rough-in acceptance / inspection likelihood = probability single phase quantity substation step down transformer closed circuit television systems (CCTV) tank circuit/electrical diagram/drawing surge ratio inclined bandwith field magnet distribution transformer unidirectional voltage drop reactor fault protection mains electricity

luminarie e = light fitting (UK) = light fixture (US)

e wet storage stain/white rust/white corrosion

Page 7

Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e arcing fault span ladder tray / cable ladder prospective short circuit current coupling isolation shaft clamp meter distribution by means index ( indices) terminal fuse/fusing element toggle switch pin phase to earth fault strand thread supply coaxial electrical


e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

coil bus cable design = draft = plan comutator core clamp short circuit bolt service drop application schematic = diagram = schematic diagram meter flexible conduit potential / voltage transformer

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Sheet1 e plan

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luminous intensity gear threaded rod recloser/autorecloser non-actuating time-current characteristic framework protective (earth) conductor earth resistance jeopardize stator electric power system tender = offer nameplate solder permanent magnet rated = nominal generation system hot stick luminous flux fault loop impedance industrial socket = multiphase socket solid core inverter/power inverter nut velocity

vertical e electrical services space/electrical shaft

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overhead transmission line current transformer layout drawing duration firestop mortar node dissertation perforated/slotted (U) channel discharge fault

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Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e beam grid protective obstacle rotor cut off switch extraneous-conductive-parts automatic disconnection of the supply breakdown voltage tight protective equipotential bonding coal power plant flush mounting no-load tap changer I hold a master degree in... ring spanner/wrench backbone screw receptacle torque size cable gland luminous efficacy/effectiveness controller vertical as-built residual-current circuit breaker density choke solvent jack spanner (UK) = wrench (US) bushing flux polygonal electrical power feed appliance tension manual call point ground/earth fault transformer cabinet

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Sheet1 e e e e e e e e e e e dissipate spacing handing-over/handover documentation standard = code wiring load-break elbow release sheath wye insulation construction

e e

electric utility wind (pt, pp wound)


ogle acknowledge = admit


debunk notion = belief = idea

accustomed = wont



recant retain

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Sheet1 X followed by


extent assure bent deliberate comprehend


confide in (someone) reassure glimpse



take account of


negligence tighten


disclose diminish abstract amuse indication facility


Page 12

Sheet1 X agitate


revel in... = rejoice in...


oversight facilitation put up with



astound consist in


obtain come up with refine conceal resent


negligent determine

Page 13

Sheet1 X carry out


arguably acquire


persist amusing comprehensive overlap loosen dictate



supervision = control candid = honest interfere comply with = fulfill eligible



let up on comprise of

encompass = include

Page 14

Sheet1 X X oversee facilities




run errands extent consistent retract




compliance suppress loathe = resent facilitate

propensity to/for...




derive turmoil

Page 15

Sheet1 X thrust



agitated = anxious unravel



retainer supervise = control

X z z

overlook provided that... by means of

z z z z z

so as to and for yet others on the basis of for the sake of... all but...

z z z z z z z z z

as regards... either way in principle in terms of... in compliance with so that as a matter of fact moreover namely

z z

let alone... which instead

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Sheet1 z z z z z z z z z z it is to... above all to some extent in accordance with in the event of the like(s) of in line with for reason(s) of... so to speak whether due to

z z z

in the throes of... on many occasions as per can-do attitude sensation Cut me some slack! carrer ladder bad hand

fracture dense preserve able to multi-task mere mesmerized varied studies to call dispatch heist paper tourniquet self-starter foster bone marrow savour hell of a... computer literate

Page 17

Sheet1 ancillary

inconsiderate stall startle ruse Consider it done! glossy be doxed relevant threshold pubes preposterous trench fallacy marrow be green at

slip out unnoticed cathartic recruitment agency transition

engulf hit it off

with gay abandon potent rub chimes I made my peace with it slur sear vial voluntary prospective employer

Page 18

Sheet1 perjury restrain


taunt = mock alderman sorority once stash look up to... defiant refurbishment dox suspicion due

clerk brown nosing = suck up weary = exhausted bore slope contest cater for hold water plate breach at stake

classified deed numerate

Page 19

Sheet1 disregard desultory evident alteration a sound mind in a sound body protozoa alter payroll precaution inherent

utmost nut objective sedate alternative to give away

simplify Pie in the sky figure of speech corresponding astonishment trial period innuendo toss off... scar tissue misdemeanor cutoff magnitude cliche bayonet superficial fad be on a slippery slope Page 20

Sheet1 compromise rabbit in the headlights interconnect shortfall tilt rear = back less graphic tap applicable dirge ear drops Go the extra mile

pulverize training scheme relish aftermath scrutiny glitter sustainable resilient

extinguish interior damp forensic science no-brainer maul rugged = uneven = rough headlight purpose battery hiatus plane = flat while spleen relentless Page 21

Sheet1 trade journal intermission shear puberty definite overcome

cone redundant consideration toss extraneous competent annoyed with = angry at/with ambiguous voracious like a duck to water

welfare revise Under sb belt

customer-focused approach clean slate align outdoors essential keep up


workload Page 22

Sheet1 damp squib treadmill digest committed to = devoted to sharp follow-up prop incorporated exaggerate

creek distort lure obstinate = stubborn study

selection superfluous termination position advisable pay a visit objective = aim = goal far-fetched hoist shrine deliberately remarkable tenderize assessment


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Sheet1 jaundice squash diversion venture vuvla whereabouts

nuisance compound fracture cluster lesion inherit discrimination rapport shatter = ruin tidily ferocious cunning helix roster inconvenience putrid illicit intern arbitrary

associate wiggle room = latitude wretched reason with accuracy

cupboard immune

employee valve Page 24

Sheet1 inexorable get away with idle

remark brush over

rectify fix on... succumb plane thus atonement racketeer revue for God's / heaven's sake dowry internship imply

timing invidious phenomena indicator induce

spouse sloppy bully duplex lot corny strap chime

Page 25

Sheet1 assumption rubble throes counterpart vocational firearm go easy on... = to be gentle on... subset tuberculosis flunk yield solid effective team player benefit modest serve the requirements ruggedness dues forensic strain hold/keep one's end of the bargain up

range furtive channel excrescence fidget specimen As good as it gets conventional bowels fellow citizen smother tutorial pacemaker provide = supply

Page 26

Sheet1 circumlocution

purge hustle contemporary body fasten

latch every waking hour take into consideration coordinates mate elongate icebreaker

straddle contraction = cramp vicious considerations on surveillance Slainte Mhath! win back = regain

being of sound mind and body... turntable interim = temporary prescribe = advise We'll make it worth your while whatsoever

brief undertake contract Page 27

Sheet1 On the tip of my tongue explicit organizer payroll Beat around the bush

wart binder related to lapel in (next to) no time bunk off result from prune

slippery slope Are you pulling my legs right now? suspicious

applicant handling nutrition furnace hereunder elusive mesh nigh = near reckless from hearsay fizzy drink jiffy bag touch up

disconcerting through and through

Page 28

Sheet1 dim culprit govt to man

grudge against... smite tenacious vague submit destitution = poverty manner abattoir grisly brag about

has a proven track record moan con

utilization solicitation truncate futility rift lag warp

compartment chuckle alas = unfortunately

interchange MV cable

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Thanks for heads up! agenda deflection perplex = confuse in tatters drip RPM residue circumscribe sole inflict participant branch preface welkin soil auxiliary pending anoint prurient fiend able to meet deadlines flush masonry wall start over posthumous glee Quid

utilize rampart I dare you! drip-dry originate inflict immense dairy Page 30

Sheet1 coincide

yield be on tine pile extirpate frontier toddler revise stake good egg

wind up

windshield (US) extortion benefit


general-purpose deem excuse multitask dread clutch dissolve dodge = avoid immediate irrelevant murk redeem

from scratch bulge tenacity footage Page 31

Sheet1 utter = total prescription referee outline

toss and turn resemble

to keep a low profile putrefaction peat wimp impious find an application in... brass

consent comb bludgeon go after insight


lineage It's been a while greenhorn subsequent get back at...

number palte hearsay vacancy quotation altitude season gimbal Page 32

Sheet1 be in time

pelvis X require

brazen lie trench-coat drop in quality lickety-split in the doghouse

captor at all costs impression carbon dioxide rudimentary = elementary wiggle be off the grid wield to give up on... = to resign from... sizzle adultery snare slider reek chassis licit blunt notch compulsion operation gnaw saddle groan catch up enroll Page 33

Sheet1 bother goosebumbs canvas planar sympathetic projectile breach inlet made to BS EN 61537 output utility thorough = total speculative application exterior Give her my best regards! adjacent to resistant to... felony

cosy bed mobile tread

cover/covering letter / letter of intent implore

mould = (US mold)

far cry from...

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Sheet1 sup, bolec (Japanese socket with earth post) ? wycznik nadprdowy instalacyjny monta, zestaw, ukad Electrical cable is an assembly consisting of one or more conductors with their own insulations The frame needs to be strong enough to support the engine assembly. podstawa bezpiecznikowa sprzony (coupled windings) ? oficjalnie odda do uytku instalacj elektryczn, przeprowadzi odbir element konstrukcji (structural building member) sposb/metoda uziemienia rozdzielnica, tablica rozdzielcza tynk (gypsum plaster, lime plaster, cement plaster) dotyk poredni czeci czynne przecizenie rozpoczyna budow (GTC S.A. is launching the construction of the Newton office building in Krakow) przewd, ya, przewodnik ukad/instalacja elektryczna The circuitry in this fighter aircraft has been protected against strong magnetic fields. rezystancja doziemienia rwnomierno, jednolito zamocowanie, wspornik, podprka, kinkiet (bracket lamp = sconce) puszka czeniowa zgrzewanie rozpuszczalnikiem obejma, wizanie czy, spina, usztywnia ukad, rozmieszczenie = functional verification of equipment and facilities that are grouped together in systems opaski do wizania kabli

potknicie, bd, pomyka, potyka si (trip over sth) wyzwala samoczynnie (trip current = minimum current that will trip a fuse) = to move a switch that operates an electrical system, or to cause such a system to start or stop working b Special system prevents the circuitry being tripped accidentally by a power surge or lightning strike = a combination of a fuse and a switch gniazdo elektryczne wieszak, zawiesie (trapeze hanger) rura instalacyjna (PVC conduit, metal conduit) = to lower the rated electrical capability of electrical apparatus wspczynnik mocy cos(fi) czci przewodzce dostpne redni (mean cylindrical illuminance - rednie cylindryczne natenie owietlena, root mean square) wspornik, podpora omomierz Page 35

spala si (A fuse consists of a metal strip or wire fuse element, of small cross-section compared to the circu

Sheet1 magister inynier izolator wtyczki i gniazda z konierzem i bolcami gniazda i wtyczki siowe zakcenie (disturbances to telecommunication systems) zczka do rurek instalacyjnych uziom sie zasilajca uziemienie ochronne moc elektryczna linia wysokiego napicia indukcyjno system okablowania (np. za pomoc koryt kablowych) zakotwienie, mocowanie za pomoc kotew instalacja owietlenia elementy redukcyjne koryt wiek, krtki gwintowany prt specjalistyczny jzyk angielski przepust instalacyjny rwnolegy napicie znamionowe zasada dziaania stycznik cecha, charaketrystyka typowy, charakterystyczny przekanik (programmable relay) wietlny, wieccy sup energetyczny wejcie, wstpienie, wniknicie, przeniknicie (Protection against ingress of solid foreign objects) ? ochrona podstawowa koryto perforowane przecznik zaczepw transformatora pod obcieniem uzwojenie wtrne wspczynnik, parametr, mnonik (power factor) termopara ocynkowany prd wirowy koryto kablowe suma wektorowa = photovoltaic system pancerz kabla poczenie jednobiegunowy dawik bocznikowy

Page 36

Sheet1 = An open-circuit fault occurs if a circuit is interrupted by some failure instalacja gniazd wtyczkowych tuleja, mufa kondygnacja, pitro, poziom cznik, spinacz zwarcie midzyfazowe stop (The fuse wire is generally an alloy of lead and tin) uk elektryczny poziomica moc pobierana/oddawana obcialno (przekadnika) strony wtrnej wykres, resjestr, zapis elektrotechnika wspornik, element wzmacniajcy osabienie (np. konstrukcji), zagodzenie Are there any mitigating circumstances/factors which might help explain her appalling behaviour? inwestycja projektant ganica budowa, projektowa, montowa oprogramowanie wbudowane (sterujce maszynami, urzdzeniami) prd bdzcy uruchamia, pobudza szyny zbiorcze kompleks, np. budynkw (= a cluster of buildings having a shared purpose, usually inside a fence or wall) The embassy compound has been closed to the public because of a bomb threat. mieszanina, mikstura, zwizek chemiczny duto wielobok kabel paski radiator krtkotrway (transient cardiac arrest) tasma mierzca, miarka cewka izolacja yy ogranicznik przepi prowadzenie kabli (tras kablowych) przewd N klucz nastawny kompaktowy (molded case circuit-breaker) wapno ya wielodrutowa podziemna komora transformatora Page 37

Sheet1 zawieszony, podwieszony bezporednie uderzenie pioruna aparatura, aparat czujnik ruchu gips (gypsum binder) asystent projektanta brany elektrycznej przecznik zaczepw transformatora przewd fazowy = the final stage in the delivery of electricity to end users trzpie, sworze, o dotyk bezporedni = microwave ovens are equipped with interlock switches which disable the magnetron if the door is opened -> przewd roboczy/czynny poziomy odbir kocowy woltomierz zwarcie metaliczne (bezimpedancyjne) => the impedance of the arc is neglected projekt instalacji owietlenia uzwojenie prd zasilania sinusoida (?) SEP-certified electrician's licence (SEP - Association of Polish Electrical Engineers) napicie fazowe rezystor z drutu oporowego nawinitego na dielektryk odbijak w wyczniku alternator, prdnica prdu przemiennego przekrj linia przesyowa zdrowy, nieuszkodzony obwd prostownik (Half/Full Wave Diode Rectifier) koryto siatkowe ebra (radiatory) regips przepyw (current flow) przepyw prdu odbir czciowy wykonywa, wdraa, wprowadza w ycie narzdzie, przyrzd

czynny, pod napiciem (People could get in touch with an exposed-conductive-part not normally live but whic

gasi (The sand plays a major role in fuse performances. It quenches the arc by absorbing the energy during

Page 38

Sheet1 tablica/szafa rozdzielcza drut, przewd rodek ochronny zakres, zasig, dziedzina, obszar elektrownia asystent kierownika budowy ceownik peny przewd neutralny dziaa nieprawidowo obudowa, ogrodzenie wydajno, osigi protok odbioru uziom otokowy dziesitny, uamek dziesitny napicie bdzce

linia zasilajca SN, = In electric power distribution, a medium-voltage power line transferring power from a distribution substation to the dist = distribution line which carries power from a transformer or switchgear to a distribution panel

wykona instalacj bez wykonania biaego montau = to lay out the basic lines without making the final connections. Additionally, covering materials--walls, ceilings, flooringrozdzielnica, rozdzielnia (high voltage switchgear) ? aparatura czeniowa

obcialno pojemno The stadium has a seating capacity of 50,000. The game was watched by a capacity crowd/audience of 50,000 (= the place was completely full). zdolno He suffered a stroke in 2008, which left him unable to speak, but his mental capacity (= his ability to think She has a great capacity for hard work. posada, praca In his capacity as secretary of the residents association, he regularly attends meetings of the community p She was speaking in her capacity as a novelist, rather than as a television presenter. styki podstacja protopady kabel wiatowodowy elektronika profil, ceownik w szeregu z..., szeregowo z... The circuit is represented by an ideal voltage source Vs in series with an internal resistance Rs Electric fuses are always connected in series in an electric circuit. powoka zewntrzna przewodu ogrodzenie ochronne zatopiony w cianie, podtynkowy koryto jednolite (nieperforowane) z deklem odcznik

Page 39

Sheet1 przewd czynny = phase conductor, but neutral is the return path for the current in a circuit so is a live conductor too sprawdzenie cigoci uziemienia reaktancja (capacitive reactance - Xc, inductive reactance - XL) charakterystyka czasowo-prdowa uzwojenie pierwotne przekadnik (CT, PT, CVT) trjkt poczenie, zcze wspczynnik, czynnik, mnonik o (koa)

= a large single panel, frame, or assembly of panels on which are mounted, on the face, back, or both, swit rozdzielnica, tablica rozdzielcza podpora, wsparcie podoga technologiczna nit obcienia/naraenia cieplne i dynamiczne teren budowy poraenie prdem gmach, budynek (This will be the second edifice in the GTC Office Centre compound following Galileo) projekt owietlenia zczka, cznik, sprzgo (backbone coupler sprzgo obszarowe, w KNX) przebieg (sygnau) twornik ow przeduacz

= A wire-wound fixed resistor having one or more additional terminals along its length, generally for voltage-divider appli

obcienie Based on the load you want to serve, (meaning how much current in amps will be needed from the outlets) ekierka cyna otwr natenie instalacja wodno-kanalizacyjna amperomierz = a device for measuring the strength of an electric current in units called amps kolanka korytowe (4-way junction, T-junction, L-junction) system/sie przesyu energii elektrycznej bezpiecznik (An electric fuse is a device which is used to limit the current in an electric circuit) topi wycznik sufit podwieszany dokadno, precyzja Page 40

Sheet1 uziemia uziemienie

= ground mounted electric power distribution transformer in a locked steel cabinet mounted on a concrete transformator kontenerowy instalacja odgromowa transformator blokowy/generatorowy (podnoszcy napicie) sprzgo szyn zbiorczych = using electricity for power an electric blanket/car/kettle/light praca dyplomowa/doktorska klucz nasadowy system/sie dystrybucji energii elektrycznej natenie owietlenia ochrona nadprdowa podkadka rednica luminancja bateria kondensatorw pojemno (high value capacitance) strop odbir czciowy oprawa owietleniowa pradopodobiestwo jednofazowy (single phase circuit breaker) wielko, parametr transformator stacyjny (obniajcy napicie) telewizja przemysowa kad transformatora plan/schemat instalacji udar elektryczny, gwatowna fala stosunek, proporcja, wspczynnik skony, pochyy skonny przepustowo cza, szeroko pasma biaa korozja (= a type of zinc corrosion) magnenica transformator SN/nn jednokierunkowy spadek napicia (This current places a voltage drop across Rs) dawik ? sie elektryczna zasilajca The house isn't on the mains. They bought a house with no mains supply.

Page 41

Sheet1 zwarcie ukowe przso, rozstawienie (mid-span joint) drabinka kablowa spodziewany prd zwarciowy sprzeenie izolacja (jako odstp) wa miernik cgowy rozkad (luminous intensity distribution) przebicie elektryczne (The picture shows high voltage dielectric breakdown within a block of plexiglas) wspczynnik kocwka, zacisk (contact), przycze topik wycznik dwigniowy szpilka, bolec, wtyk doziemienie fazy nitka, pojedyczy drut (kabla, linki) gwint

zasilanie zasila (single-phase supplies at 230V) (The maximum voltage drop for a lighting circuit in a consumer's ins koncentryczny, wsposiowy (coaxial cable) = related to electricity electrical equipment/goods/devices an electrical fuse/circuit/fault montowa, zbiera We assembled in the meeting room after lunch. to assemble data At the staff meeting, the manager told the assembled company (= everyone there) that no one would lose cewka, zwj, zezwj przewody szynowe projekt komutator ya (3 core cable) zacisk, klamra, apka zwarcie ruba, przyrubowa, przykrca (= fasten) = small power line between the electric pole and the house -> zastosowanie, naoenie schemat, plan miernik peszel przekadnik napiciowy

Page 42

Sheet1 schemat, projekt (jako zbir rysunkw), ukad a street plan (= a type of map of a town showing the roads) a seating plan (= a drawing which shows where each person will sit) wiatlo ukad, mechanizm (operating gear) gwintowany prt, gwintsztanga wycznik z SPZ (?) charakterystyka niezadziaania ? szacht kablowy konstrukcja, szkielet przewd uziemienia ochronnego, przewd PE rezystancja uziemienia stojan system energetyczny przetarg tabliczka znamionowa lutowa lutownica magnes trway znamionowy system wytwarzania energii elektrycznej strumie wietlny gniazdo siowe zya jednodrutowa falownik nakretka szybko Light travels at the highest achievable velocity in the universe. He always used high velocity lead bullets in his rifle. napowietrzna linia przesyowa przekadnik prdowy schemat, schemat funkcjonalny czas trwania (Duration of the current flow) zaprawa/masa przeciwogniowa wze (sieci) praca dyplomowa/magisterska (So you're defending your dissertation tomorrow!) ceownik perforowany rozadowa wyadowanie uszkodzenie, stan awaryjny

naraa na niebezpieczestwo (The earth fault may cause damage to the electrical installations and above all m

= an insulated pole, usually made of fiberglass, used by electric utility workers when engaged on live-line working on ene

impedancja ptli zwarcia (The fault loop impedance is exactly what its name implies - it is the impedance (or r

Page 43

Sheet1 promie (ray) belka, dwigar siatka (punktw, geograficzna), krata, sie (power supply system grid, smart grid) przeszkoda ochronna wirnik rozcznik czci przewodzce obce samoczynne wyczenie zasilania napicie przebicia szczelny (dust-tight) poczenie wyrwnawcze/ekwipotencjalne elektrownia na wegiel monta podtynkowy (flush-mounted socket) przecznik zaczepw transformatora bez obcienia Posiadam tytu magistra... klucz oczkowy szkielet, krgosup, (backbone line linia obszarowa, linia szkieletowa w KNX, magistrala) wkrt (wood screw, sheet metal screw) gniazdo wtykowe naczynie, zbiornik moment obrotowy (moment siy) szacowa, dobiera, wymiarowa (How do I size a circuit breaker?) dawnica kablowa skuteczno wietlna sterownik (PLC Programmable Logic Controller) pionowy powykonawczy (as-built drawing, as-built design, as-built documentation) wycznik rnicowo-prdowy (=residual-current device) residual-current circuit breaker with overload protection (rnicwka z moduem nadprdowym) gsto dawik rozpuszczalnik lewarek, dwignia klucz izolator przepustowy strumie wieloktny, wieloboczny zasilanie, linia/przewd zasilajcy urzdzenie, przyrzd (electric/domestic/household appliances) rozciganie, naprzenie, napicie (te elektryczne) rczny ostrzegacz poarowy (ROP) zwarcie doziemne, doziemienie komora transformatora

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rozprasza, trwoni (Since wires run in conduits or underground cannot dissipate heat as easily as in open air rozmieszczenie dokumentacja odbiorowa norma oprzewodowanie, instalacja The club closed after the fire brigade declared its wiring to be unsafe. wyzwalacz (residual current release, thermomagnetic release) paszcz, osona (metal-sheathed wires) gwiazda (three phase wye configuration) izolacja (substancja) budowa, konstrukcja She works in construction/in the construction industry. The bridge is a marvellous work of engineering and construction. This website is currently under construction (= being created). The bridge is of lightweight construction. budynek What's that concrete and metal construction over there? przedsibiorstwo energetyczne nawija, zwija She wound a scarf around her neck. He wound the string into a ball. He wound a small bandage round her finger. wlepia oczy, poera wzrokiem, patrze zalotnie (I don't ogle girls) uznawa, przyznawa si The president subtly (skrycie) acknowledged the difficulty of getting things done in an election year Click here to acknowledge and hide this message. obala (mit, teori), demaskowa (His theories have been debunked by recent research) pojcie, pogld Possesed by a notion of how my life should be I have only a vague notion of what she does for a living nawyky, przyzwyczajony She quickly became accustomed to his messy ways. I'm not accustomed to being treated like this. The previous city council was wont to overspend. They spent much of the time reminiscing about the war, as old soldiers are wont to do. szacowa, ocenia The insurers will need to assess the flood damage. They assessed the cost of the flood damage at 1,500. Exams are not the only means of assessing a student's ability. It's too early to assess the long-term consequences of the two countries' union. [+ question word] We need to assess whether the project is worth doing. cofa, odwoywa (np. zeznania) After a year spent in solitary confinement, he publicly recanted (his views). zachowywa, trzyma She has lost her battle to retain control of the company. He managed to retain his dignity throughout the performance. She succeeded in retaining her lead in the second half of the race. I have a good memory and am able to retain (= remember) facts easily. zatrzymywa, trzyma (The sea retains the sun's warmth longer than the land) Page 45

Sheet1 In 1981 Greece joined the Communities, followed by Spain and Portugal in 1986 The warning was not followed by serious measures during the accession negotiations The trial will be followed closely by all those who defend freedom of expression Political strengthening is not being followed by the appropriate financial strengthening rozmiar, zakres, zasig, stopie (extent of damage) zapewni, zagwarantowa skonny (Hank was bent on revenge) umylny, zamierzony (= intentional) naradza si, deliberowa rozumie, pojmowa I fail to comprehend their attitude. He doesn't seem to comprehend the scale of the problem I'll never comprehend why she did what she did. I don't think he fully comprehends that she won't be here to help him. obejmowa, zawiera (= comprise) The course will comprehend all faces of Japanese culture. zwierza si (komu) (Why don't you confide in me and tell me what this is all about?) pociesza, pokrzepia, zapewnia przebysk This biography offers a few glimpses of his life before he became famous. rzut oka I only caught (= had) a fleeting glimpse of the driver of the getaway car, but I know I would recognize her wykonalny, realny, zdolny do ycia In order to make the company viable, it will unfortunately be necessary to reduce staffing levels. I am afraid your plan is not commercially/economically/financially/politically viable. wskazywa, wykazywa, okreli Exploratory investigations have indicated large amounts of oil below the sea bed Please indicate which free gift you would like to receive She indicated to me (that) she didn't want me to say anything = to pay attention to someone or something You should take account of Tom. He has some good advice. Do I have to take account of the new policies? niedbalstwo, zaniedbanie zaciska, dokrca, napra Tighten the straps so they don't rub. As he struggled, the ropes tightened even more. ujawnia, udostpnia (recz. -> disclosure) zmniejsza, uszczupla (My ability to control this situation diminishes) streszczenie abstrakcyjny, oglny zabawia, rozwesela wskazanie, wskazwka, znak atwo (ability), umiejtno (skill), zdolno His facility for languages is astonishing. a phone with a memory facility zakad, orodek (medical facility), obiekt (a nuclear research facility, a military facility, a new sports facility), oglny This book is very general = It doesn't give a lot of details There is general concern about rising crime rates. My general impression of the place was good. Page 46

Sheet1 martwi (= worry) I didn't want to agitate her by telling her the truth. agitowa The unions continue to agitate for higher pay. As a young man, he had agitated against the Vietnam war. nieistotny, pomijalny The difference between the two products is negligible. My knowledge of German is negligible. rozkoszowa si (czym), znajdowa przyjemno w... She's revelling in her newly found freedom. He revelled in his role as team manager. Revel in flesh Everyone rejoiced at the news of his safe return. She rejoiced in her good fortune. I rejoiced to see that she had made such a quick recovery. przeoczenie, niedopatrzenie uatwienie (Our work involves the facilitation of cooperation between members of the team) wytrzymywa, znosi (kogo, co) I can put up with the house being untidy, but I hate it if it's not clean He's so moody - I don't know why she puts up with him. They have a lot to put up with (= they have a lot of difficulties) wymyla, wynajdowa He's good at devising language games that you can play with students in class. The cartoon characters Snoopy and Charlie Brown were devised by Charles M. Schultz. zdumiewa polega na... His social success consists in being able to persuade everyone of his amiability The operating principle of the residual current release consists in detecting the earth fault current through uzyska, otrzyma wymyli co

udoskonala (Engineers spent many months refining the software) oczyszcza (techn.) (Crude oil is industrially refined to purify it and separate out the different elements, such

ukrywa, skrywa Enclosures intended to conceal electrical junctions from sight, or protect them from tampering, they are als by zym (na kogo), nienawidzi (czego/kogo) He always resented the fact that I called him a pschopath She bitterly resented her father's new wife. He resents having to explain his work to other people. niedbay, niedbajcy The judge said that the teacher had been negligent in allowing the children to swim in dangerous water. okrela (= specify), wyznacza The number of staff we can take on will be determined by how much money we're allowed to spend. Your health is determined in part by what you eat. Eye colour is genetically determined. decydowa, postanowi She determined that one day she would be an actor. On leaving jail, Joe determined to reform.

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Sheet1 przeprowadza, realizowa co Nigel is carrying out research on early Christian art. The hospital is carrying out tests to find out what's wrong with her. Our soldiers carried out a successful attack last night. It is hoped that the kidnappers will not carry out their threat to kill the hostages. Don't blame me, I'm only carrying out my orders/instructions. bezspornie naby, zdoby He acquired the firm in 2008. I was wearing a newly/recently acquired jacket. I seem to have acquired (= have got although I don't know how) two copies of this book. During this period he acquired a reputation for being a womanizer. utrzymywa zabwany, mieszny peny, caociowy pokrywa si, zachodzi na siebie luzowa, rozwizywa The screws holding the bed together had loosened. nakazywa, dyktowa, znusi He disagrees with the government dictating what children are taught in schools. The tennis club rules dictate that suitable footwear must be worn on the courts. The party's change of policy has been dictated by its need to win back the support of voters. I wanted to take a year off, but my financial situation dictated that I got a job. sdzi, kalkulowa I reckon it's going to rain. How much do you reckon (that) it's going to cost? "Can you fix my car today?" "I reckon not/so (= probably not/probably)." nadzr, kontrola szczery wtrca si, miesza si obieralny, kwalifikujcy si do, nadajcy si na... Are you eligible for early retirement/maternity leave? You might be eligible for a grant. Only people over 18 are eligible to vote.

stosowa si do..., spenia... (In TT systems it's permited to use of residual current devices complying with th

oprze si, przeciwstawia si a bridge designed to withstand earthquakes Our toys are designed to withstand the rough treatment of the average five-year-old. The aircraft base is protected with specially designed shelters which are built to withstand ground and air a She is an artist whose work will undoubtedly withstand the test of time (= it will still be popular in the futu odpuci komu (Because your dickhead brother-in-law is never gonna let up)

obejmowa, skada si (z) Areas where different visual tasks may be performed normally form a group of interconnected surfaces com The course comprises a class book, a practice book, and a CD. The class is comprised mainly of Italian and French students. Italian students comprise 60 percent of the class. The earth fault loop in an MEN (Multiple Earthed Neutral) system comprises the following components: otacza, zawiera The festival is to encompass everything from music, theatre, and ballet to literature, cinema, and the visua

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Sheet1 nadzorowa As marketing manager, her job is to oversee all the company's advertising. uatwienia, infrastruktura, urzdzenia (w miecie) shopping facilities medical facilities sports facilities zaniedbywa, pomija He neglects that poor dog - he never takes him for walks or gives him any attention. I'm afraid I've rather neglected my studies this week. dostrzega, uwiadamia sobie postrzega, odbiera How do the French perceive the British? Women's magazines are often perceived to be superficial. zaatwia sprawy (After school he runs errands for his father) zasig, rozmiar zgodny, konsekwentny, logiczny cofn, odwoa (zeznania), schowa, wciga When questioned on TV, the minister retracted his allegations. The wheels retract after the aircraft takes off. The cat retracted its claws. okrela, ustala, zastrzega She agreed to buy the car, but stipulated racing tyres and a turbo-powered engine. The law stipulates that new cars must have seat belts for the driver and every passenger. We have signed a contract which stipulates when the project must be completed. ocenia, szacowa It's impossible to evaluate these results without knowing more about the research methods employed. We shall need to evaluate how the new material stands up to wear and tear. zgodno przestrzeganie, stosowanie si, podporzdkowanie si tumi, zatai, gasi nienawidzi, czu wstrt (I loathe the whole idea of divorce) uatwia The new ramp will facilitate the entry of wheelchairs. The current structure does not facilitate efficient work flow. skonno do... She's inherited from her father a propensity to talk too much He's well-known for his natural propensity for indiscretion

pozostawa, utrzymywa si After the play had finished, we lingered for a while in the bar hoping to catch sight of the actors. The smell from the fire still lingered days later. It's impossible to forget such horrific events - they linger (on) in the memory forever. typowy, standardowy, oglny (w sensie gatunkowy) This book is very generic = it is the same as a lot of other books of this type, not special or distinctive in an The new range of engines all had a generic problem with their fan blades. = generic drugs or other products do not have a trademark and are sold without the name of the company t czerpa, pochodzi (The formula has been derived under the assumption that...) niepokj, zamieszanie, wrzawa, tumult

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Sheet1 wepchn, wsadzi She thrust the money into his hand They thrust a microphone in front of me and fired questions at me She thrust the papers at me (= towards me) The bodyguards thrust past the crowd to get at the cameraman przebysk, promyk This month's sales figures offer a glimmer of hope for the depressed economy. She's never shown a glimmer of interest in classical music. The first glimmer of light (= sign of development or understanding) has appeared in the peace talks. We saw a glimmer of light in the distance. poruszony, zdenerwowany, wstrzniety She became very agitated (= anxious) when her son failed to return home. rozwija, rozwika, ujawnia, odsania We've got a long way to go before we unravel the secrets of genetics = If a process or achievement that was slow and complicated unravels or is unravelled, it is destroyed As talks between the leaders broke down, several months of careful diplomacy were unravelled wymaga, czyni koniecznym Reduction in government spending will necessitate further cuts in public services. An important meeting necessitates my being in London on Friday. honorarium (zwaszcza adwokata) nadzorowa, kontrolowa The UN is supervising the distribution of aid by local agencies in the disaster area. The children play while two teachers supervise (= make certain that they behave correctly and are safe). przeoczy, nie zauway, nie dostrzec

o lie..., jeeli... (According to IEC 60364-4, the automatic disconnection of the circuit in case of a single earth

za pomoc Protection against indirect contact by means of residual current devices Chapter 41 of the regulations requires automatic disconnection for and AC system by means of RCD at 30 m tak, eby... (In IT systems the use of transformers built so as not to transfer dangerous voltages for man an a jeszcze dla innych (All of us have types of work we like to do. For some of us its checking other peoples wo ze wzgldu na... = almost The game was all but over by the time we arrived. I'd all but given up on you. tak czy owak, tak czy siak w zasadzie, zasadniczo zgodnie z..., wedug... tak, eby (Luminaires should be arranged so that their beams overlap at height) wasciwie, w rzeczywistoci, prawd mwic co wicej, ponadto

na podstawie... (The number of points can be determined on the basis of the longer dimension D of the refer

odnonie..., gdy mowa o... (As regards the disconnection times, the Standard distinguishes two possibilities:..

pod wzgldem... (The electronic releases allow accurate settings both in terms of disconnection times as wel

mianowicie We need to get more teachers into the classrooms where they're most needed, namely in high poverty area I learned an important lesson when I lost my job, namely that nothing is a hundred percent guaranteed. nie mwic o...

ktry zamiast tego (The increase in production costs should have been matched by an increase in aid, which i

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Sheet1 naley... (It is to underline that...) szczeglnie, zwaszcza w pewnym stopniu zgodnie z... w razie..., w przypadku... kto/co pokroju kogo/czego (We don't need the likes of you around here) zgodnie z... z powodu... e tak powiem

czy to na skutek, czy to z powodu... Jaundice is a state of possessing a yellow hue, whether due to its nature or its manufacturer's preference The management is responsible for such internal control as it determines is necessary to enable the prepar w ferworze..., w wirze... w wielu przypadkach/sytuacjach zgodnie z (as per given instruction) = a positive approach uczucie, doznanie, wraenie odpu mi! = You will usually be at the bottom of the career ladder when you get your first job = commonly used to mock ones downfall or misfortune Boon: That stupid meat head just fell over and broke his arm Rymer: Bad Hand. ama zamanie zagszczony zachowywa, chroni = can cope with several jobs at the same time zwyky staw, jezioro (kat. geologia) zauroczony rnorodny, urozmaicony badania zadzwoni na central (I called dispatch to find out where she was going) buchn, zwin, ukra (pot.) (He heisted the collection of jewels from the museum) kradzie, rabunek artyku, referat, opracowanie (technical paper) opaska uciskowa = good at working on his/her own, can work on her own initiative przybrany (foster child) wychowywa szpik kostny smak, aromat nie do opisania, cholerny (You're a hell of a doctor!) = has IT skills

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Sheet1 drugorzdny, pomocniczy = providing support or help: ancillary staff/workers an ancillary role Campaigning to change government policy is ancillary to the charity's direct relief work. nieuprzejmy, nierozwany stragan zaskoczy, przestraszy podstp, intryga, fortel Potraktuj to jako zrobione, masz to jak w banku byszczcy, poyskujcy, lnicy zosta namierzonym (g. w internecie) istotny prg wosy onowe niedorzeczny, absurdalny, groteskowy wykop, rw, okop mit (broken window fallacy) szpik, rdze, sedno sprawy by zielonym w I'm a bit green at video editing, so it takes me a long time to edit things. He's a bit green in this job so he's bound to need some help. My uncle's very green at searching the internet. He prefers to go to the library. przej, przemkn niezauwaonym oczyszczajcy przejcie The health-care system is in transition at the moment. There will be an interim government to oversee the transition to democracy. pochania, zalewa, ogarnia przypa do gustu I think you'd hit it off I didn't really hit it off with his friends Jake and Sue hit it off immediately mocny, sugestywny trze, pociera dzwonki (wind chimes) pogodziem si z tym obelga bekota opala, suszy, przypieka The heat from the explosion seared their hands and faces. fiolka, buteleczka dobrowolny potencjalny, przyszy pracodawca

= recruitment agencies help people find jobs, hold details of a wide range of vacancies, and possibly local training schem

(= jolly impulsiveness), beztrosko, (She danced with gay abandon: happily, without worrying about anything

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Sheet1 krzywoprzysistwo powstrzmywa, zatrzymywa When he started fighting, it took four police officers to restrain him. She was so angry that she could hardly restrain herself. You should try to restrain your ambitions and be more realistic. Growth in car ownership could be restrained by increasing taxes. przybda zagubiony, zbakany, bezpaski, bezdomny bdzi szydzi, drwi radny miejski (US eng.) bractwo (eskie) kiedy (Payment card will be charged once the seller has confirmed that they have dispatched your order) chowa (kolokwializm), skitra wzorowa si na (kim) buntowniczy, oporny (defy, defiance) renowacja, odnowienie, odwieenie

= Personal information about people on the Internet, often including real name, known aliases, address, phone number, S Someone dropped Bob's dox and the next day, ten pizzas and three tow trucks showed up at his house

podejrzenie, przypuszczenie (I have a suspicion that he only asked me out because my brother persuaded him

spodziewany (expected) What time is the next bus due? The next meeting is due to be held in three months' time. Their first baby is due in January. naleny (owed) The rent is due (= should be paid) at the end of the month. 50 is due to me (US due me) from the people I worked for last month. Our thanks are due to everyone. = said when you are praising someone for something good they have done, although you dislike other thin He failed again, but to give him his due, he did try hard. urzdnik = When someone (a brown noser) seeks attention by over complimenting another, without critisizing them. zmczony, wyczerpany nudzi (You bore me) nachylenie, stok, zbocze gry podwaa (I'll contest the will) obsugiwa, dba, troszczy si o... trzyma si kupy (Because his alibi doesn't hold water) pokrywa metalem pogwacenie, naruszenie, zamanie (przepisw) idzie o, stawk jest Vogel's life is at stake Thousands of lives will be at stake if emergency aid does not arrive in the city soon tajny, poufny czyn, wyczyn, dzieo = good with figures Geography graduates are literate and numerate and have very good IT skills.

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Sheet1 lekceway, pomija, ignorowa What amazes me is her complete disregard for anyone else's opinion. chaotyczny, bezadny jawny, oczywisty zmiana w zdrowym ciele zdrowy duch pierwotniaki zmienia (alter the stance zmieni stanowisko) (alternating current) list pac rodek ostronoci nieodczny, wrodzony There are dangers/risks inherent in almost every sport. I have an inherent distrust of lawyers. najwikszy, najdalszy, ostateczny zwariowany, stuknity (pot.) cel, obiektywny odurzy (When I saw him after the accident he was still in shock and was heavily sedated) alternatywa dla...

zdradzi, wsypa The logo on the car totally gave you away The party was meant to be a surprise, but Sharon gave it away. I won't give the game (= the information or plan) away. She thinks no one knows how much she likes him, but her face when I said he'd be there really gave her aw rozdawa The shop is giving away a sample pack to every customer. Nobody wants this type of heater any more - I can't even give it away! uproci

= in english, we use the expression 'Pie in the sky' to talk about something good that we would like to hap Mary's plans to live a life of luxury are just pie in the sky. she doesn't have much money = metaphor odpowiedni, waciwy, zgodny zdumienie okres prbny (I'm employed for trial period) insynuacja, aluzja wyrzuci z... (Tossed off a train like a sack of third class mail) blizna wystpek (w systemie US common law) wielko, rozmiar, ogrom bana, frazes, komuna bagnet (bayonet mount fuse) powierzchowny, pytki He's fun to be with, but he's very superficial. kaprys, mania, chwilowa moda by na rwni pochyej, stacza si Page 54

podzia, rozdzia (There is no fixed cutoff between subtransmission and transmission, or subtransmission an

Sheet1 skompromitowa, zdemaskowa = a phrase used to describe someone who is so nervous that they can't move or speak czy si wzajemnie, poczy si niedostatek, niedobr (shortage), spadek (drop) przechyla (Protected against vertically falling water drops when enclosure tilted up up to 15) nachylenie, przechylenie ty bez (The surrounding area is taken to be the rest of the room less a 0.5 m wide marginal strip) obrazowy, drastyczny (graphic image) zaczep waciwy, stosowalny pie aobna, lament krople do uszu

= in english, when you tell someone to go the extra mile, you're telling them to make more effort than usual to achieve th Yes, but if you want to save money you have to go the extra mile Mary left university without a diploma. she spent all her time partying with her friends. she didn't go the extra mile and st ciera w proch szkolenie (Training schemes can be a good way of building on your skills) urok (gruesome stuff relish) pokosie, nastpstwo badanie, analiza byszcze, lni zrwnowaony odporny, sprzysty resilient to stress This rubber ball is very resilient and immediately springs back into shape. She's a resilient girl - she won't be unhappy for long. gasi, niweczy wewntrzny wilgotny (= moist) wilgo (= moisture) kryminalistyka co zupenie oczywistego, nie wymagajcego tumaczenia szarpa, (po)turbowa (Circuls lion mauls man in a cage!) nierwny reflektor (przedni), wiato gwne cel pobicie przerwa paski (plane figures) chwila, moment, czas It isn't worth your while (To nie jest warte twego zachodu) ledziona zo, wcieko bezlitosny, nieugity Page 55

Sheet1 = specialised job-related newspaper przerwa, pauza strzyc, ci okres dojrzewania okrelony, sprecyzowany przezwycia, pokonywa Juventus overcame Ajax in a thrilling match. to overcome difficulties/obstacles/problems/resistance Eventually she managed to overcome her shyness in class. 20,000 demonstrators sang "We shall overcome" as they marched through Washington. stoek zbyteczny, zbdny bezrobotny uwaga, powd, czynnik, wzgld wrzuca, potrzsn, koysa, obraca obcy, zewntrzny fachowy, kompetentny Your family is annoyed with you because you were inconsiderate to them wieloznaczny aroczny

= If you take to something like a duck to water, it means that you discover when you start doing a new activity for the fir He took to golf like a duck to water. He'd never played before but hit a hole in one! Kate never seemed like the mothering type but when her daughter was born she took to it like a duck to water. She was opieka spoeczna, dobrobyt poprawia, rewidowa w dorobku, na koncie Yes! And he's got a few awards under his belt, hasn't he? I think Madeleine would be a great leader. She has so much experience under her belt = has a good rapport with clients czyste konto wyrwnywa, szeregowa, regulowa na wieym powietrzu (Oh, I love outdoors!) kluczowy, zasadniczy, niezbdny (Commercial Gas experience / qualifications - desirable but not essential) element zasadniczy

przytrzymywa, utrzymywa = to stop something from falling or dropping to the ground I am wearing a belt in order to keep my trousers up, as I certainly don't want them to fall to the ground wh You must eat to keep your strength up. nad, dotrzymywa tempa Come on, David, keep up with me He started to walk faster and the children had to run to keep up. Wages are failing to keep up with inflation. = to continue without stopping or changing, or to continue something without allowing it to stop or change Keep up the good work! podobiestwo There was a clear family resemblance between all the brothers. These prices bear no resemblance to (= are completely different from) the ones I saw printed in the newsp obcienie prac Page 56

Sheet1 niewypa bienia (stacjonarna) trawi streszczenie, przegld (reader's digest) wierny, oddany (komu, czemu) punktualnie We're leaving at 10.00 sharp. So be sure you're on time. kontynuacja, nastpstwo, skutek This meeting is a follow-up to the one we had last month. podpora, opoka, ostoja zawarty, doczony przesadza, wyolbrzymia The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated I'm not exaggerating - it was the worst meal I've ever eaten in my life zatoczka, rzeczka znieksztaca My original statement has been completely distorted by the media. kusi, nci, wabik, urok uparty, zawzity nauka studiowa, uczy si to study biology/chemistry Next term we shall study plants and how they grow. She's been studying for her doctorate for three years already. sprawdza, bada I want time to study this contract thoroughly before signing it. Researchers have been studying how people under stress make decisions. = the act of learning about a subject, usually at school or university: the study of English literature dobr zbdny, nieuyteczny (superfluous details) zakoczenie, kocwka = job/post within a company suszny, celowy zoy wizyt cel nacigany podnosi relikiwarz, kaplica, grobowiec umylnie nadzwyczajny, godny uwagi zmikczy, ubi tuczkiem (miso) ocena (valuation), oszacowanie (estimation), wymiar Would you say that is a fair assessment of the situation? Both their assessments of production costs were hopelessly inaccurate. wspaniay, straszny, przeraajcy

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Sheet1 taczka zgniata odwrcenie uwagi, dywersja przedsiwzicie srom przyblione miejsce, lokalizacja Have you heard anything on the whereabouts of Zach Hamilton? The physical evidence doesn't match up with my client's whereabouts at the time of commiting crime dokuczliwo, problem, utrapienie otwarte zamanie ki, kpa, grono uszkodzenie (ciaa), skaleczenie dziedziczy zrnicowanie, rozrnienie, podzia (Discrimination of the protections against earth fault) porozumienie, dobre stosunki rujnowa starannie, schludnie dziki, okrutny sprytny, przebiegy spirala wykaz, lista, spis niedogodno, kopot cuchncy, mierdzcy, zgniy, rozkdajcy si nielegalny, niedozwolony staysta She worked in the White House as an intern. przypadkowy Did you have a reason for choosing your destination or was it arbitrary? samowolny, arbitralny an arbitrary ruler The company has been the subject of an arbitrary take-over. wsppracownik, wsplnik, partner swoboda nieszczliwy, ndzny przemwi do rozsdku, przekona (You need to reason with her) dokadno high accuracy class electrical devices We can predict changes with a surprising degree of accuracy. wnka cienna, schowek odporny Most people who've had chickenpox once are immune to it for the rest of their lives. He seems to be immune to colds - he just never gets them. The press had criticized her so often that in the end she had become immune (to it). Journalists, he insisted, must be immune (= protected) from prosecution. pracownik zawr, wentyl Page 58

Sheet1 bezwzgldny, nieugity uj z czym na sucho, wykrci/wymiga si (You'll never get away with it!) bezczynny, nieczynny, bez pracy Half these factories now stand idle. It's crazy to have 7,000 sitting idle in the bank. If you have an idle moment, call me. Almost half of the workforce are now idle. uwaga, komentarz zignorowa co, da sobie z czym spokj Well, no, err, that's true. But shall we just brush over that? We haven't sorted the figures for the meeting, but we'll brush over those and just talk about the future oczyszcza, rektyfikowa, prostowa przymocowa na... ulega, podda si, umiera (She passed away after succumbing to tuberculosis) paszczyzna, poziom

dlatego, w ten sposb, tak (Thus spoke Zarathustra) tym samym (It is aimed at signaling any remarkable reduction of the insulation level of an installation in ord pokuta, zadouczynienie oszust rewia na mio bosk posag, wiano sta Jane has a summer internship at a local TV station. sugerowa, insynuowa, dawa do zrozumienia I'm not implying anything about your cooking, but could we eat out tonight? I detected an implied criticism of the way he was treated. Variable rate loans, as the name implies, have a variable interest rate. wyczucie czasu krzywdzcy (invidious decision, invidious comparison) zjawiska, (l. poj. -> phenomenon) znak, symptom, objaw indukowa nakania (= persuade) They induced her to take the job by promising editorial freedom. Nothing could induce me (= I definitely cannot be persuaded) to climb a mountain/ride a bike. maonek, maonka byle jaki, niechlujny znca si podwjny (duplex electrical outlet) partia, zestaw parcela, dziaka kiczowaty, grubiaski (np. art) pas, pasek zgadza si ze sob, pozostawa w harmonii (The cheese and wine chimed perfectly) wybija godzin (kurant) (In the square the church bells chimed) dzwonienie (I was woken up by the chimes of the cathedral bells) Page 59

Sheet1 zaoenie (assume zakada) gruz (pile of rubble) silne bule odpowiednik, kopia zawodowy (basic vocational knowledge) The Swedes regard vocational training as a part of a youngster's education. bro palna by wyrozumiaym, nie by surowym dla... (Go easy on yourself!) podzbir grulica obla, zawali (How James Frey flunked rehab, and why his fakery matters) plon (crop), korzy (return), wynik jednolity, przestrzenny brya = good at working with colleagues korzy, poytek may, niewielki spenia wymagania nierwno skadki kryminalistyczny stres, napicie (strained relations) dotrzyma swojej czci umowy If you don't hold your end up, the whole project will fail Tom has to learn to cooperate. He must keep up his end of the bargain skryty, podejrzany ukierunkowa (You have to channel your urges appropriately) narol nerwowy, niespokojny ruch wykonywa niespokojne ruchy (Don't fidget. This will distrack the interviewer from what you're saying.) prbka, okaz lepiej by nie moe wntrznoci, jelita, flaki, trzewia rodak dusi, zdawi (She smothered with kisses her son) podrcznik, korepetycje, samouczek rozrusznik serca = to give someone something that they need This booklet provides useful information about local services. All meals are provided throughout the course. The author provides no documentary references to support her assertions. Putting more police on patrol doesn't provide a real solution to the problem of increasing violence.

obejmowa (Three-phase pad-mounted transformers range in sizes from 75 kVA up to 5000 kVA with voltag

umowny (Reference earth is a part of the Earth considered as conductive, the electric potential of which is c

Page 60

Sheet1 mowa wymijajca Economical with the truth' is a circumlocution for 'lying'. Politicians are experts in circumlocution. czystka, oczyszczenie, oczyszcza bieganina, krztanina szturcha wspczesny = organisation or firm zapina Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened. This shirt fastens at the back. przymocowa zasuwa, zatrzask = every hour I am awake mie na wzgldnie, wzi pod uwag wsprzdne = informal way to address a stranger Excuse me mate, have you got a light? wydua The cells elongate as they take in water. = something you can do or some words you can say to make people feel relaxed Telling a joke is an excellent icebreaker. That party needed an icebreaker to make it less formal! siedzie okrakiem na czym (Straddling two worlds as you are, it's dangerous) skurcz (mini) wcieky, zjadliwy, narowisty, zy rozwaania na temat... (Considerations on the neutral and protective conductor) nadzr, obserwacja pronounced slanj-navah, means...''cheers, good health!'' odzyska The telecoms giant cut prices in a move to win back customers from competitors. Some in the party want to win back votes by adopting a harder, anti-Socialist line. bdc zdrowym na umyle i ciele... talerz (obrotowy) gramofonu tymczasowy, przejciowy Wynagrodzimy ci to jakikolwiek, aden Does it have anything whatsoever to do with this case? He has no respect for authority whatsoever. I can honestly say that I have no interest whatsoever in the royal family. There is no evidence whatever to show that this is in fact the case. "Had you any idea what was happening at the time?" "None whatsoever." krtki, krtkotrway podejmowa, przedsibra, przyj na siebie, podj (She has undertaken the job of secretary) skurcza si Page 61

zaleca, przepisywa (The Standard IEC 60364 prescribes automatic disconnection of the supply for protectio

Sheet1 na czubku jzyka (I can't remember her name it's on the tip of my tongue) wyrany, jawny organizator = company departament that pays wages and salaries

owija w bawen = in english, when you tell someone not to 'Beat around the bush' you're telling them to stop avoiding sayi My boss didn't beat around the bush this morning - he just told me straight: if you want a better salary, go kurzajka, brodawka spoiwo powizany z, spokrewniony z klapa, butonierka = very soon, very quickly On my bike I can get to the Sports Centre in next to no time. It takes longer by car because of the traffic. i na wagary (We used to bunk off school and we'd go to my house, when my dad was out at work) przystrzyc, przycina (= trim) She spent the afternoon pruning roses. skraca Arco has reacted to the loss in revenue by pruning (back) its expansion plans. I felt his essay needed a little pruning. liska/ryzykowna sprawa Nabierasz mnie? podejrzany, podejrzliwy Her behaviour was very suspicious. The fire at the bank is being treated as suspicious. It's a bit suspicious that no one knows where he was at the time of the murder. There were some suspicious characters hanging around outside. There's a suspicious-looking van parked at the end of the road. kandydat obsuga, obsugiwanie (Handling MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is more electrically safe than fuse) odywanie, ywienie (Because of his poor nutrition, he has grown weaker and weaker) piec (np. c.o., hutniczy) poniej nieuchwytny, ulotny siatka bliski lekkomylny ze syszenia (hearsay evidence, witness) napj gazowany torba/koperta bbelkowa poprawia, modyfikowa She touched up her lipstick and brushed her hair. We thought the photo had probably been touched up, because he looked so much younger in it. niepokojcy, kopotkiwy, enujcy na wskro, w kadym calu, na wylot He's an Englishman, through and through We've been together for so long that I know you through and through Page 62

wynika z... (For ribbon-like reference surfaces, which normally result from the surrounding areas evaluated

Sheet1 przyciemnia, osabia winowajca = government

obsugiwa In very large rooms where work stations are occasionally or regularly not manned... The phones are manned 24 hours a day. Barricades were erected against the advancing government troops and they were manned throughout the n uraza, al do... uderza, wali, porazi, dotyka (smiten with the plague dotknity zaraz) wytrway, nieustpliwy, uparty niejasny, niewyrany podda si, ulec, przedstawia ubstwo, ndza sposb, metoda rzenia (= a building where animals are butchered)

straszny, przeraajcy = appalling, atrocious, awful, dreadful, frightful, ghastly, horrible, gruesome (also grewsome), hideous, ho przechwala si (kim, czym) She's always bragging about how much money she earns They bragged that their team had never been beaten = has a history of success stka, jcze oszukiwa, naciga She felt she had been conned into buying the car. Thieves conned him out of his life savings. He managed to con 20 out of them (= get that amount from them by deceiving them). oszustwo It's a con - you get half the food for twice the price! a con trick uytkowanie, wykorzystanie Sensible utilization of the world's resources is a priority. nagabywanie obcina bezsens szczelina, szpara, pknicie, rozdwik (midzy przyjacimi) wykrzywia, wygina, wypacza Left in the garage where it was damp, the wooden frame had warped. If I put the shelves near the radiator, the heat might warp them. przedzia, przegrdka, pomieszczenie, komora chichota, zamia si cicho chichot, miech niestety I love football but, alas, I have no talent as a player. "Will you be able to come tomorrow?" "Alas, no." zmienia, wymienia = medium voltage cable

opnia (The majority of the load in a typical AC power system is inductive; the current lags behind the volt

Page 63

Sheet1 If it rains Saturday... Should it rain Saturday... If the sky is blue... Should the sky be blue... Dziki za ostrzeenie (uprzedzenie, wiadomo) kalendarz, dziennik, plan zaj, terminarz wygicie, zaamanie konsternowa, kopota w strzpach kapa, cieka = revolutions per minute produkt, pozostao, reszta (z dzielenia), osad opisywa, obrysowywa okrg, ogranicza samotny, jedyny wymierza, wyrzdza, zadawa (There are countless ways to inflict physical trauma on the human body) uczestnik brana (electrical engineering branch) wstp, przedmowa, prolog niebiosa, sklepienie niebieskie brud pomocniczy, dodatkowy = giving help or support, especially to a more important person or thing: auxiliary staff/nurses nierozstrzygnity, w toku namaszcza lubieny potwr, pun (US), uzaleniony od... (fiend for blood) = can finish a job on time rwno, na tym samym poziomie (I want the light fittings to be flush with the ceiling) sciana kamienna zaczyna na nowo pomiertny rado Pound sterling, British slang for 1 in currency Euro (), in Irish slang Irish Pound, Irish slang wykorzystywa The investment strategy is utilized by experienced multinationals. wa obronny, szaniec nie wymagajcy prasowania, niegniotcy si zapocztkowa, tworzy zadawa, wymierza ogromny, wielki, straszny, wspaniay nabia Page 64

Sheet1 zbiega si, pokrywa si I timed my holiday to coincide with the children's school holiday. If the heavy rain had coincided with an extreme high tide, serious flooding would have resulted. wynik, plon A reliable yield can only be achieved with a high-quality construction = to arrive at the correct time and not be late The trains here are never on time. They're always late. kupa, sterta, stos (pile of ashes) wykorzeni, wytpi, wytrzebi granica, rubie, (frontier market rynek graniczny, podzbir rynkw wschodzcych) mae dziecko, brzdc poprawia koek, stawka = an all round good guy It was good of William to buy all that food and drink he's a good egg! Thanks for buying me lunch, you really are a good egg! koczy, dopi (czego) People who pull guns, but don't know how to shoot, wind up dead You didn't wind up helping me, so it doesn't counts przednia szyba auta wymuszenie, zdzierstwo korzy, zysk, zasiek (I didn't get/derive (much) benefit from school) korzysta, czerpa korzyci (I feel that I have benefited greatly from her wisdom) pomaga (How can we benefit those who most need our help?) wyrnia He's colour-blind and can't distinguish (the difference) between red and green easily. I sometimes have difficulty distinguishing Spanish from Portuguese. It's important to distinguish between business and pleasure. It's not the beauty so much as the range of his voice that distinguishes him from other tenors. oglnego zastosowania uwaa wymwka, pretekst wielozadaniowy lk, strach sprzgo, ciska rozpuszcza unika (You dodge my question) bezporedni, natychmiastowy nieistotny mrok (murky) wykupywa, umarza, odkupi Christ came to redeem sinners Tickets will not be redeemable for cash or credit at any time, nor will they be replaced if lost or stolen. od pocztku wybrzuszenie wytrwao, przywizanie materia filmowy Page 65

Sheet1 zupeny, cakowity zalecenie (prescriptions regarding protection) osoba udzielajca referencji naszkicowa, opisa (oglnie) This verb has a few different meanings, which I will outline for you At the interview she outlined what I would be doing. przewraca si, wierci si (w ku) (I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night) przypomina z wygldu You resemble your mother very closely. After the earthquake, the city resembled a battlefield. stara si nie zwraca na siebie uwagi rozkad torf ofiara, cienias, miczak bezbony (rzecz. -> impiety) znajdowa zastosowanie w... mosidz I don't know what to buy my mother for her birthday Why not get her painting? zgoda, pozwolenie zgadza si grzebie (= a toothed device used for styling, cleaning and managing hair and scalp) wali, tuc, okada (She was bludgeoned to death) ciga, tropi wgld Following are insights into just a few of the differences to help in making decision It was an interesting book, full of fascinating insights into human relationships. zleca, zamawia The newspaper commissioned a series of articles on the worst excesses of the fashion industry. She's commissioned an artist to paint her portrait. ? = test and report pochodzenie, rodowd mino sporo czasu, kop lat todzib, nowicjusz kolejny, pniejszy odegra si na... I'll get you back for this, just you wait! I think he's trying to get back at her for those remarks she made in the meeting tablica rejestracyjna wie, pogoska = position in a company that need filling cytat, oferta, stawka wysoko (n.p.m.), wzniesienie przyprawia Drain the rice, stir in the salmon and season to taste (= so that it has the taste you like). przegubowy (gimbal mount zawieszenie/mocowanie na przegubie) Page 66

Sheet1 = to arrive early enough (for something) I don't use an alarm clock but I always wake up in time for the 7 o'clock news on the radio. Sorry, I won't be home in time for dinner, I have to work late at the office. ko miedniczna wymaga, obligowa, zobowiza The designer is thus required to document the size and location of the task areas Please phone this number if you require any further information. Skiing at 80 miles per hour requires total concentration. Bringing up children often requires you to put their needs first. You are required by law to stop your car after an accident. The rules require that you bring only one guest to the dinner. bezczelne kamstwo prochowiec spadek jakoci szybko, byskawiczne (I'll be back lickety-split)

= someone is 'in the doghouse' if they've annoyed another person President Bill Clinton said he was "in the doghouse" after the revelations about his affair with Monica Lewi My mother is furious with me. I forgot to do my homework again so I'm in the doghouse porywacz za wszelk cen wraenie CO2 elementarny, podstawowy koysa si, huta by poza zasigiem, by nieosigalnym dziery, wada rezygnowa z... (I can't just give up on her) skwiercze, sycze cudzostwo, niewierno maeska sida, puapka, apa w sida suwak cuch, mierdzie smrd, odr (reek of putrefaction) podwozie legalny, dozwolony tpy, nieostry tpi, czyni tpym przymus wewntrzny, natrctwo uycie It was a D5900 Class diesel-electric locomotive, the last one in operation obgryza siodo jcze, zawodzi dogania, dopa zaciga si, zapisa si Page 67

nacicie, wycicie, karb (The numbers of notches in series will define the fuse operating voltage and the total

Sheet1 niepokoi, przeszkadza, zawraca gow (I'm sorry to bother you) kopot (We found the address without any bother) gsia skrka ptno, brezent paski, planarny wspczujcy pocisk pogwacenie, zerwanie, naruszenie (breach of contract) wpust, wlew ? wykonany zgodnie z norm BS EN 61537 wyjcie, dane wyjciowe uyteczno, poytek zupeny, cakowity, kompletny, szczegowy zewntrzny Pozdrw j ode mnie! ssiadujcy z, przylegy do, przystajcy do odporny na... zbrodnia (w systemie US common law) Should expresses a recommendation Shall expresses an action that will take place in the future. przytulny, wygodny, milutki dno (sea bed), podstawa mobilny krok stpa, kroczy I kept treading on his toes when we were dancing. Yuck! Look what I've just trodden in! A load of food had been trodden into the carpet. Before the days of automation, they used to tread grapes to make wine. list motywacyjny baga She implored her parents not to send her away to school. She clasped her hands, and glancing upward, seemed to implore divine assistance. ple czarnoziem formowa, ksztatowa, odlewa forma odlewnicza, wzorzec, szablon (He's not 3D-printing a car. Just the moulds to make the body panels) z innej bajki, niepodobny do... (High heels are far cry from brains)

= Approximately one third of jobs are never advertised, but may be found by approaching a company directly. This is call

Page 68


rking by moving a switch

he circuit conductors, mounted between a pair of electrical terminals, and (usually) enclosed by a non-combustible

Page 69


ut which, due to the fault, might have a dangerous potential to ground)

y during arcing time and it serves as fuse element cooler during normal operation)

Page 70


the distribution transformers

flooring--are not in place yet. This allows for easier modifications. Only after final inspection are coverings installed and the permit is "

o think and remember) wasn't affected.

unity policing committee.

Page 71


th, switches, over-current and other protective devices, buses, and usually instruments

der applications

outlets) a 14-2 Romex cable, which is a relatively thin cable suitable for up to 15 amps (or 12 amps continuous load)

Page 72


er's installation supplied by a public L.V. system is 3%)

ld lose their job.

Page 73


jeopardize people)

g on energized high-voltage electric power lines, to protect them from electric shock

ce (or resistance) of the loop (or circuit) under fault conditions (short circuit))

Page 74


ize her if I saw her again.

, zaplecze, warunki (facilities for study)

Page 75


hrough a toroidal transformer including all the live conductors and the neutral, if distributed

s, such as benzene)

y are also known as junction boxes, street cabinets or technically as serving area interface

Page 76


the condition RAIn50V)

and air attacks.

comprising work space

e visual arts.

Page 77


ve in any way

mpany that produced them

Page 78


gle earth fault is not necessary, provided that the following condition is fulfilled:...)

man and equipment is strongly recommended) ples work, for others its researching information and for yet others its getting stuck in and getting something done)

he reference area)

in terms of current thresholds)

which instead has been reduced)

Page 79


preparation of the financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

Page 80


nything else)

Page 81


umber, SSN, credit card number, etc.

her things about them

Page 82


to happen but which is unlikely to

sion and distribution)

Page 83


chieve their objectives and study harder

Page 84


or the first time, you are very good at it

he was a real natural!

und when I am walking in the street

e newspaper.

Page 85


n in order to find the cause of this reduction before a second fault occurs, thus preventing disconnection of the power s

Page 86


ranging from 2,400 up to 34,500 delta or wye)

conventionally taken as zero)

Page 87


otection against indirect contact)

Page 88


ng saying things directly ary, go and work somewhere else!

Page 89


ut the night

ous, horrendous, horrid, horrific, horrifying, lurid, macabre, monstrous, nightmare, nightmarish, shocking, terrible, terr

the voltage)

Page 90


ca Lewinsky. His wife even considered leaving him.

he total cross section of paralleled element will define the rating of the fuse)

Page 91


his is called a speculative application

Page 92


non-combustible housing)

Page 93


erings installed and the permit is "finaled" or finalized.

Page 94


(or 12 amps continuous load) could be selected

Page 95


Page 96


and getting something done)

Page 97


fraud or error.

Page 98


g disconnection of the power supply)

Page 99


marish, shocking, terrible, terrific

Page 100