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MyFATE mechanics tweaks base is FATE core with inputs/other stuff derived from other implementations/expansions etc.

c. character creations: 1. Name (high concept&one good skill should be clear here) 2. Aspects. 5 base: high concept, trouble and 3 others (background, belief, personality trait for example) 3. Stunts. 3 base stunts. Can be combined/grouped. difference between aspects and stunts is that aspects have a double edge and require 1 fate point to be invoked or compelled, stunts are always active and are only positive thus they can't be compelled. Everything can have aspects and stunts. 4. Refresh. Base refresh is 7. You can add other aspects or stunts. Max 6 in total so min refresh is 1. Every stunt you add reduces your refresh by 1, aspects don't. 5. Skills. 20 skills, 25 pts to distribute between them. No more than 1 skill at rank 5 and points spent at least in 7 skills. 6. Extras. Choose a couple of items you have. (should be based on skills/aspects you have for consistency) Skill list:

athletics physique perception stealth knowledge

reasoning animalism empathy persuasion resources

survival contacts shoot fight provoke

willpower craft medics drive elettronics

Power/magic venture city/viziers stile: aspect to reflect that you have power/other and relative stunts/groups of stunts. Like venture city but no forced drawback, spec. effect or area effect methinks, to keep it simpler. Wuxia/exalted crazy MA stuff through powers. See The Burn for ideas on costs for stunts (flying costs 3 stunts for example), environmental hazards handling or encounters

Gear: see SoF...should be ok with small tweaks probably. Armour stress and consequences? Skill rolls assume you have the relative equipment to do the task at hand. If you don't have it either you can't use the skill (shoot) or you incur in some penalties (craft, medics)...see SoF.

See SoF for ideas regarding specific actions like suppression fire or swim for example. Misc FC rule tweaks: in combat, doing two actions gives -1 to both of them.