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June 2012

the changing world of healthcare

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JUNE 2012 VOL.37 NO.3

Chris OConnor

Trends in healthcare:

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The changing face of Saint Raphaels

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The changing face of healthcare

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Nurses enjoy family bond


Welcome to a very special issue of Better Health magazine. For more than 30 years, Better Health has been Connecticuts leading health and wellness magazine, dedicated to helping thousands of readers live smarter, healthier lives. This issue looks at a different aspect of healthcare: not at medical conditions and their treatments but at the economic and political climate in which medical care is delivered. Just as healthcare is changing, changes are taking place at the Saint Raphael Healthcare System. Saint Raphaels was founded as a not-for-prot hospital by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth and has been part of the fabric of the New Haven community for 105 years. In this issue of Better Health, we look at the trends in healthcare that are shaping the future of hospitals and healthcare delivery systems, including Saint Raphaels, and explore our future in New Haven. We also share a story about a family of nurses who exemplify the quality, compassionate care that has been a hallmark of Saint Raphaels since 1907. As always, our thanks to you, our Better Health readers, for being part of Saint Raphaels history.


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Published bimonthly by the Hospital of Saint Raphael, a not-for-prot afliate of the Saint Raphael Healthcare System, Better Health is designed to further your understanding of how to maintain good health. It is not designed to help diagnose illness or to replace professional medical advice. Consult your family doctor about health problems. Views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reect the policies or opinions of the boards of the Hospital, the Healthcare System, or their administrators. 2012 the Hospital of Saint Raphael. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is forbidden. Better Health and Saint Raphaels Better Health are trademarks of the Hospital of Saint Raphael, 1450 Chapel St., New Haven, CT 06511. Telephone: (203) 789-3972. Fax: (203) 789-4053. Internet:

Sharon Napolitano Editor

Saint Raphaels

JUNE 2012


The changing face of healthcare


When you picked up your copy of Better Health, what people are saying... about trends in healthcare you probably noticed the cover looked a bit different. Usually, we look at the latest advances in medical In our publications: treatment, explore a common health concern or offer The healthcare system is fraught tips on healthy living. With this issue, we want to talk with challenges, but Connecticut about this complicated thing called healthcare. Weve now has an unprecedented engaged local experts to be part of this dialogue, as we opportunity, through federal try to get our arms around where healthcare is headed healthcare reform, to make it Chris OConnor better for patients, businesses, and what the changes will mean to us personally. President and CEO the state and providers. Saint Raphael Healthcare Healthcare has never been stagnant think of the System Steve Frayne medical advances youve witnessed in your lifetime. Senior Vice President of Health Policy Yet, the complexity of regulatory, governmental, reimbursement and Connecticut Hospital Association administrative aspects of healthcare delivery is ever-increasing. This is the The traditional community environment in which Saint Raphaels has successfully operated for the hospital is going the way of the majority of our 105 years. As healthcare has become more complex, its dinosaur. You will see more and become clear to us and our sponsors, the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, more proposed consolidations, that its not possible for us to continue operating independently. Becoming like what is happening in part of a bigger system will ensure our patients continue to receive exceptional New Haven and Waterbury. healthcare and will bring needed resources to the Saint Raphael campus to Angela Mattie, J.D., M.P.H. Associate Professor of Healthcare ensure continued state-of-the-art care here. Its a scenario playing out all over Management the United States, including Connecticut. Quinnipiac University Because of pending changes, we felt this is the right time to talk about In the media: national and state-wide trends, and to celebrate the history and future of Greater New Haven Coalition the Saint Raphael Healthcare System. We are proud members of this for Safe Transitions and community, and our talented staff and physicians are dedicated to Readmission Reductions can greatly help us improve the continuing to serve Greater New Haven with the same focus on excellence transitions (of Medicare patients) and compassion established by our founders. from the hospital to post-hospital Even as we look ahead, we celebrate those who make our legacy possible. care. It is the direction healthcare In late April and May, Saint Raphaels recognized: is moving in this country. 379 employees reaching milestones of 10, 15, 20up to 45 years of Alan Kliger, M.D. service in 2011 (including 13 with an extraordinary 40 years and Saint Raphaels Chief Medical Ofcer, three with 45 years of service); on a partnership between Yale-New Haven Hospital, Saint Raphaels 120 employees celebrating ve years of service; and Agency on Aging of South Central 12 nurses receiving the prestigious Nightingale Award; Connecticut. To learn more, go to 500-plus adult volunteers who donated hours in 2011, including 43 whove amassed an incredible 1,000 or more hours of service. Electronic feedback: They are part of our amazing team, committed to excellence and More than 1000 compassion. Saint Raphaels is about the dedication these individuals bring people Like us on to our patients and families every day. We are very proud of them. Facebook. Join us today! We have an interesting road ahead. Thank you for walking it with us. We believe the destination will benet us all.

JUNE 2012

Saint Raphaels

ie By L

se K


Saint Raphaels

JUNE 2012

Are your medical copays or deductibles increasing? Have you or has someone you know been concerned about health insurance coverage? Are you ever frustrated by the lack of coordination of healthcare records across various care providers?
The healthcare landscape has been shifting under our feet for decades now, with the tremors soon to erupt in seismic change. Rising costs and the resulting reforms in the healthcare system are coming soon to all Americans, regardless of age or income level. All of these national trends are adding up to change, and were seeing those changes starting to affect us here in Connecticut, said Angela Mattie, J.D., M.P.H., an associate professor of Healthcare Management at Quinnipiac University and an expert on healthcare systems. Among many larger social trends, she cited the following specic factors impacting healthcare:  Reform efforts like President Barack Obamas Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), and associated state measures;  The consolidation and closing of hospitals;  Increased emphasis on measuring the quality and value of care; and  Improved health information technology, in part so that providers can more efciently and effectively share information to coordinate care. Obamas Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), which among other measures, would require all citizens to purchase health insurance in exchange for wider access for those with preexisting conditions. Even if the court strikes down part of the reform package, the forces that you will continue to see new systems of care delivery, payment and measures of quality. What is driving both the reform movement and changes on the state and local level is the ballooning cost of healthcare: nearly $2.6 trillion nationwide in 2010, over 10 times the $256 billion spent in 1980, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Costs are surging due to factors like the aging population, a spike in expensive conditions like obesity and diabetes, and the rising price of advanced medical technology and prescription drugs. Consumers may feel these rising costs hit their paychecks: Premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage have jumped by 113 percent just since 2001, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust.

Angela Mattie, J.D., M.P.H.  Associate Professor of Healthcare Management Quinnipiac University

have shaped the effort will persist, Mattie said. The pillars of PPACA are to expand coverage and look for more efcient ways to deliver healthcare coverage and services, Reform challenges status quo Mattie said. Regardless of the As of press time, the U.S. courts ruling or future political Supreme Court was pondering the challenges to federal reform, constitutionality of President
JUNE 2012

All of these national trends are adding up to change, and were seeing those changes starting to affect us here in Connecticut.

Providers adjust to changed landscape As costs rise, government reimbursement for healthcare has dropped, falling far short of covering the cost of delivering that care, which is then borne by healthcare providers and employers. Hospitals in Connecticut have been anticipating and preparing for this major change, said Steve
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Saint Raphaels

Connecticut hospitals are taking a leadership role in redesigning the structure of the states healthcare system.
Steve Frayne Senior Vice President of Health Policy Connecticut Hospital Association

Mario Garcia, M.D. Director of Public Health City of New Haven

Saint Raphaels

Frayne, senior vice president of Health Policy at the Connecticut Hospital Association. What we currently know suggests there will be signicant downward pressure on revenue sources for hospitals, Frayne said. Although Connecticut has long beneted from a high percentage of insured citizens, the number of uninsured is growing and hospitals are also feeling the strain of increased demands for charity care. The healthcare system is fraught with challenges, but Connecticut now has an unprecedented opportunity, through federal healthcare reform, to make it better for patients, businesses, the state and providers, Frayne said.Connecticut hospitals are taking a leadership role in redesigning the structure of the states healthcare system. As part of the new reforms, Connecticut hospitals are pushing for an effective state health insurance exchange, which would expand access to healthcare coverage for vulnerable populations. An insurance exchange would be a state-controlled marketplace that allows individuals to choose among a standardized set of health plans. We are working to create a more viable healthcare system that

includes an effective state health insurance exchange, Frayne said. The best option for our state is to implement a state health insurance exchange that helps those who need it most.

Hospitals consolidate care, model shifts According to Mattie, lower government reimbursements and a changing model for care will eventually add up to fewer hospitals in the state. The traditional community hospital is going the way of the dinosaur, Mattie said. You will see more and more proposed

For New Haven residents, the most important thing is whether they will be covered by health insurance and how they will access that care.

consolidations, like what is happening in New Haven and Waterbury. Hospital mergers make sense in the current healthcare environment because of efciencies of scale that can make up for decreased reimbursements coming from government payers, Mattie said. Healthcare reform also demands that costs be wrung out of the healthcare system, and mergers and acquisitions can reduce expenditures for duplicate technology and infrastructure or overhead costs. New England had been slow to the merger trend until recently, due to the strong medical community and high percentage of residents with employer-sponsored insurance coverage. But pressure is mounting as reform efforts gain traction, Mattie said. [Hospital consolidation] is not something thats a ash in the pan, Mattie said. As a business model, it makes more sense; youll see more and more mergers happening.

Local concern about affordability In many of New Havens neighborhoods, a constant worry is the access to and affordability of healthcare, said Mario Garcia, M.D., director of Public Health for the city of New Haven. Cutbacks at smaller health clinics and fears of hospital closures are major concerns in the states urban areas, he added. New Haven businesses have expressed concern about facets of healthcare reform proposals that might raise taxes or impose
JUNE 2012

insurance mandates, Garcia said. But overall, many see reform as necessary in a time of rising healthcare and insurance costs. For New Haven residents, the most important thing is whether they will be covered by health insurance and how they will access that care, Garcia said. New Haven is generally low income, and folks are looking at health reform favorably now they may be able to access the insurance system.

no healthcare coverage at all. At both ends, theres a collapse in some ways with access to healthcare. There is a lot of anxiety. Dillon also sees great needs in her community when it comes to care of ailing seniors. Trends in Washington are about ways to keep people out of the hospital; at the state level, its to keep people out of nursing homes, Dillon said. It isnt clear what the substitute will be for that. Families are stepping in by taking sick older adults into Trends in Washington are about their homes or even buying ways to keep people out of the homes so elders can live close hospital; at the state level, its by. One of Dillons neighbors, to keep people out of nursing for example, has invested in homes. It isnt clear what the building ramps onto a parents substitute will be for that. ranch house, allowing for easier mobility so the parent can State Rep. Pat Dillon New Havens 92nd District remain at home. People are making informal One potential plus for the city of New Haven is arrangements so mother can get around or so they the billions of dollars allocated to public health and can have someone come in to take care of mother, prevention programs included in President Obamas Dillon said. Its not clear what kind of support healthcare reform package. system there is for people without family nearby Those programs would really help us improve once they leave nursing homes. (continued on next page) community health, Garcia said. If the Supreme Court strikes down this law, those funds will disappear, so were really tracking whats going on.

Anxiety builds about coverage National health trends have created rising anxiety about whether those under 65 can afford or get access to needed care, said State Rep. Pat Dillon, who serves New Havens 92nd District. She hears from many constituents who have lost their jobs and insurance coverage while they are still years away from Medicare eligibility. People who are over age 50 and laid off have a terrible problem, Dillon said. For them, healthcare was often unaffordable because of preexisting conditions. At the other end of the age range, workers under the age of 35 are increasingly being offered jobs with
JUNE 2012

Saint Raphaels

Patients as informed consumers All of the current trends converge in the push for healthcare quality and standard benchmarks for effective care that minimize error and waste. The questions are being asked: Are we doing what we should be doing in healthcare? Are we providing value in the system: the best care with the lowest cost and the best outcomes? said Mattie of Quinnipiac University. Patients and payers are looking for more specic information on the quality of care and hospitals are releasing more data than ever. Mattie said that to survive, hospitals must show they are providing safe, effective care. Its a viability issue. The days of the federal government just writing the check are gone. National shift toward preventative care Wellness programs are a major component of healthcare reform efforts, reecting larger shifts in healthcare on the national level to reduce costs through prevention and improve the quality and delivery of care. For Neysa Stallman Guerino, executive director of the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut, the future of healthcare can be seen in the experience of an older woman in the New Haven area who was so disabled by chronic illness that she couldnt lift her arms to dress herself in the morning. The woman signed up for a free tai chi movement class, and after six
Saint Raphaels

weeks, she was dressing herself again and had regained mobility, freedom and quality of life. To Guerino, the womans story illustrates some major themes in the future of healthcare: a motivated patient, easily accessible and affordable wellness programs and care in settings other than the traditional hospital or doctors ofce. There is denitely a new emphasis on self-care and preventative care, Guerino said. For older adults its great; in the past, older adults have been reactive as opposed to being responsible for their health. Now they are

developing an understanding that they have some control over it. Its denitely a change.

Neysa Stallman Guerino Executive Director Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut

We are starting to see results with people of a generation that had a very different understanding of healthcare and their role. We tell them: Take charge, make necessary changes and ask questions.

Patients must step up When it comes to older adults, these national trends mean that seniors have to start taking on more responsibility for their care, said Guerino. To adapt to changes in the healthcare system, Guerino recommends that older adults and their caregivers along with everyone else develop some medical literacy about conditions and treatments. Make the most of your doctors appointments its OK to ask your doctor questions, she said. Adults of all ages also need to reach out to their communities for support and take positive steps to take care of themselves, like quitting smoking, eating right and making lists of their medications. We are starting to see results with people of a generation that had a very different understanding of healthcare and their role, Guerino said. We tell them: Take charge, make necessary changes and ask questions.b
JUNE 2012

Looking towards a new tomorrow

The changing face of Saint Raphaels

By Sharon Napolitano

Over its 100-plus-year history, the Hospital of Saint Raphael has provided advanced and compassionate care to patients in Greater New Haven and throughout the state. And while the healthcare provider has attracted talented staff and has seen its share of medical accomplishments, it looks to a very different future spurred by changing economic pressures and the demand for coordinated systems of care.
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JUNE 2012

Saint Raphaels

hroughout its history, Saint Raphaels founded in 1907 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth has been guided by a mission to care for all patients regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or income. Today, that caring mission still guides the not-for-prot organization, which grew from a converted home with 12 beds into a 511-bed community teaching hospital, renowned for its excellence in patient care and medical education. Yet as healthcare experiences unprecedented change, Saint Raphaels and the Sisters of Charity have reached the realization that continuing to operate as a stand-alone healthcare provider is not an option, and nding a partner that shares its vision as well as its commitment to the Greater New Haven community is essential. While change is difcult, we have seen the necessity to nd a partner, said Sister Rosemary Moynihan, General Superior of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth and chair of the Saint Raphael Healthcare System Board of Trustees. Our most pressing issue is a nancial one, said Kevin Twohig, M.D., a member of Saint Raphaels Board of Trustees who serves on the Boards Executive and Strategic & Financial Planning committees and served on the committee to assess afliation options. Almost 70 percent of Saint Raphaels patients are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, yet these governmental payers do not cover the cost of care, and reimbursement continues to decline. This is the environment were living in right now, Twohig said, and its not sustainable. Saint Raphaels has been preparing for its next chapter in New Haven and the broader community as part of a larger healthcare system. Over the last few years, Saint Raphael leaders have closely examined afliating with another provider as a way to address the organizations nancial challenges, anticipate future expectations of healthcare reform and preserve its legacy. The result: an Asset Purchase Agreement entered into in September 2011 for Saint Raphaels to be acquired by Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH). Here, we take a look back and a look ahead at the opportunities this combined resource would provide our patients.

Above, Saint Raphaels front entrance, 1942-1985, and the hospital entrance today.


Saint Raphaels

JUNE 2012

Deep roots

For 105 years, Saint Raphaels has been an independent hospital with deep roots, dating back to the time when William Francis Verdi, M.D., and 13 other physicians formed the Catholic Hospital Association and asked the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth to fund a new hospital in New Haven. Although not all 14 men were Catholic, they shared a similar vision: To create a faith-based hospital where any doctor could offer medical care and any person could receive it.

Almost 70 percent of Saint Raphaels patients are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, yet these governmental payers do not cover the cost of care, and reimbursement continues to decline. This is the environment were living in right now, and its not sustainable.

mortgaged our Motherhouse in Convent Station, New Jersey, to get the money to build Saint Raphaels. With faith and a far-reaching vision, 81-year-old Mother Mary Xavier Mehegan agreed to provide Kevin Twohig, M.D. $100,000 in necessary funding and sent four sisters from New Jersey to staff the new hospital. In 1907, the Sisters were doing everything they could to get the hospital started and we partnered with everyone who was willing to help, said Sister Rosemary. Today, three Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth continue to work at Saint Raphaels and six serve on the Board in governance roles.

Part of a dynamic healthcare environment

Healthcare and medicine have always been integral parts of the Greater New Haven landscape. With two hospitals, a worldrenowned medical school and another

The Sisters, who were operating Saint John the Evangelist School in New Haven at the time, were well known for their charitable work in education and healthcare. Despite their many commitments, they agreed to help. Saint Raphaels was established to meet the needs of immigrants and other people who didnt have access to healthcare, said Sister Rosemary, who joined the Sisters of Charity in 1965 and completed her rst mission as a social worker at Saint Raphaels from 1968 to 1975. Our foundress
A patient care room, circa 1909, and a patient room in the new Dr. Romeo A. and Lena B. Vidone Birth Center.
JUNE 2012

medical school starting up, pharmaceutical and biotech rms, and local colleges and universities educating other healthcare professionals, New Havens resources have been exceptional.
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Saint Raphaels


. . . the most and best will be achieved by partnering with Yale-New Haven Hospital since the proximity allows efciencies that could not otherwise be achieved.

Jim Torgerson

So, too, have been its needs as it continues to face the ongoing challenges of an urban population and an increasing number of older adults. Saint Raphaels has both beneted from and been impacted by all of these. Over the years, Saint Raphaels outreach to the underserved, elderly and poor through the Parish Nurse Program, mobile dental clinic, health screenings and the like has been matched by the hospitals strengths in many clinical areas, from cardiac and cancer care to advanced robotic surgery and more. A growing reliance on state and federal reimbursement programs accounting for 70 percent of the hospitals income couldnt be adequately offset by patients with private insurance. Despite its not-forprot status, the hospital must have the necessary resources to acquire new and updated technology to appropriately treat patients and maintain its physical space. It has become a daunting task.

The future of Saint Raphaels

Saint Raphaels recognizes its need to explore a different direction for the future. The proposed acquisition by Yale-New Haven Hospital was determined by the Sisters of Charity, Board of Trustees and hospital leadership to be the best option for the two hospitals and the community, keeping healthcare decisions local and combining the expertise of the two institutions to improve care quality, access, coordination and efciency. The proposed acquisition meets Yale-New Havens need for additional capacity, eliminating the need to build a multi-million-dollar patient tower, and addresses Saint Raphaels nancial challenges. If approved by various regulators, the integration of the two healthcare providers could take place as early as July. It took a lot of work and deliberation to come to this decision, said immediate past General Superior Sister Maureen Shaughnessy, who, as former chairman of the Saint Raphael Healthcare System Board of Trustees, chaired the committee that assessed afliation options. She completed her two-term, eight-year tenure as General Superior for the Sisters of Charity last June, yet remains on the Saint Raphael Board. Yale-New Haven was a deliberate choice a good choice for both organizations, Sister Maureen said.
Above, surgery as it was performed in the late 1930s. Todays high-tech surgeries often involve tiny incisions and even tinier cameras.


Saint Raphaels

JUNE 2012

According to Dr. Twohig, who has been a board member since 2003, integration with YNHH would result in reducing unnecessary duplication of equipment and infrastructure, more cost-effectively providing services, and better coordination of care community-wide through a common electronic record system that physicians could also access from their ofces. Both Yale-New Haven and Saint Raphaels have a similar vision and commitment to the broad community we serve, he said. Thats what was so attractive about this option. We believe combining into one hospital will be better for patients, said Jim Torgerson, president and CEO of UIL Holdings Corporation, vice chairperson of Saint Raphaels Board, chairman of its Strategic & Financial Planning Committee and a member of the committee assessing afliation. Saint Raphaels is known for its compassionate care, excellent clinical programs and missionfocused outreach. Yale-New Haven is known for its medical research, as well as expertise and leadership in many clinical areas. They both have different skill sets that can be shared. In examining synergies, the most and best will be achieved by partnering with Yale-New Haven Hospital since the proximity allows efciencies that could not otherwise be achieved, Torgerson said. This, I feel, is the very best outcome for the hospital, the employees, and the community.
Above, Sister Ann Matthew Lorusso early in her Saint Raphael career, and Sister Michaela Serpa, a Pharmacy resident, today.
JUNE 2012

Honoring Catholic heritage

With integration, some things people associate with Saint Raphaels will not change, Sister Maureen noted. While there will be one hospital YNHH its Saint Raphael campus will continue to honor its Catholic heritage, including providing medical care in the Catholic tradition. As articulated in the Asset Purchase Agreement, an oversight committee will be established to ensure that the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services are followed on the Saint Raphael campus, Sister Maureen said. In addition, the religious symbols will remain and be respected; there will be a Heritage Day; and there will be a Sister serving on the YNHH Board in a governance role. We are condent of the merits of the proposed afliation, Twohig said. Saint Raphaels cannot remain independent. Something has to change and we must be the agents of change while always keeping service to the community foremost in our objectives. Sister Rosemary noted that the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth started other healthcare ministries over the years that have since merged, and has no doubt that Saint Raphaels spirit and commitment to the community will continue successfully and with a full heart in its new form. Saint Raphaels has always been a very special place for everyone, Sister Rosemary said. We will continue to work very hard to continue its legacy in Greater New Haven.b
Saint Raphaels


a success story

Nurses enjoy family bond

A feeling of support from fellow staff the caring attitude of nurses toward patients learning something new every day. These are just some of the reasons nurses love working for the Saint Raphael Healthcare System. For still others, a common family bond makes the experience even more special. Better Health writer Alix Boyle recently spoke with a family of nurses and found out why their career paths all led them to Saint Raphaels. Short-term surgery nurse Marilyn Saccu, R.N., is one of three family members working in the Saint Raphael Healthcare System. Her sister, Pat Grant, a licensed practical nurse, has worked at the Sister Anne Virginie Grimes Health Center for 21 years, and Marilyns daughter, Lauren Saccu, B.S.N., has worked at the hospital since 2003, currently as a nurse in the cardiothoracic intensive care unit (CT ICU).
Marilyn Sacc u, R.N., has b een part of th Saint Rapha e el family sin ce her days hospitals Sc a t th e hool of Nurs ing.

Rigorous training
For this family, it all began when the former Marilyn Christensen decided to enroll in the Saint Raphael School of Nursing following graduation from Sacred Heart Academy in Hamden. The training was demanding; you had to strive for 110 percent, the 1973 graduate recalls about the nursing school, known for exacting principles that produced excellent nurses. The teachers were strict, but it paid off because they have me looking over my shoulder now thinking, Id better do this right. Our teachers instilled in us certain standards of care. During training, Marilyn remembers once touching an isolation bed without wearing gloves, a denite deviation from protocol. They had me remove my clothes and put them in a pillowcase, she recalled. I couldnt even use the elevator. This training has served her well in more than 30 years in nursing. In short-term surgery, Marilyn works in the recovery room with patients coming directly from the operating room. She works with all types of surgical cases from orthopedics, to pacemaker changes to plastic surgery and loves the variety and challenge.
Saint Raphaels

The nursing profession also offered Marilyn the exibility to maintain her career often working nights and still meet the school bus in the afternoons. In fact, she worked on Verdi 5 East while pregnant with her daughter Lauren.

Support and community

Coincidentally, Lauren was assigned to Verdi 5 East for her rst clinical rotation as a nursing student from Quinnipiac University. Back then, I felt a lot of support from the other nurses on the unit; I called them my mother hens, Lauren said. I still feel the same sense of support and community here. When youre working a 12-hour shift, you really get to know the other staff and the job is so much more enjoyable when the emphasis is on teamwork. Lauren said her family (including two cousins and two aunts who are also nurses as well as her mom) inuenced her career choice, but she was always interested in science and biology. I love taking care of post-surgical patients and collaborating with the physicians, other nurses and therapists, said Lauren, who typically cares for one acute patient at a time or two less acute patients in the CT ICU. The physicians are respectful and really listen to what we think about the patients care.
JUNE 2012

Pat Grant, L.P.N., cares for patients at the Grimes Center, including long-term resident Christine Caron.

Photos by Michael Dabbraccio

ilyn ter of Mar . h g u a d ., ls CT ICU ccu, B.S.N Lauren Sa ks in Saint Raphae r Saccu, wo

Meanwhile, over at the Sister Anne Virginie Grimes Health Center, Laurens aunt, Pat Grant, represents another growing aspect of the medical eld: elder care. The biggest change Pat has noticed in the past 21 years is that staff have become more in tune to the residents and their needs while at the Grimes Center and when they go home. Staff also interact more with patients families, which she believes is a positive trend.

In 1908, the rst

student was enrolled in the Hospital of Saint Raphael Training School, which was later renamed the School of Nursing.

In 1924, Truman

A family affair
Back in the 1970s when Pat was thinking about her career choices, women still had only a few traditional options: teaching, marriage or nursing. Pats two younger sisters were enrolled in the Saint Raphaels Nursing School and told her about the licensed practical nurse program at Eli Whitney Technical School. Hearing about their experiences made me feel like it was something I wanted to do, she recalls. The practical nursing classes were at Saint Raphaels, Pat noted. You got to know all the nurses and everybody was helpful. It was a family atmosphere. (Former administrator) Sister Louise Anthony was always in the building and ready to roll up her sleeves and lend a hand. She was quite the leader, she said. If you got sick, Saint Raphaels was where you went for care, Pat said. When it came time to go to a hospital to learn, there was no question where Id go. Though they each took a different career path in patient care, Marilyn, Lauren and Pat exemplify Saint Raphaels caring, expertly trained nurses, who are all part of another large, caring family the Saint Raphael Healthcare System. b
JUNE 2012

Lewis donated $100,000 to construct the Selina Lewis Building to house the School of Nursing.

In 1946, enrollment in

the School of Nursing hit its peak of 151 students. WWII and the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps account for the jump in enrollment.

In 1977, the Hospital

of Saint Raphael School of Nursing graduated its last class.

Saint Raphaels


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Thank You, 2011 donors!

Cumulative giving, other than through special events or raffle, January 1, 2011, through December 31, 2011.
PLATINUM ($10,000 or more) Individuals Mr. and Mrs. George W. Lyons, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Matthews Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Scholhamer, Jr. Dr. Romeo A. Vidone Corporations Anesthesia Associates of New Haven, P.C. The Bilco Company Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, Inc. F + F Mechanical Enterprises, Inc. New Haven Radiology Associates, P.C.* Radiation Oncology Specialists of Southern Connecticut, LLC Organizations Archdiocese of Hartford Auxiliary of the Hospital of Saint Raphael Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc. Connecticut Afliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Knights of Columbus West Haven Breast Cancer Awareness Committee Foundations Annie E. Casey Foundation The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven The Echlin Foundation* The John F. Maher Family Foundation Enzo and Irene Montesi Family Foundation* NewAlliance Foundation Raskob Foundation For Catholic Activities, Inc. Louis F. and Mary A. Tagliatela Family Foundation, Inc. Trusts Anonymous The McCurdy Family Charitable Trust Estates Florence Mattei Louis Della Valle, M.D. GoLD ($5,000-$9,999.99) Individuals The Asis Family* Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Calarco* Dr. and Mrs. Francis Cardinale Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Cardinale Dr. Joyce Chung and Mr. Daniel Chung Dr. Paul and Susan Fiedler Elaine Gustafson* Dr. and Mrs. Il Song Hahn Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kelly Luigi Maggi +* Drs. Esther R. and Irwin Nash David I. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Peach Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Torello Ms. Marcy Wintrub Corporations C. Cowles & Company Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, P.C. Ear Nose & Throat Medical and Surgical Group, LLC Levett Rockwood, P.C. Metabolism Associates, P.C. Morrison Management Specialist, Inc. Murphy Security Service, LLC Roebic Laboratories, Inc. Rome Fastener Corporation Star Supply Company The L. Suzio/York Hill Companies Organizations Cunningham Event Foundations Frey-Hershey Foundation* Estates Benjamin and Freda Cohen Silver ($2,500-$4,999.99) Individuals Dr. and Mrs. John M. Aversa* Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gignac Ms. Linda A. Masci* Dr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Moritz* Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. OConnor* Mrs. Elizabeth Panza* Mr. and Mrs. Edward+ Petraiuolo, Jr.* Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Schoenfeld* Mr. and Mrs. James P. Torgerson Corporations 1294 Chapel Street Associates Eastern Bag & Paper Company McCarthy Mambro Bertino, LLC Murtha Cullina, LLP The Outsource Group Teplitzky & Company, P.C. Organizations The Friends of Jimmy Miller, Inc. Wing Fling Foundations Leanne Freas Trout Foundation, Inc.* Mangen Family Charitable Foundation Trusts The David F. DePaola Charitable Trust* BRoNZe ($1,000-$2,499.99) Individuals Dr. Pepita Y. Adefuin and Dr. Zosimo A. Adefuin* Mr. and Mrs. John Anastasio* Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Angelo, Jr. Mr. Michael J. Annunziata and Ms. Anne Iezzi Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Arkins Linda Arkison Dr. Maria Asis and Mr. Matthew Gilbride* Dr. and Mrs. Alfredo Axtmayer* Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Bartels* Eric Beaudoin, M.D.* Ms. Alice L. Bica Dr. and Mrs. Samuel N. Bobrow* Dr. and Mrs. Harold D. Bornstein, Jr.* Tracy Bowman Dr. and Mrs. John M. Boyce Rabbi and Mrs. Herbert Brockman* Hoyte Brown* Honorable and Mrs. Robert P. Burns* Hedy S. and Stuart Bush* Mr. and Mrs. Mark Candido* Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Cangiano* Mr. and Mrs. George E. Catalano Dr. Efe Chang and Dr. Jacob Loke* Zeno N. Chicarilli, M.D., DMD* Angela and Joseph Cimerol Dr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Cohen Richard and Elizabeth Conrad Dr. Robert J.+ and Lorraine D. Cronin* Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cuomo* Mr. William E. Curran* Mrs. Jeanne F. Curtin* Mr. and Mrs. John R. DeForest Ms. Susan L. DeForest Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Delni* Dr. and Mrs. Ralph W. DeNatale* Mary F. Dessert Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Esposito, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. James H. Farmer* Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fazzone* Dr. and Mrs. Philip R. Fazzone Dr. and Mrs. Antoine M. Ferneini* Mr. and Mrs. Franco Ferrucci* Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Fezza* Dr. David S. Fischer* William Fivek* Robert and Evelyn Fracasso* Anna Fraulo*

Caring by Giving
The Saint Raphael Foundation received over $2.8 million in gifts and pledges during 2011. Stewardship, trust and revenue for equipment, maintenance and operations continue to be the mantra for the good work of our charitable donors. Generous support helped to fund the renovation of patient rooms and waiting areas throughout the Hospital of Saint Raphael and the Sister Anne Virginie Grimes Center. Donors helped to purchase new patient transportation equipment, replace outdated diagnostic technology, install new specialty beds and improve our short-term rehabilitation areas. These and other improvements were made possible by the generosity of our donors to whom we are sincerely grateful. Some of the ways to help the Saint Raphael Foundation continue its mission are through nancial support of our Gifts in Remembrance program, annual appeals, major gifts, capital campaign donations, Presidents Circle membership, endowment fund contributions and through estate planning efforts. For additional information or to make a donation, call the Saint Raphael Foundation at 203.789.3242 or visit online at foundation.

* Includes Annual Fund donation of $1,000 or more. +Deceased


Saint Raphaels

JUNE 2012

Mrs. Josephine Funaro* Thomas M. Fynan, M.D.* Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Gagain* Mr. and Mrs. Rene J. Genest Dr. and Mrs. Andre Ghantous* Mrs. Joan Goda Dr. John K. Golia* Mrs. Anne Louise Thompson Graneld Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Grimaldi* Dr. Peter and Maureen Herbert* Regina O. Hillsman, M.D.* Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Hirokawa* Eileen Holt Mr. E. William Iovanne* Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Judd Attorney and Mrs. Joel C. Karp* Dr. and Mrs. Alan S. Kliger* Dr. Yong-Han Koo and Dr. Mariko Kato-Koo Mary Kuncas Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lane* Mr. and Mrs. George E. Laursen* Mr. Richard Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lewis* Mrs. Grace S. LManian* Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lombardo* Janeanne Lubin-Szafranski and Marek R. Szafranski Denisa Lujic, M.D.* Dr. and Mrs. Petar Lujic Dr. W. Bruce and Delaney Lundberg* Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyons, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyons, Sr.* Ms. Michele Macauda* Edward and Lynn Maloney Drs. David and Josephine Mancini* Dr. and Mrs. Rocco Marando* Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Marieb Margaret P. Mason Mr. Blaise J. Masone Masotta Family Fund for Cancer Care Dr. Rowland Mayor and Dr. Stephanie Arlis-Mayor* Ms. Gloria McHugh* J. Michael and Suzanne McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. McManus* Dr. Philip Meeks and Dr. Diane Kowalski* Dr. John A. Merritt, Jr.* Frank J. Mongillo, III, M.D. Robert F. Morrison, M.D.* Ms. Florie Welch Munroe Mrs. Sheila Walsh Murdock* Ms. Susan J. Muto Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Noto* Dr. and Mrs. David C. Novicki* Mr. and Mrs. George E. OBrien, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. OKeefe* Drs. James and Marianne Passarelli* Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Passarelli* Mrs. Rosemary Prete Mr. and Mrs. Dominic F. Proto*

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Todd Renz* Dr. and Mrs. Alan M. Reznik* Drs. Allan and Shuba Rodrigues* Most Reverend Peter A. Rosazza, D.D.* Dr. and Mrs. Alan F. Ruskis* Mortimore H. Saffran* Mr. James A. Salatto* Dr. and Mrs. Fernando Saracco* Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Scharf, Jr.* Dr. and Mrs. Dominic B. Schioppo* Dr. Jonathan Schneider and Lisa Guerrieri* Ms. Dawn C. Schontag Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Schulten* Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schulten* Dr. Enzo J. Sella* Dr. and Mrs. Richard K. Shaw* Mr. and Mrs. John V. Siclari* Mr. Edward N. Silver* Lucy M. Sirico* Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sterrett Leonardo H. Suzio Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Sweeney* Reverend Ellen Tillotson* Cindy von Beren and Fred Frassinelli Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Wade Dr. Kalman L. Watsky and Dr. Deborah Fried* Dr. Shirvinda Wijesekera and Mrs. Namita Wijesekera* Pam and Buck Wilson* Dr. and Mrs. Prescott S. Wiske* Mr. and Mrs. O. John Zamparo* Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Fredrik Zetterberg* Corporations Bailey, Moore, Glazer, Schaefer & Proto CPA Beers, Hamerman & Company, PC Brenner, Saltzman, Wallman LLP David Clark Company, Inc. Diray TV Giordano Construction Co., Inc.* Konowitz, Kahn & Company, P.C. Ropes & Gray LLP Saybrook Point Inn Town Fair Tire Center, Inc. Vocal Instruction Emily Burr- Vailette Webster Bank* Organizations HSR Medical Staff Support Services HSR School of Nursing Alumnae Association Italo-Americano Social Club of Branford Knights of Columbus Connecticut State Council Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Sacred Heart Academy Sons of Italy In America Greater New Haven Lodge #37 Wallingford Hawks Youth Hockey Association, Inc.

Foundations Bank of America Foundation David A. Beckerman Family Foundation, Inc.* Louis A., Emily J. & John J. Buonani Family Foundation, Inc.* The Bussman Family Foundation, Inc. Michaels Jewelers Foundation Anonymous UIL Holdings Corporation Foundation Estates Henry Samuel Greenhouse Mildred B. Gill PATRoN ($500-$999.99) Individuals Mr. Anthony Acabbo Mrs. AnnaJean Ajello Mr. Richard D. Amerling Steven J. Angelo, M.D. Ms. Helene Apuzzo Helen Atocha Dr. and Mrs. Alfredo L. Axtmayer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beaulieu Mr. Robert E. Buckholz, Jr. Mr. Donald E. Burns Dr. Joseph A. Camilleri, Jr. Mr. Michael Casey Ms. Robyn Cosenza Mr. Alexander J. Deboissiere Ms. Vanna Dest Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. DeVito Mrs. Henry B. DuPont, III Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Esposito Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Fickes Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Fishbone Dr. and Mrs. W. Scott Helton Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Kaminsky, Sr. Aeandeyl Kolawule Dr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Kramer Ms. Mary Laucks Honorable and Mrs. Bruce Levin Mrs. Carol Androccio LeWitt Mrs. Kathleen R. Maher Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Manfreda, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. McCallum, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Merriam Mr. James Mutrie, Jr. Lynn Anne Orser, R.N. Mr. Jason Parent Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Pepe Anonymous Ms. Donna Randall Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Russo Drs. Howard and Julia Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shiller Mr. Robert F. Spak Mr. and Mrs. John Charles Wakerley Ms. Barbara Cooley Wareck Lorraine K. Young and William Gallagher Mr. Joseph Zavorskas

Corporations Aquatic Pool & Spa Service, Inc. Butchs Main Street Automotive, Inc. IBM Corporation University of New Haven Westbrook Concrete Block Co. Organizations Saint Vincent dePaul School Zumba Fundraiser Foundations The Lucille & Arnold Alderman Fund Dalio Family Foundation, Inc. Domus Foundation, Inc. Anonymous Trusts John M. Gusachik Trust FRIeND ($100-$499.99) Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Abrams Ms. Roxanne Ackerson Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Acquarulo, Jr. Ms. Ann M. Ahamed Ms. Michele M. Albino Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Alderman Mr. Robert Alvine Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Amarone Mrs. Alvira A. Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. Carmine R. Amento Carol Amico Ms. Regina Feeks Anderson Ms. Susan E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Andrew, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Angell Drs. Ronald and Nancy Angoff Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Apfeldorf Mr. and Mrs. Leon G. Archambault Mr. and Mrs. Aurelio Arenas Ms. Patricia Arick Dr. and Mrs. David I. Astrachan Mr. Edgar Astrove Anthony V. Avallone, Esq. Dr. Kristen R. Aversa and Dr. Tassos C. Kyriakides Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bacon Mr. Barry P. Baiardi Ms. Karen Lee Baird Ms. Anne Baker Anonymous Mrs. Alice E. Balays Christopher Baldoni Dr. Joseph A. Balsamo and Mrs. Anna LaPorta Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Banducci Mr. Robert D. Banta Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Barba Mrs. Regina L. Barbaresi Mr. and Mrs. James W. Barber Mr. Tom Barberino Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Barker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barnick, Jr. Ms. Diana D. Barone

Nicholas and Rosalie Barone Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Barry Mr. Walter W. Beatty, Jr. Mr. Andrew E. Bednarik Mrs. Patricia S. Behan Mrs. Margaret Bekeny Ms. Margaret R. Beley Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Bennett Ms. Gail A. Berg Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Bergantino M. Patricia Bertino+ Mr. Christopher Bishop Harvey C. Bixon Ms. Andrea Bloom Ms. Jolie Boran Lt. Col. and Mrs. Vincent Botarelli Roberta Bozentka Mrs. Maureen Golden Brady Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brannen Mrs. Charlotte B. Brenner Jeannette Bronsord Mr. and Mrs. Clifford S. Brown Mrs. Patricia Brunetti Mairi G. Bryan Ms. Katherine A. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Dalbert G. Buttereld, III Ms. Jacqueline Buza-Galica Ms. Loretta A. Calabrese Mrs. Patricia Ann Calarco Ms. Betsy Jean Callahan Dr. Frederick L. Caminear Mr. and Mrs. George M. Campbell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Liborio Campo Mr. Edward J. Camposano Mr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Canavan Mr. and Mrs. George W. Candee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Candela, Sr. Mr. Matthew Cannizzaro Mr. and Mrs. John F. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Carloni Mr. Paul F. Caron Mr. Kenneth N. Carpenter Ms. Ann T. Carroll Mr. Edward Carson Mr. and Mrs. George G. Caruso, Jr. The Honorable and Mrs. John Carusone Ms. Lois M. Casey Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Cassella Mrs. Gloria B. Cassella Ms. Bernadette B. Cassidy Anonymous Mrs. Hilda B. Catania Ms. Mary Jane Celentano Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Chamberland Ms. Jill E. Chambers Mr. Samuel Charm Ms. Susan Chellis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Chernock, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Cheung Mr. Bernard Christianson Dr. and Mrs. Jack Chuong Dr. and Mrs. James J. Ciarcia Mr. John M. Cifarelli

* Includes Annual Fund donation of $1,000 or more. +Deceased

JUNE 2012

Saint Raphaels


Mrs. Phyllis L. Clark Dr. Terrence and MaryAnn Claypoole Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cody Mr. Michael D. Coe Mr. Richard Cohan Ms. Melanie Cohen-Fleischer Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Colatosti Ms. Melanie G. Collard Mrs. Elizabeth Stanton Colleran Ms. Margaret D. Colleran Ms. Nancy King Colleran Ms. Sharon Collins Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Comen Mr. Patrick J. Connellan Ms. Catherine Connell-Lindquist Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Connerton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Conrad Ms. Muriel Conreur Ms. Mary Jane Conroy Miss Frances J. Consiglio Mr. and Mrs. Denis M. Constantine Mr. and Mrs. Errol Cook Ms. Ruth F. Cook Ms. Barbara J. Coon Mr. and Mrs. John K. Copelin Ms. Carla Coppola Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Coppola, Sr. Ms. Renee C. Coppola Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Costa Ms. Anita Costanzo Mr. Joseph F. Costelli Joan and Peter Costello Mr. Charles Cota Mrs. Veronica Coughlin Mr. William V. Coughlin Ms. Mary Beth E. Coyle Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Coyle Ms. Judith A. Craig Mrs. Nancy P. Crandall Mr. Robert F. Cremin Ms. Anastasia Crocco Mr. and Mrs. David A. Crompton Ms. Marlene Cronin Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Crowley Ms. Patricia A. Cucuzza Ms. Edna O. Cull Mr. and Mrs. Sean J. Cullagh Mr. and Mrs. James D. Cunningham Ms. Felicia A. Cuomo Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Cwik Ms. Shan Murphy Cyr Mr. and Mrs. William S. DAdamo Ms. Nancy Daly Mr. and Mrs. Fred DAmbrose Mr. Fred A. Damiani Reverend Peter S. Dargan Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Dargan, Sr. Ms. Patricia Daur Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Davidson Ms. Courtney Davis Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Davis Mr. George DeCrosta Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. DeFrancesco Ms. Nancy DeGennaro Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. DeGennaro Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. DeIvisco Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Del Gobbo

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Del Vecchio Mr. Philip A. DeLise Mr. Michael A. Dellacamera Mrs. Elisabeth C. DeLuca Mr. and Mrs. Frank DelVecchio, Jr. Mr. James S. DelVisco Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. DeMaio Mrs. Mary Demirs Mrs. Bernadette T. DeMusis Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano D. Denicola Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DePaola Mr. D. William DeRosa, Jr. Rene Desaulniers Mr. Joseph O. Desrochers Mr. Ronald Devine Ms. Sadie M. Devino Mr. and Mrs. Carmine A. DeVito Mr. and Ms. Jose S. Dias Ms. Mary Senese DiBiaso Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Diette Reverend Joseph A. Dilion Ms. Michelle Parente DiMartino Ms. Andrea R. DiMugno Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. DiMugno Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dinneen Kim Dion Mrs. Janet DiSanto Mr. and Mrs. David Ditta Ms. Melinda A. DiVicino Mrs. Florence O. Dolinsky Mr. and Mrs. William O. Doll Robert Domogala, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Donahue Ms. Sheila F. Donnelly Mr. Leonard E. Dorman Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dorney Attorney and Mrs. Michael J. Dorney Ms. Anne M. Dorsi Mr. Robert E. Drew Mr. and Mrs. Art Drogue Ms. Linda E. DuBord Dr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Duffy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Duffy Mr. and Mrs. George G. Dumigan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Dunham Mr. and Mrs. Stuart G. Dupee Mr. Earl Durham Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn L. Durham Mrs. Barbara A. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. John Early, Jr. Mr. Frederick J. Eckert Ms. Deborah A. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. James C. Edwards Dr. Thomas D. Eisen and Ms. Elizabeth A. Jonas H.E. and Dale Ann Eldridge Mr. James Elliott Mr. and Mrs. John F. Eltzholtz Dr. and Mrs. Austin V. Errico Mr. and Mrs. Richard Esposito Ms. Terrie Estes Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Etkind Young-Ki Eun Mr. John Everett Mr. Thomas B. Fahy Dr. and Mrs. James B. Fanning Ms. Josephine D. Farricielli Attorneys David and Joanne Faulkner Mr. Raymond F. Ferguson

Mike and Cynthia Fessel Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale J. Festa Mr. and Mrs. John A. Figurelli Ms. Phyllis Fitzgerald Elizabeth M. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Flaherty Dr. Mary Ellen Flaherty-Hewitt Honorable John C. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Flaumenhaft Mr. Jeffrey H. Forbes Ms. Virginia C. Fortin Mr. Richard J. Franco Mr. and Mrs. John H. Frost Nancy Fung Ms. Geraldine A. Gabianelli Ms. Ellen T. Gabinelle Ms. Carol J. Gagliardi Mr. Shane Stephen Gall Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gamberdella Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Gangi Lt. Col. Rafael Garcia, Jr. Mrs. Gabriella P. Garrity Mr. Henry P. Gates Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Genera Dr. Lorna D. Georgalas Mr. Thomas E. George Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gerety Joanne Germe Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Getz Father Gene E. Gianelli Ms. Ileana Gill Ms. Theresa Ann Gillo Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Giordano, Jr. Dr. Irving Glassman Mrs. Josephine A. Gleba Mr. and Mrs. Joel Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Zelly Goldberg Mrs. Margaret M. Golden Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Gordon Mr. William T. Gorman Mr. Thomas R. Gould Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Graham Mr. and Mrs. William H. Graham Ms. Jean A. Graney Mr. Michael E. Grant Mr. James R. Grasky Ms. Sarah B. Greenblatt Mr. Rowan A. Greer Mr. Ronald Greski and Ms. Veronica M. Pinchuk Mr. Dominic B. Grifn Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Grillo Reverend Bonita Grubbs Attorney and Mrs. Ira B. Grudberg Ms. Mary T. Gunther Mr. and Mrs. Carlton F. Haddad The Honorable William L. Hadden, Jr. Dr. Lynwood Hammers Mr. Walter Freeman Hammie Ms. Linda T. Hannans Ms. Patricia Hansen Dr. David A. Harriman Ms. Kimberly D. Hartmann-Otr Ms. Mary Hasbrouck Mr. Ronald F. Haven Mrs. Mildred A. Haverkampf Mr. and Mrs. Juan Haydu Mr. and Mrs. WiIlliam J. Hayes Ms. Dorethea Haywood

Mrs. Kathy Heard Mrs. Mary Lou Hebert Mr. Jeffrey L. Heidt Ms. Katherine L. Heimann Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hemmock Ms. Lauren J. Hession Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Hillis Ms. Constance Holden-Somers Mr. and Mrs. Creighton R. Hooker Ms. Judith L. Hotz Ms. Mary Huben Mrs. Dorothy O. Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Hutchinson Dr. and Mrs. Melvyn Hyman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hynds Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ingallinera Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Iorio Mrs. Grace Iovene Mr. James H. Iovieno Ms. Elizabeth Ippolito Mrs. Carol B. Isaacs Attorney and Mrs. Howard A. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Janeczek Kathleen Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Jordan Mrs. Rita M. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Jordano Elizabeth Joyce Mary Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Judd Mr. and Mrs. James M. Judson Mrs. Carol A. Julianelle Ms. Patricia A. Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur D. Kalmbach Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Kaml Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Kapitan Mr. and Mrs. Francis Karsmarski Reverend Francis V. Karvelis Ms. Virginia L. Kasper Mr. Kurt Katz Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Keenan Attorney and Mrs. John J. Kennedy, Jr. Ms. Regina L. Kinsman Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Kline Dr. Arthur H. Knowlton Mr. Michael Knowlton Mr. John R. Knudsen Mr. M.J. Knudsen Mrs. Lucille R. Kogut Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Kossman Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Kovacs Ms. Lois R. Krakowski Ms. Michelle Krasenics Mrs. Alicja Krenta Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Krueger Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Kubinec Mr. and Mrs. David Kuperstock Si-Hoi Lam, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lane Mrs. Harriet V. Lattanzi Mr. and Ms. Nicholas C. Laucella Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Laudenat Mr. and Mrs. John LaViola Mrs. Lillie Mae Law Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Layman

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Leary, Jr. Attorney and Mrs. Joseph C. Lee Mr. Michael J. Lenahan Mr. and Mrs. Terrence T. Lescoe Dr. and Mrs. Harold D. Levy Mr. Richard S. Libby Ms. and Mrs. Robert Lichtenstein Mrs. Regina Longyear Mr. and Mrs.+ Richard LoRicco Mr. William D. Louprette Ms. Mary F. Lowery Mrs. Jacqueline Luciani Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lundrigan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Lyden, III Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lyons Mr. and Mrs. John G. MacDonald Ms. Maria Mackeil Mr. Richard J. Mackey Mr. and Mrs. John E. Maher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mailhouse Mr. Peter J. Makosky Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Malerba Ms. Barbara Malmberg Mr. John C. Malmberg Mr. Wesley A. Mancini Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Manfreda Ms. Laura Mangino Ms. Carolyne B. Maniscalco Mr. Robert P. Manseld Mr. Stephen A. Marcarelli Mr. George W. Martin Miss Dorothy J. Martino Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Masiero The Family of George Mason Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Mathiasen Mr. and Mrs. Oivind Mathisen Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Matsil Mr. Richard Matthies Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Maturo Mr. William N. Mavrides Dale and Kathleen Maycen Mr. Thomas W. Mazzotta Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. McCreven Ms. Velma A. McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Jay McGuinness Karla McGuire Mr. John J. McKeon, III Ms. Mary E. McKeon Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. McKirdy Mrs. Theresa M. McLean Ms. Sara McLoughlin Mr. and Mrs. Vincent K. McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McManus Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McVety Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Meade Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Mele Ms. Kathryn L. Mendillo Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Mercugliano Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miceli Ms. Elizabeth Migliaro Mr. John Mignosa Mr. Paul F. Mik, Sr. Mr. Gary Mikolinski Ms. Angela J. Milani Mr. John Milardo Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Milikowsky Mrs. Sandra Milles Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Minor Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd K. Mitler Dr. and Mrs. George V. Montano Dr. and Mrs. James Mooney


Saint Raphaels

JUNE 2012

Ms. Karen Asard Moreland Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Moroney Mrs. Phyllis D. Morra Mr. and Mrs. James K. Mossey, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Karl M. Muller Mr. Thomas M. Murphy Mr. Philip G. Muzio Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Nargi Mr. and Mrs. Craig Nass Ms. Sandra P. Nasti Letitia and Carl Nastri Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Nazario Mr. Gerald E. Neipp Ms. Marguerite A. Nelligan Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Neubert Mrs. and Mrs. Bruce A. Newman Ronald J. Newman Ms. Virginia Nieman Mr. William Nieman Mr. Carl Nowiszewski Mr. Eugene R. OBrien Ms. Maureen OBrien Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. OConnor Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. ODonnell Mr. and Mrs. David J. OKeefe Mr. and Mrs. William F. OKeefe, Jr. Mr. Robert C. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Osber Mr. and Mrs. Norman OShaughnessy Ms. Bonnie W. Otto Dr. Eric C. Palluotto Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Palmeri, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Palmieri Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano L. Pane Mr. Rocco Pannella Mr. Salvatore N. Pannone Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Papantonio Colonel Richard D. Pappalardo Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Pardee Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Parent Mr. Michael Parente Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Parson Ms. Lynda Pasquarella Mr. Nicholas Pastore Mr. Donald F. Patenaude Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon S. Patrie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Pearce Ms. Roberta K. Peck Mr. and Mrs. John W. Pello Ms. Maribeth Pennoni Mr. Anthony L. Pepe Ms. Roseann C. Perito Mr. Cosmo J. Perrelli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perrelli Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Petersen Ms. Eileen P. Pettit Mr. and Mrs. Duane M. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Pikaart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Piscitelli Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Piskura Mr. L. Henry Platt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Polka Ms. Louise A. Pompane Mrs. Sylvia G. Ponitoski Mr. Jeffrey M. Postman Mr. Dennis Powers
JUNE 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Priest Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Prior Mr. and Mrs. Noble S. Proctor Anonymous Ms. Elissa J. Proto Mrs. David M. Pynchon Mr. Nils E. Pynigar Mr. Howard Raccio Ms. Marie C. Raffaele Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ramelli Mr. Edward C. Randall Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Rapuano Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rebeschi, Jr. Ms. Judith A. Regan Ms. Melisa M. Reid Ms. Matilda Reyes Mr. Gerald J. Reynolds Ms. Mildred C. Richard Ms. Martha A. Riotte Ms. Catherine Rives Mr. Paul J. Robichaud Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Rocklin Ms. Enid Rodriguez Mrs. Alma Roginel Dr. and Mrs. Peter R. Rogol Mr. John H. Rohlfs Mr. Peter Rolland and Ms. Wendy Altschul Rolland Mrs. Jane W. Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Rossi Ms. Suzanne Rossotto Mrs. Stanley Roth Mr. and Mrs. James R. Rude Ms. Kathleen Rusilas Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Russ Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Russo Mr. Mark G. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ryan Ms. Anne D. Ryder Ms. Sylvia Saarnijoki Ms. Sylvia S. Saldamarco Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salemo Mr. Vincent E. Santacroce Ms. Kathleen Santoro Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Saraceno Dr. and Mrs. Lee R. Sataline Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Savin Ms. Phyllis Savo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scalesse, Sr. Joseph and Joan Schaefer Mr. William F. Schaeffer, Jr. Mrs. Catherine H. Schaffer Mrs. Joyce L. Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schiraldi Mr. and Mrs. Horst G. Schlienz Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schreck Mrs. Claire B. Schulz Dr. and Mrs. Peter E. Schwartz Mrs. Jean M. Scialabba Mr. Maurice Scialis Mr. Vernon Scott Ms. June M. Scully Ms. Kathryn Scully Dudley Mr. Peter Seaholm Mr. Thomas A. Sebastian Mr. Edward C. Sembor Mrs. Elizabeth Shailor Mrs. Catherine L. Shanahan Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Shank Mrs. Lucille P. Sibby Mrs. Patricia G. Sikeritzky Ms. Althea Silva

Mrs. Rita Silvestro Ms. Beatrice Simeone Ms. Agnes S. Simpson Ms. Rosemary Sirico Mr. Samuel N. Slie Mr. Martin Sloan Mr. and Mrs. David A. Slossberg Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith Mrs. Martha M. Smith Ms. Susan A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith Mr. Jack M. Sneider Mr. Peter E. Snyder Ms. Sylvia Socci Ms. Nicole L. Sorrentino Mrs. Barbara S. Spargo Mr. and Mrs. William L. Spruill Ms. Christine Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Stein Dr. Stephen A. Stein and Dr. Emily Fine Mr. George R. Stephens Dr. Harold Stern and Dr. Sandra B. Boltax-Stern Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Stevens Ms. Paula R. Stevenson Mr. Derk-Michel Strauch Reverend Daniel J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan Mrs. Martha J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Neil W. Sullivan Ms. Carol Z. Sundlin Ms. Cheryl Ann Suzio Mr. Bruce E. Sweeney Dr. and Mrs. Brian C. Swirsky Ms. Cecelia D. Syrotiak Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Talbot Dr. and Mrs. Harold H. Tara, Jr. Mrs. Amelia V. Tarantino Dr. Donald J. Tasso Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tatham Mr. David A. Tellerico Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Tenedine Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Terenzio Mr. and Mrs. Edmund H. Terracciano Maria Terry Mrs. Nancy E. Thim Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Thomas Ms. Sheila Norton Thomas Ms. Valerie J. Thurston Mr. and Mrs. Stuart K. Tillinghast Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Tindall Dr. Ra Tog Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Uand Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Valentino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Valentino Mr. Thomas G. Vallone Mr. and Mrs. John Van Seters Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. VanDoren Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Varsanik Miss Florence R. Vece Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Veci, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Vento Mr. and Mrs. John B. Viele Mr. and Mrs. James Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vincent Anonymous Barbara Voets-Wiese Mrs. Patricia A. Volpe Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. von Beren, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Walden

Mrs. Sandra C. Walgren Mr. and Mrs. George F. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Len Walker Ms. Susan K. Walker Vera Walker Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wallace Ms. Patricia B. Walsh Dr. Richard H. Ward and Dr. Michelle Pierczynski-Ward Mr. and Mrs. William B. Warfel Ms. Eric Warmoth Ms. Marie B. Warner S. Andre Warner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Webb Ms. Sarah Weinberger Mr. Jerome L. Weinstein Mrs. Suzanne W. Weinstein Ms. Marjorie Weinstein-Kowal Mr. and Mrs. Russell Weisman, Jr. Mr. Neal Welch Mr. John P. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. West Ms. Elizabeth A. Whalen Mr. and Mrs. David White Mr. and Mrs. James L. White Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Whitmore, Jr. Ms. Valerie Wieliesz Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Wiese Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Williams, Jr. Mrs. Marilyn J. Williams Mr. Ronald Williams Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Willig Ms. Karen Wilson Ms. Katherine Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Chris F. Winkle, III Mrs. Carolyn Witt Alyson Wobensmith Dr. Steven Wolfson Mr. and Mrs. William C. Woo Sharon Wood Mr. and Mrs. John J. Woods Ms. Addie M. Ybanez Mr. and Mrs. Neil F. Yorke Mr. John A. Young Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. K. Young Richard A. Zell, M.D. Ms. Carol Ann Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Ziomek Corporations AFB Construction Management Alphabet Academy, LLC The Barn Sale, Inc. Bender, Anderson and Barba, P.C. Branford Winnelson Co. C.J. Fucci Construction Inc. Capital Workforce Partners Staff Cardiology Associates of New Haven, P.C. Carmody & Torrance, LLP Anonymous CBIA The Chiarelli Law Firm, LLC Colonial Village at Heathcote, Inc. Connecticut Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery Center Crest Lincoln Mercury, Inc. Enginuity PLM F.J. Dahill Co., Inc. Federico & Sette, P.C. Fine Antiquarian Books, LLC First Light Power Resources

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Saint Raphaels


A member of the Saint Raphael Healthcare System

1450 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06511


saint raphaels
Look Good, Feel Better Workshop
Women being treated for cancer First Monday of the month, 12:30-2:30 p.m. McGivney Cancer Center, New Haven Call 203.789.5904; e-mail

Wellness Corner & Healthy Living Calendar

All activities are open to the public and free of charge, unless otherwise noted.


For parents with children birth through age 5 and children 5-10. May/June 2012 (call for dates/ times). Hospital of Saint Raphael; registration required; call Priscilla Long at 203.867.5546, or e-mail to register.

Be Free to Move, Free from Pain

Wed June 13, 2-3:30 p.m. Speaker: John McCallum, M.D. Saint Raphael Orthopedic Surgeon Evergreen Woods 88 Notch Hill Road North Branford, Conn. To register, call Saint Raphaels Aging Line at 203.789.3275

Nurturing Families Network: Making Parenting a Pleasure

Diabetes Healthcare Program

Anyone with diabetes (by referral) Tues, 3-5:30 p.m.; Wed, 9-11:30 a.m. Call 203.867.5695; cost covered by most insurance.

For a complete list of our ongoing support groups including stroke, breast cancer, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer and more visit

Preparing for Spinal Surgery

Patients scheduled for spinal surgery Second Thursday of each month, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Orchard Medical Bldg., Rm. 315 Call 203.789.3275; register online at

Foot and Ankle Problems? Take the right steps
Wed, June 6, 2-3 p.m. Speaker: Nina Babu, D.P.M., Saint Raphael Podiatric Surgeon; Henry Carter Hull Library, 10 Killingworth Turnpike, Clinton, Conn.

For a comprehensive list of Saint Raphael-sponsored events and activities, visit

Childbirth Education Classes

Newborn Care Class; Childbirth Education Class; Breastfeeding Class; Sibling Silly & Siblings at Birth; Childbirth Education Series Class. For class fees and to register, 203.789.3300; for more information, visit

Wed, June 6, 5:15 p.m. Wed, July 11, 5:15 p.m. Cronin Auditorium. Online Webinar: Sat, June 23, 10 a.m. Call 203.789.6237; register online at

Weight Loss Surgery Seminars

To register, call Saint Raphaels Health Aging Line at 203.789.3275.

If you receive multiple copies of Better Health, please mail or fax us the back page of the extra magazine at 203.789.4053 and write delete on the label. Dont cross out the name. If the mailing label is incorrect, please make corrections and return it to us. Please include your phone number, in case we have questions.