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the strong 3rd drishti from Shani upon yuvati bhava = idleness and stagnation in marriage.

Boredom, unresolved frustration with negative habits of the spouse, and Stubborn resistance to change while burdened with responsibilities for children. Stays in the marriage "for the children". Lord Shani is a force of orderliness therefore Shani alone will not enforce a divorce. But if other factors pressure a split, one of the long-term grievances of the abandoning partner may well be endurance of decades of "motion without progress" due to the stubborn resistance Shani! of the spouse preventing any creative forward movement on matters of lingering disagreement. "onflict resolution is stalled and a pattern of wor# e$haustion combined with a focus on the routines of child-raising and structured entertainments such as family vacations, school performances, sports competitions etc! tend to replace intimate marital communication. %his is a rather long-term problem and it may indeed persist until death do them part.

Simha in lagna or "handra lagna faces a special set of marriage challenges. kalatrakaraka Shu#ra& L-' Shani = both enemies of lagnesha Surya.

%he Simha native re(uires an inordinate amount of attention, however the spouse tends to be focused on the e$ternal networ# of social relationships to the e$clusion or so it feels! of the intimate needs of the native . )ne may feel sidelined, or simply deprived of that focused, e$clusive praising attention which Simha demands. Slightly more acute for the Simha-"handra than for the Simhalagna.

*irst and subse(uent divorces follow these same timing rules! Bhu#ti periods of+

,etu = #ara#a for severance -- not death.ahu-,etu are perpetually loo#ing at each other across the s#y!. /hen ,etu occupies bhava-0, great emotional detachment from the divorce process - it occurs, but neither native nor spouse are much impacted. 1f L-2 communications in marriage! = beneficial, the partners remain in sibling-style "team" communication even after divorce. Rahu = #ara#a for urgent ambition especially if Rahu's lord = L-2 or L-8. /hen .ahu occupies bhava-0, great drama of passion and betrayal in the divorce process. 3ative may receive a surprisingly large divorce payment if .ahu4s lord is favorable.

8th-from-1st = sudden, forced changes in one's own life- such as surprise inheritance, death of spouse, emergency surgery, or natural catastrophe 2nd-from-7th = under severe astrological conditions, this bhu#ti can indicate the death of the spouse. 5ore often in younger years, during the long-lived modern age& L-0 can indicate a spouse-initiated divorce.

1f L-0 is strong, spouse4s family one4s in-laws! and spouse4s assets become powerful actors on life4s stage if L-0 is harsh, the spouse may feel that no further marital interaction is possible because the relationship is "dead"

/hen L-0 is the divorce bhu#ti, the spouse has in some powerful psychic or physical sense become "dead". %he marriage wor# is done, and something in the spouse4s behavior including a decision to leave their body, but usually a living behavior pattern of some sort! ma#es the spouse intolerable. 6ivorce ensues as a way of confirming that this person is "dead to me". 7nli#e divorce under timing of L-8, there is "no one else" - that is, the divorce is not motivated by the native having underta#en a marriage-brea#ing outside relationship.

8th-from-7th = sudden, forced changes in the spouse's life. 6ivorce during a period of the native 4s L-8 is fre(uently initiated by the native . %he spouse feels the L-0 effect. 2nd-from-1st = bhu#ti of L-8 indicates a return to the native 4s own family having removed obligations to the spouse4s family!, a return to one4s own wealth and values, family customs, language9speech habits etc. )ne determines to see# a new spouse "more aligned with one4s own values".

if L-8 is strong and beneficial, the second spouse appears (uic#ly, through the auspices of one4s own family. %he 8nd spouse typically appears in the period of 8nd-from-Shu#ra, or of 8nd navamsha, but there are other conditions also. 1f L-8 is troubled by malefics, the family or its values do not assist the native 4s transformation from first marriage to second marriage. 3ative-initiated divorce is not accepted by the family. *inding a second spouse may be difficult or delayed. :owever, when and if the second marriage is accomplished, difficult graha affecting bhava-8 indicate #armic effort regarding the 8nd spouse.

/hen L-8 is the divorce-lord, there is "someone else". traditional ly L-8 rules the second marriage after widowhood. :owever in the modern age, a L-8 also signifies divorce caused by the native falling in love with someone outside the marriage. %he new connection is so powerful that the first marriage must be dissolved.

,etu= alienation and detachment+

If L-12 is also lord of Ketu, the native is personally alienated or disconnected from the matters of the Bhava in which ,etu resides. If L-6 is also the lord of Ketu, disagreements with others are not ac#nowledged, the native acts hostile toward others but does not see his own role in creating conflict If Shani is Ketu's lord, somber neutrality and detachment applies to the matters of the Bhava in which ,etu resides. If Ketu is yuti Soma,in any domain, the native is emotional detached from life. the native may be a successful person with a good home and family; but their underlying emotional connection is wea#.! If Ketu o u!ies bha"a-7 in either radi# or na"amsha, the native is disconnected and alienated in marriage. %here may be plenty of e$ternal indications of success, but the interior of the marriage relationship is disconnected.! Sometimes the spouse is a spiritual figure, but normally the partner is inaccessible emotionally, and marriage is alienated. If Ketu o u!ies bha"a-2,the same alienation cultural, religious, emotional, physical! with the second spouse. <nd the same repeating attempts to #eep connecting.


If L-12 is also a benefi , natural or temporal! the alienation e$perience may have some highly positive aspects, such as the intrigue of foreign travel or long periods of fruitful seclusion in a research or meditation sanctuary space. <lienation can be a good and necessary thing for the accomplishment of certain goals. %ypically the period of L-=8 causes the native to leave their own country or habitual social culture during the bhu#ti. If L-12 is also a malefi , there is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual imprisonment. *or >rishabha lagna and 6hanusha lagna, the alienating behavior of the spouse may be aggressive.! *or marriage, $he !eriod of L-12as ?th-from-'th does give alienation from the spouse.

1f L-=8 is a benefic, the reasons for alienation may be good and ultimately beneficial, such as the spouse is wor#ing on profitable foreign business; or the spouse is in seclusion for professional reasons, for research or mediation; or the spouse is ta#ing valuable medical treatment. 1f L-=8 is malefic, the alienation is bitter and feels effortful #armic!.

1n consultation, clients who are e$periencing a difficult bhu#ti of L-=8 or ,etu may as# if their marriage is heading toward divorce. %he answer will depend on several other conditions+

)verall condition of bhava-' and 'th navamsha. < strong bhava-' will withstand the siege of all divorce factors, including periods of L-=8, if the spouse in (uestion is 8nd or subse(uent marriage, chec# the lagnas for those marriages 1f L-=8 is benefic, there may be genuine benefits coming from the alienation. Benefic L=8 may not be a harbinger of later divorce unless there is a connection between ,etu and L-=8. 1f L-=8 is malefic and the client is reporting a rough time, chec# the overall strength of L=8 in 6-= and 6-2. "hec# also the ne$t occurrence of >imshottari bhu#ti of L-8 or L-0, which are the #ara#as for divorce.

>imshottari divorce lords for the lagnas Lagna L-? 9 L-=8 = .ashi-pati for "loss of agreement" = conflict, animosity and illwill %udha, &uru Shu'ra, Ku(a Shu'ra, Ku(a %udha, &uru )handra, Shani Surya, Shani %udha, &uru Shu'ra, Ku(a Shu'ra, Ku(a %udha, &uru L-8 9 L-0 =.ashi-pati for death of partner, or divorce Shu'ra, Ku(a %udha, &uru )handra, Shani Surya, Shani %udha, &uru Shu'ra, Ku(a Shu'ra, Ku(a %udha, &uru Chandra,Shani Surya, Shani

" @5esha >rishabha 5ithuna ,ar#a Simha ,anya %hula >rischi#a 6hanusha 5a#ara

,umbha 5eena

Surya, Shani Surya, Shani

%udha, &uru Shu'ra, Ku(a

/hen marital conflict energy gets high and stays high+ >imshottari dasha timing se(uences for the =8 lagna

for *esha la+na, >imshottari period of the conflict-trigger L-? Budha, is followed immediately the "1 give up" ,etu period, then by the divorce-trigger L-8 Shu#ra period. ,etu does gives time for stabiliAation or cool-down between the L-? irritationand the L0 "dead to me" e$perience, but ,etu can also e$acerbate separative tendencies. 1f L-?, ,etu, and L-8 are strong, 5esha can e$perience a divorce during this bhu#ti se(uence. <lso applies to *esha )handra, %his se(uence cannot occur in ,etu 5ahadashaor Shu#ra 5ahadasha.! *or -rishabha la+na, the period of L-=8 ,uBa signals imbalance and aggressive disagreeableness for the spouse also gives withdrawal for the native . ,uBa bhu#ti is followed by .ahu bhu#ti, which can enflame the passions and generate some acting-out. <fter .ahu4s wild time comes the period of L-0 Curu. "hec# the strength of the graha involved. %his se(uence cannot occur in .ahu 5ahadashaor Curu 5ahadasha.! *or Simha la+na, periods of L-? Shani can be especially ta$ing, and they are followed ine$orably by periods of L-8 Budha. 7nless supported by benefics, Simha has a notoriously difficult time in marriage for this and other reasons. %hula has the reverse se(uence to 5esha+ >imshottari period of the detachment-trigger L-=8 Budha, is followed immediately by the divorce-trigger L-0 Shu#ra. Little time for recovery of engagement between the withdrawing of L-=8 and the L-0 "dead to me" e$perience which dissolves the union. 1f L-=8 and L-0 are both strong, %hula can e$perience a divorce during this bhu#ti se(uence. <lso applies to %hula "handra. -ris hi'a has the reverse se(uence to >rishabha, with identical results+ L-? spousal animosity from ,uBa bhu#ti is followed by .ahu bhu#ti, which can enflame the passions and generate some acting-out. <fter .ahu4s wild time comes period of L-8 Curu. "hec# the strength of the graha involved. *ara'a la+na, period of L-=8 Curu for spouse4s illness or animosity, is followed by period of L-8 Shani for divorce. Shani is a natural malefic so this setup is worth watching during the relevant >imshottari periods. Similarly for Kumbha la+na, period of L-=8 Shani period for spouse4s illness or animosity, is followed by period of L-0 Budha for divorce. Budha is not a natural malefic li#e Shani but Budha can still cause trouble*ithuna, Kar'a, Kanya, .hanau, and *eena la+na have no bac#-to bac# conflictdivorce periods.

$he total e#!erien e of di"or e social, emotional, physical, psychological, financial, familial, etc.! is defined primarily by the onditions of bha"a-8and its lord.

If L-8 is an aus!i ious +raha,divorce may be amicable or gainful. If L-8 is a troubled +raha, e$pect difficulties. If L-8 is a neutral +raha Budha in favorable rashis for >rishabha, ,umbha lagnas! divorce may give a sense of neither loss nor gain, but simply moving on through the cycle of life Crahain occupation of bhava-0 suggest involvement with secret matters. %he scope of bhava-0 includes, but is not limited to, secret e$tramarital se$ual relationships.

/hen L-0 occupies this domain

Some .i"or e /ffe ts

must be combined with the natal conditions of bhava-0, 0th-from-"handra, drishti etc.!

Bhava =

%he divorce e$perience if indicated! shapes the native 4s personality. %his native is prone toward sudden, forced changes in life - divorce or death of spouse being only one e$ample. 1f L-0 = benefic, native is associated with privileged, secret, transformative processes. 1f L-0 = malefic, fre(uent accidents and shoc#s. *inancial proceeds from settlement of Boint accounts, if any, will fund development of the physical vehicle including intentional changes made to the body and brain. %his native li#es to change their appearance and social identity fre(uently. ,ara#a formulti!le y les,

Bhava 8

proceeds of divorce or death of the first spouse are re-invested in the second marriage, or used to develop the traditions of the native 4s birth family. %his is more typically a setup for widowhood from the =st marriage and less fre(uently divorce.

Bhava 3

6ivorce lord has entered the mentality Bhava. 5onies from the Boint assets of marriage or divorce settlements may be invested in business communications, into the siblings, or into mental pursuits. *re(uently the native fears more sudden changes, and purchases insurance policies as protection.

Bhava D

6ivorce lord has entered the sheltering Bhava. 6ivorce if indicated advances the native 4s philosophical awareness and emotional stability in life, causing maturity and redoubled commitment to a good home life. %he mother was li#ely also divorced, and she may provide valuable guidance to

negotiating the changes..

Bhava E

6ivorce lord has entered the creative intelligence Bhava. 6ivorce if indicated! benefits the native 4s career. Settlement funds may promote speculative investment such as stoc# mar#et or financial bac#ing of creative ventures. %he divorce process stimulates the native 4s awareness of the cycle of life and death which promotes creative harmoniAation with that cycle. F$aggerated cycle of gains and losses, but if the graha = benefic, native will see that nothin+ at all is lost,%rouble for the oldest child who may have mysterious or difficult to diagnose conditions. Surgical procedures toward fertility, or upon the eldest child.

Bhava ?

6ivorce lord has entered the conflict Bhava. <ssets ac(uired through Boint efforts of the spouses gets redirected to managing perpetual post-divorce conflict. the native is gainful financially after divorce but he must spend heavily for policing of the terms of the settlement; agreements are often bro#en. 6istributing the marital estate is a contentious, conflicted process that may continue indefinitely. Lots of trouble getting a lasting agreement on rules for distributing Boint assets. :owever the total effect of separating his assets from his spouse4s control, despite the method of distribution being constantly in contention, is profitable financially. "ontinuous disagreements with and interference from the e$-spouse. <long with financial gainfulness , this conflict destroys creates ill-will toward and sometimes hidden illness. 1ronically the native 4s post-divorce gainfulness is proportional to the level of conflict.

Bhava '

upon divorce which is li#ely with this yoga! Boint assets of marriage will tend to remain with the spouse. the native may give up all claims to the Boint assets, and go wandering.

Bhava 0

<ssets of marriage tend to remain with the native after divorce. 1f strong and auspicious& L-0 in swa#shetra suggests that sudden turns of the cycle of birth and death such as widowhood or divorce may be both fre(uent and beneficial. Benefits from ta$ schemes.

Bhava 2

6ivorce settlements are financially and religiously beneficial. the native 4s

father may have been divorced, and he can offer valuable guidance to move through the process of re-negotiation of identity. 3ative is favored in childcustody discussions, and often receives any children produced by the marriage without a struggle. Cood fortune through sudden, mysterious changes in general.

Bhava =G

6ivorce affects public standing in a mi$ed way, usually tends toward a negative effect. 3ative may suffer some mental illness or pressure to rationaliAe his divorce. *inancially neutral, tends toward slowly regaining lost investments over time.

Bhava ==

6ivorce and life4s difficult transformations in general will prove to be gainful. Hroceeds from divorce may permit the native to purchase properties or vehicles, or fund formal education. 6ivorce also increases access to friends and to more diverse areas of the mar#etplace. Spouse may have been a socially restrictive force.!

Bhava =8

3o material profit from divorce settlement, but potentially good spiritual results. %he process of identity loss can yield wisdom and calm, develop the imagination and stimulate creative coaching. <fter marriage identity loss, the native transfer identity to universal forces, which loo#ing bac# will be realiAed as a great benefit although it was painful at the time of forced separation from the beloved. 5a#es a compassionate therapist.

,ara#a for 6ivorce95ultiple 5arriages+

%he stronger the #ara#a by rashi, drishti etc. the stronger its divorce-remarriage effects+

Surya in Bhava-' self-righteousness in marriage! Surya in Bhava-E native craves romantic attention! Rahu or Ketu in Bhava-' Rahu0Ketu yuti radi# L-7, or to a lesser power! .ahu-,etu yuti navamsha L-= or L-' indicates craving for new partners, fre(uent remarriages

L-' in dushthamsha mutual drishti of enemy Crahain navamsha =9' a$is Curu and .ahu drishti upon L-' or Shu#ra

/hat happened to our loveI

1f yuvati bhava is afflicted by separative planets li#e Saturn and 5ars , the person may e$perience multiple marriages within a single lifetime. %he "yo#e " binding two separate persons in marriage is wea#ened by past-life #arma, and may be bro#en repeatedly. %he yoga of 5ars afflicting the rashi seventh Bhava ). seventh-from-5oon is called #uBadosha. ,uBa dosha tells us that there will be an adversarial situation in the first marriage along with a strong se$ual instinct. ,uBa dosha suggests a pattern of impatience with the intimate partner, leading to many, relatively short, relationships. %here are wea#er and stronger versions of #uBa dosha, so if you have this condition don4t panic - it can be corrected through awarenessSaturn affecting yuvati may show loneliness, with few relationships or none. .ahu9,etu on the =-' a$is, or afflicting the 'th Lord, may give long absences, multiple partners, obsessions, and cultural conflicts. 5aterial separation through divorce alienates the partners only on the temporary material plane of the current incarnation. 1t does not alienate the two souls eternally. <ctually, the separation will be caused by past-life #arma and will be precisely what each soul needs in order to advance its wisdom in the current lifetime. Jes, we live in ,ali Juga - but evolution proceeds. %wo people who are divorcing each other are providing each other an important spiritual service. whether they recogniAe that or not. )ne of the greatest benefits of death and divorce along with other types of separationinduced suffering! is that the person may, if blessed with sufficient consciousness, use their anger and dissatisfaction as Bet-fuel to propel them out of normal reality, into divine reality. $he +reat Saints have all suffered terrible grief. :owever, they didn4t get stuc# in it. %hey weren4t attached to their frustration. %hey used their social "failure" as a reason to (uest higher. <nd shortly thereafter they were glad they did3evertheless, separations of all #inds cause suffering, and divorce li#e death often produces suffering of the most acute type. 3ot only is the person suffering emotional loneliness and invalidationwithin the bro#en partnership, but they are often simultaneously being punished by society at large. Because society values stability more than any other virtue, those who (ua#e the pillars can e$pect to be reprimanded"ompassion demands that we ta#e special care to review the esoteric structure of #armic cycles when discussing divorce and death. 1t is important to observe neutrally, with an

obBective eye. $he s!irit 1ill use any means at its dis!osal to advance its (uest for wisdom. 1f death, miscarriage, divorce, ban#ruptcy, foreclosure, or other apparent losses are re(uired to meet the spirit4s agenda, so be it.

/e #now in advance that the fruits of separation-caused sufferings are wisdom, freedom, and bliss. /e observe Saturn, 5ars, and "evil" Bhava Lords doing their #armic duty. 2fter !runin+, the tree bears s1eet fruits,

Out the nine planets five of them are either malefic or seprative planets. Sun/Sur a! "ars/"an#al! Saturn/Sani an$ Rahu % &etu are the seprative planets. Surya #ives $ivorce 'hen either it is place$ in la#na or seventh house. No' here an important point to (e note$ 'hich man astrolo#ers ten$ to i#nore is that 'hen Sur a is in shatru or enem rashi/si#n than onl it #ives $ivorce else it onl creates a conflict an$ ver(al 'or$s ma (e spo)en a(out $ivorce. *ut $ivorce in such cases is rare. Mangal & Ketu are seprative planets an$ in ma+orit cases it #ives $ivorce. &etu 'or)s li)e "an#al. *ut it onl $oes not #ive $ivorce if it is associate$ 'ith its o'n rashi/si#n. Consistent controversies al'a s happen after marria#es an$ $urin# its $asha/antar $asha it #ives $ivorce. ,i#ht % -uarrels! ph sical assaults are more prominent % fre-uent in man#lic. Even romantic tal)s at times results in a -uarrel. Sani & Rahu are the most $an#erous planets for $ivorces. .hen Sani/Rahu has an association 'ith the / th house it al'a s #ives $ivorce! e0cept in those cases 'hen it is in association 'ith its o'n house. Sani maha $asha lasts for 12 ears % Rahu maha $asha lasts for 13 ears an$ $urin# its maha $asha/antar $asha! in transit if it #ets associate$ 'ith the /th house ma also #ive $ivorce. Durin# this perio$ fre-uenc of conflicts! -uarrels! controversies! misun$erstan$in#! ar#uments are ver hi#h. Even relationship at times #ets to ph sical assault ( either of the spouses. Impotenc % una(le to (ear son are common reasons for separation. This is more prominent in small to'ns/cities or 'here the rural population is hi#h. "ore 'ives are more prominent in those cases 'here the spouse lives in a separate countr to earn one4s livin#. Premarital relationship an$ post marital relationships! ph sical assault are ver common an$ happen an 'here % ever 'here. Dari$ra o# % consistentl fallin# sic) is common in those cases 'here the horoscopes are not matche$ properl . Onl importance is

#iven on the num(er of #unas matche$ 'hereas there is no consi$eration for #unas 'hich are not matchin#. *ut $espite of the a(ove possi(ilities! $ivorces still $o not happen (ecause of aspect of or con+unction of an of the (enefic planets. 5upiter! "oon! "ercur % Venus are the (enefic planets. Divorces happen onl 'hen the $asha or antar $asha of those particular planets comes. Those spouses 'ho are staunch follo'ers of their reli#ion % customs never hee$ to $ivorce (ut continue their life ( acceptin# the marital relationship as 6o$4s #ift. These natives are ver (lissful an$ are al'a s in the #oo$ (oo)s of 6o$.

If 2nd house houses malefic planets like, Sun, Mars, Rahu, then problems in married life arise due to 'Vaani Dosha'. (Sayin thin s in rude lan ua e or unable to say the ri ht thin at the ri ht time!. If this happens in a female horoscope, then it is more harmful. If "th house is afflicted(#ith Rahu or Shani!, then a person suffers due to o$er% suspicious or doubtful nature. &he person tends to be possessi$e and authoratati$e. 'ou #ill ha$e to chan e your nature and beha$iour and your lifestyle if you #ant to et rid of this problem. &hou hts and ideas don't match #ith the partner. Sometimes, (uarrels happen o$er small matters. If Sun, Saturn, Mars or Rahu sit in the )th or *th house in the horoscope, then be $ery cautious as far as married life is concerned. In your hand, if +upiter's fin er (inde, fin er! tilts to#ards Saturn's fin er (middle fin er! then this is also not a $ery ood si n. If in the -2th house of horoscope, Man al, .udha, or Shukr are there, then dissatisfaction bet#een the couple can arise. Remedies for a successful marriage:

/fferin Roti to 0o# by husband #ife increases lo$e bet#een them .ad sun can also create problems in married life, for that you must ro# 1&ulsi1 plant at home. If sun is $ery bad, it mi ht dry (uickly, but keep tryin a ain and a ain to plant &ulsi, and this #ill radually make your sun stron . Do 2ayatri Mantra #ith &ulsi Mala daily. &o propitiate Rahu and Shani, thro# a#ay torn clothes and shoes from home. 2i$e some aata to ants. 3usband 4nd 5ife must ift sil$er coin and rice to each other to keep their married life happy al#ays. 'ou can do this on each other's b'days also. &he main door of the house should ne$er be on the southern house. /ther#ise disharmony #ill be there.

&he 6itchen as or choolha should be in the South 7ast corner of the house. In the north corner, keep a #ater pot.

:ow and where your money flows into your life is one of the most important (uestions you can ever as#, and you deserve to have it answered with practical and useful insights. K%ime is 5oney, and 5oney is Fnergy.L %hese comple$ (uestions re(uire careful e$amination of the planets Saturn, Mupiter and 5ercury in your chart as well as analysis of si$ of the =8 astrological :ouses which each have subtle impact on your money and career. /e loo# at Saturn to give insights about your wor# ethic and ability to perform (uality service as well as insights into #armic bloc#ages that may be holding you bac#. /e loo# at Mupiter to see your potential for wealth and ways to activate any past life merit that may be ripe for you to receive at this time as well as considerations about your ability to receive and benefit from constructive advice. 1n addition, Mupiter may reveal to us troublesome #arma from past lives in which you did not respect instructions from more evolved mentors or in which you may have abused wealth. /e loo# at 5ercury to see your natural energies for commercial success, your talents for buying or selling in the mar#etplace including offering your services to others!, your gifts with communication, numbers, mar#eting and managing details. 5ercury can help us see how (uic#ly you can adapt to new opportunities and how you can best ma#e the most of new prospects. /e e$amine the 8nd, Eth, ?th, 'th, 0th, =Gth and ==th houses in your chart for their revelations about several money and career topics as they pertain to you+

8nd :ouse+ Cives clear indicators about your money stream and income potential as well as suggests a financial management style that is best suited for you Eth :ouse+ .eveals your potential for gains through speculation and investments ?th :ouse+ Cives a picture about your ability to receive money from others 'th :ouse+ 6escribes your best options for doing business with others, including your potential to engage others people, companies, etc.! or to form business alliances and partnerships 0th :ouse+ 6epicts possible obstacles as well as shows possible #arma for help from lottery or inheritance =Gth :ouse+ )utlines your career potential, helps us see what career fields are easier for you to succeed in and gives deeper truth about your higher purpose and best actions while in this world ==th :ouse+ "onveys your openness to ma#ing profit as well as your ability or bloc#ages to enBoy and properly use the money you accumulate

*or e$ample, e$amination may determine you may have a career that does not generate money for you, yet you could be gifted at investing. <lternatively an astrologer may see you have planetary support to receive an inheritance or win a lottery.