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Payroll Tax Table Update

Product Sage MAS 90 and 200


Product Payroll Tax Table Update Levels 3.71, 3.72, 3.73, 3.74, versions 4.00, 4.05, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, and 4.30 Extended Enterprise Suite Version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2,
Affected: and 1.3.

Number: PR3033-K-KBA

Date: October 26, 2009

Subject: 2009 Payroll Tax Tables Update Level 4.30, dated 12/19/08 Amended 10/26/09

Resolution: The following is a list of changes received after the publication of the 2009Q1 Tax Table update as of 12/19/08. Released for 2009-Q4 dated

Code State Items Changed Amount

CA California Revised--Withholding Tax Tables
CA California Personal Exemption increase 108.90
CA California Supplemental Wage Rate increase 6.6%

As of 9/25/09

NJ New Jersey Withholding tax tables

WI Wisconsin Withholding tax tables

As of 7/1/09

TN Tennessee UI wage base increase 9,000

As of 6/26/09

HI Hawaii Withholding tax tables

LA Louisiana Withholding tax tables
Note The state of Louisiana requires all taxpayers claiming 2 personal
exemptions on their R-1300 form to use the Married withholding tables. Filing
status, S2 (Single 2 Exemptions), has been updated with the Married withholding

As of 6/1/09

ND North Dakota Revised withholding tax tables

ND North Dakota Supplemental tax rate decrease 3.44%

As of 5/22/09

WV West Virginia UI wage base increase 12,000

CO Colorado Withholding tax tables

CO Colorado Dependent exemption increase 3,650

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PR3033-K-KBA file:///Users/mas90guru/Screen%20Captures/

As of 4/23/09

AZ Arizona Effective May 1, 2009. Withholding tax rates

Note New filing statuses A, B, C, D, E, and F are set up with the new tax rates.
You will need to change employee filing statuses to use the new filing statuses.
CA California Withholding tax tables
CA California Low income exemption decrease 11,278
NY New York Effective May 1, 2009. Withholding tax tables.

As of 3/27/09

FED Federal Revised Non-Resident Alien tax table

As of 2/27/09

FED Federal Revised withholding tax tables

FED-EIC Earned Income Credit Revised withholding tax tables
NJ New Jersey In Tax Table Maintenance, the NJ Employee SDI tax rate now includes the rate for 0.59%
Family Leave Insurance (FLI). If you are not required to withhold FLI or do not
want to update this rate after installing the tax table update, you can change the
Employee SDI rate. Go to Tax Table Maintenance, select the NJ state code, and
change the Employee SDI rate back to 0.50%. Be sure to perform this step before
processing any payrolls.

As of 1/7/09

CT Connecticut Withholding tax tables (changes to Filing status F only)

DC District of Columbia Withholding tax tables
DC District of Columbia Dependent exemption increase 1,750
ID Idaho UI wage base increase 33,200
MD Maryland Prince George County rate change to 0.0320 only. Use filing statuses 14 and 14S.
MO Missouri Standard deductions increase Single 5,700
Married Spouse Works 5,700
Married Spouse Does Not Work 11,400
Head of Household 8,350
MO Missouri Personal exemption increase Single 2,100
Married Spouse Works 2,100
Married Spouse Does Not Work 4,200
Head of Household No change
NJ New Jersey Family Leave Insurance. For more information on entering Family Leave Insurance
in Tax Table Maintenance, refer to Resolution ID 501005 at:
VI Virgin Islands UI wage base increase 22,100

As of 12/19/08 The following list of changes was contained in the 2009 Q1 Tax Table update
delivery on 12/19/08.

FED Federal Withholding tax tables

FED Federal Personal exemption increase 3,650
FED Federal Social Security Tax wage base increase 106,800
FED-EIC Earned Income Credit Withholding tax tables
AK Alaska UI wage base increase 32,700
CA California Withholding tax tables
CA California Standard deduction increase 3,692
CA California Personal exemption increase 99
CA California Low income exemption increase 12,226

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PR3033-K-KBA file:///Users/mas90guru/Screen%20Captures/

CA California State Disability Insurance (SDI) limit increase 90,669

CA California SDI rate increase 1.1%
HI Hawaii Temporary disability insurance Annual 45,639.88
wage base increase Week 877.69
IA Iowa UI wage base increase 23,700
IL Illinois UI wage base increase 12,300
KY Kentucky Standard deduction decrease 2,190
ME Maine Withholding tax tables
MI Michigan Dependent exemption increase 3,600
MN Minnesota Withholding tax tables
MN Minnesota UI wage base increase 26,000
MN Minnesota Dependent exemption increase 3,650
MO Missouri UI wage base increase 12,500
MT Montana UI wage base increase 25,100
NC North Carolina UI wage base increase 19,300
ND North Dakota Withholding tax tables
ND North Dakota Dependent exemption increase 3,650
ND North Dakota UI wage base increase 23,700
NJ New Jersey UI wage base increase 28,900
NJ New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) wage base increase 28,900
NM New Mexico Withholding tax tables
NM New Mexico Dependent exemption increase 3,650
NM New Mexico UI wage base increase 20,900
NV Nevada UI wage base increase 26,600
OH Ohio Withholding tax tables
OK Oklahoma Withholding tax tables
OK Oklahoma UI wage base increase 14,200
OR Oregon Dependent exemption increase 176
OR Oregon Standard deduction increase Single 1,945
Married 3,895
OR Oregon Federal withholding deduction limit increase 5,850
OR Oregon UI wage base increase 31,300
RI Rhode Island Withholding tax tables
RI Rhode Island Dependent exemption increase 3,650
RI Rhode Island UI wage base increase 18,000
RI Rhode Island Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) wage base increase 56,000
RI Rhode Island TDI rate increase 1.5%
SD South Dakota UI wage base increase 9,500
UT Utah UI wage base increase 27,800
VT Vermont Withholding tax tables
VT Vermont Dependent exemption increase 3,650
WA Washington UI wage base increase 35,700
WI Wisconsin UI wage base increase 12,000
WY Wyoming UI wage base increase 21,500

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