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?1lg FORAOTfSI WAR, 19$O-19$3r ll.I'A. i 8rtZ7 Tonndrd: tO3,2gA

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N .w .Br emer ton,W a.ph360.373- 5448emailjdlund33@ m Sn.c om Ph.423-942'2644 Rd. Bill Sec.-Treasurer: Hill 101Graham Jasper,Tn.37347 above) Dick Lund (Address Bremerton, Wa Reunion coordinator: ph VP & Assistantcoordinators:SueHamilton,2024WindingCreekLane,Mason,Oh.45040, 513-398-0713 45240 10560McKelvey Rd. Cincinnati,Oh. Sheryl& Peny Schneider e-mailstlrjuUl1ar&t.{.r!.:s1r91e-mail Sheryls@aol.com ph 513-648-0351 4224, e-mail Nv. Letter: Bob & Dan Kalan 2158King MesaDr. Henderson, 89012 Ph.702-260N"*r !1ql111.,i!i11.1.191 Oh. 43204 ph 614-274-5270 Video Photographer: FrankRowe 755 RacineAve. Columbus, Tn.37405ph423-265'5147 PikeChattanooga, Chaplain: Ben Smith 1929Hixson rt.,ll;t:'lt.ttcl e-mail Tx.75206,Ph.214-823-9366, cLttttrirtlttr Dallas, Richard, Web Site:NancyCunnirigham,5634 TIMAIN/765th.htm 765 I{i story site,http://griffincunningham.neVGriffi htm .net/7 site,http:/griffi ncunni 765 Reunion


Hello 765 friends, to our We want first to express sympathy Dick Lund on the lossof his wife just two weeksbeforethe reunion. job and Despitehis loss,he did an excellent of organizing hostingthe reunion;which we all enjoyedvery much. We thank him for all his work that he put into it. at The highlightof the reunionwasthe Clambake his homeon PugetSound. His family and friendsworked with him on it and it turnedout to be a greattime with very good food. Thankyou all for your work andhelp thatyou gaveto Dick. We alsohada harbor cruiseof PugetSoundwhich wasvery interesting.After the cruise,we had a goodand by at uniqueluncheon aTeaRoomCafe,it wasvery muchenjoyed all. Another interestingactivity was a visit to an UnderwaterMuseumcompletewith Submarines, Torpedoes otherexhibits. and We had a surpriseguestat the reunion,her namewasMyrna, shewas King Davenports' havekepther informedof our WA. Kings daughters sister;Shelives in Tacoma, reunions activitiesandshewantedto be a part of it this year. Sheis a very lovely and very much. her lady andwe enjoyed company Myma Davidson 1033 Meyers S. Tacoma, Wa. 98465 253-566-2313 mydavid@netzero.com and We wish to thank SherylandPerry Schneider SueHamilton on all of their work that they did on helpingDick Lund on puttingthis reuniontogether. meetingthat our next reunionwill be in St. Louis, MO. It wasvotedat the business of sinceSt. Louis is wherewe had This will alsobe our 25tranniversary our reunions; Harris,who lives in St. Louis andhe will put it together.If Irv our first. We contacted you you haveanythingthat you'd like to help with or suggestions, may contact him. Our bestwishesto all of you, Audrev. Bob and Dan Kalan






August 3,2409 599 SharonLane Hamilton,Ohio 45013

Dear Audrey, Dan and Bob, We thought it is about time that we senda short communiqueto the group sincewe haven't written for months.SinceBill can't get aroundtoo well, wo are limited in our ability to travel at length. Therefore,we find it impossibleto plan to attendthe reunion ! this year. A sadlossfor us, indeed! For we really miss all of our Luckily, we still get to visit with Frank and friends from the 765th. Evelyn Rowe sincewe live so closetogether.It's always fun to be with them. We haven't heard a thing from Mr. Ha for over two yearsnow. So, it is with greatregret that we must drop his membership.We to have no idea what has happened him. It is likely that he has joined our fallen comrades, we can't be sure. but We will be sendinga note and our duesto Bill and Billie this week so that we may remain membersof our group. We hope all that are planning to attendthe reunion have a gloriously good time and return home safely. You three take good care of eachother and thanksfor all of vour hard work.

As Ever, Bill Trif, Carole, Rothfuss

24 Timber Lane Newington CT 061l l June 30.2009 Hello Bob, Audrey and Dan you sendalangkeepus in It's heensometime sinceI've writtEnto you. The e-mails touch^but it's not quite the sameasa letterThe Graybeards. I wasn't awarethat thereis an outfit calledKorea Veterans, beforeyou took on the I'rn sureyou rememberJohnMalay who editedthe Newsletter and their taskwhen John left the group. He is now a memberof the Graybeards receives news lettcr. John sentme the enclosed article from their newslctter.It was writtcn by a hut member,Sgl. Hall, a namewhich I recognize can't place?651h on Also enclosed a copy of my replyto Johnin which I comment the articleand is on reminisce tho earlydaysof the ?65thyou Perhaps and someof the groupthat regularly attendthe reunionswere in the arrival on Christrnas 1950. that 5 I just found, while cleaningout my deskthe enclosed photographs I took of the letterto John. It looks like they were backshopsand the truck railer I mentionin my taken in the spring of 1951. Notesare on the backof eachphcto. The pictureof Captain Tarrant,the baualionAdjutant Officer wastakenin the doorwayto Lt. Cal Hank's office, at the BattalionCommander that time. hopefully of interest. At leastI've written something travelingso I won't makethe rny Physical conditionagaineliminates long distance reunionin Washington. A greatplace. I wasput on TDY at Ft. Newton in downtown with a classA pas$, I wasableto get aroundl evenin the dnzzle, so Seattlefor 30 dayso beforeI shopped out. and hit all the clubs andjazz venues time. lt can only havegottenbetterand ['m sureall who attendwill havea tnernorable With the prograrnDick Lund hassetup. you EnoughBS. Josieand I hope that you, Audreyand Dan will be pas$ed physical problemshavea wondert-ul and enjoy W*shington. surnmer


24 Timber Lane Newington , cr 061-L1 fune 30, 2009 Hello John cot your note $rith the article n a m ei s f a m i l i a r , about the 765th written by sgt uall.

r b u t t d o n ' t r e a 1 1 y r e m e m b eh i m .

F u n n v h o w a n a r t i c l e s u c h a s t h i s b r i n q s b a c k m e m o r i e s .R e d r u l l e r a n d i u s e d t o n l a v q i n r u m m vi n t h e l a o t o r p o o l o f f i c e . l l a y b e y o u ' l l rememberhat ired-hed 5 kid-s and his wife and the kids liVe at t scofieJd garracks in uawaii. He never got paid and r swore that I would find out why. His records were 1ost, and in a'll the time we were in Korea, r never did get the answer. . t - h er a i l e r s t h a t u a l l d e s c r i b e d w e r e u s e d a l l t h e t i m e . R e d a l s o p u t railers on a 3/4 ton truck and we used to go up track to the various RTo's we operated before the 714 operatinq Bn came in. rt's how we paid the glys working the RTos. Red drove-and the pay officer and r w e n t a l o n g . r t h i n k y o u c a m ew i t h u s o n s e v e r a l o c c a s i o n s . There is one error in Hall's recountinq. r think that you and I joined the.765th in Seoul on the day the outfit wqs pul-l'ing.back to pusan since the chinese were attackinq north of seoul and we wanted to relocate to the shops in pusan-to avoid being taken over by the chinese. r had taken over Personnel from touis racopetti around the LSth of oecember when the medics found out that touis had diabetes and invalided him home. rhe christmas arrival that brought us up to strength was a mess.r g o t a c a l l f r o m 3 d T M R S n t a e g u t h a t 2 5 0 m e nw e r e c o m i n g i n . T h e s e i t f r e r e p r i m a r i l y d r a f t e e s s i n c e t h e c o m p l e m e nw e h a d w e r e R A ' s a n d reservists. lil nans didn't have any idea as to what n-rothe men w o u J da r r i v e . S o , n e d r u l ' l e r a n d r g o t j e e p s w i t h w a l k i e t a l k i e s d i s p a t c h e d t o a l i t h e l o c a l R T o s . r h e f i n a l l y c a m ei n a b o u t 2 : 3 0 p t v l at the RTo in eusongin. rhey hadn't eaten, but the 765th Mess sgt put out a great crisatmas for them. t could go on ad finitum. But this is enough. that you and ttancy are

Good to hear from you. Josie and t trust doing well. Have a wondderful summer.

I was always taught to respect my elders, But it keepsgetting harder tofind one. The irony of lfe is that, by the time You're old enoughto lwtowyourway around, yott're not going anwhere. Frustration is trying to find your glasseswithout your glasses. Aspire to inspire before you expire.

March/April Mystery Photos
Re the "Mystety Photo A" that appeated in the March/Apt'il issue aJ'TheGraybcards,p. 48. I knorv exactly what it is. It is a picture of a U.S. rnilitary ambulance.lf you will look carefully, you will see stretcher mountings attachedto tlre sides of the arnbulance.The rvheeis are florn a raiiroad car and it is a rniddle-size older passengerbus that runs on rails. I know becauseI rvas a passellgeron one in May or J u n e1 9 5 3 . The laihnad line ran frorn up north to Seor.rl, South Korea and enabled the rnedics to transport badly injured soldiers who could not be treated in field hospitals. Plus, it could transport perhaps6 or 7 wounded.It also had a bus en{:ineand shifted as if it were a regularbus.

7-16/09 Dear Bob, Audrey & Dan

Hello from Tennesse! Got the nice newsletter and note about your recent hospital stay. This was a real surpriseto us. I would have sent you a get well card had I known sooner.I'm sure glad you're doing okay, and like I will never forget that ride. We made it in aboutone-and-a-half hours to Scoul. Since it was so close to the ceascfire. the ambu- us, still planning on making the reunion. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm afraidour groupwill be lance nr.ayhave been discontinued soon after Jnne or July 1953. small this year; but it doesn't take a lot of people to Hope this notc clears up that mystery. have a good time. I need to get our reservationsat SFC Ray L. Hunter, 4024 Main Street, the hotel. I haven't done it yet. Alexandria. YA22309 Take care of yourself no more colds for Audrey and tell Dan he has to stay well towatch over you and his Mom. Love to all Bill & Billie

Dear Audrey, Bob, Dan Sorrv but we have to miss the reunion. Don's He's 60thclass reunion is the sameweek-end. committed to it. Hope you are both well, we ate great. Anxious to seewhere reunion will be next year. Have fun. Love, Jinny & Don

It lvas a bus/ambulance
I rvas in an advance party of the 765th TRSB (Transportation Railway Shop Bn.), wirich consistedof 32 rnen. We arrived in Korea on or about Labor Day 1950. The rest of the men came in on Chrisfinas Day. One of those men turned out to be an old friend, Ed Spangenberg,of Porl Jeruis, NY. Anyway, we did rnany things and kept real busy during that fall and very cold, cold, cold winter. We had a lnotor pool sergeant, Howard "Red" Fuller. The roads were terrible, so Red put a set of railroad wheels on a %Other than aimlanes.su-ch P-5 I s and Corsairs,this 4x4 was as .Jon^ thc tastesttransportationin Korea. Sorneone got tt.," idea of putting rail units on buses.I do not ktto'uvif we converted fifteen or. tnore of these buses and used thern as ambulances.They could use the rails up close to the front, raise their rail wheels, turn the vehicle around at a'y roacl crossing, re-align the bus, put down the railers, and travel the rails with rvonnded back to a rear hospital a great deal faster than legular ambulances could on the roads. I don't knorv what outfit did the interior work on the buses. They rvere not fancy, but they were fast and practical. Arthur C. Hall (Sgr), 40 Center Sireet, Waterloo,NY 13165, (315) s39-2969

The quoteof the monthis by JayLeno: tornados, fires out of control,mud "With hurricanes, thunderstorms slides,flooding,severe tearingup the country from one endto another,and with the treat of bird flu andterroristattacks,'oAre surethis is we a goodtime to takeGod out of the Pledge of Allegiance?"

lilitary RailwayServiceConference

Subject: Military Railway ServiceConference From: m-m-e@comcast.net +0000(UTC) Date:Fri, 28 Aug 200918:16:28 patis@roadrunner.com, kelmack@verizon.net, rgsl@embarqmail.com, To: Sheryls@aol.com, bull-june@att.net, dickba@cox.net, hoggerl647@sbcglobal.net, dieegothard@aol.com, jfcrrain@hotmail.com, cfortenberry@veteransresearchgroup.com, lgm@wildblue.net, mark@ndtahq.com, worker@att.net, bentley@ble-t.org, gbmott@comcast.net, Rvorisek@aol.com, jwinn@kalmbach.com, joedalemonis@sbcglobal.net, wjcoop@cox.net, atmfoundation@ne,tzero.net, G. Altonl@MSCAA.com,cdkrlk@comcast.net, landerson@elp.rr.com, bloy@anteon.com, "Stephen sahamilton@fuse.net, CLAYTORK@aol.com, Warner"<stephen.warner@nsco{p.com>, jdlund33@msn.com, patis@roadrunner.com, bob@kalan.net, Patjim2006@aol.com, Altonl@MSCAA.com, RMcgonigal@kalmbach.com, Rvorisek@aol.com, cunningb@flash.net, nhist@bright.net, cnkerler@msn.com, dickba@cox.net, wag2200@verizon.net, pshea@yellowstonehistoriccenter.org? thw@q.net, mwest@lsus.edu, hansenpa@sbcglobal.net, joannejenkins <joannejenkins@apmterminals.com>, blame@juno.com, tombamett0l@verizon.net, jrudman@gwrr.com, pinard giselelanders<gisele.landers@nsco{p.com>, bertrand <Joe.Escalera@us.army.mil>, <bertrand.pinard@bnsf.com), crawforfcountypost agevans@up.com, Rich Russell<russ.quim@gmail.com>, Timmons KFarrell@milnet.com, Quimby <rftimmons@aslrra.org), christianl <s.christianl@venzonnet), WadeRice <whrdad@cox.net>, s <RVanderClute@aar.org), Mark Smith<markandmarilyn@comcast.net), RobertVanderClute joeschmidt <billseigford@aol.com>, JohnMartin <john_martin3006@earthlink.net>, billseigford josephmcgurty <joeschmidt@peoplepc.com), Michael Connor<mjconnor_rr@hotmail.com>, <jmcgurty@cox.net), carlos GeorgeMr CIV <george.gounley@us.army.mil>, tibbetts <carlos.tibbetts@us.army.mil>, Meyer <Jon_Meyer@CSX.com>,m-m-e@comcast.net Jon To Friendsof the MRS; A small but vibrant group of Military Railway Service (MRS) Veterans were in attendance at the 67th Annual TransportationCorps Conference (TC Week) at Fort Eustis from July 29th through August 1st. A total of six \A/Wll and Korean MRS veterans and about the same number of post Korean veterans were in attendance. MRS units representedincludedthe 714th Transportation RailwayOperatingBattalion(TROB),the715th RailwayOperating Battalion ROB), the 3rd TransportationMilitary Railway Service (TMRS), the724th TROB, and the 765th Transportation Railway Shop Battalion(TRSB). The MRS Veterans took part in TC Week events starting with the Wednesday evening social icebreakerheld at the Ball. Transportation Museum and ending with FridayeveningTransportation The organized MRS program, which was used as part of the Army TransportationMuseum (ATMF) annual meeting,was well received. AmericanShort Line and Regional Federation's RailroadAssociationpresidentLTG (R) RichardTimmons providedan overallview of today's short line and regional railroad landscape. COL (R) Thomas Sweeney presentation on the History of the MRS covering the Army's involvementin rail activitiesfrom West Point engineers surveying of the earliest rail lines onward was of PBS documentary quality. Insighton the pre Fort Eustis home of Army Rail, Camp Clareborne,LA, was providedby LT MelindaWest with her thesis on the building,operation,and demise of the Clareborne and Polk Military Railway. were on hand to conductindividualMRS Elementsof severalArmy HistoryDetachments Veteran interviewsto insure that their knowledge,experiences,and contributionswere

8/28/2009 9:31PM


experiences, of for captured futuregenerations.Historyis not merelya collection individual problems todayand of in solvingthe logistical they are lessonslearnedfor those involved for Museumproveda majorattraction not onlythe MRS the future. The Transportation generalpublicas well. For this yearsTC Week,the Transportation Veteransbut the Museumwas able to completeseveralnew railexhibitsas part of it's ongoingeffortsto over of captureand displaythe accomplishments all modesof ArmyTransportation the years. who for a TC Week represented Fort Eustishomecoming the MRSVeteransin attendance location and facilities, of their knowledge the rail network refreshing the explored installation find for one gone WWll woodenbarracks, and otherfacilities.A surprise of their long restoration) storedbehindthe MG Carl hospitalcar (awaiting veteranwas the Museum's at Gray Rail Shop. His last assignment Fort Eustisin the early 1950swas as a memberof the operational testson this classof car. Fridaymorning group the team condueting oceanand Commonwealth to participated a "staff ride"to Portsmouth tour Maersk's in complex.This stateof the art complexnot on dock intermodalterminals served Railway to but only handlesstandardcontainers has also beenconfigured be ableto handle cargoand vehiclesto includemilitary. oversized to five In additionto the Fort EustisConference, MRS unitscontinue hold individually OH, in midAugust it'sreunion Columbus, in The 749thROBheld reunions. sponsored 3th and the 712thTROBwill be meetingfrom August30ththroughSeptember in Green DC, in 729thRQBwill be meeting Washington, fromthe 10th the Bay,Wl. In September in the through 12thwhilethe 765thTR$B will be meeting Salt LakeCity,UT,fromthe 16th throughthe 18th. From October3rd throughthe 7th the 732ndROBwill be meetingin FL. Jacksonville, consider seriously lf you plan to be in any of these areaswhentheseunitsare meeting, generation" for railroaders theirserviceto our Army stoppingin and thankingthese"greatest country. resultsto the were satisfied with the conference and Overall,both participants organizers pointthey want to do some railorientedeventin 2010.Theirdoesseemto be $ome passenger appreciation a in increase carrier/ militaryactivities.The BNSFoperated military and NorthDakotaAir Forcebaseslast year and plans Montana, trainfor severalWyoming, in day appreciation at Jacksonville a to repeatagainthis Fall. C$X has scheduled military I Corpspersonnel. of whichwill includeinvolvement Fort EustisTransportation November personally to thankthe MRSveterans, boththosewho were able as well as those would like and who were unableto attend,for their interestin this undertaking their manycontributions veterans.As you can additional and to includedonationof memorabilia helpingidentify generation veterans" The of a imagine abilityto travelis becoming majorissuefor this the a MRSVeteransand desiresto establish its ATMFis continuing effortsto identiffadditional and futureevents. And of advising museumactivities link communication via newsletter who contributed the formal to finally,a sincerethankyou to all, boJhmilitaryand civilian, possible. program,relatedactivities, supportthat madethis conference administrative and Mark Metz (717) 597-2636

I of2

8128/2009 Pl 9:31

Dick Lund

Myrna Davidson ( King's Sister)

Harbor Cruise

Dick & Pat at tea room luncheon


-'.lti rl



Lunch after harbor


At Dick Lunds clam bake

Dick's family ( helped with clam bake


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tl.u wi't'*t

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RobertFeltmanObituary:RobertFeltman'sObituaryby the ToledoBlade.

Robert Richard Feltman


+ )nl


of {ormerly Michigan, age Feltman, 81,of Livonia, Richard Robert Robert Richard FELTMAN Dear for husband Mary(Callahan) 58 years. of 13, Toledo diedSeptember 2009.Loving Emily' grandfather Laura, of (Dave) Vaillancourt; andSandra Tirnte of father tinda (.tohn; of brother-in-law AliceFeltman; great-grandfather Grace; of Hayley andCaitlan; Joseph Bobwas a Korean and by Alsosurvived manycousins friends. RusJo. uncldof Carol(Barryi fan' Brown He and woodworking golfing. was an avidCleveland *e WarVeteran, eni6yeC of a.m.withan instate 10 a.m.at 18, Friday, September 2009,10:30 Massof Resurrection friends Ml. Rd., ruewUurgh Livonia, Thefamilywill receive igOAd Church, St. EdithCathotic Ml. Rd.,Livonia, A FiveMile Home, 36100 1-B Thursday, p.m.at theFredwood Funeral at on in Cemetery Toledo Friday 2:30p-m. graveside service be heldat Resurrection will in the Arrangements_were careof the Foundation. memorials the Parkinson to Suggested guestbook: r,rrww.rnodetzfuneralhonres'com Ml. Orion, Online Home, Funeral tVtoObtz