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Blasthole drilling isnt easy workfor man or machine. It requires strength, resilience and drilling smarts to adapt to ever-changing rock conditions. Terex Reedrill ensures you get the job done efciently with the SK-L Rotary Blasthole Drill. Everything about the SK-L was designed with high efciency and high productivity in mind. The SK-Ls robust frame and mast design; unique pulldown and hoist system; ergonomic cab; and conveniently located and service-friendly heavyduty components make the SK-L built to drill.

For even deeper reach, an optional 54 ft (16.5 m) single-pass mast conguration is capable of producing a maximum hole depth of 279 ft (85 m).

Pipe handling
All Terex Reedrill rotary blasthole drills are manufactured with a patented Hydraulically Operated Break Out wrench (HOBO), which is designed to increase drill productivity. From the convenience of the cab, the operator can break joints simply and safely with the hands-free wrench. The SK-L has taken this proven design and enhanced it with a variable grip that handles a range of different pipe ODs without re-tooling.

Pulldown and hoist

The SK-Ls unique cable pulldown and hoist system incorporates a single, double-acting feed cylinder complete with cable auto-tensioner. With up to 110,000 lbs (49,895 kg) of pulldown force, the SK-L is a valuable partner in hard rock drilling applications. The SK-Ls 86,000 lbs (39,010 kg) of available hoist force further add to its value, especially when pulling out of a hole in fractured ground with possible collapsing boreholes or in multi-pass and angle drilling operations where sidewall friction can be problematic.

More uptime = more prots

The SK-L is designed for eld serviceability. Easy access to lters and dipsticks, as well as lubricant ll and drain points, makes scheduled maintenance quick and efcient. That equates to more up-time. The SK-Ls new A-frame design features an in-board mast-mounting arrangement with a completely bolt-on pivot shaft that makes

Drill deeper
The SK-L is equipped with a strutless mast for 65.7 ft (20 m) singlepass hole depth. What does this mean for you? Reduced cycle times between holes and moving parts that are kept to a minimum, leading to lower operating costs. Designed to drill up to 15 in (381 cm) diameter holes in hard or soft rock formations, the SK-L achieves a maximum hole depth of 215 ft (65 m) with the long mast conguration.
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servicing a breeze. The SK-L is congured with Mesabi Coolers with replaceable cores, making the machine even more service-friendly. The SK-Ls auto-cable tensioning system keeps cables tight for long life, and its on-board drill-health monitoring system ensures timely preventative maintenance before minor faults develop into major failures.

Other cab features that increase productivity include:

Ergonomically designed split console Backlit panels and gauges Touch-screen drill monitoring On-board monitoring of drill performance and drill-health Programmable logic for a fully integrated electronic/hydraulic control system Quiet environment, down to 72 dBa

Additional features of the SK-L:

Up to 30-degree angle drilling package (in 5-degree increments) Enlarged dust box for deep-hole drilling (up to 279 ft/85 m) Viewing hatch in rear deck for spotting holes On-board bit and tool boxes in rear deck Mast stairs and grid mesh in mast Bolt-on carousel retainer and breaker plates Fuel and water tank arrangements for round-the-clock operation No-slip surface on rear deck work areas for improved safety Auto drill functions High-torque rotary head conguration Extreme cold weather packages On-board hydraulic jib crane located on drill deck for handling of bits, subs and tooling
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A room with a view

Within the walls of the SK-Ls 47.5 ft2 (4.4 m2), FOPS-certied cab are smartly designed features to improve operator comfort, efciency and productivity. A full-length drill window with a broad view of the drill deck, and a roof window with a clear view of the top of the carousel and rotary head, help the operator accurately and quickly perform drilling functions.

Getting there
The SK-Ls superior maneuverability is provided by a crawler-mounted, excavator-type undercarriage, designed and built to Terex Reedrill specications. A three-point oscillating suspension allows the drill to negotiate rugged, uneven terrain without transferring excessive torsional forces to the main frame. It also allows continued stability while tramming between holes.

Terex Reedrill SK-L Rotary Blasthole Drill

General Specications
Hole Diameter Weight** Up to 15 in Approx. 290,000 lbs Up to 381 mm Approx. 131,542 kg

Single-Pass Hole Depth

Single Pass (Long Mast) Single Pass (Short Mast) 65.7 ft 54 ft 20 m 16.5 m

Max Hole Depth*

Long Mast Short Mast 215 ft 279 ft 65 m 85 m

Pulldown and Hoist Force

Pulldown Hoist Up to 110,000 lbs Up to 86,000 lbs Up to 49,895 kg Up to 39,010 kg

Rotary Head Congurations

Type Number of Revolutions Torque HSLT (high speed/low torque) 0-150 rpm 0-12,700 ft-lbs LSHT (low speed/high torque) 0-124 rpm 0-15,400 ft-lbs

Diesel Engine
Model Speed Rated Output Detroit Series 2000 16V 1,800 rpm 1,205 hp Detroit Series 2000 16V 1,800 rpm 899 kW

Model Free Air Delivery Maximum Working Pressure SullAir (single stage) 3,600 CFM/101.9 m /min

SullAir (dual stage) 1,500 CFM/42.5 m3/min 500 psi/34.47 bar

100 psi/6.9 bar

Noise Level down to 72 dBa FOPS Certied
* Max hole depth varies by application (actual pipe OD) and corresponding carousel conguration. ** GVW varies with options selected.

Effective Date: September 2008. Product specications and prices are subject to change without notice or obligation. The photographs and/or drawings in this document are for illustrative purposes only. Refer to the appropriate Operators Manual for instructions on the proper use of this equipment. Failure to follow the appropriate Operators Manual when using our equipment or to otherwise act irresponsibly may result in serious injury or death. The only warranty applicable to our equipment is the standard written warranty applicable to the particular product and sale and Terex makes no other warranty, expressed or implied. Products and services listed may be trademarks, service marks or trade-names of Terex Corporation and/or its subsidiaries in the USA and other countries. All rights are reserved. Terex is a registered trademark of Terex Corporation in the USA and many other countries. Copyright 2008 Terex Corporation.

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