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765 Reunion
site, http :/gpiffi ncunnittghu ka!tn.nil hob,irr


Dear fellow 765 ers. We three Kalans are well and happy to be home againin Nevada. We made a trip to Illinois, by cat, inMarch. Dan was the confirmation sponsorto his youn gz"d cousin Ken. It furned out to be a nice family reunion. The weather though, was cold and rainy off and on. We couldn't wait to get back to our Nevada home. While we were back in Illinois, Ron and Marlene Torii arrangeda mini reunion with them and Elmer and Joan Wilke and the 3 of us. We had a really good visit and lunch at our favorite Lithuanian restauranton Chicago's south side. What made the whole trip extra tough was that Bob had to do all the driving. I haven't driven since we moved here and Dan's doctor won't let him drive, at least for now. So, Bob had to brave it and do all the driving, he's such a good guy! The committee on the Washington reunion are working feverishly to get all of the details done by the time that I get this newsletter ready to send out. I would like to include all of the details in this newsletter rather than wait until June; (the next newsletter.) I have a couple of letters in here , (from the Rothfuss' and Harris') They sent me these for the December newsletter but I got them a couple of days after I mailed out the newsletters,so, the holiday greetingswill be carried over to be Easter greetings. Audrey didn't mention why Dan couldn't drive. He had seizureson new years day andFeb 9tr. The one in Feb. lasted over 20 minutes and kept him in the hospital}days for tests etc. Found no reasonfor them other than the old head injury, and gave him more meds. to take. Hope to seeyou all in Wash.

Our Best Wishes and Hugs Audrev. Bob and Dan

My neighbor was attempting to build a patio for the first time. He boughtl00 cement blocks. Laying them out in a pattern, he discoveredthe chosenareawas too small. He stackedthe blocks against the house and clearedmore space.The next day he put the cement blocks down, only to find the ground was too hard to keep the patio level. He ordered a truckload of sandto be delivered the following morning.Again he stackedthe blocks against the house. Observing all this I said "are you going to put your patio away every night?"




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DecemberL6, 2008 to Greetings the Hill Billies(that is what l've beentold you'arecalled), "Hoot". Todaywe received the I am writing this letter on behalfof my dad Hugh Kienenberger newsletter from the gonventionin Salt LakeCitywhich stirred many happy memoriesfor dad and he askedme to write you in hopesthat you will alsospreadthe word to other membersof t the 765th. ltinda) haveheard many wonderful storiesof good times sharedafter mom and dad would return from the conventions. followingthe worst year of our lives.I will not He and I are trying to makethe best of Christmas try and sugarcoat the story | will just get to the point. On April 28thHoot and Virginia'sson Casey(my brother) suffered a brain aneurysmand passedaway peacefullyon his ranch in Dodson,he was 53 and left a wife, a L6 year old daughterand a 13 year old son. Mom and dad were barelyshakingoff the shockof losingtheir son when mom fell in their home and As sustaineda massivesubduralhematoma and passedaway 35 hours later on November 15th. I am sure you can remember she was a picture of health, exerciseddaily and consumeda veiiy , *;' her healthydiet. Dad and I missher so and althoughwe haveto classify death as accidental, God knew exactlywhat he was doing and it was no accidentthat he calledher home. I have RegionalMedical taken a leave of absencefrom my RN position in the operating ro.omat Cassia Center in Burley ldaho and have returned to Malta to be with my dad. Pleasecall us anytime, dad has a horribletime trying to hear on the phone but I am an excellenttranslator.406-654is 2505.our mailingaddress P.O.Bax7Q7Malta, MT 59538. The following if from Hoot personally; lf you are out in our part of the county swing by and stay awhile or at least say howdy. Our the daughterLindais takingtime off her job to take care of me. Sheis a RNwho assists Dr in surgery.I considermyself very luckyto have her here. We also have a very caringfriend who is a Dr; she stops by the house every few days and visits. Livingin a small town out west sure has Our hospital is lessthan four blocksup the street. The southern part of Montana its advantages. is getting lots of people from Californiaetc. who are buying a couple of acresand callingit a ranch,hardlyenoughroom to uncoila ketch rope!

2009, and MerryChristmas havea Wonderful

'1{cot'' Kienenbsge?, 80, a rerired Plitlips Cou:i,v lir$ at rar*iwr xgJKcreanlYa.r'-e:eran, pass€dara:a,vpef,cef;iily his llore in i\rffie m Decen'fur 19* ?C08- fuIffiriais ney be sent to the fu&ita Frinerai \1F.W. Post *i067. Arrangen:entsare ileii€ rmde by Eciwarcis lion:e of Chincrck I{e \Aasbom on Deceafsr 13*. 1Eg ts Walhr'1}ingl'and Rutl isrnw) Kienenberger m tire family rarrch nonh cf DccjsonSr:rvivors inciude his daughter Linda Kieneni;erger of Bule.v, iD, daugher-r::Jaw .{nn Kienenberger of Dcdsoq grandchiidrelr; Ri}ki tvleswrl,vof }t.taita Dustin flerod) Boshof TwinFaiis, ID, Shiio (fu) Crces of Cnuch I*lI, Tristen Kielreni:erger ar'C Hcct Aaron Kiqrenberger bcth of DoCsoq 6 grea-grardchil&en; sisters;I4rgniu iJoe) Bkildsen and Betty Optand bo{r of}Iaita and $her:y (8fi1) kker of ilftddia"r, F, brottrers;Walter,'Bud" of Clasgow, Charies(Sharon) both of Dodso4 Ted tlbry of Zcrtn:aq Dean (Carol) Bruce S-ec.'na), W\ and nu{rerous nieces and nepherns. T$o Eila) af lvcr'-1esar,o, sibiings, Dororh,"*Lr:msden and Dcug Kienentmger peceded him in passedaway AFril ?8* of this pr arx1hls dea*l Hoot's scn Case,v amy onNotremb'er16Pofthis lear. wife \kginia also passeC belor.'eC Hoot gradi:ared frorn Dodscm FEgb School n L945. On Fiowmhr 22, 195Ain fufaitahe rnarried llrginia Loftoa They shared as 58 uronrierll -y*ears hrnband ald wife. He ssved in the Korean R'm of fron tuIanch i951 to r\&rch at 1953. Ilcoi Bade his liYing from&e hrdttrat he vas so proud ofl Be ii cattle or sheep,vrireator sugarbe€ts, coal and a forgg alfalfa ad haying eqr:iprent or bam bomds md horseslnes, I{oot provided a gsne.ru;s life tbr his family. fte irh'od:ction to this run and you hrewfrat he,wouid fue hard lruorkto giveiim a chaiienge. ,,. : Job's veil dong lessonswell ialgi4 life urell lived; \drat a for heavenlyrer.mion llcoe lo.yous

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Eulogy Hugh "Hoot" Kienenberger December29, 2008 Dodson High School Gymnasium Presentedby daughter Linda Kienenberger Our precious dad, grandpa,pdp&,brother and friend, Hugh Allen Kienenberger left this earth to be with his heavenly loved ones on December 19. The manner in which he left this world for the next was beautiful. He simply went to sleep and in his dreams slipped from his body to join his soul mate on the other side. I'm sure she had lunch ready for him. He knew that it was time; thx his work on Earth was done and he could be reunited with his beloved wife and son. The Hoot we all know and love led his life in a way that we would all do well to emulate. During his working yearso was a farmer, rancher and welder to name a few. He was the type he of man who loved working outside in the sunshine,rain or wind, using his skilled hands and tough work ethic to get the job done and get it done right. He was a man of the earth and spent a good portion of his life working the land. Years of working outside had etched smile lines into his face and given him a weatheredlook, the look of a man who wasn't afraid of a little dirt or sunburn in his quest to provide for his family. He called Phillips county home for most of his life and he and mom were familiar and welcome fixtures of the community. He was very close to his family and many are happy to call him a friend.

I)ad's true joy was his family. Casey and I were the light of his life, and he was a steady and reliable father who was always there when he was needed. He was head over heels in love with his grandchildren His face just lit up when they were around him, and his quiet love drew children to him like a magnet. He *as such a huge part of our lives. We will seehis wise face when we stop to enjoy the firey colors of a blazing sunset,gaze on rows of thriving crops or hear the bawl of a newblrn calf. He will be there whenever anyone cracks open a cold one2has a chocolate cake with lunch, or takes the time as he did to truly enjoy family and time spent together. We all have lessonsto learn from this quiet precious man who left us only to be with his Virginia. Together they watch over us now, everyday...guiding our choicesand keeping us warrn and safe. itrey are not truly gone becausein our hearts they will live forever, and no one will ever find two more loving and protective guardian angels. From the clouds of Heaven they ' will continue to watch ,x urd love us fiercely from now until the day we seethem again. Dad's life on earth has ended, and there is no better way to honor his memory than to keep it alive and to love and care for those left behind. His family and friends will need strength and comfort in the coming days as we strive to reconcile the ache in our hearts with the knowledge that he is at rest and ut p*u** after a long and wonderful life. We can rejoice knowing that at last, his physical battles are over. In the kingdom of his father, his tired body has been healed andknit together soundly. No more will he wheeze when he breathes,struggle to have enough air or drag iftut long oxygen tubing from room to room, tetheredto it unwillingly. No more does he have to walk slowlyand carefully, no more doeshi tire easily; no his blue eyes are now clear and his stride is confident as he joins his Virginia and Caseyfor a long walk through the gardens of Heaven. There is no doubt in my mind that dad would have followed mom even sooner had he not been concerned about me. He stayed long enough to comfort me and start me down the healing road after mom's passing. We had many long talks, sharingmemories,laughter and tears as we tried to reminisce a lifetime of love squeezedinto a handful of human years. That last precious month together gave me a chance to spend some time alone with dad-sharing meals, caring for him, nghting back tears as I watched as I watched him wander around in a haze of grief and shock, pining u*uy for his love. I think he remained long enough to seeme gain back som.estrength and be comforted by all of you gatheredhere today. Only when he was sure that I would be okay did be finally stop fighting and let himself be welcomed home. Christmasthis year has taken on a whole new meaning. It is with bittersweetjoy that I bid dad goodbye. He will be truly missed. Yet he is with us still. . .in the twinkling lights of Christmas ir.es and in prayers whispered before bed. No gift in fancy paper of shiny ribbon will ever mean more than the gift we were given in the life of Hugh Allen Kienenberger. He was like Christmas morning every day of my life. God took extra time on that precious man and broke the mold as soon as he was finished. Dad was destinedto be one of a kind. . .one of those incredibly loving people who like shooting stars streak through our lives so brilliantly, yet so rarely. He was a gilt to uit of us, and the legacy of love he leaved behind will keep his spirit alive long after his ashes are scattered. He is with us still. God Bless that wonderful man. He left some big boots behind for us all to strive to fill.

Dear Audrey, Bob and Dan, I hope this note finds you all doing well. We got the news letter, loved it. Especially the picture on the front. I apologize for not getting somenews of the Savilles. I sent you a letter and Christmas card last Christmas and then in January-(atthe end) it came back-no street number-I think that letter got a pretty good trip for 41 cents. Sorry. We are still plugging alone, Shirley in a walker at home and a wheelchair elsewhere. Calvin has to do the cooking, laundry and shopping. We do have a lady who cleansfor us. In 2008 we celebratedour 50ft wedding anniversary,the children hosted a reception for us and it was a really nice day. We are pleasedthat we are still able to be at our home-Calvin still takes care of the lawn and had a smaller garden. We really miss coming to the reunion, miss seeingeveryone. Hope we will be able to come againsometime I don't think we can make Washington, but maybe another one someday. Our health is not a big problem, Shirley's mobility and eyesight are not good, but we feel pretty good. You all take care,keepup the good work, we'll try to stay in touch.

Calvin& Shirley

of Subject: RE: passing Hoot From: "Nancy Cunningham" I just cannotbelieveit! from him yesterdayrecounting2 wonderful storiesabout my I'm looking at a letter I received Dad and askingme to get in touch with him soon. I sat and cried asI read his letter yeterday as he madementionof ny father's height and size' net knowing that I haveno memoriesof hin at all, as my father died when I was quite young. Wow-I an stunned. I will sheda few tears today for never having gotten to thank him for his letter of having the opportunity to talk to him further about my Dad, Captain William M, "BilP' Griffin. All my thoughts are with his family and too all you, his friends and comrades. in Through all ofyou I havegottencioserto my Dad, I am grateful to all everyone my 765th famrly Happy Holidays,Nancy Cunningham

2/t6109 Hello to the Kalan's Haven't takentime to drop you a note lately. We're holding our own. Hope Dan is doing okay now. Tell him he's too far away for us to comeand cheerhim up if he's sick, ashe will just haveto staywell. both they missedthe reunionlast yearbecause Saturday I talked with Frank Conawayand Frances They both had surgeryat the sametime andin different hospitals. Frankswas a were sick. was an emergencyhip surgery. They are stayingwith their spinesurgeryandFrances's scheduled from them. They will be there for about6 to 8 sonandhis wife now who livesjust a shortdistance just recoveryis slow. more weeks. They areboth doing wel1, Sueand Sheryladvisedme that our reunionwill be Sept.16-19. Sheryladvisedus that the that, Holland Am cruiseLine hasa cruiseleaving Seattleon the 19* going to Alaska and guess Sheryl& Perry,me and Bill and Ben andNancy havesignedup for that. We're hoping shewill go also. Wish someof the otherswould go along. We're not gettingany younger,so thoughtwe might aswell do everythingwe can,while we can. Takecareof yourself and we'll seeyou in Seattle. Oh, by the way, I did find out thereis a shuttlefrom the airport to the hotel we will be stayingat. It's aboutan hour's drive from the airport andthe costis $20.00.eachI guess. Bill & Billie Hi Bob Audrey & Dan hopeeveryoneis doing ok. Justwantedto let you know how Frank & I aredoing. of Sincewe missedthe reunionbecause healthproblems, Frankhad back surgeryon Jan 14frandthen and againon Jan28m, hasa few minor setbacks. I had srrgery on had a leakageandthey had to operate Feb 2 for right hip replacement.I am doing greatwith no problemsthank God. We are stayingwith our Son& Daughter-inlaws till wereboth on the mend.
In Gods love Frank & Frances Conawav



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BYPAT'IABURffES Rrslness Wrtter pburkes€opnbcc.com A tittle-trpwn veterens' b€nefit for long-term care ${>enees is evai}iabl,eto wartime vetercns snd ttrcir spouses.But the bene.fit is bemg overlooked by thoussnds of fanilies, industry obserwrs $sy. The Slecial Pension for Veterans' Aid end AU€!dmce Fys up to $L644 a mouth, flgrnf annually, torrysrd aseisted liviue nwsiughonesorin&ome e8r€far 'eetemns65 and oIclerwho sewd at least go drys and oae day drring wartime - stateside or fii€r$ees. Veterms and thea spouses can rec€fi|e rryto $23,396annnatiy od rcErrpousesof deceased ms, $t2r6BL Yet, an *Shat d $lz' rillioir a ]rear goes tm:iaimed, saidDon Soard, a rolunteer witl Operation feterur Aid in Oklithotru 3ity. Tn2a07, only t34,o ao nniors natioasride re:efied the benefit, qihich ras estabiishdinrg5z" "Litetally. hm&eds of eyen housands'dont rrsnv about itl' Soardsdd. 'Due to inmmple'te infornatioa, many disqualify hemsehes on income or ssets or fird the paperrcrk too burdenmmel' pfocess itrcrnltned Soard helps families :omplete tbe necessary orrn$r $o tbat approval pmes in four b six 'Ihb prbcess iC aorithc. treamlined for vets vrfro re blind or hcre memory ssues and widowa with nedical needs, he said. ifost applicants qualify ndpaymente arerebincive, Soard 3aid, The ftw vho are denied on exce$ive liquid assetscan seek inencial edvice to qrali$, e sald. Soardstartedhis volutt;ermissiontwO]'earssgo, rllovdng the deaths of wo family members wlro encd inWW[ "If they'd lmown abotrt irisbenefft, they'd have a' ruclr belter quality of life r later Jtesl*' he said. Withoutit,manyvebaee ncedto go onMedicaidl Oklahcmaisoneofnine Btes lrhere the udare rograln doesn't cornr asstd fiving costs..Assistt living often eair be an

Aveterans'special pension enabtesTomBowentoaffiordtoliveat Legend at Rlvendell asslsted living center. where heenloys donrlnoeS and other actfuities.

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skilled care isnot eri absolute need, said Willie Rrgiuson, erccutfue dlrector of Legend at Rivendell in OklahomaCity. rButif someoneiusthss Socialsecffityandasnall peruion, it'saoterrougfuto live herej' Rrguson sald. According to a ZObS lr4etlffe $trvey, s$si$ted Xving in OH*homa aversges $2,146 a moutlq wtlle nurslng homes cost $r5l a day for a priuate room. Of ?3 tegend rc.rirlontn

TomBowen,77, of Moom. "Until I tosed tbis operation, I had no idea the benefit was availablejEsaid HOl,sTOAPFLY Bowen, a reHred engineer For mare techrlcim Aom the Federinformation see: al Aviation Administration who served stateside drlr) www.Veterarr ingtteKore*n Confliet. Aidorg Borryenrecently morcd )wWw.vadpv rnto tbe 'i"e4end facliity > Operation Veteran folorring smral mini fidet7a?3s49 strokes and a diagnosis of short-tenn ruemory loss. "It's been pretty hard ye*s, Flnding a nearby fetrying to trgndlq €x1,ermes cilitv and learnin<r oh^"+

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" , y ' i ''i,;t l t " , r i l i r i i r r : . i r i t " , v : f i . i i i ) i ? l l i " l " i . ' * t * t r i i i , i ir, i i i . , i ; t i i i i l i ' l i t o t r " , ; '', i i "\ niii {i,iili*i'i iir*,ii i;ii;}ti. ii..,i :-iir.' I,rriidr \,!'iil .it,;i f r-i.liii*l'r i,i;i
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One morning while having coffee at their new digs, Pat saysto Dick " What are you going to do today?" "Nothing" "But you did that yesterday" "I didn't finish"

rrryChristlnasfrolrl the RothftrssFarnily

Subject: Merry Christmasfiom the RothfussFamily net> ly Fro m : Rothfb ss__Fami <rothfussfarnily@ fu se. -0500 Ilate: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 19:26:05 To: bob(@kalan.net 13,2008 December Dear Friends, time of year it's goocl Greetingsfrom our family to you and yours. At this mega-bttsy Season's of a great to pauseand remernber all of our blessilgs, parlicularly the blessingof having memories

groupofpeople all of whom we know throughthe 765rnTRSB' We havenot beenableto be with you for marryyems,but we think of you collectivelyand us individualiy,andwonderhow life is treatingall. Fatehasbeenkind to someofus blessing with eventakingsomeofour numbers' othersbadlywith illnesses, goodhealth,while shehastreated Hereon sharonLanewe havehad a yearof ups anddowns'Bill hasto live his life in paiu atrci for he doesit bravely.Nothing works dght for him so it's very mucha struggle him. Caroleis OK still walksfrom five AM to ten PM and exceptfor "old Arther". Shewalks like an old lady,but she thankf'ulthat shecanl so muchin live years, Son,Trii is holdinghis own with his cLL. His countshaven'tchanged he still can put in long hours at GE helping developthe future' 'I'hat lbt is, has Laura continuesto run her mini-horse farm, and business beengoodthis year. goatsandcats too. Shestill has she from!! Of course, sellshorses, thepeopleshekeepsbuyinghorses all of Dayton,especiaily of her"littlc Lauralovesherjob at Hospice anddogs,but no llamasanymore. she old ladies and little old men. lt's a sadjob" though,because can't keepthem long. in has Sharon her work at Med-coHealthSolutions Fairfield,ohio. Theyareso busy that shecouldwolk eighthoursovertimeeveryweekif shewantedto' ( prescription drugs processing ^Sn" to Victor, continues work in Middletown,Ohio,for the aero-space Ao"rJt). Her husband, victoria' doesany smalljob thathe canpick up. Their daughter, birt company, things areslow, so Vic joined the dance ohoircalledGrandeur. GarfreldMiddle School.She is tZ yeaisotd now, and attends they sing and danceand perform for different programsin Hamilton. In March they will enterthe lelt Elena,has choirs.our otherg landdaughler, area-widicompetitionfoi local schooldistricts'dance her' us to live with'her boyfriend and we, of course,arehearlbtoken'It is not what we had hopedlbr We pray constantlythat shewill comeback to us. 'So, Ohio, to visit Frankand that is what is going on with us. Otherthandrivingto Columbus, jnst being' but EvelynRowe,we haven'tbeentoo manyplaces, we enjoylife anyway
As Ever, Yottr lrrieuds, Caroie and Bill Rothfuss and Farniiy p.S. Our thapks go to all the hard workers that keep our grolrp together.You are great and greatiy appreciated!!!

In just 48 hours tomoffow will be yesterday


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I was always taught to respectmy elders,But it keepsgetting harderto find one.

April 11, 2009 Hi Bob, We finally have a plan for the 2009,765th reunion in Bremerton,Washingtonand are very excited about it. The hotel is beautiful and can be viewed at www.silverdalebeachhotel.com. We have arrangedarate of $83 plus taxanight which is a greatrate that they extendedbecause you are veterans. They wanted me to expressthat they are honored to have you there. To make your reservations, please call 1-800-544-9799or to call directly to the hotel 1-360-307-7621and be sure to tell them you are with the 765th to guaranteeyour rate. The room rate will be held only until August 17th. Any reservations made after that date will have dependon the hotel's occupancy and the regular rate at that time. My contact person is a very nice man named Mario Calderon,and can be reachedat the direct number to the hotel listed above. Dick has also arrangedsomefun for everyone. Below is the schedulefor the reunion. As you can seethere will be free time for thosewho like to spreadout and explore their own interests. There is a shuttle offered ata low rate that runs from the hotel to Seattlefor those that want to explore. Our suggestionfor thoseflying to the reunion is to land in Seattleand take the shuttteif you would rather not rent a car. Kitsap Air Porter leavesthe airport every hour at 20 minutes past the hour. You must reseryeyour spot with the shuttle service for your return trip to the airport. Wednesduy,September 16th Check in Dinner on own Thursday, September lTth Water Tour of the Puget Sound Lunch Dinner will be a Clam Bake hostedby the Lunds. For thosewho are not fans of seafood,there will be burgersand more traditional picnic items. Friday, September 18th Club meeting in the morning Free Afternoon 6:00 Banquet/Auctionat hotel Saturday, September 19th Tour the Under SeasMuseum. Lunch Dinner on your own Sunday, September20th Goodbyesand departures

On an additional note, there area few of us leaving on Saturday,September19thfor a cruiseto Alaska. We decided to extend our vacation for anotherweek and would love to have anyone that wants to join us to pleasemake your reservations and come along. We will be on Holland Cruise Lines. The name of the ship is the Amsterdam. This is a sevenday cruise and will be leaving from and returning to the port in Seattle. As I mentioned,we will depart on Saturduy,September19tr and return on Saturday,September26th Shuttle . affangements can be made to take people from the ship back to the airport on the 26th. We will be visiting Juneau,Alaska, a Hubbard Glacial Cruise, Sitka, Alaska, Ketchikan, Alaska, Victoria, Canadaand then debark back in Seattle. Due to the fact that we stop in Canada,a valid passport is needed. Those of us going have usedmy AAA travel agent,Janet. She is making the arrangements that will allow us all to be on the samecabin floor and also on the samedining schedules.Shemay be reachedat 513.361.7522 and can answerany questionsyou may have. Just be sureto give her my husband'sname (Perry Schneider)to pull up the trip. We would really love it if everyone came along for the fun. This is all the information that I have for now. The next newsletter will contain the sign up sheet to include a cost for the tours and the banquet. As it standscurrently, the total price will be below our norrnal expenses which I believe is a very good thing. Pleasedo not hesitateto make the hotel reservations though, because that gives us a betterway to determinethe size of buses and break down the cost per person. As always,anyonewith questions welcometo call me. My home numberis 513.648.0351 is and my cell is 513.608.0259. I wish you all a blessedand enjoyablespring! Sheryl Schneider

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