Lately I’ve been thinking about “Family Traditions”. You know, those things you did while growing up. The camping trips, the hiking trips, fishing and hunting with Dad. Making a model car with Dad. Whatever it is, we all have memories of things we did when we grew up. In this busy, non-stop World we live in, sometimes a day that goes by turns into a week, a week turns into a month and the next thing you know a summer went by. Which leaves me to think “What am I doing to pass on Family Traditions for my family”. What memories am I passing along to our kids? Whether it’s continuing those special things I did when growing up or starting new ones to pass along to my kids. I have thought how important it is to take my kids with me to fix the project I’m working on and let them help. Sure, it will take longer than if I did it by myself but I forget what a simple thing it is but what a great impact it leaves on them. It doesn’t always have to be a big plan or trip to take the family on. Many times it can be that regular 10 minutes you spend playing catch with your kid or playing with your daughters dolls in her doll house. And when they are grown up and are home for the Holidays and they say “Remember the time we……” Memories we will always share as a Family. - Chris


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Following the Iditarod this Try as I might I couldn’t get them year online and reading about the to move right. I quickly put my conditions and the trail I couldn’t hands in my pants next to my skin help but think about a training run to warm them up. As they warmed in Alaska when I was 19….……. up, the tips of my fingers started to It was a cold day to run a hurt. After a couple of minutes they team of dogs, in St. Michael, were warmer and I started on the Alaska. St. Michael is located in next dog. Each of the ten dogs went the Norton Sound, south of Nome. the same way. After I had all ten It’s an Eskimo village of about 300 bootied, I started hooking them up people and the only way to get there to the sled. is by boat or plane. It is mostly wide As each dog was hooked open Tundra with strips of brush up they started lunging forward, here and there. When the wind jumping up and down and screamwould start blowing, it could suck ing and barking. Some dogs don’t the warmth right out of you, 50 behave much patience, they want to low with the wind chill has a way of run and they want to run now! A doing that to you. I couple of the dogs was training a group just stood looking of sled dogs with Then all of a sudden forward, ready to Jerry Austin who was lunge and run. going to run the Idithere was nothing; After the last dog tarod, Alaska’s 1200 was hooked up, I mile sled dog race. put on my parka “white-out”. Jerry and I and mitts and started booting the waited for Jerry. dogs. The booties Above the commoprotect the dogs’ feet from ice-balls tion of dogs jumping up and down that tend to form and cut the dogs’ and screaming to go, Jerry gave me feet when they run. By the time I the thumbs up when he was ready. I finished putting the last bootie on gave it back so he pulled up his the first dog my fingers started to snow hook and off he went down stiffen. I grabbed a bootie and the trail. Seeing Jerry’s team go started to put it on the second dog, down the trail made my team even but my fingers wouldn’t cooperate. crazier. I pulled the snow-hook, stepped on the brake to slow them a bit and off we went. Once the dogs are running they are completely silent. Nothing but the sound of the runners gliding on the snow. The dogs cruised down the trail, Jerry in front and my team following. About ten miles into the run the weather slowly started getting worse. The wind picked up and the snow started blowing around. It became harder and harder for us to see. Jerry motioned for me to stay right behind him but within minutes I could barely see him. A few seconds later I could barely see halfway up my team and it was getting worse. Then all of a sudden there was nothing; “whiteout”. To add to the situation, I could tell that the team was losing the trail because the wind was blowing so hard and they were loosing the scent of the trail. We were veering off to the left. I started getting nervous, I was afraid I would get lost. It was cold and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t see anything. I tried to…..

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Why does one get in trouble for reckless driving?

Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

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The All-New 2005 Chrysler 300, Touring, & 300C
When Chrysler said they were going to rear-wheel drive I was both disappointed and skeptical. But then I remembered an article I read about how automobiles of today are such complex, high technology machines that have more than 100 times the computer memory that first put Apollo 11 on the moon and realized there could be a little more to this than I think. Rear-wheel drive? It’s something we haven’t seen on a Chrysler performance sedan in awhile. RWD allows for a taller car with more room, more power and improved command of the road. RWD with a new multi-link rear suspension provides the balance that leads to superior handling and stability. It will also have available ESP. What is ESP? Electronic Stability Program. ESP combines ABS brakes, AllSpeed Traction Control and the stability system to give you the all-season capability of frontwheel drive with the performance of rear-wheel drive. It determines when to apply the brakes to one or more wheels and when to reduce engine torque in critical driving situations. Meaning, when needed, 300 corrects mistakes before they become yours. With three models soon to be available, the 300 is a rearwheel drive sedan that includes all-speed traction control*, an electronic stability program and antilock brakes† to help you maintain control in all weather conditions - like no rear-wheel drive car ever could. * Available on the base and Touring models, standard on 300C † Available on the base model and standard on Touring and 300C. Of course with all of this technology, new safety features are inevitable. Front advanced multistage air bags empowered by the Occupant Classification System, available rain-sensing wipers, available High Intensity Discharge headlamps (producing up to 70% more light), available front & rear side-curtain airbags, and an optional Rear Park Assist alerts you to a possible unseen obstacle behind you with both an audible & visual warning.

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calm down and think of what to do. I stopped the team and put in the snow hook. By now I could only see two feet in any direction. I walked up to the team, making sure to stay close to them. I’d heard of a few mushers who stopped their teams, walk around to find the trail and when they turned around they couldn’t see their team in the blowing snow. One musher spent hours curled up trying to survive the storm and when it finally lifted he found out he was only 20 feet away from his team! He couldn’t see them or hear anything above the blowing snow. His sled had his all his gear to survive the storm. He said when it was over he was just thankful to be alive! The team was of course o.k. because they just curl up like a wolf into a ball with their tails over their nose until the storm lifted. I walked back to the sled and told the dogs “gee” (right). The dogs started running to the right like I told them. All of a sudden they started running straight again. They found the trail! I was so relieved! As we went down the trail the storm started to lift. I could see the team again. Soon, in the distance, I could see St Michael,

houses here and there, smoke rising from the roofs. I was so relieved to be back safely. As the dogs ran up to the dog lot I thought back to what had just happened. One moment I had been running dogs as I have for the past two years and the next moment I was lost in a white-out. That run made me more respectful of the elements and what can happen at anytime. As quickly as the storm had come it went and made me realize to always be prepared for the worse.



This past January, I was invited to speak at the 87th annual 2004 NADA Convention in Las Vegas by The Cobalt Group. It was a great experience and a very unique opportunity. I had a great time, learned a lot and met some great people. The Cobalt Group provides the computer software “Lead Manager” to DaimlerChrysler Corporations 5,000 dealers as a way to respond and provide information to customers who want to shop online. Cobalt is based out of Seattle, WA. Cobalt operates a dealer network larger than that of any other technology provider in the automotive retail industry, including 12,000 franchised dealers and more than 70 of the 100 largest dealer groups. Cobalt is the only software technology provider ever endorsed by 18 manufacturers and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). The NADA Convention has over 500 automotive companies and manufactures and around 30,000 people who attend every year. Dieter Zetsche, CEO and president of the Chrysler Group, was the keynote speaker at the convention’s opening general session along with other big names in the automotive industry. Of over 5,000 Chrysler dealerships nationwide, I was selected to speak at the Press Conference on how The Cobalt Groups computer software has benefited me and how I use it at Hibbing Chrysler. I also went to a video interview by a production company for future marketing for The Cobalt Group.

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