Peter’s College Tororo Old Boys Association (SPECTOBA)

Unveiling The Annual Bernard Onyango Academic Excellence Award Greetings from the fraternity of the Old Boys of St. Peter’s College Tororo. St. Peter’s College Tororo Old Boys Association (SPECTOBA) has initiated the Bernard Onyango Academic Excellence A ard for o!tstanding st!dents at Ordinary and Ad"anced Secondary ed!cation. The #ro#osed a ards are in memory and honor of the late Bernard Onyango ($%&'()'$&) a long ser"ing and exem#lary #!*lic ser"ant in tertiary administration. Bernard Onyango as yo! may recall as a reno ned academician+ *est remem*ered for his consistent s!##ort to higher ed!cation. Bernard Onyango as a man of many firsts, The first African Academic -egistrar at the East African .ni"ersity/ #ioneer Academic -egistrar at 0a1erere .ni"ersity and #ioneer Academic -egistrar at .ganda 0artyrs .ni"ersity 21o3i. He was also the founding Board Chairman at Tororo Girls School and also served as a !em"er of the Board of #irectors at Ban$ of Uganda% As #ioneer Academic -egistrar hen 0a1erere .ni"ersity *ecame a f!lly4fledged .ni"ersity in $%5' he held forte in office !ntil $%%) lea"ing *ehind an im#ecca*le record of disting!ished ser"ice. The late Bernard Onyango as later to #lay a significant role in the esta*lishment of another tertiary academic s!ccess story 4 .ganda 0artyrs .ni"ersity 21o3i+ ser"ing as academic registrar !ntil he retired in 6ecem*er )'''. St!dents ho st!died at 0a1erere .ni"ersity *et een $%5' and $%%) d!ring the term system ill all recall and relate to the 7 Onyango Disco’ hich as the #o#!lar reference for the end of year #romotional examinations. Getting ready for the Onyango Disco meant doing serio!s #re#aratory or1 if one did not ant to *e in"ited for the 7 August Conference’ as re4sits ere then 1no n as. Bernard Onyango attended St. Peter’s College Tororo *et een $%89 and $%9'. :n $%9$+ he enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts in ;istory and Sociology at 0a1erere .ni"ersity and later a one4 year di#loma in Ed!cation+ la!nching his long career in academics and administration. :n $%9<+ he started or1ing as a teacher at his former school+ St. Peter’s College Tororo for t o and half years+ lea"ing a dormitory named after him. 6!ring his time at St. Peter’s College Tororo Bernard Onyango #assed his exams ith flying colors scoring = for = in $%8= at O’>e"el *efore #roceeding to 0a1erere here he as an o!tstanding st!dent *efore em*ar1ing on a disting!ished career as Academic -egistrar. As a moti"ation to those ho came after him at St. Peter’s College Tororo+ Bernard challenged any st!dent ho o!ld match his #erformance ith a re ard of a 0ercedes Ben3. By the time of his death none had accom#lished his feat and sadly Bernard de#arted *efore he co!ld #ass on the mantle of this academic excellence. 1|Page

?hile the late Bernard Onyango can no longer honor his #ledge+ the fraternity of St. Peter’s College Tororo and the family of the late Bernard Onyango ha"e ta1en !# the challenge and res#onsi*ility of 1ee#ing his dreams ali"e *y la!nching this A ard ( The Bernard Onyango Academic Excellence Awards 4 in his memory. Against this *ac1gro!nd+ St. Peter’s College Tororo Old Boys Association (SPECTOBA) is s#earheading an initiati"e to la!nch the :na!g!ral Bernard Onyango 0emorial >ect!re and thereafter the Bernard Onyango Academic Excellence A ards. The 0emorial >ect!re and Academic Excellence A ards ill *e held ann!ally starting this year. The first reci#ients of the a ard ill *e t o yo!ng men 4 !unno &saac ho sat the )'$& .ganda Certificate of Ed!cation (.CE) examinations at St. Peter’s College Tororo+ emerging one of the *est st!dents in the co!ntry ith the co"eted = for = aggregates+ and 'andera Simon ho sat the )'$& .ganda Ad"anced Certificate in Ed!cation (.ACE) at St. Peter’s College Tororo+ and emerged among the *est st!dents in the co!ntry ith a maxim!m score of AAA in PE0 and a s!*sidiary #ass in General Pa#er. ?e are gratef!l to the family of the late Bernard Onyango for @oining the comm!nity of St. Peter’s College Tororo in initiating this no*le ca!se in memory of the icon that Bernard Onyango as. ?e call !#on all .gandans of good ill to @oin in at the ina!g!ral Bernard Onyango 0emorial >ect!re to *e held at 0a1erere .ni"ersity 0ain ;all on Ariday+ &' th 0ay )'$8 starting at ),&' #m. The Bey 2ote S#ea1er ill *e the -t. ;on. Prof. A#olo 2si*am*i (Aormer Prime 0inister of .ganda). G!ests ill thereafter *e hosted at Sil"er S#rings ;otel for a 6inner and official !n"eiling of the Bernard Onyango Excellence A ards from <,''#m ?e loo1 for ard to yo!r #resence.

?il*rod ;!m#hreys O or Chair(erson ) S*ECTOBA '55<485%&<&

-o*ert Odedo Treasurer '55)48')$89

Ona#ito E1omoloit Chair ) BOAE Awards '55)49'&9)$


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