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Minsan Lang Sila Bata The film Minsan Lang Sila Bata documented different lives of children in the

Philippines, who at the young ages, make living for their family and pay for the education of their siblings. This is really a wakeup call for everyone. For me, as a student, it will remind me that along with the privilege to study in a private school, I also have social responsibilities as well. I have role to play in building the nation. It may be an old film but it didnt fail to make my eyes shed a tear. Upon watching the film, I realized how lucky I am for having more than what I needed, while there are many children who have nothing, who need to work hard just to have a food to eat and no matter how they want to go to school, they cant because they do not have enough money to pay all the expenses. The children in the film literally shocked me. I was shocked how the children made their living during late night and early morning just for a strip of fat from pigs skin, or carrying not less than 250 sacks of cement per day for less than 100 pesos but only 5 or 10 pesos goes to them, or strip wild grass under scorching heat of the sun for the whole day for 26 pesos. It makes me wonder how they squeezed their budget for the whole family as all of them said that they are working for the food of their family. I also come to ask myself how the adults can or the businessmen tolerate this kind of practice. Are they doing this to help the kids? Or are they taking advantage of the cheap labor? Even so, I found this unjust, really unjust. The film opened my mind and my heart to help children who have nothing and being abused. It is not right for a child to work and be treat too much. I feel so sorry for those children who are under child labor, even they are working for the sake of their family, its not fair for them to treat badly. I was also surprised for their love for education. There are things that I have taken for granted for most of the time. My school works, for instance, is an example. I would sometimes complain about my assignments, projects and difficult lessons but I also fail to realize that there are many children would love to come to school. Their love for education made me appreciate and love more my studies. They really wanted to go back to school. If given a chance, they would rather go to school than work but unfortunately, they should work than study and play. Lastly, I am moved by the motivation of these kids family. I am touched by their selflessness. At young age, they show great love for their family. They are not bitter for their fate. They work for their family and tried to understand their situation. The video taught me a lesson to strive harder in my work and in my study. By doing so, I can help alleviate and eradicate poverty in the country by creating jobs through businesses that observe high ethical standards. For the meantime, aside from helping institutions who could help the children go back to school, I could also create information campaign and awareness to stop this kind of practice. I pray that someday, through the concerted effort of the community and government there would be no single child that will be left behind. Every child should have equal chances of a better life and good education. anyway, for anyone reading this article, please help us advocate the anti-child labor campaign in the Philippines... Children deserves to be children.. They're not supposed to be working and paying the

debts of their parents... They're not supposed to be working for their family... They are supposed to be freely playing with their peers... They are supposed to be going to the school and be educated...