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Originally Posted by b02 I decided to introduce this app to those of you that just cant wait to unlock all

levels, or get more gold/stars/coins or any collectable from almost any game ... This app is tested by me on Wildfire S, and it is !"#I$%&' W!$(I"). $e*uirements+ $!!T and a game that you wish to cheat. There are , versions of the app, one is on the market and second one you can download from )ame Isite, so here are the links+ !lder link/+ https+// 2atest version.gamecih site/+ http+// ...edirects134d15 I will post here the tutorial that can be used in most games, and for any further info on specific games, follow the link to the forums of gamecih 6 http+// Tutorial+ 7 game is pretty simple to use. but i will do a step by step guide+ 5.If you don8t know what is root, or dont know how to root, you are on the wrong thread.

ome back after

e9ploring 9da ,.'ownload the version that you wish to use, i use older one, the reason i did that is because i didn8t need the latest features of )ame I-..about features read changelogs on gamecih site/ :.Install it, and open, put it on your phone memory, and give it root access. ;.When you open it, assign a key .i use <!2=%& '!W"/, don8t e9it it just use home so you can continue.for e9it use menu e9it/. >. !pen a game that you wish to cheat in. I personally tried it on 'efenders game.. ?. Start playing the level, and pause it after taking a note how much gold/crystals/stars or anything you have. @.Aress <olume down, Input number, and write amount of gold that you have. It will list a lot of numbers and stuff, 5 of them is our gold . B.Aress back, resume game, continue playing, kill some monsters, earn some gold, then pause again and input the new amount of gold that you have. "ow it should list a single number beneath.If not repeat this step. C.Aress on that number, modify it to amout that you want, after pressing okay, you will have the gold you typed in... 53. "ow you can go spend what you hardly earned with cheating the game. That would be about it. #or any further info, or any instruction pm me, or try to find solution at gamecih forum. )ood luck cheaters

Despite this being a bump of 2 months, I'll do what I can. Note: I do not play this game myself so you are on your own finding the right moment, tough this'll help you I guess!.

"! #tartup $ame%I& 2! 2! #tartup your game. '! $o to your gun shop or whate(er it is! ingame. )ou currently ha(e an amount of gold, say *** gold. +!Now open up the toolbar of $ame%I&2, press search, enter (alue, and enter ***. ,!)ou'll get a ton of results. Don't bother, you will not find the (alue right now. -! Now, switch bac. to your game press 'bac.'!. #omehow, see to change the amount of gold you ha(e by playing a game you'll earn gold I guess, so play a game/!. 0!Now, once bac. in the after the game, you'll see your amount of gold. #ay it's ))). 1!Now, switch bac. to $ame%I&2 and press the '2' button the (alue you are searching has increased!. )ou are most li.ely to get only 3ust a couple results. If not, repeat the steps ,40. 5! )ou now ha(e only 3ust a couple results 6etween 2,42,7!. "7! In your $ame%I& 2! screen, you also see 'Input Number'. 8his tool is (ery useful as you can search your search results for a specific (alue. 8hat is what we're trying to do, right9! %lic. on Input Number and enter ))) your current amount of money!. ""! )ou should now find 3ust ":2 (alues. Now change this one or both to your desired amount of money, say, ;;;. "2! %lic. on modify... "'! #witch bac. to your game and en3oy your money/

** How to cheat, mod or hack on almost any Android game! Hello, and welcome to Se7enSins! I see that this is bringing in a lot of new viewers I ho!e the t"torial below hel!s yo" with what yo" need If yo" are new here, !lease take a look at the rest of the site, and consider signing "! #it$s %&''( and )oining the site! If yo" have any *"estions, sign "! and

send me a +, or !ost below so I can hel! yo" o"t -hanks for looking, and have a great day! ***
#ome of you may already use this app and .now what it is. &owe(er, I ha(e searched around and couldn't find any tutorials for people who don't .now what it is or how to use it. $ame%I& is an in game cheat engine, where you can add cheats as you play. &ere's how it wor.s: *** )our de(ice m"st be rooted *** If your phone is not rooted, chec. out 8uffs' forum to find out how to root your de( android4all4fw.,'7271:. If you ha(e no luc. there, search your de(ice using $oogle. Ste! ./ Download the $ame%I& ap. from here: a,uhhhhtwsldhc, 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 or here: 48han.s goes to $ame%I& for such an awesome app/ Ste! 2/ Once installed, open the app, and it should do as follows:

*If &ot4<ey shows DI#=6>?D, simply clic. on DI#=6>?D, then hit the .ey you want to use as the hot4.ey, as you can see, I used my search button. Ste! 0/ Now that $ame%I& is installed and ready to go, chose the game you want to mod. @or this tutorial, I will be using ABobo DefenseA. I will be showing you 2 different things I change in this game. @irst, we will start with money as you are playing the game. #tart the game, and as soon as it starts pause it ta.e note of your current money, and hit your hot4 .ey. 8hen select AInput NumberA

Ste! 1/ Input the current money, then hit O<.

Ste! 2/ 6ac. out, bac. in to the game, and either spend more money, or gain more money, than hit your hot4.ey again. =fter that, clic. on the A/A.

***3ote4 5! #earch for all Cnchanged Dalues, !! #earch for all %hanged (alues, 6! #earch for all Increased (alues, 4! #earch for all Decreased (alues. Ste! 7/ &it the AmoneyA, than change the (alue to whate(er you wish, than hit AEodifyA. @or this, I 3ust used 5555. 8hen hit the loc. button, to .eep the (alue loc.ed, so you will now ha(e infinite money.

Ste! 7/ ?n3oy/

Now, I will show you how to modify your reward points. Ste! ./ $o bac. to the main menu, and go to where you can spend your reward points. Note your reward points, than hit the hot4.ey.

Ste! 2/ =s pointed out abo(e, change the (alues of both ArewardFpointsA and A(alueA to A+25+ 5-0 25,A G8his is the maH (alue you can use with this tool! as shown below. 8han be sure to loc. each one. 8o ensure they changed, I hit the A/A, than loc. them again!

Ste! 0/ 6ac. out of $ame%I&, than go bac. to the main menu of the game. Now go bac. to the ABeward PointsA, and spend as much as you want/ I=BNIN$4 In my eHperience with this game, to fast causes the (alues to get unloc.ed, meaning, you will run out of reward points and ha(e to do it again, don't go fast as possible, or it will reset. If it does, no

worries, close completely out of the game, and reset both the game and $ame%I&, than repeat the ' steps.! &a(e fun/

How to use "Input Number" To search for max gold, you would... 1. Open GameCIH. 2.Go To "Input Number" and input your current amount of gold. Then hit "OK" . Once it ha! fini!hed !earching you "ould go bac# to your game and earn or !pend !ome gold. $. Then you "ould open GameCIH again and !earch your ne" current %alue of gold. &. 'ou "ould repeat thi! until you only had a fe" !tring! left! and then locate the one that i! u!ually $byte! and change it to all ()! *(((+(((+(((, -. If you ha%e !tring! that are all $byte!+ then change them to all ()! one by one. How to use "Low Level Analysis" .a!ically thi! i! u!ed for thing! that ha%e no numerical %alue. /i#e a health bar. 1. 'ou "ould open GameCIH and hit "/./.0." 2. Go bac# to your game and lo!e !ome health. . 1au!e and reopen GameCIH and hit the "2" button becau!e you ha%e "le!! that before" $. Go bac# o game and lo!e more health+ open GameCIH hit the "2" button again &. Go bac# to game and gain !ome health+ open GameCIH and hit the "3" button+ becau!e you no" ha%e "greater than before" -. Go bac# to game and change !omething el!e+ but #eep your health the !ame. 4. Open GameCIH and hit the "5" button becau!e your health i! "67ual to !ame a! before" 8. 9epeat the!e !tep! until you only ha%e a fe" !tring! left+ then "/oc#" them one by one by clic#ing on the loc# icon and !ee if your health goe! do"n. (. :hen it no longer goe! do"n+ unloc# the %alue+ refill and loc# it again. 1;. No" you ha%e "Infinite Health" How to use "Input name" <ome game! may ha%e a =ebug menu or the health bar or your li%e! may be labeled "ith a name. :e "ill u!e "debug" > "Contract Killer" a! our e?ample. 1. Open Contract Killer 2. Open GameCIH . <elect "Input Name" $. Type in "=ebug) > Hit "OK" &. Thi! "ill bring up only a fe" !tring!. /oo# for "G/@ANIB=6.@GB6N0./6=C;" -. Change the ";" to a "1" 4. 6?it and load your option! menu. 8.The "ord "Cheat!" "ill be at the bottom. 'ou can no" 0dd Ca!h+ Gold+ /e%el! and more. <imple #no"n %alue !earch. e.g. e?p point! OK for e.g. your character ha! 8;; e?p. 2Open GameCIH and !earch for 8;;. !earch "ill come "ith lot! of re!ult! 2 Go bac# to game and earn a little more e?p e.g. 8$; 2 Open gamecih and no" !earch for 8$; 2 9epeat abo%e until you ha%e 1 %alue or a fe" remaining 2 No" change the %alue to a higher number. 2 'our e?p !hould ha%e changed. @n#no"n Dalue !earch Eif #no"n %alue doe!n)t "or#F Thi! !earch i! mo!tly for the game! "hich can)t be hac#ed %ia normal !earch.. e.g. e?p !ho"! to be 8;; but the %alue in gamecih can be (1 (4 81 Thi! time open up gamecih and do a /o" le%el analy!i! 2 Go bac# to game and earn !ome e?perience 2 Open Gamecih and no" pre!! the G button 2 Go bac# to game and earn !ome more e?p 2 Open Gamecih and pre!! G button again 2No" go to game and mo%e around .@T =O NOT 609N 0N' 6H1 2 open up Gamecih and no" pre!! the 5 button 2 #eep doing the abo%e until you get 1 re!ult or a fe" re!ult! Eyou "ill mo!t li#ely get a fe" re!ult! remaining in lo" le%el analy!i!F 2 No" for e?ample I ha%e 2 %alue! "hich are li#e thi! 0ddre!!15 1$;18 0ddre!!25 8$4( ( 8