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Section 1 Principles 1

Section 2 Philosophy 1

Section 3 Purpose 1

Section 4 Preparation 2
Select Date
Select Speaker
Select Location
Select Your People

Section 5 Assignments 3
Driver Coordinator
Counseling Coordinator
Promotion Coordinator
Announcements Coordinator
Games Coordinator
Food Coordinator
Worship Coordinator

Section 6 Timeline 10
Two weeks before STORM
One week before STORM
Night of STORM
Suggested STORM Schedule
Follow-up On Decisions

Appendix How to Conduct Counseling A-1

Follow-up Visitation Idea A-4

Skit Ideas A-5

Storm Tracker Cards A-10

1 PRINCIPLES Principles

Matt 28:18 – GO…

We are commanded to GO make disciples, not hope some come in.
The key word is GO. STORM is one event where you can send your
students to go and reach others for Christ.

Acts 1:8 – Reach your Judea…

We have been empowered to witness to Jerusalem and Judea. This is
an awesome way to reach your Jerusalem and the villages around
you—your Judea. This may be the last opportunity for them to hear a
clear message of Salvation.



A STORM meeting is a vehicle for the local church to send students

out to reach their friends with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had a 10th grade girl trust Christ at a STORM in

October. In February, while at school, she had a
brain aneurysm. That day she went into eternity to
see her Savior, instead of to the place of torment all
because she was brought to the STORM, heard the
Gospel message and received Jesus Christ.



The goal is for your students to go out into the community and bring
back their friends, potentially tripling your group in size, while having
tons of fun and games and most importantly giving them a chance to
hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

4 PREPARATION Preparation

The following should be done four weeks to six months before your STORM

1. Select Date
The more students who are able to attend, the more excitement you will
have! Be sure to check with church and school calendars and pick a night
with the least amount of other activities. You might also try to combine with
other churches in the area to build excitement and reach more students.

Two churches combined one night for a STORM and

saw 95 students attend, with 25 trusting Christ! As a
result of the STORM, both churches saw an increase
in average attendance of about 24 students. Two
years later, the same churches were averaging about
75 students each week.

2. Select Speaker
The speaker needs to keep the student‘s attention, as well as give a solid
evangelistic message and a clear invitation.

3. Select Location
The facility where you hold your STORM needs to be large enough to accom-
modate three times the average attendance of your student ministry. You
might need to consider holding your STORM at a school gym or recreational
facility, if your church does not have a room large enough.

4. Select Your People

One person should not be responsible for doing all the various jobs for your
STORM. Keep in mind that people can do more than one job, and parents
can also help with these assignments.

STORM Evangelistic Package

Take your community by storm with this dynamic, all
-inclusive evangelistic package. Jam-packed with
eight awesome tools to help your church reach the
lost, the STORM Evangelistic Package includes:
STORM Posters (1 package of 10)
Won By One Pressure Point
Won By One Verse Pak
Won By One Certificates (2 Packages of 10)
Questionnaire on Religious Beliefs (1 Package of 100)
Misty Tract (4 Packages of 25)
Decision Slips (1 Package of 100)
50 Gospels of John
All this for the low price of $49.99—at a savings of
nearly $40. (Items may be purchased separately.)

5 ASSIGNMENTS Assignments

1. Driver Coordinator
a. Recruit drivers 3-4 weeks in advance.
b. You will need one driver for every two students.
c. Drivers can be anyone who drives safely...parents, grandparents, young
adults, etc. and need to be there by the orientation the night of the
d. Get maps of areas in which you will pick up students.
e. Get the names and addresses from the Top 10 List of friends to invite, to
help develop the most time-efficient driving plan for each driver.
f. Assign the students to the drivers. If you have Christian school or Home
School kids who say they don‘t know anyone who is unsaved, team them
up with a public school teen or an outgoing young adult. They might have
some ideas where to look, such as Wendy‘s, McDonalds, Basketball
courts, etc.

At one STORM, there was a student who was dis-

couraged because he was pretty sure none of his
friends would be able to come. His youth leader of-
fered to take him out to invite them anyway. They
went around to seven of his friend‘s houses, but
none of them could attend. The leader shared that
they still had 15 minutes so they tried one more.
They found one Jr. High boy who could come and
that night he trusted Christ!

2. Counseling Coordinator
If there is a leader in your youth ministry who has already been assigned for
the year to conduct follow-up of new believers, they would be a good person
to be the Counseling Coordinator.
a. Recruit counselors (one for every student you are averaging).
b. Train counselors on how to lead a student to Christ (See ―How to Conduct
Counseling‖ in the Appendix pages A-1—A-3).
c. Select the Counseling Room
d. Get Gospels of John, decision slips, and follow-up materials.

Gospel of John and Decision Slips

This pocket sized Gospel of John is
ideal for counseling new believers. In
addition, we also provide Decision
Slips (three-part NCR) which are a
helpful way to record decisions for sal-
vation, assurance and dedication for
the individual. They also provide you
with the information needed for follow-
up and discipleship.
Follow-up Material
Our interactive discipleship series gives you the tools to energize an
effective discipleship ministry, helping new believers understand
the important biblical truths that will firmly root and establish them
in Christ.
ASSIGNMENTS e. Make sure all decision slips are collected.
f. Organize follow-up for all the students who made decisions.
g. Recruit people to conduct the follow-up. If you do not have enough adult
help, maybe some of your stronger teens can work through the follow-up
material with their friends.
h. Schedule follow-up meetings (first two meetings are most effective if
done within a week after the STORM).
i. Add visitors to your mailing list for all future events, and plan to call them
before your next big event to invite them to attend.
k. Integrate the visitors into key Discipleship Groups.
l. Ask Senior Citizens to bake chocolate chip cookies to take to visitors by
―Cookie Patrol‖ people during the next couple of weeks (See notes on
―Cookie Patrol‖ in the Appendix).
m. Develop a card that can be signed by a Cre8ive Discipleship group of that
teens age to send with the cookies.

3. Promotion Coordinator
a. Consistently communicates with the leaders and the students about
the STORM, in order to keep the excitement rolling.
- Don‘t have students invite their friends ahead of time!!! The key is to
catch them by surprise.
b. Email Promotion
- Develop a contact list in your email program of all your students and
keep it up-to-date with visitors.
- Develop emails to send to your students, reminding them of the up-
coming STORM (one month before, two weeks before, and day be-
c. Design a flyer to leave at the homes of students you pick up that night. It
needs to include:
- What it is
- Where it will happen
- Who is sponsoring it (your church name)
- Address and phone number of the church
- When it will start
- When it will end
- When their students will be home
- Thank the parent for allowing them to come!
- What the after-speaker food will be (40 lbs of Ice Cream, 50 lbs of
―Walking Tacos‖ or total number of pizza slices)
d. STORM Tracker Cards, (A sample for your use can be found on Appendix
page A-10) student-orientated registration cards that can be easily filled
out in the vehicles. Needs to include:
- Name
- Address
- Phone
- Birth Date
- Grade
- Email address
- Blog sites/Instant Messenger screen name
- Where they go to church now-if any
- Favorite music, favorite TV program. (The last two enables you to
know their world a little bit better.)

ASSIGNMENTS e. Promotional Posters
(Order by calling LCM 888-932-5927)
f. Develop a Follow-up Note and Superbowl Letter or
Email to be sent to visitors after the STORM (using
addresses from the STORM Tracker Cards). You can
also get one of your students involved and have
them develop the letter or email. Try to ensure that
each visitor receives five touches from your group:
- Letter from the leaders
- Letter or email from one of your students
- ―Cookie Patrol‖ visit, or something else creative
(For more information on ―Cookie Patrol,‖ see
Follow-up Visitation Ideas in the Appendix page
- Visit from one of your students and a leader Promotional
- Send promotion about the upcoming Superbowl Poster

4. Announcements Coordinator
a. Make sure the announcements are exciting.
b. Share about other events coming up as well as the STORM.
c. Use skits as a creative way to promote the STORM and get teens involved
(have them do the skits) and excited.
d. Can do skit in front of church so everyone knows about your event com-
ing up (See the Appendix pages A-5—A-9 for skit ideas).
e. Come up with some sort of cool announcement to promote Superbowl
that will be used during the STORM night.

5. Games Coordinator
a. Ensures a room/space is assigned for game time.
b. Arrive 1.5 hours early to set up props and have all games and icebreak-
ers ready to go.
c. Creates a fun, excited atmosphere from the very beginning as students
are arriving.
d. Recruit adults and students to greet groups of students as they arrive and
collect their STORM tracker cards.
e. Pre-Meeting Games – Have some adults/leaders help run games like vol-
leyball or dodge ball to set an exciting atmosphere for teens as they ar-
rive and before the actual meeting starts. You can also run some smaller
ice breakers to get the students interacting with each other, thereby
create excitement right away.

Game Suggestion:
―Getting to Know You Challenge‖ - Give teens a sheet of paper with
various categories on one side and space to write in names on the
other. Their task is to find someone who fits in the category and
write in their name, without using any student more than once. The
categories could include things like: visited another country, taller
than 6 feet, has a brother, etc. Reward the first three teens finished
with something like a candy bar or T-shirt.

ASSIGNMENTS f. Plan games for the meeting

Game Suggestion:
―Mummy Wrap‖ Find out who is from what schools and get two
visitors and one regular from each school for each team. (3 to 4
teams minimum). The regular becomes the ―mummy‖ and each
visitor becomes the wrapper—each getting a roll of toilet paper.
Give them 90 seconds to wrap their mummy and have a panel of
judges choose the winner for completeness and neatness. The
winning school goes first for the food at the end. (Props needed-8
rolls of toilet paper)

Game Suggestion:
―Foot Signing‖ This gets everybody involved. Know how many
schools are represented (or if few schools represented divide into
girls and guys or junior high and senior high) and have a chair rep-
resenting each school at one end of the room. Have each group
line up single file with their ―chair.‖ At each chair have two leaders.
One leader has washable felt tip pens. The other leader is the

After the groups are lined up with their chair, ask for the teen
―who is tough and can take any pain.‖ They are to sit in the chair
and take off one shoe and sock and put that foot on their other
knee. Draw a circle all around their ankle. Explain that each teen
(one at a time) is to sign the teens, foot with their first name, give
their marker to the next teen and move to the back of the line. (It
is possible a teen will sign their name several times if the line is
short.) Remember that one leader is to count each signature as it
is ―signed‖ on the foot. (If they wait till afterwards to count, it will
be impossible). Give them 90 seconds to go as fast as they can.
Break the record of 36 in 90 seconds. (Props needed: 8 WASHABLE
felt tip pens.)

6. Food Coordinator
a. Ideas for the Main Event—BE CREATIVE!!! Remember food is the DRAW!!
b. After you determine your food needs for the night, list all the items and
quantities of what is needed, and have adults sign up for them. Ask them
to bring their items the Sunday before, if you have storage space, espe-
cially if ice cream is involved.
c. If your STORM orientation starts before dinner, you may want to have
light finger foods available,

ASSIGNMENTS Food Suggestions

Ice Cream Sundaes:

A general guideline for figuring out how many gallons of ice cream
you will need is to take your average attendance, multiply by 3 and
divide by 10. Example: Average attendance is 15, so 3x15=45 di-
vided by 10=4.5 gallons. So you would need 5 gallons of ice cream
(Good ice cream weighs 8 lbs/gallon). You can then advertise to
your students how many pounds of ice cream you will have, so they
can tell their friends when they pick them up.

A general guideline for figuring out how many pizzas you will need
is three people to each pizza. Example: Average attendance is 20
teens, you can expect forty to sixty teens (plus help), so 60 divided
by 3=20 pizza‘s. Based on how you have your pizzas sliced, you
can then advertise the number of slices of pizza, so the students
can tell their friends when they pick them up.

Walking Tacos:
Ingredients and ratios (Again, go by your potential of 3 times your
normal attendance.)
Individual sized Frito corn chip bags (not opened)
Cooked hamburger in taco seasoning - 5 teens to a lb. of
Shredded cheese—10 teens to a lb. of shredded cheese
Lettuce—One head for 20 teens—needs to be shredded that
Mild and hot chunky Salsa—16 ounces for 15 Teens
Sour Cream—16 ounces for 20 teens
Jalapeño Peppers (sliced)
Plastic spoons and napkins
Walking Taco Assembly - First each student will receive a bag of
Frito corn chips, which has been slit down one side by a leader.
Then they go down the line and add whatever ingredients they
want into their bag of Fritos for their ―Walking Taco‖. Advertise to
your teens how many pounds of tacos they will have, so they can
tell their friends when they pick them up.

ASSIGNMENTS 7. Worship Coordinator
a. Have background music playing prior to the actual meeting as teens are
coming in – make it exciting to let them know something is happening!
b. Have upbeat song/s for beginning of meeting and something quieter to
prepare their hearts before the Gospel message
c. Take care of all audio/video/PowerPoint and set-up. Be sure to have the
words of the songs visible, as visitors might not know the song.
d. If having teens lead or help with worship, make sure they practice and
are done before the Orientation, so they can be a part of going out and
picking up their friends.
e. Make sure that heat/air-conditioning is set at a comfortable level.

Get your students excited about evangelistic opportunities
with this STORM short-sleeved T-shirt. Available in red.
(back of shirt shown)

6 TIMELINE Timeline

1. Two weeks before STORM

a. Have skits the next two weeks, announcing the STORM and getting your
students involved to create more excitement.
b. Top 10 List
- Two weeks before the event, ask the students to turn in a list of 10
unsaved friends or classmates with addresses that they would like to
go after.
- Put these names on a prayer list to be given to your students and key
people in your church (such as your Pastor), so they can start praying
for their friends.
- Put names on cards that can be handed out to people in your church
so they can be praying for specific friends.
- Put the names on the list for the driver coordinator, so they can com-
pile the names and addresses by logical driving areas and develop a
plan for pickups the night of the STORM. If you put the names on a
data base or spreadsheet and one of your leaders has a map pro-
gram, you could import that database into your map program, and
the drivers would have locations right on their maps for the first pick-
- Do not get discouraged if they don‘t turn in names or if they say they
don‘t know any unsaved.
- Don‘t give out the assignments ahead of time, or they might be
tempted to miss the Orientation.
- Put each name on small 1‖ by 1‖ post-it notes and have a cross drawn
on a large poster board. On one side of the cross put ―Unsaved‖ and
on the other side put ―Saved.‖ Put the post it notes of their unsaved
friends‘ name on the unsaved side. This is an awesome visual of teens
who need salvation.
- Don‘t have students invite their friends ahead of time!!! The key is to
catch them by surprise.
c. Order counseling materials and become familiar with them

In Indiana, a van pulled up with 9 students getting

out and running for the door of a Junior High stu-
dent. The teen was at the window when they pulled
up and he saw them running for the door. Instead of
going to the door, he ran to his mom and said ―Mom
they are coming for me, can I go?‖ He did not even
know what it was about but he knew they had to be
coming to get him and he wanted to be in on it!

2. One week before STORM

a. Have another exciting announcement/promo skit.
b. Print Parent Flyers and STORM Tracker Cards (See Appendix page A-12).
c. Check on counseling materials
d. Get all props for Food, Games, Music and Sound Equipment.
e. Have a final planning meeting with all your coordinators, staff and coun-
f. Pray with your kids over the Top 10 List.
a. Orientation – this is the most critical part!
- All drivers and students must show up for the orientation.
Watch Orientation Video with drivers and students.
During the orientation if the teens have not been assigned to driv-
ers, make a list of all of your drivers present and assign teens to
the drivers.
After the Orientation and a time of prayer hand them a supply of
Parent Info sheets, registration cards and pencils.
- Give instructions for picking up friends:
ALL people in the car need to go to the door, including the driver.
Seeing all these people come to their door just makes them want to
Greet the Invitee with: ―How would you like to come and help us
eat 40 lbs. of ice cream? We are going to have singing, a game,
skit, and speaker and then after all that…40 lbs. of ice cream!‖
They need to start and end with the ice cream and put the speaker
in the center. If they come and don‘t know about the speaker, they
will feel as if you lied to them.
Be sure to give the invitee a flyer to take to their parents, with all
the information for the evening.
Whatever objection the invitee comes up with, your teens need to
come back with a creative answer.
―I have to do my homework!‖ Answer: ―That‘s great; we will be
back in 15 minutes to pick you up. That‘s enough time to finish up
your homework, right?‖
―I need to take a shower first.‖ Answer: ―How long will it take ...5
minutes? We can wait.‖
―I haven‘t eaten yet.‖ Answer: ―Well, we have 40 lbs of Ice Cream!‖
The only objection that is not an excuse is, ―My parents won‘t let

At one STORM, students went to a pick up their

friends but they had just returned from working the
farm and had to take a shower first. They said it
would take about five minutes, so the students told
them they would wait. Five minutes later they were
hopping out to the car putting on their shoes. One of
them trusted Christ that night.

If the invitee can go, before you get out to the car ask if the teen
knows a friend nearby who would like to help eat 40 lbs. of ice
cream. Even if they cannot go, ask them if they know somebody
nearby who would like to help eat 40 lbs of ice cream.
While in the car, have the visitor fill out the STORM Tracker Card
that they will hand in when they arrive at the church.
When your car is full, drop off your load at the church and return to
pick up more friends. It is possible that some cars may hit zero,
but they can‘t stop trying until 10 minutes before the meeting be-

At a STORM, there was a junior high boy who only
knew one person, his neighbor. The neighbor was
not able to go, but the students asked if he knew
anybody who would like to eat 40 lbs. of ice cream.
The result was that five other students came, and
ALL trusted Christ!

b. Suggested STORM Schedule:

4:45-5:15 STORM Starts (Orientation)

5:15-6:45 STORM the Town
6:00-6:45 Greeting students and FUN! Leaders welcome
visitors and collect their STORM Tracker Cards
6:45-6:58 Pre-meeting games
7:00-7:05 Start with five minutes of upbeat singing
7:05-7:10 Game
7:10-7:18 Minute skit and Announcements
7:18-7:28 Meditative singing to prepare for Gospel message
7:28-8:05 Thirty-minute evangelistic message with
8:05-8:15 Challenge to students while counseling is being
done with those who trusted Christ
8:15 40 lbs. of ice cream! (Or whatever food you have
8:45 Thank them for coming; then take them home.

After the meeting: Moving the post it notes. A powerful visual is if you
used the poster board with the ―Cross‖ and ―Saved,‖ ―Unsaved‖ on it.
Have the teens move their friend‘s post-it note from ―unsaved‖ to
―Saved‖ side of the cross. Also make up post-it -notes for those who
trusted Christ who were not on the original notes, and put them on the
―Saved‖ Side.

TIMELINE c. Follow-Up on ALL the decisions
- Make sure everyone knows where the counseling room is for teens
who trust Christ during the Gospel message.
- Decide who will greet the students in the counseling room and match
them up with a counselor.
- Have counselors find out what decision the students made to be sure
they understand, and record their names and addresses on the deci-
sion slips for follow-up.
- Book the first follow-up meeting on the way home from the event, as
the decision is fresh on their hearts.
- Book the second follow-up meeting during the first meeting.
- Have LCM follow-up books available.
- Encourage everyone who came to bring all their friends to Superbowl
Follow-up Material
Our interactive Discipleship Series gives you the tools to energize an effective discipleship
ministry, helping spiritually young believers understand the important biblical truths that
will firmly root and establish them in Christ.

(On left hand side of homepage, click

―resources,‖ then ―Discipleship‖ to view ―Follow
-up Materials‖)

Biblical Beliefs
The six lessons in this initial title on discipleship introduce a
person to foundational truths to help him know Christ, grow in
a walk with Him, and show that in their life. These lessons
teach about God the Father, Christ the Savior, the Holy Spirit,
the importance of prayer, the value of a daily quiet time, and
how to handle temptation.

Growing Biblically in Your Faith

The second title of our series takes the one you‘re discipling to
the next level. This series of six lessons enables you to teach
stability through biblical practices, such as the importance of
church attendance, baptism, and communion. They also focus
on personal growth through dealing with such topics as eter-
nal security, doubting one‘s salvation, and Scripture memory.

HOW TO CONDUCT COUNSELING How to Conduct Counseling

1. During the message.

a. Half of the counselors are in sitting with the students.
b. The other half of counselors are in the hallway or off to the side or back,
praying for specific names and for the Holy Spirit to work in lives.

2. During the invitation

a. When the speaker asks the teens who prayed the sinner's prayer to raise
their hands, discreetly look around to see who is raising their hands. Bow
your head and start praying for them.
b. When the speaker asks for the teens who prayed the prayer to stand and
move (to front, back or side), stand and move with them.
c. If none of your students move, yet some have raised their hands, go to each
and ask if they want you to go forward with them. If they say ―no‖ or shake
their head ―no,‖ don‘t push. Just back off and go out to see if they need

3. During the counseling

See the Counseling Flow Chart on the next page.


Introduce yourself and ask for their first name

Ask why they came forward

If they say they prayed the sinners If they are not sure, ask if they prayed
prayer - then ask if they have ever the sinners prayer with the speaker.
prayed something like that before.

If the answer is ―no,‖ then If the answer is ―yes,‖ If they did not pray the
overview the Two Families ask why they felt they sinners prayer, ask if
sheet found in the next needed to pray again. you can share Scrip-
page of the Appendix. If Was it because they ture about how they
you have your Bible, in- did not mean it the can get to Heaven. If
stead of the Two Families first time or did not yes, then lead them
Plan, have them read out understand? (If ―yes‖ through the Two Fami-
loud Rom 3:23, 6:23 and to this, then mark Sal- lies Plan found on the
10:9,10. After each vation on the decision next page in the Ap-
verse, ask them what that slip) Or did they mean pendix, or just use
verse means to them. If it before, but they your Bible and take
they understand these have sin in their life them through the Ro-
verses, ask them if they that they need to deal mans Road. Ask them
truly meant what they with? (If ―yes‖ then if they would like to
said to God. Their answer mark ―Assurance‖ on receive Christ as their
should be ―Yes!‖ the decision slip) Savior right now?

Have them read John 10:27-30. Take out a quarter and share that this quarter
represents them. Put the quarter in their hand and ask them to hold it tight. This
represents them in Jesus‘ Hand. Have them wrap their other hand around the
hand with the quarter in it and share that this represents God‘s Hands. Ask them
how easy it would be to get that quarter out of their hands. Then share that in
God‘s Word, it says that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit. Pretend there is an un
-cut-up-able, un-blow-up-able steel bag around their hands. How hard would it
be to get that quarter out of their hands? (Impossible!) That is how hard it is to
get them out of God‘s hands if, indeed they trusted Christ as their Savior.

Help them realize that sin will come even when they are saved. They need to
understand the principle of Sonship and Fellowship. Take them to 1 John 1:9.
Ask them if when they do something of which their parents disapprove, do they
want to be around their parents? No! That is loss of fellowship! Yet their parents
don‘t say ―Okay, you are not my child anymore!‖ No! They do not lose their
―Sonship (Daughtership).‖ To restore fellowship with their parents they need to
admit they did wrong and ask forgiveness. Reread 1 John 1:9 and that is what
God desires of us. We do not lose Sonship with Him, but we do need to restore
―fellowship‖ by admitting our sins and asking for forgiveness. Discuss when they
should ask for that forgiveness. (As soon as they know they have sinned—right
where they are.) Have prayer with them and fill out the decision slip (press
hard with pen or pencil). Give them the bottom copy and take them to the head
counselor for the head counselor to encourage them and to give the top two de-
cision slips to the head counselor.
HOW TO CONDUCT COUNSELING Two Families / Salvation Plan


Church Membership

Satan’s Good works God’s

Family Family

Eternal Torment (Hell)

You can use the chart above or draw the visual on whatever you have. I have even drawn
this in the sand doing beach evangelism. We have used the Gospel of John as the main
verse for each point if all you have is a Gospel of John. Put in other verses if you choose to
use your Bible.

The Bible teaches that we are part of either God‘s Family or Satan‘s Family. There is no in-
between. Have them read John 8:44 (alternate verse Romans 3:10 and 23) and share that
we are born into Satan‘s Family. (Point to the circle on the left) There is truly no one good
in all things. That includes me and that includes you. (Always point at yourself first when
you say this.)

Because we are part of Satan‘s Family, we are headed to a place called hell. (Follow the
lower arrow to ―Place of Torment‖). John 5:24 (Alternate verses are Romans 6:23a and
Revelation 20:14-15). It is a place of everlasting torment and total separation from God.
Does this sound like a good place to end up? (If they say they don‘t believe in hell—you
can reply that if you said there was no gravity and jumped off Sears tower, my mind would
be changed when I hit the ground. To disbelieve does not negate a fact).

(Have them read John 14:6 (alternate verses are Ephesians 2:8-9 and Matthew 7:21-23).
Some try to make it to Gods family through Baptism but end up in Hell (Follow arrow
downward on each point). Some try to get to Heaven by good works but it falls short of
God‘s Family and they go to hell as well. Some try to get to heaven by joining a church, but
Jesus says only through Him, not an organization, does a person come to the Father—it is
still a work and they fall short and go to hell as well.

Have them reread John 14:6 as well as John 3:15-16 and John 1:12 (alternative verses are
Romans 5:8, 6:23b and Romans 10:9 & 13). Help them realize that we cannot get there on
our own, but only through Jesus can we become part of God‘s Family. Jesus sinless life,
death and resurrection is our bridge from Satan‘s Family to God‘s Family. All they have to
do is:
Admit they are a sinner. (Do you understand that you are a sinner?)
Believe that the only way to God is through Jesus (Do you understand that Jesus is
the only way to Heaven according to God‘s Word?).
Call on Jesus to be their Savior. (Don‘t just say words but truly believe what they are
If they have never asked Jesus as Savior ask if they would like to ask Jesus to be their
Savior right now.

Sample Sinners Prayer (if you help them to pray—pause at each hyphen break)
Dear Heavenly Father---Please forgive me a sinner.---Jesus, I believe you died for me---
Jesus, I believe you shed your blood for me---Jesus, I believe God raised you from the
dead---I believe you are the only way to heaven---I accept you now---as my personal
FOLLOW-UP VISITATION IDEA Cookie Patrol Visitation

This is a non-confrontational way to see and encourage visitors be a part of the

youth ministry. Either have the teens or senior saints bake about eight to a dozen
cookies per visitor you plan to visit (Chocolate Chip cookies are best). Wrap the
cookies on the plate and tape an envelope to the wrapping that has a signed ―Thank
you‖ card by some of the teens in it with the following in it:

―Thank you for joining us at our STORM meeting last ------ (put day of the
STORM). We have a great time getting together each week at (time) on (day
of the week). We would like to have you back so we can get to know each
other and more about God in our lives. If we can help you or encourage you,
please call us at -----(phone number of leader or designated teen), or email
us at ------. As you eat these cookies, may they remind you of the ―Sweet
Time‖ of learning and fun you can have with us as we learn more about how
God cares about us.

Praying for you!!!‖

When you assemble these plates—pray as a group before you go out. One or two
teens and a leader should be on a ―team‖ to deliver the cookies. If the teen is home,
thank him or her verbally for coming to the STORM and share the next meeting and
next event with them. (Leave a flyer if you have one). This is a great time to en-
courage them to come and bring their friends to Superbowl. Ask if they have any
questions for you at that time. If they don‘t have any questions, thank them again
and tell them to enjoy the cookies. Leave with a smile.

If no one is home, try to leave the plate in a safe place where they can find it. Per-
haps have plastic bags to put the plate in and hang from the handle of the door.
Make sure their name is on the envelope.

Pray for the students you visited as you travel back to the church.

Skit Ideas

Peanut Butter Deodorant

(Gross but funny skit!)

Props: peanut butter, bread, jacket for the nervous guy that hides his pit stains at

3 characters: girl, guy, and another guy who has large pit stains on his shirt.

Nervous boy comes over (wearing a jacket over his pit-stained shirt) to girl's
house to pick her up for a date.

Brother of girl answers door, small talk, and asks nervous guy to take off his

Nervous guy refuses, and eventually does, revealing amazingly huge pit stains on

The girl's brother asks him about it, the guy says he just gets too nervous some-
times, and he wishes there was something he could do about it.

The girl's brother says he used to have the same problem, before he found the
best deodorant ever: peanut butter.

The brother demonstrates, by showing his peanut butter-covered pits.

The nervous guy is impressed, and liberally, and I mean liberally, applies it to his

Just then, the girl enters, says something like "Hey Steve, are you ready to go?"

And then the nervous guy, who is now confident, says, "Why bother going out for
dinner? Dinner's on me!"

Then the girl gets a couple of pieces of bread that are sitting somewhere close and
wipes them on his pits and eats them like a sandwich.

Blind Date

A guy and a girl are on a blind date. As they go through the ―getting-to-know-you‖
motions, he realizes that she is actually blind, so he starts doing all sorts of crazy
things. (This skit is only as funny as the guy you have doing the stupid things).
Finally she tells him that she‘s only blind in one eye.

Skit Ideas
Doctor's Office

The scene opens with a receptionist at a doctor's office. A person comes in and
asks to see the doctor. The receptionist says the doctor is busy and to please take
a seat. A second person comes in to see the doctor. This person has an obvious
problem: Hives. He/she is continually scratching. Second person asks to see the
doctor and is told to wait and sit down. Second Person sits down next to first per-
son. Eventually, the first person starts scratching and the second person stops.
Second person is cured and leaves the office. A third person enters the office with
a dog bark. Third person continually barks like a dog. He asks to see the doctor
and is told to wait. The third person sits down next to the first person. The third
person eventually stops barking while the first person continues to scratch and
then starts barking like a dog. The third person leaves cured. The first person con-
tinues to bark and scratch. A fourth person enters the office. This fourth person
has a repeatable head tick. The person violently jerks his head back every few
seconds. The fourth person asks to see the doctor and sits down. First person con-
tinues to scratch and bark and then starts a head tick. The fourth stops and is
cured and leaves. First person is sitting there with a head tick, barking and
scratching. Finally, girl comes into the office obviously pregnant. The first person
who is now barking, scratching and ticking takes one look at the girl and runs out
of the office screaming, "Oh no!"

The Invisible Bench

This skit can involve up to nine people. Any more can get boring for the audience!

Person 1: walks on and sits down on the invisible bench (facing the audience).

Person 2: walks on, stops to look at Person 1 and asks, ―What are you doing?‖

Person 1: ―Sitting on the invisible bench.‖

Person 2: ―Oh! Okay, Can I join you then?‖ (Person 2 joins Person 1)

Persons 3-7: (or however many you use) They come on one at a time and ask the
same questions and joins them on the bench.

Person 9: Finally-walks on, stops and asks everyone, ―What are you doing?‖
Everyone: ―We are sitting on the invisible bench!‖

Person 9: ―But the invisible bench is over there!‖ (pointing)

Everyone: Look at each other, pause, their eyes get wide, they fall over back-

Skit Ideas
Clumsy Grocery Guy

This skit requires three people and a few props—a long table set up to look like a
grocery store checkout counter. Also, a vest or apron is needed for the checkout
guy. The grocery clerk stands behind the table/checkout counter with his arms be-
hind his back. Another person is behind him with his arms around checkout guy.
(Checkout guy doesn't use his arms during the entire skit. The person behind him
is his arms - great if you can rig a shirt that the checker wears, yet the person be-
hind sticks his arms through).

The skit begins when a lady comes up to the checkout counter with several items
she wants to purchase. (Choose a wide variety of items...bread, potato chips, toi-
let paper, broccoli, eggs, etc.) The checkout guy is rude and clumsy. He smashes
the bread while he is bagging, opens the bag of chips and begins to eat them,
breaks some eggs, etc.—you get the point. The lady is very upset, asking for the
manager, etc. The skit is completely ad-lib—make it up as you go along. What
makes it so funny is that the checkout guy has no idea what the guy behind him
will do next with his hands...Be sure to spread a drop cloth...the more messy it
gets, the better the kids like it... End the skit by having a manager—type person
come out and break up an ensuing brawl between the checkout guy and the cus-

JC Penny

You can have as many people as you want dong this skit. The first person comes
and sits down.

The second person comes out, and the first person says, "I like your shirt. Where
did you get it?"

The second person says, "JC Penny."

The third person comes out and the first person says the same thing, "I like your
jeans. Where did you get them?"

The third person says, "JC Penny."

You can have this exchange with as many people as you want, complimenting
their shoes, socks, jacket, etc.

Finally, after all of the people walk out, a boy comes out in a towel (with shorts
under), and nothing else on.

The first person says, "Who are you?"

The boy says, "I am JC Penny."
Skit Ideas
The Pencil Salesman

[Sales Manager and Dumb Salesman enter.]

Manager: Now I want you to pay close attention to me, so you can become a great

Salesman: Duhh, okay.

Manager: First you hold your pencils in you hand and say, "Pencils for sale." Prac-
tice saying that.

Salesman: Pencils for sale, pencils for sale, etc.

Manager: Okay, that's enough. Next, the first question people will ask you is,
"How much are they?" and you will say, "Ten cents. Three for a quarter."

Salesman: "Ten cents. Three for a quarter."

Manager: Right. They will ask you, "What color are they?" and you will tell them,

Salesman: "Yellow, yellow!"

Manager: Good. Then the person will buy one or else he will say, "No, I don't want
to buy one," and you will say, "If you don't, somebody else will."

Salesman: If you don't somebody else will.

Manager: Very good. Now, let's practice it once and then you are on your own.
(They go through the questions and answers).

[Now the salesman is alone on the street corner calling out "Pencils for sale." The
first customer enters in a hurry, the salesman doesn't notice him, turns around,
hits the customer and knocks him to the ground. He gets up, begins to dust off

Customer: (outraged) Do you know how much this suit cost me?

Salesman: Ten cents, three for a quarter.

Customer: (furious now) What's the matter with you? What do you think I am?

Salesman: Yellow.

Customer: Say, would you like me to punch you in the nose?

Salesman: If you don't somebody else will.

[Customer begins to beat the salesman up and both run off stage.]

Skit Ideas

Big Rig

Materials: several deodorants: spray, roll-on, pump, and solid. Slices of bread or
bun, jar of peanut butter, tank top.

Your character is a truck driver named Buck. He comes out, sits down, and starts
talking about how he drives the b-i-i-i-i-g r-i-i-i-g all over (the towns around your
area). But as he drives he gets ―powerful smelly‖ and not just your average smelly
either. And here Buck falls into a rambling discourse about how smelly he is. "I‘m
talkin‘ real smelly-just-got-my-nose-caught-under-the-belly-of-a-dead-fish-smelly,
stuck-my-head-in-a-hamper-smelly, dog-died-got-stuffed-in-a-closet-smelly, had-

And so I tried me a roll on." Buck applies the roll on liberally. "I figure nothin‘
could beat the ol‘ rooolllll on. So I‘s drivin‘ down the road again going ‗Man do I
smell mighty fine!,‘ until I pull up into a truck stop and the lady behind the counter
says, ‗Wooooeeeee, do you smell bad!‘ and I did. I stink! And I‘m not talkin‘ a little
bad. I‘m talkin‘ dead fish washed up on shore, smelly ol‘ dress sock been sittin‘ in
my closet, skunk plastered to my radiator grill stuck my gym shorts in an ol locker
SMELLY! So I decided to use some of that there pump (apply pump liberally to
both sides.), and then I say ‗I‘m smellin‘ mighty fine. but you know somethin‘ I
barely drove five miles and I don‘t smell fine at all. I smell really bad. I smell…
(you figure it out).

Anyway, Buck then applies the stick and reenacts the smelly stuff, finds out he still
doesn‘t smell good and goes through the same with the aerosol. Buck finally says,
"But I finally found something that does work. Peanut Butter!" Buck now applies
the PB to the armpits. "Yep! A little bit of peanut butter and I smell mighty fine
while I‘m driving the big rig! But y‘know, when I‘m driving the big rig, sometimes I
get powerful hungry! That‘s why I carry a candy bar with me (pulls a Hershey‘s)
and so from time to time I make myself a little snack!" Buck swabs the candy bar
in the armpits and takes a big bite. "And now I don‘t get hungry while driving the
big rig!"

STORM Tracker STORM Tracker
Name: Name:
Address: _______________ Address: _______________
City/State/Zip: City/State/Zip:
Email Address: _____ Email Address: _____
Phone: Phone:
Birthdate: Birthdate:
Grade: Grade:
Where you go to church: Where you go to church:
My favorite music: __________ My favorite music: __________
I would name my pet ant: I would name my pet ant:

STORM Tracker STORM Tracker

Name: Name:
Address: _______________ Address: _______________
City/State/Zip: City/State/Zip:
Email Address: _____ Email Address: _____
Phone: Phone:
Birthdate: Birthdate:
Grade: Grade:
Where you go to church: Where you go to church:
My favorite music: __________ My favorite music: __________
I would name my pet ant: I would name my pet ant:

STORM Tracker STORM Tracker

Name: Name:
Address: _______________ Address: _______________
City/State/Zip: City/State/Zip:
Email Address: _____ Email Address: _____
Phone: Phone:
Birthdate: Birthdate:
Grade: Grade:
Where you go to church: Where you go to church:
My favorite music: __________ My favorite music: __________
I would name my pet ant: I would name my pet ant:

STORM Tracker STORM Tracker

Name: Name:
Address: _______________ Address: _______________
City/State/Zip: City/State/Zip:
Email Address: _____ Email Address: _____
Phone: Phone:
Birthdate: Birthdate:
Grade: Grade:
Where you go to church: Where you go to church:
My favorite music: __________ My favorite music: __________
I would name my pet ant: I would name my pet ant: