The Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commission of India, New Delhi. Sub: Election Manifesto: Their implementation. Greetings, Through this petition for the consideration of learned Election Commission of India, we crave leave to invite your kind attention to the implementation part of the Election Manifestos released by different political parties before or after the announcement of Elections. We have enough experience of the past that once the elections are over, the political parties do not attach any importance to their respective manifestos and no accountability is ever taken by any political party to explain as to why certain promises made in the manifesto were not fulfilled. It is further regretted that in most of the cases, the political parties in power do not take even a single step to move forward in direction of fulfillment of their commitments made in the manifesto. Such an attitude runs contrary to the spirit of democracy. Following the same practice, in the process of current elections to Lok Sabha, different political parties have released their respective poll manifestos which contain many commitments and promises. Through this petition, we urge upon you to take effective steps to ensure that political parties after obtaining power must adhere to their respective poll manifesto. It is a matter of satisfaction that Hon'ble Supreme Court in its judgment dated 5th July 2013 in SLP(C) No. 21455 of2008 ( S. Subramaniam Balaji Vs Govt. of Tamil Nadu and Others)has directed the Election Commission to frame guidelines with regard to the contents of election manifestos in consultation with all the recognized political parties.Accordingly, the Commission has included election manifesto as a part of Model Code of Conduct and as such has issued guidelines for framing the election manifesto. In this context, we have to submit as under:

a. That an election promise is a commitment made to the citizen by political parties in their bid to win elections through Election Manifesto which remains at a centre stage as long as process of election remains continued. b. That election manifestos assumes much significance in as much as it is construed as a solemn declaration by a political party that if it comes to power, it will make all endeavors to fulfill the commitments made in election manifesto and therefore appeal to the citizens to vote for such party. By making such vote appeal on the basis of election manifesto, the political parties entered into a verbal contract with the citizens and thus the political party is under obligation to fulfill the promises made in the election manifesto. c. That as per our past experience, we have reason to believe that even after attaining power, the party in power gives scant respect to election manifestos and it is a general perception that election promises are broken. It is also regarded as an issue which disaffects people from the political process and citizens loosing interest in elections. Prayer a. That the Election Commission is under obligation to ensure that during the process of elections, the Election Manifestos issued by different political parties, by adhering to guidelines of the Election Commission as stipulated in Model Code of Conduct, should be implemented by the party or parties in power. b. That the Election Commission may issue appropriate directions to the political parties in order to attain the above object banning post poll alliance. c. Any other order or direction which the learned Election Commission may deem fit. We shall be grateful if an opportunity of personal hearing may be accorded to us to argue our case in person. Thanking you yours truly, Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA chapter in India, C-38, Rose Apartment, Prashant Vihar, sector-14, Rohini, Delhi – 110085. Mobile: 9813010595, 9313312099. Email: and

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