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MAY 2014 - Volume 10 - Number 5



36th Street Cycle Track Public Meeting


[Layout A] A cross section of the full Cycle Track/Pedestrian Zone on 36th Street between Dupont Avenue and Lake Calhoun. (Illustration courtesy of Minneapolis Department of Public Works)

The original library (at left in background) was built in 1911 across the street from the new Walker Library (at right in foreground), now open at 2880 Hennepin Avenue. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)


City looks for feedback from public at May 6 presentation

Minneapolis Bicycle Planner Simon Blenski will discuss the 36th Street Cycle Track from 6-7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6 at Saint Marys Greek Orthodox Church (3450 Irving Avenue). The goal of this project is to provide pedestrian and bicycle improvements between Lake Calhoun and Bryant Avenue. The protected bikeway and pedestrian path project extends along 36th Street between East Calhoun Pkwy/Richfield Road (Lake Calhoun) and Bryant Avenue.
TRACK page 12

New Walker Non-Fatal Bus Pedestrian Library Now Open Accident at 36th and Hennepin
Grand opening held April 26
The new Hennepin County Walker Library, at 2880 Hennepin Ave. opened with a celebration April 26. The $12 million library on the northwest corner of Hennepin and Lagoon Avenues has strong street-level presence compared to its predecessor, an underground library, in the same location. Highlights of the new library include: flexible spaces for reading,
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2320 Colfax Demo Gets Another Chance

Full City Council must make final call
By Bruce Cochran
The Citys Zoning & Planning Committee has granted Michael Crows appeal to raze his property at 2320 Colfax Ave. Crow plans on selling the property to Lander Group developers who may build an apartment building in its place. The Zoning & Planning decision comes after an extended fight that began in October 2012 over the future of the property. After the Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) declared the building an historic property, Crow appealed the decision. The HPC denied Crows appeal in March and he immediately appealed to the Zoning & Planning Committees April 17 meeting.

Just before 3 p.m. on April 7, a Metro Transit Bus Route 114 was making a left turn from Hennepin Avenue onto eastbound 36th Street and struck a pedestrian crossing the intersection, knocking him to the ground. The bus driver stopped the bus and reported the incident. Authorities arrived within minutes and transported the individual, who was conscious and breathing, to Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) with non-life threatening injuries. The driver tested negative for drugs and alcohol and was placed on leave pending an administrative investigation per standard procedure.

Minneapolis Fire, Police, and an ambulance respond to a bus pedestrian accident at 36th Street and Hennepin Avenue on April 7. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

HUGE goes big for 8th TC Improv Festival

By Gabrielle Landsverk
Christmas in June? For once, this isnt about this years seemingly endless winter misery, but counting down the days to the Twin Cities Improvisation Festival produced by theater group Five Man Job in collaboration with Huge Theater. Its improviser Christmas, said Butch Roy, Executive Director of HUGE Improv Theater, located at 3037 Lyndale Ave. S. We get so anxious to reveal [performers] to everybody. Its like knowing whats
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How Close is Too Close? Win 2 FREE Movie Tickets to Landmark Theaters
(see details on page 11)

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Performing at the Twin Cities Improvisation Festival are (left to right) Mike Fotis, Butch Roy, Jake Scott (in front of Jill Bernard) and Eric Knobel. (Photo
by Jen Van Kaam)

2 - MAY 2014

Opinion Exchange
Uptown could use a boutique hotel
By Bruce Cochran
As residents living in the community, we habitually have to react to presentations made about developments coming to our neighborhood. Ive often thought it would be helpful to have specific ideas about what we want in our community to support the dialogue about planningacting, instead of reacting. I have seen projects come and go that have included hotels as part of the plans where I thought What a great idea!, so this got me thinking. variety of restaurants and bars. All are very easily accessible by walking, biking or busing. Tourists wouldnt need to rent a car and that would enhance their experience. Furthermore, wouldnt it be great if you could give your visiting friends and relatives a better and more convenient choice when visiting you in Uptown? Instead of the tiny mattress on the floor or sharing a room with your curious cat, they could opt to stay within walking distance and be assured a full nights rest on their vacation. To be fair, Im not really sure how this idea will happen. I suppose it may only be realized when the planets align for banks, developers and the community. Maybe the City would have the motivation after recognizing how it would benefit the tourism industry. Maybe we can help the City realize its a good idea. Until then, Ill be pumping up the air mattress. Bruce Cochran resides in the CARAG Neighborhood.

Making Minneapolis a Technology Hub

Council Member Bender invites public to panel talks
Tenth Ward Council Member Lisa Bender invites the public to the second of her 2014 Ten Talks on Monday, April 28from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Republic in Calhoun Square. This month the panel asks the question of what Minneapolis can do to become the technology hub of the Midwest. Minneapolis CEOs and entrepreneurs Nancy Lyons of Clockwork and Kyle Coolbroth of CoCo will join City of Minneapolis Director of Economic Policy and Development Cathy Polasky.

CARAG Neighborhood

East Isles Neighborhood


ECCO Neighborhood
612.821.0131 612.377.5023 311

Lowry Hill E. Neighborhood Minneapolis Information Mpls. Park & Rec. Board
Brad Bourn 612.230.6443 ext. 6 Anita Tabb 612.230.6400 ext. 4

Our neighborhood encapsulates a great snapshot of what Minnesota has to offer.

Mpls. Public Schools


City Councilperson (Ward 10) Lisa Bender


If tourists come to Minneapolis they can either stay at the airport, in the suburbs, or downtown. But imagine if they could stay in Uptown. Our neighborhood encapsulates a great snapshot of what Minnesota has to offer. Uptown has historic architecture, the lakes, endless bike trails, theater, film, exercise clubs, salons, diverse retail shopping, grocery stories, and a constantly expanding

Mayor Betsy Hodges State Senator (60) D. Scott Dibble



State Representative (61A) Frank Hornstein


State Representative (61B) Paul Thissen

651.296.5375 651.201.3400

Governor Mark Dayton U.S. Congressman (5th) Keith Ellison



Traditional Worship 10:30am Jazz Worship

Friday, May 30, 7pm

Minne Film Festival: a free evening of local short lms

28th & Garfield

DEADLINE for submissions to The Uptown Neighborhood News is THE 15TH OF THE PREVIOUS MONTH (email: uptownnews

U.S. Senator Al Franken

Lowry Hill East residents gathered on April 16 for the Lowry Hill East (Wedge) Annual Meeting at Jefferson Elementary. In order to prioritize neighborhood issues, planners asked attendees to place stickers on their preferred topics. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)


U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar President Barack Obama



Lyndale United Church of Christ

in SpringHouse Ministry Center (3 churches, 1 building)

Join us Sunday mornings for a powerful experience of community and encountering Gods presence. 9:15am Education For All Ages 10:30am Worship
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Divine Liturgy Sunday 9:30 am
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Contributing Writers Bruce Cochran, Gabrielle Landsverk, Beth Marsh, Lyndel Owens, Wendy Schadewald, Monica Smith, Jessica Van Gilder Newspaper Circulation CARAG/ECCO/Uptown Circulation: Bill Boudreau, Justin Jagoe

MAY 2014
FEST from 1


under the Christmas tree. Roy, along with other performers from Brave New Workshop and Huge Theater, began the festival after noticing that Minneapolis, unlike other big cities, didnt have any events that gathered local groups to meet and perform together. It became really obvious that theres a really high level of talent in the Minneapolis improv community and a lot of terrific improv groups that dont get adequately showcased, Roy said. 2014 will be the festivals 8th year running, and Roy hopes it will be the biggest yet with 12 national groups and 18 local groups performing throughout 5 days of improvisational theater. Last years festival was the best attended so far. Although the theater seats 100 people, the space seems much smaller because its nearly always packed, particularly for the festival. Roy recommends buying tickets in advance. Its a great problem to have, Roy said regarding selling 85 percent of all available tickets last year, and of the fact that many shows sold out. Despite the festivals popularity, Roy adds the theater is constantly trying to build its audience and put local groups, as well as improvisation in general, in the spotlight. The whole point is to raise the visibility, Roy said. People come for out-of-town guests, and we end up introducing them to a [local] group thats here all the time, Roy said. One of the challenges, Roy says, is trying to describe performances to people not familiar with improv, or who might only think of it in terms of Whose Line Is It Anyway; Roy describes the world of improv as a whole universe of possibilities. Its astonishing what youll see on the stage, Roy said. Previous acts have included dancers, musical performances, and impromptu silent films using audience members iPods as the soundtracks. One highlight from this years show is Frankenmatt, a nationally known improv duo from Los Angeles, Calif. Performers Matthew Craig and Frank Caeti say their shows are unique for the fast pace at which they invent and build off of ideas, which is essential when the show depends entirely on the two of them. Neither of us leaves stage, nor do we have time to, Caeti said. It tends to be a very different every show. Craig adds that this high-speed, high-pressure performance style is both more difficult and more satisfying than other types of improv hes done. Its the most rewarding thing

Ive ever done because its the most challenging thing Ive ever done, Craig said. Craig, who has lived and performed in the Twin Cities before, is looking forward to returning for the festival. Ive spent some time in the twin cities and its fun to go back whenever I can, Craig said. Other groups will be visiting the Twin Cities for the first time to perform in this years festival, like Chicago-based Hugs and Pullups, composed of performers Meg Kennedy, John Stiens, and Brian Vabulas. This improv trio starts by looking at a picture from a random audience members phone, and then creates scenes and a storyline based on that image. Pullups applied to the festival this year after a friends recommendation. We have heard nothing but great things about the Twin Cities improv scene and the HUGE Theater, so we were excited at the prospect of participating! Also, to be in the same area as where they perform and record A Prairie Home Companion [will be] exciting, the group wrote in an email. Another newcomer, also from Chicago, is the Spotty Truth. Although theyve never been to Minneapolis, performer Sam Martin said the local improv community has a great reputation. Weve heard that improv in the Twin Cities is very much like Chicago, on a smaller scale but no less amazing. Im looking forward to it, Martin said. The six members of the Spotty Truth specialize in creating on-the-spot biographies of fictional characters and audience members. Member Patrick de Nicola said the group started just over a year ago by looking for types of improv that werent yet being done in Chicago. Biography, especially comedic retelling of the audience members own experiences, was unique to the scene.

We were trying to create an E! True Hollywood story out of an audience members life, de Nicola said. Martin said that the goal is to create a compelling narrative. We try to tell a really good story first, and make it a comedy second, he added. The comedic aspect, according to Martin, comes from taking small details of the persons life, exaggerating them to epic proportions, and finding a way to tie all this hyperbole together in a way that makes a complete, and surprising, story. The most rewarding part is to make a hero out of the person who we bring onstage, Martin said. Roy, who despite having spent the last 18 years in improv had no previous background in theater before improv, said one of the best aspects of improv is the sense that everyone can do it. Many performers, no matter how experienced, even get the pre-show jitters. If we dont get to warm-up together as a group, immediately my mind is going into panic mode a little bit, said de Nicola. Roy also reported being nervous before every show, and explained that this makes him feel like hes challenging himself every time he goes onstage. It should be a little bit scary in that you dont know whats going to happen, but in the best way possible, Roy said. Craig agreed, adding that this tension is what makes improv worth doing, and worth going to see as an audience member. The ultimate reward is the risk, getting up there and saying We dont know, Craig said. Unlike scripted plays, every performance, even by the same group of people, is completely distinct. For the festival, each double- or triple-billed show, according to Roy, has been carefully selected to pair groups with similar, or in same cases

entertainingly dissimilar, styles of improv to give both audiences and performers a unique experience. Come check it out because the show that you see will never be done again. It only happens for

that audience in that room. Its just for you, Roy said. To see the full lineup of performers or purchase tickets, visit HUGE Theater at 3037 Lyndale Ave. S. or online at

An interior view of the kids area in the new Hennepin County Walker Library.
(Photo courtesy of Hennepin County Library

WALKER from 1

studying and gathering; increased access to technology; improved pedestrian and bicycle access; and parking. It will use daylight harvesting and recycled, local and renewable materials. A community advisory committee composed of area residents and other stakeholders developed a community-based vision for the library. They brought local perspectives and ideas to the librarys planning and design process. Construction began in fall 2012, and the library was built and enclosed in 2013. The new Walker Library will offer roughly 15,000 square feet of usable space for staff and patrons. The previous library, which opened in 1981 and was renovated in 1995, offered approximately 10,900 square feet of usable space. For more information about the new Walker Library visit

real estate | construction

Renovate or move?
If youre wrestling with this decision, time to call the experts.
Metamorphosis: providing honest, informed and creative answers to your housing questions.

BC. 20628624

NARs sustainable property designation




Joyce Open House

The Joyce Uptown Food Shelf is holding an Open House, Saturday, May 3rd, from 3-6 p.m. at 3041 Fremont Avenue. The public is invited for treats and prizes and to come and see what non-profit service is about and visualize what it takes to serve the hungry. Joyce Uptown Food Shelf established its own 501c3 status apart from Joyce Church and opened in August 2013 across the street from the churchs location, which closed in December 2012.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

trust your wanderlust

trust your wanderlust

c Uptown Neighborhood News

4 - MAY 2014

crime & safety

Fifth Precinct Open House
Tuesday May 13, 5-7 pm
The public is invited to this opportunity to learn about the police department the Fifth Precinct headquarters, 3101 Nicollet Avenue South. Many City police units will be in attendance, including K9, Mounted Patrol (the horses), the Bomb Squad with their robots and much more. The police band plays music and there's free food and refreshments.

Crimes By Location
Aggravated Assaults Arson Auto Theft Burglary Business Burglary Residential Domestic Aggr. Assault R Rape

March 11 - April 7
Burglary Residential includes garages, attached or unattached, and may include unlocked or open doors. Map Notes Larger icons represent more recent activity within the four week period.

Chelsea Adams, Crime Prevention Specialist 612.673.2819 or

For more information or questions

Chelsea Adams, Crime Prevention Specialist Minneapolis Police Department,5th Precinct or 612.673.5705

Robbery Business Robbery Person Shooting *Sound of Shots Fired Theft from Motor Vehicle
*ShotSpotter detects gunshots using multiple sensors, triangulates the position of the gunshot with great accuracy, and immediately alerts 911 operators, who can quickly dispatch police.

Simon Says

Larceny (Other Theft) Narcotics Arrest

Simon (right) the police dog takes a moment to stand at attention during the Lowry Hill East Annual Meeting. Simon and his handler, Officer Laurarose Turner (left) made a special appearance to bring attention to the Police K9 Invest Project: a program to raise money for bulletproof vests for Minnesota Police K9s. More information at (Photo
by Bruce Cochran)

Renter Advocacy Group Expands to Minneapolis

Tenants in Minneapolis can now receive free legal advice about renter rights.HOME Line, a nonprofit organization, provides free legal, organizing, educational and advocacy services so tenants throughout Minnesota can solve their own rental housing problems. You can receive free legal advice byemailing HOME Lines attorneys at or by calling the free Tenant Hotline at 612-728-5767. Learn more about HOME Line and their renter services at

Our Kitchen
36TH ST & BRYANT AVE S 612-825-3718


(6:30-9am, MON.-FRI.)

c Uptown Neighborhood News

Early Bird Special Coupon!

MAY 2014


Lyn-Lake Festival Returns After 1-year Hiatus

Break out the dancing shoes, skateboards, rollerblades, and bikes. Get ready to promenade, play checkers, and pitch in to help local community based organizations thrive. The spirit of celebration, unity and thanks is in the works for Lyn-Lake with the return of the fifth Lyn-Lake Street Festival this June. The Lyn-Lake Festival, which took a hiatus last year, is set for June 8 and will coincide with the fourth Open Streets Mpls, spanning Lyndale Avenue from 22nd to 42nd Street. I think we have to do this, says festival organizer John Meegan, co-owner of Top Shelf located at 3040 Lyndale Ave. I think the business community needs to come together on an event like this. We say thank you to the community that supports us. And it shows that we have life. Open Streets is a local nonprofit initiative supported by the Minneapolis Bike Coalition that gains permission to shut down major streets in Minneapolis for a specific time. This creates a space for people and businesses to mingle and build community on the street and outside of storefronts. This year, the Lyndale Avenue Open Streets event will be closed to vehicles, but welcoming of foot and bike traffic 10 a.m. 4 p.m. More information on Open Streets can be found at While Open Streets literally occupies Lyndale Avenue, the Lyn-Lake Street Festival, only steps away, will be boogying-down to seven local bands featured on two stages in the Garfield Avenue parking lot located just behind the Jungle Theater. Were happy the event is back. We know people missed it. Lyn-Lake missed having it, says Meegan. In addition to highlighting homegrown Minnesota music underpinned by a pedestrian-friendly festival, the LynLake Festival and Open Streets aim to lift the arts-centric vibe in the neighborhood. This is our favorite neighborhood, says Anna Nelson, co-owner of clothing and accessories boutique Serendipity Road with fianc Will Determan. So to be part of this neighborhood blows our mind, Determan adds. Nelson and Determan are spreading the word to LynLake area businesses about the market benefits of Open Streets. Were going to make it fun for everyone, Determan says. In total, six Open Street community events will be held in Minneapolis this summer season, spanning from May to September. Our role, says Nelson of their participation in making Open Streets successful, is basically to go around and be a neighbor face. The two are actively trying to unite the area business community to further boost the presence of the Lyn-Lake community and enhance the neighborhoods vibrancy. If we get more people attracted to it by promoting other businesses then we have more density and more people coming around, says Determan. All ships rise with the tide, so bring the tide, please. With this in mind, Nelson is organizing a make-over war during the Festival in which local salons and boutique will partner to face off against other salon-boutique pairings to see who can deliver the best new look to lucky participants. In reference to a winter boutique crawl, Nelson says, I want to continue doing events like that to encourage more businesses and be like Youre not my competition, youre not my competitor. The more wonderful people we have the better we all do. This sentiment echoes throughout the area, a veritable small-business incubator that has fostered dozens of shops ranging from salons to restaurants to a fossil store. Meegan draws a sharp distinction between the mom and pop stores, such as Serendipity Road, and the chain stores present around the Hennepin and Lake area such as H&M, Apple, and Northface. The difference is that LynLake is owner-occupied land, meaning roughly 80 percent of area businesses are managed by the owners throughout the day. The resulting accessibility and

The fifth Lyn-Lake Street Festival returns this June.

(Photo by Bethany Heemeyer)

investment in the success of the area is something that almost makes you feel like youre living in a small town, Meegan says. Determan compares the small

town atmosphere of another renowned Minneapolis neighborhood, Linden Hills, to what Lyn Lake business owners and residents are trying to cultivate
LYN-LAKE page 6

MEMORIAL DAY at Lakewood Cemetery
Monday, May 26, 2014

Gospel quartet led by Robert Robinson Dove release Minneapolis Police Band Tours of World War I veterans at Lakewood Coffee & cookies Trolley tours of Lakewoods art, sculpture & gardens Music in Lakewoods historic Byzantine-style mosaic Chapel

CEREMONY 10:30 a.m.

TOURS & ACTIVITIES 12:00 3:00 p.m.

Learn more at or call 612-822-2171


6 - MAY 2014 LYN-LAKE from 5

Coup dEtat
2923 Girard Avenue 612.354.3675

MondaySunday: 4:30pm-2am

through events like the LynLake Street Festival and Open Streets. He notes that the various boroughs in Minneapolis could do better to define themselves as cultural hubs in their own right, as Lyn-Lake is striving to do. I hope this encourages the community and business owners and prospective business owners down the road, Nelson says. People come to the Lyn-Lake Festival because of the unique spirit. I think weve lost a lot of that in the development of Henn Lake, so I hope down the road we are maintaining the murals on the wall and artistry and creativity that Lyn-Lake really embodies for Minneapolis. It would have been criminal, for me, to have both events gone, Meegan says of the possibility that neither celebration were to occur this year. Ending Lyn-Lake Street Festivals one-year hiatus brings benefits and a sigh of relief to two community-based organizations dedicated to the health of Lyn-Lake residents. Both the Blaisdell YMCA and the Joyce Uptown Foodshelf are recipients of proceeds from the Festivals activities; the YMCA receives funds gathered from the Festivals raffle and the foodshelf receives all of the tips from the beer garden. The YMCA uses the funds to subsidize memberships for those who otherwise would not be able to afford them in addition to supporting after school programming. This is a big day for the Y in terms of filling the holes, Meegan says. They want to be seen in the community and theyre a tremendous asset to the LynLake area in terms of serving a very diverse population. Serving more than 300 area families per month, the Joyce Uptown Foodshelf has been an area staple since 1969. In previous years the Lyn-Lake Street Festival garnered roughly $3,000 in donations for the foodshelf. That money goes directly into our purchasing of food, says Becky Spence, director of Joyce Uptown Foodshelf. Then we can continue to feed the people that come here, so it really does help our budget. The Festival is the largest single fundraiser for the organization in the Lyn-Lake area. We appreciate the Lyn Lake Festival and how meaningful it is to keeping our hungry neighbors fed, Spence adds. Its a big part of what we do and when we can depend on fundraisers its easier for us to know what we can spend. While a direct benefit to local organizations, Nelson says the Festival is also a huge thank you to the community, to the people who have been supporting us.

Cold and Hot: $9-14 Salads and Sides: $7-9 Entrees and Pizzas: $12-30 Dessert: $6-8

Adjacent public pay-per-hour ramp, another on north side of Lagoon Avenue, meter parking on Lagoon Avenue, and free parking on Girard Avenue (a one-way street going south).
Patrons enjoy two levels of outdoor seating at the new Coup dtat resaurant in the new Walkway development at the conrer of Lagoon and Girard Avenues. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Seizing the Day

Review: Coup dtat
In February, Coup dtat restaurant and bar opened in the plum corner spot at the intersection of Girard and Lagoon Avenues. The more time that I spent at the restaurant, the more appreciative I became of the striking dcor and the obvious attention to detail that went into creating this unique venue. My companion and I were seated by a window on the second level, which gave us a birds eye view of most of the lower level and of Girard Avenue. Three separate bar areas, the menu written on an enormous chalkboard, giant-sized globes of the chandelier, and the two-level layout are all designed to cause the jaws of patrons to drop. I hoped the food would match the dcor, and it did. Sharing small plates, sides, or appetizers is a great way to get an overall feel for the cuisine, much of which has Mediterranean or European touches. From the Hot menu listing, we chose the Octopus, three slices of grilled bread, each slice spread with a warm Greek yogurt and harissa sauce, and topped with two tender, petite octopi. From the Salads menu, we opted for both the Beets and the Escarole & Treviso. The beets were roasted, chilled, and served in an artful row of golden and claret-colored chunks, dressed with fennel, arugula, Feta cheese, and a dusting of chopped pistachio nuts.

cheese and brown butter and topped with fresh sage. Pasta lovers, dont miss this one! We had just enough room left to share a decadently dense but not cloyingly sweet, frosted carrot cake

not a bit stuffy. Many patrons were dressed in comfortable jeans and sweaters, while others dressed in office attire. Each staff member, from the hostess who opened the front door for us to our charming and knowledgeable server and the on-his-toes busboy, treated us as honored guests. Make a reservation for date night or a special occasion, or drop in for a late-night drink from the extensive wine, beer, and cocktail menu.

Coup dtat provides the full package for a one of a kind dining experience: spectacular dcor, delicious food, an extensive drink list, and extraordinary service.
gested his personal favorite, the Angolotti, which turned out to be heavenly pillow-shaped pasta filled with Mascarpone Even though the restaurant has upscale elegance, dont feel that you must dress up to dine at Coup dtat. It is stylish, but

Although the portions of most of the menu items are small, each packed a big flaCoup dtat provides vor punch. The very the full package for sharable portion of the a one of a kind dinEscarole & Treviso salad ing experience: specwas the size exception, and tacular dcor, delicious the slightly earthy escarole food, an extensive drink leaves were mixed with tiny list, and extraordinary bleu cheese crumbles, fineservice. I look forward The Escarole & Treviso salad. (Photo by Beth Marsh) ly chopped Medjool dates, to visiting again, perchopped Marcona almonds, haps to take advantage and quince-based vinaiof the second-floor patio when grette. with the surprising topping of the weather is warmer. On a sweetly dried sliced carrot and When we asked our sever for a caramelized walnuts on the scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the recommendation from the Pas- side. highest, I rate Coup dtat as tas menu, he immediately sugfollows: Food = 5, Beverages = 4, Service = 5, and Atmosphere = 5. Beth Marsh is a longtime resident and fan of South Minneapolis. During off-hours from her proofreading and copy-editing day job for an advertising agency, she enjoys movies and creative writing, and she is in the process of illustrating her childrens book.

A good neighbor is one you can rely on to be there.

To schedule an appointment, call 612-873-6963.
Integrative health specialists including acupuncture and chiropractic Same day/next day appointments Patient-centered care for the entire family Prenatal care and pediatrics Onsite pharmacy

Whittier Clinic
Hennepin County Medical Center
Client: Hennepin County Medical Center

2810 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis

David Hilden, MD
The host of WCCO Radios Healthy Matters



MAY 2014


Wedge May Get Repaved Streets

Pending full City Council approval
The Minneapolis Transportation & Public Works Committee approved financing on April 15 for work to begin on street resurfacing for the Lowry Hill East (Wedge) neighborhood. The project will get the green light if the full City Council approved it on April 25. Council Member Lisa Bender who represents Ward 10 said I do expect this item to pass, I have not heard any controversy or opposition to this repaving project. The street resurfacing would be a mill and overlay of the street surface with plant mix asphalt and other paving related improvements as needed. This paving project is scheduled to begin in summer 2014 and will be constructed by the Citys workforce. Affected streets include: 27th Street from Hennepin Avenue to Lyndale Avenue Girard Avenue from Hennepin Avenue to its terminus just north of 29th Street (Midtown Greenway) Fremont, Colfax, Bryant and Aldrich Avenues from 26th Street to Lake Street Emerson and Dupont Avenues from 26th Street to 28th Street The streets in this area are local city streets and were last paved in 1984, except Fremont Avenue from Lagoon Avenue to Lake Street, which was last paved in 1923 with an overlay in 1979. If approved, a very preliminary time line, which is subject to change would have curb and gutter work starting May 1. Milling would start May 12 and paving would begin May 15.

That Committee based their decision on the potential outcome of restoring the building. The Committee found that even if the home was restored to its original state, there have been so many modifications made to the building over the years that by the time the building was restored to its final state it would no longer be the original building, but in fact, a replica. Crow explained that he still has a long way to go. If the full Council approves this result on April 25, the home would be headed for demolition but the developer may still need some building variances from the city.

2320 Colfax may be raised if the full City Council approves an appeal granted by Zoning & Planning Committee. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Fresh Mex

Opening late May in the former Heidis location at 2901 Lyndale Avenue, Lago Tacos restaurant and bar will specialize in fresh mexican, street tacos, burritos, ice cold margaritas and cold beer. This will be the second location for this Excelsior based restaurant. The Lyndale spot will feature an expanded menu of vegetarian options as well as more tequila and local tap beer options. More info at or 952.300.8495.


New Superior Cedar Mulch!

If confirmed by the full City Council Lowry Hill East could see repaving as early as this summer in the area defined by the map above shown in dark pink. (Map courtesy of City of Minneapolis)

3 $ .99 9
Bags for

Benefits Include: Made locally in the Midwest More eco-friendly than using cypress mulch Cedar aroma repels bugs Controls temperature around the plants Suppresses weeds Wont wash away Provides vital nutrients


Limit of 9 bags Limit one coupon per customer Cannot be combined with any other offers Expires 5/31/14

c Uptown Neighborhood News

New Superior Cedar Mulch 3 bags for $9.99

8 - MAY 2014

CARAG report
Lake St. 36th St.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group

The CARAG Board meets the third Tuesday of each month, 7 pm at Bryant Park Community Center, 31st and Bryant. All CARAGresidents are welcome and urged to attend.

Nancy Riestenberg, Samantha Strong. Absent: Maura Lynch

Approved. Motion, seconded to approve the March 18, 2014 minutes. Approved.

Introductions & Announcements

The meeting was called to order at 7:11 p.m. Board members and attendees introduced themselves.

this year. Summer park youth will care for the gardens and the produce will be used in the food prepared for programs.

Land Use & Transportation Committee: Cameron Conway

The LU&T committee discussed details of the W. 36th Street Protected Bike Lanes & Pedestrian Path. A public meeting on this topic is scheduled for May 6, 6-7 p.m. at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church. New CARAG Board Member Brad Klein would like to join the LU&T Committee. Motion, seconded to appoint Klein to the LU&T Committee. Approved.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG), Monthly Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2014. DRAFT: Subject to approval at the May 2014 CARAG Meeting.

Board Members Attending: Diana Boegemann, Carol Bouska, Cameron Conway, Brad Klein. Excused Absence: Michelle Bealieu, Jay Lindgren,

This photo in Seattle shows how the parklet is entered from the sidewalk and even possible on a very steep grade. A parklet is an extension of the sidewalk created to allow for green space and amenities, and usually the size of a parking space. (Photo courtesy of City of Seattle Transportation Department)

Hennepin Ave.

Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave S)

On the Agenda

New Calhoun Square owner

Ackerberg Group will discuss plans for the mall and surrounding area Council Member Lisa Bender Community Updates

Join the CARAG E-update at to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.

CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | | 612.823.2520

Lyndale Ave.

Bryant Square Park Update: Julie Sandin

MPRB has budgeted a total of $950,000 between 2013-2015 for BSP renovations in 2015 and will include new roof and air conditioning. A community input process will begin this fall. Sign up for summer programs and summer day care at the park recreation center or online at BSP will put in raised gardens

City Council Report: CM Lisa Bender/ Mackenzie Turner Bargen

The City Council continues the process of creating a redevelopment district for the Lake & Nicollet area. The formal process signals to existing property owners that Minneapolis is interested in purchasing land in the area. Bender is working with City staff to develop plans for redesign and reconstruction of W. 29th Street. She expects a community meeting on this topic sometime in May or June. 26th and 28th streets between Hennepin and Hiawatha are being studies for potential bike and pedestrian routes. Bender brought info about mobile food venders (food trucks) restrictions & business and parking requirements. Pedestrian Planner Turner Bargen discussed plans to create guidelines for parklets in Minneapolis. The City will fund two parklet pilots including one in the 10th Ward: She provided a timeline showing early July as the proposed completion. The group discussed potential high visibility locations including on the 3000 block of Hennepin Ave adjacent to Calhoun Square and 33rd & Bryant. (See photo at left.)

Community Forum
Representatives from the Ackerberg Group will present their vision for the newly purchased Calhoun Square at the May 20 CARAG Neighborhood Meeting.

Agenda & Minutes

Motion, seconded to approve the agenda as presented.

Livability Committee: Cindy Christian

The Earth Day Clean Up
CARAG page 9

THE UPTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS IS NOW AVAILABLE AT THESE SELECT LOCATIONS Bremer Bank Brueggers Bagels Bryant Square Park Cheapo Records Chiang Mai Thai Common Roots Cafe Dunn Bros (Hennepin & 34th) Dunn Bros (Lake & Bryant) Falafel King Famous Daves BBQ Gigis Caf Health Resource Center Hennepin-Lake Liquors Isles Bun & Coffee Its Greek to Me Joyce Food Shelf Joyce United Methodist Church Kowalskis Market Magers & Quinn Mohn Electric & Lighting Lagoon Theatre Parents Automotive Pizza Luce Rainbow Foods Sebastian Joes Ice Cream Cafe Southwest Senior Center Subway Spyhouse Coffee Shop Uptown Diner Tea Garden Treetops At Calhoun Vail Place Walker Place The Wedge Co-op YWCA (Uptown)

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday, May 20, 7pm

Park Board Update: Commissioner Brad Bourn

The MPRB Recycle Run 5k and 10k races are scheduled for April 19. Proceeds from the event support park recycling efforts throughout the year. Bourn reported on MPRB efforts to improve policies related to healthy food options, recycling, and gender identification. MPRB Forestry will be removing 20 percent of ash trees from boulevards over the next five years to prevent spread of the ash borer. A variety of tree species will be planted on each block. If you are treating your own boulevard tree, make sure to contact MPRB by emailing forestry@minneapolisparks. org. Boats will be inspected for Zebra Mussels from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., beginning May 1.

CARAG Super Sale The Neighborhood Garage Sale Saturday, May 17, 8am-4pm
Sale Yard Sign Only $10 to Register Metro-Wide Advertising Maps Listing 50+ Sales Renters May Register for a Sale at Bryant Square Park Register online at:!


Sale Location: Front Back Side Inside Bryant Square Park (Circle) Refreshments: Yes No (Circle) Describe Your Sale Items (40 letters/characters or less): Name Address Phone Email Fee: $10 (Checks payable to CARAG) Deadline: 5pm, Wednesday, May 14 Send/Deliver Registration to: Stephen Eisenmenger 3338 Fremont Ave S More Info: (612) 823-2520 or

One Day in the Twin Cities: Carol Bouska

A national event on April 26,will take place in 11 cities. Citizens are encouraged to film their community that day and upload the video to The material will be edited together and air later on PBS.

MAY 2014 CARAG from 8


Short Redhead Reel Reviews

By Wendy Schadewald [Rating Legend: (4=Dont miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look, 1=Forget it)] Cuban Fury (R) (3.5)
[Language and sexual references.] When an overweight British engineer (Nick Frost) finds himself competing with his obnoxious coworker (Chris ODowd) for the affections of his new salsa-loving, American boss (Rashida Jones) in this touching, down-to-earth, funny, entertaining, 98-minute comedy, he renews his passion for dancing by seeking out his former dance instructor (Ian McShane) from his childhood for refresher lessons. and the frustrations of overweight students (Brady Kluge [age 15], Maggie Valentine [age 12], Wesley Randall [13], and Joe Lopez [14]) through interviews with physicians (Dr. Robert Lustsig, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. David Ludwig), writers (Gary Taubes Harvey Karp, Michael Pollan, and Michael Moss), Director of Fitness Policy Margo Wootan, President of Eat Drink Politics Michele Simon, nutritionist Dr. Marion Nestle, former President Bill Clinton, former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, journalists Michael Bittman and Duff Wilson, Dean of Public Policy Kelly D. Brownell, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, school cafeteria worker Vivian Phillips, senator Tom Harkin, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. gallery owner Howard Greenberg.

is scheduled for April 26. CARAG is sponsoring the BSP location and volunteers will pick up trash throughout the neighborhood and in the Midtown Greenway. The Met Council is planning to replace a major sewer line through the middle of Roberts Bird Sanctuary. The project will cause significant damage with the loss of around 130 trees. Constance Pepin, a Linden Hills resident and Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary member, discussed efforts to protect the sanctuary. The Livability Committee approved a resolution regarding this topic. Motion, seconded to approve the resolution: The Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG) supports efforts by the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis East Harriet Farmstead Neigh-

For No Good Reason (R) (3)

[Language, some drug content, and brief sexual images.] Imaginative and creative animated illustrations highlight this offbeat, interesting, insightful, 89-minute documentary about the talented British artist and caricaturist Ralph Steadman, who is the last of the original Gonzo visionaries, and includes interviews with Johnny Depp, Richard E. Grant, Terry Gilliam, and Jann Wenner and archival footage that features Hunter
REVIEWS page 11

borhood Association, Linden Hills Neighborhood Council, and Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary working as stewards in partnership with MPRB to minimize disruption and damage during sewer work inside the sanctuary, restore Bossen Lane immediately after the 2014/ 2015 sewer rehabilitation, and complete a management plan for Roberts Bird Sanctuary in partnership with neighborhood and conservation groups. Approved.

Treasurers Report: Samantha Strong/ Scott Engel

Financial reports were available including account balances, No action was taken on the office lease and directors and officers insurance policy due to a lack of a Board quorum. Meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Dom Hemingway (R) (3)

[Sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, some violence, and drug use.] An overthe-top, offbeat, wacky, gritty, dark, 93-minute comedy that is marred by hard to understand accents about the bad luck that continues for a foul-mouthed, widowed, British safecracker (Jude Law) when he is released from prison after 12 years, and he heads to the south of France with his one-handed, best-friend (Richard E. Grant) to get money that he is owed from a ruthless killer (Demian Bichir) and then finds himself back in London trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter (Emilia Clarke) and his grandson.

Finding Vivian Maier (NR) (3)

When writer John Maloof bought numerous items from an auction, including personal belongings, more than 100,000 negatives, and hundreds of rolls of colored and black-white film, be began to piece together the interesting life of eccentric nanny and talented amateur photographer Vivian Dorothy Maier (2/1/1926-4/21/2009) through her hundreds of fascinating black-and-white photographers and interviews with photographers Joel Meyerowitz and Mary Ellen Mark, former talk show host Phil Donahue, former employers (Zalman and Laura Vsiskin, Roger Carlson, Jacqueline Bruni-Manier, Cathy Bruni-Norris, and Laura Walker), landlord Maren Baylaender, friend Bill Sacco, store owner Bindy Bitterman, genealogist Michael Strauss, French mayor Daniel Arnaud, and

Uptown May Film Schedule

Listed in order of release date and subject to change. Please see for final titles, dates and times.

Jefferson Elementary
The Annual Jefferson Carnival
Thursday, May 22, 5:30pm-7:30pm
This is Jeffersons biggest event of the year. More than 500 students and families come to enjoy this event and celebrate. Theres food, games, raffle, entertainment and much more. The school is looking for 50-100 volunteers to make this event possible. To view volunteer opportunities and sign-up see:

5/2 5/8 5/9 5/16 5/30

1320 Lagoon Ave. 612.823.3020 Dancing in Jaffa Farmland (one night only) Fed Up For No Good Reason The Double Gods Pocket Cold in July Young and Beautiful

Fed Up (PG) (4)

[Thematic elements including smoking images, and brief mild language.] Katie Couric narrates this eye-opening, ire-producing, must-see, candid, educational, 92-minute documentary that exposes misconceptions about the food industry from advertising to the science of burning calories, governmental blunders and coverups, the shocking truth about school lunch programs,

Anyone Can Help

1. Get the word out. Tell your friends, neighbors and others about this event.Recruit them as volunteers for a one-hour shift.See if theyd like to help in any other way. 2. Prize donationsfrom small things to big things, everything can be used. 3. Food donationsthis is the most expensive cost, so the more they get, the better. 4. Make/buy/get donated cakes (they need about 75they can be small sized.) 5. Find performers to dance or play music.
Jefferson Community School, 1200 W. 26th St. Community Contact: Elizabeth Hale 612.668.2749,

5/23 Teenage

2906 Henn. Ave. 612.392.0402 5/2 5/16 Fading Gigolo Palo Alto* 5/9 Locke Chef *Opens either at Lagoon or Uptown

Kenwood Elementary
The Annual Kenwood Carnival
Saturday, May 17, 11am-3pm
The entire community is welcome to this important fundraiser for Kenwood. Kenwood Elementary School, 2013 Penn Ave. S. Family Liaison: Chris Madden 612.668.2778,



10 - MAY 2014

ECCO report
Lake St. 36th St.

East Calhoun Community Organization

ECCO meets the first Thursday of each month, 7 pm at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 34th & Irving. All ECCOresidents are welcome and urged to attend.

Board Members Present: Linda Todd, President; Andrew Bornhoft, Vice-President; Susie Goldstein, Treasurer; Emily Balogh; Kate Davenport; Paul Harstad; Ben Jilek; Harry Savage; David Tompkins; and Heather Wulfsberg. Board Member Absent: Anja Curiskis, Liz Heyman, and Lara Norkus-Crampton. Guests: Ben Somogyi, Ward 10 Council office; Simon Blenski, Minneapolis Public Works; ECCO residents Rob DeHoff and G.J. Savage and AugsLyndale Ave.

burg students Dave Weber and Andrew Krupke. ECCO Board President Linda Todd called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Hodges voted against the project at the advisory committee meeting April 2. Upcoming event: Innovative Economy discussion on Monday, April 28, 5:30-7 p.m. at CoCo, 1010 W. Lake St. #100. Council Member Bender has office hours in the neighborhoods on Mondays; 9:30 11:30 a.m. Call her office to schedule an appointment, 612-673-2210. Minneapolis is working toward offering citywide curbside organics by January 2015.

ECCO Board members raised concerns about how the bikeway interfaces with Richfield Road/East Calhoun Parkway, other intersections, crosswalks and bus stops. Blenski was invited to the Livability Committee meeting on April 21 to review the project in more detail. A public meeting will be held by Minneapolis Public Works in May. Construction is expected this summer. More information is available at:

Hennepin Ave.

ECCO Meeting Minutes for April 3, 2014. (East Calhoun Neighborhood Monthly Meeting) Minutes recorded and submitted by Monica Smith and approved by the ECCO Board by electronic vote prior to publication.


Ben Somogyi, Senior Policy Aide to Council Member Lisa Bender, Ward 10
Council Member Bender will be expanding food truck locations in Ward 10 (on commercial corridors). Trucks must be at least 300 feet from residential property, 100 feet from a restaurant, and 200 feet from park board property. Vendors must obtain a business license from the City and abide by its requirements. The Citys lawsuit against 1800 Lake is in the discovery phase (which is expected to last until Fall 2014). 31st Street center boulevard: the City will check on the condition of the sprinkler system when the snow melts. Southwest LRT: The Metropolitan Council will be voting on the project scope and budget on April 9. The City Council passed a resolution (on March 5) that they do not support co-location of LRT and freight in the Kenilworth Corridor (including the option for shallow LRT tunnels). Mayor


36th Street Bikeway: Simon Blenski, Bicycle Planner, Minneapolis Public Works
Public Works has been working on plans for a protected bike lane on 36th Street from Lake Calhoun to Dupont Ave S (with possible extension to Bryant Avenue South). One of the eastbound travel lanes will be removed to create a 2-way protected bike lane and pedestrian path along the south curb of 36th Street. There will be a 3-feet buffer between the vehicle lane and the bikeway and will include flexible verticals posts and painted pavement to mark the buffer zone.

Treasurers Report: Susie Goldstein

ECCOs financials are healthy. We are waiting for grant money from the raingarden project.

Staff Report: Monica Smith

The raingarden program financials were reviewed. We are waiting for two participants to sign the maintenance agreements required by the watershed district grant. ECCOs expenditure will be $225 if we receive signed agreements from all participants and $1,025 if
ECCO page 11

Offering a wide variety of protein or carb shakes, smoothies and meal options, RejuvaMix Cafe is now open inside LA Fitness in Calhoun Square. The cafe is open to the general public with or without an LA Fitness membership. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)


T H U R S D AY, M AY 1

ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S
W E D N E S D AY, M AY 1 4

7 - 9 p.m.

East Calhoun Bicycle Festival

Join your neighbors for the second annual East Calhoun Bicycle Festival!
Saturday, May 31, 1-3 p.m. St. Marys, 3450 Irving Ave S - Free admission - Rafe (win a Schwinn bike!) - Slow bike race - Free tune-ups by The Alt - Free helmet ttings by The Alt - Strider test rides - Local biking info
The 42nd Annual

East Calhoun Green Team Meeting Dunn Bros Coffee, 3348 Hennepin Ave S
S AT U R D AY, M AY 3 1

7 p.m.

East Calhoun Bicycle Festival St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S
S AT U R D AY, J U N E 7

1 - 3 p.m.

ECCO Super Sale 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Participate in or check out this neighborhood-wide garage sale! and

St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church 3450 Irving Ave S

May 31, 2014 1-3 pm

Street Party: Family Puppet Show & Potluck Dinner 5 p.m. 34th St at Irving Ave S
(Rain location: St Marys) Come see a performance of by Open Eye Figure Theatre, followed by a community potluck. FREE! Hot dog and beverages provided; please bring a dish to share and a blanket or lawn chair.

ECCO Super Sale

Saturday, June 7, 2014 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The Super Sale is an annual event sponsored by the ECCO Board in which Registration information

all ECCO residents are encouraged to have a garage or yard sale on the same day.





Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to learn more about our events and programs. Send a request to or call Monica Smith at 612-821-0131.
The East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) invites and encourages participation by every resident to each program, service and event organized by ECCO. Should you require an accommodation in order to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please let us know by contacting Monica Smith at 612-821-0131 or at least ve days before our event.

Basic Registration Fee: $5.00 Optional Feature: Advertise your sale: Specializing in anything? Pay $1extra for each item you would like to advertise (max of 5). Check your choices:





TOTAL FEE SUBMITTED:__________________________________________________

P I would like the Disabled American Veterans to pick up unsold items on June 9.
Registration deadline Thursday, June 5. Checks are payable to ECCO Board. Mail or deliver registration to: Sylvia Kafkas, 3505 Humboldt Ave S. Mpls 55408 Pick up your lawn sign and customer maps at Sylvias home on June 6th. Questions? 612-481-7698

MAY 2014


community events calendar

(Please send your calendar listings to with the subject line: Community Calendar. Submit by the 15th of each month to be included, space permitting, in the next issue.)

and prizes from local bicycle friendly businesses. Minneapolis City Council Members will be leading rides from their wards to the morning celebration as part of Minneapolis Bike Week.

Flanders Art Gallery - 6-9pm 818 Lake St. 612.791.1285
Scott Lloyd Anderson: Paradise, Paved: An Oil Painters Exploration of the Suburbs. Anderson was awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in 2012. He has been working on a series of paintings of mostly suburban locations that will challenge your definitions of beauty, traditional landscape painting, and artistic correctness. This exhibit is the culmination of work supported by the grant. The show runs May 16 thru July 5.

while others are here to gather and walk for a great cause. Net proceeds directly support local families affected by autism as well as research and is to be distributed through the nonprofit which runs this event, Children with Autism Deserve Education.

Bryant Lake Bowl - 8pm 810 W. Lake St. 612.825.8949
Named for the modest dimensions of the BLB stage, this exciting dance showcase features unfettered dance exploration. A discussion moderated by choreographer/ curator Laurie Van Wieren follows each piece, giving audience and choreographer alike the opportunity to react and explore the work together. 9x22 Dance/Lab is produced and hosted by Laurie Van Wieren.



St. Marys Church - 1-3pm 3450 Irving Ave. 612.821.0131

Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm 810 W. Lake St. 612.825.8949
Cinema Lounge is made up of short films and indie filmmakers. IFP Cinema Lounge happens the third Wednesday of each month at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater. Ryan Strandjord programs a lineup of 4-5 locally made video projects (20 minutes or less) per screening which includes anything and everything: narratives, docs, music videos, web shows, animation, and experimental stuff. After each film is screened, you meet the mind behind the film, as host Josh Carlon conducts a short Q+A session with the filmmakers. Following the show filmmakers and audience members hang around to socialize and drink delicious beer. Oh, and we cant forget to mention the event is free! (Doors open at 6pm)



Dunn Brothers - 7:30pm 3348 Hennepin Ave. 612.822.3292

The Socrates Cafe is an open meeting. The evening is spent discussing a short list of questions of philosophy that range all over the map from self identity, capital punishment, perception and anything else in between. Bring your questions and prepare to engage your mind.

Join your neighbors for the second annual East Calhoun Bicycle Festival, Saturday, May 31, 1-3 p.m. This free admission event includes a raffle (win a Schwinn bike!), a slow bike race, free tune-ups and helmet fittings by The Alt, Strider test rides, and local biking info.

This Month The UNN is Giving Away . . .

City of Minneapolis


Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and more than 50 partners including: City of Minneapolis, Bike Walk Twin Cities, Federal Highway Administration, Metro Transit, Hennepin County and car2go present Minneapolis Bike Week, set for May 4-11. This will be a week long celebration dedicated to the joy of riding a bike in Minneapolis and encouraging new riders to ride to school, to the grocery store, to work or just for fun. The week will be filled with great events and activities for anyone families, kids, people whose bikes spend too much time in their garages who wants to explore our beautiful city on their bicycle. Take a ride the rest of the city will be riding with you! Continuing the annual celebration at Government Plaza, Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, Hennepin County and the Office of the Mayor of Minneapolis will host a morning party for bicycle commuters featuring free coffee, light breakfast snacks



CARAG - 8am-4pm CARAG Neighborhood 612.823.2520

One of the largest neighborhood garage sales, the CARAG Super Sale boasts 50 plus sales that includes renters tables at Bryant Square Park.



2 FREE Movie Tickets!

RULES: The first person to correctly answer this question wins: How close can you park to a driveway, private road or alley in Minneapolis? Email your answer to
REVIEWS from 9

Lake Calhoun - 9am Thomas Beach 952.653.2910
Runner? Jogger? Walker? All will enjoy our annual Autism 5K. Join over 1500 participants, evenly split between runners and walkers. Some participate to compete in a certified 5K and achieve a personal best,

Lakewood Cemetery - 10:30am-3pm 3600 Hennepin Ave. 612.822.2171

Celebrate Memorial Day at Lakewood Cemetery by honoring the 100th anniversary of World War I. Enjoy the Gospel Quartet led by Robert Robinson, a dove release, and the Minneapolis Police Band. Tours and Activities include; tours of World War I veterans at Lakewood, coffee and cookies, trolley tours of Lakewoods art, sculpture and gardens, music in Lakewoods historic Byzantine-style mosaic chapel.

ECCO from 10

we dont receive the final two agreements. The ECCO Board approved a budget of up to $800 for raingarden signage (the watershed district will reimburse approximately half of this expense). David Tompkins will work with Nathan Campeau on the signage. The ECCO Board voted and will not be renewing the tree grant program due to concerns about the impact of the chemicals on the environment and pollinators. Options will be considered for the remaining balance of $1,714.

The next meeting Livability Committee meeting is Monday, April 21, 7 p.m. at St. Marys. Green Team: David Tompkins The Green Team is planning for the following events: Organic Apple Workshop Tuesday, April 8, 7 8:30 p.m. at St. Marys. Earth Day Clean Up Saturday, April 26, 9:30 a.m. Noon, meet at the Tin Fish. East Calhoun Bicycle Festival Saturday, May 31, 1 3 p.m. at St. Marys. Video about raingardens. The Green Team is also working on raising awareness about pollinators. The ECCO Board approved a budget of $300 to print fliers and purchase seeds for bee friendly flowers to be distributed to ECCO residents (we will try to get seeds donated). The next meeting is Wednesday, May 14, 7 p.m. at Dunn Bros. on 34th and Hennepin.

Uptown Neighborhood News: Linda Todd The UNN is at a critical juncture. They have not been able to increase their ad revenue, and the June paper may be their last issue if they cant generate more revenue. They will be forming an online fundraising campaign to try to raise money and continue to look for a new ad rep. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. Next meeting is Thursday, May 1, 2014, 7 p.m. at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church.

S. Thompson and William S. Burrough.

Joe (R) (3)

[Violence, disturbing material, language, and some strong sexual content.] A gritty, dark, engaging, well-acted, 117-minute film based on Larry Browns 1991 novel in which a hard-drinking, kindhearted, ex-con, lumber company foreman (Nicolas Cage) befriends and takes on a struggling, determined, 15-year-old teenager (Ty Sheridan), who lives

in a rundown shack with his abusive father (Gary Poulter), oblivious mother, and mute sister in Texas, as the boy tries to get the upper hand from his violent, alcoholic father and a lowlife troublemaker (Ronnie Gene Blevins). 1986 through 2014 by Wendy Schadewald. The preceding films were reviewed by Wendy Schadewald, who has been a Twin Cities film critic since 1986. To see more of her film reviews, log on to www.shortredheadreelreviews. com.

Committee Reports
Livability Committee: Heather Wulfsberg and Kate Davenport The March 17 meeting included a proposal for a variance request for a single-family home at 3347 E. Calhoun Pkwy. and a three-story, mixed-use development on the NE corner of Lake Street and James Avenue (1618 W. Lake St., 1620 W. Lake St. and 2915 James Ave. S.). motions stating that the board does not oppose these projects.

Midtown Greenway The ECCO Board approved Coalition: Paul Harstad

Volunteers are needed for upcoming Greenway events: Tree planting event on May 3 Trail Watch riders Greenway Glow on June 14 Go to for more information. Southwest LRT: Ben Jilek and Harry Savage Ben Jilek and Harry Savage presented a resolution in support of Southwest LRT. After much discussion about this complex project, the resolution did not pass (vote: 5 yea 5 oppose).

Y Warm-Up
Kids warmed up before the April 19 YMCA Kids Run at Lake Calhoun. Proceeds from the event will go to support youth and family programs. More info at

12 - MAY 2014

The full extent of the planned 36th Street Cycle Track running from Lake Calhoun to Dupont Avenue.

(Illustration courtesy of Minneapolis Department of Public Works)

TRACK from 1

[Layout A] A 1-block section of the full Cycle Track/Pedestrian Zone on 36th Street between Girard and Fremont Avenues. (Illustration courtesy of Minneapolis
Department of Public Works)

Dont Miss Our Spring Sale! May 3-10

1601 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN

IN GEBRETSENS Scandinavian Gifts and Food

Construction is planned for this summer 2014. But before plans can be finalized, design challenges must be resolved at the east and west end of the project. On the east end, options for a bicycle connection between Bryant Avenue and Dupont Avenue are being explored. On the west end, a safe bicycle and pedestrian connection across the intersection of 36th Street and Richfield Road is still being determined. Project staff will be meeting with adjacent neighborhoods and businesses throughout May to discuss these issues.

Several alternatives were proposed in January 2013. Following public feedback and feedback from the Ward 10 Council Office, the preferred alternative was Layout A, (See illustrations). The preferred layout includes a two-way protected bikeway and pedestrian path at street level. The facility would run along the southern curb of 36th Street adjacent to Lakewood Cemetery. There will be a 3-foot buffer between the vehicle lane and the bikeway and will include flexible verticals posts and painted pavement to mark the buffer zone.

Why build protected bikeways in Minneapolis?

Currently, thousands of people utilize the trail system every day. However, the same individuals hesitate to ride a bicycle on most city streets. Many bicyclists have a very low degree of comfort about sharing the street with motor vehicles, and standard bike lanes do not alleviate this fear. While some future opportunities exist to expand the trail network and fill important gaps, providing comfortable bicycle connections to everyday destinations will largely happen on streets in coming decades. Protected bikeways bring the experience and security of riding on a trail to the street. Public outreach for this project began in the summer of 2012 and this will be a chance to review the design and provide feedback before the project is constructed this summer in partnership with the CARAG and ECCO neighborhood organizations. For more details or progress on the plan see minneapolismn. gov/bicycles/projects/36th_St_ West.

Project Details
The goal of the 36th Street project is to provide bicycle and pedestrian accommodations between East Calhoun Parkway and Bryant Avenue. There is currently no sidewalk on the southern side of 36th Street. This poses potential safety ricks to individuals walking on that side of the street, primarilytransit passengers accessing Metro Transit eastbound bus stops.

What is a protected bike lane?

A protected bike lane is an exclusive bicycle facility that combines the user experience of a separated path with the on-street infrastructure of a bike lane. A protected bike lane is physically separated from motor vehicle traffic and distinct from the sidewalk. By separating bicycles from motor traffic, protected bike lanes can offer a higher level of comfort than bike lanes.

check our website for specials and events -

Mon - Fri 9:00 - 5:30 Sat 9:00 - 5:00


This view looking east down 36th Street from Lake Calhoun shows not only a busy intersection but a hill that cyclists must currently contend with if they choose to ride in the street toward Bryant Avenue. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)