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Update 1.2 For

Galaxy Vintage D Galaxy Vienna Grand (part of Galaxy II) Galaxy Steinway (part of Galaxy II) 1929 German Baby Grand (part of Galaxy II)


New Features
Load/Save Global Presets The Global Preset dropdown menu now offers a load/save function for user presets. Adjust the controls of your Galaxy Piano to your liking and choose Save User Preset from the Global Presets dropdown menu:

This opens a dialog, enabling you to save your preset. Choosing Load User Preset opens the same Data folder, which contains all your user presets. Choose a preset and click on Open to load it.


For the update 1.2 of all Galaxy Pianos we have rewritten the whole script, so a lot has happened under the hood including better performance in general. Repedaling and Halfpedaling have been enhanced and fine tuned.


Under certain circumstances softer notes were killing louder notes during repetition with the sustain pedal down. Resonance samples for keys higher than G5 sometimes did not trigger correctly. Other minor fixes.


After rewriting the whole script, we chose not to include the Warp Engine again. For those who miss it, we have included an instrument called Galaxy Piano_old version with Warp. We did keep the Pad Machine, though. We have dropped Voice Management as well, which is now handled exclusively by Kontakt itself. You can adjust the maximum number of voices in Kontakt here:

The old Compact versions with a reduced number of samples are obsolete. Please delete the correspondent old nkis from the Instruments folder after the update.

Installation / Native Content Updater:

The update 1.2 will be installed using a new tool by Native Instruments, the Native Content Updater, which can be downloaded here: The Native Content Updater is a standalone application for Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7) and OS X (10.4 - 10.6). By using the NCU application you dont need to manually copy the updated files to the correct folders. This update comes with a file called Galaxy Piano Update 1_2.ncu which contains all the files for installation. There are three ways to use the NCU application with the .ncu file: Method 1: Drag the Galaxy Piano Update 1_2.ncu file on top of the application icon.

Method 2: Double-click the application to start it and then use the file chooser to select the Galaxy Piano Update 1_2.ncu file Method 3 (OS X only): Double-click any .ncu file to start the application automatically. Upon opening the Galaxy Piano Update 1_2.ncu file, the NCU application scans for the installed library. Once the library is found, it informs you that suitable library content has been found and asks if the update should be installed:

If you press OK, all necessary files will be installed and the old Galaxy Piano.nki instrument will be replaced by the new one. If you have any problems, please contact: Support Hotline +49 (0)89 4522892-22 (English and German) Dienstag 10:00 14:00 Uhr CET Freitag 10:00 14:00 Uhr CET Support Hotline +49 (0)89 4522892-22 (English and German) Tuesday 10am 2pm, Central European Time Friday 10am 2pm, Central European Time