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Hay, Im Eva and Im 14 years old. Im on the third school year of Pantarijn Wageningen.

Last year we were able to sign up for exchanges with Hungary, Germany or Croatia. I sign me in for Croatia, so maybe I could exchange in the third. And this year I heard that I can exchange with one of my best friends Myrthe. On exchange were going to work on a bike-project in Bjelovar(Croatia), people cant cycle in safety, there arent so many as bicycle facilities as over here, over there, the cyclists do not take into account. The Croatian and Dutch people start to make a plan for good cycling in Bjelovar. In November the Croatian student came to here, we work hard but there was also a lot of fun. In May the Dutch students go to Croatia, I think it will be very exciting but also very nice. In November we did a lot of things: On Friday the 15th the Croatian students came to here, I did met my exchange partner Elizabeta on school, we talked en drunk something. My father took us, and we went to my home, I showed her my house and we looked a movie. On Saturday we had an outing, midgetgolven, it was fun but very cold. After midgetgolven we went to the Panorama hoeve there did we eat poffertjes (very little pancakes), a typical Dutch dish. On Sunday we went to Amsterdam, over there we went to the Rijksmuseum, it was interresting but it was very big and warm and we stay there for 2 ours, and that was for me too long. After that we walked to the Dam and we maked there a groupphoto, then we had 1 our spare time, it was too short. On Monday had the Dutch students a day for our profile choise, so the Croatian students did something else. In the evening Elizabeta, my brother, my father and my went to my grandparents, there did we eat Boerenkool ( dutch dish), we though Elizabeta didnt now this but it was one of here favourits foods. On Thuesday morning we sport together on school, and after that had the Dutch students again a profile choise noon, after that went we to the city with a few Croatian and Dutch students and drunk something. On Wednesday, we went to Houten a city whos made for cyclists, and the mayor showed us the city, its a beautifull city. After that we had some spare time and in that time we lunched very well. After Houten we went to the Zaanse Schans, a piece of land with beautifull windmills, a very nice place to be. On Thursday we brainstormed about things in Bjelovar which have to be improved for cyclists, for instance safety and facilities. In the evening we had a schoolparty it was very nice. On Friday came someone from the cyclists union to talk about cycling in Netherland., after talking we cycle a round along the university where account is taken of the many cyclists.

On Saturday and Sunday was it a free day, on Saturday Elizabeta and I had a great day with Myrthe and Jelena( exchange partners from Myrthe). On Sunday Elizabeta, my father and I went to a climbing wood, it was very fun. Elizabeta was afraid but she di dit. In the evening Elizabeta and I went to my mum were we eat diner, and talked. On Monday morning, very early, the Croatian students left to Croatia.

It was a very great time and I look forward for may.

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