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The exchange week

Friday they arrived at the airport and the teachers have picked them up. When they came to school we went to all the students of the project, we took some foods and drinks and then we went with our Croats (Mislav = my Croat and Petar = Lotte and her Croat) home. They slept five days at Lotte her home and 5 days at my place. The first day we were at Lotte place we've had a few drinks and cake and then we showed them the house and their room. They were allowed to rest for a short time. In the evening we had dinner and then we went to Glow, which is a light show in Eindhoven. Saturday we went to school and we have held the first national meeting. After the meeting we went to the mini golf course by bike. We were devided in groups. My group members were Mislav, Petar and Lotte. When we were done with mini golf, we had dinner at the Panorama Farm to eat pancakes. After the pancakes we went back at home. That evening we went to the party of my hockey club, It was nice to introduce both Croats at the party. We were dancing and it was fun. At 2 o clock the party was over and we went home. At sunday we went to Amsterdam to the National Museum and after the visit we had some free time. At Monday we had a different schedule other than the Croats. We had information on our profile choice and had to make assignments (with our own class). The Croats were guide threw the center of Wageningen and during that time we were doing a workshop. At the end of the tour weve picked them up at the town hall and we went home. On Tuesday we had sports day with the Croats there. We went in a group to join all kind of sports: badminton, ping pong and Belgian football. At Wednesday we went to Houten in the morning. Houten is a city that is arranged so that bikers can easily get around. We were given a presentation and a tour and after the tour we went to lunch somewhere. In the afternoon we went to the open air museum the 'Zaanse Schans'. This museum showed us how the Netherlands was in the past and how wind mills were made. The Croats were very impressive. We drank hot chocolate and bought souvenirs. Then we went back home. When we were back home at Lotte we were packing our stuff because that night we went to my house. At Thursday we were looking at differences between biking in the Netherlands and Croatia. At 12 o clock we had lunch in the city center. After the lunch went home and we were preparing pancakes for the evening. In the evening we had self made dinner with h all the students, teachers of the project and the parents. Everybody had prepared some food. After the dinner the school party was at a different location. Friday we went back to school and we had a presentation of a few Croats and a presentation of a man from the bike union of Wageningen. In the afternoon we had a bike tour threw Wageningen. In the afternoon we were asked to write a report of the exchange week . Saturday and Sunday were family days. Saturday we went in the morning to the open air museum in Arnhem and in the afternoon to the center of Arnhem to shop. We went separately and we had a time agreed to meet each other at

the end of the afternoon. We went home to have dinner and in the evening we visited the cinema in Ede. At Sunday we went to Amsterdam for shopping, the croatians bought some souvenirs for their family. In the evening, the Croats had packed their luggage. At Monday morning we had breakfast very early and then we went to school at6 pm. They went back to their home country.

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