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READING COMPREHENSION Read the text below and solve the proposed items, by choosing the right variant out of the four proposed for each item Impressionism, in painting, developed in the late nineteenth century in France. It began with a loosely structured group of painters who got together mainly to exhibit their paintings. Their art was characterized by the attempt to depict light and movement by using pure broken color. The movement began with four friends who met in a caf !onet, "enoir, #isley and $azille. They were reacting against the academic standards of their time and the romantic emphasis on emotion as a sub%ect matter. They re%ected the role of imagination in art. Instead they observed nature closely, painting with a scientific interest in visual phenomena. Their sub%ect matter was as diverse as their personalities. !onet and #isley painted landscapes and changing effects of light, while "enoir painted idealized women and children. The works of impressionists were received with hostility until &'()s. $y the &'*)s impressionism had a large cult following, and by the &'+)s even the least important works by people associated with the movement commanded enormous prices. &. Impressionism developed ,. at the end of the nineteenth century $. at he beginning of the nineteenth century -. lately in the nineteenth century .. in the nineteenth century of late (. Impressionism began with a small group of artists who wanted to ,. use dark colors $. fight the government -. become scientists .. show their paintings *. ,t the beginning the impressionists were ,. a loosely structured group of painters $. a structured group of painters -. a group of lost painters .. a structure of loose painters /. The meeting place of the first impressionists was ,. a caf $. an exhibition -. France .. an academy +. Impressionism was characterized by ,. painting light and movement $. using light and movement -. showing light and movement .. realizing light and movement 0. The art of the early impressionists attempted at

,. using native colors $. using light and colors -. using light colors .. using crashed colors 1. The impressionist art was based on ,. observing nature carefully $. observing nature interestingly -. observing nature from a distance .. observing nature with patience 2. The first impressionists ,. supported the academic standards $. began a new academy -. did not like the academic standards .. developed new official standards '. The early impressionist artists painted ,. with imagination $. different sub%ect matter -. personalities .. various phenomena &). 3hat sub%ect matter did !onet and #isley usually paint4 ,. country scenes $. portraits of women and children -. skyscrapers .. animals in nature &&. 3hat sub%ect matter did "enoir paint4 ,. ideal portraits $. idealized women -. idealized characters .. idealized women and children &(. 3hich of the following is typical for the early impressionists4 ,. They had a romantic emphasis $. They tried to paint with a scientific interest in visual phenomena -. They worked toward a unified goal .. They idealized life &*. !ost people did not like impressionistic painting ,. before &'() $. between &'() and &'*) -. between &'*) and &'+) .. after &'+) &/. 3hen did impressionism have a large cult4 ,. in the &'*)s $. in the &'+)s -. in the &'()s .. never &+. 3hat were the prices for a work by &'+)s4 ,. huge

$. common -. moderate .. horrible II. GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY Items 16 to 25 are incomplete sentences. hoose among the four variants given under each sentence the one word or phrase that completes the sentence correctly. &0. 55555555 determines a good meal varies from country to country. ,. 3hich $. 3hy -. 3hat .. 6ow &1. !ore ivory is obtained from elephants in ,frica 555555 elephants in ,sia. ,. rather than $. more than -. than from .. as well as &2. I don7t understand what 55555 for ,. you are waiting $. are you waiting -. you wait .. do you wait &'. #am 55555 the parcel the last time I spoke to him ,. had not received $. did not received -. has not received .. was not receiving (). .on7t be afraid. If you don7t touch the dog, it 88 ,. isn7t biting $. wouldn7t bite -. won7t bite .. can7t bite !ach of the sentences from 16 to 25, contains one error. Identify the error from the four underlined words. (&. The purpose of the 9nited :ations, broad speaking, is to maintain peace and security A B and to encourage respect for human rights. C D ((. Franz #chubert, the famous ,ustrian composer, was first taught to play the violin A B C and piano from his father. D

(*. If ;randma !oses having been able to continue farming, she might never have A B begun to paint. C D (/. To see the #tatue of <iberty and taking pictures from the top of the =mpire #tate A B $uilding are two reasons for visiting :ew >ork -ity. C D (+. It is generally believed that Thomas ?efferson was the one who had researched A and wrote the @.eclaration of IndependenceA during the months prior to its signing B C D in ?uly &110. "rom 26 to #$ you have four variants derived from the word written in capitals at the end of each line. hoose one variant that best fits in the gap. %nly one variant is correct. (0. #he was famous for her great 888.. of outlook. ,. BROADTH $. BREATH -. BREADTH .. BRODTH (1. Blease 888 our letter of the &/th. 3e have not had a reply. , OUTKNOWLEDGE. $. KNOWLEDGE -. UPKNOWLEDGE .. ACKNOWLEDGE (2. There will be no pay rises in the 88888.. future. ,. INSEEABLE $. SEEABLE -. FORESEEABLE .. OUTSEEINGLY ('. ?ackie suffered as a child from a very strict 88888 . ,. OUTBRINGING $. UPBRINGING -. BRINGING .. BROUGHT *). There was a 88888 between a lorry and two cars. ,. COLLIDION $. COLLIDANCE -. COLLISION .. COLLIDING BROAD





In items #1 to #5 each sentence has a word or phrase underlined. hoose among the four variants the one word or phrase that is the best substitute for the underlined word or phrase.

*&. Cil is one of the principal sources of energy. ,. most expensive $. most important -. most difficult .. most popular *(. The central states in the 9# are noted for their production of wheat and corn. ,. applauded for $. informed of -. known for .. described by **. -urrently students appear to be learning and having fun simultaneously. ,. at the present time $. concurrently -. sometimes .. electrically */. The teacher was amazed by students7 versatility in handling the computer. ,. verse $. enthusiasm -. variety of skills .. version *+. Tennis wear has become a very lucrative business for both manufacturers and tennis stars. ,. illegal $. circumstantial -. expansive .. profitable III. WRITING >ou recently visited your local sports centre and were dissatisfied with the service provided. >ou have decided to write to the manager. -hoose among the variants offered the one that best fits the context, completing thus the whole letter *0. .ear 88, ,. !rD!s $. <adyD#ir -. #irD!adam .. Bresident *1. I am writing 8.. to the Cldbury #ports -entre. ,. as following a recent visit $. to follow a recent visit -. following a recent visit .. while following a recent visit

*2. I would like to express my disappointment 88 I received. ,. with the service $. against the service -. with the servicing .. at the service *'. 88. they were generally polite and helpful, the members of the staff seemed to lack basic sports knowledge. ,. $esides $. ,lthough -. .espite .. In spite of /). :one of them 88.. to me on choosing a sEuash racket. ,. could offer some advices $. could offer any advice -. couldn7t offer any advice .. could to offer any advice /&. 888. was that the swimming pool was closed. ,. #till a cause for complaint $. Cther cause for complaint -. ,nother cause to complaining .. ,nother cause for complaint /(. I understood that repairs need 88... ,. carry out $. to be carried out -. be carrying out .. carrying out /*. 6owever, 88. the day before my visit, the receptionist did not mention that the pool was closed. ,. calling for information $. when I called for information -. when calling for informations .. as I called for information //. Finally, offering lessons in different sports is a good idea, but 88.. very expensive. ,. I found them to be $. as I founded them to be -. I found them being .. founded them to be /+. I hope you will take these points into consideration and I look forward 88.. ,. to hear from you $. hearing from you -. to hearing from you .. hearing from you >ours faithfully, Bhilip =vans

GRILA I, &.,F ( .F * ,F / ,F + ,F 0 $F 1 ,F 2 -F ' $F &) $F &&.. F &(.$ F &*., F &/.$ F &+., II. &0.-F &1.-F &2.,F &'.,F (). -F (&.$F ((..F (*., F (/.,F (+.$F (0.-F (1..F (2.-F ('.$F *).- F *&.$ F *(.- F **., F */.-F *+.. III. 3riting *0. -F *1. -F *2. ,F *'. $F /). $F /&. .F /(. $F /*..F //. ,F /+.CALCULUL NOTEI Toi c i !" # i$ %i &'($ o)*i+,$o-ii. Fiecare item rezolvat corect valoreazG 0.2 .'(c$ . !edia probei de concurs se calculeazG HnmulIind ('%/-'* # i$ %i - 0o*1,i co- c$ cu 0.2, la care se adaugG 1 .'(c$ #i( o2ici'. Timp de lucru efectiv 30 # %i('$ .