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Flaw Feeble


Effect Minus 2 on Str, Dex, & Con ability checks and skill checks minus 1 HP per Level Min 0 Minus 4 Listen & Spot minus 3 fort save In Combat, every time you attack an opponent with concealment, roll twice and take worse minus 2 on all melee attack rolls

Frail Innattentive Meager Fortitude Murkey Eyed

Max Con 14, Min Con 4

Noncombatant Pathetic Poor Reflexes Shaky Slow Unreactive Vulnerable Weak Will Dragon 324 Arcane Performer Ability to cast arcane W/O preperation, Perform 1 rank minimum base speed 20 Total ability modifiers < 8

reduce 1 ability score by 1 minus 3 reflex save minus 2 ranged attack rolls base land spped halved minus 6 initiative minus 2 Armor class minus 3 will saves

Perform check DC 10 + spell level to cast minus 6 AC against AOO Fail against fear automatically

Brash Coward Fool Bardic Music

Lose: Inspire Courage, Competence, greatness, and heroics abilities minus 10 on bardic knowledge minus 4 Diplomacy and Move Silently

Frivalous performer Loudmouth Meticulous Performer Trivial Performer Chivalrous Courtesy

Bardic Knowledge

Bardic Music Bardic Music Good or Lawful

Bardic Music is Full round action See page 98 minus 4 to attack opposite Gender

Code of Arms

Good or Lawful

minus 4 to attack opponents not armed w/ melee weapons minus four to attack opponents who haven't explicitley challenged or attacked you minus 2 to attack while not mounted minus 4 penalty to attack when flanking instead of bonus Minus 4 to attack when not adjacent to an ally minus 2 to hit with anything other than unarmed or natural attacks

Honorable Challenge


Mounted Warrior Solitary Paragon

Ride 1 rank

Warrior of the Phalanx

Bestial Instinct

City Slicker

Survival as class skill

minus 4 handle animal, knowledge (nature), & survival See page 93 Fail fort checks to overcome high temps. Take 2 extra dmg. from fire attacks See cold blooded Shaken when more than 1 humanoid is within 30 feet of you DC 12 will save to attack plant, animal, or vermin types, or lose action Suffer an additional point of dmg. from metal weapons Always illiterate, minus 2 on knowledge checks, except for knowledge nature

Claustrophobia Cold-Blooded

Hot blooded Forlorn of men

Love of nature

Metal intolerant

No time for Book Learning

Dragon 325 Blind Rage Exhausting Rage Gullible Rage Ability Rage Ability See page 93 When you end rage you are exhausted Minus 2 to resist enchantment and illusion, minus 4 on sense motive Rage Ability Your rage only lasts as long as your improved CON score

Quick Burning Rage

Slow to Anger Superstitous

Rage Ability inability to cast spells

Entering rage is a full round act. When you see obvious magic you become frightened See page 93 See page 93

Uncontrollable Rage Dragon 327 Haunted Loner

Rage Ability

Ability to cast spells Ability to have animal companion or familier Ability to cast spells Ability to cast spells Ability to cast spells w/o prep.

minus 4 on listen and Move Silently permanantley lose this ability

Magical overload Phantom Sparks Restricted sorcery Dragon 326 Aligned Devotion

See page 93 minus 4 to hide and spot Cant use magic from 2 schools

Ability to spontaneously cast cure spells

Half curing if alignment is one step from yours, no healing if alignment is more than 1 step from yours Suffer arcane spell failure for divine spells Only one domain, not 2 Lose the ability to turn or rebuke undead

Divine gestures Domain Devotion Living faith

Ability to cast divine spells Access to domains Able to turn or rebuke undead

Material devotion

Acess to Domains

Use spell trigger items for spells from domain list only Casting time to cast spells doubled No proficiency with weapons other than deities favored weapon

Ponderous spellcaster Weapon Bound

Ability to cast spells Devotion to specific Deity

Dragon 329 Beastly Foe Specialsit Wild Empathy Favored Enemy See page 95 Minus 1 on attacks, bluff, spot, sense motive and survival against creatures you dont favor Minus 2 on attack rolls with weapons you didn't craft, and Armor Check penalty +1 on armor you didn't craft



Favored Enemy

Minus 4 on attacks, AC, and skill checks when not engaged in melee with F.E. close enough to engage See page 95 Panicked when entangled, pinned or bound alleviated 1 round after freed

Terrain Specialist Wild

Track, Wild Empathy Survival 1 Rank

Dragon 328 Glory Hound Grudge Keeper BAB 1 Minus 2 AC untill you drop an opponent Minus 2 on attack, save, skills, and ability checks if damaged untill you return damage to the same foe BAB 1 If you move out of Melee for any reason, suffer -2 on saves, skills and attacks for 1 hour If using light or 1 handed wpn. minus 4 on attacks. -4 on disable device, Open Locks, sleight of hand, & use rope Minus 4 penalty on ALL attack rolls not made with bow, rapier, or longsword Fatigued or exhausted for 8 hours after failed fort save Minus 4 vs. ingested poisons become sickened upon ingesting any potion for its duration Con 13 or lower Spell like abilities See page 42 unable to use any spell like abilities, and -2 on saves vs. one school of magic Minus 2 on listen, spot, and initiative Minus 2 on attack rolls and skill checks when in sight of magical effect with duration of longer than instantaneous


Stubby Fingers

Small size or dwarf

Elven Pride of arms

Elven Blood

Frail Constitution

CON 11 or lower


Slow Healing Arcane Conundrum

Curious Magical Fascination

Short attention span

Minus 2 cumulative penalty on skill retries, cant take 20 Chaotic Half-race (orc, elf, celestial, etc) Armor check penalties doubled Minus 2 on attack, skills, and saves when in line of sight of member of your nonhuman lineage See page 43 Half elf Not immune to sleep, no saving throw bonus vs. enchantment not considered to have elven blood Minus 2 search and spot, lowlight vision replaces darkvision Cannot use withdraw action, can never benefit from dodge bonus As drow or orc See page 44 spend twice as long on any skill that requires an action (all except concentration), -2 on initiative Con 13 or lower, not Obese Minus 4 on grapples, trips, overruns, or bull rushes. Gain no benefit from a charge but suffer standard AC penalty Minus 1 to AC and Minus 4 to hide, armor costs and weighs double DC 15 will save or be shaken when you engage a foe in melee

Free Spirited Half Blood Outcast

Insomniac Quarter elf

Beady Eyes



Light sensitivity Short temper Cautious



Dex 13 or Lower, not Lightweight