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Study on customers Satisfaction of Asianet Broadband: Designed Questionnaire

Name: - _______________________________________ Age Gender: Occupation: 1. What form of internet service you use? Dial up Mobile Wireless 2. Which of the following Internet Service you are using currently BSNL Asianet Idea Mts Any other please mention. 3.Is this a work or home connection? Work Home Leased line Fixed broadband ____ Male Female

4. Identify your purpose of taking a broadband internet connection Work Video chats Cctv Education Online games and movies Others(

5. How much do you pay for this connection per month? 150- 500 1000-1500 500-1000 1500 and above

6. Are the plans offered by Asianet broadband competitive Yes No (please mention reason)

7. Which type of plans do u prefer? Limited plans Unlimited plans

8. How familiar are you with Asianet broadband and their plans? Never heard Iam aware of it

9.What does you expect most form your broadband connection Speed Good service Fewer or no disconnections Budget plans

10.Identify the reason for being a customer of Asianet broadband Better speed Budget plans Others Good service No other alternatives

11.Does this provider meet the level advertised features and benefits for the plan you subscribe? Yes No

12. Rate the Performance of your internet service provider

Very poor Pricing Speed Technical Support Service Reliability





13. Do you find difficulty in accessing Customers service of your ISP Yes No

14.How is the experience with the customer service of your ISP? Very Responsive Rarely responds Worst Only when complained repeatedly

15. How quick are your complaints resolved Same day 3 working days 4 working days More than 4 days

16.Do u find an existence of a proper complaint redressal mechanism ? Yes Remarks and suggestions No

17. What are the commonly occurring complaints? Modem fault Speed issues Line complaint Other (please mention)

18.Are u able to track the status of your complaint? Yes No

19.Does they have a transparent billing system ? Yes No

20.What made you most think about changing your broadband ISP

Better service Attractive plans and offers N/A

Speed and reliability Dissatisfied with current ISP

21.Are you aware of the exciting new plans and offers of asianet broadband Yes No