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Hakeems Broken Flowers Review

Posted by: Hakeem

Bill Murray stars in Jim Jarmusch's artistic and very quite Broken Flowers, about Don Johnston, a retired man who, right after his girlfriend Sherry Julie Del!y" leaves him, receives a !ink letter from a former flame telling him that he has a son she raised all by herself, but now he's #$ and he left home maybe in search of his father% &he letter is anonymous though, and so Don, after getting convinced by his neighbor 'inston Jeffrey 'right", embarks in an adventure to his !ast to find the women he was with () years ago in search of the mother of his !ossible son% Jarmusch's films are the love or hate ty!e% *offee + *igarettes was good, though it was more interesting to see all those actors and singers interact than what they were actually talking about% , liked it, most of it% -ow Broken Flowers is more of a normal movie, with a normal !lot and .ust one central character% &here's a lot to like, or hate, de!ending on your mood when you see the movie% &he !ace of the movie is very slow, mostly because of the transitions between scenes% &he movie is ( hours long, but there are around (/ minutes of Bill Murray .ust driving his car, looking at the street from his hotel's !orch or even .ust staring at nothing sitting in his house% &hose (/ minutes are not all at the same time of course but still, they feel like they're .ust there to fill the ( hours% 0r is .ust a very artistic style that didn't work at its fullest for me, but might for other considering that the movie won the 1rand Jury 2ri3e at *annes this year% &he acting is very good though, e4cellent actually% 0r it could be taking as .ust sitting in front of a camera, because that ha!!ens a lot% , loved it, starting with Bill Murray's numb !erformance as Don, not Johnson, a recurrent .oke in the movie% Murray looks very old here, but he's still great% 5ven when stuff is ha!!ening his non6sto! talking neighbor, a naked teen walking around him, dinner with one a former e4 and her husband" all he does is be still and quite, but you can see him 'mind6acting' if you like, .ust moving his eyes a little bit maybe and you know he's giving an e4cellent !erformance% ,s it award worthy7 , don't know% , think that any more normal acted !erformance would beat him though we haven't had many this year e4ce!t 8ussell *rowe in *inderella Man% &he award worthy !erformance of the movie goes to Jeffrey 'right from 9B0's :ngels in :merica"% 9e !lays 'inston, Don's neighbor and a man with ; .obs and big family% Still, he finds time to !lay Sherlock 9olmes with the hel! of his beloved internet which still amuses him% :nd , say still because is set in today's world, though it has an early $)s feeling% :nd that we have not idea where it takes !lace doesn't hel!, as the letter Don receives shows his address as somewhere in a state abbreviated '-&'% But anyway, 'inston loves to investigate stuff, whatever it is, and so he grabs the !ink letter, asks Don to give him a list of his girlfriends from () years ago, and thanks to the magic of the internet he finds where they all are, and how to get to their houses% 9e also books hotels and cars and !lane tickets% :ll Don has to do is go and show u! at their houses with !ink flowers, and look for clues !ink stationary or a ty!ewriter with red ink like the letter" 'inston tells him% 'inston is not very much in the movie, maybe #/ minutes to!s, but Jeffrey 'right rules all that time% ,t's a comedic !erformance but it feels so natural and real that is .ust !erfect% &he women are all good though they are there .ust for a cou!le of minutes as the movie is all Murray really% Sharon Stone !lays <aura, Don's first sto!% She's recent widow after her car racing husband died in a race some time ago% She lives with her daughter <olita :le4is D3iena", the aforementioned naked teen who flirts a lot with Don when they are waiting for her mom to get home% :fter <aura comes Frances *onroy as Dora, a real estate agent living ha!!ily married to her husband 8on *hristo!her McDonald" who is also a real estate agent%

&hird is Jessica <ange as *armen, an animal communicator who is also married now, but may be having a lesbian relation with her assistant *hloe Sevigny"% :nd finally comes &ilda Swinton as 2enny, the only one who still hates him even though it was her that left him% , shouldn't say finally though because Don makes one final sto! to cemetery where his fifth girlfriend from that time is buried as she died a few years ago% *SPOILERS* Don never asks if she's the one that sent him the letter, he .ust looks for clues, mostly !ink stuff, and they all have something that 'inston would say it was her% 2enny has a !ink ty!ewriter though, and she screams when he asks her if she ever had a son% But Dora has !ink stationary in her business cards, it could've also been her% , don't think it was <aura or *armen% :fter Don comes back, he receives another !ink letter, different envelo!e si3e notes 'inston, though he would like to investigate the writing to see if it matches the original letter% &his letter is not anonymous though, it's from Sherry, telling him that she still likes him if he wants to try again% :nd this o!ens a new !ossibility, as the first letter might have been an attem!t from Sherry to shake him u!, and there's no son at all% But then there's an encounter with a traveling kid in search of something, it could be the son, but Don .ust scares him away when he acts fatherly without even knowing if its him or not% :nd .ust as the kid runs away from Don we see this other kid who !asses by in a car and stares at Don% ,t could also be him only that we'll never know, because that's when the movie ends% Broken Flowers makes us care for Don's quest but then it leaves us not knowing anything at all% ,t's not for everybody, and , was not sure how , felt about it at first% ,t's slow, mostly uneventful, and again, very quite% ,t's beautiful%

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