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NESTL is a Swiss multinational food and beverage Company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the largest food company in the world. Paul Bulcke (born 1954), is a Belgian businessman who was appointed Chief executive officer (CEO) of Nestl on 20 September 2007 and officially started in his new role in April2008.

Nestl is proud of its commitment to excellence in product safety and quality and to providing value and aims to be the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. As a socially responsible corporate, we always focus on environment friendly operations, ethical business practices and our responsibility towards the communities.

An article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale. In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or

needs of customers. In retailing, products are called merchandise. In manufacturing, products are bought as raw materials and sold as finished goods.

The amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something. The primary means of pricing is in which customer judge the attractiveness of a product or service can also be affected due to wider access to customers via online channels. A good pricing strategy would be the one which could balance between the price floor and the price ceiling and take into account the customer's perceived value. Common pricing strategies include cost-plus pricing, skimming, penetration pricing, value-based pricing, and many more.

Placement or distribution moves products from the producer to the consumer. With the Internet and social media websites, consumers now have access to more channels than ever to research, purchase and evaluate products. Both small and major brands offer e-commerce websites that allow web users to browse products and share their 'wish lists' or purchases with friends across social media websites.

The action of placing someone or something somewhere. A form of advertising (usually not involving ads) in which branded products and services are noticeable within a drama production with large audiences. Product placements are presented in way that will generate positive feelings towards the advertised brand and are implemented, mentioned, or discussed through the program. This

enables the audience to develop a stronger connection with the brand and provides justification for their purchase decision.

Cerelac is a brand of instant cereal made by Nestl. The cereal is promoted for infants 6 months and older. It is currently sold worldwide to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sout h America, Central America, North America, India, the Middle East, Nigeria, North Africa, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, South East Asia, and Zimbabwe.

NESTL CERELAC Infant Cereal Rice:
NESTL Cerelac Infant Cereals Stage 1 helps your baby to adapt easily from milk to solids.

NESTL CERELAC Infant Cereal Rice & Milk:

NESTL Cerelac Infant Cereals Stage 1 makes it easier for you to gradually introduce solid food to your baby.

NESTL CERELAC Infant Cereal Brown Rice:

The mild tastes of NESTL Cereals Infant Cereals Stage 1 help you to ensure your baby has a varied and nutritious diet.

NESTL CERELAC Infant Cereal Rice & Mixed Fruits:

NESTL Cereals Infant Cereals Stage 2 introduces more new tastes to help develop your babys taste buds.

NESTL CERELAC Infant Cereal Rice & Mixed Vegetable:

NESTL Cereals Infant Cereals Stage 2 another step forward in your babys journey of nutritional discoveries.

NESTL CERELAC Infant Cereal Wheat & Honey:

NESTL CERELAC Infant Cereals Stage 2 tempt your childs developing taste buds.

Delighting consumers all over the world, KitKat brand is a favorite chocolate treat thanks to its light wafer texture and delicious chocolate taste, freshness and variety of formats. A perfect snack to enjoy as part of a balanced diet.

Kit Kat, slender crispy wafer fingers covered with creamy milk chocolate. In January 2010, Kit Kat, Nestls leading confectionery brand and the UKs favorite chocolate biscuit bar, was certified by Fairtrade in the UK and Ireland.


Kitkat Four Figure:

Kitkat two Finger Bar is promoted in to Four Finger bar.

KitKat Four Finger Fine Dark:

For the dark chocolate lovers, new KitKat 4 Finger Fine Dark uses the finest Cocoa beans to coat each

bar in an intensely rich bittersweet dark chocolate. KitKat Fine Dark will also feature the new Foil Fresh packaging. This is a permanent edition to the KitKat range and taps into the growing consumer trend towards dark chocolate.

KitKat Chunky also comes in Minis, Snack size and a King-Size bar called Big Breaks! If you laid out a year's production of KitKat Chunky, it would stretch from Land's End to John O'Groats a total of five and half times!

KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter:

The giant, single-finger version of KitKat was launched as a milk variant and has seen versions of Orange and White chocolate. In 2006, we launched a new Peanut Butter version of KitKat Chunky. This bar, already sold in many foreign markets, has a smooth layer of Peanut Butter on top of the crisp KitKat wafer and is covered in KitKat Milk chocolate.

KitKat Chunky White Choc:

KitKat Chunky white choc also comes in Minis, Snack size and a King-Size bar called Big Breaks!

Kitkat Cup:

Kitkat provide promotional cups.

Quick and easy solutions like jus, bouillons, soups and seasonings, to help chefs and professional kitchens bring out the flavor and nutrition of fresh food ingredients. Maggi products help bring out the best in every meal .Quick and easy solutions like bouillons, soups, seasonings and sauces - to aid cooking and add flavor. Maggi brand the flavor that fresh food loves, helping you make nutritious, delicious meals.

Meggi Noodles:
MAGGI realizes that mums feel the need of being more fun around their children; therefore, it gives them a chance to break out from their mum mould. Now involve your little ones in the kitchen for a supervised activity full of fun and great learning as they help prepare MAGGI NOODLES for themselves. MAGGI NOODLES are available in four delicious flavors: Chicken, Chatkhara, Masala and Lemon Chaska. MAGGI NOODLES brand has introduced two new noodle variants to delight our consumers who have increasingly been asking for new and tasty flavors: Karara and Bar-B-Q.

For every promotional pack of Maggi noodles purchased, customers will be entitled to receive a free on pack cutlery set!

This promotional gift is also a perfect complimentary product to Maggi noodles. In the presence of such an incentive product, the chance of impulsive buy will definitely increase!

Tasty and trusted, Milo brand is the worlds leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. It offers essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nutrition and energy demands of young bodies and minds. Launched in Australia in the early 1930s, the Milo brand takes kids' development seriously. It has long been known as an energy beverage strongly associated with sports and good health. Milo brand is the worlds leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. Loved and trusted by parents. Given its popularity it is a must have product for food service operators particularly in Asia, Africa and Oceania.

We all love the great MILO taste and its nourishing goodness, but have you ever wished you could take it wherever you go? The MILO you know and love now comes in a sachet format! Just mix the MILO single serve sachet with 200ml of milk to make the perfect MILO. MILO Sachets are compact, convenient and come in a box of 10 sachets, so now you can make your MILO anywhere!

With over 50% wholegrain, its the delicious wholegrain energy in MILO cereal that you can be sure, whatever your kids have to get

done theyll have enough WHOLEGRAIN ENERGY backing them up.

With over 50% wholegrain, its the delicious wholegrain energy in MILO cereal that you can be sure, whatever your kids have to get done theyll have enough WHOLEGRAIN ENERGY backing them up.


Each bite is made with whole grain wheat, corn & oats that deliver the nourishing goodness of grains together with the delicious taste of MILO that really satisfies. Great for GROWING APPETITES!

Milo Glass:
Milo provides there glass on purchase milo products.

Milo Promotional Cup:

Milo provides there cup on purchase milo products.

Milo Promotional Mug:

Milo provides there mug on purchase on milo products.

Milo Promotional Water bottle:

Milo provides there Water Bottle on purchase milo product.

One of the worlds most popular coffee brands. Available in many varieties to suit all tastes and occasions. From Nescaf Classic to our newer wellbeing products such as Green blend with higher levels of antioxidants. The rich taste of your favorite coffee reflects its rich history. . Food service operators can always count on the Nescaf brand to deliver a good cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

Nescafe Red:
The rich taste of your favourite coffee reflects its rich history. Nescaf coffee originated in Brazil in the 1930s as an early example of innovation and sustainable development. Building on Nestls milk processing expertise, we developed soluble coffee helping thousands of Brazilian farmers avoid hardship and crop waste. True to our heritage, we continue to support and work with farmers around the world.

Nescaf Gold:

A taste worth savoring. We've golden-roasted choice coffee beans and captured the exquisite rich aroma and smooth coffee taste. The premium choice Nescaf brand for your special cup of coffee every day.

Red Nescaf promotional mug:
With over 94 billion cups of Nescaf coffee consumed each year, Nescaf brand is the worlds most popular coffee.

Hot Selling Promotional Nescaf Cappuccino Coffee glass cup:

Nescaf Ceramic Promotional Mug with golden logo:

Nescafe gift packs:

Nestle Pure Life:

Pure Life was launched in 1998 to help meet the global need for a safe drinking water with a pleasant taste at an affordable price. Now present in more than 20 countries, Pure Life was launched in 1998.

Nestle Water Bottle:
Nestle Water is the global need for a safe drinking water with a pleasant Life is the worlds most popular bottled water brand.

The brand offers a complete range of milk and milkbased products that offer nutrition solutions for each stage of childhood. The Nido brand is trusted by mothers, with a taste that kids love. With its focus on providing a nutritional foundation for growth and development, Nido brand has been helping mums around the world care for and nurture children for the past 70 years.

Nido Milk:
Nido products feature instant dry whole milk with Vitamins A & D. It is a good source of calcium to help children develop and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Nido improve their quality continuously.

Fruita Vital Orange Juice:

Oranges are in demand not only for their divine juicy flavour but equally celebrated for their health benefits. They are naturally low in calories, and an excellent source of Vitamin C. Squeezed from the finest handpicked oranges, 100% pure NESTL FRUITA VITALS Orange Juice has no sugar and is a good source of Vitamin C. Having Orange juice every day is a great way of strengthening the body resistance against infections and diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fruita Vital Apple Nectar:

Apples have no fat and are cholesterol free. NESTL FRUITA VITALS Apple Nectar is made from the finest Apples and is 100% clear. As irresistible as sin itself give in to the amber kick of NESTL FRUITA VITALS Apple Nectar.

Fruita Vital Red Grape Nectar:

Grapes also called the queen of fruits are known for their great internal body cleansing properties. They are a good source of Vitamin C and Potassium that plays an important role in proper heart functioning by regulating blood pressure and heart beat. Relish the full-bodied, smooth flavor of NESTL FRUITA VITALS Red Grape Nectar and let your taste buds soak in the sensuous richness of Red Grapes.

Fruita Vital Pineapple Nectar:

Pineapples are good source of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps fight against free radicals, one of the main reasons for aging. Made from premium pineapples, NESTL FRUITA VITALS Pineapple Nectar brings you the exotic taste of pineapples with a refreshing tropical flavor and is a good source of Vitamin C.

Fruita Vital Chaunsa Nectar:

NESTL FRUITA VITALS Chaunsa Nectar is prepared from the finest quality Chaunsa mangoes that are procured from the best fruit farms. The 100% rich mango nectar is nutritious, refreshing and wonderfully delicious. It helps to replenish the lost vigor during workouts and enhances your fitness by providing fortified energy endowed with dietary fiber, Vitamin A, C & E.

Fruita Vital Guava Nectar:

A chilled glass of pink NESTL FRUITA VITALS Guava Nectar is not only great tasting but is also wholesome in antioxidants making it very nutritious. NESTL FRUITA VITALS Guava Nectar is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Niacin and due to excessive fiber content it is an effective fat burner.

Fruita Vital Go Royal:

Nestls strategy for Nestl Fruita Vitals has been fair, simple and fruitful Pure fruit, Pure energy, Pure juice. In the recent month we saw a new campaign with the introduction of pomegranate juice to the fruita vitals line. It kicked off with a teaser and spread its flavor in a months time. With a tag line Go Royal Nestl was able to breakthrough their young, fun and sporty strategy into something more serious, classy and extravagant. The crown on the fruit effectively expressed the theme visually making the concept quiet clear.

NESTL Peach Nectar:

Peaches are a perfect combination of flavor and nutrition. Their natural fruit goodness, enriched with Vitamin C, protects the body from free radical damage and helps maintain the immune system.

NESTL Nesfruta:
Nesfruta brings natural fruit flavours to your water, all in a convenient little pack. Its ready whenever and wherever you are.

Feel the burst of fruity fun and discover NESTL Mango and NESTL Orange Mango fruit drinks made with the juiciest, sweetest mangoes and sharp oranges.

Now Nesfruta in different flavours.

MILKPAK is a trusted brand known throughout the country for its nutritious wholesome goodness and pure natural taste. To secure a happier and healthier future for your family, you need the support of a strong partner like MILKPAK, now fortified with extra strength of Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A that keeps you and your family strong! Iron as an essential mineral helps in the formation of healthy blood and strengthens your immune system. Vitamin C helps the absorption of Iron in the body and Vitamin A is important for clear vision. The addition of Iron and Vitamins has enhanced the nutritional value of MILKPAK while retaining the same delicious taste.

MILKPAK is a trusted brand known throughout the country for its nutritious wholesome goodness and pure natural taste. To secure a happier and healthier future for your family, you need the support of a strong partner like MILKPAK, now fortified with extra strength of Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A that keeps you and your family strong!


If you are all set for an active and healthy lifestyle, then you need to get the strength your bones need & the smartness you desire with NESTL NESVITA Calcium Plus as it is high in Calcium and low in fat.

With more Calcium than regular milk, NESTL NESVITA Calcium Plus locks the Calcium in your bones making them strong and healthy. This is because it contains Calci-Lock, a unique combination of Calcium, Vitamin D and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Nesvita Dahi:

Nesvita cup: