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April 9, 2014
ANNOUNCEMENT: Adequate notice of this meeting held the 9th day of April has been provided through resolution adopted by this Board at its Stated Annual Meeting held at the Administration and Records Building on January 4, !"4 through electronic mailing of said resolution to the Star #edger, the $aily Record and the Record, through posting on the %ounty &ebsite, and by filing a copy of same &ith the Morris %ounty %ler' and the %ler' of this Board( ROLL CALL: Dir !"#r M$%"r$&' l# D p(") Dir !"#r S!$pi!!*i# Fr *#l+ r C$,$&$ Fr *#l+ r C %$r# Fr *#l+ r D Fillipp# Fr *#l+ r -ri!.(% Fr *#l+ r L)#& SALUTE TO THE FLA/ 4:00 p121 3ROCLAMATIONS: D &i2 D$), April 24, 2014 A!! p"i&': E2il) R)5$., Cli&i!i$&6S 7($l A%%$(l" 3r 8 &"i#& E+(!$"#r, M#rri% CARES F$ir H#(%i&' M#&"*, April 2014 A!! p"i&': - i"* M(rp*), A%%i%"$&" 3r#'r$2 Dir !"#r, M$r. " S"r " Mi%%i#& ADMINISTRATOR9S RE3ORT COUNTY COUNSEL9S RE3ORT FREEHOLDERS9 RE3ORTS Fr *#l+ r -ri!.(% ; E<<#r"% "# CLER-6DE3ARTMENT HEAD RE3ORTS RE:IEW RESOLUTIONS

3r#p#% + R %#l("i#& S(pp#r"i&' U.r$i& 9% E7 r!i% I"% I&+ p &+ &" $&+ S#8 r i'& Ri'*"% R '$r+i&' "* R(%%i$& F + r$"i#&9% % i5(r #< i"% T rri"#r)

C#(&") Op r$"i&' E7p &% Up+$" ============================================================================= = CORRES3ONDENCE: )one DISCUSSION: R#$+ Op &i&' 3 r2i": "4*!+ , Ber's Ridge %o(, to open Millbroo' Road in Randolph -o&nship for sanitary main installation CLOSED SESSION: I+ &"i<) T#pi! 3ERSONNEL 3r#% !("#r>% O<<i! R ?(i%i"i#&% Di%!(%%i#& r l$" + "# "* % $r!* <#r $ & @ C#(&") CFO6Dir !"#r #< Fi&$&! LABOR NE/OTIATIONS C#&"r$!" N '#"i$"i#&% S"r$" ') +i%!(%%i#& r l$" + "# 3BA 29A A33OINTMENTS O& B M#rri% C#(&") B#$r+ #< Tr$&%p#r"$"i#& Di%!(%% "* $pp#i&"2 &" #< $ Sp !i$l C#(&") C#(&% l "# *$&+l !l$%% $!"i#& 2$"" r%

CONTRACT NE/OTIATIONS Di%!(%%i#& r l$" + "# $&"i!ip$" + r +(!"i#& i& M$&$' + M +i!$i+ !#&"r$!"% Di%!(%%i#&% r l$" + "# "* $&"i!ip$" + $!?(i%i"i#& #< $++i"i#&$l /r )%"#& 3r#p r") 3URCHASE, LEASE OR ACCUISITION OF REAL 3RO3ERTY 3ENDIN/ OR ANTICI3ATED LITI/ATION O&'#i&' I&%(r$&! li"i'$"i#& +i%!(%%i#& r l$" + "# "* C#rr !"i#&$l F$!ili"), 3r#% !("#r9% O<<i! , $&+ C#(&") C#ll ' O< M#rri% MATTERS FALLIN/ WITHIN THE ATTORNEY CLIENT 3RI:ILE/E
.A++i"i#&$l i&<#r2$"i#& $,#(" $&) r %#l("i#& #r #r+i&$&! "*$" $pp $r% #& "* $' &+$ !$& , #,"$i& + ,) !$lli&' "* #<<i! #< "* M#rri% C#(&") C#(&% l $" 940;A29;A0D01

-he public informal &or' session of the Board of %hosen /reeholders of the %ounty of Morris &as called to order by $irector Mastrangelo at 40+1 p(m( on April 9, !"4 in the 2no3 %onference Room, Administration and Records Building, %ourt Street, Morristo&n, )e& Jersey( $eputy %ler' of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by la&( Fr *#l+ r% I& A"" &+$&! 0 $irector Mastrangelo /reeholder %abana /reeholder %esaro /reeholder $e/illippo Fr *#l+ r% A,% &": )one S"$<< 3r % &" %ounty Administrator Bonanni Assistant Administrator Buchanan %ler' of the Board 2etchum $eputy %ler' of the Board Allard %ounty %ounsel 45Mullan Assistant %ounty %ounsel Bush O"* r% 3r % &"0 -he meeting &as open to the public and press $irector Burd $irector $i6iralomo $irector #eary $irector 7into $irector Roe %84 -ugman 7ublic 8nformation 4fficer 6arifo $igital 9 Social Media Manager Spencer /reeholder #yon /reeholder 2ric'us /reeholder Scapicchio

============================================================================= $irector Mastrangelo &elcomed Mr( and Mrs( )icholson to the meeting( -hey are ta'ing a class on government and are filling a requirement by coming to our meeting( D &i2 D$) $irector Mastrangelo presented a proclamation to Ms( Ry:a'( ;e noted that $eputy $irector Scapicchio represented this Board and presented a proclamation to acting 7rosecutor 2napp that declared this &ee' to be %rime <ictims5 Rights =ee' here in the county, reaffirming our commitment to al&ays respect the rights of crime victims and their families and to address their needs( Along those same lines, he presented a proclamation declaring April > to be $enim $ay in Morris %ounty to help dispel the many misconceptions that still surround se3ual assault( -his proclamation also recogni:ed the many dedicated individuals and agencies in the community &ho are &or'ing tirelessly to support se3ual assault victims and their families and to prevent se3ual violence( Ms( Ry:a' responded this is something the /reeholder Board supports annually and means a lot to them( $enim $ay started in 8taly through se3ual violence to&ard a young girl in that country( #os Angeles &as the first place here in the ?S to support this movement and it has gro&n no& across the country( -his is her group5s fifth year of hosting $enim $ay &ith activities planned at $re& ?niversity on April >( F$ir H#(%i&' $irector Mastrangelo said that this year mar's the 4@th anniversary of the passage of the /air ;ousing Act adopted in "9@A that provided for equal housing opportunity for all( ;ere in Morris %ounty, the /air ;ousing %ommittee of our ;uman Relations %ommission acts as an advocate and educator for fair housing(

-o recogni:e the committee5s &or' and to call attention to the fact that every American has a right to fair housing opportunities &ithout fear of discrimination, the /reeholder Board has issued this proclamation declaring April to be /air ;ousing Month in Morris %ounty( Mr( Murphy accepted the proclamation( ADMINISTRATOR9S RE3ORT Mr( Bonanni announced that the interest arbitration bill did not pass( As such, it has temporarily lapsed( ;e did spea' to a representative in the 6overnor5s office this morning( -here is no scheduled meeting as of this date to re*introduce the bill( ;e &ill 'eep the Board advised( April "@ at @ p(m( is the ne3t 8mprovement Authority meeting( ;e along &ith Ms( Buchanan met &ith Judge =eisenbec' regarding courthouse security updates( -here is a significant amount of funds in the !"4 capital budget to provide for courthouse security upgrades( As soon as the budget is passed &e can begin to implement many of the changes( Ms( Buchanan and Mr( 6arifo have been &or'ing on Student 6overnment $ay &hich &ill ta'e place on /riday, April 1 at the B4%( Bmergency Management ,4n April +! &e &ill have a county emergency management drill( 8t is a catastrophic planning event that is coordinated by the Regional %atastrophic 7lanning -eam out of )e& Cor' %ity( 8t is only a county event at this point and &ill include departments as &ell as community based agencies( Assistant Administrator5s Report Ms( Buchanan as'ed for the Board5s preference on the timeframe of releasing the recorded /reeholder meetings audio files to the &eb( -he Board agreed to have the recordings placed on the &eb at the same time as the approved meeting minutes( COUNTY COUNNSEL9S RE3ORT ;is department has revie&ed 4> resolutions for tonight5s meeting( Aside from proceedings for the budget adoption, there is one refunding bond ordinance for introduction( FREEHOLDER CABANA ;e had no report at this time( FREEHOLDER SCA3ICCHIO ;e reported on the follo&ing activities0 %ongratulations to Jennifer Mc%ulloch &ho passed the %ertified /loodplain Manager e3am( -his certification &ill

add value to the %ounty5s program and has the potential to reduce flood insurance costs for individual property o&ners &hose municipalities choose to participate in the %ommunity Rating System( Applications to the %ounty ;istoric 7reservation 6rant program &ere received at the end of March( A summary list of applications has been provided to you( -he ;istoric 7reservation Revie& Board &ill meet on April +! to start revie&ing the applications( Site visits &ill be conducted in May and applicant presentations &ill ta'e place in June( A slate of funding recommendations &ill be before the /reeholders for consideration on June 1th( Responding to comments from the recent Mayor5s meetings, staff is outlining a process &here municipalities may ma'e repairs to emergent potholes on county roads and be reimbursed for their efforts( ;e &ill 'eep the /reeholder Board posted on this effort(

-omorro& he and /reeholder %esaro &ill have a flood mitigation orientation at p(m( &ith staff( /riday evening is the M?A recycling dinner( FREEHOLDER CESARO -ransparency , An additional demonstration of the 8DM program &as performed this past Monday( -here &as good feedbac'( /unding is available to move for&ard &ith this proEect( ;e as'ed the Board for direction on ho& to proceed( ;e is open to pursuing another vendor if that is the &ish of the Board( $irector Mastrangelo responded if staff has recommendations other than 8DM , he is open to &hatever they &ould li'e to revie&( ;e believes based on discussion that staff has loo'ed at the industry to find other competing products and to date they have not come up &ith any( -here &as a consensus of the Board to move ahead &ith recommendation to use the 8DM program( FREEHOLDER DEFILLI33O She noted that the 8DM program &ill save a lot of staff time( She as'ed Ms( #eary about a list of proEects for potential %ounty applications for solicitation of local safety and high ris' road programs( Ms( #eary noted that these applications are for very particular areas( 8n the past they have participated( -hey &ill need to chec' to see if there are e3isting proEects of that type(

;eritage %ommission , She and Ms( Shult: too' a tour of the third floor as &ell as the basement at Morris <ie&( -here are challenges using this space( -he third floor has load*bearing issues and the basement needs asbestos removal( -he old estimate &as appro3imately F4!!,!!!( -his number &ould probably increase if &e &ent out to bid today and that e3pense is not included in the !"4 capital budget( Morris <ie& could be a temporary solution but &e do need a long*term plan( She &ill continue to address this matter &ith the staff and the /acilities Revie& %ommittee( 4n April 4 Morris %ounty hosted the )e& Jersey %ounties )ursing ;ome meeting( She attended last night5s council meeting in Ro3bury( -he -o&nship5s consultants are releasing their report today on an evaluation and remediation plan for the /enimore #andfill( She &ill get the lin' and send it on to the Board to revie&( -he %ouncil &ill have a public session &ith the residents this -uesday( FREEHOLDER LYON ;e reported that the Gufall health van for veterans5 dental screening is hosting a public event on April A to publici:e this program( -he %%M Board of School Bstimate met Eust prior to this meeting( -hey finished up revie&ing construction bonds and this passed unanimously( -he /reeholder Board &ill vote tonight to adopt the !"4 budget( Starting in March the budget subcommittee members have been attending municipal meetings to revie& the !"4 budget( -here has been over&helming support, especially for the capital money that is going to&ards road repairs, an increase of 11H over last year5s budget( FREEHOLDER -RIC-US ;e received a good reception of the !"4 budget at the #incoln 7ar' %ouncil meeting this past Monday( ;e attended the %hamber of %ommerce meeting &here Senator 7rieto &as a guest spea'er( ;e is very supportive of county vocational schools( ;e revie&ed a proposed resolution to support ?'raine5s efforts to e3ercise its independent and sovereign rights regarding the Russian /ederation5s sei:ure of its territory( -he /reeholder Board concurred to place the resolution on tonight5s agenda(

;e reported that he is 'eeping trac' of the county operating e3penses for !"4 comparing the actuals to !"+ &ithin each quarter and year to date( FREEHOLDER MASTRAN/ELO ;e noted at the municipal meetings &here he has presented the !"4 budget that the to&ns are encouraged by the budget, especially &ith the road repairs( 8t is important that &e maintain all the services( DE3ARTMENT HEADS9 RE3ORTS Mr( Roe reported that refunding bonds &ill be issued saving the county appro3imately F +!,!!!( Mr( 7into reported that on April 4 a 7roEect 7urple event on addiction &ill ta'e place sponsored by the %ommunity %oalition for a Safe and ;ealthy Morris( -he location for this event is the Mount 4live 7erforming Arts %enter( 4ver nine hundred people have registered so far( Cesterday &as the volunteer brea'fast at Morris <ie&( Appro3imately fifty volunteers &ere recogni:ed( -he ;uman Services $ept( is &or'ing &ith %arol Spencer to promote Morris <ie& on a /aceboo' page( -his is a good &ay to communicate &ith the community( $irector Mastrangelo noted that he has been getting information technology updates on a &ee'ly basis through conference calls bet&een Ms( Buchanan, Mr( -ugman and himself( Mr( -ugman informed the Board that 8nformation -echnology has a centrali:ation initiative to ta'e on some of the 8operations that other departments are doing daily( -he 7rosecutor5s 4ffice and #a& 9 7ublic Safety can benefit from this( -hey are ma'ing good progress in that regard( =e are offering more services no& that &ere not available before( -here is interest from the leadership of those departments( Shared Services , =e are loo'ing at &hat is possible to offer to the municipalities( =e &ill need to get some baseline infrastructure in place and some changes &ithin the 8department( -he shared services &ould be provided to the municipalities through a private cloud( $irector Mastrangelo noted that the %ounty hosted three sessions of mayor meetings( 4ne of the topics discussed &as information technology shared services and &hat the %ounty potentially could provide in that area( =e &ill survey the municipalities to see &hat type of services they require( /reeholder %esaro as'ed to be part of the

meetings since this is a shared service initiative( Ms( Burd reported that a fe& &ee's ago they prepared R/75s for a safety consultant to Ris' Management and for provision of medical services( -hey &ill form evaluation committees, and she as'ed if anyone from the /reeholder Board &ould be interested in being part of this( 8f so, please get bac' to her by this /riday( RESOLUTIONS -he /reeholder Board revie&ed and discussed the resolutions( ROAD O3ENIN/ 3ERMIT -he /reeholder Board revie&ed the permit and concurred to place it on tonight5s agenda( -he meeting adEourned at 10"1 p(m( Mr( 45Mullan read the follo&ing resolution0 =;BRBAS, pursuant to the 4pen 7ublic Meetings Act, the Board of %hosen /reeholders of the %ounty of Morris in the State of )e& Jersey may e3clude the public to discuss matters as are provided under the Act I)(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJJ( )4=, -;BRB/4RB, BB 8- RBS4#<B$ that this Board hereby e3cludes the public in order to discuss eight IAJ such matters0 "( As it pertains to contract matters, to discuss negotiations related to anticipated reduction in managed Medicaid contracts pursuant to )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJI>J( ( As it pertains to contract and the potential acquisition of real property, to discuss status of potential acquisition of additional 6reystone property pursuant to )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJI1J and I>J( +( As it pertains to labor negotiations, to discuss strategy related to the current 7BA 9A pursuant to )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJI4J,I>J and IAJ( 4( As it pertains to personnel, to discuss the upcoming search for a ne& %ounty %hief /inancial 4fficerK$irector of /inance pursuant to )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJIAJ( 1( As it pertains to ongoing insurance litigation, to discuss three open matters related to the %orrectional /acility, 7rosecutor5s 4ffice and the %ounty %ollege of Morris pursuant to )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJ I>J( @( As it pertains to personnel, to discuss three Morris %ounty 7rosecutor5s 4ffice personnel requisitions pursuant to )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJIAJ (

>( As it pertains to appointments, to discuss the non*fair and open appointment of a Special Morris %ounty %ounsel to handle current class action litigation pursuant to )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJIAJ( A( As it pertains to appointments, to discuss one appointment to the Morris %ounty Board of -ransportation pursuant to )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJIAJ( -he Board reserves the right, as the Board e3changes ideas related to the above matters and attempts to develop appropriate plans of action as may be suggested by individual /reeholders or staff members, to broaden discussion and to attempt to arrive at nonbinding consensus provided such broadening of discussion continues &ithin the limits set forth in )(J(S(A( "!04*" IbJI"J through I9J( Matters discussed in B3ecutive Session &ill be made public at the earliest point in time that the need for confidentiality for each such matter shall no longer be necessary( BB 8- /?R-;BR RBS4#<B$ that this Resolution shall ta'e effect immediately and be in full force from and after its passage( Respectfully submitted, Susan Allard, $eputy %ler' of the Board -he meeting returned to open session at @0"9 p(m( -hose present &ere /reeholders Mastrangelo, %abana, %esaro, $e/illippo, 2ric'us, #yon, and Scapicchio( Also present &ere0 $an 45Mullan, %ounty %ounselL John Bonanni, AdministratorL Mary Jo Buchanan, Assistant AdministratorL and Randy Bush, Assistant %ounty %ounsel( At @0 ! p(m( /reeholder %esaro made a motion to adEourn and /reeholder %abana seconded the motion( Respectfully submitted, $iane M( 2etchum, %ler' of the Board