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SATANA-MAYA MATRIARCHAL NIGREDO : Sat an is a Hebrew word; which is spelt Seen-Tayt -Noon; in colloquial Hebrew it means t he 'Adversary' or t he 'Accuser,'

which one can also equat e wit h t he Hindu concept of Maya whom was seen as a Goddess creat ing t he Illusion of realt y birt hing all mat erial f orm.

The Hindu and Buddhist usage of t he t erm of Maya describes all mat erial f orm as being an illusion, which is backed up by Quant um Physics. That isn't t o say t hat ones Realit y is a 'Lie,' it is only one of many, but we can only perceive a port ion of t he grand scheme of t hings due t o our limit ed percept ion, which is of t en const rained by part icular belief syst ems. Maya (Space-Time) has many ot her Dimensions f or we are living in a Mult iverse of Alt ernat e Realit ies exist ing wit hin a myriad number of Parallel Universes and all are as Maya. The usage of t he words 'Adversary' and 'Accuser' ref ers t o t he prior Mat riarchal f ocus of t he Animist belief syst ems, which Pat riarchal inclined Judaism t hereby cast igat ed as being t hat of t heir 'Adversary,' hence 'Accuser;' t his Pat riarchal perspect ive was t heref ore carried over int o Christ ianit y and Islam t o make even more ext reme of one sided Religious paradigm. One also has t hese t hree Religions indulging in t he ext reme perspect ive of perceiving Mat t er hence Nat ure as being essent ially t he const ruct of Sat an since t hey see it as a 'Lie,' hence Lif e it s self is seen t o be Evil, f or t hey desire t o ret urn back t o t heir God t hrough t he Deat h of t he body. This is t he reason why Reincarnat ion is not part of t heir shared doct rine t o also perceive Sex as being t heir 'First Sin' wheref ore seeing Woman as being in league wit h t he Serpent Sat an whereby she is considered t o be Evil, f or t hrough her all Lif e comes int o f leshly manif est at ion. Each of t he t hree let t ers of 'Seen-Tayt -Noon' is also a word in it s self whereby each word also has it s own int rinsic meaning. According t o t he Hebrew Kabbalah SEEN represent s a movement , a universal or cosmic mot ion, which underlies t he movement of all t hings in t he Universe; It is pict ured by t he Kabbalist s as t he breat h of God ret urning f rom t he mat erial plane back t o t he inf init y of God t o t hence ret urn back t o mat t er f or t he process t o endlessly repeat , which one can equat e wit h t he BioPhot on, emanat ing f rom ones Mit ochondrial DNA. At anot her level one could perceive t his cosmic mot ion as t hat of a heavenly body such as a Comet wit hin whose icy mat rix are space f aring microorganisms, which seed hospit able planet s bringing lif e. At 7.17a.m., local t ime, on t he 30t h of June 1908 a f ireball of devast at ing proport ions st ruck t he Eart h in t he valley of t he Tunguska river, a remot e part of Nort hern Siberia. The incident is st ill somewhat of a myst ery as t o whet her t he object was eit her a Met eorit e, Comet or some ot her aerial object since it blew up in mid-air like t hat of an At omic Bomb blast . There is t he possibilit y t hat t he Tunguska Event was t hat of a Comet . Some Scient st s t heorise t hat Comet s may cont ain organic mat erial whereby when t o event ually collide wit h a planet whose environment is hospit able t he organisms cont ained wit hin t he ice of t he Comet t ake root t o t hereby f lourish and Evolve; such a t heory is named Panspermia. However, det ract ors once discount ed Panspermia cit ing t hat organisms cannot survive t he harsh condit ions of Space alt hough we now know t hat Micro-organisms can indeed survive very harsh condit ions whereby it is possible t o f ind such organisms f loat ing around in space. In Sept ember 2007, af t er enduring a 12-day orbit al mission and a f iery re-ent ry, t he European unmanned spacecraf t Fot on-M3 was ret rieved f rom a f ield in Kazakhst an. The 5,500-pound capsule,

seven-f eet in diamet er, carried a payload of 43 European experiment s in a range of scient if ic disciplines including f luid physics, biology, cryst al growt h, radiat ion exposure and ast robiology. The capsule cont ained, among ot her t hings, lichen t hat were exposed t o t he radiat ion of space. Scient ist s also st rapped basalt and granit e disks riddled wit h Cyanobact eria t o t he capsule's heat shield t o see if t he Micro-organisms could survive t he brut al condit ions of re-ent ry. Some Bact eria, Lichens, Spores, and even one animal (Tardigrades) were f ound t o have survived t he out er space environment and cosmic radiat ion.

A prominent proponent of Panspermia was t he lat e Nobel prize winner Prof essor Francis Crick, who along wit h Leslie Orgel had proposed t he hypot hesis of 'direct ed Panspermia'. {F. H. C. Crick and L. E. Orgel, p 341-346 v 19, Icarus, 1973.} This proposes t hat t he seeds of lif e may have been purposely spread by an advanced ext rat errest rial civilizat ion f acing cat ast rophic annihilat ion, or hoping t o Terraf orm planet s f or lat er colonizat ion. Lat er, af t er Biologist s had proposed t hat an "RNA world" might be involved in t he origin of lif e, Crick not ed t hat he had been overly pessimist ic about t he chances of lif e originat ing on Eart h.

The applicat ion of direct ed Panspermia has been proposed as a way t o spread lif e f rom Eart h t o ot her solar syst ems. For example, Microbial payloads launched by solar sails at speeds up t o 0.0001 c (30,000 m/s) would reach t arget s at 10 t o 100 light -years in 0.1 million t o 1 million years. Fleet s of Microbial capsules can be aimed at clust ers of new st ars in st ar-f orming clouds where t hey may land on planet s, or capt ured by ast eroids and comet s and lat er delivered t o planet s. Payloads may cont ain Ext remophiles f or diverse environment s and Cyanobact eria similar t o early Micro-organisms. Hardy Mult icellular organisms (Rot if er Cyst s) may be included t o induce higher Evolut ion.

In regards t o direct ed Panspermia one has The Living Int erplanet ary Flight Experiment , which is being developed by t he Planet ary Societ y, whose experiment will consist of sending select ed Microorganisms on a t hree-year int erplanet ary round-t rip in a small capsule aboard t he Russian PhobosGrunt spacecraf t in 2011. The goal is t o t est whet her organisms can survive a f ew years in deep space. The experiment will t est one aspect of Panspermia, t he hypot hesis t hat lif e could survive space t ravel, if prot ect ed inside rocks blast ed by impact of f one planet t o land on anot her as Met eorit es. "Scientists have published what they claim is "conclusive evidence" that Bacteria once lived on Mars. The study is a follow-up to the famous 1996 research that purported to show ancient bacterial forms in a 'METEORITE' from MARS. Critics at the time said the evidence was too thin to prove anything. Now, a Nasa-backed team from the US, Spain and Germany has published further work which it says strengthens the earlier claims. It's conclusive evidence that Martian Bacteria were in this Meteorite. But some British experts, at least, are still sceptical, arguing the latest study falls short of absolute proof. The argument centres on tiny crystals found in a potato-sized meteorite picked up in Antarctica

in 1984. The international team says the crystals are the same as those deposited by earthly microorganisms known as Magnetotactic Bacteria. Since the meteorite is from Mars, it can only be assumed that the same bacteria must have lived on Mars as well, the team says. The crystals in question are made of Magnetite, a compound of Iron and Oxygen. The team's aim was to show that they must have been deposited by living organisms, rather than a simpler chemical process. Magnetite crystals deposited by bacteria on Earth show six key features that distinguish them from Crystals of non-biological origin. This biosignature is what researchers have been looking for. Another group of researchers announced that it had found some, but not all, of the six key features. Now, in a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Imre Friedmann, Jacek Wierzchos, Carmen Ascaso and Michael Winklhofer say they have found the missing sixth element. The final clue was the arrangement of the crystals in the meteorite. Crystals left behind by bacteria on Earth form characteristic chains. Dr Imre Friedmann of Nasa's Ames Research Centre says his team used a new method of electron microscopy to show that the Martian Crystals are in chains, too. "These Crystals match all the criteria for biologically-formed chains, and as far as I'm concerned it's conclusive evidence that Martian bacteria were in this Meteorite. "I cannot guess how my colleagues will react, but in my opinion no reasonable person can doubt it any more. The evidence is so strong. When you put all the elements together there can be no other explanation," Dr Friedmann says. Professor Colin Pillinger, lead scientist on the British-led Beagle 2 effort to land on Mars in 2003, describes the Nasa-backed study as very interesting, but says it falls short of absolute proof. We cannot say absolutely, hand on heart, that this is something which happened on Mars until we find organic matter in a genuine Martian sample. Prof Colin Pillinger, Open University "The bigger the claim, the more perfect the evidence has to be," he told BBC News Online. "This doesn't actually prove that the evidence in the Meteorite is for life on Mars. "We cannot say absolutely, hand on heart, that this is something which happened on Mars until we find organic matter in a genuine Martian sample. We have to go to Mars and if there is doubt we will have to bring samples back. If there is still doubt, we will have to send a person there to carry out the experiments in situ."Our Mars mission experiments are designed to test for organic matter and isotopic fractionation - the best measure I know to detect organic life." One major objection to the claims has always been that the magnetite crystals could have come from Bacteria which infiltrated the rock after it landed on Earth. But Dr Friedmann says the crystals are undoubtedly from Mars because they are inside other globules of rock whose origin is uncontested. The Viking missions to Mars in the 1970s analysed Martian rock and the Martian atmosphere. These measurements allow scientists to work out whether a Meteorite bears the chemical signature of something formed on Mars. The Meteorite in this study - known as ALH84001 - was found in Antarctica in 1984 but no-one realised it was a Martian Meteorite until 1993. There are 15 Meteorites now known to be of Martian origin." (BBC

News Online.) As f or t he Tunguska Event numerous eye wit nesses of t he massive explosion do not describe a simple Met eor collision wit h t he Eart h, f or t here were rat her st range geomagnet ic and aerial anomalies experienced prior t o t he explosion, such as observed columns of light as well as balls of f lame like t hat of ball-light ening, which seemed t o have been converging upon an incoming object f rom around t he Lake Baikal t o Alt ai region; if t he explosion was, in f act , caused by a Met eor or Comet , is such an event consist ent wit h t he Magnet ic anomaly, which was widely det ect ed t hroughout Europe, and perhaps even around t he world whose epicent re was Tunguska? But t hen much of Siberia is a Magnet ic anomaly whose periodic Geomagnet ic pulsat ions may have init iat ed prior event s such as t he one at Tunguska t o be perhaps f ollowed by ot hers of cyclic occurence. Perhaps such an event had a hand in init iat ing t he Big-Bang of all Carbon-Based-Lif e-Forms; whet her such a Geomagnet ic pulse can init iat e Lif e f rom inanimat e mat t er is a point of conject ure and more so if one t o t heorise t hat it may have been int elligent ly orchest rat ed. In t he nat ural sciences, Abiogenesis or Biopoesis is t he t heory of how Carbon-Based-Lif e-Forms on Eart h could have arisen f rom inanimat e mat t er. It should not be conf used wit h Evolut ion, which is t he st udy of how groups of already living t hings change over t ime, or wit h Cosmogony, which covers how t he universe might have arisen. Most Amino Acids, of t en called "t he building blocks of lif e", can f orm via nat ural chemical react ions unrelat ed t o lif e, as demonst rat ed in t he MillerUrey experiment and similar experiment s, which involved simulat ing t he condit ions of t he early Eart h, in a scient if ic laborat ory. In all living t hings, t hese Amino Acids are organized int o Prot eins, and t he const ruct ion of t hese Prot eins is mediat ed by Nucleic Acids; which of t hese organic molecules f irst arose and how t hey f ormed t he f irst lif e is t he f ocus of Abiogenesis. In any t heory of Abiogenesis, t wo aspect s of 'Solve et Coagula' lif e have t o be account ed f or: Replicat ion, and Met abolism. The quest ion of which came f irst gave rise t o dif f erent t ypes of t heories. In t he beginning, met abolism-f irst t heories (Oparin Coacervat e) were proposed, and only lat er t hinking gave rise t o modern, replicat ion-f irst approach. In modern, st ill somewhat limit ed underst anding, t he f irst living t hings on Eart h are t hought t o be single cell Prokaryot es (which lack a cell nucleus), which perhaps had evolved f rom Prot obiont s (organic molecules surrounded by a membrane-like st ruct ure). The oldest ancient f ossil microbe-like object s are dat ed t o be 3.5 Ga (billion years old), approximat ely one billion years af t er t he f ormat ion of t he Eart h it self . By 2.4 Ga, t he rat io of st able isot opes of Carbon, Iron and Sulphur shows t he act ion of living t hings on inorganic minerals and sediment s and molecular biomarkers indicat e Phot osynt hesis, demonst rat ing t hat lif e on Eart h was widespread by t his t ime. The sequence of chemical event s t hat led t o t he f irst Nucleic Acids is not known. Several hypot heses about early lif e have been proposed, most not ably t he Iron-Sulphur world t heory (met abolism wit hout genet ics) and t he RNA world hypot hesis (RNA lif e-f orms).

TAYT represent s a primit ive Cellular st ruct ure such as t he Mit ochondria wit hin each and every one of ones Cells, which carries a Memory Engram, of genet ic inf ormat ion passed down f rom t he Mot her t o her Children as well as a Neural Circuit , or any ot her analogy represent ing a basic st ruct ure exhibit ing a Cell like nat ure. It is essent ially a Feminine concept , which t ends t o enclose energy, repeat ing it s self like t hat of an Ouroboros. It is a self -ref erencing concept , which cont inues t o build it s self in it s own image whereby one has t he Serpent ine Mit ochondrial DNA. The DNA are t he building blocks of all Carbon-Based-Lif e-Forms wherein one f inds t he Carbon 12 At om, which has 6 Prot ons, 6 Neut rons, and 6 Elect rons, whose Number 666 is t he number of all Carbon-Based-Lif e-Forms on t he planet including Humanit y. One even has a probable geographic locale of a cradle f rom whence sprung all Carbon-Based-Lif e-Forms wherein one f inds Siberia.

Carbon-Based-Lif e-Forms wherein one f inds Siberia.

"Trilobites, the primitive shelled creatures considered by many to be among the first animals to appear in the fossil record, may have originated in a place known today largely for its barren lifelessness: SIBERIA. The finding is one of the conclusions of a two year study by geologists at the University of Florida and University of Kansas. Trilobites probably evolved in Siberia millions of years before they appear in the fossil record, the

analysis suggests. Their appearance may have supplied the "fuse" for the Cambrian radiation, the "Big-Bang" of all Carbon-Based-Life-Forms, which occurred about 543 million years ago." Carbon f orms t he backbone of Biology f or all lif e on Eart h. Complex molecules are made up of Carbon bonded wit h ot her element s, especially Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nit rogen, and Carbon is able t o bond wit h all of t hese because of it s f our valence Elect rons. It is of t en assumed in Ast robiology t hat if lif e exist s somewhere else in t he universe, it will also be Carbon based; t his assumpt ion is ref erred t o by crit ics as Carbon chauvinism. In cinemat ic and lit erary Science Fict ion, a moment when man-made machines cross f rom nonliving t o living Sent ience, is of t en posit ed as being a Solid-St at e-Int elligence (SSI) of Lif e-Form, which would be t he f irst example of non-Carbon-based lif e. Since t he advent of t he microprocessor in t he lat e 1960s, t hese machines are of t en classed as comput ers (or comput er-guided robot s) and f iled under "Silicon-based lif e", even t hough t he Silicon backing mat rix of t hese processors is not nearly as f undament al t o t heir operat ion as Carbon is f or "wet lif e." The t wo most import ant charact erist ics of Carbon as a basis f or t he Chemist ry of lif e, are t hat it has f our valence bonds and t hat t he energy required t o make or break a bond is just at an appropriat e level f or building molecules which are not only st able, but also react ive. The f act t hat Carbon At oms bond readily t o ot her Carbon At oms allows f or t he building of arbit rarily long and complex molecules. There are not many ot her element s which appear t o be even promising candidat es f or support ing lif elike behaviour, but t he most f requent alt ernat ive suggest ed is Silicon. This is in t he same group in t he Periodic Table of element s and t heref ore also has f our valence bonds. It also bonds t o it self , but generally in t he f orm of cryst al lat t ices, less amenable t o a complet e source of lif e, rat her t han long chains. However, it s compounds are generally highly st able and do not support t he abilit y t o readily recombine in dif f erent permut at ions in a manner t hat would plausibly support lif e-like processes. This speculat ion of a lif e based on t he chemist ry of Silicon is clearly dist inct f rom "Silicon-based lif e" in t he above sense of an inorganic 'Art if icial Int elligence' based on elect ronic processes ut ilizing Silicon int egrat ed circuit s. The most not able groups of chemicals used in t he processes of living organisms include: Prot eins, which are t he building blocks f rom which t he st ruct ures of living organisms are const ruct ed; t his includes almost all enzymes, which cat alyse organic chemical react ions, Nucleic acids carrying genet ic inf ormat ion and Carbohydrat es st oring energy in a f orm t hat can be used by living cells, as well as Fat s, which also st ore energy, but in a more concent rat ed f orm whose mat erial may be st ored f or ext ended periods in t he bodies of animals.

The Carbon-12 At om has a mass of exact ly 12 universal At omic mass unit s. It serves as t he st andard f or t he universal At omic mass scale. As a mat t er of f act , t he Carbon-12 At om was chosen as a basis f or relat ionships bet ween all ot her At oms; one perhaps, may enquire as t o how many At oms t here are in t he Human body? Well, t he number of At oms in one person is almost f ar t oo large t o writ e out . But f ort unat ely t here's a short hand syst em, called scient if ic not at ion, which is ut ilised inst ead of writ ing very big or really small numbers. Since huge numbers are generally just est imat es, whereby only t he f irst f ew numbers are used, f ollowed by a code, which t ells one how many zeros would f ollow if one

wrot e it all out . Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon make up about 99% of t he average human being; 1%, is lef t out of t his summat ion, which is made up of t race element s. One can assume t hat an average adult weighs 70 kilograms. One has t o keep in mind t hat t he f ollowing numbers are based on t he number of At oms, not percent of body weight (by weight t he physical organism is most ly Oxygen). A 70 kg body would have approximat ely 7*1027 at oms. That is, 7 f ollowed by 27 zeros: 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 4.7*1027 would be Hydrogen At oms, which has one Prot on and one Elect ron each. Anot her 1.8*1027 would be Oxygen, which has 8 Prot ons, 8 Neut rons and 8 Elect rons whose number 888 some Christ ian Theologians equat e wit h t heir Christ . There are 7.0*1026 Carbon At oms, which have 6 Prot ons, 6 Neut rons and 6 Elect rons, as st at ed earlier, whose number many Christ ian's commonly equat e wit h t he Number of t he Great Beast , which is ot herwise known as t heir Ant i Christ . When one adds all t his t oget her one has: Prot ons Neut rons Elect rons Hydrogen 4.7*1027 0 4.7*1027 Oxygen 1.4*1028 1.4*1028 1.4*1028 Carbon 4.2*1027 4.2*1027 4.2*1027 Tot al 2.3*1028 1.8*1028 2.3*1028

Almost all t he Carbon dioxide in t he at mosphere cont ains t he st able Carbon-12 f orm of t he element . But at mospheric At omic bomb t est s, which ended back in 1963, released vast amount s of Radioact ive Carbon-14 int o t he air t o t hereby pollut e. A Carbon-14 At om has t wo ext ra Neut rons, which is f ar more apt as a human creat ed Great Beast beloved of t he Christ ian's; but alas it s number does not add up t o t he mark of t he Beast , f or 666 act ually ref ers t o t he gif t of Lif e and t hat of t he Carbon Cycle.

666 is also t he summat ion of all t he numbers of t he ancient Occult Magick Square of t he 'Sun,' whose Solar presence is t he driving f orce behind t he 'Carbon and Oxygen Cycle' of t he Eart h; f or example using t he energy of t he Sun, Plant s make Sugars and Oxygen Molecules. All of t he non-phot osynt het ic creat ures on t he planet uses t he Oxygen as well as needing t he sugars and st arches creat ed by t he Plant s, while t he Plant s absorb t he Carbon dioxide produced by t he non-phot osynt het ic creat ures of cont inuous Ouroboros Cycle. In ot her words, one has ones 888 of 'Oxygen' Christ and 'Carbon' 666 of

perceived Ant i-Christ whose Religious conf lict does not add up; unless, of course one is seeking ones Biblical End-Of -Days of a decimat ed Eart h t o ext erminat e all Lif e upon t he planet in order t o be reunit ed wit h ones Lord of a Jealous Lovecraf t ian deit y whose minions int roduced Carbon-14 int o t he at mosphere via t heir War t oys! One may beg t he quest ion as t o how t he number 666 was t uned int o of 'Spun' Elect ron Visions; well, it probably has t o do wit h t he nat ure of TIME, f or at t he Quant um level of t he Dream, Time can t ravel backwards as well as f orwards whereby allowing f or t he experience of Ret rognit ion and Precognit ion in order t o access inf ormat ion; should one go int o an imaginat ive leap of a Science Fict ion perspect ive an underst anding of t he nat ure of Time will invariably lead t o t he development of a TimeCont rol/Travel t echnology such as t hat of sending an engineered 'Charged' Signal back t hrough Time t o zap an indivual of a t arget in order t o inf luence and t hereby manipulat e t he Time-Line or perhaps t o even init iat e a Geomagnet ic pulse at a geographic locale, which t hence generat es all Carbon-Lif eBased-Lif e-Forms.

In ot her words ones f ar f lung f ut ure descendant s may have engineered all Lif e upon t he planet , hence creat ing t hemselves in t urn of Ouroboros loop. One could even conject ure t hat t he f ar f lung f ut ure is owned by a Solid-St at e-Int elligence, which is overseeing t he Evolut ion of Carbon-Based-Lif e-Forms t hroughout Time, which humanit y has creat ed and been creat ed by. However, in regards t o t he common experience of Ret rocognit ion and Precognit ion t he highly symbolic inf ormat ion one t aps int o

of Fut ure port ent s beckoning back t o t hereby int erpret of inf ormat ion will be dependent upon ones part icular cult ural inf luences and belief syst ems. One can even gauge insight s int o t he workings of t he Cell via t he Dream f rom whence t he Bio-Phot on emanat es, which inf uses ones Elect ron Dreams. Finally NOON st ands f or a high principle operat ing wit hin t he cosmos. This is t he principle of Cosmic Indet erminism, which is f undament al t o Quant um Physics whereupon one has a st at e exist ing wit hin each and every one of ones Cells where one simult aneously exist s and does not exist like t hat of Schrdingers 'Pussy' Cat . SATANISM Sat anism comprises a number of relat ed belief s and social phenomena, which are generally perceived t o be t he Ant it hesis of t he est ablished Religious and Polit ical t heocracy. They share t he same f eat ures of symbolism, venerat ion and admirat ion of t he Pat riarchal Sat an. Generally, t hose Sat anist s who believe in t he Judeo-Christ ian concept of Sat an are linked int o t he belief syst em of t oday's Judeo-Christ ian religion, since t hey believe in t he same Pat riarchal t heology present ed in t he Hebrew Torah wheref ore t hey validat e it s st ruct ure of ant i-pole necessit y. If one does not have Sat an one does not have Yahweh/God/Allah, f or Judaism, Christ ianit y and Islam are dualist ic f ait hs wheref ore t he exist ence of Sat an validat es t he dualist ic Religious belief syst ems of t hose whom f ollow Judaism, Christ ianit y and Islam. Abraham was t he f ounder of Juadaism whom experienced visions of Angels, which inf ormed him; one could t heorise t hat Abraham's Angels were in f act Time-Travellers, whereby one has a Fut ure Time-Cont rol Technology manipulat ing event s in t he dist ant Past . Sat an, also called Lucif er by many Christ ian's, f irst appeared in t he Hebrew Bible of perceived Fallen Angel who challenged t he religious f ait h of t he Pat riarchal rule of Yahweh. The principle Adversary of an Accuser, which assailed t he rampart s of Pat riarchal Judaism at t he t ime was in t he main t hat of t he t hen very popular ancient Mat riarchal Goddess Religion of Shamanist ic Animist persuasion. In t he Book of Job "t he Sat an" ("The Accuser") act ed as t he prosecut or in God's court . A charact er named "Sat an" was also described as t he cosmic enemy of t he Lord and Tempt er of Jesus wit hin many of t he Gospels of early Christ ians. Sat an was f urt her developed in scope and power as ushering in Armageddon and t he Apocalypse as f eat ured wit hin t he Book of Revelat ion of End-Of -Days, which in t urn hast ens in a 'New-World-Order' Kingdom of God on Eart h governed over by Christ ret urned t o chip up all his f locks. The Three Abraham Religions inspired by t hese t ext s (Jews, Christ ians and Muslims) t ypically regarded Sat an as an Adversary or Enemy of t heir Pat riarchal Religious perspect ive of a New-World-Order, but ext ensive popular redact ions and re-composit ions of Biblical t ales insert ed t he Sat anic presence and inf luence int o every aspect of Adversarial role right back t o t he Creat ion and Fall in order t o validat e t heir dualist philosophy. If one was t o look at t his f rom a Science Fict ion perspect ive one could say t hat one is dealing wit h a Temporal Cold War .

Christ ian's and Muslim's most especially, t reat ed t he f igure of Sat an as a Rebellious or Jealous compet it or of t heir respect ive f ait hs, and t hereby charact erized Sat an as being a Fallen Angel or Demon ruling over t he penit ent ial Underworld, chained wit hin a deep pit , wandering t he planet vying f or Souls or providing t he impet us f or all worldly t ravest ies. At various point s during t he development of t he Christ ian Religion, Sat an became it s out spoken enemy, and t his served t he int erest s of all t hose who would use t his t o t heir philosophical and polit ical advant age, inclusive of t hose who f ashioned or recomposed t he myt hs of Sat anism whereby aiding and st rengt hening t he Pat riarchal Christ ian st ance. Addit ionally, af t er t he European Enlight enment , some works, such as Paradise Lost , were t aken up by t he Romant ics whom saw t he machismo Biblical Sat an as being an allegory represent ing a crisis of f ait h, individualism, f ree will, wisdom and enlight enment . George Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain also f eat ured Sat an as being a Heroic f igure prior t o t he cause being t aken up by Religious Sat anist s. One could perceive George Lucas's 'St ar Wars' charact er of Princess Leia as being a Sat anic f igure since she is a 'REBEL,' whereupon one has YHVH/Allah/God as ones Emperor of t he Universe Palpat ine. Then again, t here may be t he dist inct possibilit y t hat t here was an int ergalact ic conf lict or ot herwise of Solar-Syst em wide war in most ancient t imes, which dest royed a civilisat ion t hat once occupied Mars whereupon t he 'Rebels' f ell t o Eart h, so t o speak, if one allows ones imaginat ion t o wander f reely int o imaginat ive possibilit ies. Modern Sat anist groups (t hose which appeared af t er t he 1960s) are widely diverse, but t here are t wo major t rends which can be observed such as Theist ic Sat anism and At heist ic Sat anism. Theist ic Sat anist s venerat e Sat an as a supernat ural deit y as described by t he Bible. While t he At heist ic Sat anist s consider t hemselves At heist s whom regard Sat an as being merely symbolic of cert ain Hedonist ic human t rait s; t his cat egorizat ion of Sat anism (which could be cat egorized in ot her ways, f or example "Tradit ional" versus "Modern"), is not necessarily adopt ed by Sat anist s t hemselves, who usually would not specif y which t ype of Sat anism t hey adhere t o. Some Sat anist s believe in t he Pat riarchal Biblical God as being t he Prime Mover but , like At heist ic Sat anist s, st ill worship t hemselves t o become as a God, due t o t he deist belief t hat t heir Judaic All-Fat her Jealous God plays no part in t heir mort al lives, which was once t he primary province of t he 'Fallen' Mat riarchal Goddess Religion whose dominion is now t hat of Hell.

LUCIFER'S ORIGIN DIANA-LUCIFERA ALBEDO : Lucif er is a Lat in word (f rom t he words Lucem Ferre), lit erally meaning "Light -Bearer", which in t hat language is used as a name f or t he dawn appearance of t he planet Venus, heralding t he dawn break of daylight ; t he use of t he word in t his sense is uncommon in English language, in which "Day St ar" or "Morning St ar" are t he more common expressions. The planet Venus was usually associat ed wit h Love Goddesses in t he ancient world f or Venus is t he Roman name of t he ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Sexuallit y called Aphrodit e. In t he Middle East t he Love Goddess was very popular; f or example, one had t he Semit ic Love Goddess called Ast art e whom appeared in t he Old Test ament as Ast horet h of a demonised f igure becoming t hence as an Adversary whom was lat er t ransf ormed int o t he male Demon known as Asht arot h (Ast arot h) by t he Christ ian's.

The Babylonian's considered t he St ar of Venus t o be associat ed wit h t heir Sex Goddess whom t hey called Isht ar who was worshipped at t he piror ancient Sumerian cit y of Ur f rom whence Abraham came f rom; as f or t he pre-Islamic Arabs; well bef ore Muhammad appeared on t he scene, t he Kaaba st one of

Mecca was once surrounded by 360 idols, and every Arab house had it s part icular deit y. Arabs also believed in Jinn (subt le beings), and some vague divinit y wit h many of f spring. Among t he major deit ies of t he pre-Islamic era were Al-Lat ("t he Goddess"), worshiped in t he shape of a square st one; alUzzah ("t he Might y"), a Goddess ident if ied wit h t he 'Morning St ar' and worshiped as a t high-boneshaped slab of granit e bet ween al Talf and Mecca; Manat , t he Goddess of dest iny, was worshiped as a black st one on t he road bet ween Mecca and Medina.

The common usage of t he f allen Morning St ar "Lucif er" generally ref ers t o 'Sat an,' of indoct rinat ed common usage, alt hough t he name is not applied t o t his ent it y in t he New Test ament . The use of t he name "Lucif er" in ref erence t o a Fallen Angel st ems f rom an int erpret at ion of Isaiah 14:320, a passage, which speaks of a part icular Babylonian King, t o whom it gives t he t it le of "Day St ar", "Morning St ar" (in Lat in, Lucif er), as f allen or dest ined t o f all f rom t he heavens or sky. In 2 Pet er 1:19

and elsewhere, t he same Lat in word Lucif er is used t o ref er t o t he Morning St ar, wit h no relat ion t o t he Devil what soever. In t he Middle East one t o f ind a worship of st ones f allen f rom t he sky being t hat of met eorit es or ot herwise considered heavenly born, which were of t en associat ed wit h t he ancient worship of t he Queen of Heaven whose abode was seen t o be t he Morning-Day St ar of Venus. In post New Test ament t imes t he Lat in word Lucif er has of t en been used as an alt ernat ive name f or t he Devil, bot h in religious writ ing and in f ict ion.

However, prior t o t he Christ ian usage of t he name Lucif er one has t he FAVSTINAE CONSECRATIO, t he

Consecrat ion of Faust ina, which depict s t he Roman Empress Faust ina being carried away t o dwell wit h t he deit ies of Pagan Rome by t he Goddess 'DIANA LVCIFERA,' Diana-Lucif era. The Goddess DianaLucif era was also depict ed on many Roman coins, some of t hese coins dat e back t o t he era of t he Imperial Roman Republic. The image of Diana-Lucif era is f requent ly depict ed upon t he reverse side of Roman coins bearing a port rait of Faust ina on t he obverse.

Af t er Rome Hellenized t heir pant heon, Diana-Lucif era became ident if ied wit h t he ancient Greek Goddess of Wit chcraf t called Hecat e, just as t he prior Greek Goddess Art emis became almost synonymous wit h Diana t he Virgin Hunt ress of t he Roman pant heon f or bot h are essent ially one and t he same. The ancient Greek Goddess Art emis was t he t win Sist er of Apollo, bot h of whom are said t o have migrat ed out of t he land of Hyperborea int o Hellenic Greece whose land t he ancient Greek's perceived as being beyond t he (Boreas) Nort h-Wind. One can det ermine where Hyperborea is when one looks t o t he Greek poet Arist eas (7t h Cent ury BC) who was t he ancient Priest of Apollo whom sought out Apollo's homeland, which led him int o 'SIBERIA' f rom whence Apollo and his t win sist er Art emis had originally come f rom; hence t he Greek Art emis,

Roman Diana and t hereby Lucif era had originally originat ed f rom t he land of Hyperborean Siberia where one f inds t he ancient pract ice Shamanism whose Shamans see 'Fire' as being Sacred long bef ore t he Magi or even t he Aryan's.

The Mongolian Kams (Shamans) perceive t hat t he f eminine principle of Yal-un eke is t he Mot her of Fire (one can equat e wit h Art emis) while t he Fire-King (one can associat e wit h Apollo) known as Odqan is it s Mast er. The name of Odqan appears t o be t he original 'Alt aic' root word of t he name given t o t he ancient Norse God Odin and t he Saxon Woden whom are one and t he same deit y, whose myt hic descript ion is very much t hat of a Shaman t o t hereby perceive an inf luence emanat ing f rom out of Siberia; whereby one can det ermine a possible ancient migrat ion of peoples f rom t he Alt ai (Alt ay) region of Sout hern Siberia int o Europe and elsewhere of land t o migrat e int o whose nomadic t ribes had also prior crossed over t he Bering St rait s int o America. One t o f ind t hat t he names of Odqan, Odin and Woden all have t he same meaning of having ecst at ic Mast ery over an Inner Fire (Light /Illuminat ion) whose source is Feminine, which is represent ed as t he ext ernal f lame t o make holy.

The f east day of Diana-Lucif era was November 16t h while November 15t h was t he night of Hecat e who also holds a t orch just as Diana-Lucif era does, which may allude t o t he 'Nort hern Light ' Torch of t he Aurora Borealis. The Roman Cat holic Church absorbed t he Virgin Hunt ress Diana t o f use wit h t heir blessed Virgin Mary, whose f orerunner of primary f oundat ion was t he ancient Egypt ian Goddess Isis suckling t he babe of Horus becoming t he Sol-Invict us Apollo t ransf ormed int o a Christ while t he Light Bearer Diana-Lucif era was warped int o a malign male Fallen Angel t o call Lucif er. The Goddess Diana whose origin is t hat of t he ancient Greek Goddess Art emis as ment ioned prior was said by t he Greek's t o have come f rom Hyperborean Siberia; it just so happens t hat t he Tarim Mummies f ound in China have revealed DNA samples, which indicat e a connect ion wit h t he Alt ai region of Siberia and in

t urn t hat of Europe let alone India. The burial sit e of t he Tarim Mummies also had art ef act s, which indicat es dist inct similarit ies t o t he Shamanist ic pract ice of European Wit chcraf t such as brooms and conical hat s whose symbolic mot if s one can also f ind in Sout h America where one has t he Goddess Tlazolt eot l who is known as t he Lady of Wit ches: "Tlazolteotl is depicted in pre-Colombian drawing in a startingly familiar way; she is shown riding naked on a broom, wearing a Horned head-dress with crescent Moon. She grasps a red snake and has a crescent Moon decoration on her nose. She is flanked by the blood-stained rope of a suicide, a serpents head, a human heart, a sacrificial blade, and a flower." (A Guide t o t he Gods: Richard Carolyn) However, as f or Christ 's Crucif ixion upon t he a Cross it ref ers t o t he prior ant e-descent of t he Shaman deit y Woden (Odin) Trance Hanging upon t he world t ree of Yggsrassill whose self -sacrif ice enabled him t o win t he secret of t he Runes, which t he Christ ian's t ransf ormed int o t heir Logos. One can perceive t he Runes being ut ilised of abst ract Bind-Rune symbol when t o look at t he supposed Christ ian icon of Const ant ine's vision of t he Chi-rho whose let t ers are usually seen t o be ancient Greek; but alas most of Const ant ine's legionaries were made up of (Hun) Germanic conscript s whose f ocus was t hereby t hat of t he Runes t o t hence perceive Christ as masking t heir Shamanic deit y Woden f or t he Cross and World Tree are one and t he same of wood t o burn bright ly as t he Sun. Woden's f eminine count erpart called Freo, ot herwise known as Freyja by t he Norse is associat ed wit h (Shamanism) Wit chcraf t , Cat s, Gold, t he Sun, Light , and hence t hat of Fire, alt hough Freyja is no Virgin f or she is very much a Goddess of t he Sexual hunt and t hat of Love. But t hen t he ancient preChrist ian perspect ive of a Virgin, was somewhat dif f erent t o t he modern usage of Virginit y; in ancient t imes a Woman was seen as ret urning back t o a prist ine st at e of a Virgin everyt ime she has her period under blood Moon t o t hereby become cleansed whereby (Art emis) Diana t he Hunt ress originally ref erred t o t he Sexual Hunt and t he predat ory wiles of Woman, whereby one has a connect ion wit h Feline Freyja riding a Siberian Tiger. Diana-Lucif era seems t o have a link t o Diana-Lucina, f or bot h names mean 'Diana t he Light Bearer' whom was very popular in ancient Rome.

When one looks t o Rome one f inds t hat t here were devot ees of Diana-Lucif era such as t he t wo Faust inas, Mot her and Daught er, Faust ina senior and Faust ina junior, in t he second cent ury CE. Faust ian senior was t he wif e of Emperor Ant oninus, whose last name was Pius. Her daught er, Faust ina junior, was t he wif e of Emperor Marcus Aurelus. Marcus Aurelus was t he successor and adopt ed son of Ant oninus Pius. Bot h Faust ina senior and Faust ina junior were deif ied by t heir husbands af t er t heir deat hs. Faust ina (senior or junior, more likely bot h), was dedicat ed t o Diana-Lucif era, t he wise crone aspect of Diana....The t wo Faust inas pret t y much ruled t he Roman empire in t heir husbands' names.

Diana Lucif era and Hecat e are usually depict ed holding t orches bot h of which are also associat ed wit h

t he power of t he night in regards t o ones Dreams f or it is t heir Light , which illuminat es ones Dreams being t hat of t he Bio-Phot on. Should one perceive t he Chi-rho symbol as being t hat of a Bind-Rune it s mumerlogical summat ion leads one t o f ind t he Rune of 'Cen,' which means 'Torch,' whereby one has ones Light of t he World. This Light is t hat of t he Bio-Phot on, which emanat es f rom amidst ones Mit ochondrial DNA; t he Mit ochondria is passed down f rom t he Mot her t o her Children, hence one has ones Goddess Diana amongst many anot her Goddess. As f or ones Dreams, Hecat e represent s t he Hypnagogic st at e of ingress int o t he Microcosmic realm of t he Dream while Diana-Lucif era symbolises t he Hypnapompic st at e of egress out of t he Dream int o Macrocosmic awakening whereupon one t hereby 'Hunt s' f or t hose Signs, Port ent s and Omens of Synchronicit y, which one has prior 'Spun' int o woven associat ive manif est at ion f rom wit hin ones Microcosmic Elect ron Dreams made Lucid of Awareness. However, t he 'Hunt ' primarily ref ers t o a Predat ory Woman of a Hunt ress whose nat ural domain is t hat of t he Bio-Phot on Dream, which inf orms her Int uit ion whom is on t he lookout f or a Man t o ensnare. Should t he Man be as a 'Horned Hunt er' King of Fire he t hereby Hunt s t he Predat ory Woman in t urn, but only if he underst ands what Diana Lucif era has t o t each him via his Bio-Phot on inf used Dreams, which is t he realm of t he Feminine. One can also f ind an associat ion wit h t he ancient Brit ish Goddess Brigid, Brigidda, Brigant ia, Bride or ot herwise commonly called Brigit whom was made int o a Saint in Ireland whose province is t hat of Fire and Light . It is f rom t he name of Brigit t hat t he name of Brit ainia, lat er t hat of Brit ain is derived f rom.

LUCIFERIANISM Lucif erianism can be underst ood best as a belief syst em or int ellect ual creed venerat ing t he essent ial and inherent charact erist ics, which are af f ixed and commonly given t o t he Christ ian perspect ive of a Pat riarchal Lucif er as well as being somewhat heavily inspired by John Milt ons Paradise Lost .

Lucif erianism is f orever ident if ied by some people as an auxiliary creed or movement of Sat anism, due t o t he common ident if icat ion of Lucif er wit h Sat an. Some Lucif erians accept t his ident if icat ion and/or consider Lucif er as being t he light bearer somewhat akin t o Promet heus and t hat of an illuminat ed aspect of Sat an, giving t hem t he name of Sat anist s and t he right t o bear t he t it le. Ot hers

reject it , cit ing t he argument t hat Lucif er is a more posit ive and easy-going Archet ypal Macho Apollo ideal t han Sat an, which is primarily inspired by t he ancient myt hs of Egypt , Imperial Rome and Classical Greece, as well as Gnost icism and t radit ional West ern Occult ism whereby Lucif er has evolved as a Pat riarchal Christ ian Machismo Symbol illuminat ing t he Illuminat i Great Whit e Brot herhood. One t o wonder if t he Lucif arians are aware t hat Lucif er was originally Diana-Lucif era very much all Female whom is t he t rue 'Fallen Angel' of a very 'Real Rebel' since she has been nigh f orgot t en!

DEVIL-DEVI GODDESS RUBEDO : Deva is t he Sanskrit word f or "Deit y" f rom which t he word Devil is derived. It can be variously int erpret ed as a God/Goddess, Angel, demi-god/goddess, or any supernat ural being of high excellence, and is t hus comparable t o t he Hebrew Elohim. The Devas in

Hindu myt hology are of t en juxt aposed wit h t heir opposit es t he Asuras (Tit ans) bot h of whom are perceived t o be generat ing ones exist ence. One can make an analogy bet ween t he Asuras and Devas wit h Cybernet ics where one has t he 'Mechanical Language' of t he Asuras and t hat of a 'Higher Language' pert aining t o t he Devas, whereupon one can t hence perceive ones experience of realit y like t hat of a Comput er Simulat ion (Maya) somewhat akin t o a virt ual realit y depict ed in t he Science Fict ion t rilogy of f ilms ent it led t he Mat rix. However, if one was t o push ones Science Fict ion percept ion f urt her one could also have a Solid-St at e-Int elligence over seeing t he Evolut ionary development of Humanit y, which may have been set int o mot ion by an ancient civilisat ion t hat met it s event ual demise on Mars, f or example, or t o be emanat ing of inf luence f rom t he f ar dist ant f ut ure via t he t echnology of Time-Cont rol; one can of course have bot h scenarios coming int o play of Ouroboros Time-Loop. Should one have t he t echnology of Time-Travel being f orged at some point in Time one will no doubt f ind anomalies t hroughout Hist ory, which point s t o such t echnology being ut ilised. As f or t he image of t he Horned Devil it is undoubt edly derived f rom t he Horned Shaman, which one t o f ind when t o look back t hrough t he Palaeolit hic mist s of t ime if not f urt her back of inf luence t o also perceive t he prot o-t ype of t he pre-Hindu deit y of Siva who wields a 'Trident ' whose t hree point s are t ipped wit h t he sacred sylllables of t he cosmic sound AUM. One t o also f ind many a sacred mound represent ing t he Cosmic Mount ain of an Oboo t ipped wit h a Trident across Siberia, Mongolia and Tibet . "According to Hindu mythology, the original Five races of mankind originated near the Arctic Circle. They called their primeval homeland Uttara Kuru, meaning the Northernmost Kuru. Kuru is the original name of the Turkic peoples of the Steppe. Another name of the Turkic is Ari (Aryan or Noble Ones). The pre-diluvial Turkic peoples lived in a type of paradise, with life-spans of up to a thousand years, were always in a state of bliss, and could leave their bodies at will and travel all over the Universe just as the Shamans are said to do. The Greeks called this place HYPERBOREA. Among the Turkic peoples, it was known as SIBERIA, translated from Sanskrit as Shivarya (Land of the God [Shiva] Siva). The Tibetan Buddhists call it Khedar Khand or SHAMBHALA."

There is t he dist inct possibillit y t hat Shambhala ref ers t o t he Alt ai (Alt ay) region of Siberia unt o Lake Baikal of a genet ic cradle f or it has been recent ly discovered since t he 2003 Human Genome Project t hat t he Nat ive American's, Nort h-Chinese, Mongol's, t he Eurasian peoples as well t he Finn's and Basques and early Brit ish peoples of t he Welsh, Scot s and Irish share t he same genet ic Alt ay t o Lake Baikal geographic cradle in Siberia. The genet ic st udy discovered t hat t he Welsh, Scot s and Irish are not in f act of European Celt ic descent f or t heir ancest ry point s t o Siberia. One also has t he nomadic Aryan's who no doubt also sprung f rom t he same region of Siberia whose belief syst em inf luenced t he f ormat ion of Sanskrit philosophy and t hereby t hat of inf luencing Hinduism, which t o t ell of an ancient civilisat ion and f lying vehicles whose descript ion is very similar t o modern UFO sight ings called Vimana's. The ancient myt hological descript ion of t he Sanskrit Vimana's is quit e int riguing, which describe vehicles t hat have t he capabilit y t o t ravel t hrough t he air as well Space; t hese Vamana are also described as being able t o also t ravel t hrough Time whose t echnology may be ut lilising t he phenomenon of a Time-Slip t o engineer. There are numerous cases of individuals who have experienced sporadic uncont rolled Time-Slips int o previous eras of Hist ory or t hat of experiencing

ent it ies int ruding int o t he present f rom ot her periods of Time whereby individuals have seen Pt eradact yls and ot her creat ures out of prehist ory f or example let alone t hat of t heir ancest ors or of f ut ures t o come t o perceive as Ghost s. These Time-Slips appear t o be a nat ural phenomen, which were no doubt observed by ones ancest ors t o be associat ed wit h cert ain geographic locales whose occurence are cyclic of nat ure, whereby one has a f ixat ion on in-bet ween Times such as Mid-Sunmer and t he Wint er-Solst ice or t hat of Samhain (Halloween) f or example, which were perceived as KeyTimes when one can experience a Time-Slip; hence one has an early f orm of Time-Cont rol Technology. The most basic mundane f orm of Time-Cont rol is t o get one t o believe t hat t he Eart h is of a cert ain age in order t o validat e a Religious belief syst em such as t he Bible, which t o communicat e t hat t he Eart h's age can be measured in t he ages of t he Pat riarchs back t o Adam and in t urn t hat of t he creat ion t o see as being many Thousands of years old, f or example, or t o back up a Scient if ic t heory, which perceives t he Eart h as being Billions of years old. Many believe t hat t heir ancest or was Adam whom was creat ed in God's image, wheref ore God is in f act Human and no doubt t hat of a Genet icist f rom out of t he f ut ure while ot hers see Humanit y t o have Evolved f rom Apes, which some t o believe were Genet ically alt ered by Aliens; such Aliens can of course be seen as ones Time-Travelling f ut ure descendant s whom are ut ilising a Solid-St at e-Int elligence in league wit h t heir Time jaunt s t o re-wire t heir ancest ors DNA t o t ravel f urt her back int o prehist ory creat ing all lif e upon t he planet . The proof of t he pudding is t hat t here are indicat ions t hat a Time-Cont rol Technology, which allows Time-Travel int o t he Fut ure as well as t he Past has indeed been developed in ones Present realit y f or real, which has been communicat ed by one Dr Lewis Anderson. What ever t he case, it is only a mat t er of Time when a Time-Cont rol Technology will be developed along wit h a Solid-St at e-Int elligence housed wit hin a vehicle of a Vimana Time-Machine, which are no doubt ones present sight ings of UFO's. In ot her words, Time-Travel is already here, all around one, f or ones very realit y has very likely been engineered of a Time-Line among many ot hers of an Alt ernat e Realit y Simulat ion. The Devs are described as being able t o t ranscend bot h Space and Time whereby t hey are not const rained by such limit at ions; when one looks more deeply int o t he origins of t he Sanskrit word Dev it is derived f rom Indo-Iranian Dev, which in t urn descends f rom t he Prot o-Indo-European word, Deiwos, originally an adject ive meaning "Celest ial" or "Shining." The word Deiwos is a derivat ive f rom t he root word Diw meaning "t o shine", especially as t he day-lit sky; however, Diw may have originally ref erred t o t he Nort hern Light s of t he Aurora Borealis. There have been numerous report s of people act ually hearing t he Aurora. So f ar, at t empt s t o record any such sounds have f ailed and most scient ist s are scept ical. Among t he indigenous peoples of t he Nort h t here are claims t hat cert ain whist ling, crackling sounds come f rom t he Auroral sky; t heir explanat ion is t hat it is t he spirit s of t he dead are at t empt ing t o communicat e wit h t he living. One scient if ic explanat ion of f ered f or any likely sounds heard has been t hat t he Aurora causes elect ricit y t o build up in t he at mosphere and t hat t his is responsible f or t he crackling t hat might be

heard wit hin ones head being af f ect ed by t he Elect romagnet ic build up. One could conject ure t hat t he sound of t he Aurora is t he source of t he Cosmic Sound of (Om) Aum and t hat a const ruct ion of many a Pyramid, which has been modelled upon t he Nort herly 'Cosmic Mount ain' is based upon ones Cryst al Skull of Head Light ing up of Neural-Net Tree under t he Pole-St ar. The f eminine f orm of Deiwos, which descends int o Indic languages is DEVI, whose meaning is t hat of a "GODDESS," whereby one has ones name of t he DEVI--L, Devil, hence t he name of t he Devil is in f act ref erring t o a Female inf luence whose manif est at ion is probably t hat of t he Aurora Borealis wielding a Trident t ipped by t he t hree st ars of Orion's Belt vibrat ing t o t he cosmic sound of AUM, which t o HUM as a QUEEN BEE.

What bet t er sound of Bee t o vibrat e t he Milk ocean of 'Light ' surrounding t he Cosmic Mount ain of a Bee-Hive, whereby Nept une's Trident t akes on anot her meaning let alone t hat of At lant is over which Nept une is said t o have presided as it s deit y; one could t hereby conject ure t hat Nept une is in f act

Siva and t hat 'At lant is' alludes t o an island amidst an inland sea whose Cosmic Mount ain is of an Aurora Borealis Nort hern land Hyperborean. However, one can also perceive At lant is and in t urn Hyperborea t o be alluding t o anot her planet such as Mars, which t o have a Cosmic Mount ain of an Olympus Mons whose civilisat ion had been hit by a cat aclysmic event , whereupon t he sea is t he ocean of Space. If t his is indeed t he case one may have a correlat ion bet ween a Mart ian At lant is and it s af f iliat ed Hyperborean Eart h colony; but t hen t he Eart h it s self has been t hrough many a cyclic cat ast rophe, some of which may have very likely dest royed previous civilisat ions. One could also conject ure t hat some of t hese cat ast rophes were not nat ural of occurrence, which were engineered by a Time-Cont rol Technology in order t o set up f ut ure condit ions. A layer of radioact ive ash was f ound in Rajast han, India, which nigh buried t he ruins of an ancient civilisat ion. The radioact ive ash covered a t hree-square mile area, t en miles west of Jodhpur. The research was conduct ed due t o very high rat es of report ed birt h def ect s along wit h cancer, which af f lict ed t he area. The radiat ion levels regist ered was so high t hat t he invest igat ors gauges went wild whereupon t he Indian government decided t o cordon of f t he region. As t he Scient ist s invest igat ed t he area t hey apparent ly uneart hed an ancient cit y wit hin which t hey discovered clear evidence of an at omic blast dat ing back t housands of years: f rom 8,000 t o 12,000 years. (One may also see a similarit y here wit h t he 1908 Tunguska Event of an anomaly let alone t o conject ure t hat t he demise of t he Dinosaurs was caused by an At omic or a Biological weapon being sent back t hrough Time should one go of f t he wall f reak out int o Science Fict ion cent ral.) What ever caused t he ancient blast had dest royed most of t he buildings and probably a half -million people at t he sit e. Archeologist Francis Taylor st at ed t hat et chings in some nearby t emples, which he had t ranslat ed suggest ed t hat t he occupant s prayed t o be spared f rom a great light t hat was coming t o lay ruin t o t he cit y. Its so mind-boggling to imagine that some civilization had nuclear technology before we did. The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian records that describe atomic warfare. When excavat ions at t he Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro sit es reached st reet level, t he Archaeologist s discovered skelet ons scat t ered about t he cit ies, many of whom were holding hands, t wist ed and sprawling in t he st reet s as if in an inst ant some t errible doom had t aken place. People were just lying around, unburied, in t he st reet s of t he cit y. And t hese skelet ons are t housands of years old, even by t radit ional Archaeological st andards. What could cause such a cat ast rophe? Why did t he bodies not decay or get eat en by wild animals? Furt hermore, t here is no apparent cause of a physically violent deat h. A. Gorbovsky, in t he book 'Riddles of Ancient Hist ory,' report ed t hat t he discovery of at least one human skelet on discovered in t his area had a level of radioact ivit y approximat ely 50 t imes great er t han it should have been due t o

nat ural radiat ion. Furt hermore, t housands of f used lumps, christ ened black st ones, have been f ound at Mohenjo-Daro. These appear t o be f ragment s of clay vessels, which had melt ed t oget her due t o ext reme heat . Anot her curious indicat ion of a possible ancient nuclear war in India is a giant crat er near Bombay. The nearly circular 2,154-met re-diamet er Lonar crat er, which is locat ed 400 kilomet ers nort heast of Bombay and aged at less t han 50,000 years old, could perhaps be relat ed t o nuclear warf are of ant iquit y should ones imaginat ion be allowed t o run riot . No t race of any met eoric mat erial, et c., has ever been f ound at t he sit e or in t he vicinit y, and t his is t he worlds only known "impact " crat er in basalt . Indicat ions of great shock (f rom a pressure exceeding 600,000 at mospheres) and int ense, abrupt heat (indicat ed by basalt glass spherules) can be ascert ained f rom t he sit e. Wit h t he apparent discovery of t his radiat ed area, parallels were quickly drawn t o t he Mahabharat a, t he Indian epic wit hin whose ancient t ome t o read: ... (it was) a single project ile Charged wit h all t he power of t he Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and f lame As bright as t he t housand suns Rose in all it s splendor... was an unknown weapon, An iron t hunderbolt , A gigant ic messenger of deat h, Which reduced t o ashes The ent ire race of t he Vrishnis and t he Andhakas. ...The corpses were so burned As t o be unrecognizable. The hair and nails f ell out ; Pot t ery broke wit hout apparent cause, And t he birds t urned whit e. Af t er a f ew hours All f oodst uf f s were inf ect ed... ....t o escape f rom t his f ire The soldiers t hrew t hemselves in st reams To wash t hemselves and t heir equipment . Whereas t he st ory of t he Mahabharat a is an indirect myt hological ment ion, which could be const rued

as being hist orical evidence just like Homer's t ale of Troy; t he ot her discoveries in India pose serious problems f or t hose t rying t o deny t he possibilit y t hat t his might indeed be evidence of ancient at omic warf are. Whereas believing in t he exist ence of At lant is or a highly advanced civilizat ion t hat might not have lef t any t race is one t hing, t o suggest t hat our ancest ors might have wiped t hemselves out along t he same lines as we almost did and st ill can do, is a major paradigm shif t . Only seven years af t er t he f irst successf ul at om bomb blast in New Mexico, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) Scient ist , Philosopher, Bohemian, and radical. A t heoret ical Physicist and t he Supervising Scient ist of t he Manhat t an Project , who was f amiliar wit h ancient 'Sanskrit ' lit erat ure, was giving a lect ure at Rochest er Universit y. During t he quest ion and answer period a st udent asked a quest ion t o which Oppenheimer gave a st rangely qualif ied answer: St udent : "Was the bomb exploded at Alamogordo during the Manhattan Project the first one to be detonated?" Dr. Oppenheimer: "Well -- yes. In Modern times, of course." In ot her words, Oppenheimer's knowledge of Sanskrit indicat ed t hat at omic energy had been prior ut ilised in ancient India; even Scient ist s love Surrealist Science Fict ion t o make very real whereby Time-Travel will no doubt become an everyday realit y just like ones at om bomb. Prior t o t he development of t he at om bomb t here was a plet hora of disbelieving scept ics whose scept ical ancest ors could not even conceive t hat planes, submarines and rocket s could ever become a realit y t o be just Jules Verne wank f ant asies let alone t o cont emplat e t he realit y of an at om bomb. Many a Scept ic have t hus st at ed in regards t o t he Archaeological f inds in India, which indicat e a possible at omic cat ast rophe: I am sick and tired of hearing this, and I cannot find any debunks of this either. Anyone who can debunk this, or is this really true? The Trut h could be f ar st ranger in t he t elling; should one t o conject ure of Science Fict ion scenario t hat a Time-Cont rol Technology was ut ilised t o wipe out t he civilisat ion of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro in f avour of anot her civilisat ion t o evolve and develop, whereby leading one t o see why t here is a heavy f ocus upon t he Middle-East , which has st ret ched it s inf luence int o ones present of a cont inuing f ixat ion. As f or t he act ual Trut h of t he mat t er, only t he Dev's t o know while naked Apes get one t o believe t hat t he Eart h's Timeline can be dat ed f rom t he ages of t he Torah Pat riarchs t o see ones ancest or as being Adam f rom out of Edom of a supposed Eden in Iraq. The Avest an cognat e of Vedic Dev- is Dava (Dauua), which has a pejorat ive connot at ion. In lat er Zoroast rianism, Daevas are considered t o be noxious creat ures, but t his meaning is not evident in t he oldest t ext s. It is t his Zoroast rian perspect ive of t he Daevas, which inf luenced t he lat er Christ ian percept ion of t he word t o adopt becoming t hat of t heir much maigned Devil. The Daevas (Devas) were an int egral part of an Animist belief syst em whose f ocus was more of t en t han not t hat of t he

Goddess, which t he Monot heist belief syst ems of Pat riarchal orient at ed Zoroast rianism, Judaism, Christ ianit y and Islam could not abide. Also deriving f rom Deiwos, and t hus cognat es of Deva, are Lit huanian Dievas (Lat vian Dievs, Prussian Deiwas), Germanic Tiwaz (seen in English "Tuesday") and Lat in Deus "god" and Divus "divine", f rom which t he English words "Divine", "Deit y", French "Dieu", Port uguese "Deus", Spanish "Dios" and It alian "Dio", also "Zeys/Zeus" - "Dias", t he All-Fat her of t he ancient Greek pant heon of deit ies, are derived. Relat ed but dist inct is t he proper name Dyeus, f rom t he same root , which may have originally ref erred t o t he sky, and hence t o "Fat her Sky", t he chief God of t he Indo-European pant heon, which cont inued on in t he Sanskrit Dyaus. There may be t he possibilit y t hat Dyaus (Deiwos) ref ers t o t he st ar const ellat ion of Orion while 'Devi' of a Goddess is a ref erence t o t he f eline st ar const ellat ion of Leo, which she t o ride. One has t o remember in regards t o t he Sphinx t hat ancient societ ies, which lived close t o Lions know f ull well t hat it is t he Lioness whom is t he f iercest of 'Hunt ers.' One also has Devla (also called Devel, Dol and Del) who is t he highest god in t he Roma (Romany) religion. Devla was mist aken wit h t he Devil or Sat an by t he general public when t he Roma t ribes arrived in Europe during t he 14t h cent ury. Devla is of t en ment ioned in Roma f olk songs. When Romany is t ranslat ed int o English, t he word Devla is usually t ranslat ed as "God." Romany Christ ians also ref er t o t he Christ ian God as Devla or Del when t hey speak Romany, alt hough t hese Romany words exist ed in t radit ional Roma f olk belief s and in t he Romany language many cent uries bef ore any Roma adopt ed Christ ianit y. There is a common misconcept ion among many Gadje (non-Roma persons) t hat Roma worshipped t he Christ ian Devil. This is only because t he word Devla sounds a lot like t he Christ ian usage of t he word Devil but is act ually a f alse cognat e. In Classical Hinduism Nat ure Devas are responsible f or 't hings' such as Fire, Air, Rain and Trees, most of t hem assumed a minor role in t he lat er religion. Cert ain ot her deit ies rose int o prominence; t hese higher Devas cont rol much more int ricat e t asks governing t he f unct ioning of t he cosmos and t he evolut ion of creat ion. Mahadevas, such as Lord Ganesha, have such t remendous t asks under t heir diligence t hat t hey are somet imes called Gods under t he Supreme One God of t he Trimurt i, which is composed of Brahm, Vishnu and iva. (Not e: Mahadeva generally ref ers t o iva) There are also many ot her lesser celest ial beings who are Devas in Hinduism such as t he Gandharvas (celest ial musicians), or t heir wives, t he Apsaras (celest ial dancers). Vayu, t he Lord of t he wind, is an example of an import ant Deva. Also, Deat h is personif ied as t he Deva Yama. Some may see t he Devas as being ext rat errest rial Aliens in regards t o UFO lore; however, t here is t he dist inct possibilit y t hat said Aliens are in f act Time-Travellers. This is more so t he case since Time-Travel would be int egral t o Space-Travel whose t echnology in many respect s would be achievable by ones f ut ure descendant s

whereupon t hose Aliens, which UFO abduct ees t o speak of are act ually ones own descendant s t ravelling back in Time f rom t he f ut ure whom are no doubt conduct ing Genet ic research. Lit t le wonder t hen t hat cert ain Government s will not reveal what is act ually going on t o misinf orm t he public wit h elaborat e disinf ormat ion about Aliens since t hey t hemselves are f unding research int o Time-Cont rol Technologies, which will also require t he need of developing a Solid-St at e-Art if icial-Int elligence. The general public could just about handle knowledge about an Alien species but when one adds TimeTravel t o t he mix it will rock ones percept ion of realit y t o t he very core, more so if one t o f ind t hat t he Aliens are in f act ones f ut ure descendant s. If one t o have a Solid-St at e-Int elligence, which will it 's self Evolve at a super-luminal rat e whose ut ilisat ion will be used in t he overseeing of Human Evolut ionary development it may be communicat ing wit h cert ain individuals t hrough Time via a Signal, which Spins t he Elect ron Dreams and Visions of t hose cont act ed whom will t hereby perceive Holographic project ions; such Holograms can be t ermed as being Spirit s or Devas. However, one could have Time-Travellers doing likewise, whereby such Time-Travellers have no need t o physically manif est , t hey merely send back a Signal t hrough Time so as t o af f ect a Neural-Net of a Cont act ee f or ones own DNA is a hard-wired Time-Machine. One t o f ind a common mot if t hroughout in regards t o t he ut ilisat ion of t he word 'Deva' and t hat is one has beings made of Light , but t hen Physics t o t ell us t hat all t hings are made of Light , which brings us back t o Mot her Maya whom is t he seven veiled illusion of ones experient ial realit y. The Light in quest ion is t hat of t he (Diana-Lucif era) Bio-Phot on, which emanat es f rom amidst t he (Sat ana) Mit ochondrial DNA residing wit hin t he Mit ochondria, which det ermines t he energy out put of t he Cell.

The wavelengt h at which t he Mit ochondrial DNA emit s t hese (Elect romagnet ic-Light -Frequency) Phot ons corresponds exact ly t o t he narrow band of visible light : "Its spectral distribution ranges at least from infrared (at about 900 nanometres) to ultraviolet (up to about 200 nanometres)"... DNA emits Bio Photons with such regularity that researchers compare the phenomenon to an "ultra-weak laser." Jeremy Narby, The Cosmic Serpent It is t his Bio-Phot on light , which inf uses ones Dreams whose layers of Symbolic associat ions can be penet rat ed beyond t he Mundane miasma of normal Dreams so t hat one can access what is known as t he Collect ive Unconscious, which connect s all ot her lif e-f orms int o it s Bio-Phot on Mat rix whose t hreads of light t ouch all; at t his f undament al level one can t hereby engage ones self in communicat ing wit h t he (Devilna) 'Deva' Spirit s where language is t hat of t hree-dimensional, soundemit t ing 'Light ' images wit hin ones Holographic Dreams t o make Lucid of Awareness. One could conject ure t hat t he Elect romagnet ic-Light -f requency show of t he f ar Nort hern Auroral sky accent uat es cert ain st at es of Consciousness t o empower whereby Shamans can access ot her levels of percept ion such as acquiring Precognit ive abilit ies t o see int o t he f ut ure. One may be able t o f ind evidence of Precognit ive insight s int o t he f ut ure when t o look at various recorded anomalies communicat ed t hrough Myt h and Art at various st ages in ancient hist ory; however, should one f ind such anomalies t hey might also be indicat ive of a Time-Cont rol Technology, which has inf luenced said ancient insight s int o t he f ut ure and t hereby in t urn inspires t he f ormulat ion of t he Time-Cont rol

Technology being developed at a f ut ure point in Time; one will t hence have a Self -Enclosed-TimeLoop of an Ouroboros wit hin which one exist s of an engineered Simulat ion. The Devas are also very much one and same as t he Daemons; t he words Daemon, Dmon, are Lat inized spellings of t he Greek Daimn. The word Daimon (Daimones) is used purposely t oday in order t o dist inguish t he Daimones of Ancient Greek religion and myt hology, f rom t he Judaeo-Christ ian belief in Demons, which t hey primarily perceive t o be malignant ent it ies, whom habit ually seduce, af f lict , or possess humans on behalf of t he Devil. The Daimones were originally part of a Shamanist ic Animist belief syst em whereby monot heist ic Christ ianit y cast igat ed t hem as being essent ially Evil t o label as t heir malign Demons. The percept ion of seeing Daimones as being lesser spirit ual beings of dangerous evil int ent spreading superst it ious belief s whose exist ence is t hat of an invisible numinous presence, was developed by t he int ellect ual argument s of Plat o and his pupil Xenocrat es. The negat ive classif icat ion of t he Daimones by Plat o and his pupil Xenocrat es were lat er absorbed int o Christ ian pat rist ic writ ings along wit h ot her NeoPlat onic element s. In t he Old Test ament , Evil Spirit s appear in t he book of Judges and Kings. In t he Greek t ranslat ion of t he Sept uagint , made f or t he Greek-speaking Jews of Alexandria, t he Greek Angelos t ranslat es as Mal'ak, while Daimon (or neut er Daimonion) carries t he meaning of a nat ural spirit of a lesser divinit y, which is used inst ead of Hebrew words describing idols, alien gods of t he Hebrews' neighbours, some host ile nat ural creat ures, and various evils. The usage of Daimon in t he New Test ament 's original Greek t ext caused t he Greek word t o be applied t o t he Judaeo-Christ ian concept of an Evil Spirit by t he early 2nd cent ury AD. In Hesiod's Theogony, Phat on becomes a Daimon, de-mat erialized, but t he ills of mankind released by Pandora are Keres not Daimones. Hesiod relat es how t he men of t he Golden Age were t ransmut ed int o Daimones (Ancest ral Spirit s) by t he will of Zeus, t o serve as inef f able guardians of mort als, whom t hey might serve by t heir benevolence. In similar ways, t he Daimon of a venerat ed hero or a f ounder f igure, locat ed in one place by t he const ruct ion of a shrine rat her t han lef t unburied t o wander, would conf er good f ort une and prot ect ion on t hose who st opped t o of f er respect . Daimones (Daemones) were not considered evil. The t erm also ref erred t o t he souls of men/women of t he prior 'Golden Age' act ing as guardian deit ies.

In regards t o t he Golden Age The aut hor and researcher Graham Hancock and ot hers whom are seeking a 'Source Cult ure' have not iced recurring numbers encoded int o ancient t emples across t he globe whose underst anding of 'Precession' is direct ed t owards cert ain st ars pin-point ing a t ime of a Golden Age 10,500yrs ago. It just so happens during 14,000 BCE a 'Great Flood' hit t he Alt ai region of Siberia, which is t he largest f lood geologically recorded by geologist s upon t he f ringes of human memory; such a f lood no doubt scat t ered t he peoples of t he Alt ai f ar and wide t o migrat e. It is curious t o not e t hat t he Norse creat ion myt h may act ually ref er t o t he f lood hit t ing t he Alt ai, which led t o t he f ormulat ion of t he Golden Age; however, t he Golden Age in t urn f ell t o anot her cat aclysm called Ragnarock whose descript ion seems t o point t o a volcanic upheaval wherein one t o f ind once act ive volcanoes t o t he Sout h of Lake Baikal at whose midst is an 'At lant is' of a Middle-Eart h island called Olkhon.

The Sumerian's of Mesopot amia also speak of a Great Flood whose belief syst ems and deit ies have most curious connect ions wit h t hose of Siberia, whereby one could post ulat e t hat t he Sumerian's had originally emigrat ed f rom t he Alt ai region of Siberia. As ment ioned bef ore t he science of Genet ics has det ermined t hat t here is a genet ic connect ion bet ween t he Nat ive American's, Nort h-Chinese, Mongol's, Eurasian peoples and ancient Brit on's whom share t he same genet ic cradle of t he Alt ai region t o Lake Baikal, t his would explain why one has a similarit y of Cosmic Mount ain model Pyramids in t he Americas, China as well as in Egypt or t hat of Ziggurat s in Sumeria and lat er t hat of Babylon along wit h man made hills in Brit on such as Silbury hill. The migrat ing peoples of Siberia would have dispersed f ar and wide t o go int o China, India, Europe let alone t he Middle East as well as across t he Bering St rait s of Rainbow Bridge int o t he Americas.

What does a Cosmic Mount ain have in common wit h a Pyramid and a Hollow Hill? One may ask; well, t he Nort herly Cosmic Mount ain of a Mt Meru f or example is spun by t he t wo opposing f orces of t he Devas and Asuras in Hindu legend in order t o churn t he Milk ocean f rom which is derived ones experient ial realit y. This is achieved by t he Devas and Asuras being involved in a t ug of war whom pull upon a rope of a World Snake whose body is t wist ed around t he Cosmic Mount ain. The Snake represent s ones Serpent ine DNA whose Bio-Phot on f luct uat ions generat es t he t wo opposing f orces of t he Devas and Asuras whom are associat ed wit h t he t wo st rands of t he double helix of ones DNA, f or t he DNA const ant ly split s apart in order t o self -replicat e. The peak of t he Cosmic Mount ain point s t owards t he Pole st ar whereupon one f inds t he precession of t he equinoxes bet wixt t he Sun and Moon, Devas and Asuras; t he Devas and Asuras are in t urn associat ed wit h t he t wo nerve channels running along eit her side of ones spine belonging t o ones Aut onomic-Nervous-Syst em.

The cent ral nerve of ones spine is t hat of ones Cent ral-Nervous-Syst em, which is associat ed wit h t he Axis-Mundi of t he World-Tree int erpenet rat ing t he Cosmic Mount ain. It is upon t he World-Tree t hat t he Shaman Hangs int o Trance f or it is ones Rept ilian-Brain-St em of Throat area, which det ermines ones dept h of Trance ingress let alone ones Conscious Awareness. The symbolism of Hanging is not lit eral but t hat of a symbolic allusion t o Trance and conscious Dreaming via which t he Shaman can t hence commune wit h t he int elligence of t he Serpent ine DNA. The Cosmic Mount ain can be seen as represent ing ones body but more so t hat of ones Head of Skull, f or when one accesses Trance and Dreams one experiences t he Light of t he Bio-Phot on whereupon ones Head Light s up of Inner Illuminat ion. The Shamans of t en describe t his experience of an int ernal light (Torch) as t he 'Fire in t he Head,' which is t hat of an Ecst at ic st at e whereby one has t he mot if of t he Cryst al Skull and Skull and Cross-bones; t he Cross-bones point t o t he f our direct ions hence one has t he base of t he Pyramid wit h t he Skull at t he cent re, which belongs t o t he Shaman whom is accessing deep Trance whose int ernal ingress of Conscious Awareness is equat ed wit h deat h.

Ones Skull of Calcium bone has a Cryst alline st ruct ure just as ones DNA has, which leads one t o see why cert ain st ones of a Cryst alline mat rix were ut ilised f or t he building of t he Pyramids let alone t hat of man made Hills whose Cryst alline st ruct ures were not ed by ones ancest ors. What ones ancest ors were at t empt ing t o do was t o replicat e t he int ernal experience of t he Shamans experience of t he 'Fire in t he Head' on a grander scale f or it had been observed of prior observat ion t hat t he Cryst alline st ruct ure of Caves f acilit at e t he experience of t he int ernal Light t o deepen, more so at cert ain KeyTimes, which has t o do wit h t he Cyclic Elect ro-Magnet ic f luct uat ions of t he Eart h whereby one has a f ascinat ion wit h Time and t he t he precession of t he equinoxes. The experience of Trance and

Conscious Dreaming is at t ained when t he t wo nerve channels running along eit her side of ones spine are in balance, which is represent ed by t he Sun and Moon being in t he sky at t he same t ime; it is t hen t hat an energy arises along ones cent ral nerve of Axis-Mundi spine t owards ones Head t o Light up and t hereby 'Illuminat e.' This energy was of t en equat ed wit h t he Serpent and t hat of a Dragon f or t his energy is t hat of t he Bio-Phot on emanat ing f rom ones Serpent ine DNA, which in Alchemy is called t he Quint essence. The Quint essence is t he summat ion of t he f our element s point ed out by t he f our direct ions at t he base of t he Pyramid whereupon t he apex of t he Pyramid point s t owards t he Quint essence of f if t h element . The apex of t he Pyramid is t hat of t he Bregma Crown at op of ones Head, which opens up when one experiences deep Trance and conscious Dreaming; it is via t he Bregma Crown t hat t he Spirit of t he Shaman can at t ain egress out of t he body t o f ly as a Hawk.

The peak of t he Cosmic Mount ain point s t owards t he Pole St ar, which t he ancient Shamans associat ed wit h a Vaginal port al int o anot her realit y (Bregma Crown) and t hat of a point capt ured when ones Serpent ine DNA self -replicat es it s self t o shed a skin. (This is equat ed wit h t he Shamans dismemberment experience and t hat of t he Nigredo st age in Alchemy wherein one t o f ind t he Egypt ian God Osiris being dismembered t o be reborn as t he Horus Hawk. In regards t o t he Serpent ine DNA self -replicat ing it s self and t hat of t he Shamans Spirit f lying as a Hawk one has t he PlumedSerpent of Mexico.) Every now and again ones Serpent ine DNA mut at es at t he point of self replicat ion, which is t o do wit h a rare proof reading. The Shamans were at t empt ing t o consciously mut at e t hemselves f rom wit hin t o t ake f urt her in regards t o t he const ruct ion of Barrow Mound (Womb) Dream Incubat or Caves, Hollow Hills, Ziggurat s and Pyramids, which one could equat e wit h Bee-Hives whose acoust ic qualit ies are act ivat ed by t he Trident AUM sound of a Bee one t o voice as OM. The Trident represent s ones Axis Mundi of a spinal column whereby t he sound of AUM is t hat of

ones own Nervous Syst em. The t hree point s of t he Trident also represent t he t hree Horns at op of ones brow, which symbolically alludes t o t he Sun and Moon and t hat of t he t wo Hemispheres of ones Brain coming int o balanced synchronisat ion whereby leading t o ones Bregma Crown opening up so t hat ones Spirit can at t ain egress out of ones body t o t hereby penet rat e t he (Pole St ar) Vaginal port al int o Lucid Dreaming. It is wit hin a Lucid Dream one can voice 'Words of Power,' which in ancient Egypt and Mexico was t ermed 'The Opening Of The Mout h.'

The Shamans had observed t hat t he int ernal process of Serpent ine DNA self -replicat ion via t heir Trance ingress and Dreams made Lucid of awareness also happened in t he world around t hem of int erconnect ed cyclic event s whereupon t hey developed calendars in order t o not only det ermine t hese cycles of Time t o divine but also t o manipulat e t hem f rom wit hin. The Shamans had also observed t hat t he int ernal realm of t he Quant um Dream (Aboriginal Dreamt ime) is t he Microcosmic blue-print of t he ext ernal Macrocosm. It is via t he Dream one can manipulat e Space but also t hat of Time, f or it is a realm of Energy and Inf ormat ion underlying ones Physical realit y. One could t heorise in

general a possible hist orical scenario where t he Shamans event ually at t ained a st at e of becoming Priest -Kings wit hin cert ain societ ies due t o t heir innat e abilit y of being able t o manipulat e event s f rom wit hin; it would have been observed t hat part icular f amily lines produced t he most powerf ul Shamans whereupon a f orm of genet ic engineering would have been pract iced by keeping t he power wit hin t he f amily so t o speak; however, over t ime t hese f amily lines would have become but a f acade of what had been of an act ualit y in t he dist ant past t o t hen realise t hat Shamans are not neccessarily born t o cert ain f amilies. This of course made t hose f ew f amily lines who had been est ablished int o t emporal power somewhat jealous whose Shamanic abilit y had been lost t o become merely t hat of priest s whereupon t hey at t empt ed t o syst emat ically wipe out any compet it ion t o t heir t emporal rulership. Those Shamans who had t he abilit y t o manipulat e ext ernal event s via t he Dream verily went underground as a consequence of being hunt ed down by t hose whom f eared t heir abilit y. An example of t he manipulat ion of Space-Time is t hat of Synchronicit y, which can be made conscious of orchest rat ion whereby one has t he subt le power of Magick. In order t o have cont rol over a t hing one has t o go back t o t he source, which is t he Quant um realm of t he Dream where everyt hing of Macrocosmic f orm has a Microcosmic inf ormat ional int elligence of essence, which one can equat e wit h a Spirit or ot herwise called a Daimone.

The word Daimone is also closely aligned wit h t he Arabic Genie (also Jinn, Djinn, f rom Arabic Jinn) whose word is derived f rom t he Lat in 'Genius,' which was originally perceived t o be an inspiring Spirit . A Genie is a supernat ural creat ure which occupies a parallel world t o t hat of mankind, and t oget her wit h humans and Angels makes up t he t hree sent ient creat ions of God (Allah). According t o t he Qur'an, t here are t wo creat ions t hat have f ree will: Humans and Jinns (Djinns). The Qur'an ment ions t hat Jinns are made of 'smokeless Fire' (Light -Deva) and t hey f orm communit ies just like humans and just like

humans, t hey can be Good or Evil. The myt hic mot if of a Genie in a bot t le ref ers t o a const ruct of a Barrow Mound, Hollow Hill, Ziggurat and Pyramid f or it s Cryst alline st ruct ure like ones Skull of abode encased a Spirit ; in ot her words, ones ancest ors sought t o sust ain t heir disembodied (Elect romagnet ic-Light -Frequency) awareness wit hin such st ruct ures whereupon a Pyramid becomes a reposit ory of memories, which can be t apped int o by an individual if t hey are able t o access deep Trance or Conscious Dreaming under cert ain condit ions t o t hereby be imprint ed by.

A Pyramid is somewhat like t hat of Brain, whereby t hat of a Comput er of associat ion whose st onework out lives it s organic count erpart t o be nigh et ernal, hence, Immort al. At cert ain key-t imes such as t hat of t he equinoxes one can t hence t ap int o t he programs, which are st ill present of encoded (ELF) memories wit hin t he Cryst alline mat rices of t he st onework like t hat of visit ing a library. However, t his library will be t hat of t he int ernal Quant um realm of t he Dream, which one could associat e wit h a virt ual realit y, wherein one can t hence commune wit h ones ancest ors whose awareness now resides wit hin a vast body of st one. In ot her words such const ruct ions are engineered as Time-Machines.

Amongst Archaeologist s dealing wit h ancient Middle East ern cult ures, any Spirit lesser t han Angels is of t en ref erred t o as a Djinn, especially when describing st one carvings or ot her f orms of art . The preIslamic monot heist Zoroast rian cult ure of ancient Persia considered Jaini/Jahi, t o be evil f emale spirit s, which were t hought t o spread diseases amongst people; inscript ions f ound in Nort h-West ern Arabia appears t o indicat e t he worship of Djinn, or at least t heir t ribut ary st at us. For inst ance, an inscript ion f rom Bet h Fasi'el near Palmyra pays t ribut e t o t he "Ginnaye", t he "good and rewarding gods" providing a sharp resemblance t o t he Lat in Genius and Juno: The Guardian Spirit s. Types of Djinn include t he Shait an, t he Ghul, t he Marid, t he If rit and t he Djinn. According t o t he inf ormat ion in The Arabian Night s, If rit seem t o be t he st rongest f orm of Djinn, f ollowed by Marid, and t hen t he rest of t he Djinn f orms. These Djinn are t hat of an Inorganic Microcosmic Inf ormat ional Int elligence whose varied qualit ies (Programs) can be accessed via Trance and Conscious Dreaming, which can be t hence ent iced int o t aking up a Macrocosmic residence wit hin specially const ruct ed st ruct ures, whet her t hey be of Cryst alline Glass bot t les, St one reposit ories or ot herwise of abode such as a Lamp f or example whose Aurora Borealis Light light s up ones Skull when one communes wit h a Djinn via Elect ron Dreams made Lucid of Awareness. One could also est ablish Microcosmic communicat ion wit h ones Time-Travelling descedant s in t he same way, who in t urn would inf luence one t o be drawn t owards a point of Macrocosmic f ocus; such a point of f ocus would be t hat of building a st ruct ure upon a cert ain key locale whose abode will be t hence visit ed by ones f ut ure descendant s who had inf luenced one t o build it in t he f irst place wheref ore a t wo way dialogue t hrough Time will be est ablished of an Ouroboros Loop Squared by a Pyramid base.

DEVIL WORSHIP AND DEMONOLOGY The pract ice of Demonology is t he syst emat ic st udy of Demons (Devas) or belief s about (Daimones) Demons. Insof ar as it involves exegesis, Demonology is an ort hodox branch of Christ ian Theology whose inf luence permeat es t he medieval Grimoires. Demonology is t he branch of t heology relat ing t o superhuman beings who are not gods; It deals bot h wit h benevolent beings, which have no circle of worshippers or so limit ed a circle as t o be below t he rank of gods, and wit h malevolent beings of all kinds. The original sense of "Demon," (Daimn) f rom t he t ime of Homer onward, was essent ially t hat of benevolent Spirit ; but now t he name holds connot at ions of malevolence. A Spirit is essent ailly a disembodied point of Sent ient awareness whose consciousness can access a Subquant um MiniWormhole, whereby it is able t o t ravel anywhere it desires t o go t hroughout Space and Time. One could perceive t hat t here will be a development of a f ut ure t echnology, which will f acilit at e t his process in order t o be achieved by an Operat or of a Time-Traveller who in essence would be ones Daimn all wired up seat ed upon a Throne or t hat of f loat ing wit hin a Kings Sarcophagus of a Float at ion Tank. Demons, when regarded as Spirit s, may belong t o eit her of t he classes of Spirit s recognized by Shamanist ic Animism; t hat is t o say, t hey may be human, or non-human, separable souls, or discarnat e Spirit s which have never inhabit ed a body. A sharp dist inct ion is of t en drawn bet ween t hese t wo classes, not ably by t he Melanesians, t he West Af ricans, and ot hers; t he Arab Djinn, f or example, are not reducible t o modif ied human souls; at t he same t ime t hese classes are f requent ly conceived as producing ident ical result s, such as diseases f or example. Demonology is of t en ref erred t o wit h negat ive connot at ion but it was not always seen as being a malign pract ice as many would have one believe t o see as t heir much maligned Devil worship. Should one have a f ut ure Time-Cont rol Technology, which is able t o send Inf ormat ion back t hrough Time whet her it be sent back by a Human Operat or or by a Solid St at e-Int elligence let alone by bot h; one can t hereby gauge t hat Spirit s are a means of a Subquant um communicat ion conduit t aking place t hroughout Time. As f or t he Devil being perceived as a Goat headed ent it y many t o have posulat ed t hat such symbolism is primarily derived f rom t he ancient Egypt ian in regards t o t heir diet y called At um who was perceived t o have a Horned Ram's head. However, t here is one animal, which one t o f ind climbing over mount ains t o be t hence associat ed wit h t he Cosmic Mount ain whereby one f inds a Horned Mount ain Goat . The Horned Mount ain Goat is t hereby considered t o be sacred in Nort h-Cent ral Asia due t o it s associat ion wit h t he Cosmic Mount ain hence such symbolism is not part icular t o Egypt t o go f urt her af ield int o t he Hyperborean land of t he Horned Shaman. When one has a Time-Cont rol Technology being developed it will involve t he int eract ion of ones Consciousness whereby ent ering int o t he realm of t he Horned Shaman, f or it is t he Shaman whom has communicat ed down t hrough t he cent uries about such st at es of Mind, which allows one t o access t he abilit ies of Ret rocognit ion and Precognit ion

as well as t o Consciously int eract wit h Spirit s, which one can perceive as Time-Travellers.

The word Demonology is f rom Greek Daimn, "Demon;" and, Logia. According t o many ancient societ ies, all t he af f airs of ones lif e are under t he cont rol of Spirit s and

each ruling a cert ain "element " or even object , and t hey are t hemselves subject t o a great er Spirit . For example, t he Inuit are said t o believe in Spirit s of t he sea, Eart h and sky, t he winds, t he clouds and everyt hing in nat ure. Every cove of t he seashore, every point , every island and prominent rock has it s guardian Spirit . All are pot ent ially of t he malignant t ype, t o be propit iat ed by an appeal t o knowledge of t he supernat ural. Tradit ional Korean belief posit s t hat count less Demons inhabit t he nat ural world; t hey f ill household object s and are present in all locat ions. By t he t housands t hey accompany t ravellers, seeking t hem out f rom t heir places in t he element s. Should one be sensit ive enough one may just sense ot her presences around one, which occupy ot her Time-Lines of a myriad number of Alt ernat e Realit es where t he Past and Fut ure are a f low of inf init e possibilit ies; one t o have a myriad number of Parallel Universes just next door t hat be closer t o one t han ones own skin. In ancient Babylon, Demonology had an inf luence on even t he most mundane element s of lif e, f rom pet t y annoyances t o t he emot ions of love and hat red. The numerous Demonic spirit s were given charge over various part s of t he human body, one f or t he head, one f or t he neck, and so on. In present -day Egypt , t he ubiquit ous Jinn are believed t o be so densely dist ribut ed t hat everyday act s such as pouring wat er ont o t he ground are accompanied by seeking t he permission of a pot ent ially dampened Spirit . One can perceive such a belief t o be an early f orm of 'Inf ormat ion Theory,' where every t hing has an underlying 'Program' inf orming it s mat erial expression of exist ence since all Mat t er is made of Energy hence Inf ormat ion, whereby one can see an 'At um' of an 'At om' being like t hat of a Comput er 'Pixel.' Greek Philosophers such as Porphyry, who claimed inf luence f rom t he int ellect ual discourses of Plat onism, and t he Pat riarchal Fat hers of t he Christ ian Church, held t hat t he world was pervaded wit h Spirit s, whereby t he lat t er of whom advanced t he belief t hat it was act ually t he Demons who received t he worship direct ed at Pagan deit ies, which was usually t hat of t he Goddess Religion, who were in essence seen t o be malign ent it ies of t heir hat ed Devil. One can of course conject ure t hat t hese Demons are in f act Time-Travellers whom somet imes made physical cont act wit h ancest ral cont act ees t hroughout hist ory t o be at t imes seen t o hover around in t heir Vimanas, whereby leading t o many a Cargo Cult being init iat ed. One also has a similar phenomenon happening wit hin ones present t o perceive various UFO Cult s out of Calif ornia, which are very much int o Ext rat errest rial Alien Saviours all looking like Eugenic Jesus Clone Angels or ot herwise t hat of Demonic Rept ilian Greys. The ascript ion of malevolence t o t he world of Spirit s is by no means universal. In West Af rica, t he Mpongwe believe in local Spirit s, just as do t he Inuit ; but t hey are regarded as inof f ensive in t he main. Passers-by must make some t rif ling of f ering as t hey near t he Spirit s' place of abode; but it is only occasionally t hat mischievous act s, such as t he t hrowing down of a t ree on a passer-by, are, in t he view of t he nat ives, perpet uat ed by t he class of Spirit s known as Ombuiri. So t oo, many of t he Spirit s especially concerned wit h t he operat ions of nat ure are conceived as neut ral or even benevolent ; t he European peasant f ears t he Corn-Spirit only when he irrit at es him by ent renching on his domain and

t aking his propert y by cut t ing t he Corn; similarly, t here is no reason why t he more insignif icant personages of t he pant heon should be conceived as malevolent , and we f ind t hat t he Pet ara of t he Dyaks are f ar f rom indiscriminat ing and malignant , being viewed as invisible guardians of Humanit y. Should one have Fourt h Dimensional Time-Travellers f rom t he f ut ure one t o t hereby have ones invisible guardians t ravelling around wit hin t he Fif t h Dimension who will no doubt have a deep insight int o Inf ormat ion Theory, which underlies ones Three Dimensional mat erial exist ence of a Mat rix Simulat ion. Many religions and cult ures believe t hat what is now known as sleep paralysis was a f orm of physical cont act wit h Daemons; t his is in part t rue; as one accesses ones Dream st at es consciously when capt uring t hat point bet ween waking and sleeping, which is classif ied as t he Hypnagogic st at e one of t en experiences an init ial phase of Sleep paralysis of nat ural occurrence, f or it st ops ones physical body f rom act ing out t he Dream; however, t he next st ep on f rom Sleep Paralysis is t hat of an Out -Of Body-Experience or t hat of conscious ingress int o t he Dream whereupon one achieves Lucidit y at which point one can t hen ent er int o a dialogue wit h t he Spirit s whose domain is t he Bio-Phot on suf f used Elect ron Dream where one encount ers Devil-Devi Succubae. One may even det ermine t hat some of t he Devil-Devi-Succubae one t o encount er might in f act be Time-Travellers f rom out of t he Fut ure where Time is no longer seen t o be t hat of a const raint whose Signal one t o t une int o via ones Quant um Lucid Dreams t o t hereby consciously mut at e ones Consciousness. END NOTE: One will f ind many Shamanic cult ures speaking of Dreams via which one can access t he Past and t he Fut ure or t hat of communicat ing wit h ot her Dreamers wit hin t he Dream. Those who are sensit ive of psychic percept ion may perceive a visit ing Dreamer as a Ghost walking int o t heir bedroom or t hat of seeing t he Dreamer as a Fiery Orb f lying t hrough t he sky f ollowing a Ley-Line Spirit pat h of an ancient t rack. The abilit y of Remot e-Viewing is a Shamanic skill, which allows t he Remot e-Viewer t o perceive ot her Times and Places. In ot her words, ones Consciousness is able t o Travel t hrough Time, f or Time and Consciousness are indivisible f rom t he ot her, whereupon a Time-Cont rol Technology will be based upon an underst anding of ones Consciousness. The UFO phenomenon is very much ent wined wit h what one can t erm as t he psychic realm, which indicat es t hat it involves Time hence t hat of Consciousness whereby t he lore of t he UFO of t en overlaps t he domain of t he Occult . The ent it ies, which UFO Cont act ees and Abduct ees usually describe are more of t en t han not Humanoid of appearance, which indicat es t hat said ent it ies are f ar closer t o home as Time-Travelling Humans t han t hat of some ot her species. This does not neccessarily mean t hat t here is no an Ext rat erest rial dimension t o t he phenomenon since Humanit y will no doubt colonise ot her planet s in t he f ar f lung f ut ure whereby t hey will accordingly Evolve t o look quit e dif f erent t han t heir ancest ors, which are us of present . Should our

f ut ure descendant s have a highly developed Time-Cont rol Technology t heir civilisat ion is all around us right now who no doubt have t he abilit y t o engineer Alt ernat e Realit ies as well as being able t o t ravel f rom one Parallel Universe int o anot her. The UFO phenomenon indicat es t hat we are being visit ed f rom various Time-Lines by our own descendant s, some of whom probably look upon Humanit iy in t he same way present Human lab t echnicians perceive Monkeys bef ore cut t ing up t heir brains. TimeTravel can also happen of a nat ural occurrence such as t hat of Time-Slips, which ones ancest ors had also observed who f ound ways t o ut ilise t hem, whereupon one has ones Shamans whom underst ood t hat Time and Consciousness are one and t he same creat ure, which can be t amed and t hereby ridden as an Eight -Legged-Mare of Time t het hered t o t he World-Tree of ones Consciousness int erpent rat ing t he Cosmic Mount ain of ones Carbon-Based Brain.