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ME 405

POWER PLANT ENGINEERING Seventh Semester (Mechanical Engineering Branch)

L T P C 3 1 0 8

Power Plant In General :- (3-4 hrs) Introduction to different power plants, Load duration curves, Location of power Plants, Power plant economics, Indian energy scenario.

Steam Power Plant :- (10-12 hrs) Introduction, Rankine cycle, Carnot cycle, Reheating of steam, Regeneration, Steam power plant appraisal, Deaeration, Typical layout of steam power plant, Efficiencies in steam power plant, Co generation of power and process heat, Combined cycle power generation, Different types of fuel used for steam Generation, Draught system, Classification of boilers, Boiler accessories, Classification of steam turbines and their working.

Gas Turbine Power Plant :- (4-5 hrs) Introduction, Classification of different gas turbine power plants, Analysis of closed cycle and open cycle constant pressure gas turbine plant, components of gas turbine plants.

Diesel Electric Power Plants :- (3-4 hrs) Introduction, Application of diesel engines in power field, Advantages and disadvantages of diesel engine power plant, General layout, Performance characteristics, Supercharging.

Hydro-Electric Power Plant :- (5-6 hrs) Introduction, Classification of hydro-electric power plant, Site selection, Elements of hydroelectric power plant, Advantages of hydro-electric power plant, Classification of hydraulic turbines and its selection, Hydrographs, Flow duration curves.

Nuclear Power Plant :- (5-6 hrs)

Introduction to nuclear engineering, Types of nuclear reactors, Pressurized water reactor, Boiling water reactor, CANDU reactor, Gas-cooled reactor, Liquid metal fast breeder reactor, India`s nuclear power programme.

Non- Conventional Power plants :- (6-7 hrs) Prospect of renewable energy source, Types of non-conventional power plants, Solar plants, Wind power plants, Bio-mass plants, Geo-thermal power plant, Tidal power plant.

Reference books: 1. Power Plant Engineering 2. A Course In Power Plant Engineering 3. Power Plant Engineering 4. Steam & Gas Turbines & Power Plant Engineering By P.K. Nag, Tata McGraw Hill Publisher By Arora & Dom Kundwar By R.K. Rajput, Laxmi Publications By R.K. Yadav, Central Publishing House