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Introduction to Ecosystems

Harrelson, Ecosystems Unit Science: Grade 5, Ages 10-12

Time One 60 min te class !eriod

"esson #escri!tion $n t%is lesson, t%e learners &ill 'egin a ()" *+no&-&ant to +no&-learned, c%art on ecosystems- T%ey &ill also identi.y 'iotic and a'iotic .eat res o. ecosystems 'y re/ie&ing a St dy 0ams /ideo on ecosystems- 1inally, t%ey &ill se &%at t%ey2/e learned 'y com!aring and contrasting a small ecosystem *tree st m!, and a large ecosystem *la+e,-

State 3 rric l m Standards 5-"-2: Understand t%e interde!endence o. !lants and animals &it% t%eir ecosystem-

$nstr ctional O'4ecti/es #e.ine t%e term 5ecosystem6 $denti.y a'iotic and 'iotic com!onents o. ecosystems 3om!are and contrast t&o di..erent ecosystems 'y naming !ossi'le com!onents

$nstr ctional 7roced res "esson $ntrod ction T%e lesson &ill 'egin 'y as+ing st dents &%at t%ey +no& a'o t ecosystems, and

t%ey &ill 'e gi/en a .e& min tes to dra& a ()" c%art in t%eir science note'oo+s, as &ell as .illing in t%e (*no&, section- St dents &ill t%en 'e as+ed to s%are &%at t%ey2/e &ritten &it% t%e class so t%at a comm nity ()" can 'e created sing t%e S8A9T 'oard and note'oo+ .eat re- :e;t, st dents &ill 'e as+ed &%at t%ey &o ld li+e to learn a'o t ecosystems, and t%ey &ill need to add t%is to t%eir c%arts in t%eir note'oo+s- T%ey &ill also s%are t%is in.ormation &it% t%e class to contin e t%e creation o. t%e comm nity ()"Tec%ni< es and acti/ities St dents &ill t%en 'e s%o&n t%e %ome!age o. t%e nit &e'site on t%e S8A9T 'oard- A.ter ' going o/er t%e in.ormation, $ &ill s%o& a St dy 0ams /ideo on ecosystems- # ring t%e /ideo, $ &ill !a se as needed to allo& st dents to create de.initions o. +ey&ords .rom t%e /ideo t%ro g% te;t and ill strations1ollo&ing t%e /ideo, $ &ill s%o& t%e second !age o. t%e nit &e'site- $ &ill as+ st dents to relate &%at t%ey2/e seen in t%e /ideo to &%at is s%o&n in t%e gra!%ic 'y disc ssing t%e in.ormation at t%eir ta'le gro !s- $ &ill as+ eac% gro ! to !ro/ide an e;am!le o. one o. t%e a'iotic or 'iotic com!onents o. t%e gra!%ic .o nd in o r local ecosystem1inally, $ &ill ret rn to t%e %ome!age o. t%e nit- $ &ill as+ st dents to e;amine t%e t&o ecosystems *la+e and tree st m!, on t%e %ome !age- $ &ill as+ t%em to identi.y &ays t%at eac% ecosystem is ali+e and di..erent 'y com!aring t%e !ossi'le 'iotic and a'iotic .eat res o. eac%"esson 3los re $ &ill %a/e t%e st dents to select one o. t%e dis!layed ecosystems *la+e and tree st m!, to &rite a'o t in t%eir science note'oo+s- T%ey &ill need to identi.y t%e c%osen ecosystem and list at least = !ossi'le 'iotic and> or a'iotic com!onents o. t%e selected ecosystemAda!tations .or s!ecial learners $ &ill !ro/ide a /ideo &it% a dio .or t%ose st dents t%at %a/e tro 'le reading materials, and $ &ill also read alo d t%e de.initions o. +ey &ords d ring /ideo !a ses- St dents &ill 'e allo&ed to create !ersonal de.initions t%ro g% &riting, listing, and> or dra&ing as needed- $n addition, $ &ill read in.ormation .rom t%e gra!%ics dis!layed on t%e S8A9T 'oardS !!lemental Acti/ities Any st dents &%o are str ggling &it% t%e material &ill 'e !ro/ided &it% !rinted co!ies o. t%e .irst t&o !ages o. t%e nit &e'site to +ee! in t%eir science note'oo+s .or %ome re/ie&Assessment>E/al ation St dents &ill 'e in.ormally assessed on t%eir contri' tions to t%e gro ! disc ssions, as &ell as t%e data in t%eir science note'oo+s- E/ery st dent s%o ld %a/e a ()" c%art in %is>%er note'oo+ &it% t%e ( and ) sections com!leted- $n addition, t%ey s%o ld %a/e !ersonal de.initions .or eac% o. t%e +ey &ords .rom t%e /ideo- T%ey s%o ld also %a/e at least = !ossi'le com!onents o. t%e selected ecosystem *tree st m! or la+e, .rom t%e instr ctional gra!%ic- T%ese &ill 'e sed to determine learner nderstanding, as &ell as t%e !ossi'le need .or remediation"earner 7rod cts St dents &ill list de.initions o. +ey&ords in t%eir note'oo+s &it% dra&ings to %el! t%em remem'er t%e meanings o. t%ose +ey&ords- T%ey &ill also 'egin a ()" c%art on ecosystems 'y .illing in t%e (*no&, and )*ant to +no&, !ieces- All st dents s%o ld %a/e

!ersonal de.initions o. +ey &ords .rom t%e /ideo in t%eir science note'oo+s- 1inally, all st dents s%o ld %a/e a list o. at least = !ossi'le com!onents o. eit%er t%e la+e or tree st m! ecosystem s%o&n on t%e %ome !age-

* Note for learners: This lesson plan template is adapted from the model that is recommended in the book Preparing to Use Technology: A Practical Guide for Technology Integration.