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Time Allotted : 3 Hours 1. i) a) c) ii) Char Double a) c) iii) Super Class Package a) c) 6478 Public Default

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Full Marks : 70

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

( Multiple Choice Type Questions ) Choose the correct alternatives for the following : 10 Which is a primitive type variable declaration ? b) d) Byte

In JAVA, Applet is a

From any non-subclass outside the package, which access is possible ?



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b) d) b) d)

1 = 10

All of these.

Interface Object.

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Protected All of these. [ Turn over

CS/B.Tech/(ICE-NEW)/SEM-6/IC-604C/2013 iv) Exception is defined in which package ? a) c) java.util b) d) java.lang

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java.awt v) a) c) message vi) a) c) Inner class vii) a) b) c) d) all of these. ( viii) Aggregation a) b) c) d) ix) a) b) c) d) 6478 all of these.

The relation between classes can be represented by polymorphism b) d) method inheritance.

What is an example of polymorphism ? b) d) Anonymous classes Method overriding.

Method overloading

An Actor is someone or something that must interact with the system that always external to the system that are not part of the system

represented in the UML notation by nesting of classes

lines with a solid diamond at one end lines with a hollow diamond at one end lines with an arrow at one end.

Using class declaration, the "final" keyword means the methods in that class will be overridden the class cannot be sub-classed

the class would be a super class


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encapsulation )



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CS/B.Tech/(ICE-NEW)/SEM-6/IC-604C/2013 x) Which is legal declaration ? a) c) short x[ ]; b) d) short[ ] y; all of these.

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2. 3. method overriding ? 4. 5. 6. 7. a) b) c) 8. a) b) c) d) 6478

short[ ] z [ ][ ];

GROUP B ( Short Answer Type Questions ) Answer any three of the following.

5 = 15

What do you mean by Object Oriented Programming ? How does it differ from Structure Oriented Programming ? 2+3

What are the differences between method overloading and

What is Synchronization ? When is it used ?

What do you mean by interface ? Write the difference between interface and abstract class. Illustrate the use of this and super with an example. GROUP C ( Long Answer Type Questions ) Answer any three of the following.

What are the features of java language ? Describe. What do you mean by command line argument ? What do you mean by subclass constructor method ?

Describe the complete life cycle of a thread.

Explain the method by which you can block a thread. What is thread synchronization ?

Describe the inter-thread communication. 4 + 4 + 4 + 3 3 [ Turn over



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15 = 45

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CS/B.Tech/(ICE-NEW)/SEM-6/IC-604C/2013 9. a) b) c) What is applet ? Describe the applet life cycle. What is local applet ? What are the differences between Java applicatioin & Java applet ?

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d) e) 10. a) b) c) d) i) ii) feature ? 6478

What are the applications of applet tag ? 2+4+2+5+2

Explain the function of a JVM in brief. What might be the differene in functionality between a machine with only JDK installed and another machine with only JRE installed.

Discuss the requirement of each keyword in the following Java program statement.

"public static void main (string args [ ])" Multiple inheritance can be performed in Java. Explain how.

Write a Java program to support your views. 3+2+3+(4+3)

11. What is polymorphism ? What is the use of super key

word ? What do you mean by dynamic method dispatch ?

What is garbage collection and how does java achieve this


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