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We first want to extend to you a hand of welcome and an invitation to become part of our journey here in Orlando. The following are areas you could help with at any point. 1. 2. . $. ". '. Join us in our services and bring friends. Join in our training meetings. !ray for our vision and development in the first phase for "# core people and leaders. %ive. Our efforts will re&uire generous people giving to a generous %od to see the vision accomplished. Join us in our upcoming retreat. (ee the vision of thousands of people who are bro)en* depressed* insecure* poor and see)ing coming to meet +hrist and experience ,is -ove at ,ope +onnexion Orlando.

2#. We value lives of holiness and godliness in all ways.

1. We value an atmosphere of love lived out practically. 2. We value sincere and committed worship of Jesus. . We value the 2onday to 2onday call of the believer to affect our world. $. We value the now and present word of %od. ". We value the authority of the 0ible in all we do. '. We value humility and )indness of leaders and participants in the church. 3. We value generous giving. 6. We value honesty and truthfulness. 5. We value our clear message to those not yet in faith. 1#. We value the unity of the church and contend for the growth of all churches in our city. 11. We value the wor)ing of the spiritual gifts as described in the 7T. 12. We value and respect %od8s appointed leadership in the church. 1 . We value the adulthood of attendees to ma)e decisions for themselves. 1$. We value the presence of Jesus as our ,ealer physically* emotionally and spiritually. 1". We value a powerful church experience for children. 1'. We value the freedom of the (pirit to release people from all addictions and bondages. 13. We value your time and consider it a gift of %od to you. 16. We value our friendships with the unconvinced and see ourselves as an influence in their lives. We believe where we are* Jesus is. 15. We value inter4racial church life and choose to honor all cultures.


.ou will li)ely be contacted by one of our leaders some time this wee) just to ma)e certain all of your &uestions get answered and that we )now how we can pray with you. /ill out the visitor card attached and you will receive a wee)ly email with updates and a brief message from 0ishop Jac)son or 1oug 2urren.
Join a small group, no ! .ou may at any time get your &uestions answered by calling 1oug 2urren at $#345624'56". Or call Jimmy and (onia /lores at $#343 4#1$5.


The Hope Connexion Orlando

Christian Hope Ministries, Inc Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. 5261 Ammendale Road Beltsville, MD 2 ! 5 Attn." J. Michele Jackson# Jan $herman %hone &2' ( )'5* +)) ,rlando Director" Do-. M-rren ' !*/)2*6/)5

The vision of ,ope +onnexion is to reach the city of Orlando with a spiritually strong congregation that is multi4racial and multi4 cultural. We see) to achieve this vision in a atmosphere friendly to creativity and sound biblical living. We aim to reach those who are yet unconvinced of Jesus8 love for them. Our goal is to do all things in love* in courage* in faith and with grace. We are a congregation that is neo4!entecostal and is committed to creating a greater church movement where the gifts of the ,oly (pirit can be intelligible and present. Our vision is to develop into a group of people see)ing a genuine experience with %od* and who are generous in their resources and time to serve the bro)en in our city. We aim to be a congregation where everyone )nows and ma)es their contribution to the great cause of %od8s 9ingdom.

and adults. The plan is for this group to reach "# more people during this summer and begin to meet in small groups. We also are using this time to build our financial resources toward an extraordinary start. We plan to host one or two major outreach services between now and the /all of 2#1$. We will schedule one spiritual retreat so that we can )now one another better through some intense training as well as fellowship and fun. The family that plays together stays together.


$4nior &as-or0 %is,op Harr+ Ja9:son 8 (enior !astor ,ope +onnexion Orlando and ,ope +hristian +hurch 2aryland< !residing 0ishop of ?nternational +ommunion of >vangelical +hurches< !resident ,igh ?mpact -eadership +oalition.


$mall (roups = We are meeting on Tuesday and Thursday nights as we wor) together toward our -aunch. Join us and you will find a great home with our church family. $un*a+ Nig,-s . /011 -o 2031 . #4a*4rs,ip an* $piri-ual D454lopm4n- $-u*i4s6 This is a great time to get into the core of what we are developing as we spend twenty minutes in a study in John 2axwell8s leadership principles* then 2# minutes in intense 0ible (tudy and 2# minutes in &uestion and answer and prayer for the church and one another. >veryone is welcomed. +all for the address. $#343" 4#1$5 E54r+ T,ir* Tu4s*a+ . Mon-,l+ In-4ns4 %i7l4 $-u*+ 8 Hop4 %i7l4 $9,ool 8. This has become a very popular expression of our church life. 2any people wanting to discover what the church is about start here. ?t is an advanced but accessible study of the scriptures. We are presently studying a survey of the Old and 7ew Testaments. @ll you need is a noteboo) or i!ad and 0ible and you are on your way. .ou may sign up on the sheet in this pac)et. The location of the study changes sometimes so you will be notified of the address when you sign up.

Minis-r+ Dir49-or0 Doug Murr4n 8 2inistry 1irector ,ope +onnexion Orlando< heads a coaching ministry 4 the 2urren %roup< is on the apostolic leadership team of ?nternational +ommunion of >vangelical +hurches. $#345624'56"


We are in what we call our :pre4natal phase.; What we mean by prenatal phase is that we are drawing together an initial group of fifty people to be prepared to be the core leaders and members of the new church< understanding our values* style and )ind of ministry. This is a time where we can pray for our city* become great friends* and learn leadership s)ills that will be necessary in our next stage. We are planning to remain in this mode until (eptember 2#1$. %radually we will conduct mail outreach* social media outreach and other methods to being to grow our numbers. We also will learn how to pray together* understand the 0ible as a unified group* learn important s)ills to becoming a great leader* and gain effective tools to lead children* youth

Jimm+ an* $onia Flor4s !astoral -eaders ,ope +onnexion Orlando. They have a sound history in ministry and love. They guide all the logistics of the ministry and are part of the teaching and training team. $#343 4#1$5

Joni Mi9,4l4 Ja9:son0 2ichele is the -iaison between the main campus and Orlando. (he will provide coordination administratively between the various campuses.