absence, nedostatek

1034 yin3 skrytý, schovaný secret/ hidden/ concealed' 溪谷隐没在雾霭之中, 看不见了。The valley was hidden from view in the mist. 他向警方隐瞒实情而并未感到 十分不妥. He had/ felt no serious qualms about concealing the information from the police.

1112 qian2 skrytý, skrýt hidden/ latent/ secret/ to hide/ to conceal/ secret/ hidden/ to submerge' 潜水艇 ponorka 经理没有发现 1730 hao4 spotřebovat mouse/ new/ to 她潜在的才能。The manager did not find her latent abilities. 他被感染了一种潜伏性 waste/ to spend/ to consume/ to squander' 我 的传染病。He was infected with a latent 的新汽车耗油太多了. My new car really infection. runs away with the petrol. 她听到这个噩 1289 kong3 díra (surname)/ hole' 鼻 耗,昏过去了。She fainted when she heard the grievous news. 孔 nosní dírka 1738 kui1 ztráta, škoda, postrádat, 1399 fa2 nedostatek, unavený short of/ nedostávat se deficiency/ deficit' 公司亏空 tired' 我们非常缺乏弹药。We were 了五千美元。The company had a deficit of desperately short of ammunition. 走痛了脚的 5000 dollars. 我们今年有很大亏损。 We 由于走得太多,脚乏了的或脚疼的 have a great deficit this year. 那家公司的今 Having sore or tired feet, as from too much 年年度预算出现亏损。 因为公司时常出现赤 walking. 字,不久将会关闭。 The annual budget of 1446 sheng4 zbývat have as remainder' that company continues to show a deficit this 剩下这么少的时间,我想我不能按时完成。year. It will go out of business because it is There is so little time left that I don't think I always in the red. can finish it as scheduled. 我若还清所有欠债 1739 ji4 osamělý lonesome' 他一个人 就分文不剩了. If I pay all my debts I'll have 呆在家里感到寂寞。 He felt lonesome at no money left. home alone. 他在家里度过了一个寂寞的夜 1635 teng2 uprázdnit, uvolnit to soar/ 晚。 He spent a lonesome evening at home. to gallop/ to rise/ to prance/ to hover/ to move 1748 yi4 omezit to restrain/ to restrict/ out' 腾地方 uvolnit místo 腾出时间 to keep down/ or' 抗寄生物的消灭或抑制 vyšetřit si čas 人体及动物体内寄生虫生长繁衍的 1644 duo3 ukrýt se, schovat se avoid/ Destroying or inhibiting the growth and get out of way/ to hide/ to go into hiding' 该 reproduction of human or animal parasites. 潜艇潜入水下以躲避敌舰. The submarine 抗真菌的,杀真菌的破坏或抑制真菌生长 submerged to avoid enemy ships. 我们最好 的 Destroying or inhibiting the growth of 在树篱下躲一躲等雨停。We had better get fungi. under the lee of the hedge until the rain 2405 man2 skrývat, tajit conceal from' stops.

1702 cui1/ shuai1 slábnout, ochabovat mourning garments, weak/ feeble/ decline/ wane' 病人太衰弱了,不能说话。 The patient is too weak to speak. 到这时,罗马 帝国已日益衰败。By now the power of the Roman Empire was on the wane. 通货膨胀 是经济衰退的征兆吗? Is inflation symptomatic of economic decline? 帝国经 过全盛以后逐渐衰落。 The empire was on the wane after its period of prosperity. 历史 上各个帝国革故鼎新均有兴衰. Throughout history empires have waxed and waned.

孔 乏

腾 躲

一个男人对妻子隐瞒事情是不对的。It is wrong for a man to conceal things from his wife.


2419 xi4 prasklina crack/ occasion for 1088 lu:4/ lv4 zelený green/ chlorine' dislike' 她透过帘子的缝隙观望. She 叶绿素是生长在植物中的绿色物质,它能 looked through a crack in the curtains. 裂缝如 吸收阳光,促进植物生长。Chlorophyll is a 裂缝或缝隙之类狭窄的裂口 A narrow green substance in plants that absorbs energy opening, such as a crack or fissure. from sunlight and helps them grow. 秋天树 2804 ni4 skrýt, ukrýt, schovat to hide' 叶由绿色变成黄褐色。 In autumn the leaves change from green to brown. 我们应该多吃 匿名 anonym 接到匿名信是一件令人不快 一些富含纤维素的绿色蔬菜。We should eat 的事。It is unpleasant to receive anonymous more green vegetables rich in cellulose. letters. 1120 zhu1 rumělka (surname)/ 2845 jue2 tajemství farewell/ secrets vermilion, vermilion' (of an art)' 这位演讲者成功的秘诀之一就 1141 ran3 barvit, nakazit se čím to 是他能够轻易地驾驭对手。 One of the secrets of the speaker's success is this ability catch (a disease)/ dye' 染布 barvit látku 染 to play his opponent like a fish. 你能告诉我 上坏习惯 nakazit se špatnými návyky She 长时间地过着快乐的生活的秘诀吗? dyed her hair red. 她将头发染红。染得好的 Could you tell me your secret for a long, 颜色不会褪色。 good dye will not fade. 他 A happy life? 烤出好面包的秘诀是什么? 们只用天然颜料染毛织品。They used only What's the secret of baking perfect bread? natural pigments to dye the wool.


朱 染

1177 cai3 barevný (bright) color/ variety/ applause/ applaud/ (lottery) prize, astronomie colored/ variegated' 彩虹 duha 这幅画的照 片绝妙地再现了原作的色彩。The 1156 yu3 vesmír, prostor room/ photograph of the painting reproduces the universe' 太空船在宇宙里平稳地飞行。 The colors of the original extremely well. spaceship traveled smoothly in the universe. 1190 la/ lan2 modrá kohlrabi, blue' 天 宇宙无限深广。 The depth of the universe 空慢慢由蓝色变为红色。The sky slowly is immeasurable. 宇宙存在于太空。 The changed from blue to red. universe exists in space.

蓝 丹 颜

宙 辰 丙 胧

1421 zhou4 vesmír universe'

2317 chen2 5th earthly branch/ 7-9 1545 yan2 barva, tvář (surname)/ color/ a.m.' 倘若没有指南针, 可利用星辰引路. If you haven't a compass, use the stars to guide countenance' 你把门漆成什么颜色? you. What color did you paint the door? 我丈夫有 好几件颜色不同的衬衫。 My husband has 2645 bing3 the third of the ten several shirts of different colors. 粉红色是她 heavenly stems/ the third position/ third/ 最喜欢的颜色。 Pink is her favorite color. 鸬 number three' 鹚是一种长脖子黑颜色的大鸟,生活在海 2837 long2 rising moon, hazy/ unclear' 滨而且以吃鱼为生。 The cormorant is a large, long-necked, dark-colored bird which

1280 dan1 rudý red/ pellet/ powder/ cinnabar'

lives near sea coasts and eats fish. 这两种颜 里的黑灰扫掉。 She is sweeping the soot off 色之间的差别很难区别。The difference the chimney. 她的眼睛扫视了一下那个房 between the two colors is imperceptible. 间。Her eyes swept the room.

紫 赤

1646 zi3 fialový, purpurový purple' 杜 1471 jian4 klíč (door lock) key' 松子是一种生有紫红色浆果的常绿灌木。 1558 suo3 zamknout to lock up/ to The juniper (jalovec) is a type of evergreen lock' bush with purple berries. 1663 yi3 židle chair' 1660 chi4 rudý red/ scarlet/ bare/ naked' 在大庭广众之中赤身裸体是有失体 1682 ge2 pavilon council-chamber/ 面的事。Appearing naked in public is an shelf' 首相在电视广播中公布了内阁的工 offence against decency. 作目标. The Prime Minister set forth the aims 2177 cui4 smaragdový, jadeit bluish- of his government in a television broadcast. green/ green jade' 我有一对翡翠手镯。I 1732 qiao1 klepat extort/ knock/ to have a pair of jade bracelets. strike/ to knock (at a door)/ to hit' 进来前请 2343 nie4 začernit blacken' 涅白 先敲门。 Please do not enter before knocking opaque, milchweiss 涅磐 niepan42 nirvána on the door. 有人在敲门。Someone is knocking at the door. 2881 an4 deep black/ dark' 1752 su4 nocovat lodge for the night/ old/ former, (a) night, constellation' 我们今 bydlení 天在哪找一寄宿处? Where can we find lodgings for the night?

键 锁 椅 阁

翠 涅 黯


床 窗 灯 桌 厅 镜 井 扫

1787 dang4 police, archív cross-piece/ official records/ grade (of goods)/ file/ records/ shelves' 在绝密档案上标有`只供 1074 chuang1 okno shutter/ window' 总统亲阅'字样. The top secret file was 窗户 chuang1hu okno 开窗 otevřít okno 坐 marked For the President's eyes only'. 我们 在窗前 sedět u okna 必须把公文归档工作弄出些条理来. We 1115 deng1 světlo, lampa lamp/ light' must get some method into our office filing. 1068 chuang2 postel bed/ couch/ (a measure word)' 1193 zhuo1 stůl table'

宅 柜

1217 ting1 hala, sál (reception) hall/ office' 1251 jing4 zrcadlo mirror' 1431 jing3 studna, šachta warn/ well'

1858 zhai2 rezidence, Wohnhaus residence' 我要为自己的住宅保险。I want to insure my residence. 1994 gui4 skříň, komoda cupboard/ cabinet/ wardrobe, Salix multinervis' 他把 所有的衣服都放在大衣柜里。He put all his clothes in the big wardrobe. 我们用力把衣 柜搬上楼了. We heaved the wardrobe up the stairs.

1435 sao3/ sao4 zametat to sweep, broom' 她把地板打扫干净。She swept the 2035 pen2 basin' 这个盆是用合成树 floor clean. 这地板需要好好清扫一下。 This floor needs a good sweep. 她正把烟筒 脂做的。 The basin is made of synthetic resin.

他在盆里洗了手。He washed his hands in a his head. basin. 我把一棵花种到了新买的花盆里。I 2605 zhen3 polštář pillow' 我女儿请 potted up a flower in the newly bought 求我给她买一个羽绒枕头。My daughter flowerpot. asked me to buy her a pillow stuffed with 2075 lang2 portál, sloupoví porch' 这 feathers. 走廊通到他的办公室。The corridor opens 2680 deng4 bench/ stool' 一位老人坐 into his office. 我是在教堂的门廊处遇到那 在公园的长凳上喂鸽子。 An old man sat on 个人的。 I met that person at the porch of the park bench and fed the pigeon. 我把孩子 the church. 抱到凳子上, 她就能够到那架子了. I stood the child on a stool so that she could reach the 2132 chu2 kitchen' shelf. 这条长凳是榆木制的. This bench is 2254 gou1 háček entice/ hook' 请把你 made of elm. 的外衣挂在钩上。Please hang your coat on 2711 tan3 přikrývka, houně, koberec the hook. 她的衣服让钉子给钩住了。Her blanket/ rug' 地毯 koberec dress caught on a nail.

枕 凳

厨 钩

毯 槽

鼎 篮 轿 钥

2993 cao2 žlab, koryto manger/ trough/ groove' 洗涤池上开槽是为了让水流走。 2357 lan2 lavice, lavička basket/ goal' The sink shelf is grooved so that the water 宴会上,大家吃掉了好几篮水果。Several will run off. 沟槽里都是泥. The gutter has baskets of fruit were eaten at the party. filled up with mud. 在软岩石上形成许多深 槽. Deep grooves channelled the soft rock. 2447 jiao4 palankýn, nosítka sedan chair' 轿车 limuzína 2356 ding3 tripod' 2481 yao4/ yue4 klíč key, key' 钥匙


烛 芯 蜡

1004 wu3 poledne 11 a.m.-1 p.m./ 7th 2537 zhu2 svíčka candle' 烛光在日光 earthly branch/ noon' 下显得很黯淡。The light of a candle is dimmed by sunlight. 1103 yan2 1. prodlužovat 2. odkládat to 2539 xin1 knot lamp pith/ core' 每天 prolong/ to extend/ to delay' 延长期限 早晨这位仆人修剪灯芯,添加灯油。The prodloužit termín, 延迟婚期 odložit termín svatby 我们怎样才能延长短促的人生? servant trims the lamp every morning. How can we endeavor to prolong the brevity 2593 la4 vosk candle/ wax' 点上蜡烛 of human life? 要是路上结冰了, 你最好考 zapálit svíci 蜡烛是由石蜡做成的。Candles 虑延期出发. If the roads are icy, you'd be are made of paraffin wax. 他一口气吹灭了蜡 better advised to delay your departure. 烛。He blew out the candles with a single 1111 huan3 pomalý slow/ sluggish/ puff. gradual/ to postpone' 缓步而行 jít pomalým 2597 dian4 rohožka, podložka pad/ krokem 缓缓而行 kráčet pomalu 缓几天 cushion/ mat' 我在进门前把鞋在垫子上擦 odložit o několik dní 了擦。I wiped my shoes on the mat before I 1126 xia4 léto summer/ Xia (proper came in. 他躺在地板上,头下枕着一个垫 子。He lay on the floor with a cushion under name)' 春雨带来了夏日百花。Spring rains

午 延

bring summer flowers.

2028 miao3 (a measure word)/ second' 1151 qiu1 podzim autumn/ fall/ harvest 2055 you1 dlouhý čas at ease/ long (in time/ a swing, a swing' 秋天时叶子变黄。 time)/ sad' 中国是一个有着悠久历史的东 The leaves turn yellow in autumn. 方国家。 China is an oriental country with a 1279 ji4 doba, období season/ period' long history. 长城以其悠久的历史和其雄 伟壮丽而著名。The Great wall is known for 1300 dan4 rozbřesk dawn/ morning/ its long history and its magnificence. day-break/ day' 2109 chen4 avail oneself of/ take 1325 zan4 dočasný, prozatímní advantage of' 请让我趁此机会讲几句话. temporarily' 磁化使一个物体具有暂时或 Let me take this opportunity to say a few 永久性磁性的过程,例如把一个物体放入 words. 我们趁便参观了皇宫. We took the 磁物中. The process of making a substance opportunity of visiting the palace. temporarily or permanently magnetic, as by insertion in a magnetic field. 因为地震,每 2152 fu3 just/ just now' 天飞往这个城市的航班暂停了。The daily 2332 xun2 ten days/ ten years' flight to the city has been temporarily suspended because of the earthquake. 2388 xi1 past/ former' 1374 chi2 pomalý, liknavý, opožděně 2450 lu:3/ lv3 time and again' 屡次 late/ delayed/ slow' 我们决定把婚礼推迟 到明年。We decided to delay our wedding lǚcì time and again; repeatedly 他多年来屡 until next year. 这次飞行由于技术的原因 次进出监狱。He's been in and out of prison for years. 而被推迟。The flight was delayed owing to technical reasons. 飞机因大雾推迟降落。 2535 huang3 najednou suddenly; as if' The plane's landing was delayed because of 恍然 huǎngrán adv. suddenly fog. 2549 qi4 as yet/ until' 癌症迄今有无 1384 dong1 zima (roční období) winter' 有效的治疗方法? Is there a certain cure for 很多树冬天时就掉光了叶子。Many trees cancer yet? 据迄今所知,从未有过寡妇私 are leafless in winter. 奔的。 So far as know, no widow ever elope. 1388 chen2 ráno morning/ dawn/ 这是迄今为止我经历的最热的一天。It's the hottest day I've had so far. daybreak'

秋 季 旦 暂

秒 悠

甫 旬 昔 屡

恍 迄

冬 晨 昨 匆

1475 zuo2 včera yesterday'

昼 耽

1622 cong1 kvapný, chvatný hurried/ 2658 dan1 zůstat, zdržet se, otálet, hasty' 她匆匆赶往机场。She hurried to the airport. 如果你匆匆忙忙地做事,那你就要 protahovat indulge/ delay' 我该为这次耽 出差错。 You make mistakes if you do things 搁向您道歉。I owe you an apology for the delay. in a hurry.

2651 zhou4 denní doba daytime' 昼夜 zhòu-yè* n. day and night; round the clock

恒 夕

1764 heng2 věčný permanent' 2003 xi1/ xi4 evening, dusk'

暮 倏 晌

2768 mu4

evening/ sunset'

2796 shu1 náhle sudden/ abrupt' 2822 shang3 around noon'

2914 zha4

for the first time/ suddenly'


vulgar' 她穿着相当俗气。 Her taste in clothing is rather vulgar. 直接从碗里咕嘟咕 嘟地喝汤是粗俗的 Slurping soup directly from the bowl is vulgar.

1378 xiong1 zuřivý, krutý, hrozný fierce, fierce/ terrible/ ominous' 我们的狗别 1127 ren3 snášet, strpět to beat/ to 看样子凶,其实很温顺。Our dog may look endure/ to tolerate' 忍不住 nemoct vydržet fierce but he wouldn't hurt a fly. 这动物太凶 我不能再忍受他那傲慢无礼的行为了。I , 应该给它戴上口套. Such a fierce animal could not endure the insolence of his ought to be muzzled. behaviour. 他为了忍住痛楚而紧紧捏住拳 1414 cu1 hrubý, tlustý coarse/ rough/ 关。He clenched his fingers firmly to endure the pain. thick/ unfinished/ vulgar/ rude/ crude' 粗声 1129 jie2 hrdina hero/ heroic' 有关英 hrubý hlas 粗面 hrubá mouka

粗 敏

雄豪杰的残酷的事实之一是,他们也是由 1436 min3 čilý, hbitý keen' 盲人有敏 血肉造成的人。The one cruel fact about 锐的触觉。The blind have a keen sense of hero is that they are made of flesh and blood. touch. 狗的嗅觉很灵敏. Dogs have a keen 1154 cheng2 poctivý, upřímný honest/ sense of smell.

sincere/ true' 他忠诚老实,不肯受贿。 is He 1482 chong2 vysoký, vznešený high/ so honest that he will not accept bribe. 我可 dignified/ lofty/ to honor' 他对人生抱有崇 以非常真诚地说,你一直是我最忠实的朋 高的理想。He has lofty ideals about life. 我 友。I may say in all sincerity that you have 们对捐助者表达了崇高的敬意。We showed been my most loyal friend. high respect to benefactors. 人们来到纪念

勇 侠 冒

1206 yong3 odvážný, smělý brave' 1216 xia2 heroic' 蝙蝠侠 Batman

馆崇敬地纪念这位伟大的领袖。 People came to the memorial to revere the memory of the great leader.

1487 ci2 dobrý, laskavý 1222 mao4 smělý, opovážlivý, vypouštět brave/ bold/ to cover' The brave man risked compassionate/ gentle/ merciful/ kind/ his life in trying to save the child. 那位勇敢 humane' 的人冒着生命危险试图救那孩子。The 1513 hao2 grand/ heroic' chimney fumed black smoke. 烟囱冒出黑 1518 su4 vážný, uctivý Gansu/ 烟。The kettle is steaming away on the stove. respectful' 肃立 stát v pozoru 肃清 vymýtit 炉子上的水壶正在冒蒸汽。 该严肃些了, 这个玩笑你开得差不多了. It's 1268 fen4 zanítit, rozplamenit to lift time to be serious; you've carried this joke one's own spirit; to exert oneself ' 奋勇 far enough. odvážně, směle 1549 feng1 pomatený, nepříčetný 1322 zhong1 věrný loyal' 忠诚 věrný, insane/ mad/ wild' 你疯了吗? Zbláznil oddaný 忠心 věrnost, oddanost ses?

慈 豪 肃

奋 忠 厉 俗

疯 勤

1339 li4 přísný, striktní severe' 1354 su2 vulgární, bez vkusu, fádní

1565 qin2 1. pilný, pracovitý 2. častý, pravidelný diligent/ frequent' 她的勤奋为

其他人树立了榜样。Her diligence has set an 2024 wan2 paličatý, tvrdohlavý, example to the others.他一点也不勤奋。He zlomyslný mischievous/ obstinate/ to play/ is anything but diligent. stupid/ stubborn/ naughty' 那个顽固老头就 1584 nuo2/ na4 elegantní elegant/ 是不肯进医院. The obstinate old man graceful' refused to go to hospital. 他像猴子那麽顽皮! He's as mischievous as a monkey! 1765 shen4 opatrný, obezřetný 2059 bei1 nízký, vulgární low/ base/ cautious' 谨慎是那人性格的本质。 Caution is the essence of that man's character. 他措辞 vulgar/ inferior/ humble' 她出生卑贱。She 很谨慎。He is cautious in his choice of was born of humble parentage. 他从未忘记 words. 她很谨慎,不会泄露秘密。 She is 过自己出身卑微. He never forgot his cautious of telling secrets. humble origins.

娜 慎

1867 ku4 krutý, nelidský/ neobyčejně, 2068 man2 barbar barbarian/ bullying/ mimořádně ruthless/ strong (as of wine)/ very/ quite/ rough/ reckless' 野蛮人征服了 (slang loan from English) cool, great' 他是 罗马。The barbarians conquered Rome. 个精明的、有时候冷酷无情的对手。He is a 2208 kai3 velkorysý generous/ sad' 她 shrewd and sometimes ruthless adversary. 不要被他那副讨人喜欢的外表所迷惑, 其实 一直非常慷慨。She's been generous in the extreme. 慷慨大方是她的天性。It's her 他冷酷无情. Don't be taken in by his nature to be generous. charming manner; he's completely ruthless.

蛮 慨

2230 lan3 líný lazy' 这个懒惰的女孩 1874 tan1 lakomý, hrabivý greedy' 他 用贪婪的眼光看着商店的橱窗。He looked 正梦想着嫁给一个有钱人, 从此不再工作。 at the shop window with greedy eyes. 他是一 The lazy girl is dreaming of marrying a 个贪婪的资本家。 He is a greedy capitalist. millionaire and therefore won't do any work. 他认为贪图他人的财物是有罪的。 thinks 这名雇员因为懒惰而被解雇。 This He employee was dismissed for laziness. 人性 it's a sin to covet other's properties. 的弱点之一是懒惰。One of the frailties of 1917 jin3 pečlivý, obezřetný, zdvořile, human nature is laziness. 他这个人太懒 uctivě cautious' 他措辞很谨慎。He is 惰,真想在他屁股上踢一脚。 He is so lazy; cautious in his choice of words. 她很谨慎, he could do with a good kick up the rear. 不会泄露秘密。She is cautious of telling 2248 jiao1 pyšný, nadutý, arogantní secrets. proud/ arrogant' 知识使人谦虚,无知使人 1946 yi4 pevný, rozhodný 骄傲。Knowledge makes humble; ignorance perseverance' 靠毅力这跛童学会了游泳。 make proud. 她对自己出色的烹调技术感 By perseverance the lame boy learned to 到骄傲, 是可以理解的. She is pardonably swim. 他年少时的毅力和勤奋造就了他今 proud of her wonderful cooking. 骄傲自大 天的成就。 His perseverance and diligence in 是他的一个缺点. Arrogance is one of his less his youth has made him what he is today. attractive characteristics.

1960 ao4 domýšlivý, arogantní proud/ 2265 ken3 upřímný, opravdový earnest' overbearing/ insolent/ arrogant' 他经常以一 一个表示友好的诚恳的手势 An earnest 种傲慢的口气说话。He often speaks in an gesture of goodwill. 我们恳求你发慈悲. We arrogant tone. pray you for mercy/ to show mercy.

2345 qian1 skromný modest' 别这么 谦虚。Don't be so modest. 我们应该谦虚, 不应该自大。We should be modest, not be pompous. 她对自己的成就很谦虚。She is very modest about her success. 大部分有学 问的人都很谦虚。Most learned men are modest. 他很谦虚, 乐于接受意见。He is very modest and open to advice. 她很聪明, 倒也很谦虚. Though very intelligent, she is nevertheless rather modest.

和狡猾是人所共知的. The fox is known for its cleverness and cunning.

懈 嫉 奢

2689 xie4 nedbalý, laxní lax/ negligent' 不懈的努力 nepolevující snaha 2690 ji2 jealousy/ be jealous of'

2365 yan1/ yin1/ yin3 opravdový, upřímný dark red, (surname)/ dynasty/ 2709 zhuo2/ zhuo1 awkward/ clumsy/ flourishing, roll of thunder' 殷切 yinqie14 dull/ inelegant/ (polite) my' 他是个笨拙的 upřímný, opravdový, horoucí 殷勤 yinqin12 孩子,经常笨手笨脚地把东西摔破。 was He pozorný, ochotný, úslužný, galantní an awkward child, always falling over himself and breaking things. 2403 zha4 podvést, oklamat, ošidit, 2.

2708 she1 extravagant' 这是我买过 的最奢侈的东西. It was the most extravagant purchase I have ever made. 富 人,富有的但经常是很奢侈的人 A rich, often extravagant person.

předstírat, simulovat crafty/ dishonest' 那 个政客太狡诈了。The politician was too crafty.

稚 婉

2720 zhi4 dětinský, nezralý infantile/ young' 幼稚 yòuzhì childish 稚气 zhìqì childishness

2451 zao4 hot-tempered/ impatient' 2798 wan3 graceful/ tactful' 他的拒 她脾气躁,但不久你就会喜欢她了。 She 绝是那样委婉得体,所以我们并未感到不 has a hot temper, but you will soon grow to 快。His refusal was worded in such a like her. 他是那样急躁,我简直拉他不住。 graceful way that we could not be offended. He was so impatient that I could hardly hold 他在拒绝他们的邀请时,尽可能地婉转些。 him back. 他因不耐烦而烦躁不安。He was He tried to be diplomatic when he refused fretting with impatience. 她脾气暴躁。She their invitation. has a foul temper. 2832 qian2 oddaný devout' 她曾是个 2470 guai1 hodný, poslušný (of a child) 虔诚的天主教徒。 She was a devout catholic. obedient, well-behaved/ clever' 乖孩子 2905 dai3 bad/ wicked/ evil' 好说歹 hodné dítě 说, 他才同意来. After a lot of persuasion, he 2578 gui3 sly/ crafty' 诡计多端的推 agreed to come. 销员的花言巧语 The plausible talk of a 2935 kang1 ušlechtilý, velkodušný crafty salesperson. generous/ magnanimous' 她行善时总是很 2619 hong2 great/ liberal' 慷慨。She was always very generous in her 2670 jiao3 crafty/ cunning/ sly' 别相 charity. 因为有钱又慷慨,他捐了两百万 圆给红十字会。Rich and generous, he 信他,他像老狐狸一样狡猾。Don't trust contributed two million dollars to the Red him, he is a sly old fox. 那个狡猾的人纯粹 Cross. 是个骗子。 This crafty man is nothing but a 2959 yu1 literal-minded' crook. 许多政客都是狡猾的诡辩家. Many politicians are cunning sophists. 狐狸的机敏

乖 诡 弘 狡

虔 歹 慷


铜 氧 锡

1772 tong2 měď copper' 1863 yang3 kyslík oxygen'

2951 gai4 vápník calcium' 钙对我们 的骨骼有益。Calcium is beneficial to our bones. 我有点缺钙。 I have a slight calcium deficiency.

2956 lin2 fosfor phosphorus/ water in rocks' 铜合金铜与锡、 磷或其物质构成 锑、 2058 xi2/ xi1 cín tin' 金色铜一种由 的一种合金,含锡,也可不含锡 Any of 铜、 锌和锡制成的合金,用于仿制黄金首饰 various alloys of copper, with or without tin, An alloy of copper, zinc, and tin, used in and antimony, phosphorus, or other imitation gold jewelry. 牛奶瓶盖是用锡箔 components. 磷肥含有磷化合物的一种化肥 制成的。 Milk bottle tops are made of tin foil. A fertilizer containing phosphorus compounds. 2637 qing1 vodík hydrogen' 两个氢 原子和一个氧原子结合而成一个水分子。 Two atoms of hydrogen combine with one destrukce atom of oxygen to form a molecule of water. 氢极易爆炸。 Hydrogen is highly explosive. 1073 xi1 1. rozsekávat, rozdělovat 2. 2641 qian1 olovo lead (metal)' 铅会 analyzovat to separate/ to divide/ to analyze' 在相当低的温度下熔化。 Lead will fuse at 影评家对这部电影做了详细的分析。The quite a low temperature. 无铅汽油的应用现 film has been minutely dissected by the 正逐步推广. The use of lead-free petrol is critics. 评论家仍然在剖析此次选举的结果。 now being phased in. 铅是重金属. Lead is a Commentators are still dissecting the heavy metal. election results. 把这句子的各个成分加以分 析. Analyse the sentence into its constituent 2730 liu2 síra sulfur' 硫磺可以用来 parts. 制造火药。 Sulfur can be used to make 1131 she2/ zhe2 1. zlomit 2. sleva gunpowder. 多硫化物每个分子中至少含有 broken (as of rope, stick), tenth (in price)/ to 两个硫原子的一种硫化物 A sulfide break/ to fold/ to turn' She folded up the compound containing at least two sulfur letter and put it in her pocket. 她把信折起来 atoms per molecule. 放进口袋。He folded his newspaper into a 2740 tan4 uhlík carbon' 植物可以吸 neat rectangle. 他将报纸折成一个整整齐齐 收二氧化碳释放氧气。 Plants can absorb 的长方形。 snapped the stick in two. 他喀 He carbon dioxide and release oxygen. 软饮料中 嚓一声将棍子折成两半。 含有二氧化碳。 Soft drinks contain carbon 1160 hui3 ničit to destroy/ to damage/ dioxide. 碳的化合价是四价. Carbon has a to ruin, blaze/ destroy by fire, defame/ to valence of four. slander' 暴风雨后的洪水冲毁了这座城镇。 2783 weng1 -oin -oin' The town was destroyed by the floods after 2872 jian3 zásada alkali/ soda' 这种土 the storm. 灭草剂用来摧毁或抑制植物,尤 指杂草的生长的化学物质 A chemical 壤含碱丰富。 This kind of soil contains much substance used to destroy or inhibit the alkali. 酸可以和碱起反应而生成盐。 acid growth of plants, especially weeds. An can react with a base to form a salt. 1243 bao4 explodovat, vybouchnout to

嗡 碱

crack/ to explode or burst'

fell on the climbers.

1420 sui4 rozbít to break down/ to 2278 rong2 rozpustit (se) dissolve' 盐 break into pieces/ fragmentary' 那只打碎了 在水中溶解. Salt dissolves in water. 水能溶 的花瓶的碎片撒了一地。 The broken vase 解盐. Water dissolves salt. lay in shatters. 爆炸的力量震碎了这座建筑 2334 si1 utrhnout, vytrhnout to tear' 上的所有窗户。 The force of the explosion 那张广告画已被撕得粉碎。 The poster had broke all the windows in the building. been ripped to pieces. 猫把我的围巾撕烂了。 1483 rao3 narušovat, porušovat disturb' The cat has torn my scarf to ribbons. 我把包 裹上的纸撕了下来。I tore off the paper on 1815 jian1 ničit, likvidovat annihilate' the parcel. 别那麽使劲扯书页,那会撕破 敌人被歼灭了. The enemy was annihilated. 的。Don't pull the pages so hard or they will 1916 kui4 protrhnout se, rozrušit se be tear. dispersed/ break down' 侵蚀,风化,风蚀 2456 za2 tlouct, roztloukat, drtit smash/ 受日晒雨淋的岩石发生特征的变化甚至崩 smashed' 锁锈住了,我们得把门砸开。 溃的过程中的任何一化学 或物理变化 The lock was rusty, so we had to smash the Any of the chemical or mechanical processes door open. 把钉子砸进去 zatlouct hřebík by which rocks exposed to the weather 碗砸了 miska se rozbila undergo changes in character and break down. 他经常抑郁寡欢, 後来精神完全崩溃了. 2632 chao1/ jiao3 vyhladit, zničit, His frequent depressions were the prelude to a trestná výprava destroy (bandits), destroy complete mental breakdown. (bandits)'

溶 撕

扰 歼 溃

剿 堕

2076 chai1 rozložit to tear open/ to tear 2666 duo4 upadnout, padnout, úpadek down/ to tear apart/ to open' 男孩把玩具汽 degenerate/ fall' 他接受了尼采的思想,堕 车拆开了, 可怎么也安不上了。The boy took 落成法西斯分子。He ate up Nietzsche and apart the toy car, but couldn't put it together degenerated into a fascist. again. 他把手表拆开来修理。He took the 2674 kua3 collapse' 他的身体被工作 watch apart to repair it. 我们得把发动机拆 压垮了. His health collapsed under the 卸开来找出毛病。 We'll have to strip the pressure of work. engine down to find the fault.

垮 删 熄

2780 shan1 vyškrtnout, vypustit, smazat 2166 cui1 zničit, zpustošit, devastovat to delete' break/ destroy/ devastate/ ravage/ repress' 一颗原子弹能摧毁一座城市。 atom bomb An 2858 xi1 zhasnout, zhasit (v) would destroy a city. 任何大国的军事力量 extinguish; quench/ go out (of fire)' 吸烟是 都能摧毁文明世界。The armament of any of 禁止的,请你把烟熄掉。Smoking is the great power can destroy civilization. forbidden. Please extinguish your cigarettes. 2178 beng1 sesutí, lavina, ZHROUTIT 因停电所有的灯都熄灭了. There was a SE, puknout, prasknout, rozskočit se power cut and all the lights went out. 蜡烛发 collapse/ fall into ruins' 车胎崩了. Praskla 出轻轻的毕剥声後就熄灭了. The candle pneumatika. 经济崩溃是不太可能发生的 gave a few faint splutters and then went out. 事。Economic collapse is a rare circumstance. 2878 ju3 zničit, zastavit destroy/ to 一堆积雪和岩石突然崩落到登山者的身上. stop' 失败让他沮丧。He was depressed A mass of snow and rock broke away and

(jusang34) by his defeat. 这是一个令人沮丧 1567 jia4 řídit, zapřáhnout koně to 的日子。It's a gloomy day. 我感到沮丧。I drive/ to draw/ to harness/ to mount' feel depressed.

驾 舱


1085 tu2 pouť, cesta way/ route/ road' 今晨在回家的途中我碰见了我的老朋友。 This morning I ran across my old friend on my way home. 细菌能从许多途径侵入我 们。The bacillus can attack us from many ways.

1846 cang1 kajuta cabin/ the hold of a ship or airplane' 我的舱位在E层甲板. My cabin is on E deck. 他一听到汽笛声就立即 走出船舱。He made out of the cabin at once on hearing the siren.

乘 艇 辆 骑

2249 cha4/ sha1 brzdit Buddhist 1231 cheng2 jet na něčem ride/ mount/ make use of/ take advantage of/ multiply/ to monastery or temple/ a brief moment, to brake (car)' avail of/ to ride' 1372 ting3 loďka, člun small boat'

轨 泊 舟 刹 舶

1883 gui3 kolej course/ path/ track/ rail' 2043 bo2 2224 zhou1 to anchor/ touch at/ to moor' boat'

1375 liang4 MW pro vozidla (a measure word for vehicles)'

1398 qi2 jet na něčem to ride (an animal or bike)/ to sit astride' 你会骑自行 车吗?Can you ride a bicycle? 他给马装上 2428 fu2 paprsky kola spoke of a 鞍子便骑马离去了。 He saddled up his horse wheel' 辐射 radiace and rode away. 2459 fan1 sail' 风吹得船帆鼓了起 1406 du4 přejít, převézt to cross/ to 来。The wind swelled out the sail. 风吹动着 pass through/ to ferry' 要渡过那条河是危 帆。The wind flapped the sails. 险的。The river is dangerous to cross. 小船 2579 peng2 sail' 暴风雨来临之际, 一种小划艇,尤指从船到岸渡运供应品 A small rowboat, especially one used to ferry 水手们将帐篷放下。 The sailors took in sail supplies from ship to shore. 我们希望能够和 when the tempest was approaching. 平过渡到新的制度。 hope there will be a We 2681 suo1 dojíždět, jezdit tam a zpět peaceful transition to the new system. shuttle' 在市中心和飞机场之间有往返的 1520 shi3 jet na něčem hasten/ proceed 穿梭运行班车。 There is a shuttle service to/ sail a vessel' 在英国,车辆必须靠左行 between the city center and the air station. 驶。In England traffic must keep to the left. 车辆在高速公路上穿梭行驶。Trucks 经过连续几次的失败,他最后终于通过了 shuttled to and fro on the high ways. 驾驶考试。After a series of unsuccessful 2838 du1 houkačka toot/ honk' 她把 attempts, he has finally passed the driving test. 那个驾驶员设法让滑翔机着陆到一个 汽车喇叭按得嘟嘟响。She honked the horn of the car. 安全的地方。The pilot managed to land the glider on a safe place.

2318 bo2 sea-going vessels/ ship' 这 些海滩上的信号灯是用来提醒和指示船舶 的。These beacons on the coast are to warn and guide ships. 货物船舶、飞机或其它交通 工具运载的货物 The freight carried by a ship, an aircraft, or another vehicle.

辐 帆 篷 梭

possessed and become a monk.


2443 qi2 modlit se implore/ pray/ 1042 gui3 duch, démon ghost/ sly/ please' 她跪下祈祷。 knelt down to pray. She crafty' 我看到的不可能是鬼, 一定是幻想 的东西吧。I can't have seen a ghost it must 2483 dao3 prayer/ pray/ supplication' have been imagination. 教士将鬼从房屋中 她跪下祈祷。She knelt down to pray. 驱走. A priest exorcized the ghost from the 2511 po4 soul' 健全的体魄是心灵的 house. 客舍;病弱的身体是心灵的牢狱。 healthy A 1180 mo2 ďábel devil' 那些警卫都是 body is the guest-chamber of soul; a sick, its 残暴的野兽, 他们的首领是个魔鬼的化身. prison. The guards were sadistic beasts and their 2656 dian4 libation' leader was the devil incarnate.

巫 祈 祷 魄 奠 魅

2189 wu1


魔 仙 魂 偶 祭 坛 牺

1255 xian1 nesmrtelný immortal' 1348 hun2 duše soul'

1361 ou3 modla, náhodou accidental/ image/ pair/ mate' 偶然 náhodou

2662 mei4 demon/ magic/ to charm' 有魔力的符咒;魅力 A magic spell; enchantment. 她生动活泼的性格使她非常富 有魅力。 Her colorful character makes her very charming.

2942 nie4 consequence of sin' 那次 1782 ji4/ zhai4 obětovat offer sacrifice, 饥荒算是上帝对他们罪孽的惩罚. The (surname)' famine was a visitation of God for their sins. 1806 tan2 oltář altar' 圣坛遭到破坏 公物的人故意损坏. The altar had been emoce defiled by vandals. 1814 xi1 obětní zvíře sacrifice' 以牺 1019 ning2 tichý, klidný, would rather 牲健康来求得工作上的成功是不值得的。 Success in your job is not worth the sacrifice peaceful/ rather' 在乡间有一种和平宁静的 of your health. 为长期发展而牺牲短期利润 气氛,和大城市的气氛截然不同。 There is 是公司的方针。It's the company's policy to an atmosphere of peace and calm in the country, quite different from the atmosphere sacrifice short-term profits for the sake of long-term growth. of a big city. 我宁可呆在家里。I would rather stay at home. 1869 yao1 démon, zlý duch goblin/ 1028 bao4 prudký, bouřlivý, vznětlivý witch/ devil/ bewitching/ enchanting/ monster/ phantom' 邪恶的女妖对王子施 sudden/ violent/ cruel/ to show or expose/ to 魔法, 将他变成一只青蛙. The wicked fairy injure' bewitched the prince and turned him into a 1045 yu4 touha, žádost, přání desire/ frog. wish, desire/ longing/ appetite/ wish' 她食 2013 seng1 monk' 僧侣们过着清苦 欲不振。 She is suffering from lack of 的生活。Monks are leading simple, austere appetite. 饭前不要吃糖以免影响食欲. lives. 他决定放弃他所有的一切, 出家为僧. Don't spoil your appetite by eating sweets before meals. He decided to give away everything he

暴 欲

1143 nu4 hněv, rozhořčení indignant' 1295 hen4 nenávidět to hate' 丧亲者 他满腔怒火。 was inflamed with anger. 我 仍在带孝. The bereaved is/ are still in He 似乎在他的声音中听出一些怒气。 I seemed mourning. 丧服最黑的衣服,尤指参加丧礼 to detect some anger in his voice. 她的亲切 时穿的衣服 Clothing of the darkest hue, 平息了我的怒气。 Her tenderness soothed my especially such clothing worn for mourning. anger. 1360 ren2 humánní, lidský humane' 1147 kuang2 1. zuřivý 2. domýšlivý 1409 nai4 nesnesitelný, nesnášenlivý to conceited/ mad' 狂风 vichřice 狂人 blázen, be unbearable/ unable to endure' 他对任何 maniak 打扰都感到不耐烦。He was impatient of any 1157 meng3 prudký, divoký, dravý interruption. 那位安慰者告诉他,他应该 ferocious/ suddenly/ fierce/ violent/ abrupt' 有耐心。 The comforter told him that he 猛兽 dravec 暴风雨猛烈地吹过陆地和海 should be patient. 面。The storm blew fiercely over land and 1461 you1 rmoutit se, starat se worried' sea. 飞机猛然俯冲致使驾驶员昏厥. The 他忧心忡忡。 is burdened with worries. 目 He plane dived suddenly, causing the pilot to black out. 马猛踢一下用后腿站立,将骑马人 前的经济状况令人十分担忧。The state of the economy is very worrying. 黑市经营日 摔了下来。The horse kicked and reared, unseating its rider. 她听见有人猛敲门。She 益泛滥,政府已开始担忧。The growing black economy is beginning to worry the heard someone bang at the door. government. 进口与出口的比例(入超)令 1166 bei1 smutný, truchlivý sad/ 政府担忧. The proportion of imports to sadness/ sorrow/ grief' 妻子死后,他因悲 exports (ie excess of imports over exports) is 伤而自缢。He hanged himself in sorrow after worrying the government. his wife died. 人生有许多欢乐和悲伤。 Life 1464 lian4 milovat, toužit feel attached has many joys and sorrows. to/ long for/ love' 那是个三角恋爱的电影。 1210 ku1 plakat to cry/ to weep' 别 It's a film of triangular love affair. 哭,你现在已经是大男孩了。Don't cry, you 1508 fen4 hněv, rozhořčení, nevole are a big boy now. 怎么回事?你为什么哭? indignant/ anger/ resentment' 他对被诬告愤 What's the matter? Why are you crying? 愤不平。He is indignant at the false 1227 xiang3 užívat si enjoy' 请慢慢 accusation 他气愤得说不出话来。 享用吧。Enjoy your meal. 我坐在庭院里享 Indignation bereft him of speech. 受明媚的阳光。I was sitting in the garden 1512 xi1 želet, litovat pity, regret, rue, enjoying the sunshine. begrudge' 你不能来参加这次聚会,真可 1230 you2 váhat, rozpakovat se Jew/ as 惜。It's a pity that you can't come to the party. if/ still/ to scheme' 她彷佛茫然不知身在何 那麽多食物都浪费了, 看著觉得可惜. What 处,犹犹豫豫向四周打量。 As if unsure of a pity to see all that food go to waste. where she was, she hesitated and looked 1523 xin1 šťastný happy' 我在农场 round. 度过了愉快的一周,成天无所事事,只是 1253 fan2 sklíčený, skleslý feel vexed/ 吃饭、睡觉、欣赏风景,更让人难 以忘怀 to bother' 的是观赏那绚丽多彩的日落。 spent a happy I week in the farm with nothing to do but eat

狂 猛

仁 耐

恋 愤

and sleep and enjoy the scenery-and crowning it all, glorious sunset.

1751 ai1 smutek, lítost sorrow/ grief/ pity/ to grieve for/ to pity/ to lament' 日子久 1530 can3 ubohý miserable/ wretched/ 了, 你的悲哀是会消失的。Your sorrow will cruel/ inhuman/ seriously/ badly/ tragic' 婢 wear off in time. 同情,怜悯对他人所受的 女过着悲惨的生活。The handmaid led a 不幸或遭遇产生的同情和悲哀 Sympathy miserable life. 那位著名的政治家死于一场 and sorrow aroused by the misfortune or 悲惨的意外事故。 The famous politician suffering of another. died in a tragic accident. 人们告诉他那悲惨 1776 bu4 bát se, děsit se terror/ 的消息後,他已六神无主了。He went to pieces when they told him the tragic news. terrified/ afraid/ frightened' 两国签订了反 恐怖主义合作协议. The two states made a 1536 chou2/ qiu2 nenávist, nepřátelství compact to co-operate against terrorism. hatred/ animosity/ enmity/ a rival/ an enemy/ 1826 xian2 vadit, nelíbit se to dislike/ feud, (surname)/ match/ mate' to suspect' 姨妈嫌我粗暴无礼心里很不高 1599 lian2 litovat, cítit sympatie to pity' 兴。My aunt was sick with me for being rude. 怜悯常近乎于爱。Pity is often akin to love 大家嫌他大自高自大。 Vadí jim na něm, že 他感到有一种近於怜悯的感情. He felt je příliš nafoukaný. something akin to pity. 1853 hui3 litovat, kát se regret' 我真 1616 ju4 bát se to fear' 的非常后悔。I really regret it. 抓住这个机 1633 yan4 ošklivit si něco loathe' 我 会,否则你会后悔的。Seize the chance, otherwise you'll regret it. 对自己的错误后 讨厌那些散布充满恶意的流言蜚语的人。I loathe people who spread malicious gossip. 悔到不致重犯的程度是真正的后悔。To regret one's errors to the point of not 1637 yuan4 nenávist, reptat, stěžovat si repeating them is true repentance. 我很後悔 blame/ complain' 没有充分的理由就不要 不该说那话. I regret what I said. 抱怨。Don't complain without good cause. 1898 xiao1 bezútěšný mournful' 这个女孩总是抱怨没有合适的衣服。The girl always complains about lacking suitable 1915 yu4 melancholie (surname)/ raiment. 他们愤恨地抱怨制度不公平。They elegant, dense (growth)/ melancholy' 忧郁 complained bitterly about the injustice of the 的感情是该诗的基调. Melancholy is the system. preponderant mood of the poem. 他的性格 1650 huang1 nervózní, rozčilený 中有少许忧郁的气质。 There is a vein of melancholy in his character. nervous'

仇 怜

惧 厌 怨

萧 郁

慌 狠

1654 hen3 zlý, zuřivý, krutý fierce/ very' 他们正在恶狠狠地争吵,我想他们 可能要打架了。They were having a fierce argument and I thought they might hit each other.

1684 qu1 ukřivděný, ohnout, sehnout bent/ feel wronged' 他听到她那些嘲讽的 话而感到屈辱. He felt humiliated by her scornful remarks.

1982 yu2 veselý, radostný, příjemný pleased' 那消息使我们非常愉快。The news was very pleasing to us. 美味佳肴使人愉悦 高兴的,吸引人的东西,尤指食物 Something pleasing and appealing, especially a choice food.

1995 yue4 radovat se, radost pleased' 悦耳 libozvučný 悦目 lahodící oku, pohledný

2039 wei4 bát se to fear' 畏惧 weiju44 bát se, mít strach 我们都怀着敬畏 之心倾听着这位德高望重的学者的讲话。 We all listened to the venerable scholar with awe. 你太畏缩了--要尽量增强自信心. You're too timid you must try to assert yourself more.

have sex appeal'

2263 leng4 strnout, zarazit se, zbrklý, ztřeštěný to look distracted/ to stare blankly/ distracted/ stupefied/ blank' 她整天发愣--我 看她是陷入情网了. She's been in a trance all day I think she's in love.

2269 han4 litovat regret' 我对自己对 2048 xiu1 stud, zahanbení shy/ 这个课题的无知感到遗憾。I regret my ashamed/ shame/ bashful' 他对他以前不光 ignorance on the subject. 遗憾的是... It is to 彩的行为感到羞愧。He is ashamed for his be regretted that... 我们遗憾地把我们的决 former dishonorable action. 定通知她。 informed her with regret of our We decision. 2085 xi3 joy' 他们脸上喜气洋洋。 Their faces were alit with happiness. 2275 kui4 stydět se ashamed' 他很惭 愧他说了谎。He was ashamed that he had 2113 chou2 trápit se, soužit se, dělat si lied. 你应为自己所做的事感到羞愧。 You starosti worry about' 她只要醒著就一直 should be ashamed of what you have done. 为工作发愁。 spends all her waking hours 至於你, 你应该感到惭愧. As for you, you She worrying about her job. 她生意上的烦恼事 ought to be ashamed of yourself. 把她愁得不成人样了. Worry about the 2320 huang2 strach, úzkost, obavy business has turned her into a nervous wreck. frightened' 这种流行病传播范围之广令人 惶惶不安。The magnitude of the epidemic 2157 zhong1 vnitřní pocity, srdce, duše was frightening. 惶恐 huangkong23 strach, inner feelings' 他装作无动於衷的样子以 znepokojení, panika 掩盖自己的感情. He conceals his feelings 2352 qi1 žalostný intense cold/ behind a rather stolid manner. 我由衷地感 到同情。I felt real sympathy. mournful, sorrowful' 比刚才更加阴沉的黑 云布满了驼背人的脸,他笑得很凄惨,然 2162 ya4 astounded' 我吃惊/ 惊讶/ 后那笑也消失了。A cloud, darker than 惊奇/ 大吃一惊/ 震惊地知道她才八岁。I before, covered the hunchback's face again; was surprised/ astonished/ amazed/ and his smile became sad, and then faded astounded/ shocked to know what she's away. only8. 2488 qie4 bojácný, bázlivý afraid/ 2169 chi3 hanba shame/ disgrace' 他 rustic' 他在外面犹豫徘徊, 因过於胆怯而 认为向他人乞求救济是耻辱。 thinks it's a 不敢进去. He hovered about outside, too He shame to beg others for alms. 她对自己的不 afraid to go in. 良行为感到羞耻。She was full of shame at 2538 hai4 vyděsit astonish/ startle' her bad behavior. 他毫无羞耻之心,而且从

喜 愁

不觉得内疚。He had no sense never felt guilty.

骇 of shame and 妒

怔 骚

2191 zheng1 polekaný, vyplašený be startled' 2237 sao1 nepokoj, frivolní, koketní

2598 du4 žárlivý jealous' 他嫉妒同事 的成功。He is jealous of his colleague's success. 爱情、 喜悦、 憎恨、 恐惧、 嫉妒都 是强烈的感情. Love, joy, hate, fear and jealousy are all emotions. 嫉妒心可使人什麽

都做得出来。A man driven by jealousy is capable of anything.

of mourning. 人们戴着黑纱哀悼我们的领 导。 People wore crapes to mourn our leader.

2617 zeng1 nenávidět, cítit odpor 2968 min3 soucit sympathize/ to pity' detest' She hated him all the more. 她更加 怜悯常近乎于爱。Pity is often akin to love. 恨他了。The combat between good and evil 我总是对乞丐心怀怜悯。I always have pity will continue forever. 善与恶的斗争将永远 on the beggars. 继续下去。 2970 she4 zastrašovat afraid/ be feared/ to fear/ to frighten/ to intimidate' 2726 gan1 embarrassed/ ill at ease'

尴 诧

慑 窘

2979 jiong3 rozpaky distressed/ 2728 cha4 překvapený, vylekaný surprised/ to wander/ to be astonished' 谁都 embarrassed' 他们问她的年龄时,她窘得 很。 She was embarrassed when they asked 不肯帮忙, 他感到诧异. He expressed surprise that no one had offered to help. 他 her age. 他没法掩盖自己的窘态。He could 对这个事件毫不知情,真让人感到诧异。It not hide his embarrassment. 遇见大人使这 was amazing that he knew nothing about the 个害羞的孩子很困窘 Meeting adults event. embarrassed the shy child.

2729 ga4 in an embarrassing situation' 你的决定把我弄得很尴尬. Your decision puts me in an awkward position. 他评论我的 衣服使我很尴尬. I was embarrassed by his comments about my clothes.


1604 shi4 ozdoby, ornamenty adorn/ ornaments' 墙上有一件青铜饰品。 There is a 2732 xian4 obdivovat, toužit po něčem, bronze ornament on the wall. 我用鲜花装饰 ZÁVIDĚT to envy' 他们羡慕他的好运 房间。 I ornamented my room with flowers. 气。They envy him his good fortune. 他对我 2442 bin1 ornamental/ refined' 的成功满怀羡慕。 He was filled with envy at my success. 2639 zhuang1 zdobit, ozdoba 2746 xiong1 klokotat, kypět, bouřlivý adornment/ adorn' 我受人委托要拍摄各种 scared, nervous, torrential rush/ tumultuous' 化妆品的照片,因此,我请公司找两个有 汹汹 bouřlivý, prudký, výhružný, hrozivý 魅力的模特儿来,可 是他们派来的人都 难看极了。I was commissioned to take 2766 e4 startled' photographs of various cosmetics so I asked the agency for two attractive models, but the 2913 ti2 plakat, oplakávat mourn/ to ones they sent were as ugly as sin. cry/ hoof' 她老是哭哭啼啼。She does nothing but cry. 2736 bin1 ornamental/ refined' 彬彬 2943 can2 zahanbený ashamed' 他为 有礼和谈吐得体是文雅的标志。Good manners and correct speech are marks of 他的行为感到惭愧。He is ashamed of his refinement. behavior. 他很惭愧他说了谎。 He was ashamed that he had lied.

汹 愕 啼 惭

斌 妆

2963 dao4 naříkat mourn/ lament' 他 etika 戴着黑纱表示哀悼。 He wore crape as a sign

the hospital. 1443 yun3 spravedlivý, férový just/ fair/ to permit/ to allow' 足球比赛中不允许 踢另一位球员。It's not fair to kick another fázovost a změna stavu player in football. 法官同意允许犯人申辩。 The judge assented to allow the prisoner to 1027 fan1 převrhnout, obracet, převracet speak. 吴教授持论公允。 He's just and fair in flit about/ translate/ turn over' argument.

翻 熟

1035 shu2 zralý familiar/ skilled/ ripe/ 1524 hui4 dobrodiní, dobro favor/ kind act (from above)' 我非常感激您的恩惠。 I done/ ripe/ cooked' 我能够熟练操作计算 am greatly indebted to you for your kindness. 机。I am skilled in operating a computer. 这 您只要把我们的报价与其他供应商的开价 些苹果不熟,是酸的。These apples are not 相比较就会知道我方价格多么优惠。If you ripe; they are sour. 你的牛排要几分熟?How do you want your steak? compare our quotation with those offer by other supplier, you'll see how favorable ours 1079 ti4 nahradit to substitute for/ to be. take the place of/ to replace/ for/ on behalf of/ 1779 pan4 zradit to betray/ to rebel/ to to stand in for' 人和机器不同,是不可替代 revolt' 他背叛了他的国家。He betrayed his 的。A person, unlike a machine, is not country. 反叛者们缺少弹药。 The rebels replaceable. 他让我替他打开收音机。 He were short of gunpowder. 反叛者已推翻了 asked me to turn on the radio for him. 等别 政府。The rebels have overthrown the 人替你做决定是没有用的。It is no good government. 叛军不时地袭击铁路。 The waiting for other people to make your rebels made regular attacks on the railways. decision for you.

廉 奸 谎

1093 bi4 dokončit, absolvovat the 1818 lian2 čestný, poctivý/ levný, laciný whole of/ to finish/ to complete/ complete/ incorrupt/ inexpensive' 法官应当廉洁. full/ finished' 她打算毕业後从事社会福利 Judges should be incorruptible. 工作. She wants to do social work when she 1992 jian1 zrádce traitor, adultery' finishes college. 我们用了两个小时才计算 It 2207 huang3 lži, lhát lies/ to lie' 我痛 完毕,因此我们在4点钟结束了工作。 took two hours to complete the calculation, so we 恨任何一个说谎的人。I hate whoever lies. logged off at4 o'clock. 说谎是不道德的。 It's wrong to tell lies. 谎 1142 cheng2/ sheng4 nandávat, nalévat, 言总是站不住脚的。 Lies have short legs. nakládat to hold/ contain/ to ladle/ pick up 2366 zhen1 cudný chaste' 她是一个 with a utensil, (surname)/ flourishing' 请给 圣洁的女人,天真而忠贞。She was a holy 我盛一碗饭。Dejte mi prosím misku rýže. woman, innocent and chaste. 纯洁纯洁或贞 在瓶子能盛一公升。Do láhve se vejde jeden 洁的状况或者品质 The condition or litr. quality of being pure or chaste. 1164 mo4 konec end/ final stage/ latter 2912 hui4 tabu avoid mentioning/ to part' 缴纳租金以每季度末为期限。 The rent taboo' 要有勇气才能直言不讳. It may is due at the end of each quarter. require courage to speak freely. 只有他一人 1225 rong2 rozpustit harmonious/ melt/ 直言不讳地表示反对关闭医院。He is the mild' 太阳使雪融化。The sun melted the only one to speak out against the closure of

末 融

snow. 雪花触地便融化了。 Snowflakes are 用大写字母填写, 不要用小写字母. Fill in melting as they reached the ground. 盐作用 your answers in capital letters, not small letters. 於冰而使其融化. The action of salt on ice causes it to melt. 1974 ban4 přestrojit se za koho to 1267 bi4 zavřít to close/ stop up/ shut/ disguise oneself/ to dress up/ adorn' obstruct' 1987 jie2 vyčerpat, vynaložit exhaust' 竭力 vší silou 1270 che4 odstraňovat, dát pryč remove/ take away/ withdraw' 部队已经撤 2188 ku1 zvadlý, uschlý dried up' 酷 出危险地带。 troops have been withdrawn The 热使池水干枯。 The intense heat has dried from the danger area. up the pond. 由于大旱四个月,水库干枯 1305 ba4/ ba zastavit, přerušit, přestat, 了。The reservoir dried up during the fourodvolat z funkce to stop/ cease/ dismiss/ month drought. 植物的卷须盘绕在枯枝上. suspend/ to quit/ to finish, (final part.)' 罢 The plant's tendrils curled up the stick. 工的失败使公司恢复了正常的公共汽车营 2402 zhan1 namočit, ponořit, potřísnit, 业。The collapse of the strike enabled the zamazat, infikovat infected by/ moisten/ company to resume normal bus services. receive favors, moisten' 她沾湿了一块纸 1320 qi3 začít, otevřít to open/ to start' 巾,轻轻擦去项链上的灰尘。She moistened a tissue and gently wiped the dust off the 1413 xu4 počátek klubka, začátek necklace. 你必须非常小心地护理,以免伤 beginnings/ clues/ mental state/ thread' 口沾上污物。 You must take the most 1563 cheng2 nabývat podoby, jevit to scrupulous care to keep the wound free from the dirt. 我用沾满油污的碎布擦我的自行 assume (a form)/ to submit/ to petition/ to show/ to present/ to offer' 秋季来临时,玉 车. I use an oily rag to clean my bike with.

闭 撤

扮 竭 枯

启 绪 呈

米地里呈现出丰收的景象。As autumn draws near, the cornfields show signs of ripeness.


1631 ning2 ztuhnout congeal/ 1188 bi4 peníze, měna money/ coins/ concentrate attention' 你可以用热水把菜盘 currency' 上凝结的油污冲洗掉。You may use hot water to rinse the congealed fat off the 1223 zhai4 dluh debt' 他还清了债。 dinner plates. 血液在她的膝盖伤口周围凝固 The man rid himself of debt. 法院判决由他 了。The blood had congealed round the cut 偿还债务。The judge ordained that he should on her knee. 用热水把菜盘上凝结的油渍冲 pay the debts. 我破产了,不能偿还他的债 洗掉. Use hot water to rinse the congealed 务。I was bankrupt and unable to pay his fat off the dinner plates. debts.

币 债

丢 填

1639 diu1 ztratit, odhodit to lose/ to put aside/ to throw'

1329 chang2 oplatit, zaplatit, splatit to compensate/ pay back/ to recompense' 保险 1970 tian2 zaplnit, vyplnit to fill in' 请 商不准备为他的收入损失作补偿,因此, 做这个句子的填空。 Please fill in the blanks 他只好就此作罢。The insurers weren't in the sentence. 申请人得填写几种表格。 prepared to compensate him for loss of The applicants have to fill in several forms. 答案 earnings, so he had to leave it at that. 当数据

从一个设备传送到另一个设备时,用于补 可他还是不停地讲下去。I gave a loud yawn, 偿数据流速率差或事件发生时间差 的一 but he just kept on talking. 种例行程序或存储器。A routine or storage 2005 chou2 odměna, honorář entertain/ used to compensate for a difference in rate of flow of data, or time of occurrence of events, repay/ return/ reward/ compensate' when transferring data from one device to 2179 zhang4 účet account' 请把这些 another. 帐单记在我的账上。Please charge these bills 1359 pin2 chudý poor' 贫富的鸿沟始 to my account. 终存在。There is always a vast chasm 2235 juan1 to contribute/ to donate/ between rich and poor. 他终生贫穷。He tax/ to abandon' 她很大方,捐助了这么大 remained poor all his life. 笔钱。It was generous of her to contribute 1397 zu1 rent/ taxes' 这个公司出租 such a large sum. 所有捐款,无论数目多 房地产。This company leases out property. 么少,我们都深表感谢。 All contribution, however small, will be greatly appreciated. 合同中有一条款禁止承租人转租房屋。 解放前,各种捐税沉重地压在人民身上。 There is a clause in the contract forbidding Before liberation, taxes weighed heavily tenants to sublet. upon the people. 1548 gong4 tribut, dar, daň tribute/ 2348 bi4 zpronevěra, škoda detriment/ gifts' 贡献 přínos, vklad 许多希腊城市不 得不每年向雅典进贡。 Many Greek cities had fraud/ harm/ defeat' 倘若我们进行干预, 那可能弊多利少。 If we interfere, it may do to send yearly tribute to Athens. more harm than good. 她仔细审核公司的帐 1603 zhang4 účet, stan account/ 目, 查找欺骗作弊的证据. She went through mosquito net/ tent/ curtain/ debt/ credit' 你 the company's accounts, looking for 可以在银行开立一个活期帐户。You may evidence of fraud. 调查诈欺舞弊是他们的任 open a current account at a bank. 风把帐篷 务 Investigation of fraud was their 吹塌了。The wind caused the tent to collapse. commission. 下雨前,请将帐篷的绳索放松。Please 2424 dui4 to cash' 我已和贵方银行 slacken the tent rope before it rains. 先把系 帐篷的桩子打进地里,再把绳子系在桩子 商妥,支票可以在此兑现。I have an arrangement with your bank to cash cheques 上。 First hammer the tent pegs into the here. 我想兑现这张汇款单。I'd like to cash ground, then tie the ropes onto them. this money order. 货币兑换率是经常变的. 1834 jiao3 odevzdat, zaplatit hand in/ Currency exchange rates are always subject hand over' 她忘了缴罚金。 She neglected to variation. paying the fine. 不缴纳税款就可能被起诉。 2515 bang4 pound (sterling)' 他的债 Failure to pay your taxes will make you 务共达五千镑。His debts amount to 5,000 liable to prosecution. 这些分期付款什么时 pounds. 他们把价格降低五镑。 They knocked 候才能缴完? When is these installment five pounds off the price. payment going end? 2589 jian4 inexpensive/ lowly' 1948 qian4 zívat, nedostatek, dlužit deficient/ owe/ to lack/ yawn' 你欠我的债 2647 chao1 money/ paper money' 这 可以慢慢还。You can take your time to pay 是一张一英镑的钞票。 付账后多下来的零钱 the debt you owe me. 我大声打了个呵欠, 你留着好了。Here is a pound note; pay the

酬 账 捐

贱 钞

bill and keep the odd money.

2657 mu4 canvass for contributions/ to recruit/ to collect/ to raise' 他一直无法筹募 到足够的钱来把这个大钟修理好。He has been unable to raise enough money to have the big clock repaired. 该电影明星以自己 的名义努力募款帮助洪涝灾民。The film star lent his name to the efforts to raise money to help the flood victims. 我们难以招 募到素质好的职员。We are having difficulties in recruiting well-qualified staff.

丈 映

1242 zhang4

ten feet'

1316 ying4 odrážet se reflect/ shine' 月光映在平静的海面上。The moonlight shone on the calm sea. 她忧戚的面容反映出 她内心的思想。Her sad looks reflected the thought passing through her mind.

1340 heng2 zvážit, uvážit to weigh/ weight/ measure' 这是根据我们的标准衡 量的。It is measured by our standards. 你用 什么标准来衡量它呢? By what standard 2795 lou1/ lou3 úplatky graft (money)/ do you measure it? 他在脑中权衡着这些想 solicit/ to gather/ to collect, to hug/ to 法。He weighed the ideas in his mind. embrace' 1345 ma3 závaží, číslo a weight/ 2863 shu2 vyplatit, vykoupit redeem/ number/ yard/ pile/ stack' 你拨错电话号码 to ransom' 我从当铺赎回了手表。I 了。You've dialed the wrong number. redeemed my watch from the pawnshop. 他们 1358 jin4/ jing4 síla, energie, vzhled, 不得不赎回被绑架的外交官。They had to výraz, chování strength, stalwart/ sturdy' ransom the kidnapped diplomat. 留著点儿劲儿,你一会儿还得干重活儿呢。 2891 jian3 šetrný frugal/ to be in need' Save your strength for the hard work you'll 他们生活非常俭朴,力避奢侈。 They lived have to do later. 他留着劲在比赛结束时用。 a very frugal existence, avoiding all luxuries. He saved his strength for the end of the race. 节俭的使用钱财时谨慎的;节俭的 1369 run4 navlhčit, namazat, kluzký Cautious in spending money; frugal. smooth/ moist'

搂 赎

码 劲

润 滑 燃 焦 辉


1480 gu3/ hua2 comical, comical/ cunning/ slippery/ smooth'

1553 ran2 hořet burn/ combustion' 1055 wen3 pevný, stabilní settled/ steady/ stable' 稳定 dtto 鼓声平稳而缓慢。 1554 jiao1 ohořet, opálit, ohořelý, The beats of the drum were steady and slow. spálený, koks burnt/ scorched/ worried/ 猎人端稳了猎枪,然后开了火。The hunter anxious' steadied his rifle and fired. 1623 hui1 lesk, záře bright/ glorious' 1200 qi4 pára steam/ vapor' 舞台和银幕上一颗璀璨的星辰;历史上的 1201 shao1 hořet, pálit, vařit to burn/ to 辉煌一刻 One of the bright stars of stage and screen; a bright moment in history. cook/ to stew/ to bake/ to roast/ fever' 烧鱼 1655 jian4 zrcadlit se, bedlivě sledovat 之前先去掉鱼鳞。 Scale the fish before cooking them. 一块煤炭从火中掉出来,烧 example/ mirror/ to view/ reflection/ to reflect/ to inspect/ to warn/ (ancient bronze 坏了地席。 A coal fell from the fire and burned the mat. 这是治疗烧伤和烫伤的药 mirror)' 对原文的分析研究鉴定出作者是 膏。This is an ointment for burns and scalds. 莎士比亚. Textual analysis identified the

汽 烧

author as Shakespeare.

superseded by diesel units. 水加热则成为蒸 汽,冷却则成为冰。Water is changed into 1700 dun1/ dun4 tuna ton, ton' steam by heat and into ice by cold. 冰、 雪和蒸 汽是水的不同形态。 Ice, snow and steam 1771 ci2 magnetický magnetic/ are different forms of water. 水蒸气把浴室 magnetism/ porcelain' 里的镜子遮住了。Steam has fogged the 1804 yao4 zářit, oslňovat brilliant/ bathroom mirror. 他用蒸汽把信封上的邮票 glorious' 揭下来。He steamed the stamp off the 1866 jin1 catty/ weight equal to 0.5 kg' envelope.

吨 磁 耀 斤 滴

2446 kan3 kandela pit/ threshold' 1896 di1 kapka a drop/ to drip' 一滴 奶在水中扩散开来, 使水变得混浊不清了. 2495 mo4 pěna foam/ suds' 泡沫橡胶 A drop of milk diffused in the water, and it 隔绝性能良好. Foam rubber provides good became cloudy. 雨水从树上滴下. Rain was insulation. 我不喜欢泡沫太多的啤酒. I dripping (down) from the trees. 他慢慢地喝 don't like beer with too much froth. 患狂犬 着酒,细细品尝着每滴酒的滋味。He drank 病的动物常常口吐白沫. Animals with rabies the wine slowly, savouring every drop. 血从 often froth at the mouth. 伤口一滴一滴流出来。 Blood trickled from 2498 fen2 spálit burn' 玩火者必自焚。 the wound. Whoever plays with fire gets burnt. 那所房 1904 cun4 a unit of length/ inch/ 子在半小时之内就被焚为平地. The house thumb' burnt down in half an hour. 和尚在香炉里 2127 dong4 to freeze' 这些冷冻食品 焚上一柱香。 The monk burned a stick of 是最为方便。 These frozen foods are the most incense in the incense burner.

坎 沫

寸 冻

convenient of all. 你是把水果装在罐里保存 2613 zao4 dry/ parched/ impatient' 乾 呢,还是冷冻起来保存? Do you bottle 燥的皮肤要使用润肤剂. Use an emollient your fruit or freeze it? 幼苗被冻死了。The for dry skin. 他们用乾燥的细树枝来引火. seedling was frozen to death. They used dry twigs to start the fire. 干燥的 After these dry 2259 yan4 plamen flame' 火焰吞没了 天气之后,人人都希望下雨。 days, everyone hopes for rain. 整栋大楼。The flames devoured the entire

building. 燃烧著的煤开始发出了黄色与橙 色的火焰. The burning coals started to flame yellow and orange. 我看见火焰时便 凭直觉把一张毯子扑在火焰上. When I saw the flames I acted on instinct and threw a blanket over them. 他们竭力要把火焰扑灭. They tried to extinguish the flames. 火焰 (从喷嘴中)喷出来了. Flames jetted out (of the nozzles).

荫 淌

2669 yin4/ yin1 stín shade' 这些树提 供了荫凉。These trees afford a pleasant shade. 2994 tang3 ronit, kapat drip/ to shed (tears)' 蜡滴从蜡烛上淌下来。Globules of wax fell from the candle. 那男孩的眼泪淌在 了他最好的外套上,真可惜。 It's a pity that the boy shed tears on his best coat.

2358 zheng1 pára, to steam' 蒸汽冷 却时凝结成水。 Steam condenses into water fyzikální vlastnosti when cooling down. 蒸汽机车已被柴油内燃 机车所取代。 The steam locomotives were

软 硬

1043 ruan3 měkký soft/ flexible'

1170 ying4 tvrdý hard/ stiff/ strong/ firm' 我躺在又硬又冷的地上很不舒服。I am very uncomfortable lying on this hard, cold floor. 黑檀树是一种黑色而坚硬的树 木。Ebony is a hard black wood.

1976 cui4 křehký, křupavý crisp/ brittle/ clear and loud voice' 我喜欢这种脆 莴苣和番茄做的沙拉,很好吃。I like the delicious salad of crisp lettuce and tomatos. 吃起来又甜又脆。 It tastes sweet and crisp. 薄脆饼干一种通常由不含糖的生面团做成 1293 dan4 slabý, řídký insipid/ diluted/ 的薄脆饼干 A thin, crisp wafer or biscuit, weak/ light in color/ tasteless/ fresh/ usually made of unsweetened dough. 烤面包 indifferent/ nitrogen' 淡茶 slabý čaj 汤很 片,煎面包片一种烤的或油煎的脆面包片 淡。Polévka je málo slaná. 盐水比淡水浮力 A small crisp piece of toasted or fried bread. 大。Salt water is more buoyant than fresh 早期的飞行器是木头和胶粘合的脆弱机器. water. Early aircraft were insubstantial 1297 han2 studený, mrazivý cold/ poor/ constructions of wood and glue.

暖 脆

1745 nuan3 teplý warm'

寒 薄

to tremble' 寒冷 studený, mrazivý 寒冷天 1999 gan1/ qian2 suchý dry, (surname)/ 气 studené klima male/ strong/ one of the Eight Trigrams' 油 漆未乾, 别走这个门. Don't use this door until 1433 bo2/ bo4/ bao2 tenký mean/ the paint is dry. `湿'的对立面是`乾'. slight/ thin, thin/ slight/ meagre/ small/ ungenerous/ unkind/ mean/ frivolous/ despise/ The contrary of `wet' is `dry'. 你的衣服要很 belittle/ to approach/ to go near/ peppermint' 长时间才能乾透. Your clothes will take ages 池塘上的冰面太薄了,不能滑冰。The ice to dry out. on the pond is too thin for skating. 床单的中 2244 zhai3 narrow' 大门太窄,汽车 间部分磨薄了。The sheets have worn thin in 进不去。The gate is too narrow for a car. the middle. 2500 nen4 jemný, hebký tender/ soft' 1451 ye4 tekutý liquid/ fluid' 长颈鹿从高高的树上吃掉嫩树叶子。The 1573 rou2 měkký soft' giraffe eats tender leaf from the tree highly. 这 花太娇嫩了,我不敢碰它。I dare not touch 1581 liang2 studený cool/ cold' the flower for its tenderness.

窄 嫩

液 柔 凉 浅

1721 jian1/ qian3 mělký sound of moving water, shallow' 那只盘子太浅了, geografické názvy 不能盛汤。That dish is too shallow to serve soup in. 她的个性相当浅薄。 She has a 1332 rui4 lucky/ auspicious/ rather shallow personality. 我们有可能从这 propitious/ rayl (acoustical unit)' 瑞典 片浅滩过河。 This shallow ford made it possible for us to cross the river. 船搁浅了-- Švédsko 瑞士 Švýcarsko 这河口的水比我们想像的要浅. The ship has touched bottom the estuary must be shallower than we thought. 我们的船在浅水 hygiena 中[在沙滩上]搁浅. Our ship grounded in shallow water/ on a sandbank. 1121 ai1 prach, špína dirt/ dust/ 1743 shi1 vlhký, mokrý moist/ wet' angstrom' 过滤网可存住空气中的尘埃. A


filter traps dust from the air. 空气里弥漫着 个冷水澡。 takes a cold bath every day. 他 He 烟雾和尘埃。The air is loaded with smoke 洗澡时想出了这个主意。The idea came to and dirt. him in his bath.

1247 xi3 mýt to wash/ to bathe' 小猫 2920 ce4 záchod rest-room/ toilet/ 喝了牛奶,又洗了脸。The little cat drank its lavatory' 厕所现在无人使用. The lavatory milk and washed its face. 吃饭前,我必须洗 is vacant. 厕所里没有人吧? Is the lavatory 手。I must wash my hands before dinner. 人 vacant? 我可以用用你们的厕所吗-- 我实在 们应经常洗澡以保证个人卫生。 People 憋不住了. May I use your lavatory I'm bursting! ie I need to urinate urgently. should wash regularly to ensure personal hygiene. 2949 jian4 pocákat, postříkat splash' 1377 jing4 čistý, pouze, úplně clean, 公共汽车开过时溅了我一身泥。As the bus clean/ completely/ only' 她把地板打扫干 passed, it spattered mud on my clothes. 水从 净。 swept the floor clean. 他用自来水龙 龙头里喷溅著注入水桶中. Water splashed She 头流出的凉水把手洗干净。He cleaned his into the bucket from the tap. 你的裤子溅上泥 hands in the cold water from the tap. 这瓶咖 点了. There are some splashes of mud on 啡净重180克。 The net weight of this jar of your trousers. coffee is 180 grams.

1405 wu1 špína see 污, dirt/ filth' 污 秽导致疾病丛生. Dirt breeds disease. 把你 手上的泥污洗掉。Wash the dirt off your hands.


忘 趣 申 哲

2281 jin1 ručník towel' 她用毛巾擦 1065 qu4 zájem, zajímat interesting/ to 眼泪。She mops her tears with a towel. 我们 在墙上装了一个不锈钢的挂毛巾的横杆。 interest' We installed a stainless steel towel rail on 1110 shen1 vysvětlit (surname)/ 3-5 the wall. 他把毛巾系在脖子上。 He knotted p.m./ 9th earthly branch/ extend/ to state/ to a towel about his neck. 用纸巾把食油吸乾. explain' 申明 oznámit, uvést 申述 vylíčit Use a paper towel to soak up the cooking oil. 栏杆上搭著条毛巾. A towel hung from the 1117 zhe2 filozofie, moudrý rail. philosophy/ wise' 伦理学是哲学的分科. 2290 yu4 koupel bath/ to bathe' 浴缸 Ethics is a branch of philosophy. 在中世纪, 哲学与神学是不分的. In the Middle Ages, [浴缸的水]溢出来了. The bath/ The bath philosophy and theology were inextricable. water is running over. 浴盆的溢流管堵塞了. The overflow from the bath is blocked. 1211 dong3 rozumět to understand/ to 2350 gua1 holit se to scrape/ to blow, know' 我不懂这个词是什么意思。I don't blow (of the wind)' 我用电动剃须刀刮胡 understand what the word means. 你懂挪威 子。 shave with an electric razor. 他刮胡须时 语吗? Do you know Norwegian? 我懂一 I 割破了脸. He cut himself/ his face shaving. 点儿德语。I know a little German.

1056 wang4 zapomenout to forget/ to overlook/ to neglect'

我每天早上刮脸. I shave every morning.

2695 zao3 koupel bath' 他每天洗一

1250 miao4 skvělý, výborný, geniální clever/ wonderful'

繁 估 忆 呆 辩 晓 幻

1296 fan2 složitý complicated/ many/ in great numbers'

accomplishment' 晋升应该凭成绩还是靠 年资?Should promotion be through merit or seniority?

1326 gu1/ gu4 odhadovat estimate, old/ 1591 luo2 logika logic/ patrol' 逻辑 second-hand (clothes)' 到那儿估计得一小 logika 时。Odhaduji, že cesta tam potrvá hodinu. 1598 cai1 uhodnout to guess' 让我猜 1333 yi4 pamatovat si remember' 一猜。Let me guess. 我猜她有35岁。I guess her age as 35. 你的猜测仅仅是接近事实。 1338 dai1 hloupý foolish/ stupid/ no Your guess only approximates to the facts. expression/ stay, stay/ stupid' 1668 wu4 rozumět comprehend' 那问 1355 bian4 diskutovat dispute/ debate/ 题我向他解释多次, 他似无所悟. I argue/ discuss' explained the problem to him several times 1357 xiao3 vědět dawn/ to know/ to tell but it didn't seem to penetrate. 他悟性差, 没 有意识到存在的危险. He hadn't the wits/ wit (sb sth)/ dawn' 晓得 vědět, znát 晓 enough to realize the danger. rozbřesk

逻 猜

1669 cong1 bystrý, sluch quick at 1417 huan4 pomyslný, nereálný, iluzorní fantasy' 年轻人总是生活在幻想中。 The hearing/ wise/ clever/ sharp- witted/ young always live in a world of fantasy. 别想 intelligent/ acute' 找十全十美的工作了--- 那简直是幻想。 1677 chou2 připravovat, plánovat, Stop looking for a perfect job---it's just a zařizovat a tally/ counter/ ticket/ plan/ fantasy. 白日梦醒时象梦的冥想或幻想, devise/ manage' 在对兴建一家新饭店的计 尤指期望或希望的实现 A dreamlike musing 划取得一致意见之后,我们就着手筹集资 or fantasy while awake, especially of the 金。Having agreed on the plan for building a fulfillment of wishes or hopes. new hotel, we began to raise funds. 1428 xi1 znát in all cases/ know' 欣悉 1717 xuan2 fantastický, neskutečný 你已康复。I am glad to know that you have black/ mysterious' got well. 我对那地方不大熟悉, 只去过一两 1847 VI 04 talentovaný smart/ eminent/ 次. I don't know the place well, I've only been there once or twice. 这本书里提到许多 handsome/ talented' 她的新郎是一个英俊 的年轻人。Her bridegroom is a handsome 我熟悉的地方. The book is full of references to places I know. young man. 华丽的服装使他那极其英俊的 外貌更为增色. Fine clothes added to his 1479 zhen1 pátrat, prozkoumávat to strikingly handsome appearance. scout/ to spy' 1851 rui4 ostrý, břitký acute' 他的行 1505 hui4 inteligentní intelligent' 为招致尖锐的批评。His behavior called She 1541 ni3 koncipovat, navrhnout plan to' forth sharp criticism. 她有很敏锐的听力。 has acute hearing. 盲人有敏锐的触觉。 The 政府拟推行私有化计画. The government blind have a keen sense of touch. 他被她那 intends to go ahead with its privatization plans. 尖锐的问题弄得哑口无言。He was struck dumb by her sharp question. 他是个敏锐的 1547 ji1/ ji4 zásluha, úspěch merit/ 观察家. He is an acute observer.

聪 筹

玄 俊

侦 慧 拟 绩

1895 yu2 hloupý stupid' 当我回答不 2220 xi1 understanding' 出老师的提问时,我觉得自己很愚蠢。 felt I 2225 chi1 imbecile/ sentimental/ rather foolish when I couldn't answer the stupid/ foolish/ silly, imbecile/ sentimental' teacher's question. 他说了什么来解释他那 真是白痴一个!What a stupid idiot! 愚蠢的行为? What did he say in explanation of his stupid behavior? 2273 yu4 alegorie allegory' 耶酥以比

晰 痴 喻 讽

1910 bian4 rozeznat, poznat distinguish/ recognize' 这对孪生子像得使 人无法分辨。The twins were so much alike that it was impossible to distinguish one from the other. 不能辨别颜色的人称为色盲. People who cannot distinguish between colours are said to be colour-blind. 你能辨 别对错吗? Can you distinguish right from wrong?

喻讲道。Jesus taught in parables. 他喜欢在 说话中用比喻。 likes to talk in similitude. He 2322 feng4/ feng3 satirize' 他的新剧 本是一部讽刺时装业的作品。 His new play is a satire on the fashion industry. 政治家理 所当然是讽刺的靶子。Politicians are legitimate targets for satire.

笨 嘲

1989 sha3 hloupý, pošetilý, naivní, prostoduchý foolish' 装傻 dělat ze sebe hloupého, tvářit se nechápavě 傻笑 přihlouple se usmívat

2323 ben4 stupid/ foolish/ silly/ slowwitted/ clumsy' 我认为他生来就愚笨。I think he was born stupid.

2325 chao2/ zhao1 ridicule/ mock, to ridicule' 我们不应该嘲笑别人的宗教信 2022 bo2 vyvracet argue/ parti-colored/ 仰。We should not mock at other people's religious beliefs. 沉重的铁门嘲笑我们不自 tranship/ dispute/ contradict/ refute, argue/ parti-colored/ tranship' 她关于那个司机已 量力, 无法打开. The heavy steel doors 经喝醉的证词无可辩驳。 Nothing could mocked our attempts to open them. refute her testimony that the driver was drunk. 2376 mei4 nevědět, netušit, neznat, něco 我能驳倒他的论点。I was able to refute his skrývat conceal/ dark' 昧心 wider besseres argument. Wissen und Gewissen, gegen j-s Gewissen, 昧 2097 wang4 nesmyslným, absurdní 身心 dtto 昧爽 Tagesanbruch absurd/ fantastic' 2390 miu4 absurdní, chybný, pochybný 2195 chun3 hloupý, tupý blunt/ stupid/ absurd/ erroneous' 谬论 absurdita, to wiggle (of worms)/ sluggish' nesmysly

妄 蠢 阐

谬 谜

2197 chan3 vysvětlovat, objasňovat, vykládat to express/ disclose/ enlighten/ open' 诗有助于阐释人生的意义。Poetry helps to interpret life. 她需要改进阐述其论 点的方式。She needs to improve her presentation of the arguments. 他对于历史 背景的深刻了解使他能够详细阐述这场运 动的意义。 His deep knowledge of the historical background enabled him to expatiate upon the significance of the movement.

2471 mi2 hádanka riddle' 他猜不出这 个谜。He could not solve the riddle. 他一下 子就猜中了谜底. He got the answer to the riddle as quick as a flash.

2514 ying3 chytrý clever/ gifted' 她不 厌其烦地讲述她聪颖的儿子。She never tires of talking about her clever son. 新方 法、革新机智的诡计、办法或方法,尤指新 颖别致的方法;创新 A clever trick, method, or device, especially one that is new

and different; an innovation.

无法知道它会拣起哪块小石头珍藏起来。 Memory is a child walking along a seashore. 2568 du3 observe/ see' 我亲身目睹 You can never tell what small pebble it will 了这件事。 I observed the incident in body. pick up and store away among its treasured 她把那些事件描述得活灵活现,我几乎象 things. 是能够亲眼目睹了。She described the events so graphically that I could almost see them. interakce lidí

2585 kan1 to investigate/ to survey/ to 1006 po4 nutit to force/ to compel/ collate' 勘探人员披荆斩棘开辟道路. The explorers hacked (away) at the undergrowth to pressing/ urgent' 这是强硬派迫使他采取的 make a path. 洞穴勘察-或者洞穴勘探 一项计划。It was a project pressed on him by (人们已经熟悉了这个词语)-是一项较 the hardliners. 我迫不及待地想听到这个消 新的运动。 Cave exploration, or potholing, 息。I can hardly wait to hear the news. as it has come to be known, is a relatively new 1022 xun4 poučovat example/ pattern/ sport. to teach/ to train/ instruction' 他的车祸给了 2739 ming2 temný, nejasný, hluboký 他一个教训,使他不再开快车。 His car dark/ deep' accident has been a lesson to him to stop driving too fast. 2756 cheng2/ deng4 jasný, vyjasnit

冥 澄

clear and still water, clear/ limpid/ clarify/ purify/ (a surname), settle (liquid)' 我们必 须加倍努力来澄清这一神秘的事件。 We must multiply our efforts to clear up the mystery. 把酒搁在架子上放一个星期好让 它澄清。 Leave the wine on a shelf for a week to settle it.


1037 fang3 navštívit, vyptávat se inquire/ seek/ visit' 访问 navštívit, návštěva 让我们去拜访他们吧。Let's go visit them. 在出访外国之前要做好许多准备工作。 There are a lot of preliminaries to be gone through before you can visit a foreign country.

2906 ling2 chytrý clever' 雅典人不 介意人家聪明伶俐,只要他只对他自己施 展那份聪明伶俐的劲儿就行了。T he Athenians do not mind a man being clever, as long as he keeps it to himself. 他聪明伶 俐,会提出一些令人难以回答的问题。 He's as bright as a button and can ask the most awkward questions.

1059 yong1 objímat, shromáždit se kolem (v) gather round/ rush in/ crowd/ throng/ to hold/ crowded/ to support' 拥抱 objímat v náručí 我得到法庭认可重新拥有 这笔财产。 been authorised by the court to I've repossess this property. 街道十分拥挤, 汽车 无法通行. The street was so crowded that cars were unable to pass.

2922 ji1 posmívat se, ironizovat ridicule' 他已受惯了他人的讥笑。He had become accustomed to ridicule. 讥讽 ironizovat

赛 迎 竞

1064 sai4 soutěžit to compete/ competition/ match' 1069 ying2 přivítat to welcome' 全市 居民倾城而出迎接凯旋球队. The city turned out to welcome back its victorious team.

2965 jian3 vybrat, zvolit choose/ pick up' 他拣起信封时,一把钥匙掉了出来。 As 1100 jing4 soutěžit to compete/ to he picked up the envelope, a key dropped out. 记忆犹如一个沿着海边行走的孩子。 你永远 contend/ to struggle' 公司一定要在市场中

有竞争力。 Companies must be able to aid' 军事援助 jūn shì yuán zhù military aid compete in the marketplace. 哪些人在总统 1209 jing4 ctít, zdravit to respect/ to 竞选中最有可能获胜? Who are the front venerate/ to salute/ to offer' 他很敬佩他的 runners in the Presidential contest? 父亲。He has a great respect for his father. 我 1102 cu4 povzbuzovat, stimulovat to 敬佩他的勤奋。I respect him for his hurry/ to rush/ to hasten/ near/ to promote' diligence. 牧师敦促人们就自己的罪恶忏悔,因为天 1214 shao4/ zhao4 svolat (surname)/ 国已经临近。The priest urged the people to name of an ancient state, to call together/ to repent of their wickedness, for the kingdom of heaven was near. 我们必须促进与邻国的贸 summon/ to convene' 工会领袖号召抗议那 天全体会员积极参加. Union leaders called 易. We must promote commerce with for the active participation of all members in neighbouring countries. the day of protest. 日内瓦已成为世界领袖 1105 qi4 odvrhnout, zříci se abandon/ 经常召开会议的地方. Geneva has become relinquish/ to discard/ to throw away' 我已 the stage for many meetings of world leaders. 经放弃了她还活着的一切希望。I had relinquished all hope that she was alive. 警 1218 bai4 skládat poklonu to pay 察在一口废弃的井里找到了丢失的财宝。 respect/ worship/ visit/ salute' The police found the lost treasure in an abandoned well. 1234 shao4 connect/ to introduce'

拜 绍 拒 赏

1122 bao4 chovat, držet v náručí to 1331 ju4 odmítnout to resist/ to repel/ hold/ to carry (in one's arms)/ to hug or to refuse' 你拒绝他的建议是明智的。It was embrace/ surround/ cherish' 抱着孩子 wise of you to refuse his offer. chovat dítě v náručí 把孩子抱起来 vzít dítě do náručí 1450 shang3 odměnit, vyznamenat / obdivovat enjoy the beauty of/ give' 观赏 1134 zun1 ctít to honor' 他以勇气赢 一幅美丽的图画使人心满意足。 Looking at a 得大家的尊敬。He won honor for his beautiful painting always gives one courage. satisfaction. 我们欣赏大自然的美。We 1179 zan4 chválit, patron to praise, to enjoyed the beauty of nature. 我对她的工作 patronize/ to support/ to praise' 教练拍拍他 不太欣赏。I am not a great admirer of her work. 的背称赞他投了一个好球。 His coach slapped him on the back to praise him for his 1466 xia4 to frighten/ to scare/ to good shot. 现代艺术家们很难找到赞助人。 intimidate/ to threaten' 老板威胁说要解雇 Modern artists have difficulty in finding 他,但这不过是恐吓而已。 The boss patrons. threatened to dismiss him from his job, but 1192 xian4 věnovat to offer' 他把他 it's all a bluff.

尊 赞

的第一本书题献给了他的母亲。 He 1468 li4 exhort' dedicated his first book to his mother. 他把他 的一生都献给了当代艺术研究。He had 1469 ci2 rozloučit se, rezignovat bid devoted his whole life to the study of farewell/ diction/ resign/ say goodbye/ take contemporary art. leave/ decline' 他那不光彩历史的揭露导致 1197 yuan2 pomoci to help/ to assist/ to 了他的辞职。The revelation of his scandalous past led to his resignation.

励 辞

骗 媒

1503 pian4 podvést to cheat/ to swindle/ to deceive/ to fool'

1506 mei2 dohazovač medium/ intermediary/ matchmaker/ go-between' 媒 1605 dai4 půjčit lend on interest/ 介 prostředník, médium 媒人 dohazovač 现 borrow/ loan/ make excuses/ pardon/ forgive' 在大众传播媒介有很大的力量。The media 你什么时候付清最后一期分期贷款? have a lot of power today 婚礼得到大众传播 When will you pay the last installment of the 媒介的广泛报道。The wedding got massive loan? 他不得不将土地抵押来申请贷款。He media coverage. 大众媒介对广告来说很重 will have to mortgage his land for a loan. 他 要。Mass media is very important for 们贷款收多少利息? How much interest do advertisements. they charge on loans? 他已向银行申请贷 1507 pei4 1. nosit (na hrudi, u pasu atd) 款。 He has applied to the banker for a loan. 2. s úctou se sklánět před někým to respect/ 银行对这样的大笔贷款一定要有抵押物。 The bank will insist on collateral for a loan wear (belt, etc.), girdle ornaments' 佩带徽章 of that size. nosit odznak 佩服 obdivovat 这名军官的肩 1611 ji4 poslat, svěřit lodge at/ to mail/ 上佩戴着肩带。The officer wears sashes on his shoulders.她佩戴了一把小梳子作为装 to send/ to entrust/ to depend' 寄信前,他 饰品。She wore a small comb as an 在信封上写上地址。He addressed the ornament. 我很佩服她能对错误的批评意见 envelope before mailing the letter. 不予理会。I really admire the way she is 1612 fu2 pomoci to support with hand/ able to shrug off unfair criticism. to help sb. up/ to help' 这个小男孩总是乐 1511 qu1 hnát, vyhánět to expel/ to 于在那位老人过马路时搀扶着他走。The urge on/ to drive/ to run quickly' 这些发动 little boy is always willing to help the old 机是由蒸汽驱动的。The engines are driven man along when he crosses the street. 你能扶 Could you help me up the by steam. 我该怎样做才能驱散忧伤感? 我上楼梯吗? stairs? How can I drive away these feelings of sadness? 贪婪驱使他偷窃。Avarice drove 1632 wei4 utěšovat reassure' 我不知 him into theft. 道如何安慰他使之减轻悲痛。I don't know 1534 bin1 host visitor/ guest' 我提议 how to solace his grief. 为来宾的健康干一杯。I propose a toast to 1664 pei2 doprováze, dělat společnost the health of the guests. 皇室贵宾在嘹亮的 to accompany/ to keep sb. company' 他那次 铜管乐曲中受到热烈欢迎. The royal visitor was saluted by a fanfare of trumpets. 远行有妻子陪同. He was accompanied on the expedition by his wife. 我得要求你陪我 1538 di4 předávat, podávat, postupně 去一趟警察分局. I must ask you to to hand over/ to pass/ to give' 请把盐第给 accompany me to the police station. 我。Podej mi sůl, prosím. 1679 qian1 vést na provaze, vést za 1559 bi1 nutit close to/ compel, force/ ruku, táhnout lead along' 那老婆婆牵着外 compel/ drive/ press for/ extort/ press on 孙的手。The old woman led her grandson by towards/ press up to/ close in on/ close' the arm.

urge/ to try to persuade/ exhort' 警方劝嫌疑 犯招供. The police persuaded the suspect to talk. 只有用这种方法才能劝得动他。Only by this means is it possible to persuade him.

慰 陪

递 逼 劝

1562 quan4 přesvědčit to advise/ to

1690 he4 blahopřát congratulate' 请允

许我向您表示祝贺。Let me congratulate 1854 yao1 pozvat k účasti invite to you. 请见到他时转达我的祝贺。 Please give him my congratulations when you see him. come' 感谢你的邀请。I appreciate your 恭贺你喜结良缘。 Congratulations on your invitation. 除非我被邀请,否则我不会去参 加晚会的。I won't go to the party unless I'm marriage. invited. 1692 pao1 odvrhnout, opustit to throw/ 1857 chi4 výtka blame/ reprove/ to toss/ to fling/ to cast/ to abandon' 她把球 reprimand' 校长斥责那个学生不该接二连 抛起又接住. She threw the ball up and caught it again. 他抛弃了一切禁忌. He cast 三地迟到。The principal reprimand the student for his chronic lateness. 经理认出顾 aside all his inhibitions. 客是谁,所以赔了一千个不是,并狠狠地 1699 qi1 podvádět, klamat, ponižovat, 斥责了店员。 Recognizing who the ubližovat take unfair advantage of/ to customer was, the manager was most deceive/ to cheat' 你知道他欺骗他的妻子 apologetic and reprimanded the assistant 吗? Did you know he was cheating on his severely. 他因玩忽职责而受到严厉的申斥。 wife? He was sharply reprimanded for his negligence. 1707 you4 lákat, pokoušet entice/ 1973 wen3 polibek kiss/ mouth' tempt' 我不能抵挡诱惑。I can't resist the temptation. 他不被种种引诱所动摇。He 1990 mu4 obdivovat admire' 他向她 stood firm amid temptations. 他被引诱做了 投以敬慕的一瞥。He gave her an admiring 一件傻事。He was tempted into making a glance. 我内心充满了敬慕。I was filled with false step. admiration. 我所羡慕的不是你所拥有的东 1720 fu3 hladit to comfort/ touch 西,而是你的为人。 What I admire is not gently with hand' 抚摩 hladit 猫喜欢让人 what you have, but what you are. 我对她越 抚摸。The cat likes being stroked. 她感觉得 了解, 就越爱慕她. The better I know her, the 到他的手在自己的头发上轻轻抚摸。 She more I admire her. feel the stroke of his hand on her hair. 他为 2064 cui1 pobízet, pohánět, urgovat, 安抚债权人偿还了部分借款. He tried to pacify his creditors by repaying part of the naléhat urge/ press/ expedite/ prompt/ hurry' 债权人催他尽快付帐. His creditors came money. down on him for prompt payment of his 1742 gong1 ctít respectful' bills. 这活儿需要细心, 催不得. This work needs care; it mustn't be hurried. 我在催逼 1780 qian3 poslat, vyslat dispatch' 由 之下草率地做出了不智的决定. I was 于敌军进攻加剧,越来越多的援军被派遣 hurried into making an unwise decision. 上前线。 As enemy attacks increased, 2072 ci4 věnovat, dát confer/ bestow/ more and more reinforcements were dispatched to the front. grant'

吻 慕

恭 遣

赐 勉 佐

1836 ying2 vyhrát, zvítězit to beat/ to 2078 mian3 pobídka, popud, povzbuzení win/ to profit' 我们队赢得了足球赛。Our exhort' 他经常勉励玛丽要更加努力工作。 team has won the football match. 我们赢得 He often exhorts Mary to work harder. 了合同,但是却经过了多次不屈不挠的谈 2081 zuo3 pomáhat assist' 警察中巡 判才达到目的。We won the contract but 佐的职位低於巡官. A sergeant in the police only through a lot of tough negotiating.

force is below an inspector.

regret' 请接受我的道歉。Please accept my apology. 我还能有别的方法可以向她道歉 2093 fu4 nařídit, přikázat to order' 老 吗?How else can I apologize for her? 你的 板吩咐工作必须按时完成。The boss 说法完全不真实,我要求立即道歉。Your ordered that the work should be done on time. allegations are completely untrue, and I 医生吩咐我们,除非必须,否则不要在夜 demand an immediate apology. 里叫他。 The doctor asked us to call him during the night except in case of necessity. 2181 feng2 potkat se, když every time/ 医生吩咐我卧床. The doctor ordered me to meet by chance' 命运注定他们永不再相 (stay in) bed. 逢。They were destined never to meet again. 2095 shi4 přísaha, přísahat oath/ vow/ 他们重逢时, 昔日之明争暗斗旋即死灰复 燃. Their old rivalry soon surfaced when they to swear/ to pledge' 请跟着我宣誓。Repeat met again. the oath after me. 法官提醒那个证人她已经 宣过誓了。 The judge reminded the witness 2260 shua3 hrát si, dělat ze sebe něco, that she was under oath. 他们发誓要忠实履 balamutit play with/ to juggle' 孩子们在沙 行自己的职责。 They swore an oath to 坑中玩耍。The children were playing in the carry out their duties faithfully. 我解除你的 sand pit. 誓约。I absolve you from your vows. 2266 rao2 odpustit, prominout, ušetřit 2120 liang4 prominout forgive' 我希 někoho (surname)/ to spare' 我恳求你饶了 望你能原谅我。I hope you'll forgive me. 你 他吧. Spare him, I beseech you. 请饶了我 应该原谅他的健忘症,毕竟他已经七十多 (一命)吧! Please spare (ie don't kill) me! 岁了。 You should forgive him for his 2286 zhou4 proklít put a curse on' 巫 forgetfulness; after all, he is over seventy. 如 果他真心悔过,我们就应该原谅他。 If he 医念了咒语想叫我家的牛遭殃. The witchis really repentant, we should forgive him. 他 doctor has cursed our cattle. 她厉声咒骂我. 在临终之时原谅了她。He forgave her on She spat (out) curses at me. 她诅咒他,说 他毁了她的一生。 She cursed him for his deathbed. ruining her life. 2123 zeng4 darovat give present' 两个 2291 mei4 lichotit flatter/ charm' 朋友在生日时互赠礼物。The two friends gave presents to each other on their birthdays. 2299 fen1 nařídit, přikázat leave 他赠我一本书。 He presented me with a instructions/ to order' see 咐 book. 我在圣诞节要向所有的朋友赠书。I'm giving all my friends books for Christmas. 2314 shu4 prominout, odpustit forgive' 2136 yi4 přátelství friendship' 请接受 我饶恕了他的罪行。I forgave him his crimes. 我永远都不会饶恕你! I'll never 这个戒指作为我们友谊的信物。Take this forgive you! 如果宽恕别人,你就会被宽 ring as a pledge of our friendship. 让我们为 恕。 Forgive others, and you will be forgiven. 两国间的友谊干杯。 Let's toast the friendship between two countries. 为我们的 2367 jian4 doporučit recommend (a 友谊乾杯!A toast to our friendship! 友谊 person)' 你推荐什么? What do you 靠双方。Friendship should not be all on one recommend? 我由于一位朋友推荐而买了这 side. 本书。 I bought this magazine on the recommendation of a friend. 你能为我推荐一 2149 qian4 apologize/ deficient/ to

媚 吩 恕

本好字典吗? Can you recommend to me a 谣传近期鸡蛋要涨价。A rumor went forth good dictionary? that the price of eggs would be raised soon.

2372 bo2 bojovat fight/ combat/ seize' 那时候他们正在进行肉搏战。At that moment they were fighting foot to foot. 那只 船正与风浪搏斗。 The ship is combating the wind and waves.

2621 wu3 insult' 她尽管受到这些侮 辱,还是忍著没发火。In spite of these insults, she managed not to get angry. 你侮辱 了我的妻子, 我要与你决斗! You have insulted my wife; I demand satisfaction!

咨 颂

2408 zi1 radit, konzultovat consult' 正 2642 guang4 to stroll/ to visit' 现在是 常的咨询费为50美元。The standard charge 最适合逛花园的时候. Now is the best time for consultation be$50. to visit the gardens. 我们用了一下午的时间 逛商店, 疲惫不堪地逛了一家又一家. We 2414 song4 chválit to praise' 我在读 spent the afternoon traipsing from one shop to 济慈的“秋颂”。 I am reading 'Ode to another. Autumn' written by Keats. 这位诗人为他心 2650 gong1 uklonit se body/ oneself/ 爱的女子写了许多诗,歌颂她的美丽。 The poet addressed many poems to his personally/ to bow' 他礼貌地鞠躬,退避一 mistress, praising her beauty. 他写诗歌颂我 旁让她过去。He moved aside for her with a 们伟大的社会主义祖国。 He wrote poems in polite bow. 女王走进房间时,每个人都鞠 praise of our great socialist motherland. 躬致敬。Every one bowed as the Queen walked into the room. 他是个对老板卑躬 2422 chong3 hýčkat, rozmazlovat to 屈膝的人。He is a worker who is obsequious love/ to pamper/ to spoil/ to favor' 溺爱的 to the boss. 母亲可能会宠坏她的孩子。A fond mother may spoil her child. 2661 lu:3/ lv3 společník companion' 他一直以为她是他儿子的理想伴侣。He had 2427 ji1/ qi3 kontrolovat inspect/ always considered her an ideal companion for check, bow to the ground' 稽核 audit his son. 她是个好伴侣. She's an excellent companion. 他得意地领著他那标致的伴侣 2441 pi4 give an example' 遛公园. He proudly promenaded his elegant 2545 jing4 uklidňovat, pacifikovat companion in the park. 他是我在战争时期 pacify/ quiet' 的唯一伴侣。He was my only companion during the war. 2575 mie4 pohrdat, snižovat koho 2719 wu4 meet (socially)' 你们会晤 belittle/ nothing' 他们对他轻蔑已极. They showed nothing but contempt for him. 我对这 的结果如何? What was the outcome of your 种不诚实的行为只有蔑视。I feel nothing meeting?我们做了非正式的会晤。 We had but contempt for such dishonest behaviour. an informal meeting. 报纸上满是关于世界 政治三巨头会晤的报道。 The newspaper 2587 dou4 bavit, škádlit linger' 那个 was covered with reports of the meeting of 喜剧演员讲的笑话把人们都逗笑了。The the three political titans in the world. 两国首 comedian tickled the crowd with his jokes. 相昨天在日内瓦会晤。The premiers of the two countries met in Geneva yesterday. 2600 yao2 povídačky, fáma popular ballad/ rumor' 各种谣言正四处流传。All 2754 zheng3 zachránit to raise/ to aid/ sorts of rumors are going around. 那条谣言毫 to support/ to save/ to rescue' 基督降世拯 无根据。The rumor was without foundation.

稽 譬 靖 蔑

逗 谣

救我们摆脱罪恶. Jesus Christ came into the world to save us from our sins. 医生彻夜工 作以拯救伤者的生命. Doctors worked through the night to save the life of the injured man. 救生员跳入海中,拯救溺水的 妇女。 The lifeguard dived into the sea to save the drowning woman.

seize/ to capture/ to catch' 鱼浮到水面上捕 捉昆虫。Fish were surfacing to catch insects. 猎人捕获了一只豪猪。 The hunter seized a porcupine. 警方正在忙着捕捉逃犯。The police are on the run to catch the murderer.

1822 zhuo1 držet, chytat to clutch/ to grab/ to capture' 鱼浮到水面上捕捉昆虫。 2775 you4 žehnat bless/ protect, Fish were surfacing to catch insects. 警察订 protect' 愿上帝保佑你!God bless you! 下了计划捉贼。The police worked out a plan to catch the thief. 警方还未得到可捉拿这 2791 sui2 pacify' 个罪犯的足够情报。 The police haven't got enough information to catch the criminal. 猫 2793 bi4 chránit, poskytnout ochranu to protect/ cover/ shelter/ hide or harbor' 他 捉老鼠是本能。 It is natural for a cat to catch 庇护我使我免受怀敌意的批评。He shielded mice.

佑 绥 庇

me from hostile criticism.

1961 shi2 sebrat ze země, zvednout ze 2882 pie1/ pie3 odvrhnout cast away, země pick up/ ten (fraud-proof)' 她俯身把 它拾起来. She bent down and picked it up. (downwards-left curved character stroke)/ throw' 当肉煮沸时,把浮在上面的浮渣撇 就算你看见是他拾起的钱,你也不能肯定 Even if you saw him pick up 掉。When the meat is boiling, remove the 钱就是他偷的。 scum. 她把老朋友都撇在一边. She has cast the money, you can't be sure he stole it. her old friends aside. 她开始与罗杰外出约 2216 dai3/ dai4 ulovit dai3/ zatknout, 会, 就把我撇开了. She gave me the elbow chytit dai4 arrest/ catch/ seize/ until, catch/ when she started going out with Roger. seize/ until' 逮老鼠 dai3 chytat myši 小偷 被逮住了,但他的同伙却逃之夭夭。The thief was arrested, but his confederate intercepce escaped. 他们因吸毒罪而被逮捕。 They were arrested for drug offences. 他接受贿赂,终 被逮捕。His acceptance of bribes led to his 1032 wo4 držet v ruce, svírat v ruce, tisknout ruku shake hands/ to hold/ to grasp' arrest. 握手stisknout ruku 他紧握她的手。He held 2850 qin2 zachytit, úchytka capture' her hand in a firm clasp. 他一手握着刀向这 窃贼遭警方用计擒获. The thieves were 里跑来。He came running here with a knife caught in a police trap. 制动装置阻止机械 held in one hand. 装置的某一部分的运动的擒纵装置或控制 1262 xian4 zapadnout, zabřednout to 杆 A catch or lever that locks the movement fall/ trap' 卡车限在泥里了。Nákladní auto of one part of a mechanism. zapadlo do bláta. 陷阱 past 不一会儿他绊跌 到捕熊人设的陷阱里。 In a moment he stumble into a trap, set by bear-catcher. 债, kauzalita 是由人自己装设、自己置饵、然后故意自投 的陷阱。Debt is a trap which a man sets and 1236 zong1/ zong4 nechat, dopustit baits himself, and then deliberately gets into. vertical, even if/ release' 纵火 založit požár 1312 bu3 chytat, lovit, lapat to catch/ to 陪审团判决被告犯有偷窃和纵火罪。The

jury convicted the accused man of theft and asked me to describe exactly how it arson. happened.

缘 挑

1274 yuan2 příčina along/ predestined 1449 ma4 vynadat, nadávat scold/ affinity/ reason/ edge' 缘故 yuan2gu4 abuse' 这个孩子受到母亲的责骂。 child The příčina was scolded by his mother. 这个男孩打碎了 窗户玻璃,招致了一阵恶骂。The boy's 1309 tiao1/ tiao3 1. zvednout 2. breaking of window glasses caused a hail of vyprovokovat carry on a pole/ choose, incite' abuse. 把帘子挑起来 vytáhnout záclony 挑起争论 1617 xun2 vyptávat se inquire' 警察 vyprovokovat spor 她从收藏品中挑选了一 枚钻石戒指。She selected a diamond ring 询问过路的人是否见到事故发生的经过. from the collection. 内阁阁员是由首相挑选 Police asked passers-by if they had seen the 的. Members of the Cabinet are chosen by the accident happen. Prime Minister. 1651 zhu4 přát invoke/ pray to/ wish/ to express good wishes' 我祝你有非常幸福 2185 chang4 initiate/ instigate/ introduce/ lead/ initiate' The government 的未来。I wish you a very happy future. 祝你 introduced universal secondary education 旅途愉快。 wish you a pleasant trip. 祝你一 I years ago. 几年前,政府就倡导普及中等教 路平安。 wish you a good journey. 祝你生日 I 育。 快乐。I wish you a happy birthday.

询 祝

2272 re3 dráždit, provokovat, vyvolávat, 1656 yue1 říci to speak/ to say' vzbuzovat něco to provoke/ to exasperate/ 1932 liao2 povídat si, klábosit to chat/ to annoy' 没人敢惹这个脾气急躁的人。No one dare to offend the fiery person. 他的粗 to have a chat/ to kill time' 鲁惹得我揍了他。His rudeness provoked me 1950 han2 obálka envelope/ case/ letter' to strike him. 没有谁愿意惹麻烦。Nobody 商业信函必须是正式的,但是写信给朋友 likes to get into trouble. 应写得自然一些。Business letters must always be formal, but we should write in a natural way to friends.

曰 聊 函


1173 cao1 mluvit, držet, cvičit to hold/ to drill/ to exercise/ to act/ to do/ to take in hand/ to keep/ to manage' 他操一口流利的 德语。 He speaks fluent German.


洞 森 谷 川 涉

1015 dong4 jeskyně, díra cave/ hole' 洞穴 jeskyně

1238 xun4 zpráva to question/ to ask/ 1029 sen1 les forest' to interrogate/ rapid/ speedy/ fast/ news/ information' 喜讯传遍了祖国的每个角落。 1095 gu3/ yu4 údolí grain/ corn, valley, The good news spread to every corner of the (surname)' country. 1109 chuan1 řeka river/ creek/ plain/ an 1246 miao2 popsat depict/ to trace (a area of level country' drawing)/ to copy/ to touch up' 警察让我描 1239 she4 brodit se, zažít involve/ 述一下这事是怎样发生的。 The police

concern/ wade/ to experience' 我们只好涉 水过河到对岸. We had to wade through the river to the opposite bank. 这个记者很想知 道那位官员是否涉及此案。The reporter is curious to know whether the official is involved in the case.

policeman's beat' 小丘低土丘或圆岗;小丘 A low mound or ridge of earth; a knoll.

径 洪 津 岩 荡 坡

1307 jing4 cesta path'

1350 hong2 zátopa, povodeň flood' 洪 水 povodeň, zátopa, záplava 1353 jin1 převoz, brod Tianjin/ ferry' 1423 yan2 skála, útes cliff/ rock, cliff'

1808 wo4 úrodný fertile/ rich' 肥沃的 土地能种出好庄稼。Fertile soil yields good crops. 我们已经灌溉了荒芜地区使它肥沃。 We have irrigated the desert area to make it fertile. 农民们施肥来使土地肥沃。The peasants fertilize the field by using manure.

1929 qiu1 kopec Confucius/ given name/ mound, earthenware, earthenware vessel' 鼹鼠丘一个由挖洞的鼹鼠弄起来 的小堆松散的泥土 A small mound of loose earth raised by a burrowing mole.

1424 dang4 a pond/ pool/ wash/ squander/ sweep away/ move/ shake/ dissolute'

1965 ling2 pahorek, kopec mound/ 1550 po1 svah, sklon slope' 汽车滑出 tomb/ hill/ mountain' 雪覆盖着丘陵。Snow mantled the hills. 路面, 打著滚翻下坡去. The car skidded off the road and rolled over and over down the 1991 hun2 blátivý muddy' 警方从浑 slope. 花园呈缓坡向河边倾斜. The garden 浊的河水中捞出包裹。 police dredged up The sloped gently downwards towards the river. the parcel from the muddy river. 董事们很 1610 gou1 kanál, příkop, okap ditch/ 可能建议我们接受那个索价,但如果我们 gutter' 车子翻了,我们被摔进了沟里。The 提出关于公司的账目的详细问题 就可以 把事情搞浑。 The directors are probably cart overturned and precipitated us to the going to recommend that we accept the takeditch. 青蛙跳进了沟里。The frog jumped over bid, but we can muddy the waters by into the ditch. 汽车驶离道路跌进沟中。The asking detailed questions about the company car ran off the road into a ditch. 沟槽里都是 accounts. 泥. The gutter has filled up with mud. 2009 fen1 miasma/ vapor' 她一出席 1641 quan2 pramen fountain/ spring' (给仪式)增添了高雅的气氛. Her presence imparted an air of elegance (to the 1709 chi2 rybník, vodní nádrž pond/ ceremony). reservoir' 2047 gang1 ridge/ mound' 1727 xia2 soutězka, úžlabina gorge' 这条路穿过两条山脉之间的峡谷。The road 2062 tan1 mělčina beach/ shoal' 退潮 goes through a gap in the hills. 时,一只蟹被困留在沙滩上。 crab was left A

穴 陵 浑

1940 xue2 jeskyně hole/ cave'

泉 池 峡 漠

氛 冈 滩

1777 mo4 poušť desert/ unconcerned' stranded on the beach when the tide ebbed. 我 沙漠里有许多沙丘。There are lots of dunes 们赤着脚在海滩上走来走去。We walked around the beach barefoot. in the desert. 沙漠中的旅行者感到口干舌 燥。The travellers in the desert felt thirsty. 2071 qi2 rozcestí divergent/ side road' 这陌生人因不认识路而走入歧途。Not 1795 gang3 kopeček mound/ knowing the road, the stranger went out of his

way. 我们的观点存在着严重的分歧,绝无 off a cliff. 海水拍打著悬崖的底部。The sea 调和余地。Our views diverged so greatly that washes the base of the cliffs. it was impossible to agree. 2315 qu2 big/ stream or canal/ drain/ 2137 zhen4 furrow in field, small ditch' 把水引入一系列灌溉渠中. Water is channelled through a series of irrigation drainage' canals. 水渠得穿过别的合作社的土地。The 2161 pu3 delta řeky, Flussmündung canal had to cut through the land of other cobeach' ops. 在这样远景鼓舞下,他们打算修建更 2163 song3 tyčit se, strmět, čnít do výše 多的水渠。Inspired by these prospects, they planned to build more canals. excite/ raise up/ to shrug/ high/ lofty/

圳 浦 耸

towering' 你看到耸立着一座塔的那座小山 2362 dou3 strmý, příkrý, srázný steep' 了吗? Have you seen the hill whereon a 最后一段上坡路很陡。The last part of the tower is standing? ascent is very steep. 这山太陡了,骑自行车 2192 yuan1 abyss' 我一生,就像沉 可上不去。 This hill is too steep to ride up 在一个无底的深渊,一直在把一车车的见 on a bicycle. 他们一点一点地攀上那座陡峭 闻,倒进那个我称之为精神 的遗忘之空 的山. They climbed the steep mountain inch by inch. 虚里去。All my life, as down an abyss

without a bottom, I have been pouring vanloads of information into that vacancy of oblivion I call my mind.

2412 rang3 půda, země soil/ earth' 这 种土壤含碱丰富。This kind of soil contains much alkali. 谷物轮种使土壤保持了肥力和 2194 qi1/ xi1 bystřina creek, creek' 他 高质。The rotation of crops keeps the soil 一跃就跳过了小溪。He got over the stream healthy and fertile. 他把幼苗移栽到含泥炭 with a single leap. 山谷里布满小溪。 The 的土壤里。 transplanted the seedlings into He valley is seamed with small streams of water. peaty soil. 土壤里施了硝酸盐肥料。 The soil 小溪在这儿分岔。 The stream diverges here. is enriched with nitrates. 土壤施用杀虫剂後 那有一条流速缓慢的溪流。 There is a 肥力大增. The fertility of the soil has been sluggish stream. 夏天那条小河的水量减 greatly improved by the use of pesticides. 少,成了涓涓溪流。 The stream is reduced 2436 tang2 pond' 装满这个小池塘需 to a mere trickle in summer. 溪流十分清澈。 要多少桶水? How many buckets of water The stream is very limpid. will we need to fill this small pond? 鹿低下头 2214 ling3 mountain range' 去喝池塘里的水。 The deer lowered its head to drink from the pond. 池塘边有许多 2242 keng1 pit/ to defraud' 孩子们在 花。There are many flowers on the brink of 沙坑中玩耍。The children were playing in the pond. the sand pit. 种树前,我们先用铁锹挖了些 2464 di1 dike' 村庄在水坝决堤时被 坑。 We dig some pits with a spade before planting the trees. 大雨使场地变得坑坑洼 冲走了。The village was swept away when 洼。 The ground was pitted by the heavy rain. the dam burst. 在发洪水的时候, 大堤可以保 护我们。 In case of flood, the dam can 2247 yai2/ ya2 precipice' 那人跳下 protect us. 修了一道堤坝挡住洪水. A dyke 悬崖自杀。The man committed suicide by was built to retain the floods. jumping off the cliff. 我常做恶梦梦见从悬崖 2474 bin1 shore/ beach/ coast/ bank' 上摔下来。I have nightmares about falling

岭 坑

他为了自己的健康,打算到海滨地区去居 dredged up the parcel from the muddy river. 一滴奶在水中扩散开来, 使水变得混浊不 住。He is going to live by the coast for the sake of his health. 公园毗连湖滨。The park 清了. A drop of milk diffused in the water, borders on the shores of the lake.鸬鹚是一 and it became cloudy. 他打开窗户,放出污 种长脖子黑颜色的大鸟,生活在海滨而且 浊的空气。He opened the window to let out 以吃鱼为生。 The cormorant is a large, long- the foul air. necked, dark-colored bird which lives near sea 2990 qiao4 steep hill' 我们向着陡峭 coasts and eats fish. 山顶攀登。 have a precipitous climb to the We 2480 zhao3 pond/ pool' 芦苇生长在 peak. 沿着山腰下来有一条陡峭的山路。 A precipitous path led down the mountainside. 沼泽地带或水边。Sedge (ostřice, rákos) grows in marshes or near water. 公共汽车艰难地爬上陡峭的山岗. The bus toiled up the steep hill. 2604 ya2 border/ horizon/ shore'

沼 涯 屿 纬

2636 yu3



2697 wei3 latitude' 这个岛的纬度是 北纬三十度。The latitude of the island is 30 1033 xi4 hra, divadlo trick/ drama/ degrees north. 没有一件事情比得上有朋在 play/ show' 去看戏 jít do divadla 远方更使这地球显得如此广大的了;他们 1040 ge1/ ge1ge píseň song' 构成纬度,也构 成经度。Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends 1315 mu4 opona, závěs stage curtain/ at a distance; they make latitudes and tent' longitudes.

戏 歌 幕 韵

畴 旷 潭 崎 涡 坝 澜 畔 礁 浊

2699 chou2 arable fields/ cultivated field/ class/ category' 2735 kuang4 2750 tan2 2751 qi2 waste/ wilderness'

2501 yun4 rým rhyme' 这首诗的最后 两行没有押好韵。The last two lines of this poem don't rhyme properly.

deep pool' mountainous' name of a river, eddy/


2759 guo1/ wo1 whirlpool' 2786 ba4 2789 lan2 2833 pan4

dam/ dyke/ embankment' swelling water' bank/ field-path'

1012 bian4 jednou, krát, všude a time/ everywhere/ turn/ all over/ one time' 毛细血 管遍布我们的全身。The capillaries can be found everywhere in our body. 这家公司有 着遍布全国的商店网。The company has a network of shops all over the country.

1013 fan2 každý, všední, obyčejný ordinary/ every/ all/ whatever/ worldly' 凡 2952 jiao1 reef/ shoal rock' 有文化的人都该一读此书. Every literate 2985 zhuo2 blátivý, kalný impure/ person should read this book. 她的新居真是 muddy' 她把它扔进了混浊的河水深处. 不同凡响. Her new house is certainly out of She threw it into the river's murky depths. 警 the ordinary. 方从浑浊的河水中捞出包裹。The police

诸 亿 唯 纷 殊 孤

1021 zhu1 četný, mnoho (surname)/ all/ many/ various' 诸如 například

1546 ji4 dávka dose' 医生开了一剂口 服药。The doctor prescribed an oral dose of medicine 每天服三次这种止咳糖浆,每次 1057 yi4 sto milionů a hundred million/ 服一剂量。Take one dose of this cough calculate' syrup three times a day. 1094 wei2/ wei3 jen, pouze only' 唯 物论 materialismus 唯心论 idealismus

俩 稀

1574 lia3/ liang3 dva (a numeralmeasure word) two/ both, craft/ cunning'

1181 fen1 hojný, rozmanitý numerous/ 1788 xi1 řídký, zředěný, rozptýlený confused/ disorderly' diluted/ sparse' 他长着稀疏的胡子。He has a sparse beard. 这个集邮迷决心无论代价 1191 shu1 jedinečný unique' 如何都要搞到那枚稀有的邮票。The stamp 1334 gu1 samotný lone/ lonely' 我虽 collector decided to get that rare stamp at all 孑然一身, 但从不感孤寂. I live all alone but costs. 国会通过了一项法令, 禁止捕杀珍稀 Parliament has passed an Act forbidding I never feel lonely. 他的朋友很少,因此他 动物。 the killing of rare animals. 的生活非常孤单。 He has so few friends that his life is lonely. 1803 zhang3/ zhang4 nabobtnat, zvětšit se to rise (of prices, rivers), to swell/ 1342 ling2 nula remnant/ zero' distend' 对书籍课税造成书价急剧上涨。 1370 dui1 hromada, kupa a pile/ a The imposition of the tax on books caused a mass/ heap/ stack' 堆草 kupa trávy 一堆人 sharp rise in price. 他们把通货膨胀大幅度 houf lidí 增长归咎于石油价格的上涨。They blamed the rise in oil prices for the big increase in 1373 shao1 trochu, poněkud somewhat/ inflation. 通货膨胀率可能上升。如果是这 a little' 样,物价就会上涨。Inflation may be rising, 1392 bei4 krát (two, three, etc) -fold/ if (it is) so, prices will go up. times (multiplier)/ double/ to increase or 1856 wei2 pouze only' 攀绳的惟一方 multiply' 法是双手交替运用。 only way to climb a The rope is hand over hand. 1419 jie1 každý, bezvýjimky all/ each and every/ in all cases' 陆海空军皆由国防 1859 tian1 doplňovat, přidávat to add/ 部控制。The army, navy and airforce are all to increase/ to replenish' controlled by the Ministry of Defense. 人皆 1897 shu1 řídký, sporý, vzdálený 有一死. All men must die. negligent/ sparse/ thin' 这次事故是因她疏 1439 xiang2 detailní detailed/ 忽所致。 The accident was due to her comprehensive' 详尽 podrobný, zevrubný negligence. 他长着稀疏的胡子。He has a sparse beard. 1472 wu3 pět associate with/ five/

零 堆 稍 倍 皆

惟 添 疏

详 伍 兼


1909 ju1/ ju4 úplně, zcela, všechno, 1515 jian1 dvojnásobek double/ twice/ všichni entirely/ without exception, a social simultaneous/ holding two or more (official) club' 这个游泳俱乐部对邻近地区的家庭开 放,不受限制。 The swimming club is posts at the same time' open to families in the neighborhood without

restriction. 俱乐部没有会员就无法存在。A club cannot subsist without members.

2610 yu2 překračovat množství exceed/ jump over, to exceed/ to go beyond/ to jump 1931 zi1 množit excite/ nourish/ this' over' 每日回声报》拥有读者逾一千万人。 滋味 chuť 人们必须依赖比希望更滋养的 The Daily Echo has a readership of over ten million. 虽然他年逾七十,可仍然很活跃。 东西来过活。 People have to live on Although he is over70 he is still active. something more nourishing than hope.

2692 yun2 rovnoměrný, jednotný even/ 1955 kua1 zveličovat, přehánět/ chválit to boast' 那没什么可夸耀的。 That's nothing evenly (divided)/ uniform' 齐平地使其均 to boast of. 在无人岛上夸耀富有也是白费 匀、在一个平面上或留边排版 So as to be 力气。 It is of no use boasting of being rich even, in one plane, or aligned with a margin. 飞机载运的行李应均匀放置在各个部位. on a desert island. Baggage loaded onto an aircraft must be 2221 han3 vzácný rare' 你能为我觅 evenly distributed. 到那本罕见的古书吗?Can you procure the 2834 suo3 fragmentary/ trifling' 别为 rare old book for me? 红色的松鼠在英国已 十分罕见了. Red squirrels are now very rare 琐事浪费时间。Don't waste time on trifles. in Britain. 很多种野生兰越来越罕见了. Many kinds of wild orchid are becoming materiál rare.

2246 zhao4 million, trillion'

玉 厘 2262 li2 mili- one thousandth' 这把尺 纸 上有厘米的刻度和英寸的刻度. This ruler 丝 has one scale in centimetres and another in 玛 灰 矿 糊 粉 泥

omen/ million/ million

1001 yu4 nefrit, jadeit jade' 1020 zhi3 papír paper' 1026 si1 hedvábí, nit, nitka silk/ thread/

trace' inches. 我可不知道在这地球上有什么东西 比七厘利息更无情的。I do not know of 1248 ma3 achát, karneol agate/ anything more remorseless on the face of the cornelian' earth than seven per cent interest. 1311 hui1 popel gray/ ash' 2268 gua3 málo, ovdovělý few/ 1385 kuang4 ruda ore/ mine' widowed' 寡妇 vdova

寡 叠 肆 瑰

1393 hu2/ hu4 kaše, pasta muddled/ 2271 die2 fold up/ repeat' 我们发现 paste/ scorched, paste/ cream' 可折叠的桌子使用非常方便。We find our folding table a great convenience. 1498 fen3 prášek, pudr dust/ powder' 2445 si4 four (fraud-proof)/ market' 1499 ni2/ ni4 bláto, hlína mud/ paste/ pulp, restrained' 2492 gui1 vzácný (semi-precious

钢 寞 2601 mo4 lonesome' 他在家里度过 尘 了一个寂寞的夜晚。He spent a lonesome evening at home. 你不在时我颇感寂寞. I get 晶
stone)/ extraordinary' 瑰宝 rarita, cennost lonesome when you're not here.

1609 gang1 ocel steel' 1718 chen2 prach dust/ dirt/ earth' 1725 jing1 krystal, třpitivý crystal'

煤 玻 璃

2626 jiang1/ jiang4 broth/ serum/ to starch, starch paste' 血浆是种透明淡黄的 1769 bo1 sklo glass' 液体。Plasma is clear yellow liquid. 她把止 1894 li2 sklo colored glaze/ glass' 这 咳糖浆给孩子们吃了。She dosed up the 个玻璃盘子很容易碎。 This glass plate is children with cough syrup. 每天服三次这种 very fragile. 别让碎玻璃割伤你的手。Don't 止咳糖浆,每次服一剂量。 Take one dose of this cough syrup three times a day. 剂量 cut your finger on the broken glass. 需要产生特定效应的疫苗、浆液、药物或其 1947 jin3 brokát (trofej) brocade/ 他剂的量 The quantity of a vaccine, serum, embroidered work/ bright' drug, or other agent necessary to produce a specific effect. 明天我们去采浆果。 2065 xuan2 (jade)' Tomorrow we'll go to pick berries.

1740 mei2 uhlí coal'

锦 璇 碧 胶 绵

2165 bi4 blue/ jade'

green jade/ bluish green/

2170 jiao1 klih glue/ gum' 胶布 lepicí páska 胶水 lepidlo

2186 mian2 cotton/ incessant/ soft/ downy' 海绵是软的,但木头是硬的。The 2678 rong2 velvet/ woolen' sponge is soft, but the wood is hard. 羊羔皮 革用绵羊皮制成的柔软皮革,尤其用来制 2713 sha1 sand/ gravel/ granule' 这个 作手套 Soft leather made from sheepskin, 没有皮的木料得用砂纸磨光. The bare used especially for gloves. 羚羊皮由这种动 wood must be sanded down. 物或其他动物象鹿或绵羊的毛皮做的一种 2792 ye3 tavenina smelt' 软皮革 A soft leather made from the hide of this animal or other animals such as deer or 2923 you4 glaze (of porcelain)' 他正 sheep. 在给桌子上釉。He is glazing the table. 桌子 2369 tan4 carbon/ charcoal' 用木炭 的釉面被刮坏了。The glaze of the table was 弄黑他们的脸 Blacked their faces with scratched. charcoal. 我往火里扔了一根木炭。 I threw a 2962 liu2 precious stone' stick of charcoal in the fire.

2635 chou2 (light) silk' 她佩戴着一 条丝绸围巾。She is wearing a silk scarf. 她 走起路来丝绸衣裙沙沙作响。Her silk dress rustled as she moved. 她摸了摸这块绸料看 质量如何. She fingered the silk to feel its quality.

绒 砂 冶 釉


2385 juan4

thick but loosely woven

琉 珀

琳 纱

2400 lin2 wertvolle Jade gem'

2981 po4 amber' 琥珀是古老的松 脂。Amber is the resin of pine trees that grew very very long ago.

2430 sha1 cotton yarn/ muslin' 这件 město 礼服是薄纱做的。This dress is made of muslin. 裹在他伤口上的纱布脏了。The 1002 zhen4 městečko composed/ small gauze patch applied to his wound is dirty. 护 士在他的伤口上敷了一块干净的纱布垫。 town/ to suppress/ to press down/ to post' The nurse put a clean pad of cotton over his 1024 zhuang1 farma, vesnice farm/ wound. village'

镇 庄

街 陌

1101 jie1 ulice street'

2243 mo4 ulice raised path/ street' 他 站在一条陌生的街道上。He stood in a strange street. 乡村的田野里阡陌纵横。The paths crisscrossed in the fields in the countryside.

雾 闷

1670 wu4 mlha fog/ mist'

郊 巷 坊 甸

2351 jiao1 suburb' 我住在郊区。 live I in the suburbs. 郊区仍留有许多空地。Many 1968 qing2 čistý, jasný clear/ fine blank spaces are still left in the suburbs. (weather)' 星星在晴朗的夜空闪亮。Stars

1830 men1/ men4 dusný smother/ stuffy, melancholy' 这 的空气很闷-- 咱们 能把窗户打开吗? The atmosphere is very stuffy in here can we open a window? The wood was smoldering in the fireplace. 木柴在 壁炉中闷烧。I'm blue. 我心里郁闷。

2399 xiang4 lane/ alley' 这小巷有车 are brilliant in the clear night sky. 雨后的清 晨,天一破晓就晴空万里。The morning 胎轧出的凹痕. The lane was rutted with tyre dawned clear after the rain. 如果天不晴,我 tracks. 们就不去散步。If the weather doesn't clear, 2542 fang1 subdivision of a city' we won't go for a walk. 只要天一放晴,我们 就去。If only it clears up, we'll go. 今天看 2588 dian4 imperial domain/ suburb' 上去是个晴天。Looks like a fine day today.

meteorologické jevy

雪 冰 闪 潮

1003 xue3 sníh snow' 1070 bing1 led ice'

2021 xia2 red clouds' 傍晚的云霞绚 丽多彩。 In the evening the rosy clouds were gorgeous. 落日把云霞映得通红。The sunset reddened the clouds. 红红的晚霞是晴天的 预兆。 A red sunset signifies fine weather.

1113 shan3 blesk flash/ lightning' 闪 电通常伴有雷声。Lightning usually accompanies thunder. 1302 chao2 příliv tide/ current/ damp/ moist/ humid' 退潮时,一只蟹被困留在沙 滩上。A crab was left stranded on the beach when the tide ebbed. 潮水退去,我们就能 寻找贝壳了。As the tide receded we were able to look for shells. 月球对地球的吸引 力造成潮汐。 The attraction of the moon for the earth causes the tides. 据说潮汐的涨落 受月亮的影响。 It is said that the rhythm of tides is affected by the moon. 潮湿的日子 里,食物很容易发霉。 Foods are easily to be mouldy in humid days.

2176 hong2/ jiang4 rainbow, rainbow' 大雨之后常有彩虹。A rainbow is usually seen after a heavy rain. 你看到彩虹了吗? Do you see rainbow?

2523 han4 sucho drought' 久旱使青 草枯萎。 long drought scorched the grass. The 干旱造成农作物歉收。The crops failed because of the drought.

2631 shuang1 frost' 清晨,草上覆盖 着一层白霜。 The grass was covered with frost in the early morning. 寒冷的天气使窗 子上结满了霜。The cold has frosted the windows. 晚霜能冻死园中的植物。 Late frosts are ruination for the garden.

2743 shu3 heat/ hot weather/ summer heat' 昨天太热,我中暑了。 It was so hot 1390 chui1 foukat to blow/ blast/ puff/ yesterday that I had a heat stroke. 这个姑娘 boast/ brag/ end in failure' 在暑热中昏倒了,但很快就被救醒。 The

girl fainted in the heat but she was soon brought round.

工人们正在道路下面铺设管道。 workers The are laying pipes under the road.

旭 雯

2846 xu4 dawn/ rising sun' 旭日从这 1636 you1 klidný, odloučený quiet/ 个角度看起来特别美。 The rising sun is secluded' 他那幽静家座落在庭院里端。His especially beautiful to look at from this angle. quiet home sits back in his yard. 用灌木丛和 篱笆隔开的一座幽独的大宅 A secluded 2957 wen2 multicolored clouds' mansion, islanded by shrubbery and fences.


仲 搬

1706 zhong4 uprostřed, prostřední 2nd in seniority'

1766 ban1 přesunout, přestěhovat remove/ transport/ move/ shift' 我在搬箱子 的时候手指头上扎了一根刺。I got a splinter in my finger while I was moving the boxes. 办完手续后,你就可以搬进去。You may move into the house on completion. 粉刷房 1158 bai3 rozložit pendulum/ to place/ 间就要把钢琴搬出去。 Painting the room to display/ to swing/ to oscillate/ to show/ to involved moving out the piano. 从我搬进城 move/ to exhibit' 摆布 rozestavit 铺上桌布 里以后,我有好几年没见过蚂蚱了。 I 摆好餐具准备开饭。Spread the tablecloth hadn't seen a grasshopper for years since I moved into the city. 咱们考虑一下搬家的 and set the table for dinner. 摆锤能摆动. A 利弊吧。 Let's consider the pluses and minuses pendulum oscillates. of moving house. 1182 yan2/ yan4 podél along, riverside 1848 zhi3 místo, umístění location/ site' (with -r)' 法国沿莱茵河部分河段与德国接 壤。France borders Germany along parts of 纪念碑整个迁到一个新场址. The monument was moved bodily to a new site. the Rhine. 囚犯们沿着走廊拖着脚步进入 说到网络,它们都有一个网址,“site”指 牢房。 The prisoners shuffled along the 的是一个场所,而网址就是每一台上网电 corridor and into their cells. 脑 所在的地址。And on the Web, there are 1220 ce4/ zhai1 strana, bok the side/ to Websites. A"site" is a place, and so a incline towards/ to lean/ inclined/ lateral/ side, Website. And each site had its address. lean on one side' 这鞋在侧面系扣. These 2154 tan1 prodejní stánek, rozložit, shoes buckle at the side. 鸟把头斜向[到]一 rozprostírat spread out/ vendor's stand' 侧. The bird cocked its head to/ on one side. 2380 ge1 klást, pokládat, dávat to 她坐著, 侧耳倾听. She sat listening, with her head tilted slightly to one side. place' 我对耽搁时间很反感. I hate delays/ 1473 feng1 štít, vrcholek peak/ summit' to be delayed/ being delayed. 兴建新剧院的 计画因资金短缺只好搁置起来. The plans 1613 pu1/ pu4 stlát, prostřít, položit to for a new theatre have had to be shelved spread, a store, a bed/ a store' 白雪皑皑, because of lack of money. 铺满田野。The fields were all covered with 2558 bang1/ bang4 blízko near pure white snow. 那条路是用鹅卵石铺成 (approaching), near/ nestle' 傍晚时分,鸽 的。The road was paved with cobblestones. 子回来了,嘴里衔着一片刚啄下的橄榄叶。

1000 ding3 vrcholek, vršek go against/ most/ peak/ top/ to replace/ to substitute/ a measure word (use with "hat")' 山顶 vrchol hory 屋顶 střecha domu 一顶帽子 jeden klobouk


摊 搁

峰 铺

She came back to him towards evening with a newly plucked olive leaf in her beak.



1116 zhen1 jehla, špendlík injection/ needle/ pin, needle' 她被针扎了一下。 She pricked herself on a needle. 落叶松长着球果 1444 fu2 (measure word for textile or 和针形的叶子。Larch (modřín) has small picture)/ width/ roll' cones and needle-like leaves.

幅 颗 番 艘 届 曹 枚 匹 棵 趟 株 幢 盏 磅

1448 ke1 spheres)'

(measure word for small

络 尺 械

1118 lao4/ luo4 síť small net, net-like' 网络 network 1474 chi3 pravítko a Chinese foot (M)/ one-third of a meter/ a ruler/ a note musical note on traditional Chinese scale' 1657 xie4 nástroj, instrument tools' 制造工,技工在机械、 车辆、 工具的制造、 使 用和修理上很精通的人 A worker skilled in making, using, or repairing machines, vehicles, and tools. 接合器,接合工具用于 接合的机械或工具 A machine or tool used in making joints.

1452 fan1/ pan1 (measure word for acts)/ deeds/ foreign, (surname)/ place name' 1470 sao1/ sou1 measure word for warships (Taiwan pronunciation), measure word for boats and ships (mainland pronunciation)' 1522 jie4 arrive at (place or time)/ period/ to become due/ measure words for events (e.g., meetings, elections)' 1570 cao2 a company/ a class/ a generation/ (a surname)' 1884 mei2 M for small objects' 她在 新衣服上戴了一枚钻石别针。She wore a diamond clip on her new dress.

1724 zuan1/ zuan4 vrták enter (a hole)/ probe, an auger/ diamond' 这是一个带有各 1908 pi1/ pi3 mate/ one of a pair, 种配件的电钻。It's an electric drill with a (measure word for horses, mules, a bolt of range of different attachments. 钻孔工具, cloth)/ ordinary person' 手钻钻孔用的手持工具 Any of numerous hand tools for boring holes. 钻井机一种在 2108 ke1 M for plants' 采矿中用来挖掘矿井时在石头上打孔的工 2457 tang4 a time/ a trip' 具 A rock- boring tool used in mining for 2482 zhu1 (a measure word, use with sinking shafts. 被虫蛀的被虫钻透或咬啮的 Bored through or gnawed by worms. 经数月 plants)/ trunk of tree' 钻探, 在沿海找到了石油. After months of 2566 chuang2/ zhuang4 (measure drilling, oil was found off the coast. 这台钻机 word for houses)/ tents' 能钻透岩石. This drill can bore through rock. 他们钻透了几层岩石以寻找石油. 2803 zhan3 M for lamp, wine cup' They drilled through several layers of rock 2941 bang4/ pang2 a measure word/ to reach the oil. 通过钻探发现很有开采价值 的油层. Valuable deposits of oil have been pound (unit of measurement)/ scale/ weigh' found by drilling.

锋 梯 钻

1671 feng1 ostří point or edge of a tool' 1672 ti1 žebřík ladder'

horses on with a whip. 1758 jia1/ jia2 sponka, klips clip/ 2288 bang4 a stick/ club or cudgel/ folder/ hold between/ to press from both sides/ to place in between, hold between/ lined/ smart/ capable/ strong' 这个铁匠给铁棒加 narrow lane' 热,直到烧红为止。 The blacksmith heated the iron bar until it glowed. 1767 niu3 knoflík, držátko to turn/ to wrench/ button' 2435 zhang4 hůl, hůlka cane, walking 1824 shua1/ shua4 kartáč, štětec brush, stick' 魔术师在挥舞魔杖。The magician is waving a magic wand. 这老人没有手杖就走 to select' 我要把我的衣服好好刷一下。I'll 不了路。 old man could not walk without The give my coat a good brush. 我们每天应该至 a stick. 少刷两次牙。 We should brush our teeth at least twice a day. 刷子是用动物的鬃毛制造 2696 zao2/ zuo4 chisel, chisel' 他把 的。 The brush is made of animal bristles. 那块石头凿成一个女人像。 He chiseled that 需刷牙以去除牙斑. It is necessary to remove rock into the figure of a woman. 雕刻家把大 plaque by brushing one's teeth. 泥土乾後容 理石块凿成优美的雕像. The sculptor 易刷掉. Mud brushes off easily when it's dry. chiselled the lump of marble into a fine statue. 我在早上做的头一件事,是刷我的牙、 磨我 她用錾子来把盖子凿开. She used a chisel 的舌。The first thing I do in the morning is to prise off the lid. brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue 2700 ren4 edge of blade' 这刀刃需要 2011 gan1/ gan3 pole, measure for 磨一磨。 The blade needs sharpening. 请把这 guns, stick/ pole' 换档时扳动这根操纵杆。 把斧头的刃磨快。Please sharpen the edge of Move this lever to change gear. 他把刀子当 this axe. 杠杆用. He employed his knife as a lever. 2771 fu3 hatchet' 那人用斧头把一块 木头劈成两半。The man cleft a block of 2052 lou4 trychtýř, protékat, zatékat funnel/ to leak/ to let out/ to divulge' 我需要 wood in two with an axe.

夹 纽 刷

斧 缆 竿

一个漏斗把汽油灌进油箱. I need a funnel to pour petrol into the tank. 你能闻到煤气漏 气吗? Can you smell a gas leak? 屋顶有一 个漏洞。There is a leak in the roof. 那个防 漏的垫圈坏了。The washer for preventing leakage is broken. 消息走漏了。 The news leaked out.

2821 lan4/ lan3 kabel, vlečné lano cable/ hawser'

2934 gan1 prut pole' 上星期日我新买 了一个鱼竿。I bought a new fishing rod last Sunday. 他猛然从水中挑起鱼竿.He jerked the fishing-rod out of the water. 我们的旗帜 被用一根绳子和两个滑轮升到了竿顶。 Our 2160 ju3 carpenter's square/ rule' flag is raised to the top of a pole by a rope 2241 bing3 authority/ handle/ hilt' 他 and two pulley. 轻轻地转动手柄。He rotates the handle 2937 chui2 kladivo to hammer/ weight gently. 这个把柄松了. The handle has come of steel yard' 他用一把锤子把钉子打进墙 loose. 里去。He hit the nail into the wall with a

矩 柄

2250 bian1 bič a whip or lash/ to flog/ hammer. 我的工具箱里少了一把锤子。The hammer is missing from my toolbox. slash or whip' 他噼噼啪啪地挥鞭策马狂 跑。He cracked his whip and the horses began 2938 shuan1 zátka bottle stopper/ to trot. 他用鞭子策马前行。 He urged the

wooden pin/ plug' 楔、 栓象楔、 栓一样的一 2089 qi2 chess' 国际象棋有车、马、 种装置,插入以使机械或结构部件锁在一 象、 王和卒。Chess includes rook, knight, 后、 起 A device, such as a wedge or pin, bishop, queen, king and pawn. 国际象棋的各 inserted to lock together mechanical or 种走法你都会吗? Do you know all the structural parts. possible moves in chess? 2939 jiang3 pádlo, veslo oar/ paddle' 2493 yu2 bavit se amuse' 他连温饱都 他把桨放入水中,搅乱了平静的湖面。He 无法解决, 就更不用说娱乐了。He hasn't put his oars in the water and disturbed the smooth surface of the lake. 划龙舟时每个人 enough money for food, let alone 都拿着一枝桨。 In dragon boat rowing each amusements. person has one oar. 2584 cu4/ zu2 pěšák, náhle abruptly/

娱 卒

nepracovní činnost

玩 舞

1072 wan2/ wan4 hrát si curios/ antiques/ to play/ to amuse oneself, curios/ antiques'

hurriedly, die/ soldier' 在权力斗争中我们 只是一批小卒。We are mere pawns in the struggle for power. 国际象棋有车、 马、 象、 后、王和卒。Chess includes rook, knight, bishop, queen, king and pawn. 卒以外的棋 子象棋子中除卒以外的任一个棋子 Any one of the chess figures other than a pawn.

1144 wu3 tancovat to dance/ to wield/ 2607 yong3 swimming/ to swim' to brandish' 她喜欢随着音乐跳舞。 She 2630 shai4 slunit se to sun' 简在太阳 loves to dance to music. 通常, 是男士伸出手 下很快就晒黑了。Jane tanned quickly in the 来邀请女士跳舞。 As a rule, it's the gentleman that holds out his hand to invite a sun. 我们让太阳晒熟了. We are baking in the sun. 太阳把这本书的书皮晒弯了. The hot lady to dance. sun had warped the cover of the book. 炎热的 1261 pai2 karty, tabulka cards/ game 阳光晒得油漆起了泡. The hot sun blistered pieces/ signboard/ plate/ tablet' 我们来玩纸 the paint. 有些地方仍使用在太阳下晒干砖 牌游戏吧。Let's have a game of cards. 你得 块的方法。 In some places, bricks are still 先打出一张牌,才能拿另一张牌。You've baked in the sun. 只留下一些被太阳晒得泛 got to discard before you can pick up another 白的枯骨。There were only a few dry bones card. 牌照以偶数结尾的汽车必须走这条 left, bleached by the sun. 路。Cars with license plates ending in even 2761 xia2 leisure' numbers must go in this way.

泳 晒

猎 赌

2916 jiao3 opravovat, korigovat dissemble/ rectify' 牙箍安装在牙齿上的纠 2037 du3 bet/ gamble' 政府在制定新 正不规则排列的由箍带和钢丝做的牙齿矫 的法案以控制赌博。The government is 正器 A dental appliance, constructed of framing a new bill to control gambling. 他把 bands and wires that is fixed to the teeth to 时间都消磨在赌场的赌博上。 spends all correct irregular alignment. (喻)药某种 He his time gambling in the casino. 我敢和你打 令人不快的但却必需的或不可避免的东 赌他保证不会来。I'll wager you that he 西,例如矫正性惩罚 Something, such as won't come. 我们就下次的选举打个赌吧。 corrective discipline or punishment, that is Let's make a bet on the next election. unpleasant but necessary or unavoidable.

1687 lie4 lov hunting'

暇 矫

neuspořádaný pohyb

震 振 撒

1104 zhen4 otřásat se shake/ shock/ sign in trigram' 地震 zemětřesení

1038 ruo4 slabý weak/ feeble/ young/ inferior' 病人常常虚弱无力。A sick person is often feeble. 他虚弱得连手都抬不起来。 He was too weak even to lift his hand.

1150 can2 defektní, neúplný, poškozený 1140 zhen4 třást, třepetat, mávat rouse' destroy/ spoil/ ruin/ injure/ cruel/ oppressive/ 振动 vibrovat, kmitat, oscilovat 马达的振动 savage/ incomplete/ disabled' 他右手残废 了。Má zmrzačenou pravou ruku. 残余 vibrace motoru zbytky, pozůstatky 1445 sa1/ sa3 rozhazovat, posypávat, 1328 huang1 pustý, neobdělávaný out rozsypat se let go, to scatter' 农夫把种子 撒在田里。The farmers were scattering seed of practice/ uncultivated' on the fields. 在米饭上撒点盐. Sprinkle a 1343 qiong2 chudý, nuzný exhausted/ little salt on the rice. poor'

荒 穷 灾 废 辛 艰

1757 dou3 chvět se, třást se shake out/ 1349 zai1 pohroma, kalamita, katastrofa tremble' 她的下唇颤抖着。Her nether lip disaster/ calamity' trembled. 云雀抖动它的双翼。The skylark 1376 fei4 nepoužitelný, odpadový quivered its wings. 这孩子冷得发抖。The child shivered from the cold. abolish/ crippled' 废铁 železný šrok, kovový odpad 废品 zmetek 1900 chan4 chvět se to tremble/ to 1463 xin1 hořký, trpký 8th heavenly shiver/ to shake/ to vibrate' 火车经过时, stem/ tired' 整座房子都在震颤。The whole house trembled when the train went by. 她的下唇 1647 jian1 obtížný, těžký difficult/ 颤抖着。 Her nether lip trembled. 我一想到 hard/ hardship' 艰苦能让人适应逆境。 他就忍不住颤抖。I could not repress a Hardship disposes man to meet adversity. 生 shiver whenever I thought of him. 她纤弱的 活正在变得越来越复杂和艰难。Life is 身躯因阵阵咳嗽而发颤。Her slight frame getting more complex and difficult. was shaken by bouts of coughing. 1870 huo4 pohroma disaster' 大约中 1993 shan1/ shan4 ovívat/ vějíř to fan, 午时分, 发生灾祸的消息引起了股票市场 (a measure word for doors, windows, etc.)' 的动荡. News of the disaster hit the Stock 2134 dian1 třást, houpat, kymácet se, Exchange around noon. 导弹有极微小的偏 otřásat se inverted/ jolt/ top' 那幅画上下 斜也可能酿出大祸. The smallest deflection 颠倒了. That picture is upside-down. 那小 of the missile could bring disaster. 那件事惹 孩假装会看书,但他把书都拿颠倒了。 The 出了一连串的灾祸. The incident sparked boy pretended he could read, but he was off a whole chain of disasters. 有的祸事, 像 holding the book upside down. 她的汽车被盗之类, 以前从未发生过. Such a disaster as her car being stolen had never 2603 shuai3 mávat, švihat fling' happened before. 这些情况预示著要有灾 祸. These developments forebode disaster.

扇 颠

nežádoucí stavy

1901 chou3 ošklivý 2nd Earthly

Branch/ clown/ Chou (surname), shameful/ ugly/ disgraceful'

惊. I'm not easily shocked, but that book really is obscene.

1902 lie4 horší inferior' 那个推销员 试图以劣质牌号骗卖给我们。The salesman tried to fob off an inferior brand on us.品质 (质量)索赔是在货物质量低劣或是质量 改变的条件下发生的。Claim on quality originates from inferior quality of goods or quality changes.

滞 厄 挫

2302 zhi4 sluggish' 由于投资少,我 们的工业生产一直停滞不前。Due to low investment, our industrial output has remained stagnant.

2407 e4 tíseň, nesnáze distressed' 好 朋友不会在人遭到厄运时弃之不顾。 A good friend will not desert one in time of 1907 ru3 hanba, potupa disgrace/ insult' adversity. 她受辱之后就不再理睬他了。 reacted to She 2426 cuo4 nezdar, zlomit, srazit be the insult by turning her back on him. 他听到 obstructed/ fail/ oppress/ repress/ lower the 这些侮辱的话,态度强硬起来。He tone/ bend back/ dampen' 挫创 stiffened at the insult. 他对那次受辱仍然耿 Quetschwunde 挫折与失败使人谦卑。Defeat 耿于怀。 insult still rankles in his mind. The and failure make people humble. 不要因这 Don't let the defeat dishearten 2046 chan2 zamotat se, propletený to 一挫折而气馁。 you. bother/ wind around/ wrap round/ coil/ involve/ annoy/ tangle' 他的一只脚被绳子 2429 qi3 žebrat beg' 他以行乞为生。 缠住。 foot became tangled in the rope 篱 His He lives by begging. 他们穷得不行乞便挨 笆上纠缠着野玫瑰。The hedges are tangled 饿。 They were reduced to begging or starving. with wild roses. 2510 bi3 nekultivovaný, nízký, bídný, 2105 chou4/ xiu4 stench/ stink/ smelly/ to smell (bad), sense of smell/ smell přezírat rustic/ low/ base/ mean' 鄙视 pohrdat, přezírat bad' 那地方有烂鱼的臭味。 That place stank of decayed fish. 这件事从头到尾都散 2544 xiu3 rotten' 他用斧头砍掉了朽 发著(贪污腐化的)臭味! The whole 烂的树枝. He struck off the rotten branches business stinks (of corruption)! 我才不要你 with an axe. 的臭钱呢. I don't want your stinking money. 2615 ji2/ jie4 in disorder, by means of' 2158 jiao1 lovable/ pampered/ tender/ 屋里杯盘狼藉。Wine cups and dishes lay delicate/ frail' 她娇弱的身体需要小心照 about in disorder in the room. 他拿天气不好 料。Her delicate health needs great care. 这 作不来的藉口. He used the bad weather as 花太娇嫩了,我不敢碰它。I dare not touch an excuse for not coming. the flower for its tenderness. 2660 lou4 low/ humble/ plain/ ugly/ 2282 lan4 excessive/ indiscriminate' mean/ vulgar' 丑陋的毛虫会变成美丽的蝴 蝶。The ugly caterpillar will change into a 2297 yin2 excessive/ wanton/ lewd/ beautiful butterfly. 蟾蜍外表丑陋,但很有 kinky/ obscene' 他淫荡地对她眨了一下眼。 用。 Toads have an ugly appearance but they He gave her a lewd wink. 这本书中有很多 are useful. 淫秽的语言。There are much obscene 2918 wang3 in the wrong/ in vain' 你 languages in this book. 我并不是大惊小怪 的人, 但那本书淫秽之甚确实让我大吃一 要是以为我是出於私心, 那你就冤枉我了. You wrong me if you think I only did it for

乞 鄙 朽 藉

滥 淫

selfish reasons.



1481 quan4 kupon, obligace, lístek, vstupenka deed/ bond/ contract/ ticket'

1734 pei2 ztráta, náhrada škody lose in trade/ pay damage' 谁将赔偿损失?Who 1855 ling2 (used in compounds)/ will compensate for the losses? 公司花了一 tinkling of gem-pendants' 大笔钱赔偿受伤的工人。Compensation of 2104 yan4 glamorous' injured workers has cost the company a lot. 她 2106 qian4/ xian1 boatman's tow-rope, 受伤後获得保险公司的赔偿. She was compensated by the insurance company for fine/ delicate/ minute' her injuries.

玲 艳 纤 畅 拓 摹

2122 chang4 happy'

1817 gu4 najmout hire' 他们雇了一 个马车夫赶车到伦敦去。They hired a 2238 ta4/ tuo4 make rubbing, expand/ coachman to drive them to London. 那些雇佣 兵被雇佣来打仗。 Those mercenaries were support on palm/ to develop/ to open up' hired to fight. 我们雇用了一家广告公司来 3008 mo2 imitate/ copy' 他那幅蒙娜· 推销我们的产品。 We hired an advertising 丽莎的摹本表现了自己的艺术才能。He company for help to sell our product. 她被 demonstrated his artistic talents by making a 雇佣为那个农场的挤奶女工。 She was fair copy of the Mona Lisa. 这幅画的逼真 hired as a milkmaid in that farm. 老板雇佣 的临摹 A perfect copy of the painting. 了一些临时工。 The boss hired some temporary workers.

smooth/ fluent/ joyful/


贾 垄

2051 gu3/ jia3 (surname)'

merchant/ to buy,


1041 dian4 krámek, obchod inn/ shop/ 1078 gou4 koupit to buy/ to purchase'

购 贸 库 售 订

2336 long3 monopolize' 这家公司击 败了主要的竞争对手而垄断了整个小麦市 场。By defeating their main competitor this firm has cornered the wheat market.

1092 mao4 obchod commerce/ trade' 贸易 obchod

2458 lian2 wine shop sign' 天黑了, 我把窗帘拉上。I drew the curtain as it was 1097 ku4 sklad warehouse/ storehouse' getting dark. 1114 shou4 prodávat to sell'

帘 贩

2466 fan4 deal in/ trade in/ to peddle/ to sell' 他贩卖图画和铜器。He deals in 1176 ding4 objednat to agree/ to pictures and bronzes. 他是个毒品贩子[贼赃 conclude/ to draw up/ to subscribe to (a 贩子]. He's a dealer in drugs/ stolen goods. newspaper, etc.)/ to order' 喂,我要订一个 他在向小学生贩卖海洛因时被捕. He was caught pushing heroin to schoolchildren. (份)大的乳酪比萨。 Hello, I'd like to order a large cheese pizza, please. 2807 lan3 monopolize/ seize' 1298 ban4 partner a partner/ 2848 bu4 a book/ a register/ accountcompanion or associate/ to accompany/

揽 簿

book' 他翻阅地址簿,寻找号码。He You should write on every other line. 你应该 thumbed through the address book looking for 隔行写。 We will meet every other day. 我们 the number. 将每隔一天会面。psát ob jeden řádek 隔一 行写


1366 juan1/ juan4/ quan1 zavřít do ohrady/ ohrada/ ohradit, oplotit to confine/ enclose, pen (pig)/ a fold, circle/ ring/ loop' 1039 meng1/ meng2/ meng3 zahalit, 花萼围绕在花瓣外层的一圈。 Calyx encloses pokrýt čím, ošidit deceive/ cheat/ hoodwink, an unopened flower bud. 他用篱笆把地圈 drizzle/ mist, dim sighted/ ignorant, 起来。He enclosed the land with a hedge. 通 Mongolia/ cover' 警察用眼罩蒙住囚犯的 电时线圈就会有磁性。The loop becomes 双眼。The police use blindfold to cover the magnetic when the current is switched on. prisoner's eyes. 我们呼出的气渐渐给汽车 1381 yu4 bránit, chránit defend/ 的窗户上蒙上一层水蒸气。Our breath is misting up the car windows. 我喝茶时眼镜 imperial/ to drive, defend/ resist' 这些防御 工事是上次战争时修建的。These 蒙上了一层水汽. When I drink tea, my fortifications were built during the last war. glasses mist over. 就连最厚的夹克也不足以御寒。 even the Not 1080 sai1/ sai4/ se4 ucpat, nacpat, zátka thickest jacket was enough to keep out the stop up/ to squeeze in/ to stuff/ Serb (abbr.)/ cold. Serbian, strategic pass, piston/ unenlightened' 1437 ai4 překážet, vadit to hinder/ to 把塞子拔掉. Pull the plug out. 她把信折好 obstruct/ to block' 铁蒺藜由钉在林桩上的 塞进信封。She tucked her letter into an envelope. 她把浴缸的塞子拔掉,脏水流走 有刺铁丝或尖钉构成的用来阻挡敌人的前 了。She pulled the plug out of the bathtub and 进障碍物 An obstacle composed of barbed wire or spikes attached to a wooden frame, the dirty water ran away. used to block enemy advancement. 大雪妨 1175 zu3 překážet, blokovat to hinder/ 碍了这项建筑工程的进行。Heavy snow to block/ to obstruct' 重物,坠脚一种重 hindered the construction work. 物,如大块物品,系在动物腿上阻碍行动 1514 yan3 zakrýt cover up/ to surprise' A weight, such as a block, attached to the leg of an animal to hinder movement. 掩口而笑 smát se do hrsti 城堡被一层烟雾 遮掩着。 The castle was hidden behind a 1237 zhang4 blokovat, překážet to curtain of smoke. 她说什麽东西也没被偷, block/ to hinder/ to obstruct' 那不过是掩饰罢了. She said nothing was 1277 du4 zahradit, zatarasit (surname)/ stolen, but that's just a cover-up. 她编 造瞎 fabricate/ restrict/ to prevent' 新的法规旨在 话以掩盖事实. She manufactured a false story to hide the facts. 杜绝诈骗行为。The new regulations are deliberately calculated to make cheating 1823 fu4 přikrývat to cover/ to impossible. overflow/ to reply to a letter/ to overturn/ to capsize' 清晨,草上覆盖着一层白霜。The 1319 ge2 1. přehrazovat, oddělovat, přepažovat 2. ob jeden to separate/ to stand grass was covered with frost in the early morning. 冬天时湖面上覆盖着冰。In winter or lie between/ to divide/ to cut off' The dresser drawer was partitioned into four the lake is covered with ice. 这个地区还不 compartments. 梳妆台的抽屉隔成四小格。 在通讯网的覆盖之内。 This area has not been

障 杜

covered by the communication net. 山上覆 2101 lan2 fence/ railing/ hurdle' 他在 盖着一层雪。 The mountain was covered 400米跨栏赛中获胜. He won the 400 metres with a mantle of snow. hurdles. 她用挂锁把自行车和栏杆锁在一起 1873 fang2 překážet, bránit komu v čem . She padlocked her bike to the railings. 公园 hinder/ harm' 大雪妨碍了这项建筑工程的 的栏杆上有很多尖头。 There are many 进行。Heavy snow hindered the construction sharp spikes on the railings in the park. work. 他那许多妒嫉的言行妨害了他们的 2121 bi4 to cover/ to shield/ to screen/ 婚姻生活。His many little jealousies harmed their marriage. 他可能帮不了忙, 但是求他 to conceal' 我们设法寻找遮蔽暴风雨的地 方。We tried to find cover from the storm. 一下倒也无妨. He may not be able to help but there's no harm in asking him. 别让我妨 2135 zhe1 cover up (a shortcoming)/ 碍了你走。 Don't let me hinder you from screen off/ to hide/ to conceal' 开始涨潮 going. 了,潮水遮住了我们的脚印。 The tide 1891 ping2 zástěna, plenta get rid of/ began to flow and our footprints were covered. 密密的常春藤遮住了这面墙. put aside/ reject/ keep control/ hold back, (standing) screen' 他们在他床的四周放上 Rampant ivy had covered the wall. 这个洞 被帆布遮盖住了. The hole was covered 屏风,以便医生给他检查。They put a screen around his bed so that the doctor could (over) with canvas. examine him. 你们都坐得离屏幕够近吗? 2284 du3 ucpat, zacpat, zahradit, Are you all sitting near enough to see the zablokovat stop up' 路堵住了. Cesta je screen? 他们在雷达屏上看到了那艘游艇. zatarasena. 因为太吵闹了, 他用耳塞堵住了 They picked up the yacht on their radar 耳朵. He put plugs in his ears because the screen. noise was too loud. 庄园周围有一堵高墙, 使 1933 dang3/ dang4 zahrazovat, 他们不受外界打扰. A high wall round the přehrazovat, rychlostní stupeň hinder/ resist/ estate protected their privacy. 那堵墙因贴有 obstruct/ hinder/ cover/ keep off/ a cover/ to 标语而面目全非。 wall has been defaced The block/ to get in the way of, arrange/ put in with slogans. 有些人设法堵漏洞,另一些人 order' 换第三挡 zařadit třetí rychlost 有大 设法掌稳船舵。Some tried to stop up the 树遮挡着,他看不见道路。Tall trees leaks while others tried to steady the rudder. obstructed his view of the road. 挡风玻璃上 海啸形成一堵骇人的水墙. The tidal wave 结了霜. The windscreen was covered with formed a terrifying wall of water. frost. 2701 e4 to stop/ check' 公司发布了 1978 zhao4 přikrývat, zakrývat, stínítko 新闻稿以期遏止对其股票的投机活动. The cover/ fish trap (basket)/ shade' 浓雾笼罩了 company issued a press release to try to stop 北部的公路, 能见度很低. Dense fog is speculationin its shares. 工资固定又无晋升 covering roads in the north and visibility is 机会遏制了雇员的积极性. Fixed wages and very poor. 座椅的外罩是聚氯乙烯(做)的. lack of promotion act as a disincentive to The seat covers were (made of) PVC. employees. 现正设法遏止这种疾病的蔓延. 1996 lan2 blokovat, zastavovat cut off/ Attempts are being made to arrest the spread of the disease. hinder' 警察因麦克超速行驶而将他拦 下,但警告了他一下就将他放了。The 2925 lian3 restriktivní, adstringentní police stopped Mike for speeding but let him arrange/ control oneself/ gather' off with a caution.

蔽 遮

its obligation.


携 披

1106 jia3 brnění A (in a sequence of examples involving "A", "B", "C", etc.)/ 1st 2032 pi1 přehodit přes ramena, přehodit heavenly stem/ 1st in order/ armor' 我经常 přes sebe scatter/ separate/ to open/ to 穿着一件马甲。 I always wear a waistcoat. unroll/ to spread out' 冷天出门时要披上披 甲板 paluba 满90分的学生评为甲等. Pupils 肩。 You should put a robe on if you go out in with 90% or more are awarded Grade A. a cold day. 她的长发披在後背直垂到腰间. Her hair hung down her back to her waist. 1228 dai4 nosit na sobě to put on/ to respect/ to bear/ to support/ wear (glasses, hat, 2041 nang2 sack' gloves)'

1964 xie2 nosit, brát s sebou to carry/ to take along/ to bring along/ to hold (hands)' 在我们国家,携带枪支是违法的。 illegal It's to carry guns in our country.

囊 裤 珠 1286 zhu1 perla bead/ pearl' 袋 1310 dai4 kapsa, váček a pouch/ bag/ 玑 sack/ pocket' 伞 帕 1519 pa4 kapesník handkerchief' 打喷 棍 嚏时, 要用手帕遮住. Use a handkerchief 扣 袍 蓬 裙 衬

2090 ku4 2107 ji1 2202 san3

drawers/ trousers/ pants' irregular pearl' umbrella/ parasol'

2255 gun4 hůl stick' 他把棍条浸入水 中, 试探水的深度。 He dipped the stick into when you sneeze. 她把她姓名的起首字母绣 the water to fathom its depth. 在手帕上。She embroidered her initials on the handkerchief. 2324 pao2 gown (lined)' 1625 kou4 knoflík 10 percent/ button/ 2398 peng2 rozcuchaný (grass)/ detain, button' 我上衣上的一颗扣子掉了。 disheveled' One of the buttons has come off my coat. 我 2431 qun2 skirt' 的裙子是背后扣扣子的。My skirt buttons at the back. 请你把这颗纽扣缝到我的衬衫上 2502 chen4 podšívka, vycpávka, dát 好吗? Would you sew this button onto my dospodu, podložit give alms/ underwear/ to shirt? line/ lining/ contrast/ assist' 衬衫

鞋 袖 冠 帽 履

chenshan41 košile 衬裤 chenku44 spodky 衬 衣 chenyi41 košile 他穿上一件有毛皮衬 1686 xiu4 rukáv sleeve' 里的外衣。He put on a coat with a fur lining. 我有一件红色的有羊毛衬里的运动服。 I 1713 guan1/ guan4 klobouk, koruna, have a red tracksuit with fleecy lining. 衬裤 čepice hat/ crown/ crest/ cap, to head' 作为内衣裤穿的贴身内裤或短裤 Briefs or shorts worn as underwear. 我那件最暖的大 1750 mao4 klobouk, čepice hat/ cap' 衣衬有绒毛里子. My warmest coat is lined 1802 lv3 obuv, šlapat, realizovat shoe/ with fleece. 那盒子用丝作衬里. The inside to tread on' 他们发誓要忠实履行自己的职 of the box was lined with silk. 责。They swore an oath to carry out their 2512 dou1 pocket' duties faithfully. 这个公司必须履行合同条 款。 The company has to fulfill the terms of 2612 dai4 umber-black dye for 1638 xie2 bota shoe'

兜 黛

painting the eyebrow'

2717 shu1 comb' 别把我的头发弄 乱,我刚梳好。Don't mess up my hair: I've just combed it. 你的头发需要(好好)梳一 梳. Your hair needs a (good) comb.

襟 裳 裘 俏

2843 jin1 gown'

1084 yang2 zvedat, máchnout hurl/ to raise/ to scatter' 去糠簸、扬的行为 An act of winnowing. 我们走时车子扬起了一阵尘 土。The car raised quite a dust as we drove off. 恐怖分子扬言要炸毁劫持的客机。The terrorists are threatening to blow up the overlapping part of Chinese hijacked airliner.

1086 qin1 vpadnout, vtrhnout to invade/ to infringe/ to approach' 他命令军 队拂晓侵入该国. He ordered the army to 2868 qiu2 (surname)/ fur/ fur coat' 简 invade at dawn. 你熟悉关于侵入私人领地 昨天买了一件裘皮大衣。Jane bought a fur 的法律吗?Are you familiar with the laws relating to trespass? coat yesterday. 2861 chang2/ shang lower garment/ skirts/ petticoats/ garments' 2880 qiao4 hezký, elegantní, žádaný smart' 她穿着花俏俗气。She was loudly dressed.

迅 迷

1090 xun4 rychlý rapid'

opakování obnovení

恢 频

1153 mi2 zabloudit bewilder/ crazy about/ fan/ enthusiast/ lost/ confused' 恐怕 我的方位感很差,因此我容易迷路。I'm afraid I haven't got a very good sense of directions, so I easily get lost. 他在森林中迷 路了。He lost his way in the forest.

1364 hui1 znovu nabýt, obnovit to restore/ to recover/ great' 1535 pin2 frekvence frequency/ frequently/ repetitious'

pasivnost akceptace

1204 pian1 vychylovat se, naklánět se one-sided/ to lean/ to slant/ prejudiced/ inclined to one side' 太阴偏西。 Slunce se sklání k západu. 导弹已偏离轨道. The missile deflected from its trajectory. 偏见 předsudek, předpojatost

1260 qing1 naklánět se, přiklánět se to overturn/ to collapse/ to lean/ to tend/ to 1048 zao1 utrpět, být vystaven čemu a incline/ to pour out' 树在风中倾斜。The time/ incident/ meet by chance/ turn' 遭受损 trees leant in the wind. 我倾向于相信他的 失 utrpět ztrátu 无辜。I'm inclined to believe him innocent.

遭 患

1249 huan4 být postižen, utrpět 1285 ben1/ ben4 uhánět, pádit/ jít, misfortune/ suffer (from illness)/ trouble/ směřovat to hurry or rush/ to run quickly/ to danger/ worry/ to contract (a disease)' 患病 elope, go to/ towards' 她伸开双臂朝他奔 stonat 患者 pacient 患难 neštěstí, pohroma, 去。She ran towards him with outspread tragédie arms. 不要轻率地奔赴险境,做任何决定之 前都要认真想想。Don't rush headlong into danger; think it through carefully before you pohyb make any decisions.

1327 fan4 rozlévat se, být zalit broad/

vast/ float/ pan-, float/ general/ vague' 泛滥 Wood does not sink in water, it floats. záplava, zaplavit 市场上外国货泛滥。 Trh 1578 jian4 šlapat, deptat fulfill (a zaplavilo zboží ze zahraničí. promise)/ tread/ walk' 这是圣地,我们不 1426 pa2 šplhat, plazit se crawl/ climb' 可践踏。This is sanctified ground, and we may not tread upon it. 不要践踏花卉! 1430 fan3 vracet se to return (to)' Don't tread on the flowers!

爬 返 漫

1455 man4 rozlévat se, přetékat, 1590 die1 klesnout, padat to drop/ to zaplavovat free/ unrestrained/ inundate' 在 fall/ to tumble' 你必须留心脚下才不会跌 一个长时间的降雨之后,河水会漫过河岸。下去。You must watch your step so as not to After a long period of rain the river may fall down. 销售开始下跌,公司财务不久 overflow its banks. 便出现赤字,他们只得把那幢大楼卖掉。 Sales began to drop and the company was 1459 shu1 rozvinout se, uvolnit se soon in the red. They had to sell the building. (surname)/ relax' 我起床后舒服地伸了个 懒腰。I got out of the bed and had a good 1630 qian1 přesunovat se to move/ to stretch. 那条狗醒过来, 舒舒服服地伸展了 shift' 吉普赛人不时在迁移流动。The 一下身子便走开了. The dog woke up, had a Gypsies are a race constantly on the move. good stretch and wandered off. 1642 yong3 řinout se, valit se, prýštit 1462 fu2 plavat, plout, povrchní to bubble up/ rush forth' 他们涌出电影院。 float' 水不够深, 船浮不起来. There wasn't They streamed out of the cinema. 通勤者涌入 enough water to float the ship. 浮冰对这一带 车站. Commuters were pouring into the 的航运是一种威胁. Ice-floes are a threat to station. 血从伤口中涌出. Blood was pouring shipping in the area. from the wound.

迁 涌

1486 qu1 pospíchat, směřovat to 1681 chen2/ shen3 klesnout sink, hasten/ to hurry/ walk fast' 趋势 tendence (surname)/ place name' 太阳已沈入地平线。 公众舆论的趋向看来是转向不利于政府的 The sun sank below the horizon. 方向。 The tide of public opinion seems to be 1698 mai4 kráčet, udělat krok take a turning against the government. 我们原来相 step' 他们完全反对我迈出这危险的一步。 互对立的观点开始趋於一致. Our They are absolutely discouraging me from previously opposed views are beginning to such a dangerous step. 汤姆必须迈大步才能 converge. 跟上他的父亲。 Tom has to take long steps 1516 yue4 skákat to jump/ to leap' to keep pace with his father. 政府的通告已视 The 1527 piao1 poletovat, vlát to float' 飘 为迈向解决罢工问题的一步。 government's announcement is seen as a move 荡 třepetat se, vlát 旗子在风中飘扬。 Flags towards settling the strike. are fluttering in the breeze. 有个气球从空中 1729 pen1/ pen4 stříkat, rozstřikovat, 飘过. A balloon floated across the sky. 跳伞 prskat, tryskat to puff/ to spout/ to spray/ to 者轻飘飘地降落到地上. The parachutist spurt, fragrant/ sneeze' 水正从管子里喷出 floated gently down to earth. 来。 Water is spouting out of the pipe. 灰尘 1568 piao1/ piao3/ piao4 plout, být 使他打了个喷嚏。The dust made him sneeze. unášen to float/ to drift, to bleach, elegant/ 这食物中的胡椒味儿呛得我直打喷嚏. The polished' 木头在水中不沉, 而是漂在水面. pepper in the food caused me to/ made me

沈 迈

跃 飘

sneeze. 到处都是灰尘, 他不停地打著喷嚏. 2129 chuang3 to rush/ break through' With all that dust about, he couldn't stop 孩子们到处乱闯。The children are rushing sneezing. 打喷嚏时, 要用手帕遮住. Use a about. handkerchief when you sneeze.

闯 翔

2184 xiang2 soar' 他的想象力有类 1753 ta4 stoupnout, vkročit step on' 这是圣地,我们不可践踏。This is sanctified 于鸵鸟的翅膀—虽未可以飞翔,犹可使他 ground, and we may not tread upon it. 恰恰 奔驰。His imagination resemble the wing of 就在我登上公共汽车踏板的时候,车子开 an ostrich. it enabled him to run, though not to 动了。 At the precise moment that I put my soar. 那架滑翔机在山谷上空滑翔。The glider was soaring above the valley. foot on the step, the bus started. 我的脚怎麽 也够不著踏板. My feet can hardly reach the 2204 nuo2 to shift/ to move' 帮我把 pedals. 他们重踏著脚步穿过厨房走来, 留下 这沙发挪得离炉火远些。 Help me to shift the 了肮脏的脚印. They came tramping through sofa away from the fire. 你真有能耐,一个 the kitchen leaving dirty footmarks. 人挪动那架钢琴。 was quite a feat to move It that piano by yourself. 斯堪的那维亚是指 1789 jie2 rychlý, vítězství victory/ 丹麦、 挪威、 瑞典和冰岛。 Scandinavia refers triumph/ quick/ prompt/ rapid' 捷径 to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. jiejing24 zkratka 我们队每战皆捷。 team Our 部长被查出挪用了公款。The minister was wins every time. found to have appropriated government 1796 huang3/ huang4 kývat se, houpat money. se dazzle, sway/ to shade' 树枝在风中摇 2232 guai3 zabočit, zahnout kidnap/ to 晃。The branches of the trees were swaying in turn' 拐弯之前别忘记指示车行方向。Don't the wind. 渡船摇摇晃晃, 他感到恶心. The forget to indicate before turning. sway of the ferry made him feel sick. 2270 shuai1 upadnout, svalit se throw 1843 fu4 jít kam go towards/ go to/ on ground/ to fall' 小女孩失去了平衡,从 attend (a banquet, etc.)/ to go' 别跟我扯什 平衡木上摔了下来。The girl lost her balance 麽头痛来当藉口, 我知道你不想赴会. Don't and fell off the balance beam. 别向后看,不 give me that rubbish about having a Don't look behind or you may headache; I know you don't want to go to the 然你会摔跤的。 fall. 那个粗心的侍者把盘子摔到了地上。 party. 她立刻抓住时机赴美. She leapt at The careless waiter dropped the dish onto the the chance to go to America. ground. 1923 liu1 klouzat, kluzký slip away/ to 2279 zhui4 fall' 那枝箭射中鹄的, 那 skate' 小偷溜进房间。 The thief slid into the 只鸟坠地而死. The arrow reached its mark room. and the bird fell dead. 攀登者从极高的地方 2045 zhou4 cval gallop, sudden/ 坠落下来. The climber fell from a great suddenly' 骤然 zhòurán suddenly height. 那架正在坠落的飞机忽然烧起来。 The falling plane burst into flames. 2100 chi2 run fast/ speed/ spread/ 2338 yi4 unikat escape/ leisurely/ gallop' 我喜欢骑著马在田野奔驰. I enjoy outstanding' 气体从管子里逸出。Gas galloping over the fields. 摩托车正全速疾 驰。The motorcycles were spinning along at escaped from the pipe. 通过泄漏逃逸的东西 Something that escapes by leaking. full speed.

拐 摔

溜 骤 驰

walk. 2439 pan1 climb up/ pull' 这次攀登 并不难--对於有经验的登山运动员应是 轻而易举的事。It's not a difficult climb it politika should be child's play for an experienced mountaineer. 我的花园里长着一些攀缘植 1138 chen2 dvořan statesman/ vassal/ 物。 have some climbing plants in the garden. I courtier/ minister/ official' 英国财政大臣是 2461 cuan4 flee/ escape/ run away/ 负责财政的大臣。 The Chancellor of the leap' 有一只老虎跑出, 正在城里东逃西窜. Exchequer is the minister in charge of An escaped tiger is roaming free in the town. finance in Britain.

窜 渗

2520 shen4 prosakovat to seep/ to ooze/ to horrify' 伤口仍在渗血。Blood was still oozing from the wound. 发动机渗出了 黑油。Black oil was oozing out of the engine. 没渗出来了,因为没箱上有一个小 洞。 The oil leaked away because there was a small hole on the tank. 由渗漏而导致的损 失总量 An amount lost as the result of leaking. 他往土里掺了些沙子以提高渗水性 能。 He added sand to the soil to make it more porous.

1163 meng2 svaz, unie oath/ pledge/ union/ to ally' 比荷卢经济联盟比利时、荷 兰和卢森堡的经济联盟,1948年作为一个 关税联盟建立 An economic union of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, originally established as a customs union in1948.

袭 旗

1213 xi2 přepadnout, zaútočit inherit/ raid/ suit of clothes'

1407 qi2 vlajka, prapor banner/ flag' 爱国者在自由的旗帜下战斗。 The patriots 2580 yan1 topit se, potápět se drown/ fought under the banner of freedom. 旗子在 submerge' 那个女孩从船上掉入水中淹死 风中飘扬。Flags are fluttering in the breeze. 了。The girl fell overboard and drowned. 他 总统葬礼那天,全国到处降半旗致哀。 们几乎被水淹死。 They came near being Flags were at half mast everywhere on the drowned. 每年春天河水把山谷淹没。 Every day of the president's funeral. spring the river floods the valley. 1484 xian4 statute/ constitution' 2659 dao3 stoupnout, šlápnout tread 1579 ji2 příslušnost (surname)/ record/ on/ trample/ stamp/ fulfill' 舞蹈 wǔdǎo dance register/ native place' 籍贯 místo narození, rodiště 她住在法国,但有英国国籍。 She 2733 lun2 potopit se, utonout, upadnout lives in France but has British nationality. do něčeho perish' 1712 zhang4 bitva battle' 2760 tao1 overflow/ torrent-dash' 他 1756 hou2 markýz marquis' 的话滔滔不绝。His words gashed out.

蹈 沦 滔 蹦 跋

宪 籍

2839 beng4 to jump/ bounce or hop' 箱子突然打开,从里面蹦出只小狗。 Suddenly the box split open and a puppy jumped out.

仗 侯 霸 挣

1838 ba4 despota feudal chief/ rule by force/ tyrant/ lord/ master/ hegemon/ usurp'

1875 zheng1/ zheng4 boj, bojovat, vydělat peníze struggle, to earn/ to make 2917 ba2 travel/ walk' 长途跋涉之后 (money)' 他们挣的钱够用了。 Their earnings 我觉得累极了。I am tired out after the long are adequate to their needs.

帅 卿

1888 shuai4 velitel handsome/ graceful/ smart/ commander in chief' 2029 qing1 ministr (old) minister/ (old) term of endearment between spouses/ thou (poet.)' 国务卿目前正在考虑该项建议. The Secretary of State is presently considering the proposal.

had captured a foreign spy. 後来发现他原来 是间谍。He was later discovered to have been a spy.

疆 俘

2036 jiang1

border/ boundary'

虏 虐 帜 屯 尹

2475 lu3 zajatec take captive' 2665 nue4 2813 zhi4 oppressive/ tyrannical' flag'

2057 fu2 prisoner of war' 他们对俘 虏百般侮辱。 They inflicted all kinds of indignities on their captives. 他们残杀战俘。 They butchered the war prisoners.

2864 tun2/ zhun1 to station (soldiers)/ to store up, difficult/ stingy' 2885 yin3 (surname)/ to rule'

2126 wei4 důstojník (surname)/ milit. official/ to quiet' 上尉的级别低於少校. A 1047 huo3 partner, skupina assistant/ captain is inferior to a major. 他被提升为陆 furniture/ partner' 这家商行为两名合伙人 军中尉/ 海军上尉。 He was promoted to lieutenant. 这个年轻军官被提升为上尉。 所拥有。The business is owned by two The young army officer was promoted to the rank partners. of captain. 1053 long4/ nong4 dělat, hotovit, 2140 bi4/ pi4 king/ emperor/ monarch/ připravovat lane/ alley, to do/ to manage/ to royal/ ward off, law, dispel/ open up/ refute' handle/ to play with/ to fool with/ to mess with/ to fix/ to toy with' 2147 qin1 royal' 1146 gao3 zabývat se něčím, pracovat v 2234 liao2 byrokrat bureaucrat' 他是 určitém oboru to do/ to make/ to go in for/ 个有很大权力的官僚。He is an omnipotent to set up/ to get hold of/ to take care of' 搞清 禁 vyjasnit 搞好 dát do pořádku 她一辈子 bureaucrat. 必须清除官僚习气。 It is necessary to get rid of bureaucratic practices. 搞戏剧。 She is been in the theater all her life. 我估计我的申请书不知道让哪个无能的官 1148 cuo4 konat, podnikat, jednat put 僚给弄丢了. I suppose my application has in order/ arrange/ administer/ execute/ take been lost by some incompetent bureaucrat. action on' 不知所措 nevědět si rady 根本措 2277 hui1 insignia' 施 radikální opatření

pracovní činnost

辟 钦 僚

弄 搞

徽 郡 吏 侨 谍

1152 pei2 pěstovat, nahrnout hlínu to cultivate/ to earth up' 培养 výchova, 2311 li4 minor official' vychovávat 水产养殖在控制条件下,科 学、 艺术及商业性培植海水或淡水食用鱼或 2340 qiao2 emigrant/ reside abroad' 介壳类,如牡 蛎、蛤、鲑及鳟鱼 The 他们中大多数侨民是爱国主义者。Most science, art, and business of cultivating emigrants among them are patriots. marine or freshwater food fish or shellfish, 2391 die2 špeh, vyzvědač, špionáž to such as oysters, clams, salmon, and trout, spy' 警方抓获了一名外国间谍。The police under controlled conditions. 他仔细地在新

2289 VI 04

canton/ county/ region'

栽的树的根部培上土。He carefully earthed you usually spend your leisure time? 现今生 up the roots of the newly-planted tree. 活分成工作和闲暇两部分. Life today is compartmentalized into work and leisure. 1198 yi4 překládat, tlumočit to translate/ to interpret' 1544 xun2 hlídkovat to patrol/ to make one's rounds' 警察晚间在街道上巡逻. 1203 cai2 stříhat na šaty, odstřihnout, Police patrol the streets at night. redukovat cut out (as a dress)/ cut/ trim/ reduce/ diminish/ decision/ judgment' 公司 1580 mu4 pastevec shepherd' 被迫裁员, 恐怕我是其中之一(冗员). 1629 dong3 dohlížet, řídit (surname)/ The company is being forced to reduce staff and I fear I'm a likely candidate (for supervise/ to direct/ director' 董事会指定他 redundancy). 为新董事。The board nominated him as the new director. 1219 qiao3 zručný, náhodou opportunely/ coincidentally/ as it happens/ 1652 you2 pošta post (office)/ mail' skillful/ timely' 他的谈判技巧使他赢得了 1665 ge1 kosit, žnout, řezat cut off' 我 精明战略家的名声。His skill in negotiating earned him a reputation as a shrewd tactician. 从邻居那借了割草机来割花园里的草。I 制作小模型要手巧。Making small models borrowed a mower from my neighbor to cut requires manual skill. 他的聪明和技巧使 grass in my garden. 别让碎玻璃割伤你的 手。Don't cut your finger on the broken glass. 我们赞叹不已。His cleverness and skill 鲨鱼的背鳍被渔夫割了下来。The shark's compel our admiration. dorsal fin was cut off by the fisherman. 他的 1241 kan1 tisknout, publikovat to print/ 手腕割伤得很厉害,血阵阵涌出。 cut his He publish' wrist so badly that jets of blood spurted out. 1245 yi4 služba service' 视力不佳将 农民们在收割完庄稼后常烧茬子。Farmers often burn the stubble after they have cut the 使你免服兵役。Poor eyesight will exempt corn. you from military service. 1735 tu2 natírat, namazat to smear/ 1275 bo1 sít, vysílat sow/ scatter/ daub, (surname)/ to smear/ daub/ to apply spread/ broadcast' (paint)/ to spread' 在喷涂主漆前,应在物 品的表面刷一层底漆。 A coat of primer 1379 shu3 kancelář office/ bureau' should be made over the bare surface before 1403 she4 fotografovat assist/ collect/ the main painting. 他在面包上涂黄油。He absorb' 他有个主意,以纯白为背景给他 spread butter on his bread. 他在手上涂了些 们拍摄。He had the idea of shooting them 药膏来止痛。 He smeared some balm on his against a complete plain white background. hand to soothe the pain. 镜头慢慢移动拍摄房间全景. The shot 1763 lian4 destilovat, rafinovat, tavit panned slowly across the room. 我们已经准 备好拍摄(舞厅的连续镜头). We're ready refine/ smelt, refine' 炼铁 tavit železo 乳香 是从树上提炼的一种有甜味的树脂。 to shoot (the ballroom sequence). Frankincense is a type of sweet-smelling 1529 xian2 zahálet, mít volno to stay gum from a tree. 这些石油将被精炼。The oil idle/ to be unoccupied/ not busy/ leisure/ will be refined. enclosure' 机器闲着。Stroje zbytečně stojí. 1770 yu2 rybařit, rybář fisherman/ to 你通常是怎样度过你的空闲时间?How do

译 裁

巡 牧 董

邮 割

刊 役 播 署 摄


1809 hui4 kreslit, malovat, črtat to draw/ to paint' 他的绘画收藏令人叹为观 止。His collection of paintings is the most 1871 shi4 obsluhovat attend on' 她有 impressive. 她擅长绘画。 She is clever at painting. 音乐和绘画是他生活中的两大嗜 三个仆人在侍候她。She had three servants 好。His two great interests in life are music attending on her. 她永远学不会侍候进餐。 and painting. She will never learn to wait on table. 女王由 宫廷女侍陪伴. The Queen was attended by 1810 fa2 kácet (v) cut down; fell/ (v) her ladies-in-waiting. dispatch an expedition against; descend upon' 我们要减少砍伐的树的数量. We are going 1971 si4 krmit, chovat to raise/ to rear/ to scale down the number of trees being to feed' 饲养员正在喂动物。The keeper is felled. feeding the animals. 我曾饲养过一只小狗。I 1812 pu1/ pu2 služebník fall prostrate, once raised a little puppy. 家禽已经喂过饲 料了. The poultry have been fed. servant' 这仆人深得主人的信赖。The

菜。 We dug up the rose bushes and planted some cabbages. 他遇雪崩被埋住了,得把他 挖出来。He was buried by an avalanche and had to be dug out.

servant enjoyed his master's confidence. 公爵 2038 su4 modelovat z hlíny to model (a 命令仆人把一封信送给国王。 The duke figure) in clay' ordered the servant to send a letter to the king. 2077 guan4 irrigate/ pour' 我们已经 政治家应是人民的公仆。 politician should A be a servant of the people. 灌溉了荒芜地区使它肥沃。 We have irrigated the desert area to make it fertile. 干 1829 diao1 řezba engrave, engrave/ 旱地区需要灌溉才能使作物生长。Irrigation shrewd, golden eagle' 雕塑 diaosu14 socha, is needed to make crops grow in dry regions. plastika 把牛奶灌进壶里. Pour the milk into a jug. 我需要一个漏斗把汽油灌进油箱. I need a 1842 da1 postavit, položit, zřídit, funnel to pour petrol into the tank. vybudovat build (scaffolding)/ take (boat, train)/ hang/ join/ match/ take passage' 小男 2080 zai3 slaughter/ butcher/ govern/ 孩正在搭积木。 little boy is piling up his rule/ official' The building blocks. 我设法弄来点材料搭个棚 2110 jiang4 řemeslník craftsman' 能 子. I managed to scrounge the materials to build a shed. 栏杆上搭著条毛巾. A towel 工巧匠的特点是一丝不苟. Attention to hung from the rail. detail is the hallmark of a fine craftsman. 这 个工匠向他的独子传授了制罐的手艺。 The 1850 geng1 orat to plow/ to till' craftsman taught his son and heir how to 1852 feng2/ feng4 šít,stehovat to sew/ make pots.

塑 灌

雕 搭

宰 匠

耕 缝 挖

to stitch, crack/ seam' 1860 wa1 kopat, rýt, hloubit to dig/ to excavate/ to scoop out' 囚犯挖了一条地道 逃跑了。The prisoner escaped by digging an underground tunnel. 明天开始挖掘工作。 Excavation of the site will begin tomorrow. 我们把玫瑰丛挖出来,然后种了一些卷心

2167 xin1 plat, mzda fuel/ salary' 税 金从你的薪金中扣除。Tax is deducted from your salary. 他的年薪是多少? How much is his annual salary? 员工们要求加薪。The employees demand that their salaries be raised. 她因其技术奇货可居,故可以主宰 自己的薪金待遇。 Her skill is in such demand that she can dictate her own salary.

2182 zhuan4/ zuan4 earn/ make a 2434 xiu4 to embroider' 她把她姓名 profit, cheat/ swindle' 他比往常多赚二倍 的起首字母绣在手帕上。She embroidered 的钱。He earns twice as much as he used to. her initials on the handkerchief. 你能告诉我你一个月赚多少吗?Can you 2479 xie4 vykládat, sundat unload/ take tell me how much you earn a month? off' 卡车非装卸货物时不得在此停车。 2212 jue2 dig' 我们正在掘地探矿. Lorries may only park here when loading or The We are digging for mineral deposits. 父亲在 unloading. 那艘船被允许在码头上卸货。 ship was allowed to unload cargo on the 花园里掘出一枚古钱币。 Father dug up an wharf. old coin in the garden.

绣 卸

2487 pi1/ pi3 štípat (dříví) hack/ chop/ 2227 jian3 stříhat cut with scissors/ scissors' 最底下的抽屉里有把剪刀。There split open, split in two/ divide' 她一斧头把 is a pair of scissors in the bottom drawer. 花 木块劈成两半。She chopped the block of 剪下后很快就会枯萎。Flowers soon faded wood in two with a single blow. 我哥哥正在 when they have been cut. 这个剧目播出前必 为生火劈柴。My brother is chopping logs for the fire. 我们让他们在花园里劈木柴. We 须经过数次剪辑。Before this play is broadcast several cuts must be made. 他保存 set them to chop wood/ set them to work 了很多剪报。 He saved many cuttings from chopping wood in the garden. 她把椰子劈开 了. She split open the coconut. 我那时正在 newspaper. 后院劈柴。 I was out in the back yard 2253 pin4 najmout, zasnoubit se splitting logs. betrothed/ engage (teacher)/ hire' 由于聘请 2508 lao1 vylovit fish up' 每月都从运 了年轻人担任重要职务,给该公司注入了 新的活力。New blood was brought into the 河中打捞出几辆旧汽车来. Several old cars are fished out (of the canal) every month. 警 company through appointment of younger 方从浑浊的河水中捞出包裹。The police men to important positions. dredged up the parcel from the muddy river. 2296 qi1 paint/ lacquer' 你把门漆成 2530 zhu4 cast metals/ to coin 什么颜色?What color did you paint the door? 他把漆喷在墙上。He sprayed paint on (money)' 铸铁是一种比钢便宜得多的材 the wall. 这墙需要再涂一层新油漆。The 料。Cast- iron is a much less expensive wall requires a new coat of paint. 油漆大都 material than steel. 剥落。Most of the paint had crumbled off. 2531 duan4 forge/ wrought/ to

钓 栽

discipline' 她每天锻炼来减肥。 has been She 2305 diao4 to fish with a hook and taking exercises to lose weight from day to bait' 他最喜爱的消遣是钓鱼。Fishing is his day. 我长期慢跑锻炼身体. I've been favorite relaxation. jogging a lot to get myself into shape. 2401 zai1 zasadit to force/ to stick in/ 2546 yong1/ yong4 najmout hire/ to plant' 这些幼苗不久将栽到花坛中去。 servant, commission (for middleman)' 佣人 These young plants will soon be ready for bedding in borders. 老树移栽活不了,老人 sluha 她不能没有佣人。She cannot dispense 迁居命不长。Remove an old tree and it will with a servant. 那些雇佣兵被雇佣来打仗。 Those mercenaries were hired to fight. 老板 wither to death. 雇佣了一些临时工。 The boss hired some 2409 fang3 spin' temporary workers.

violate/ to separate/ to go against' 违约 2548 lu4 zaměstnaný, pracovitý nedodržovat smlouvu 我有义务不违反规定。 laborious/ small stone/ to record/ to tape/ to I'm committed not to violate the rules. 在我 write down/ to hire/ to employ' 他似乎和往 们国家,携带枪支是违法的。It's illegal to 常一样忙碌。He seems to be as busy as ever. carry guns in our country. 违法分子必须受 到法律惩罚。Those who disobey must be 2782 ci4 obsluhovat (hosty, pacienty) wait on, to watch/ to wait/ to examine/ to spy' punished by law. 这个国家违反了国际协 议。 The country violated the international 伺服电动机 servomotor agreement. 2788 fu1 aplikovat announce/ apply' 1199 duo2 okrást, sebrat rob/ snatch' 使用所附涂敷器涂用胶水. Use the applicator provided to spread the glue. 她用 他们不仅抢夺你的财物,还要把每样东西 几种草药的鲜汁配成药,把它敷在伤口上。都捣毁。 Not only do they rob you, they smash everything too. 他们要制止富人掠夺 She made up a medicine from the juice of They would stop the rich from robbing herbs and applied it to the wound. 药膏,胶 穷人。 the poor. 布用于保护伤口或疼痛处的软裹或敷盖物 A dressing or covering applied to protect a 1215 fa2 potrestat to punish/ to wound or sore. 上墨皮垫画家和雕刻家用来 penalize' 敷墨的垫子 A cushioned pad used by printers and engravers to apply ink. 1254 qian1 podepsat sign one's name, a note/ a stick/ sign one's name' 2800 jia4 sow grain' 1284 tou1 ukrást to steal/ to pilfer' 2831 qian4 deep valley/ inlay' 建筑 工人把嵌板非常小心地镶上去。 builders The 1410 ping2 důkaz, opírat se o něco, set the panel in very carefully. zakládat se na čem lean against/ proof/ to rely on/ to depend on/ to be based on' 这张 2866 jiao1 kropit, postříkat to water' 支票凭身分证件兑现. The cheque will be 因此我们不得不给菜地浇水。As a result, cashed on proof of identity. 警方没有什麽证 we have to water the vegetable garden. 他浇 据作凭藉. The police don't have much 上汽油火就熊熊地燃烧起来了。 The fire evidence to go on. blazed up when he poured petrol on it. 他被 1412 qiang1/ qiang3 vzít násilím, 雨浇得全身湿透。 He was wet from head to zmocnit se, odcizit against wind, fight over/ foot from the shower. to rush/ to scramble/ to grab/ to rob/ to 2921 zhuo2 vyřezávat drahokamy to snatch' cut (gems)' 1556 wei3 padělat, falešný false/ fake/ 2974 xiang1 to inlay/ to embed/ ridge/ forged/ bogus' 那个伪装者用一本假护照 border' 旅行。The impostor traveled on a false passport. 那个证人在作伪证。The witness is giving false testimony. 他们在支票上伪 právo 造了经理的签名。 They forged their manager's signature on the cheque. 那个不 在犯罪现场的伪证使警方失去了线索。The 1087 xing2 trest punishment' false alibi threw the police off the scent. 1184 wei2 nedodržovat to disobey/ to

伺 敷

罚 签 偷 凭

稼 嵌 浇

抢 伪

琢 镶

刑 违

the purchaser. 订契约的一方未到场. A party 1593 zun1 dodržovat to observe/ to to the contract defaulted. obey/ to follow' 这个工人因为严格遵守规 1821 cheng2 trestat punish/ discipline' 则而受到了表扬。 worker was praised for The his observance of the rules. 他因不顺从而受到惩罚。He was punished for his disobedience. 他应当受到惩罚。 He 1597 yu4 vězení prison' deserved to be punished. 他们受的惩罚太 轻。 The punishment inflicted on them was 1619 dao4 lupič, bandita, loupit, krást too mild. 他应该受到法律最严厉的惩罚。 steal/ rob/ plunder/ a thief/ bandit/ robber' He deserves to be punished with the full rigor 谋杀和偷盗都是犯罪行为。Murder and of the law. stealing are criminal acts. 法律禁止盗窃。 The law forbids stealing. 强盗们在警察到来 1825 jie2 obrat, okrást plunder' 抢劫 之前逃走了。 The robbers escaped before the 者劫取车上所有乘客的钱。The robbers police arrived. delivered all of the passengers on board of 1643 xia2 pravomoc, jurisdikce have their money. 敌人抢劫村庄。The enemy plundered the village. 侵略者在沿海城乡抢 jurisdiction over' 警察分局位于管区内并 劫食物和贵重物品. The invaders plundered 对其行使管辖权的警察局 The police food and valuables from coastal towns and station situated in and having jurisdiction villages. over such a district. 这件事情在他的管辖权 限之内。 This affair is within his 1862 song4 spor litigation' 法律行 jurisdiction. 分支机构的经理在其管辖范围 动;诉讼 Legal action; litigation. 我在这次 内有充分的自主权. Branch managers have 诉讼中代表我的朋友史密斯的利益。 In this full autonomy in their own areas. case I'm acting for my friend Mr Smith.

狱 盗

1696 lao2 vězení, pevný, napevno firm/ 1868 lue4/ lue3 rabovat plunder' 他们 fast' 牢房 vězeňská cela 这胶水粘得很牢。把掠夺来的东西装进大车里. They loaded This glue sticks fast. 那船牢牢地搁浅在沙洲 the carts with plunder. 敌人把所发现之财物 上. The ship stuck fast on the bar. 那柱子牢 均掠夺而去。 The enemy plunder all the 牢地埋在地里. The post is fast in the ground. goods they find.

2001 zei2 zloděj thief' 大贼罚小贼; 1775 ya1 zadržet detain in custody' 窃 贼被关押在监狱里。 The thief was confined 大鱼吃小鱼。The great thieves punish the little ones. 一次做贼,永远做贼。Once a in a prison. 被告还押候审一星期. The accused was remanded in custody for a thief, always a thief. 一群武装盗贼袭击了 week. 持枪歹徒把两个孩子扣押在这座建筑 无依无靠的旅客。 Armed thieves descended 物里当作人质. The gunman is holding two on the helpless travelers. children hostage in the building. 我们每 月 2050 diao4 to hang a person, condole 要付300英镑抵押贷款. We're paying out with/ hang' 罪犯被推上绞架吊死。The 300 a month on our mortgage. criminals were hanged on the gibbet. 我们头 1819 qi4 smlouva contract' 婚姻首先 顶上的天花板上吊著一盏灯. A lamp was suspended from the ceiling above us. 是一种契约,它必须以公正为制约。 Marriage is, first of all, a contract which 2103 qie4 I beg to presume/ steal' 一 must be governed by justice. 卖方须与买方 签订契约. The vendor signs a contract with 个青年因偷窃罪而在刑事庭受审。A youth was tried in the criminal court for stealing. 间

innocent people in wartime. 谍窃去了政府的秘密文件. The spy stole secret government documents. 如果偷窃就可 2684 zhao4 imperial order' 能被控偷窃罪. If you steal, you are chargeable with theft. 2770 jie4 commandment/ prohibit' 你 2171 tu2 zabíjet, masakrovat slaughter/ 能背诵十诫吗?Can you recite the Ten Commandants? slaughter man' 每天有数百万头牛被屠杀。 Millions of cattle are slaughtered every day.

诏 诫

屠 匪 擅

2201 fei3



2377 shan4 bez autorizace, svévolně usurp/ without authority' 他们未经许可擅 入该地. They entered the area without permission. 无通行证者不得擅入军事基地 . You cannot enter a military base without a permit.

2396 yuan1 injustice/ to wrong' 你这 1051 kuo4 rozšiřovat enlarge' 扩音机 样说就冤枉她了. In saying this you do her an injustice. 你要是以为我是出於私心, 那你 zesilovač zvuku 就冤枉我了. You wrong me if you think I 1071 xu1 prázdný devoid of content/ only did it for selfish reasons. void/ false/ empty/ vain'

1017 tan3 plochý flat/ open-hearted/ level/ smooth' 足球场地应该平坦。 A football field should be level. 她谈起私生活 时非常坦率, 大家都很吃惊. They were surprised by her openness when talking about her private life.

扩 虚 宽

谴 毙 寇 贿

2527 qian3

punishment/ scold'

2534 bi4 zastřelit, popravit die violently, execute by shooting' 2567 kou4 bandit'

1155 kuan1 široký lenient/ wide/ broad' 那个房间长宽相等。 This room is as broad as it is long. 花园的宽度为六米。The garden is six meters in width.

1202 ju4 vzdálenost at a distance of/ 2569 hui4 bribe/ bribery' 这个商人向 distance/ to be apart' 在电信发达的今天, 他行贿。The businessman offers bribes to 相距遥远已不再是什麽问题了. Distance is him. 他忠诚老实,不肯受贿。 is so honest no problem with modern He that he will not accept bribe. 他贿赂警察把 telecommunications. 那是地球到太阳的距离 他放了。He bribed the police to let him go 的两倍多。It was over twice the distance of free. 报纸上一篇文章说他受贿,他的声誉 the earth from the sun. 角距离,是由一定 点到两物体之间所量度的夹角。Angular 因此受到玷污。 His reputation was blemished by a newspaper article alleging he distance is the distance between two objects measured as an angle from a given point. had taken bribes.

囚 辜

1235 hou4 tlustý, silný generous/ thick 2594 qiu2 prisoner' 囚犯挖了一条地 道逃跑了。 The prisoner escaped by digging (for flat things)' 厚嘴唇 tlusté rty 这块木板 an underground tunnel. 太厚。To prkno je příliš silné. 2596 gu1 (surname)/ crime/ sin' 事实 1240 che4 celý, úplný, pronikající skrz naskrz pervade/ penetrate/ pass through/ 上,我们是无辜的。In fact we were innocent of the crime. 战争期间无辜百姓横 thorough/ penetrating' 我把收音机彻底检查 遭蹂躏. Many atrocities are committed on 了一遍才买了下来。I gave the radio a

厚 彻

thorough inspection before buying it. 我把汽 1798 hong2 prostorný, ohromný 车彻底检修了一遍。I gave the car a thorough going-over. 挽救该公司的唯一办 spacious' 宏观经济的 macroeconomic 法是彻底改变其经营方式. The only thing 1849 pang2 ohromný (surname)/ huge/ that will save the company is a thorough enormous/ tremendous' shake-up of the way it is run. 他已答应彻查 1864 hao4 ohromný, nesmírný, četný, 此事. He has promised a thorough hojný grand/ vast (water)' investigation into the affair.

宏 庞 浩 挨

乔 邻

2012 ai1/ ai2 těsně u lean to/ in order/ in sequence, next to/ suffer (hunger)/ endure/ drag out/ delay/ stall/ play for time' 彼得挨 1659 lin2 soused, sousední neighbor/ 著保罗坐在沙发上。Peter sat next to Paul adjacent/ close to' 这个国家同意为了共同 on the sofa. 的安全而与邻国结盟。 The country agreed 2018 xia2 narrow/ narrow-minded' 拥 to confederate with the neighboring country for mutual safety. 她喜欢议论邻居们的是非 挤的车辆慢吞吞地穿过狭窄的隧道。The heavy traffic crawled through the narrow 长短。 She loves to gossip to her neighbors. 他常常为了噪音和邻居们争吵。 tunnel. He was always fighting with his neighbors 2027 ai3 short (not tall)' 高山上的花 about the noise. 很矮。Alpine flowers are short. 在我们的花 1661 ji3 tísnit se, přeplněno crowded/ 园里有一棵矮苹果树。 There is a dwarf apple to squeeze' 这里很挤 Je tu velká tlačenice. tree in our garden. 人群挤得礼堂无法容纳。The crowd 2111 ying2 full/ filled/ surplus' 月亮 overflowed the auditorium. 渐渐变圆直至满盈,然後再变亏缺。The moon wax till it become full, and then wane. 1675 kuo4 široký, rozlehlý / přepychový rich/ wide/ broad' The brave 2139 lun2 uspořádat arrange, Koulkun man risked his life in trying to save the child. mountains' 那位勇敢的人冒着生命危险试图救那孩子。 The chimney fumed black smoke. 烟囱冒出 2304 shuo4 large/ big' 相扑运动员个 黑烟。The kettle is steaming away on the 个都有一个肥硕的身体。Every sumo stove. 炉子上的水壶正在冒蒸汽。 wrestler is large and firm-fleshed. 1488 qiao2 vysoký, Joe tall' 乔木 vysoký strom

狭 矮

盈 仑 硕 亩 敞

1715 yao2 vzdálený, daleký distant/ 2360 mu3 about 1/ 6 acre (M)' remote/ far/ far away' 我尽可能遥望这条 2592 chang3 prostorný, neuzavřený 路。 I looked down the road as far as I could. 这颗炸弹是遥控引爆的。 The bomb was spacious/ uncovered' 座椅按照顺序排列, exploded by remote control. 他在想那些日子 这使得礼堂里显得很宽敞。The systematic arrangement of chairs makes the hall look 现在已显得多麽遥远. How distant those spacious. 你不要敞著大门. You mustn't leave times seemed now, he reflected. the gate open. 透过敞开的房门可以看见凌 1785 mi2 plný, celý full/ to fill, 乱的厨房。The open door revealed an untidy overflowing' 我们双方都作些让步以弥合 kitchen. 价格差距怎么样?How about meeting each 2716 ping2 rovina a plain' other halfway to fill the price gap?

2827 pi4 zapadlý, zastrčený, pustý low/ rustic/ secluded' 他的怪僻之一是睡觉睡在 床底下而不睡在床上. One of his eccentricities is sleeping under the bed instead of on it.

2924 ku1 díra cave/ hole' 窟窿: [ kū long ] díra 他们的狗把我的裤子咬了个窟 窿。 Their dog bit a hole in my trousers. 有 个疯子破坏了那幅画,在上面划了许多窟 působení bodově, nárazově 窿。A madman mutilated the painting by cutting holes in it. 撞了个窟窿的油船正在喷 1167 pai1 plácat, odbíjet to clap/ to pat/ 油。The holed tanker was disgorging oil. 冰 山把那船撞出了窟窿. The ship was holed by to beat/ to hit/ to slap/ to take (a picture)' 拍 an iceberg. 香烟在地毯上烧了一个窟窿. 肩膀 jian1bang3 plácat po rameni He sent the horse forward with a slap on its rump. 他拍 The cigarette burnt a hole in the carpet. 了一下马尾,马便向前跑去。She photographed the ancient tower. 她把古塔拍 průnik 了下来。

2484 pou1 to cut' 根据解剖结果,此 人死于心脏病发作。 According to the result of the dissection, the man died from heart attack. 她因为难产, 要做剖腹产术. It was a difficult birth: she had to have a Caesarean. 我 们下学期得学解剖学了. We have to do anatomy next term.

1371 peng4 narazit, střetnout se, strčit 1077 tou4 proniknout, propouštět to to touch/ to meet with/ to bump' penetrate/ thorough/ penetrating/ to pass 1495 cha1 strčit insert/ stick in/ pierce/ through/ to pierce' 我的衣服深透了。 Šaty mi promokly skrz naskrz. 大雨湿透了她的大 to take part in/ to interfere/ to interpose' 她 把钥匙插入锁中。She inserted the key into 衣. The heavy rain had penetrated right through her coat. 水在穿透岩石的过程中获 the lock. 他把两手插入衣袋里。He thrust his hands into his pockets. 得了净化. Water is purified by passing through rock. 我冒雨出去,结果被淋得湿 1509 pu1 vrhnout se, zasáhnout to rush 透了。I went out in the rain and got wet at/ to throw oneself on, rush on' 扑灭蚊蝇 through. hubit komáry a mouchy

碰 插

扑 撞

1411 za1/ zha1/ zha2 píchnout se, 1540 zhuang4 narazit to hit/ to strike/ bodnout se, svázat to tie/ to bind, tie with to meet by accident/ to run into/ to bump string or ribbon/ bind with rope or cord/ to against/ to bump into' 在黑暗中他撞上了一 stop, to prick/ to run or stick (a needle, etc.) 根电线杆。He ran against a lamp post in the into, penetrating (as of cold)/ struggle' 她用 dark. 被车子撞倒后,他在医院里度过了一 一根橡皮筋扎头发。 She used a rubber band 星期。(Having been) Knocked down by a to tie her hair. 我的手指叫针给扎了一下. I car, he spent a week in the hospital. gave my finger a prick with a needle. 2444 ti1 kick/ play (football or soccer)' 1478 guan4 pronikat, prostupovat 我们在草地上踢足球。We play football on pierce/ to string' 这座小山被一个隧道贯 the grass. 在这场足球赛中,他主罚,踢进 穿。 hill is pierced by a tunnel. 这条河从 The 了一个球。He kicked a penalty goal in the 东到西贯穿这座城市。The river flows football match. 那匹马踢了我。That horse through the city from east to west. kicked me.

叩 戳

2898 kou4 knock' 让我叩诊你肺部。 Let me sound your lung. 2944 chuo1 šťouchat, píchat, vyčuhovat poke/ pierce/ prick/ wooden or rubber stamp or seal' 你的伞戳著我的背了. Your umbrella is sticking into my back. 他拿手杖 戳著地. He stabbed at the earth with his stick. 钢笔和铅笔从他上衣口袋上面戳了出来。 Pen and pencil poke out over the top of his coat pocket.

play/ to smear, girdle/ brassiere/ to plaster'

působení silou

1098 ji1 stopa, náznak footprint/ mark/ trace/ vestige/ sign/ indication, footprint/ trace' 他擦去铅笔的痕迹。He erases pencil marks. 湿杯子在桌面上留下一个痕迹。 The wet glass left a mark on the surface of the table. 有迹象表明物价将上涨。There are 2991 ke1 vyklepat to tap/ knock' 他把 some indications that the prices will rise. 猎 烟灰磕掉,然后继续往下说。He knocked 狗发现了兔子的踪迹。 The dogs found the trail of the rabbit. the ash off his pipe before he went on. 在再装 烟丝之前,他磕出了烟斗里的烟灰。 He 1161 shen1 natahovat, vystrkovat to knocked his pipe out before refilling it. stretch/ to extend' 沙漠一直延伸到远方。 The desert stretched away into the distance. 他伸出手臂, 够著了那个架子. With a působení kontaktní stretch of his arm, he reached the shelf. 我起 床后舒服地伸了个懒腰。I got out of the bed 1162 mo2 třít, tření rub' 他抚摩著下 and had a good stretch. 他一觉醒来, 边打呵 欠边伸懒腰. He woke up, yawned and 巴, 陷入沉思. He rubbed his chin stretched. thoughtfully. 取本面霜少许搽于脸部,并 均匀地按摩片刻,长期使用本品能消除皱 1178 chou1 vytahovat to draw out/ to 纹。 Spread a bit of this cream on your face smoke (cigarettes)/ to pump' 抽象 and rub evenly for a while. It can smooth abstraktní 抽屉 zásuvka 妇女在大众面前抽 away wrinkles if you persist. 按摩揉捏或按 烟并非不常见。It is not uncommon for 摩身体部位,以促进血液循环或放松肌肉 women to smoke in public. 这台泵通过这个 The rubbing or kneading of parts of the body 阀门把(容器中的)空气抽出. The pump to aid circulation or relax the muscles. sucks air out (of the vessel) through this 1537 mo2/ mo4 brousit, třít to sharpen/ valve. 你需用泵著实抽吸几分钟, 才能把 油箱灌满. You will need to pump hard for to delay/ hardship/ to grind/ to rub, grindstone' 他在石头上磨刀。 whetted his several minutes to fill the tank. He knife on the stone. 刻在石头上的文字已磨 1386 tai2 zvednout to lift/ to raise/ (of 损了。The inscription on the stone had worn two or more persons) to carry' 修汽车前, away. 有些人睡觉时磨牙齿。Some people 你得用千斤顶把汽车抬起来。You need a grind their teeth while they are asleep. jack to lift the car before repairing it. 请抬起 1761 ca1 utírat to wipe/ to erase/ 头来,看黑板。Please raise your head and rubbing (brush stroke in painting)/ to clean/ to look at the blackboard. 他在抬沉重的家具 polish' 擦汗 utírat pot, 擦地板 vytírat 时扭伤了腰。He did his back in lifting heavy furniture. podlahu, 擦鞋油 mazat krém na boty

2087 mo3/ mo4 namazat, pomazat

1492 tuo1 táhnout, trvat, táhnout se

dragging (brush stroke in painting)/ to drag along' 我的车抛锚了,能用你的车给我拖 一拖吗? My car's broken down; will you give me a tow? 这只老虎拖着它的猎物进了 丛林。The tiger dragged its kill into the jungle. 我们不得不把汽车拖到最近的修车 厂。We have to tow that car to the nearest garage.

1502 ba2 vytáhnout, vybrat pull up/ pull out/ select/ promote' 拔牙 trhat zub 拔 2218 tao1 vyndat, vytáhnout nějakou 草 vytrhávat plevel 拔钉子 vytahovat věc odněkud fish out (from pocket)' 他掏 hřebík 出一枝枪. He pulled out a gun. 他把手入囗 1532 zong1 stopa footprint/ trace/ 袋中,掏出一便士。 He dived into his tracks' 踪迹 stopy pocket and fished out a penny. 他掏出烟斗, 装满烟丝,一言不发地抽了起来。 1807 bo1 posouvat, nastavovat to push Fishing out his pipe, he filled it and puffed at aside/ to appropriate (money)/ to move/ to set it without a word. 他掏出一叠用旧了的纸 aside/ group/ batch/ to poke/ to stir' 把钟拨 币。He pulled out a pile of used bank note. 准 nastavovat hodiny 从伦敦以外的地方打 来电话, 要先拨01再拨电话号码. If you're 2222 wan3 táhnout, vyhrnovat (rukáv) phoning from outside London, dial 01 in draw/ pull/ send funeral ode' 挽起袖子 front of the number. vyhrnout rukáv

2183 cheng1 postrkovat, strkat, rozevírat, vydržet, udržet se support/ propup/ to pole a boat/ to open/ to overfill' 坑道 顶用木柱支撑。The roof of the tunnel was supported by wooden props. 此庙由粗大的柱 子支撑. The temple is supported by massive columns. 柱,杆建筑物框架中横梁的支撑 物 A support for a beam in the framework of a building.

踪 拨

挽 绑

1905 reng1 házet, vrhat throw' 他向湖 2421 bang3 svazovat to tie/ bind or 里扔了一块石头。He threw a stone into the fasten together' 坏蛋掳走了年轻的姑娘, lake. 我往火里扔了一根木炭。 threw a stick 把她捆绑在火车路轨上。 The villain carried I of charcoal in the fire. 看到他在挣扎,我给 off the young girl and tied her to the railway 他扔了一个救生圈过去。I threw a life buoy line. 他们不得不赎回被绑架的外交官。 They to him when I saw his struggling. 他吃掉了 had to ransom the kidnapped diplomat. 李子,并扔掉了果核。 He ate the plum, and 2468 xian1 zvednout (například víko) threw the core away. 把那块腐烂的肉扔 掉,不能再吃了。Throw that tainted meat lift (cover)' 她掀起锅盖加点盐。She lifted the lid of the pot to add some salt. 他掀起垫 away; it's not edible. 子把钥匙悄悄放在下面. He lifted the mat 1952 ang2 zvednout, vztyčit high/ raise and slid the key under (it). (head), high/ soaring/ raise/ lift/ expensive/ to 2472 nie1 tisknout, sevřít to pinch raise one's head' 建筑材料很昂贵。Building materials are expensive. 空运货物费用十分 (with one's fingers)/ to knead/ to make up' 昂贵。The transport of goods by air is very 他捏那孩子的脸颊玩. He pinched the child's cheek playfully. 他把黏土捏成形。 He expensive. pinched the clay into shape. 2084 che3 pull/ tear/ to talk casually' 2570 cai3 šlápnout, dupnout step upon/ 别扯我的头发!Don't pull my hair! 他扯我 的耳朵. He pulled my ears/ me by the ears. tread on/ stamp' 牛群踩出了一条通往池塘 的小径。The cattle had trodden a path to the

pond. 对不起, 我踩著你的脚了吧? Sorry, did I tread on your toe?

2614 zhi4 hodit toss' 警察面对一群 投掷砖块和汽油弹的暴徒。The police faced 1794 xiao1/ xue1 ořezat, ostrouhat, a mob throwing bricks and petrol bombs. 轮 到你掷骰子了。It's your turn to throw the otesat to scrape, to reduce/ to pare (away)/ to dice.那项决定是靠掷硬币的方法做出的。 cut (down)' 我的铅笔钝了,你能借我把刀 The decision depended on the toss of a coin. 子削一削吗?My pencil is blunt, could you 我们把硬币一掷(如以此法决定某事), 落 lend me a knife to sharpen it? 公司冒险将产 下後是漫面朝上. We tossed a coin (eg to 品削价出售。The company took a gamble decide sth by chance) and it came down by cutting the price of their products. 政府打 heads. 算削减军备开支。 The government intends to cut expenditure on arms. 2753 jian3 pick up/ collect/ gather' 捡 球是犯规的。It's against the rule to pick up 1959 bo1/ bao1 stahovat, sloupávat the ball. 她捡起掉落的苹果, 用衣服下摆兜 peel/ to skin' 剥树皮 loupat kůru ze stromu 著. She gathered the fallen apples and 2280 sha1/ sha4 zastavit, zabrzdit, carried them in her lap. 将地上的谷粒捡起 utáhnout/ velice, neobyčejně decrease/ 来。Pick up the grains on the ground. tighten, baleful/ bring to a stop/ very' 2978 beng1/ beng3 natáhnout, 2536 bian3 znehodnotit, snížit, pohanět roztáhnout, zavázat to stretch/ taut/ to tie/ to to diminish/ to demote/ reduce or devaluate/ bind, to have a taut face' 画家把油画布紧 disparage/ censure/ depreciate' 他喜欢贬低 绷在画框上。 The painter stretched the canvas 别人的技能。He likes to diminish the skills on a frame. 医生不得不用石膏绷带来固定 of others. 我们的货币不会贬值。Our 他断了的胳膊。 The doctor had to hold his currency will not be depreciated. 反对党企 broken arm with a plaster cast. 伤口用绷带 图贬低我们的成就. The opposition are trying 包扎着。 The wound was bound up by to diminish our achievements. 该公司的股 bandage. 一位护士来给他包上干净的绷带。 A nurse came to put on a clean dressing for 票已经贬值. Shares in the company have depreciated. him.

body. 这件羊毛衫洗后会缩水吗?Will this woolen sweater shrink when washed? 热的 金属一冷(下来)就收缩. The hot metal contracts as it cools (down).

剥 煞 贬

2992 qiao2/ qiao4 outstanding/ to raise' 这块潮湿的木材有些翘棱了. The damp wood began to warp. 火把这些唱片烤 翘了. The heat of the fire has bent these records.

2625 shi2 eat up slowly/ eclipse' 腐蚀 corrode 这种酸能腐蚀铁。This acid may corrode iron. 金属易为酸所腐蚀。Metals are eroded by acids. 太阳(被月球)遮住一部 分(日偏蚀). The sun is partly eclipsed (by the moon). 该金属已锈蚀. The metal has corroded (away) because of rust.


1304 suo1 stahovat se, zkracovat se to withdraw/ to pull back/ to contract/ to shrink/ to reduce' 肌肉的收缩是人体的一种反应。 The contraction of muscle is a reaction of the


爷 祖

1007 ye2

grandpa/ etc./ old gentleman'

1025 zu3 předek ancestor/ forefather/


几小时. Some insects have a life-span of no more than a few hours. 女人比男人的预期 1050 ba4 father/ dad/ pa/ papa' 寿命长. Women have a higher life expectancy 1076 qi1/ qi4 manželka wife, to marry than men. off (a daughter)' 1640 mai2/ man2 pohřbít bury, to

爸 妻 兄 姓 妹 童 婆 丧 叔 郎 辈 龄

blame' 在那次事故中死的那个人已经被埋 葬了。The man who was died in that accident 1149 xing4 příjmení surname/ family has been interred. 这些放射性废物应该放在 name/ name' 密封的箱子里深埋在地下。The radioactive waste should be buried deeply under the 1185 mei4 mladší sestra younger sister' ground in sealed box. 1089 xiong1 elder brother' 1229 tong2 dítě (surname)/ boy/ child/ 1759 kun1 starší bratr Kunlun children' mountains, descendant/ elder brother' 1347 po2 mother-in-law' grandmother/ matron/

昆 娃 岳 爹 姻

1833 wa2

baby/ doll'

1404 sang1/ sang4 pohřeb mourning/ funeral, lose (by death)' 1422 shu1 1457 lang2 uncle in direct address' (surname)/ a youth'

1844 yue4 tchán (surname)/ mountain/ wife's father, mountain' 2004 die1 dad'

1477 bei4 lifetime'

2007 yin1 marriage connections' 婚 姻是大多数社会早已确立的制度。Marriage contemporaries/ generation/ is an institution in most societies. 他的婚姻生 活很幸福。 marriage is full of happiness. His

2060 zang4 bury (the dead)' 他被安 1510 ling2 age' 我妹妹和你年龄相 仿。My sister is around your age. 睿智与机 葬在这个公墓里。He was buried in this 灵不同,前者可随着年龄增加。Sagacity, cemetery. 那些死去的战士被埋葬在坟墓里。 unlike cleverness, may increase with age. 请 Those dead soldiers were buried in the 登记你的姓名、年龄以及供养的亲属的人 tombs. 莎士比亚葬於何处? Where is Shakespeare buried? 数。Please state your name, age, and the number of dependants you have. 许多妇女 2063 jia4 marry (a husband)' 她出于 常在自己的年龄上说谎话。Many women lie 虚荣心而嫁给了那个富人。She married the about their age. rich man out of vanity. 她终于嫁给了最执着 追求她的人。 She eventually married the 1575 meng4 first month/ eldest most persistent one of her admirers. brother/ (surname)'

孟 幼

1577 you4 mladý young' 植物的幼苗 常因严寒而冻死. Young plants are often killed by frost. 幼小的鸟易受食肉动物伤害. Young birds are very vulnerable to predators.


1615 shou4 dlouhověkost, dlouhý věk, věk, stáří (long) life' 有些昆虫寿命只有

翁 婴 孝 妮

2112 weng1 2115 ying1 2116 xiao4

(surname)/ elderly person' infant/ baby' filial'

2124 ni1 name)'

girl/ phonetic "ni" (in girl's

嫂 姊 姨 戚

2142 sao3 in-law' 2236 zi3 2287 yi2

older brother's wife; sisterolder sister' one's mother's sister/ aunt'



1058 ci4 trn thorn/ sting/ prick/ pierce/ stab/ thrust/ assassinate/ murder' 针刺进了 2316 qi1 příbuznost ashamed/ grief, (surname)/ relative' 亲戚 příbuzný 他(跟 她的手指。The needle pierced her finger. 凶 我)不是亲戚. He's no relation (to me). 只有 手把刀刺进她的背部,杀害了她。The 少数亲戚参加了他的葬礼。Only a few of murderer killed her by thrusting a knife in her back. his kindred were present at his funeral. 我们 邀请了所有的亲戚来参加婚礼。We invited 1108 ma2 konopí (to have) pins and all our relatives to the wedding. needles/ tingling/ hemp/ numb/ to bother' 大

舅 媳 娶

2375 jiu4 2393 xi2

maternal uncle' daughter in law'

2494 qu3 take a wife' 我打算娶她。 1124 zhi2 sázet to plant' 所有的植物 I'm going to marry her. 我虽然很喜欢她, 却不打算娶她。Much as I like her, I won't 都需要水和阳光。All plants need water and marry her. 他怎么会娶了她,这我就不懂 light. 植物因缺水而枯死了。The plant died for lack of water. 了。It's beyond me why he married her.

麻可用来做衣服和绳子。Hemp can be used for cloth and ropes. 麻疯病是一种影响皮肤 和神经的疾病。Leprosy is a kind of disease affecting the skin and nerves.

侄 棺

2664 zhi2 nephew, nephew (of the same surname)'

秀 梅 麦 莱 菜 茶 艾 荷

1136 xiu4 1. hnát do klasů 2. překrásný, kouzelný handsome/ elegant'

1159 mei2 divoká slíva, čínská meruňka 2686 guan1 rakev coffin' 棺材架,尸 体架埋葬前用以放置尸体或棺材的架子 A plum flower' stand on which a corpse or a coffin containing 1171 mai4 obilí (surname)/ wheat/ a corpse is placed before burial. 肯定是什么 barley/ oats' 小麦 pšenice 黑麦 žito 大麦 人物,因他棺材上有国旗。 He must be ječmen 燕麦 yan4mai4 oves somebody, for a flag was draped over the coffin. 1196 lai2 merlík bílý Chenopodium album' 2842 yi4 potomek descendents/

frontier' 他是维多利亚女王的后裔。He is a 1266 cai4 zelenina dish (type of food)/ descendant of Queen Victoria. 她声称她是皇 vegetables' 室後裔. She claims to be descended from 1272 cha2 čaj tea/ tea plant' royalty.

姥 娅 婶

2874 lao3/ mu3 grandma (maternal), governess/ old woman' 2877 ya4 in-law' 2971 shen3 address term between sonswife of father's younger

1291 ai4 pelyněk černobýl (surname)/ Artemisia vulgaris/ Chinese mugwort' 1427 he2/ he4 lotos lotus, peppermint/ to carry burden' 荷叶舒眉展目着。 The lotus leaves are unfolding. 电灯灭了, 因线路上用

cotton. 电器超负荷把保险丝烧断了. The lights fused because the system was overloaded with 1979 bo/ bu3 tuřín, brukev turnip, to electrical appliances. divine/ foretell' 萝卜: [ luó bo ] radish 胡萝 1429 di4 stem (of fruit)' 卜: [ hú luó bo ] carrot 再吃点胡萝卜。Have some more carrot. 1491 zhi1 větev branch/ (a measure word)' 1981 chai2 roští (surname)/ firewood' 柴油机 diesel 1528 sang1 moruše mulberry tree' 2130 pu2 grapes' 葡萄藤上的葡萄都 1571 duo3 M for flowers' 干瘪了。The grapes withered on the vine. 1588 zhu2 bambus bamboo' 这个扶手 2180 ping2 duckweed' 椅是用竹子做成的。This armchair is made of bamboo. 竹子是中空的。Bamboo is 2200 teng2 rattan/ cane' hollow. 2210 tao2 grapes' 她把葡萄放到一 1678 cong2 houština cluster/ 个大盘子上。She put the grapes onto the collection/ collection of books/ thicket' 狐狸 platter. 躲在猎狗抓不到它的灌木丛中。The fox hid 2303 mei2 rose' in the thicket where the dog could not reach it. 2344 pu2 calamus' 1714 li4 zrno a grain/ a granule' 2394 jiang1 zázvor (surname)/ ginger, 1793 dou4 bob, boby bean/ peas, bean/ ginger' 你喜欢姜汁啤酒吗? Do you like sacrificial vessel' ginger beer? 姜、 肉豆蔻、 肉桂、 胡椒、 丁 香都是常用的香料. Ginger, nutmeg, 1827 gua1 tykvovité rostliny melon/ cinnamon, pepper and cloves are common claw/ gourd/ squash' 他从地里摘了一个甜 spices. 瓜。He picked a melon from the field. 你要吃 2425 mei2 bacteria/ fungi/ moldy' 气 点瓜吗? Would you like some melon? 候潮湿时,面包容易长霉。Bread tends to 1837 lian2 lotos lotus' mould in damp weather. 那些玫瑰已经霉烂。 Those roses have been ruined by mildew. 霉 1878 li4 jasmín jasmine' 茉莉花 和蘑菇都是真菌。Mildew and mushrooms jasmín are fungi. 霉,霉菌通常在植物或多种有机 1920 miao2 výhonek (surname)/ Miao 物表面形成白色生长物的菌类中的一种 tribe/ sprout' Any of various fungi that form a superficial, usually whitish growth on plants and various 1967 mian2 bavlna cotton' 棉布比尼 organic materials. 龙穿着舒服。Cotton is more comfortable to 2477 lu2 rush/ reed/ Phragmites wear than nylon. 热天穿棉布之类有渗透性 communis' 的材料制成的衣服最为适宜。 In hot weather cloths made of a porous material like 2478 pin2/ ping2 marsiliaceae/ clover cotton are best. 他们的主要出口货物是纺 fern, (artemisia)/ duckweed, apple' 织品,特别是丝绸和棉布。Their main exports are textiles, especially silk and 2489 tang2 cherry-apple'

蒂 枝 桑 朵 竹

柴 葡 萍 藤 萄 玫 蒲 姜

粒 豆 瓜

莲 莉 苗 棉

芦 苹 棠

菊 稻 荆 珊

蓉 2529 dao4 paddy/ rice' 樱 2551 jing1 trní (surname)/ thorns/ brambles' 他跌入荆棘丛,弄得伤痕累累。 梢
He fell into a thorn bush and was covered with scratch.

2509 ju2


Flowers soon faded when they have been cut. 2779 rong2 2781 ying1 lotus' cherry'

2785 shao1 tip of branch' 她的头发 剪得很糟,发梢高低不齐。 hair has been Her badly cut and the ends are uneven.

2555 shan1 korály coral' 据报道,珊 2790 xing4 apricot' 瑚礁正遭受破坏。It is reported that the coral 2829 man2/ man4 popínavá rostlina reefs are being destroyed. 珊瑚是由某些水螅 体构成的. Coral is formed by certain types Brassica campestris, creeper/ to spread' 藤 of polyp. 那艘船触珊瑚礁失事. The ship was 蔓在篱笆上爬着。Vines are straggling over wrecked on a coral reef. 巴布亚湾珊瑚海 the fences. 蔓藤环绕着小屋。 Vines embraced the hut. 的一个位于新几内亚东南岸的大海湾 A large inlet of the Coral Sea on the southeast 2851 zao3 jujube' coast of New Guinea. 2854 mou2 ječmen barley/ to moo/ 2627 fu2 lotus' usurp'

杏 蔓

芙 榴 茎

枣 牟 棘 萌 粟 葱

2644 liu2


2870 ji2

thorns' people/ sprout'

2675 jing1 stalk/ stem' 他把花茎折 断,汁液就流了出来。The sap flowed out when he broke the stem of the flower. 他用剪 子连花带茎都剪下来。He cut off the flowers at the stalk with a pair of scissors.

2879 meng2

2883 su4 proso, jáhly grain/ millet'

2907 cong1 scallion/ green onion' 洋 葱和百合是从球茎中长出的。Onions and 2721 shu1 vegetables' 你要把蔬菜煮 lilies grow from bulbs. 洋葱能刺激眼睛流泪. 熟还是生吃?Do you want your vegetables Onions make your eyes water. 我不喜欢洋 cooked or raw? 他主要靠蔬菜和水果维持生 葱的味道。I don't like the flavour of onion. 命。He subsisted mainly on vegetables and 2915 ban4 petal/ section' 向日葵是长 fruit. 我们在花园里种了许多蔬菜。We've 着黄色花瓣的大花。Sunflowers are large grown many vegetables in our garden. flowers with yellow petals. 许多花的花瓣在 2737 ya2 bud/ sprout' 春天树木发芽 阳光中绽放。 The petals of many flowers 了. Buds appear on the trees in spring. 春天 expand in the sunshine. 到时候树就落叶、花 树木抽芽生叶。The trees put forth buds and 就掉瓣. Trees shed their leaves and flowers leaves in spring. 这些马铃薯开始发芽了。 shed their petals. These potatoes have begun to sprout. 这些土 2919 geng3 stem' 吃樱桃前要先把 豆儿不能吃了, 都出芽了. We can't use these 梗儿去掉. Remove the stalks from the potatoes; they've all sprouted. cherries before you eat them. 让我们来检查 2745 luo2 radish' 一下浆果,把梗和叶子拣掉。 Let's pick the berries over for stems and leaves. 梗草各种草 2757 wei1/ wei3 zvadnout spiritless/ 的硬花梗 The stiff stalk of various grasses. withered, wither' 花剪下后很快就会枯萎。

萝 萎


1096 lun2 kolo, točit se wheel/ gear/ 2672 jiao3 stáčet, kroutit, svinovat (by) turn/ rotate' 一辆汽车有四只轮子。 hang (a criminal)/ to turn/ to twist/ to wind' There are four wheels in a car. 独轮手推车 她递给我一绞毛线。 passed me a skein of She 有一个轮子。The wheelbarrow has one wheel. 我自行车的后轮车胎没气了。 I got wool. 他悲伤地绞紧双手。He wrung his a flat tire of the rear wheel of my bicycle. 车 hands in sorrow. 罪犯被推上绞架吊死。The criminals were hanged on the gibbet. 轮在泥路上留下凹痕。 Wheels leave grooves in dirt roads.主席一职由委员会的 成员轮流担任。 The post of chairman rotates separace among members of the committee.谷物轮种 使土壤保持了肥力和高质。 The rotation of crops keeps the soil healthy and fertile. 1317 lie4 rozdělit se, prasknout crack/ split' 墙上有条裂缝。There is a fissure on 1383 xuan2/ xuan4 točit se, rotovat/ the wall. 这座不牢固的木桥断裂了。The soustružit revolve, lathe/ specially for an frail wooden bridge cracked. 该党分裂成若 occasion' 轮子是绕轴旋转的. A wheel revolves round/ on its axis. 带动转盘旋转的 干小派系。The party split into petty factions.

诞礼物都用薄纸裹起来了. The Christmas presents were wrapped (up) in tissue paper. 詹姆斯头上裹着穆斯林的头巾,看上去很 陌生。James looks strange with a turban around his head.

机械装置坏了. The mechanism that revolves 1552 jie2 úsek, odseknout, odpojit a the turntable is broken. 旋转的标志牌在风 section/ cut off (a length)' 电力供应已在电 中打著旋儿. The revolving sign was spinning 源处截断. The electricity supply has been cut round and round in the wind. off/ disconnected at the mains. 乱石一种质 地很软以致于不须砸或劈就能被轻易截断 1485 rao4 go around/ to wind 的石头,如石灰石 A stone, such as (around)' 月球绕地球运行。 The moon limestone, that is soft enough to be cut easily revolves around the earth. 蛇盘绕在树上。 The snake coiled itself around the tree. 火箭 without shattering or splitting. 绕地球运行一周后返回基地。 The rocket 1666 jie1 sundat, odlepit lift off (a did one circuit of the earth and returned to cover)/ divulge' 他用蒸汽把信封上的邮票 base. 揭下来。He steamed the stamp off the envelope. 这个盒子的盖揭不起来了。The 1542 gun3 kutálet se to boil/ to roll' 硬币滚到钢琴的下面了。 The coin rolled top of this box won't lift(off). 把补片的保护 层揭掉,把补片用力压在内胎上,边缘特 underneath the piano. 别要压紧。 Tear off protective backing from 1805 niu3 otáčet, kroutit to turn/ to patch and apply patch with firm pressure, twist/ to grab/ to wring' 他跳下去的时候扭 particularly at edge. 伤了足踝。He gave a wrench to his ankle 2010 xie4 divulge/ leak out' 是谁泄 when he jumped down. 漏了部门重组的细节? Who let out the 2387 guo3 wrap around' 我把包裹都 details of the reshuffle in the department? 包好了, 可以寄出去了. I have wrapped (up) 这些细节原属秘密,可是不知怎么给泄露 the parcels and they're ready to be posted. 圣 出去了。 The details were supposed to be

滚 扭

secret but somehow leaked out. 那名间谍把 směr 秘密计画泄漏给敌人。 The spy divulged the secret plans to the enemy. 想必这个消息已 1330 heng2/ heng4 horizontální 泄露出去了,不然,为什么每个人都知道 horizontal/ across/ (horizontal character 这件事呢? The information must have stroke), unruly' leaked out. Otherwise, why does everybody know it? 辐射泄露的消息引起了公众的普 1368 yang3 otočen tváří vzhůru, vzhlížet 遍恐慌。 news of the radiation leak caused look up' 他仰卧著观看天空. He lay on his The widespread public alarm. back and looked up at the sky. 小女孩个子太

横 仰

2026 zhai1 to borrow/ to pick (flowers, 矮,只好仰着头看她的妹妹。The girl was so short that she had to look up to her younger fruit)/ to pluck/ to take/ to select' 他为情人 sister. 写到一半时,她仰头看了看她妈妈。 摘了一朵玫瑰花。He plucked a rose for his In the middle of writing, she looked up to her lover. 这份资料是从各种参考书中摘出的。mother. The information is culled from various reference books. 他们摘了三筐苹果. They 1786 xie2 šikmý, nakloněný, kosý picked three baskets of apples. slanting' 你的屋顶是否有一个陡峭的斜 2102 shi4 depart/ die' 他注定英年早 面? Has your roof a sharp slant? 大多数手 写体都向右斜。Most handwriting slants to 逝。He was fated to die young. the right. 他在纸上划了一条斜线。He drew an oblique line on paper. 2217 kan3 odseknout, odtít to chop' 猎人一斧砍下猎物的头。The hunter cut off 1975 ni4 proti contrary/ opposite/ the animal's head with one chop of an ax. 他 backwards/ to go against/ to oppose/ to betray/ 砍掉一根枯干的树枝。He cut away a dead to rebel' 逆流,反向电流;逆电流与另一 branch. 水流或电流的流向相反的水流或电流 A 2463 zhan3 behead/ chop' 他因叛国 current that flows in an opposite direction to 罪被斩首。 was beheaded for high treason. the flow of another current. 我们逆风航行。 He We sailed against the wind. 安妮·博林於1536年被斩首. Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1536. 英王查理一世遭斩 2239 wai1 askew' 屋子里的家俱摆 首. King Charles I had his head cut off. 得歪歪斜斜。The furniture in the room was placed askew. 这张画挂歪了. The picture is 2499 tao2 vyloučit, vyšplouchnout hanging askew. 这幅画歪向左边了. The cleanse/ eliminate/ to clean out/ to wash' 他 picture is slanted to the left. 们队在第一轮就被淘汰了。Their team was eliminated in the first round. 他的对手在几 2505 shu4 vertikální, tah štětcem dolů 轮淘汰赛中很快就被击败了。His opponents (straight down character stroke)/ to erect/ in the eliminating rounds were quickly vertical' polished off. 2506 VI 04 strmý, příkrý, srázný steep' 2969 tai4 vyloučit to discard/ to 峻峭 high and steep eliminate/ too' 他们队在第一轮就被淘汰 了。Their team was eliminated in the first round. spojování, koncentrace

逝 砍

竖 峻

1016 juan3/ juan4 srolovat to roll (up)/ to sweep up/ to carry on, coil/ to roll, chapter/ examination paper' 她把袜子卷成一团。 She rolled the socks into a ball. 他卷起了袖 子,在花园里干起活来。He rolled up his sleeves and got to work in the garden.

allowance' 我涂了大量胶水,可那张海报 就是贴不住。The poster wouldn't stick even though I drenched it with glue. 有人在板条 箱上贴了标签。 Someone has sticked a label on the crate. 他把邮票贴在信封上。 He glued a stamp onto the envelope.

1526 chu3 dělat zásoby savings/ to 1091 tao4 1. pouzdro, potah 2. souprava, save/ to deposit/ to store/ (a surname)' 储蓄 komplet to cover/ covering/ case/ cover/ (a 所 spořitelna measure word, a set of something)/ sheath' 生日那天,我收到一套园艺工具。 received I 1585 nong2 hustý, koncentrovaný a set of gardening tools on my birthday. 他 concentrated/ dense' 交通因浓雾而受阻。 给了我另配了一套他房子的钥匙。He gave Traffic was interrupted by a dense fog. 浓雾 me a duplicate key of his house. 他穿着一套 笼罩着山顶。The thick mist clouded the 黑西装。 He is wearing a black suit. 他们把 mountain-top. 飞机在浓雾上空飞行。 The 那栋房屋分成许多套住房。They divided the aircraft was flying above thick fog. 甘油是 house into flats. 这套水晶玻璃酒杯非常昂 一种很甜且无色的浓稠液体。Glycerin is a 贵。This set of crystal wine cups is very thick sweet colorless liquid. expensive. 这套古瓷器非常珍贵。This set 1723 jiu1 napravit, opravit gather of ancient china is invaluable. 这套红木家 together/ to investigate/ to entangle/ correct' 具一定非常昂贵。This set of mahogany 眼镜,护目镜镶在轻型框架中,用于纠正 furniture must be very expensive. 视力或保护眼睛的一对镜片 A pair of 1137 hun2/ hun4 smísit confused/ dirty/ lenses mounted in a light frame, used to mix, to mix/ to get along/ thoughtless' 这两 correct faulty vision or protect the eyes. 我 种东西不能混在一块儿。Ty dvě věci nelze 的钓鱼线同杂草纠缠在一起。 My fishing míchat dohromady. line got entangled in some weeds.

储 浓

汇 聚 辑 综

1187 hui4 stékat se, sbírat, shromažďovat, 2. poukazovat remit/ to converge (of rivers)/ to exchange, class/ collection'

1744 xun2 následovat, držet se čeho to follow/ to adhere to/ to abide by' 四季循环 交替。The seasons follow each other in rotation. 在社会中生活就要遵循社会行为 准则. You must adapt to the norms of the 1306 ju4 shromáždit (se) form gathering/ gather' 许多人聚集在火灾现场。 society you live in. 他因循坐误, 一事无成. He procrastinated until it was too late to do A crowd gathered at the scene of the fire. anything at all. 1362 ji2 gather up/ collect/ edit/ 1820 pin1 spojovat, hláskovat slova compile' piece together/ stake (all)/ spell/ join together' 1425 zong1 shrnout, zevšeobecnit, 美国人拼写某些单词不同于英国人。The syntéza, komplex to sum up' 综合各种因 Americans spell some words differently 素之後她决定辞职。 combination of factors from the British. 这篇作文写得不好,而 A led to her decision to resign. 且,还有许多拼写错误。The composition is a not well written, and moreover, there are 1454 tie1 lepit to stick/ to paste/ to many spelling mistakes in it. keep close to/ to fit snugly/ subsidize/

用 A bunch of twigs, straw, or bristles 1832 chuan4 propojit, spojit to string bound together, attached to a stick or handle, together/ to mix up/ to conspire/ to connect/ (a and used for sweeping. 捆缚装置收割扎束 measure word)/ string' 她用细尼龙线把珠 机上把作物扎成束的附件部分 An 子串了起来。She strung the beads with a attachment on a reaping machine that ties fine nylon. 一连串不幸的事发生了。A series grain in bundles. of mischance happened. 2633 yun4 shromažďovat, sbírat bring 1876 wang1 hromadění vod, aufstauen together/ collect' 台湾恐怕没有蕴藏石油 (surname)/ expanse of water/ ooze' 人生, 吧!Taiwan seems to contain no petroleum. 再好也不过是汪洋苦海罢了。 Life is, at best, 2640 kun3 a bunch/ tie together/ a sea of trouble. 她用一双水汪汪的眼睛深 情地看着他。 looked at him all dewy-eyed bundle' 他把一捆就杂志卖给了旧书店。 She He sold a bundle of old magazines to the with love. second hand bookstore. 我们用粗绳把所有 1985 xu4 nahromadit, udělat zásoby to 包裹捆扎妥当。We tied up both package well store' 蓄电池 akumulátor with heavy cord.

蕴 捆

蓄 凑

2193 cou4 assemble/ put together/ 2679 jiao3 míchat, promíchávat to press near/ come together' 我们凑钱给老师 disturb/ to annoy/ to mix/ to stir' 她把糖搅 买了件礼物。 We clubbed together to buy our 和到咖啡里。She stirred the sugar into her teacher a present. 这个学生用半小时草草 coffee. 把沙司搅拌一下以免结块。Stir the 拼凑了一篇文章. The student cobbled sauce to prevent it lumping. 把咖啡搅一搅 together an essay in half an hour. 他并没有 好让渣滓沉淀. Stir the coffee to settle the 准备讲话, 但在会议结束时现凑了几句. He grounds. 把汤搅拌一下. Give the soup a hadn't prepared a speech but he managed to stir. string together a few remarks at the end of the 2688 di4 pevně svázat, pevně spojit meeting. closely joined/ connection/ knot' 粘液瘤一 2240 nian2/ zhan1 sticky, to stick/ 种良性肿瘤,最常见于心脏,它由黏液里 paste' 糨糊是用于使一个接触面粘住另一 的胶状结缔组织构成 A benign tumor, 个接触面的。 Paste is used to make one most often found in the heart, that is surface adhere to another. 这胶水粘得很牢。composed of connective tissue embedded in This glue sticks fast. 我把包裹捆上还是用 mucus. 胶带粘上? Shall I tie the parcel or use sticky 2693 si4 to connect, inherit/ tape? 没有那种不粘锅底的铛就烙不好饼. descendants, heirs' It's very difficult to make pancakes without a non-stick frying-pan. 2824 zhu4 to store/ to save/ stockpile'

嗣 贮

2374 long3 collect/ draw near to' 云 他装设了一种贮存雨水的器具。He erected 集拢来了。Clouds are collecting. 一群人聚 some contrivance for storing rainwater. 该气 拢起来看发生了什么事。 crowd gathered to 体在压缩状态下贮存於罐中. The gas is A stored under pressure in the tank. 放射性材料 see what had happened. 贮存在防辐射的特殊容器内. The 2577 fu2/ fu4 spojovat, svazovat to radioactive material is stored in a special bind/ to tie' 扫帚梆在一块儿的枝条、干草 radiation-proof container. 或刺毛,缚在一根棍或把柄上,作清扫之 2896 cu4 crowded/ frame work for

silkworms/ gather foliage/ a measure word/ reproduce' 殖民地 kolonie bunch' 星群,星座比星座小的一簇星星 A 1676 yu4 pověst reputation' 报纸上 cluster of stars smaller than a constellation. 群叶一簇树叶 A cluster of leaves. 这只鸟 一篇文章说他受贿,他的声誉因此受到玷 的头顶上有一小簇红色的羽毛。 bird has 污。His reputation was blemished by a The newspaper article alleging he had taken a tuft of red feathers on top of its head. bribes.


穆 隶

私 奖

1683 mu4 slavnostní (surname)/ solemn' 军人葬礼上庄严肃穆的情景 The solemn pomp of a military funeral. 1801 li4 podléhat, poddaný, otrok attached to/ scribe' 该公司以前隶属於一个 国际银行集团. The company formerly belonged to an international banking group.

1023 si1 soukromý, osobní personal/ private/ selfish' 私有财产 soukromý majetek 私管企业 soukromý podnik

1233 jiang3 odměna, vyznamenání prize/ award/ encouragement' 那个著名的 2155 yan4 feast/ repose' 我们忙于准 化学家赢得了诺贝尔奖。 famous chemist 备宴席。We are busy providing for the feast. The won the Nobel Prize. 我吃了一顿丰盛的宴席。 I had an epicurean 1269 qing4 oslavovat, oslava celebrate' feast. 庆贺新年 oslavovat nový rok 你是怎样庆 2319 ban1 publikovat, vydat, uveřejnit 祝结婚周年纪念日的? How did you promulgate/ send out/ issue/ to grant or celebrate your wedding anniversary? 我们何 confer' 英国第一台打字机专利证书是一七 不开瓶香槟酒庆祝一下呢?Why don't we 一四年颁发的。 first English patent for a The crack open a bottle of champagne to typewriter was issued in1714. celebrate? 庆祝会的高潮是燃放烟火。The 2337 yi2 a barbarian' 我们若竟让核 climax of the celebration was a firework display. 武器大屠杀的惨剧发生, 简直是匪夷所思. It is unthinkable that we should allow a nuclear 1283 yi2 1. obřad, ceremoniál 2. dar holocaust to occur. apparatus/ rites/ appearance/ present/ 2341 yu2 lidé, masy, veřejnost carriage/ ceremony' 仪式 obřad, ceremoniál 他们举 行了一个神秘的宗教仪式。They hold a sedan chair/ world' 对这一问题举国上下 mystic religious ceremony. 个人清洁对于健 (舆论)普遍一致. There is broad consensus 康和仪表同样重要。Personal cleanliness is (of opinion) in the country on this issue. important to health as well as to appearance. 2349 xun1 medaile, vyznamenání 望远镜和显微镜是光学仪器。Microscopes and telescopes are optical instruments. 罗盘 medal/ merit' 这名战士因作战勇敢而获得 是航行仪器。 compass is an instrument of 了勋章。The soldier earned a medal for The bravery. navigation. 这台仪器监听病人的心跳。This instrument monitors the patient's heartbeats. 2554 shen1 šlechtic member of gentry' 1363 bang1 a state/ country or nation' 彬彬有礼是绅士的本色。Politeness is an attribute of a gentleman. 我在爵士舞俱乐部 1402 nu2 slave' 见到他时很感意外, 我还一直以为他是个 挺古板的绅士呢. I was surprisedto see him at 1438 zhi2 rozmnožovat se, plodit grow/ the jazz club; I always thought of him as a

夷 舆

邦 奴 殖

rather staid old gentleman.

stationed in/ located at/ to station (troops)'

2556 bang3 jmenný seznam a notice or announcement/ a list of names/ public roll of successful examinees' 她给我们树立了一个 圣洁的活榜样。She gives us a living example of sanctity.

1365 lai4 záviset, dřepět, trčet disclaim/ rely/ to blame' 小孩依赖他们的父母供给 衣食。Children depend on their parents for food and clothing. 他是我可以信赖的那一 种人。He is a man on whom I can rely.

2606 gai4 beg for alms/ beggar' 这个 1389 fu2 naklánět se, krčit se, ukrýt se, 乞丐衣衫褴褛。The beggar dressed in rags. schovat se conceal (ambush)/ prostrate/ 我总是对乞丐心怀怜悯。I always have pity submit' on the beggars. 1592 chui2 svěsit, spustit to hang 2682 ya1 slave girl' (down)/ droop/ dangle/ bend down/ hand down/ bequeath/ nearly/ almost/ to approach' 2777 ji4 prostitute' 在法律未修改之 树枝低垂,下拂水面。The branches hung 前,一些妓女直接在街上拉客;现在,他 down and touched the water. 她的头发呈许 们偷偷摸摸地活动在酒吧或 夜总会了。 多小发卷下垂着。Her hair hung down in Before changes were mad in the law, some ringlets. 她的长发披在後背直垂到腰间. Her prostitutes literally went on the streets. Now, hair hung down her back to her waist. they operate more discreetly from bars and clubs. 1608 tang3 ležet to recline/ to lie down' 我躺在又硬又冷的地上很不舒服。 am very I uncomfortable lying on this hard, cold floor. statické stavy 尸体躺在血泊中. The body was lying in a pool of blood.

伏 垂

丫 妓

1119 di3 1. podpírat 2. stavět se na odpor 1774 kua4 obkročmo step across/ step 3. hypotéka hold up/ on the whole/ push astride' 女子骑马可以跨骑也可以坐横鞍. against/ to support/ to resist/ to reach/ to Ladies ride horses by sitting astride or sidearrive/ mortgage' 抵押 zástava, hypotéka saddle. 高大的树木成拱形横跨过那条河. 他们决定抵抗入侵。They are determined to Tall trees arched across the river. resist invasion.抵押款提高了,其中一部分 1879 xuan2 viset, zavěsit hang/ 可由免税额增加而抵消。Higher mortgage suspend' 在重要的节日, 人们把国旗悬挂 rates are partly offset by increased tax allowances. 在门外。People hang national flags out on important holidays. 他设法抓住悬崖表面向 1232 gua4 viset hang/ suspend, to 外伸出的岩石. He managed to hang on to a hang/ to put up/ to suspend' 猴子头向下倒 piece of rock protruding from the cliff face. 挂在树枝上。The monkey was hanging head 悬挂式滑翔机藉著暖气流在高空飞行. downwards from the branch. 开出鲜艳花朵 Currents of warm air keep the hang-gliders 的爬藤植物瀑布般悬挂在花园墙上。 aloft. Climbing plants with their bright flowers 1944 wo4 ulehnout, ležet to lie/ to hung in cascades over the garden wall. 门前 挂着一幅门帘。 A portiere was hanging in crouch' 卧车lůžkový vůz 卧铺 lůžko 卧室 ložnice front of the door.

卧 寓

1288 zhu4 sídlit, bydlet resident in/

2199 yu4

reside/ residence' 这座公寓

的管理员不在公寓里住. This block of flats has a non-resident caretaker.

mountain tops are covered with snow.

1130 zhu2/ zhu4 stavět build/ fivestring lute' He built a fence around the 2328 xian2 hold in mouth, hold in mouth/ nominal office' garden. 他在花园周围筑了篱笆。市议会批 准了这项建筑计划。The city council 2330 han2 contain' approved the building plan. 房子和教堂是 建筑物。Houses and churches are buildings. 2353 peng3 hold or offer with both hands' 他用冰凉的手捧起一杯滚热的巧克 再重建这座建筑物是不可能的。 Reconstruction of that building is impossible. 力饮料。He cupped his cold hands round the cup of hot chocolate. 1195 wa3 taška střešní tile' 风把瓦刮 2497 dun1 crouch/ squat' 老人蹲在 下来了。The wind dislodged some tiles.

衔 涵 捧

瓦 墙

炉火旁. The old man squatted (down) by the 1212 qiang2 zeď, stěna wall' 混凝土 fire. 我蹲在沙发後面. I crouched behind the 墙是用钢筋加固的。The concrete walls are sofa. reinforced with steel rods. 城堡的墙很厚。 2620 yi3 to lean on/ rely upon' 他倚 The castle walls are very thick. 他用一把锤 子把钉子打进墙里去。 hit the nail into the He 著门柱. He propped himself against the wall with a hammer. gatepost. 他倚著一棵树. He was leaning

against a tree. 别倚桌子, 不然就倚倒了. Don't lean on the table or it'll tip up.

2806 qin3

lie down'

桥 舍 壁 梁 堡 殿 廷 柱 墓

1292 qiao2 most bridge'

1344 she3/ she4 zanechat, opustit, vzdát se/ stavení give up/ abandon, residence' 牛 舍 chlév 1380 bi4 zeď wall/ rampart'


1416 liang2 most (surname)/ beam of 1011 guan3 dům, budova, instituce roof/ bridge, beam of roof' house/ establishment' 大使馆 velvyslanectví 1521 bao3/ pu4 pevnost, opevnění an 饭馆 restaurace 我们的房子离村中两家酒 馆距离相等. Our house is equidistant from earthwork/ castle/ position of defense/ stronghold, character used in place names' the two pubs in the village.

1555 dian4 palác palace hall' 这些宏 1030 ta3 věž pagoda/ tower' 塔矗立 在废墟中。The tower stood amidst the ruins. 伟的宫殿给外宾们留下了深刻的印象。 These magnificent palaces impressed the 电视塔明显地是我国最大的建筑。The TV foreigners deeply. tower is by far the largest construction of our country. 1626 ting2 nádvoří, soud palace 1052 gai4 1. stavět 2. poklice lid/ top/ courtyard'

cover/ canopy/ to build, (surname)' 盖房子 1691 zhu4 sloup pillar' stavět dům 她掀起锅盖加点盐。 lifted the She 1816 mu4 mohyla, hrobka, hřbitov lid of the pot to add some salt. 要稍按一下 才能把盖子盖紧。 It took a bit of pressure to tomb' 你继续这样大量吸烟,就是在自掘 make the lid close. 白雪覆盖着山顶。The 坟墓。 You are just digging your own grave if

you go on smoking so heavily. 她把这束花放 2342 yao2 kiln/ oven' 置在新铺上草皮的坟墓上。 She laid the bouquet on the newly turfed grave. 他们在墓 2355 zhuan1 brick' 那座房子是砖造 旁脱帽默哀. They took off their hats by the 的。 That house is built of bricks. 砖和盘子由 grave in silent salute. 各种粘土制成。 Bricks and dishes are made from various kinds of clay. 有些地方仍使用 1882 cang1 skladiště barn/ granary/ storehouse/ cabin/ hold (in ship)' 风掀掉了 在太阳下晒干砖块的方法。 In some places, 谷仓的顶。The wind unroofed the barn. 油布 bricks are still baked in the sun. 他的新房子 碎片的自燃使谷仓起火。The spontaneous 是他自己一块砖一块砖砌起来的。His new combustion of the oil-soaked rags caused the house was built by himself, brick by brick. barn to catch fire. 猫头鹰飞落在谷仓处. 2370 fen2 hrob a grave' 她把这束花 Owls visited the barn to rest. 放置在新铺上草皮的坟墓上。She laid the 1889 miao4 temple/ monastery' 他跳 bouquet on the newly turfed grave.

窑 砖

坟 垒 棚

庙 寺 亭 碑

上马, 朝寺庙方向飞奔而去。 jumped onto He the horse and galloped in the direction of the temple.

2417 lei3


2448 peng2 přístěnek, kulna shed' 小 1892 si4 chrám Buddhist temple' 他跳 棚屋在房子的一边. The shed is to the side of the house. 木匠量了一下棚屋的尺寸, 立 上马, 朝寺庙方向飞奔而去。He jumped onto the horse and galloped in the direction of 刻估计出它的大小。The carpenter ran his ruler over the shed and sized it up at once. the temple. 2465 ta1 spadnout (dům) collapse' 整 个建筑倒塌了。The whole building 2203 bei1 a monument/ an upright collapsed. 风把帐篷吹塌了。 wind caused The stone tablet/ stele' 为了纪念胜利,建造了 the tent to collapse. 天花板坍塌了, 碎砖破 一座纪念碑。A monument was built to 瓦掉落到了屋里. The ceiling collapsed and commemorate the victory. rubble poured into the room. 2002 ting2 pavilion'

2264 sha4/ xia4 tall building, tall 2467 xiang1 boční místnost, postranní building' 现代化的都市里遍地是高楼大 přístavba, strana box (in theater)/ side room' 厦。 In modern cities there are high-rise 包厢 lóže v divadle buildings everywhere. 中银大厦在香港是最 2491 zhuang1 pilota, sloup item/ 高的。 The building of the Bank of China stump/ stake/ pile' 他把树桩当桌子用。He is topmost in Hong Kong. used the stump as a table. 他向地里打了一 2313 zhai4 stronghold/ stockade' 根桩子。 drove a stake into the ground. 从 He 前的人把监犯的头钉在尖桩上. In former 2339 mao2 došek (surname)/ thatch' times, prisoners' heads were impaled on 乡下那低矮的茅草屋早已消失得无影无踪 pointed stakes. 了。 The low thatched cottages in the 2710 dong4 roof beam' country have long gone. 茅草屋用柱高高地

厢 桩

寨 茅

栋 建在稻田之上。Thatch hut is raised high 冢 above the paddy field on stilt. 我们的房子是
茅草盖的房顶。Our house has a thatched roof.

2840 zhong3 hromada great/ mound, mound' 蚁冢,蚁垤蚂蚁、 白蚁为挖穴或筑 巢而刨出的小土堆或沙堆 A mound of soil,

sand, or dirt formed by ants or termites in digging or building a nest.

1099 you2 zejména, zvláště 2897 leng2 corner/ square beam' outstanding/ particularly/ especially' 噪音令 人讨厌,尤其当你想睡觉的时候。Noise is 2901 shu4 villa' 这所别墅以古旧的 unpleasant, especially when you are trying to 风格而著名。The villa is famous for its old sleep. style. 那幢别墅属镇长所有。The villa is in 1467 ting3 spíše, rather (good), straight the mayor's possession. and stiff be straight and stiff/ rather (good)' 2948 yuan2 zeď, hradby wall' 这幢房 天气还是挺冷的。 is rather cool than not. 她 It 子被烧得只剩下断垣残壁。The building 昂着头,把背挺得笔直。She held her head was burnt out and only the walls remained. 青 erect and her back straight. 藤爬满了那荒堡的残垣。Ivy had crept over 1560 po1 velice, značně quite/ rather/ the ruined castle walls. uneven/ sloping' 他对自己目前的境遇颇为 2995 zha4/ shan1 fence' 庭院用栅栏 得意。He is quite content with his present 围著以防外人进去. The grounds are fenced fortune. 他对该问题的看法颇暧昧。 He in to prevent trespassing. 栅栏的立柱牢牢地 has rather indefinite views on the question. 固定在地上. The fence posts were fixed 尽管计划度假时兴致勃勃, 而到头来假日本 firmly in the ground. 身却颇为扫兴. The holiday itself was rather an anticlimax after all the excitement of planning it

棱 墅


杨 柳 柏 桃 栗 桐 杉 橡 梨

1062 yang2 topol (surname)/ poplar' 1557 liu3 vrba willow/ Liu (a surname)'


2438 zhou2/ zhu2 osa axis/ axle, axis/ 1596 bai3/ bo4 cypřiš (surname)/ cedar/ axle' 圆的轴线是其直径. The axis of a circle is its diameter. 轮子是绕轴旋转的. A cypress, cypress/ cedar' wheel revolves round/ on its axis. 1839 tao2 broskev peach' 2616 shu1 hinge/ pivot' 2595 li4 afraid/ trembling, (surname)/ 2671 fa2 klika, kohout, ventil clique/ chestnut' 你自己拿一只烤栗子吧。Grab valve' 你关掉水阀了吗?Have you turned yourself a roast chestnut. off the water valve? 这台泵通过这个阀门把 2712 tong2 aleurites srdčitý Aleurites (容器中的)空气抽出. The pump sucks cordata' air out (of the vessel) through this valve. 泄 气阀,小龙头用来排空或降低压力的一种 2718 sha1/ shan1 fir, (pine)' 小阀门或小龙头,如锅炉上的 A small valve or faucet used to drain or reduce 2871 xiang4 oak/ Quercus serrata' pressure, as from a boiler. 3004 li2 pear' 2685 niu3 tlačítko, knoflík (surname)/ button' 这个电钮接通电流。This button switches the current on. 你按下这个按钮就 syntaktické výrazy

枢 阀

可以关机。You may stop the machine by tělo pushing this button. 按这个按钮开动引擎。 Press this button to start the engine. 按下这 1010 zui3 ústa, zobák, rypák mouth' 个按钮倒带。 Depress this button to rewind the tape. 我用手帕把钮扣擦亮。I polished 打嘴巴 dát po hubě my buttons with a handkerchief. 请你在这件 1036 gu3 kost bone' 碎骨是最好的肥 衬衫上钉一颗钮扣好吗? Will you stitch 料之一。Crushed bones make one of the best a button on this shirt? fertilizers. 钙对我们的骨骼有益。Calcium is beneficial to our bones. 那块骨头上没多少 肉。There's not much meat on that bone. tekutost

嘴 骨

1075 xing3 probudit se to wake up/ to be awake' 为了不吵醒婴儿,我们蹑手蹑 2283 sa3 kropit, polévat, rozlít, 脚地上了楼梯。We crept upstairs so as not to pobryndat spill/ sprinkle' 洒水 kropit wake the baby. 今天早晨我被鸟叫声唤醒。 I vodou 他把醋洒在鱼和土豆片上。He was awakened by the chirps of the birds this sprinkled vinegar on his fish and chips. 把瓶 morning. 盖儿盖好, 要不汁液就洒出来了. Put the cap back on the bottle, otherwise the juice will 1082 xiu1 odpočívat to rest' 努力 spill. 虽然我倒油时很小心, 但还是洒了一 úsilí 你若想考试及格, 就必须更加努力. 些. Although I poured it carefully, I spilt You'll have to exert yourself more if you some of the oil. 牛奶洒在地毯上弄得一塌糊 want to pass your exam. 我们大家比以往更 涂. The spilt milk made a terrible mess on 需要努力工作。 is more necessary than ever It the carpet. for all of us to work hard.

泼 浸

2327 po1 rozlít, vyšplíchnout, kropit, 1207 chu4 dotýkat se, hmatat knock stříkat splash/ to spill' 谁把牛奶泼出来了? against/ touch/ to feel' 触觉 hmat 盲人有敏 Who has spilt/ spilled the milk? 锐的触觉。The blind have a keen sense of Almost all 2354 jin4 namáčet, ponořit immerse/ touch. 昆虫几乎都有触角。 insects have feelers. 油漆未乾--请勿触摸. soak/ steep' 他把棍条浸入水中, 试探水的 Fresh paint please do not touch. 这机器一触 深度。He dipped the stick into the water to 即可停止或开动. The machine stops and fathom its depth. 把那棵植物(在水里)浸 starts at a touch. 泡几分钟. Immerse the plant (in water) for a few minutes. 她把有污迹的衣服在洗衣粉 1271 lei4 slza tears' 泪水从她的眼睛 里浸了一夜。 She steeped the stained cloth in 里慢慢地滴下来。Tears distilled slowly from bleach overnight. her eyes. 她擦掉了眼泪。She wiped her tears away. 2454 yi4 overflow' 大雨过后,下水 道溢出水来。The drains overflowed after the 1278 nai3 prs, mléko breast/ lady/ milk' heavy rain. 洗涤槽的水溢出来了, 厨房里到 1282 wei3 ocas tail' 野鸡长着长尾 处是水. The sink overflowed and swamped Pheasants have long tails. 母牛用尾巴拂 the kitchen. 你澡盆里的水都溢出来了. Your 巴。 去苍蝇。 The cow brushed away the flies bath is overflowing. with a whisk of its tail. 蜥蜴有四条腿和一 条长尾巴。Lizards have four legs and a long tail.

奶 尾

翼 鼻

1294 yi4 křídlo wing' 这只鸟的左翼 1490 han4 pot perspiration/ sweat' 她 受伤了。The bird's left wing was hurt. 用一张面巾纸擦掉脸上的汗水。She wiped off the sweat from her face with a piece of 1335 bi2 nos, zobák, rypák nose' 犀牛 facial tissue. 他的背上布满了汗珠。His 鼻子上有一个角。The rhinoceros has one back was beaded with sweat. 我浑身上下大 horn on its nose. 海豚用鼻子顶着球,使其 汗淋漓。I am sweating all over. 天热时出汗 保持平衡。The dolphin balanced the ball on 可使皮肤降温. Perspiration cools the skin in its nose. 他往鼻子里喷了些鼻雾喷剂,让呼 hot weather. 汗从毛孔中渗出. Sweat exudes 吸畅通些。 sprayed some nasal spray into through the pores. He the nose to make breathing easier. 1494 xie2 bok, nutit side of body/ 1341 bao1 the placenta/ womb' 双胞 threaten' 我们国家的完整受到了这些分裂 胎看上去长得一样。Twins look the same as 主义势力的威胁。Our integrity as a nation is each other. 我辨认不出这对双胞胎。I can't threatened by these separatist forces. 他们威 tell the twins apart. 胁说要对该国实行封锁。They are 1351 tui3 noha leg' 他摔断腿后,只 threatening to impose a blockade on the country. 好拄着拐杖走路。When he broke his leg he had to walk on crutches. 1517 shi1 corpse' 那儿有一具鹿的腐 1352 dan3 žlučník the gall/ the nerve/ 尸。There is a decomposing corpse of a deer. 尸体俯卧在血泊中. The corpse lay face courage/ guts/ gall bladder' down in a pool of blood. 警方掘出尸体, 发 1356 xiong1 hruď chest/ bosom/ heart/ 现有中毒的痕迹. When the police exhumed mind/ thorax' 横隔膜位于胸腔与腹部之间。the corpse they discovered traces of poison The diaphragm is between the chest and the in it. abdomen. 胸痛可能是心脏病的症状。 Chest 1589 fu4 břicho abdomen/ stomach/ pains may be symptomatic of heart disease. belly' 横隔膜位于胸腔与腹部之间。The 1367 mo1/ mo2 dotýkat se, hmatat feel diaphragm is between the chest and the with the hand/ to touch/ to stroke/ to grope/ to abdomen. 他的腹部经常疼痛。 He always feel (one's pulse), imitate/ copy' 我戴著手套 feels pain in his abdomen. 蜘蛛长着凸出的 什麽都摸不出来. I can't feel anything 腹部。 spider has a bulgy abdomen. 不要 The through these gloves. 我觉得有人摸了我胳 空腹时游泳。 Don't swim on an empty 膊一下. I felt a touch on my arm. 他在口袋 stomach. 里摸著, 想找些钱. He felt in his pocket for 1594 mai4 pulz mountain range/ pulse' some money. 他的脉搏不规则。His pulse was unsteady. 1415 jian1 rameno shoulder' 他的脉搏不很规则。His pulse is not very regular. 这台机器可发出声脉冲信号。The 1432 zhuang4 silný, statný, urostlý to machine emits sound pulses. 她的脉搏加快 strengthen/ strong/ robust' 了. Her pulse quickened. 这台机器由电子 1458 yao1 bedra, kříž, pás waist' 弯腰 脉冲信号操纵. The machine is operated by an electronic pulse. sehnout se

腿 胆 胸

肩 壮 腰 眉

1460 mei2 obočí eyebrow/ upper margin'

1620 fei2 tuk loose-fitting/ fat/ fertile' 水獭有只肥大的尾巴。 Otters have fat tails.

肤。New skin had to be grafted on. 毛织物会 1634 zang1/ zang4 vnitřnosti dirty/ 使我的皮肤过敏。 Wool irritates my skin. 这 filthy, viscera' 那个掸子很脏。That duster is 种物质对敏感的皮肤有刺激性。The very dirty. substance is irritable to sensitive skin.

脏 咬

1658 yao3 kousnout, hryzat bite/ nip' 1797 tun1 spolknout to swallow/ to 那只狗咬了邮递员的腿。 dog nipped the take' The postman on the leg. 小猫顽皮地轻轻咬了我 1800 du3/ du4 břicho tripe, belly' 空 一下。The little cat gave me a playful bite. 他们的狗把我的裤子咬了个窟窿。 Their dog 著肚子喝酒不好. It's not good to drink on an bit a hole in my trousers. 他因遭蛇咬而被 empty stomach. 送到医院治疗。 He was taken to the hospital 1828 xie1 odpočinout to rest' 坐下歇 to be treated for snake bite. 歇腿儿吧. Sit down and rest your legs. 她把 1688 bi4 paže arm' 他的左臂断了。 她正编织的东西放下,让眼睛歇一会儿。 She laid aside her knitting to rest her eyes His left arm was broken. for a moment. 1704 nao3 mozek get mad' 1831 ru3 prs, mléko breast/ milk' 柠檬 1760 gan1 játra liver' 这种药使用过 汁可使牛奶结成凝乳。Lemon juice curdles 量会损害肝脏. Excessive dosage of this drug milk. can result in injury to the liver. 1841 shou4 hubený tight/ thin/ lean' 1768 wen2 vráska, žilkování line/ 尽管他很瘦,他的消化能力挺好。Although trace/ mark' 他穿着带条纹的睡衣裤。He he is thin, he has good digestive power. 这个 was wearing striped pajamas. 老虎的皮毛是 小女孩只吃瘦肉。The little girl only eats lean pork. 橘黄色的,带有黑色条纹。 Tigers have orange fur with black stripes. 深深的皱纹布 1877 sui1/ niao4 moč, močit urinate/ 上他的额头. Deep furrows lined his brow. urine' 肾脏是分泌尿液的器官。 The kidneys 1773 chi3 zub tooth' 狗露出了牙齿。 secrete urine. 膀胱能储存尿液。The bladder The dog bared its teeth. 他正用一根牙签剔 collects urine. 血红蛋白尿尿液中出现血红 除牙齿间的饭渣。 He is removing bits of 蛋白 The presence of hemoglobin in the urine. food stuck between the teeth with a toothpick. 我咬牙切齿愤怒已极。I was 1880 chun2 lip' 她绽唇微笑. Her lips gnashing my teeth with rage. 我牙疼,因为 parted in a smile. 我的一颗牙齿上有个洞。 I have a toothache because there is a cavity in one of my teeth. 1886 lan3 prohlížet, dívat se look over/ 有些人睡觉时磨牙齿。Some people grind to view' 浏览器 prohlížeč their teeth while they are asleep. 1893 pang4 fat/ plump' 如果你不多 1778 pi2 unavený weary' 他疲倦地很 作运动,就会发胖。If you don't get more 快就睡着了。He soon fell asleep with exercise, you'll get fat. 他太胖了,以致于弯 weariness. 不下腰。His fatness renders him unable to bend down. 1784 quan2 pěst fist'

吞 肚 歇

臂 恼 肝 纹

乳 瘦



唇 览 胖

疲 拳 肤

1790 fu1 kůže skin' 需要移植新皮

1906 ding1 zírat stare/ gaze' 盯著人看 是没有礼貌的. It's rude to stare. 我不喜欢人

家盯著瞧我. I don't like being stared at.

腔 肠

1914 qiang1 dutina cavity of body/ tune' 腹腔 fuqiang dutina břišní

得不吃安眠药。Occasionally she had to take sleeping pills. 多数人每天需要六至八小时 的睡眠。Most people need six to eight hours of sleep every day.

1921 chang2 střeva intestines' 食物由 1997 dan4 narození birth/ birthday/ 胃进入小肠。Food passed from the stomach brag/ boast/ to increase' 我的生日离圣诞节 to the small intestine. 便秘有困难的、不完 很近. My birthday is very near Christmas. 全的或不经常从肠道排泄干燥且硬的大便 2008 luan3 ovum' Difficult, incomplete, or infrequent evacuation of dry, hardened feces from the 2031 yan1/ yan4/ ye4 narrow pass/ bowels. throat, to swallow, to choke (in crying)' 1935 ji1 sval flesh/ muscle' 他的肌肉 2044 fei4 lung' 松弛了。His muscles relaxed. 肌肉的收缩是 人体的一种反应。The contraction of muscle 2049 deng4 stare at' is a reaction of the body. 2066 chi4 wing' 1945 mo2 membrána, film (n) membrane; film' 耳膜的振动帮助声音传送 2094 yun4 pregnant' 到大脑。A vibrating membrane in the ear 2096 hou2 throat/ larynx' helps to convey sounds to the brain. 薄皮, 薄膜如生物膜或液体膜等细薄的皮或膜 A 2114 shun4 to wink' thin skin or film, such as an organic membrane or a liquid film. 2117 jing3 neck'

诞 卵 咽

肺 瞪 翅 膜 孕 喉 瞬 颈 皱 1954 zhou4 vráska to wrinkle/ 跪 2128 gui4 kneel' wrinkled/ to crease' 皱纹 vráska 胃 1957 wei4 žaludek stomach' 胃不能 裸 2164 luo3 naked' 接受过多的食物。 The stomach rebels against 脖 2175 bo2 neck' too much food. 脂 2206 zhi1 fat' 舌 1958 she2 jazyk tongue' 脾 2223 pi2 spleen' 睁 1963 zheng1 otevřít oči to open (eye)' 脊 2228 ji3 spine/ back/ ridge' 睁大眼晴 vytřeštit oči 胎 1984 tai1 plod, zárodek fetus/ litter' 筋 2252 jin1 muscle' 你能借给我个打气筒给车胎打打气吗? Can 腺 2257 xian4 gland' you lend me a pump to blow up my bicycle tyres? 这轮胎太硬,要减少一点压力。The 膝 2307 xi1 knee' tyre is too hard reduce the pressure a bit. 我 躯 2310 qu1 human body' 发现轮胎上扎著一根钉子. I found a nail sticking in the tyre. 使用冬季专用车胎在泥 倦 2329 juan4 tired' 地或雪地上可增加附著摩擦力. Winter tyres give increased traction in mud or snow. 僵 2333 jiang1 rigid/ deadlock/ stiff 眠 1986 mian2 spánek sleep' 她偶尔不 (corpse), stiff (corpse)'

肢 肾 眨

2335 zhi1 2361 shen4

limb' kidney'

兀 膛

2859 wu4/ wu1 plešatý, lysý (surname)/ cut off the feet/ rising to a height; towering/ bald' 兀鹰 kondor

2371 zha3 wink' 他向我眨了眨一只 2865 tang2 chest (of body)/ hollow 眼,意思是他正在开别人的玩笑。He space/ throat' winked at me to show that he was playing a 2895 dou4 (surname)/ sinus (anatom.)' joke on the others.

窦 膊 2440 bo2 shoulder/ upper arm' 胚 椎 2455 zhui1 obratel a hammer, spine' 颅 狗是脊椎动物。A dog is a vertebrate animal. 涕 那颗子弹嵌在她的脊椎骨里。The bullet
became lodged in her spine.

2928 pei1 2961 lu2

fetus' forehead/ skull'

3006 ti4 nasal mucus/ tears' 你流鼻 涕了! You've got a runny nose!

胳 嗓 秃

2490 ge1 2496 sang3

armpit' throat/ voice'


3007 bei4


2521 tu1 holý, plešatý bald/ blunt' 这 生发剂是骗人的玩艺,我还是和以前一样 1066 qu1/ qu3 klikatý, ohyb, melodie, 秃。This hair-tonic is a fraud; I'm as bald as ever. 他脱下帽子,露出秃头。 He took off hudba bent/ crooked/ wrong, tune/ song' 曲 the hat and revealed his bald head. 他讨厌人 线: [ qū xiàn ] křivka / 曲 qǔ melodie 家影射他秃顶. He resents any allusion to his 1145 yuan2 kruh, kulatý circle/ round/ baldness.我们在一座秃山上种了些树。 We circular/ spherical/ (of the moon) full/ unit of planted some trees on the bald hill. 他有个 Chinese currency (Yuan)/ tactful/ to justify' 看法是男人戴帽子就会秃顶. He has a 圆桌 kulatý stůl 象球一样圆 kulatý jako theory that wearing hats makes men go bald. míč

曲 圆

腕 泌

1259 fang3 podobat se to imitate/ to 2609 bi4/ mi4 vylučovat sekret secrete/ copy, imitate, seemingly' pour off' 唾液是唾液腺的分泌物。 Saliva is 1321 jian1 špičatý, špička point (of secretion of the salivary glands. 肾脏是分泌 needle)/ sharp/ shrewd/ pointed' 他的行为 尿液的器官。The kidneys secrete urine. 眼 招致尖锐的批评。His behavior called forth 泪由上眼睑下面的器官分泌。 Tears are sharp criticism. secreted by an organ under the upper eyelid. 1595 mao4 vzhled appearance' 她和 2655 jia2 cheeks' 她姐姐外貌相似,但性格不同。She resembles her sister in appearance but not in 2703 xiu4 sense of smell' character.

2581 wan4


仿 尖

颊 嗅 骸 棕 髓

貌 弯

2707 hai2 2774 zong1 2808 sui3

bones of the body' palm' marrow'

1662 wan1 ohnutý, ohnout bend/ bent' 树枝被风吹弯了。The branches bent in the wind. 如果要避开市中心,请从这里向右转 弯。To avoid the city center, turn right here.

拐弯之前别忘记指示车行方向。Don't forget the outline(s) of the trees in the dim light. 先 to indicate before turning. 道路有个急转弯 画轮廓,再画细部。Draw an outline before 拐向右边。The road curved sharply to the you fill in the details. 廓影 silueta right.

扁 姿 肖

1737 bian3/ pian1 ploský, placatý flat/ tablet/ inscription, (surname)/ small boat, Polygonum aviculare' 1899 zi1 vzhled, vzezření beauty/ disposition/ looks/ appearance'

vaření a jídlo

1049 pan2 talíř, podnos, disk big/ wooden tray, dish/ tray/ to build/ to check/ to 2019 xiao4/ xiao1 podobný similar/ examine/ to transfer/ (a measure word used resembling/ to resemble/ to be like' 那肖像 for dishes of food or coils of wire)/ to coil' 是他最为珍贵的东西. The portrait was his 1067 dao1 nůž knife' 他正在磨刀。 He proudest possession. is burnishing the knife. 他捡起了刀叉。He 2573 gong3 oblouk fold hands in picked up his knife and fork. salute/ to arch' 那个拱的跨度为60米. The 1303 liang2 provisions' arch has a span of 60 metres. 这座桥有三座 拱洞。 bridge has three arches. 那猫看见 The 1387 dan4 vejce egg/ oval shaped' 狗时就拱起了背。The cat arched its back when it saw the dog. 1396 bei1 cup/ a measure word'

肉 盘 刀

1009 rou4 maso meat/ flesh'

粮 蛋 杯 朦 2826 meng2 nezřetelný deceive/ 甘 indistinct' 我在曙色朦胧中看不清他们的脸 . I couldn't see their faces clearly in the 酸

1408 gan1 sladký (surname)/ sweet'

1456 suan1 kyselý sour/ sore/ ache/ acid' 这又一点儿酸。 Je to trochu kyselé.

2857 tu1 (adj) convex; stick out' 这是 1465 can1 eat/ meal' 面凸面镜。 This is a convex mirror. 他的下巴 1497 la4 uzený, sušený preserved 凸出很多。His chin juts out rather a lot. 壁炉 凸出在外,伸入房间。The fireplace came (meat), December/ preserved (meat)' 德国 out into the room. 蒜肠味道很重的粗短的腊肠 A short, thick, highly seasoned sausage. 希腊: [ xī là ] 2862 ao1 a depression/ indentation/ Greece concave/ hollow' 这辆汽车後部在碰撞中 1569 yin3 drink' 造成很大的凹陷. The back of the car was

餐 腊

饮 badly dented in a collision. 小汽车的前面有 腐 1576 fu3 shnilý, zkazit se decay/ rotten' 一个凹痕. The front of the car has a dent in it. 正象双凸透镜可以放大那样,双凹透镜也 汤 1618 tang1 polévka (surname)/ soup' 可以缩小。Just as a double convex lens 尝 1621 chang2 ochutnat indicator of past enlarges, so a double concave lens reduces. 廓 2911 kuo4 obrys, kontura big/ empty/ tense/ to taste/ flavor/ already/ ever/ once/ test/ already/ formerly, to taste' 你可以尝尝
open' 她用铅笔画出房子的轮廓图. She 这道咖喱菜,看看够不够辣。You can taste pencilled the rough outline of a house. 朦胧中 the curry to see if it's hot enough. 你尝得出 她只看见树木的轮廓. She could see only 炖肉里有大蒜味儿吗? Can you taste the

garlic in this stew? 尝一点儿这种乳酪吧! Just have a taste of this cheese! 他尝尝汤, 看 是否够咸. He tasted the soup to see if he had put enough salt in it.

甜 锅

2020 tian2


瓶 凌

1703 ping2 láhev bottle/ (a measure word)/ vase/ pitcher'

1731 ling2 zmrzlina encroach/ soar/ thick ice' 本店自制的冰激凌别具风味. 2173 ji1 hungry' Home- made ice-cream is one of our specialities. 孩子们听到`冰激凌'这个词, 2231 cha1/ cha2/ cha3 fork/ pitchfork/ 立刻注意起来. The children pricked up their prong/ pick/ cross/ intersect, to cross/ be ears when they heard the word ice- cream'. stuck, to diverge/ to open (as legs)' 1746 tang2 cukr sugar/ sweets/ candy' 2326 fei1 coffee'

2074 guo1 pot/ pan/ boiler' 鸡蛋正在 平底锅里煎着。The eggs are frying in the pan. 我往平底锅里打了两个鸡蛋。I cracked two eggs into the frying pan. 一片片的锈从 旧铁锅上落下。 Flakes of rust are falling from the old iron pan.

饥 叉 啡 饼 咖 斋

糖 烂

1754 lan4 shnilý overcooked/ rotten/ 2359 bing3 round flat cake/ cookie/ soft' 这腐烂的肉闻一下就够受的了。 One cake/ pastry' smell of the rotten meat was enough! 半数的 2379 ka1 coffee' 李子腐烂了. Half of the plums are rotten. 他 用斧头砍掉了朽烂的树枝. He struck off the 2404 zhai1 hladovka a fast/ studio' 一 rotten branches with an axe. 那条鱼腐烂得 发臭了. That rotten fish stinks. 无核的小水 直坚持到死的斋戒 A fast unto death. 星期 果容易压烂. Soft fruit squashes easily. 这木 五是斋日。 Friday is a fast day. 斋月禁令在 料腐烂透了,你可以用手指戳穿它。 The 这段时期进行的从日出到日落的禁食 A wood was so rotten that you could put your fast, held from sunrise to sunset, that is carried out during this period. 穆斯林在赖买 finger through it. 丹月斋戒. Muslims fast during Ramadan. 1885 yan2 sůl salt' 2410 guan4 konzerva, sklenice 1911 e4 hladový to be hungry/ hungry' zavařovací can/ jar/ pot' 鱼在这家厂里装 成罐头。The fish is canned in the factory. 我 1918 zao1 kazit se, hnít, rozpadat se 喜欢吃金枪鱼罐头。I like to eat tinned tuna dregs/ to waste/ spoil, to waste/ spoil' 他往 fish. 汤里放盐太多,把汤给糟蹋了。He had 2413 gao1 cake' spoiled the soup by putting in too much salt.

盐 饿 糟

碗 渴 炉 饱 蜜

1939 wan3 miska, šálek bowl/ cup' 1972 ke3 žíznivý thirsty'

1980 lu2 pec, kamna stove' 炉灶 sporák 1998 bao3 sytý, plný to eat till full/ satisfied' 2014 mi4 honey'

糕 辣 匙 屑

2420 la4

hot (spicy)/ pungent'

2476 chi2/ shi spoon'

2516 xie4 drobky crumbs/ filings/ worth while' 服务员轻轻抖掉桌上的面包 屑. The waiter flicked the crumbs off the table. 麻雀啄食著面包屑. Sparrows picked at the crumbs. 木屑床垫填满草杆或木屑的 一床薄垫子 A thin mattress filled with

straw or sawdust. 他吃完面包後,去外套上 沸腾得溢出来。 The milk had boiled over. 的面包屑。After eating the loaf he whisked 把混合物煮至沸腾,然後再用文火煮十分 the crumbs off his coat. 钟。Bring the mixture to the boil, then let it simmer for ten minutes. 把锅从炉子上端开 2518 hu2 pot/ (a measure word)' 给 时, 汤就不再沸腾了. The boiling soup 我再来一壶咖啡. Bring me another pot of subsided when the pot was taken off the heat. coffee. 我们沏了一壶好茶. We brewed (up) 水沸腾而变成蒸汽. When water boils it a nice pot of tea. 那些陶壶是那个熟练工做 turns into steam. 的。 Those earthen pots are made by the skilled 2705 ao1/ ao2 vařit, dusit to boil/ stew/ man. to simmer, endure/ to boil' 2525 xian2 slaný all/ in all cases/ salty, 2714 mang3 badián Illicium anisatum/ salty' 瘦肉上可加咸肉片烤制以保持水分。 rude' Lean meat can be larded to keep it moist in the oven. 他尝尝汤, 看是否够咸. He tasted 2731 jiao2/ jue2 to chew, to chew' the soup to see if he had put enough salt in it.

熬 莽

嚼 腥 汁 2540 zhi1 juice' 醇 2560 chun2 víno rich/ pure/ good wine/ 酿 哺 缸 揉

2747 xing1

fishy (smell)'

2764 niang4 ferment/ brew' 他在家 sterols' 酒存放得越久越醇。 Wine improves 自己酿造啤酒. He brews his own beer at home. with age. 再过几年这酒就会香醇。 A few more years will mellow the wine. 酒陈则味 2810 bu1/ bu3 evening meal, feed' 醇. Wine mellows with age. 2817 gang1 jar/ vat' 2582 zhu3 vařit to cook/ to boil' 我正 2818 rou2 knead/ massage/ rub' 那个 在煮牛奶。I am boiling the milk. 把蔬菜煮 小男孩把面团揉成了球状。The little boy 上20分钟,然后把水沥掉。Boil the vegetables for 20 minutes and then drain off kneaded the dough into a ball. 她正在揉面。 She is kneading dough. 他用手掌揉了揉前 the water. 龙虾在被煮熟的时候会变红。 Lobsters turn scarlet when they are boiled. 额. He rubbed his palm across his forehead.

2590 chao3 smažit, restovat saute/ pan2819 ni4 tučný, umaštěný greasy/ tired fry/ to fry/ fried' 我喜欢用马铃薯炒菜。I of' 这种油腻的食物不易消化。This rich like to cook dishes with potatoes. 我用普通油 food doesn't digest easily. 他头发油腻很讨她 还是黄油来炒洋葱呢? Shall I use oil or 嫌. His greasy hair repelled her. 我听腻了他 butter for frying the onions? 的抱怨。 tired of his complaints. 我听腻了 I'm 2629 kao3 péct to roast/ bake/ to broil' 你的批评. I'm tired of (listening to) your criticisms. 烤箱里正在烤面包。The bread is baking in 2835 die2 dish/ plate' the oven. 我吃了两片烤面包当早餐。I had two slices of toast as breakfast. 2836 se4 hořký grating (of surfaces)/ 2691 zao4 kitchen stove' tart/ acerbic'

灶 沸

碟 涩 啤 煎

2698 fei4 vřít, kypět, klokotat boil' 当 肉煮沸时,把浮在上面的浮渣撇掉。When the meat is boiling, remove the scum. 牛奶已

2849 pi2


2893 jian1 smažit, vařit pan-fry'

preservation of peace. 这一慈善团体的宗旨 2997 xun1 to smoke/ scent/ fumigate' 是帮助人们实行自助. This charity aims to 鸡蛋正在平底锅里煎着。 eggs are frying help people to help themselves. 我发现要了 The in the pan. 我们不妨买一只新煎锅。 We 解他的演讲主旨是很困难的。 I find it may just as well buy a new frying pan. 猪肉 difficult to understand the purport of his 炼出的油可用来煎炸食物. The grease from speech. pork can be used for frying. 1922 ji4 vystříhat se něčeho, zdržet se 3005 fang2 živočišný tuk animal fat' něčeho, být tabu avoid as taboo/ jealous' 我发现吃低脂肪的涂抹食品而不吃黄油 忌酒 přestat pít 在他家里一提政治就犯忌. 在“反肥战”中很有成效。I find that eating Any mention of politics is taboo in his low-fat spread instead of butter helps in the house. 山姆对他的妻子很猜忌,因为她很 battle of the bulge. 漂亮。Sam is very jealous of his wife, as she is very pretty.


2098 ju1 adhere/ capture/ restrain' 拘 谨的,精炼的风格正式、精致和克制的 Formal, refined, and restrained in style. 拘泥 1005 lian4 cvičit, trénovat to practice/ 形式遵照或顺从已被确认的形式、 规则或习 to train/ to perfect (one's skill)/ to drill' 他每 俗 Rigorous or ceremonious adherence to 天早晨花两个小时练习赛跑。 Every morning established forms, rules, or customs. he spent two hours training for the race. 毕 2174 pan4 to hope for/ to long for/ to 业前,我们会接受一些职业训练。We will expect' 我盼望着这件事。I'm looking have some vocational training before graduation. forward to it. 我渴盼着他的到来。I am impatient for his arrival. 1081 nu3 snažit se to exert/ to strive' 2565 miao2 to aim' 我瞄准了目标射 1226 guan4 zvyklý accustomed to/ 击,但却打在了墙上。I aimed at the target used to' 你会很快习惯这里的气候的。You but hit the wall. 你瞄得不准. You're not will soon get accustomed to the climate here. aiming straight. 窍门就在於瞄准时须屏住 你会习惯的。 You'll get used to it. 我已经 呼吸. The trick is to hold your breath while 惯了。 Už jsem si zvykl. you aim.

努 惯

1564 sou1 hledat to search' 警方到处 2762 su4 prozkoumat, vystopovat go 搜查逃犯。The police searched every nook upstream/ trace the source' 警方追溯了被 and corner for the escaped criminal. 警察搜索 谋杀者当时的动作。The police retraced the 了在周围六英里以内的树林各处。 The movements of the murder victim. 这个家族 police searched all the woods within a six的历史可以追溯到十七世纪。 The family mile radius. can trace its history to the 17th century.

戒 旨

1566 jie4 vystříhat se, vyvarovat se, zanechat swear off/ warn against' 戒烟 zanechat kouření 1685 zhi3 účel imperial decree/ purport/ aim/ purpose' 这一政策旨在维护 和平。The aim of the policy is the

2825 mi4 seek' 你能为我觅到那本 罕见的古书吗?Can you procure the rare old book for me? 人们认为猪是肮脏的动物,因 为它们用鼻子在泥地里翻拱觅食。People believe that pigs are dirty animals because they rootle about in the mud for their food.

2411 tong3 pail/ bucket/ bin/ barrel' 他买了一桶啤酒。He bought a barrel of beer. 如果你背那些沉重的桶,你的背会痛的。 1453 xiang1 krabice, bedna box/ trunk/ You'll make your back ache if you carry chest' 我们使用起重机将这个大箱子搬进 those heavy buckets. 了后院。We used a crane to lift the huge box into the backyard. 这个箱子是胡桃木做的。 This box is made of walnut. 这个邮箱每天 význam, důležitost 开两次。There are two collections a day from this letter box. 橘子被装入箱中,然后很 1107 wei3 velký big/ large/ great' 你 快便运走了。 The oranges were boxed and 应仿效伟大善良的人。You should imitate sent off quickly. great and good people. 他喜欢读伟人传记来 1601 tao2 keramika pottery, (surname)/ 提高自己。He likes to read biographies of pleased/ pottery' 现代陶器通常用作装饰 great men to promote himself. 品。Modern pottery is usually ornamental. 1314 zhen1 drahocennost, drahý 陶器匠正用手做陶器. A potter is making precious thing/ treasure' pottery by hand. 1382 feng4 cenit si, mít čest, s úctou 1983 sheng2 provaz rope' 把衣服晾 přijmout to receive (from superior)/ to offer/ 在绳子上。 Hang the clothes on the line. 这根 to revere' 绳子不够结实,所以我们用金属线。The 1872 yi3 druhý, za bé B (in a sequence rope was not strong enough, so we used wire. 先把系帐篷的桩子打进地里,再把绳 of examples involving "A", "B", "C", etc.)/ 子系在桩子上。 First hammer the tent pegs 2nd heavenly stem/ 2nd in order' 命运是甲 into the ground, then tie the ropes onto them. 的母亲,是乙的后娘。Fortune to one is 负载过重会把绳子拉紧到崩断的地步。Too mother, to another is stepmother heavy a load will strain the rope to its 2667 bi4 the steps to the throne' 教皇 breaking point. 大麻可用来做衣服和绳子。 陛下: [ jiào huáng bì xià ] Your Holiness Hemp can be used for cloth and ropes. 他又 接上一段绳子,把原来的加长了。He 2742 ti4 fearful/ respectful' lengthened the rope by tying another piece to it.


珍 奉 乙

陛 惕

盒 筒 链 框 钉 瓷

2067 he2

small box/ case'


2088 tong3 tube/ cylinder' 滚筒是洗 1008 pian1 článek, kapitola sheet/ 衣机必不可少的部分。The cylinder is a piece of writing/ (a measure word)/ chapter/ crucial part of the washing machine. article' 2099 lian4 chain/ lead or tin ore' 1044 dian3 slovník canon/ dictionary'

篇 典 徒 姆

2144 kuang4

frame/ door frame'

2267 ding1/ ding4 hřebík nail' 2285 ci2 chinaware/ porcelain'

1060 tu2 žák, učedník apprentice/ disciple' 1061 mu3 vychovatelka (fonetikum

Ohm, Siemens) governess' 每一盏灯泡有 kingdom, as of the animal kingdom, ranking next above a class in size. 120欧姆的电阻。Each of the bulbs has a resistance of120 ohms. 2006 ru2 scholar/ Confucian' 1128 ye4 stránka, list page/ leaf' 我已 2034 gou1/ gou4 zaškrtnout, škrtat to 经校对完二十页了。 have proofread twenty I cancel/ to delineate/ hook, affair/ to reach for pages. 书页因年久而变黄。The leaves of the (with hand)' book had yellowed with age. 老师让我把报 2061 ming2 inscribed motto' 她母亲 告缩短为一页。My teacher asked me to shorten the report to one page. 的话他时刻铭记在心。His mother's words were inscribed in his memory. 这样的宝贵教 1205 fu2 znak, znamení, značka mark/ 训应该铭记在心。Such a lesson should be sign/ talisman/ to seal/ to correspond (to)/ treasured in our memories. tally/ symbol/ written charm/ to coincide' 这 2213 chao1 přepisovat, vypisovat, 些符号我完全不明白是什麽意思. These opisovat, plagovat to copy/ to plagiarize/ to symbols mean nothing to me. 铜的化学符号 是Cu。The chemical symbol for copper is search and seize/ to go/ to transcribe/ to take a shortcut/ to search and confiscate' 那次考 "Cu". 这个十字符号标明她死去的地点. 试完全是骗人的鬼把戏,他们都抄书。That This cross marks the spot where she died. examination was a mockery, they all copied 1208 ke4 lekce, hodina subject/ class/ from the books. 我把她的笔记抄在我的笔记 lesson' 昨天我误了一节课。I missed a 本上。I copied out her notes into my lesson yesterday. notebook.

儒 勾 铭

课 阅 墨 册 稿

1489 yue4 1493 mo4

peruse/ review/ to read' China ink/ ink stick'

1525 ce4 kniha book/ a measure word for books/ booklet'

1587 gao3 manuscript/ draft/ stalk of 2300 zhuan4 compose/ compile, grain' 我看过他小说的手稿。 I read his compose/ compile/ discourse in praise' 他撰 novel in manuscript. 原稿已失, 这是副本. The original manuscript has been lost; this is 写数学著作。He wrote on mathematics. a copy. 2557 song4 předčítat read aloud' 他抑 1747 fu4 psát básně poetic essay/ 扬顿挫地朗诵诗歌。He read the poems with taxation/ bestow on/ endow with' 她具有杰 cadence. 我读了两遍这首诗,这个小女孩 出的写作天赋。She is endowed with great 就会背诵了。 The girl repeated the poem writing ability. 他在音乐方面有很高的天 after I had read it twice. 老师给全班同学朗 诵这首诗歌。 The teacher read the poem to 赋。He has natural endowments in music. the class. 她(向我们)朗诵她的书. She 1934 gang1 main heading head rope of read (to us) from her book. a fishing net/ guiding principle/ key link/ 2812 pa1 syllable' class (taxonomy)/ outline/ program' 动物分 类的门界的一个基本分支,如动物界的, 在范围上大于纲 A primary division of a

2274 pu3 seznam, přehled chart/ list/ score (music)/ spectrum (math.)(phys.)' 红 色和紫色位于光谱相对的两端。Red and violet are at opposite ends of the spectrum. 家谱祖先录;家族树 A list of ancestors; a family tree.

撰 诵

žádoucí stavy

1583 jia1 výborný excellent' 该项目 极佳, 但地方舆论却表示反对. The project seems excellent, but local opinion is against it. 1063 qi2 vyrovnaný, srovnaný, rovný (surname)/ even/ to make even' Her hair has 竞技状态极佳的运动员 An athlete in been badly cut and the ends are uneven. 她的 excellent shape. 头发剪得太糟,所有的鬓脚都不齐。The list 1586 fang1 voňavý fragrant' 芳香脂 of names is more or less complete. 名单上的 植物其他几种芳香植物脂中的一种,如加 人差不多齐了。I wonder if I have get 拿大香脂 Any of several other fragrant everything. 我想是否东西全带齐了? plant resins, such as Canada balsam. 花园里 1125 chun2 čistý, ryzí, dokonalý pure/ 的空气又温暖又芬芳。 The air in the simple/ unmixed/ genuine' 水可以通过蒸馏 garden was warm and fragrant. 玫瑰花的芳 而提纯。Water can be made pure by distilling 香四溢。 The roses perfumed the air. it. 这是一个纯学术性的问题。The question 1606 chang1 prosperující, kvetoucí is purely academic. prosperous/ flourish' 当欧洲人还是居住在 1139 ya3 vytříbený, jemný elegant' 洞穴中的野蛮人时,这些地方的文化早已 十年前这种连衣裙还算是最高雅的款式呢。十分繁荣昌盛。These civilizations Ten years ago this dress was considered the flourished while Europeans were still savages living in caves. 我们的国家正在走向繁荣 last word in elegance. 他的举止欠雅。His manner lacks finish. 那位女士穿着雅致的 昌盛。Our country is moving towards 深色套装。The lady wears an elegant dark prosperity. suit. 1674 xiang2 slibný auspicious/ propitious' 1189 feng1 hojný, bohatý buxom/ good-looking/ appearance and carriage of a 1736 cui4 čistý, ryzí pure/ unmixed/ person, (surname)/ abundant/ plentiful/ great' essence' 这次出席纯粹是自愿的. 丰富 fēngfù rich; plentiful Attendance is purely voluntary. 你的理论纯 1290 yi2 vhodný proper/ should/ 粹是主观臆测. Your theory is pure suitable/ appropriate' conjecture. 你是那麽想的吗? 纯粹是错觉! You think that, do you? Pure illusion! 1447 kai3 vítězný triumphant/ 1749 zhi4 řád, pořádek order/ victorious' 这位打了胜仗的将军凯旋而归。 The victorious general made a triumphant orderliness' 维护公共秩序是警察的职责。 return. 全市居民倾城而出迎接凯旋球队. It's the duty of the police to preserve the The city turned out to welcome back its public order. 因无人维持秩序, 教室里一片 victorious team. 混乱. With no one to keep order the situation in the classroom was chaotic. 1531 jie2 čistý clean' 你必须保持衣 着整洁。 You must keep your clothes clean. 1840 tuo3 vhodný, přiměřený, náležitý 我们利用眼睑眨眼来清洁眼睛。 We use our secure/ sound' eyelids to blink so as to clean our eyes.陶器 1845 jia1 nádherný, pochvala, uznání 的优点在于比木器更容易保持清洁。 Earthenware has an advantage over wood in excellent' 嘉奖 pochválit, ocenit 他的贡献 得到认可而受到嘉奖。He was rewarded in being more easily kept clean. recognition of his service.

丰 宜 凯

祥 粹

妥 嘉

the hills. 1890 fen1 voňavý fragrant' 花园里的 2384 gong3 secure/ solid' 这个党通 空气又温暖又芬芳。The air in the garden was warm and fragrant. 过建立卫星组织巩固它的权力。The party consolidate its power by building up satellite 1942 zhuo2 vynikající (surname)/ organization. outstanding' 2416 xie2 harmonious' 天空和大海 2017 sui4/ sui2 uspokojovat, uspět 构成了一幅和谐的画面。 The sky and the forthwith' 遂心 být podle přání sea make a harmonious picture. 不协调的; 2023 yu4 abundant' 森林里有充裕的 不和谐的 Lacking in harmony. 几个平行声 部构成的和谐 Harmony with parallel 薪柴可用。There is abundant firewood in the voices. forest. 这个国家的石油供应充裕。The country has abundant supplies of oil. 2559 yan4 accomplished/ elegant'

芬 卓 遂 裕

巩 谐

亨 昭 旺

2146 heng1


2190 zhao1 illustrious/ manifest' 他 显然有罪--此案昭然若揭. He's obviously guilty it's an open-and-shut case. 2198 wang4 prosperous/ flourishing/ to prosper/ to flourish' 由于管理有方,农 场兴旺发达。The farm prospered through good management. 他的事业兴旺发达。 His business is prosperous. 在目前的经济气 候中, 任何新生意都兴旺不起来. No new business can flourish in the present economic climate. 有了她当主管, 公司开始兴旺起来. With her at the wheel, the company began to prosper. 我们把炉火扇得更旺。We fanned the fire to make it burn brighter.

彦 娟 馨

2564 juan1

beautiful/ graceful'

2586 xin1 voňavý fragrant' 花园里的 空气一片温馨。The air in the garden was warm and fragrant. 他的扣洞上了一朵红色 康乃馨。He wore a red carnation in his buttonhole.

2591 can4 glorious/ bright/ brilliant/ lustrous/ resplendent' 我们喜欢观赏初升太 阳的灿烂光辉。We enjoy seeing the glorious beams of the rising sun. 他在灿烂的阳光照 射下眨著眼睛. He blinked in the bright sunlight. 2773 huan4 2784 e2 brilliant/ lustrous'

琼 煌 茂

2205 qiong2 (red stone)/ beautiful' 搞错了, 我不是珍, 而是琼。You made a mistake; I am not Jane but Joan.

2875 yu2 excellence/ luster of gems' 要学会身心松弛, 瑜珈功是一种有效的锻 炼方法. Yoga is a good discipline for learning 2276 huang2 brilliant' 他年轻时写的 to relax. 那手辉煌的诗,只是昙花一现而已。That brilliant poems he wrote when young were a mere flash in the pan. zbraně 2309 mao4 luxuriant' 我们国家有很 多繁茂的热带植物。There is luxuriant tropical vegetation in our country. 葱翠的有 或以茂盛植被为特征的 Having or characterized by luxuriant vegetation. 山上长 满茂密的树林。Luxuriant forests covered

焕 娥 你 瑜

good/ beautiful'

盾 矛 箭

1395 dun4 štít shield' 1441 mao2 1496 jian4 spear/ lance/ pike' arrow'

twilight/ to faint/ to lose consciousness' 头 上受了一击后,他昏过去了一会儿。 The 2229 gong1 a bow (weapon)' 他拉弓 blow on the head dazed him for a moment. 放了一箭. He shot an arrow from his bow. 1653 tu3/ tu4 plivat, zvracet to spit,

戈 弓 镖

1695 ge1 kopí (surname)/ spear'

2727 biao1 a throwing weapon/ dart' vomit' 在公共场合随便吐痰是不礼貌的。 It's rude to spit in public. 我喝了混合饮料后 英国酒馆里常有掷镖游戏. Darts is often 吐了起来。 The mixture of drinks made me played in English pubs. 鸟儿飞镖似地穿过林 vomit. 他把吃下的东西全吐了出来。He 间。Birds were darting through the trees. vomited up all he had eaten. 2811 shi3 arrow/ dart' 1710 teng2 bolet (it) hurts/ love fondly/ ache/ pain/ sore'

疼 菌 醉

zdraví a nemoc

症 疾 愈 累

1258 zheng1/ zheng4 nemoc 1783 zui4 opilý intoxicated' 他因醉酒 obstruction of bowels, disease/ illness' 症状 příznak 开车被罚款。He was fined for driving while intoxicated. 使醉的喝醉了的,被麻醉品例 1273 ji2 nemoc sickness/ disease/ hate/ 如可卡因或大麻麻醉了的 Intoxicated by envy' or as if by alcohol or a drug, such as cocaine 1301 yu4 pozdravovat se, zlepšovat se or marijuana. heal/ the more...the more/ to recover/ better, heal' 他手上的伤已愈合了。 Zraněná ruka se mu už zahojila.

1733 jun1/ jun4 choroboplodný zárodek, baktérie germ/ bacteria, bacteria/ mold/ mushroom'

1792 zhong3 otéct, opuchnout swollen' 医生们用绷带把我肿起的脚踝包扎起来。 1323 lei2/ lei3/ lei4 unavený, namáhat The doctors have taped up my swollen ankle. se, honit se cumbersome, accumulate, 她正患腺体肿胀病。She is suffering from implicate/ tired' 你累了一天,也该休息休 swollen glands. 息。Celý den ses honil, měl by sis 1799 ai2/ yan2 rakovina cancer, cancer odpočinout. 工作了一天他累得要死。 was He tired to death after a day's work. 铲了一天 (old pronuniation)/ carcinoma' 的雪我很累了。I was tired after shoveling 1938 hen2 jizva scar/ traces' snow all day. 我累了,其他人也一样。I was tired, and so were the others. 1977 chuan3 těžce dýchat, astma to

疫 肿

1791 yi4 epidemie epidemic/ plague'

癌 痕 喘

炎 诊 霍 昏

1324 yan2 zánět, zápal flame/ inflammation/ -itis'

gasp/ to pant/ asthma' 我们在到达山顶之 前已经在喘气了。We began to pant before we reached the top of hill.

1401 zhen3 vyšetřit examine or treat 2000 pao1/ pao4 puchýř, bublina, medically' 我正在找急诊室。 looking for I'm namáčet, spařit puffed/ swollen, to steep/ the emergency room. soak/ bubble(s)/ foam' 1442 huo4 cholera (surname)/ cholera' 2053 ban1 skvrna variegated' 这种疾 1561 hun1 omdlít muddle-headed/ 病能引起面部色素斑沉著. The disease

泡 斑

causes patches of pigmentation on the face.

2079 mang2 blind' 盲人有敏锐的触 2462 wan2 pill' 觉。The blind have a keen sense of touch. 无 法识别颜色的人是色盲。People who cannot 2646 yang3 to itch/ to tickle' 你被蚊 distinguish between colors are said to be color-blind. 爱情是盲目的。 Love is blind. 子咬的地方还在痒吗? Are your mosquito 盲人不能辨别光明和黑暗。The blind can bites still itching? 这毯子扎得我痒痒. This blanket tickles (me). 我鼻子痒痒. My nose not tell light from darkness. tickles. 2083 zhang4 dropsical/ swollen/ to 2673 gao1 ointment/ paste' swell/ to be bloated' 她的手指肿胀是手指 内有异物引起的。 The swelling on her finger 2715 xie4 to flow (out) swiftly/ was caused by a foreign body in it. 木材潮 diarrhea' 湿後往往会膨胀. Wood often swells when 2794 nao2 to scratch' 丘疹越挠越坏. wet. 金属遇热则膨胀。Metals expand when Scratching the rash will make it worse. they are heated.

government will be looking to reduce inflation by a further two per cent this year.

丸 痒

膏 泻 挠 嗽

瘤 淋

2815 sou4 cough' 你为什么不先戒 烟等你的咳嗽好了一些后再说? Why don't 2168 lin4/ lin2 diseases of the bladder/ you lay off smoking for a while until your to drain/ to drip' 我冒雨出去,结果被淋得 cough gets better? 请医生开点咳嗽药. Ask the doctor to prescribe something for that 湿透了。I went out in the rain and got wet cough. through. 雨伞可以保护你不致雨淋。An umbrella will protect you from the rain. 2823 tan1 paralyzed' 事故後她腰部 2215 yun1/ yun4 mít závrať confused/ 以下瘫痪了. The accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. dizzy/ giddy/ faint/ swoon/ lose consciousness/ pass out, dizzy/ ring around 2855 ou3 vomit' moon or sun' 我头发晕 mám závrať 2141 liu2 tumor'

晕 屁 哑

瘫 呕 灼 聋

2295 pi4 to break wind/ to fart' 你把 屁股挪一挪, 我想坐下. Move your stern, I want to sit down.

2867 zhuo2

brilliant/ cauterize'

2873 long2 deaf' 耳聋算是严重的缺 陷。 Deafness can be a serious handicap. 假若 2368 ya1/ ya3 hluchoněmý (onomat.), 认为耳聋有趣, 这种幽默感十分不当. If dumb/ mute' 他是个聋哑人,不会把他们 you think deafness is funny, you've got a very misplaced sense of humour. 的秘密告诉任何人。He's a deaf mute and cannot tell anyone secret. 哑巴狗最危险。 2887 dian1 convulsions/ crazy' 她是 Dumb dogs are dangerous. 她生来即哑. She's 先天性癫痫患者. She's been an epileptic been dumb from birth. from birth.

癫 烫

瞎 膨

2395 xia1 blind' 他不戴眼镜时简直 2903 tang4 popálenina, spálit, popálit 跟瞎子一样. He's as blind as a bat without to scald/ to burn/ to iron/ hot' 这是治疗烧 his glasses. 伤和烫伤的药膏。This is an ointment for 2415 peng2 swollen' 政府力求今年 burns and scalds. 锅炉爆炸时她被烫伤了。 She was scalded when the boiler exploded. 把通货膨胀率再减低百分之二. The 热咖啡能造成一度烫伤。 Hot coffee can

give first-degree burns.


2909 xuan4 závrať dizzy/ dazzled' 房 2261 fu3 look down/ stoop' 我们从飞 间里热得她头晕目眩。The room was so hot 机上俯瞰下面一片片的土地。 We looked that she felt dizzy. 我们被大风刮得头晕目 down from the plane at the fields spread out 眩。We were dizzy by the strong wind. 我又 beneath. 我们从山上俯瞰下面的山谷。We 喝了一杯威士忌酒之後, 就觉得头晕目眩. looked down from the mountain to the valley After another glass of whisky I began to feel below. dizzy. 2706 pie1 blink/ glance' 他向她投以 He 2988 shi4 závislý na čem addicted to/ 敬慕的一瞥。 gave her an admiring glance. 对。 。 。 匆匆一看,一瞥 Take a glance of... 他 fond of' 他嗜好喝酒。He is addicted to alcohol. 由于嗜毒者对药物的耐受性增加 偷偷瞥了她一眼. He cast a furtive glance at her. 了,因而需要更大剂量的毒品。As the addict's toleration increases, he requires ever 2748 kui1 peep/ pry into' 他用了半 larger doses of the drug. 天的时间偷偷地从窗帘后面窥视邻居。He spends half his day peeping at his neighbors from behind his curtains. 他从围栏的缝隙 živly 窥视. He peeped through a chink in the fence.

1186 lang4 vlna wave/ breaker/ unrestrained/ dissipated' 波浪冲击着岩石。 The waves are lashing against the rocks. 海 浪轻轻地拍打着海岸。The waves gently lap against the shore. 一股巨浪从甲板上卷了过 去。A huge wave swept over the deck. 那只 船正与风浪搏斗。The ship is combating the wind and waves.

瞅 眯

2767 chou3 to see/ look/ take a look at' 你瞅见那边的那条河了吗?Do you see the river over there? 2955 mi1/ mi3 mhouřit oči, oslepený to squint, blind (as with dust)' 他在很亮的阳 光下眯起了眼睛。He squinted in the bright sunlight. 她透过雾眯着眼看,想找出正确 的路。She peers through the mist, trying to find the right path.

2054 tao1 velká vlna big wave' 这艘 船在波涛中奋勇前进。The ship buffeted 2960 zhan1 gaze/ view' 人们蜂拥而 through the big waves. 轮船沉没于波涛下 至瞻望皇室人员外出时的仪仗队. People 面。 The ship sank beneath the waves. 小船 came in flocks to see the royal procession. 沉没在波涛之中。 The boat dipped into the waves. 小船淹没在浪涛中. The boat sank beneath the waves. zvířata


牛 雄 虎 贝

1018 niu2 kráva, býk ox/ cow/ bull' 1054 xiong2 1. samec 2. hrdina heroic/

1551 qiao2 hledět, dívat se look at' 他 male' 瞧了我一眼。 Podíval se na mě. 等着瞧。 1083 hu3 tygr tiger' Počkáme a uvidíme. 你想瞧瞧这画吗?-- 是的!很想!Would you like to have a look 1133 bei4 mušle, lastura cowries/ shell/ at the picture? --- Yes, I should very much like valuables/ shellfish' 潮水退去,我们就能

寻找贝壳了。 As the tide receded we were rebuke' able to look for shells. 小女孩把贝壳穿成 1762 zhu1 prase hog/ pig/ swine' 一串,戴在脖子上。The little girl threaded the shells together and wore them round her 1865 yu3 peří feather' neck. 1912 feng1 včela, vosa bee/ wasp' 黄 1244 wu1 vrána a crow/ black' 蜂看上去很像蜜蜂。Wasps look similar to bees. 蜜蜂采集花粉时会使花授粉。The bees 1263 niao3 pták bird' may fertilize flowers when they collect 1281 gou3 pes dog' nectar. 盖上果酱瓶! 要不准得招黄蜂. Cover the jam! It's sure to invite the wasps. 1287 chong2 hmyz insect/ worm, an 1924 hong2 divoká husa eastern bean animal/ an invertebrate/ a worm/ an insect' goose/ great/ large' 鸿沟 průrva, propast 羽 1337 yang2 ovce (surname)/ sheep' 毛很轻,因此我们说“轻如鸿毛”。 Feather is very light, so that we say"as light as a 1391 ji1 drůbež fowl/ chicken' feather". 1504 feng4 fénix phoenix' 1927 ying1 sokol, orel eagle/ falcon/ hawk' 老鹰抓住小鸡飞走了。The hawk 1572 zi3 mládě duty/ responsibility, minutely/ young' 大多数动物让他们的幼 snatched the chicken and flew away. 鹰在头 仔从小就独立生活。Most animals let their 顶上盘旋。 The hawk is hovering overhead. 鹰捕食小鸟。Hawks prey on small birds. young fend for themselves from an early age. 幻儿,仔兽刚断奶的幼儿,离乳仔畜 1928 long2 klec basket/ cage' 那只金 A newly weaned child or young animal. 丝雀在笼中鸣啾。The canary was trilling 1582 sheng1 domácí zvíře domestic away in its cage. 有一头狮子从笼中逃走了. animal' A lion has escaped from its cage. 我呆在那 个办公室里感觉真像在笼子里一样. I felt 1602 shou4 zvíře beast/ quadruped' terribly caged in in that office.

乌 鸟 狗 虫 羊 鸡 凤 仔

猪 羽 蜂


牲 兽 猫 鸣 蛇 鼠 燕 狼 苍 熊

1673 mao1 kočka cat/ pussy'

壳 膀

1680 ming2 cvrlikání, štěbetání to cry (of birds)'

1937 ke2/ qiao4 skořápka shell, shell' 贝壳 ulita 蛋壳 skořápka vejce

1941 bang3/ bang4/ pang1/ pang2 křídlo upper arm/ wing, to flirt, puffed (swollen), 1689 she2 had snake/ serpent' bladder' 这些鸟站在岩石上,翅膀张开着。 1693 shu3 myš rat/ mouse' These birds stands on the rock, wings outstretched. 在图画中的天使通常是身穿白 1705 yan1/ yan4 vlaštovka (surname)/ 衣, 生有翅膀. Angels are usually shown in place name, swallow (a type of bird)' pictures dressed in white, with wings. 1708 lang2 vlk wolf'

1728 cang1 moucha dark blue/ fly/ musca/ deep green'

2030 chu4/ xu4 livestock/ 1741 xiong2 medvěd bear/ to scold/ to domesticated animal/ domestic animal, to

窝 猩 畜

1962 wo1 hnízdo nest' 2016 xing1 ape'

raise (animals)'

鹿 鲍 鸭 鹅 猴 狮 巢 蝶 猿 狐 雀

2056 lu4


2073 bao4 škeble abalone' 2133 ya1 2172 e2 duck' goose' monkey' lion' nest'

2187 hou2 2211 shi1 2298 chao2 2306 die2

豹 蚁 驴 雁 禽 叮

2507 bao4 2517 yi3

leopard/ panther' ant' donkey'

2543 lu:2/ lv2 2553 yan4 2562 qin2

wild goose' birds/ fowl'

2611 ding1 žihadlo sting (of mosquito)/ to ask' 黄蜂叮了我手指。A wasp sting me on the finger. 2618 jing1 2624 he4 2638 tuo2 2648 ti2 whale' crane' humpback' hoof/ pork shoulder' dog' spider' pigeon/ dove' fly/ musca'

鲸 鹤 2312 yuan2 ape' 驼 2321 hu2 fox' 蹄 2331 qiao1/ qiao3/ que4 lentigo, bird, bird' 犬 爪 2363 zhua3/ zhao3 claw' 蛛 兔 2364 tu4 rabbit' 鸽 雌 2382 ci2 samice female' 蝇 螺 2386 luo2 screw/ snail' 狸 龟 2392 gui1 tortoise/ turtle' 麟 鸦 2397 ya1 crow' 鳞 彪 2406 biao1 lvíče a tiger-cat/ stripes/ 蚕 streaks/ veins' 一个身材魁梧的人;彪形大 鳍 汉。A man with a powerful frame. 菱 凰 2453 huang2 phoenix' 驯 栖 2460 qi1/ xi1 hřadovat to roost/ to

2649 quan3 2653 zhu1 2694 ge1 2722 ying2 2738 li2 2752 lin2 2763 lin2 2787 can2 2801 qi2

(dog)/ wild cat' female unicorn' scales (of fish)' silkworm' fins/ supporting surfaces'

2802 ling2 Trapa natans/ water caltrop'

2820 xun2 krotit, ochočit, podrobit inhabit/ to stay/ habitat, to roost/ to inhabit/ to attain gradually/ tame' 很多种类的松鼠都 Many kinds of squirrels are easy stay/ habitat' 我宁愿观赏居住在自然栖息 很容易驯养。 to tame. 地里的动物,而不愿看关在动物园里的动 物。 I prefer to see animals in their natural 2847 xia1 shrimp/ prawn' habitat, rather than in zoos. 诅咒像鸡雏, 必回栖息木。Curse, like chicken, come home 2856 luo4 camel' to roost.

虾 骆

粪 蚂 莺

2884 fen4 hnůj, mrva manure/ dung' dragonfly, ant,

徐 闹 隆 悄

2888 ma1/ ma3/ ma4 grasshopper'

1313 xu2 tiše, pomalu slow/ gentle/ Xu (a surname)' 1336 nao4 hlučet make noise or disturbance'

2902 ying1 golden oriole' 金莺长着 1400 long1/ long2 zvuk bubnů sound 黑黄的羽毛。An oriole is a bird which has black and yellow feathers. 这只夜莺夜里唱 of drums, grand/ intense/ prosperous/ start (a 得很好听。The nightingale sings sweetly at fire)' 隆重 slavnostní, pompézní night. 1434 qiao3/ qiao1 potichu, tiše quiet/ sad' 房子里面静悄悄的。 It was quiet inside 2904 wa1 frog' the house. 我们悄悄溜到什么地方去喝上一 2940 wen2 mosquito' 杯。 Let's slope off somewhere quiet and have a drink. 2964 hu2 butterfly' 1543 zou4 hrát, provozovat hudbu present a memorial'

蛙 蚊 蝴

zvuky a hudba

瑟 默 1031 mo4 mlčky, tiše silent/ write from 琴 memory' 唤 鼓 1123 gu3 buben convex/ drum/ to 哼 rouse/ to beat' 孩子睡觉时,不要练习打 喊

1694 se4 1701 qin2

(mus. instr.)' (mus. instr.)'

1835 huan4 volat to call'

1966 heng1/ hng sténat, pobrukovat hum, (interj. of contempt)' 她一遍又一遍地 鼓。You mustn't practise drums while the 不断哼唱那支歌。 She continued to hum the baby is sleeping. song over and over. 我不知道这首歌的歌词 1183 han3 volat call/ cry/ to shout' 尽 , 但我可以哼给你听. I don't know the words 管他大声喊叫,却没有人来帮助他。 of the song but I can hum it to you. 哼一哼 Despite his cries no one came to his 你喜爱的曲子的开头几个小节. Hum the assistance. 她向她父亲喊叫求救。 She called opening bars of your favourite tune. to her father for help. 1969 ling2 zvonek (small) bell' 今天 1252 chang4 zpívat sing/ to call loudly/ 早晨,我被铃声唤醒。I was roused by the to chant' sound of the bell this morning. 他听到铃声 响,就走过去开门。He went to open the 1264 hong1 hřmět, buráce, rachotit door when he heard the tinkle of the bell. 电 explosion/ bang/ boom/ rumble/ strike (by 话铃响的时候我正在厨房里做饭。I was thunder or a bomb)' 轰苍蝇 odhánět cooking in the kitchen when the telephone mouchy rang. 情况紧急时请按铃。Ring the bell in 1276 lang3 jasný a zvučný clear/ bright' an emergency. 朗读 číst nahlas 朗诵 song4 recitovat, 2015 yin2 moan/ to hum' 每次她动 deklamovat 一下腿,就发出一声呻吟。Each time she 1299 tan4 vzdychat to sigh' moved her leg, she let out a moan.

唱 轰 朗 叹

The sentries are all at their posts. 农夫一边 2040 chao3 to quarrel/ to make a 挤奶一边吹口哨。The farmer whistled as he noise/ noisy/ to disturb by making a noise' milked. 吵闹的年青人都已从影院被逐出去了。 The noisy youths were ejected from the cinema. 2418 gu1 mumlat, bručet mutter' 她老 这个铁匠铺很吵。The blacksmith's shop is 是一个人嘀嘀咕咕。She kept on muttering always noisy. to herself. 演员背台词的时候经常自己嘀嘀 2042 en1/ ng/ en4 (a groaning sound)' 咕咕。Actors often mutter to themselves when rehearsing their lines. 别叽叽咕咕的! 2138 xu1/ yu4 sh/ hush, implore' 我听不见. Don't mutter! I can't hear you.

嗯 吁 吼 喃 嚷

2151 hou3 roar (of a lion)' 这狮子吼 叫。The lion roars. 2233 nan2 mumble in repetition' 他 喃喃地读他妹妹的信. He read his sister's letter aloud. 2256 rang3 řvát, hulákat blurt out/ to shout' 我得大声嚷, 否则根本听不见我的 声音. I had to shout to make myself heard. 别那样对我大声嚷嚷,我能听清楚。Don't shout into my ears like that, I can hear you perfectly well. 别冲我嚷嚷。 Don't shout at me.

嘿 嘻 哇 泣

2423 hei1


2432 xi1 laugh/ giggle' 他嘻嘻哈哈 地就把他的尴尬处境应付过去了。 simply He laughed off the embarrassing situation in which he had found himself. 2433 wa1/ wa sound of child's crying'

2449 qi4 to sob' 她用手绢掩面啜泣. She sobbed into her handkerchief. 人生是以 哭、 笑三者构成的,尤以泣为最。Life is 泣、 made up of sob, sniffle, and smile, with sniffle predominate.

2486 hua1/ hua2 crashing sound, catcalling sound/ clamor/ noise, clamor/ noise' 她爱市场上的生趣、喧哗与多姿多彩。She loved the life, noise, and color of the market. 听众如此喧哗我几听不见演说者所说的话。 The audience made such a noise I could hardly hear what the speaker said. 街上的喧 哗声闹得我们晚上无法睡觉。The noise of the street keep us awake at night. 碗碟哗啦 2301 xiao4 to hiss/ to whistle' 一颗子 一声掉在地板上. The dishes crashed to the floor. 弹从他头顶上呼啸而过。A bullet whistled past his head. 2513 hong1/ hong3/ hong4 chechtat se resound with laughter, deceive/ coax, have a 2373 hai1/ ke2 sound of sighing, hilarious time/ riot' 母亲哄着孩子入睡了。 cough' 每天服三次这种止咳糖浆,每次 The mother lulled the baby to sleep. 他的妙 服一剂量。Take one dose of this cough syrup 语引起一阵哄堂大笑。His witty remark three times a day. 婴儿咳嗽了。 The baby caused a storm of laughter. has a cough. 2524 yo/ yo1 (interj) Oh, sound made 2383 shao4 a whistle/ sentry' 裁判哨 when expressing surprise/ (idiom) used at 子一响,比赛开始了。The referee whistled end of sentence as an exclamation' and the game began 哨兵们都已各就各位.

2258 xian2 struna, tětiva bow string/ string of mus. instr., string of mus. instr.' 小 提琴的弦上得太紧,突然断了。The violin string snapped because it was fastened too tight. 这一和弦中有两个本位音. There are two naturals in this chord. 钢琴的琴键一弹 琴弦就振动出声. The strings of a piano vibrate when the keys are struck.

啸 咳

2561 di2 flute' 这主调接著由笛子合 2797 nie4 (surname)/ whisper' 奏. The melody is next taken up by the flutes. 2799 zao4 chirp/ mixture of voices/ 我们听见他们在远处吹奏的笛声. We heard noise/ buzzing/ clamor, disturbance/ noise of their piping in the distance. crowd' 牙钻发出很大的噪音。 The dentist's 2571 ting2 clap of thunder' 她踩死了 drill made a lot of noise. 城市生活的质量已 一只虫子。She stamped on the insect and 被过度的噪音所破坏。The quality of urban killed it. 我踩了那狗的爪子,它嚎叫了一 living has been damaged by excessive noise 声。 The dog gave a yelp when I trod on its levels. 噪音令人讨厌,尤其当你想睡觉的 paw. 对不起, 我踩著你的脚了吧? Sorry, did 时候。 Noise is unpleasant, especially when I tread on your toe? you are trying to sleep. 住在大街旁最大的 缺点是噪音。 The great drawback to living 2572 wu1 (onomat. for humming)' near a main road is noise.

聂 噪

呜 喇 叭

2677 la1/ la3

(onomat.), (phonetic)'

咋 嘎 砰

2704 ba1 denote a sound or sharp noise (gunfire, etc.)' 警察通过他们汽车上 2852 ga2/ ga1 cackling sound' 车轮 的喇叭向人群喊话。 The police addressed the 碾在碎石上嘎吱嘎吱地响. The wheels crowd through a loudspeaker on their car. 喇 crunched the gravel. 叭吹响了. The trumpet sounded. 2869 peng1 sound of crashing/ 2741 lie1/ lie3 child's cry, draw back thunder' 她砰的一声用力关上了门。She corners of mouth' 他酒醉后总是骂骂咧咧 slammed the door with violence. 他砰的一声 亵渎神灵。He always swears and blasphemes 关上门。 He closed the door with a slam. when he's drunk. 他砰的一声盖上了盖子. He slammed the lid down. 2776 si1 hiss/ neigh' 那匹马舒服的 2899 na4/ ne/ na battle cry, (final 嘶叫著. The horse whinnied with pleasure. 听到煤气的嘶嘶声,他冲进来把它关掉。 part.)' Hearing the hiss of gas, he rushed in and 2908 xiao1 pant/ roar/ bark (of turned it off. 把水浇到火上, 火就发出嘶嘶 animals)' 声. A fire hisses if water is thrown on it. 那 鹅愤怒地向我发出嘶嘶声. The goose hissed 2929 shen1 groan' 她痛苦地呻吟. at me angrily. 蒸汽发出很大的嘶嘶声冒了 She groaned with pain. 出 来. The steam escaped with a loud hissing 2973 xu1 exhale/ hiss' 观众向演出者 noise 发出一片嘘声. The crowd greeted the 2778 xuan1 clamor/ noise, clamor/ performers with boos and hisses. 人们用嘘声 noise/ deceitful' 一阵喧闹声转移了我们的 把那政客轰下了台. The politician was 注意力。A loud noise diverted my attention. hissed off (the platform). 他被听众嘘下台 会议开始变得喧哗了。The meeting began to 来。He was hissed off by the audience. become clamorous. 尽管有喧闹声也要设法 睡著. Try to sleep in spite of the noise. 他们 喧闹的声音让人心烦. They were making enough noise to wake the dead.

2830 ze2/ zha4/ za3 shout/ suddenly'

gnaw, loud noise/

呐 哮 呻 嘘

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