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Physics for Engineering

Unit Guide Semester 1, 2014

Faculty of Engineering

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering

Unit Guide Malaysia campus

Semester 1, 2014 (Marc ! to May !0" Unit staff contact details

Unit lecturer: Campus: Phone: Email: Office hours: Lab Tutor: Campus: Phone: Email: Office hours: Mr Liew Yew Wai Malaysia lie#$ye#$#ai%monas $edu TBA Ms Phuan Yi Wen Malaysia p uan$yi$#en%monas $edu TBA

Prepared by: &ssociate 'rofessor (an )oon (eong Sun#ay *ampus, Monas Uni+ersity Produced and Published by: Faculty of Engineering, Monas Uni+ersity, *layton, ,ictoria, &ustralia, !-00 First 'u.lis ed Marc 2010 /e+ised and 'rinted 01& 2 *opyrig t 2014 034 F3/ /ES&(E$ &ll materials produced for t is course of study are protected .y copyrig t$ Monas students are permitted to use t ese materials for personal study and researc only, as permitted under t e *opyrig t &ct$ Use of t ese materials for any ot er purposes, including copying or resale may infringe copyrig t unless #ritten permission as .een o.tained from t e copyrig t o#ners$ En5uiries s ould .e made to t e pu.lis er$

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering Unit Guide

Unit Outline
' ysics for Engineering is an electi+e unit #ort 6 credit points at le+el 1$ 7t co+ers 8ey concepts in9 mec anics #it emp asis on momentum and energy conser+ation: oscillations, #a+es, and optics: 5uantum p ysics$ 7t as a la.oratory component$ 7mportant information a.out re5uirements, sylla.i and assessment are pro+ided in t is document$ 7t as a pre;re5uisite of eit er <ear 12 ' ysics or E0G10-0$

Unit synopsis
4 is unit relates 8ey principles of p ysics to engineering and tec nology, and s o#s o# p ysics, including 5uantum and nano;science, creates useful ne# tec nologies$ Energy, momentum and angular momentum9 planetary or.its, roc8et propulsion, precession, fly # eels$ 3scillations and #a+es9 resonance, transmission of energy: =oppler effect and speed measurement, polari>ation and stress models, diffraction and nano;structures, t in film interference and antireflecting film$ ?uantum ' ysics9 Uncertainty 'rinciple, #a+e functions, atomic force microscope: lasers, stimulated emission$ 4 e practical component de+elops measurement, analysis, application and communication s8ills$

Learning outco es
&t t e conclusion of t e unit, students #ill .e a.le to9 1$ identify t e .asic principles of p ysics in typical simple situations rele+ant to engineering, and correctly apply t em9 apply energy and momentum met ods to analyse motion of systems, e@plain .e a+iours in+ol+ing oscillations and #a+es and perform appropriate analysis and calculations, e@plain and apply .asic 5uantum principles to situations # ic are rele+ant in engineering and tec nology conte@ts and carry out appropriate analysis and calculations,

2$ demonstrate an a.ility to descri.e and e@plain ad+anced tec ni5ues used in rele+ant engineering or p ysics conte@ts, !$ ma8e relia.le measurements, estimate uncertainties, analyse, e+aluate and interpret data in cases appropriate to engineering and related to t e t eory studied, 4$ s o# an impro+ed a.ility to #or8 in teams and to communicate and discuss p ysics concepts, measurements and applications related to engineering and de+elopments in tec nologies, A$ approac ne# pro.lems and find solutions on t e .asis of general principles, and e+aluate t e appropriateness of t eir proposed models or solutions$

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering Unit Guide


Outco es

PO1 &pply 8no#ledge of .asic science and engineering fundamentals PO! &c ie+e 7n;dept tec nical competence in Electrical and *omputer Systems Engineering discipline PO" 7dentify, formulate and sol+e comple@ engineering pro.lems .y creating, selecting and applying appropriate tec ni5ues, resources and modern engineering and 74 tools PO# &naly>e t e performance of comple@ engineering pro.lems and systems using researc ;.ased 8no#ledge and met ods$ PO$ =emonstrate 8no#ledge of and need for sustaina.le de+elopment and understand t e social and en+ironmental impacts of engineering solutions$ PO% &ssess pu.lic ealt and safety, cultural, legal, et ical and conse5uences of comple@ engineering solutions and relate t em to t e responsi.ilities of a professional engineer$ PO& *ommunicate effecti+ely, not only #it engineers .ut also #it t e community at large PO8 Function effecti+ely as an indi+idual and in multi;disciplinary and multi;cultural teams$ PO' /ecogni>e t e need for independent and lifelong learning, and possess t e capacity to do so$ PO10 Manage an engineering proBect #it an understanding of its .usiness en+ironment$

(elationship bet)een Unit Learning Outco es and Progra Outco es

LO1 LO! LO" LO# LO$ PO1 C C C C C C PO! PO" PO# PO$ PO% PO& C C PO8 PO' PO10

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering Unit Guide

(ectures (a.oratory 4utorial 'ri+ate study ! ours1#ee8 ! ours1fortnig t ! ours1fortnig t 6 ours1#ee8 (consisting of indi+idual and group assignment #or8, lecture re+ision, and additional researc ing and reading" 12 ours1#ee8

4otal per #ee8

Unit relationships
'rere5uisites 'ro i.itions <ear 12 ' ysics or E0G10-0 or E0G1-01

ENG1802, PHS1011

,ontinuous i pro-e ent

Monas is committed to DE@cellence in educationE and stri+es for t e ig est possi.le 5uality in teac ing and learning$ 4o monitor o# successful #e are in pro+iding 5uality teac ing and learning Monas regularly see8s feed.ac8 from students, employers and staff$ 3ne of t e 8ey formal #ays students a+e to pro+ide feed.ac8 is t roug Unit E+aluation Sur+eys$ 7t is Monas policy for e+ery unit offered to .e e+aluated eac year$ Students are strongly encouraged to complete t e sur+eys as t ey are an important a+enue for students to F a+e t eir sayG$ 4 e feed.ac8 is anonymous and pro+ides t e Faculty #it e+idence of aspects t at students are satisfied and areas for impro+ement$ Faculties a+e t e option of administering t e Unit E+aluation sur+ey online t roug t e my$monas portal or in class$ (ecturers #ill inform students of t e met od .eing used for t is unit to#ards t e end of t e semester$ Pre-ious .tudent E-aluations of this unit: 7f you #is to +ie# o# pre+ious students rated t is unit, please go to ttp911###$monas $edu$au1unit;e+aluation; reports1 3+er t e past fe# years t e Faculty of Engineering as made a of impro+ements to its units as a result of unit e+aluation feed.ac8$ Some of t ese .enefits include tutor1demonstrator training, impro+ed o.Becti+es and .etter feed.ac8 mec anisms$ / ediate feedbac+ for us Feed.ac8 is #elcome at any time t roug out t e semester$ 'lease use email to send it to t e unit coordinator, or in person$

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering Unit Guide

Teaching and Learning 0ethod

)efore tutorial, try sol+ing all t e ome#or8 pro.lems on your o#n first, t en discuss and complete t e solutions in a study group$ &t t e .eginning of tutorial, a 5ui> #ill .e gi+en on one of t e ome#or8 pro.lems$ =uring tutorial, you #or8 on additional pro.lems$ 7 #ill e@plain t e solutions to t e ome#or8 and additional pro.lems$ & second 5ui> #ill .e gi+en at t e end of t e tutorial session$ Eac 5ui> is #ort 0$AH$ Note: /f you do not attend the tutorial1 you cannot ta+e the 2ui33es later unless you ha-e a -alid reason 4eg certified illness56

Ior8 in a small group on design proBects (engineering design, e@periment design" .efore la. session$ /ules9 &ttendance during la. session to present de+ice or perform e@periment is compulsory$ Missing a la. #it out a +alid reason #ill result in >ero mar8$ E@ample of +alid reason9 illness certified .y a medical doctor$ =o not put a personEs name on t e proBect if t e person did not 1$ contri.ute any idea, or 2$ do anyt ing at all to elp complete t e proBect$ 0ormally ! persons per group (2 per group only if necessary"$ 0ot allo#ed to c ange group #it out +alid reasons$


unication1 participation and feedbac+

Monas aims to pro+ide a learning en+ironment in # ic students recei+e a range of ongoing feed.ac8 t roug out t eir studies$ 7n t is unit it #ill ta8e t e form of group feed.ac8, indi+idual feed.ac8, self;comparison, and #ritten feed.ac8, discussions in class, as #ell as more formal feed.ac8 related to assignment mar8s and grades$ <ou are encouraged to dra# on a +ariety of feed.ac8 to en ance your learning$

/ portant: ,hec+ your Monash announce ents6 e ail regularly for

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering Unit Guide

Unit schedule
Lab 7 Tutorial .chedule
*ee+ 1 2 ! 4 A 6 J 0id8se Test: 9pril 1' 4.aturday5 Semester;.rea8 #ee8 - Koliday May 1 (t urs" L 10 Koliday May 1! (tues" 11 12 Tute (4otal 6" 0o tute 4ute 1 (a. 1 4ute 2 (a. 2 4ute ! Semester;.rea8 #ee8 4ute 4 4ute A 4ute 6 Semester;.rea8 #ee8 (a. ! (a. 4 due (a. A Mini 'roBect due Lab (4otal A" 0o la. Meet in la. for group formation only

Lecture .chedule (*
/esnic8 M Ial8er Lt ed" 0echanics: .elf re-ie) * apter A * apter 6 *ee+ 1 * apter J * apter *ee+ ! * apter L *ee+ " * apter 10 *ee+ # * apter 11 *ee+ $ * apter 1!

apters and Sections in t e prescri.ed te@t .y Kalliday

Force and motion 7 Force and motion 77 Ninetic energy and #or8 'otential energy M conser+ation of energy *enter of mass M linear momentum /otation 4or5ue M angular momentum Gra+itation

Sections9 1;Sections9 1;4 Sections9 1;L Sections9 1;Sections9 1;12 Sections9 1, 2, A;10 Sections9 1, 6;11 Sections9 1;2, 6;-

Oscillations and *a-es: *ee+ % * apter 1A 3scillations Sections9 1;4, 6, -, L

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering Unit Guide

*ee+ & * apter 16 * apter 1J *ee+ 8 * apter !! *ee+ ' * apter !A * apter !6

Ia+es 7 Ia+es 77 Electromagnetic #a+es 7nterference =iffraction

Sections9 1;6, L, 12, 1! Sections9 1;J, L Sections9 1;!, J;10 Sections9 1;2, 4;J Sections9 1;4

0odern Physics: *ee+ 10 * apter !*ee+ 11 * apter !L *ee+ 1! * apter 40 ' otons M matter #a+es More a.out matter #a+es &ll a.out atoms Sections9 1;4, 6 Sections9 1, !, 4, -, L Sections9 1, 11;12

Unit (esources
Prescribed te:t
Principles of Physics Lt ed$ (e:tended edition", Kalliday, /esnic8, Ial8er (Oo n Iiley, 2011" Note9 Kome#or8 pro.lems are selected from t e end;of;c apter pro.lems in t e L t edition$


ended te:ts

!nders"andin# Physics, Naren *ummings, '$ (a#s, E$ /edis , '$ *ooney (Oo n Iiley, 2004" (reser+ed in li.rary" Concep"ual physics1 10th ed61 Paul G ;e)itt 4Pearson 9ddison *esley1 !00%5 4reser-ed in library5 Physics for scien"is"s and en#ineers wi"h modern physics, 6t ed$, /aymond &$ Ser#ay, Oo n I$ Oe#ett, Or$ (4 omson, 2004" Physics for scien"is"s and en#ineers wi"h modern physics, !rd ed$, =ouglas *$ Giancoli ('rentice Kall 2000"

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering Unit Guide

9ssess ent
9ssess ent tas+s
*ee+ .ub ission <ate 9cti-ity ?ui>>es (a. (A 'roBects" Mini 'roBect 0id8.e Test (1 our" 4otal continuous assessment Final E@amination (! ours" Total assess ent =alue > A H 22 H A H - H 40 H 60 H 100 >

See Unit Sc edule See Unit Sc edule See Unit Iee8 12 Sc edule *ee+ & .at 9pril 1'

4 e unit coordinator reser+es t e rig t to moderate t e assessments gi+en .y t e indi+idual tutors$ 4 is process #ill occur at t e end of t e semester$ 3f t e 22H #eig t for la., 1JH is for la. performance and AH is for #ritten reports$ This unit has a hurdle: lab )or+ ust be passed in order to pass the unit6 E:plicitly: to pass this hurdle1 students re2uire 11> or ore in the total ar+ for lab )or+6 /f lab )or+ is failed and the final ar+ for the unit is #$ or higher1 the final ar+ for the unit beco es #$6

0apping of 9ssess ent 7 Learning Outco es

?ui33es Test @inal E:a Lab 1 Lab ! Lab " Lab # Lab $ 0ini ProAect LO1 *! *! *! '! '! '! '! '! LO! LO" LO# LO$



'! p! '! '! '! '!

'! '! '! '!

Key for the table above: Psychomotor: P1 (Low), P2 (Medium), P3 (High), Affective: A1 (Low), A2 (Medium), A3 (High), Cognitive: C1 (Low), C2 (Medium), C3 (High) The cognitive domain involves knowledge and the development of intellectual skills. This includes the recall or recognition of specific facts, procedural patterns, and concepts that serve in the development of intellectual abilities and skills.

Eng1081 Physics for Engineering Unit Guide

The affective domain includes the attitudes with which someone deals with things emotionally, such as feelings, values, appreciation, enthusiasms and motivations. The psychomotor domain includes physical movement, coordination, and use of the motor-skill areas. Development of these skills requires practice and is measured in terms of speed, precision, distance, procedures, or techniques in execution.

9ssess ent details and criteria

<etails of the proAects plus ar+ing criteria1 and the ho e)or+ proble s )ill be pro-ided about ! )ee+s in ad-ance -ia 0oodle6 The id8se ester test co-ers lecture topics fro )ee+ 1 to $ 4see Lecture .chedule abo-e56 No for ula sheet is pro-ided6 9 for ula sheet is pro-ided for the final e:a 4see pre-ious e:a papers56 ,alculators are allo)ed in the test and e:a but only basic scientific calculators )ithout graphics and te:t storage are allo)ed6

;ard copy assign ent sub issions

Iritten su.mission for a proBect, if re5uired, must .e su.mitted in ardcopy, accompanied .y an assignment co+er s eet, to t e tutor$ 4 e faculty assessment co+ers eet is accessi.le at9 ttp911###$eng$monas $edu$au1current; students1do#nload1assessment;co+ers eet$pdf