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Cood grades SLressed asslng exams Succeed ln oral presenLaLlon

Worrled abouL hls fuLure [ob l have Lo check Loo many plaLforms" 1oo much lnformaLlon
lrusLraLed because of spendlng more Llme schedullng and meeLlng raLher Lhan researchlng or sLudylng
AmblLlous, asplraLlon Lo succeed l wanL Lo be a enLrepreneur!"
l wanL Lo meeL new people
and make new frlends"
l have Lo work wlLh
a loL of dlfferenL
20 03 2014
Un|vers|ty Student
CompeLlLlve unlverslLy sLudenLs
LxlgenL Leachers
unlverslLy sLaff
lnLernaLlonal sLudenLs
Labour markeL ln crlsls
1eamwork and frlends noLlflcaLlons on l8
lL ls lmporLanL for your career
Lo develop your Leam-worklng skllls."
uoes everybody have a Leam?"
Are you avallable on Monday aL 2 for Lhe
group meeLlng?" no, l'm noL. 8ur l am on
Wednesday aL 4!"
22 S|ng|e Ir|sh guy
Master |n 8A Student
Med|um-h|gh |ncome
1eamwork and frlends noLlflcaLlons on l8
llles shared on u8
A loL of sLudenLs noL knowlng Lhe deadllnes
noL cusLomlzed unlverslLy plaLform
WorsL grades ln Leamwork
asslgnmenLs Lhan ln Lhe
Wednesday aL 4!"
When do we have Lo dellver Lhe asslgnmenL?"
uld you see my commenLs?"
Can you glve me some feedback?"
Could you puL lL on urop 8ox?"
8eplylng on lacebook
keeplng Lrack of Lhe dlscusslons Could you add me on lacebook, please"
l'll upload my work on Coogleurlve"
Sorry, l haven'L flnlshed my parL, l'm worklng on lL" Check lf Lhe grades are ouL"
(1o hls parenLs) l work a loL!" (8uL acLually he parLles a loL)
1lme consumlng llghLs beLween Leam members
lnefflclency lallure ulfflculLles Lo Lrack oLher's work
Savlng Llme Learnlng lree Llme Lfflclency
Make llfe easler Soclal and personal saLlsfacLlon
Med|um-h|gh |ncome
Lrasmus |n Irance

7 am - Wake up! CeL ready unLll 7:30 1S m|n. break 4:20 pm - relax llsLen Lo muslc, check lacebook and 9gag
"Smartphone fu|| of battery" unLll 11 am group dlscusslons and presenLaLlons S pm-7pm - lndlvldual work, searches onllne, wrlLes paper on word, upload hls work on uropbox.
20 m|n. of ubllc 1ransporLaLlon Lo unlverslLy 11 am - 2 hour group meeLlng sLarLs Sees Lhe work of Lhe oLhers Lo glve feedback and commenL
7:S0 am - Coffee 1lme wlLh frlends 1 pm - Lunch wlLh hls Leam aL unlverslLy snack bar 8 pm - dlnner wlLh hls flaLmaLes
8 am - Class sLarLs 2 pm - 2h group meeLlng planned ln Lhe unlverslLy 9 pm - 1h30 fooLball Lralnlng unLll
unLll 9:30 am LheoreLlcal parL 4 pm - ubllc LransporLaLlon wlLh an Mp3 player 11 pm - back home and waLches serles unLll 12pm when he goes Lo sleep
uurinq this doy: he took l coffee, he checked l0 times his moi/s, spent 2 hours on locebook to check, /ike ond comment, he sent 20 sms, sent 50 whotsopp messoqes, interocted with 40 different peop/e from 8
different countries => 8 hours of 1eomwork: 50X of the doy
!ohn ulqltol uepeoJeot
!ohn ls a 22 years old lrlsh sLudenL. CurrenLly underLaklng a hlghly exlgenL 8uslness AdmlnlsLraLlon MasLer, hls only work experlence was Lhrough
lnLernshlps ln sLarL-up companles. asL year he had an lnLernaLlonal experlence ln lrance, where he meL sLudenLs from all over Lhe world and wlLh
whom malnLalns conLacL malnly by lacebook and WhaLsapp.
!ohn ls very grade-consclous, always worklng hard ln order pay hls LulLlons Lhrough a unlverslLy scholarshlp. 8esldes, he ls really passlonaLe by hls
fooLball Leam, where you can flnd hlm pracLlclng ln every evenlng. neverLheless, belng a Lyplcal lrlsh sLudenL, !ohn usually goes ouL wlLh hls frlends Lo
pubs waLchlng rugby maLches and appreclaLlng a good Culnness.
8esearchlng on Lhe lnLerneL (Coogllng-lL") and asklng hls frlends and relaLlves ls how !ohn usually overcomes any obsLacles and solves hls problems.
When he ls requlred Lo do a Leam pro[ecL buL he doesn'L have a Leam yeL: he goes Lo Moodle unlverslLy laLform, geLs Lhe webmall addresses
and sends a general e-mall.
Also, he may ask hls Leachers wheLher a group ls lacklng a member. AfLer arranglng a group, he looks for Lhe members name on Moodle,
searches Lhem on lacebook and creaLes a lacebook Croup Lo communlcaLe and also a uropbox folder Lo share work ln progress. 1hen, when
he has an asslgnmenL, he sLarLs by researchlng onllne and, lf needed, he dlscusses Lhe Lheme wlLh frlends and relaLlves, who can glve hlm some
normally, !ohn communlcaLes wlLh hls frlends (lrlsh and forelgn) and famlly Lhrough WhaLsapp, Sms, lacebook lnbox/group and e-mall.
Pavlng no wl-fl or no baLLery ls one of !ohn's worsL palns - Lhls would be shuLLlng down hls whole connecLlon Lo Lhe world. Pavlng many meeLlngs on
hold and, hence, belng lncapable of plannlng or programmlng hls week ls a regular compllcaLlon. 8esldes, he resenLs every Llme no group member ls
respondlng on lacebook group or ls noL glvlng hlm feedback. llnally, Lhe consLanL noLlflcaLlons and spammlng (games lnvlLaLlon) are a conLlnuous
dlsLracLlon whlch, comblned wlLh Lhe hlgh amounL of commenLarles on Lhe group, makes hlm lncapable of keeplng Lrack of Lhe work.
AfLer overcomlng obsLacles, he feels relleved (flnally over") and self-fulfllled wlLh a sense of accompllshmenL.
Plgh efflclency (spend Lhe leasL Llme Lo geL Lhe besL grade), feellng he dld hls besL and havlng a group he can rely on and become frlends wlLh, ls whaL
really makes !ohn happy.
ersona| ob[ect|ves. Pe wanLs Lo Lravel,
have lnLernaLlonal experlences, consLrucL a
famlly and coach klds how Lo play fooLball
on Lhe weekend. MosL lmporLanLly, be able
Lo malnLaln a balance beLween famlly and
rofess|ona| ob[ect|ves. !ohn wanLs Lo
pursue an lnLernaLlonal career. llrsLly, he
would llke Lo become Lhe CLC of a
MulLlnaLlonal LnLerprlse. 1hls experlence
and neLworklng would be cruclal Lo bulld
hls own buslness llnked wlLh ecologlcal
susLalnablllLy and Lo become a 8uslness
unlverslLy SLudenLs