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Bill Gates, Business Personality

Born: 28 October 1955 Birthplace: Seattle, Washington Best Known As: Founder and head of the Microsoft Corporation Bill ates is the head of the soft!are co"pan# Microsoft and is one of the !orld$s !ealthiest "en% ates and &aul 'llen founded Microsoft in the 19()s, though 'llen left the co"pan# in 198*% ates o+ersa! the in+ention and "ar,eting of the MS-.OS operating s#ste", the Windo!s operating interface, the /nternet 01plorer bro!ser, and a "ultitude of other popular co"puter products% 'long the !a# he gained a reputation for fierce co"petiti+eness and aggressi+e business sa++#% .uring the 199)s rising Microsoft stoc, prices "ade ates the !orld$s !ealthiest "an2 his !ealth has at ti"es e1ceeded 3(5 billion, "a,ing ates a popular s#"bol of the ascendant co"puter gee, of the late 2)th centur#% /n 4une of 2))5, ates announced that he !ould step do!n fro" da#-to-da# in+ol+e"ent in Microsoft b# 4ul# of 2))8% 6e said he !ould then re"ain chair"an of the Microsoft board !hile focusing on his charitable foundation, the Bill and Melinda ates Foundation% ates "arried Melinda French, a Microsoft e"plo#ee, on 1 4anuar# 1997% 8he couple ha+e three children9 daughters 4ennifer :atharine ;b% 1995< and &hoebe 'dele ;b% 2))2< and son =or# 4ohn ;b% 1999<%%% ates$s personal chartiable initiati+e, the Bill and Melinda ates Foundation, has focused on global health issues, especiall# on pre+enting "alaria and '/.S in poor countries2 in 2))5, 'BC >e!s reported that he had gi+en a!a# o+er si1 billion dollars in the pre+ious fi+e #ears%%% For their philanthropic acti+ities, 8i"e "aga?ine na"ed Bill and Melinda ates ;along !ith roc, star and acti+ist Bono its &ersons of the @ear for 2))5% Dictionary ates, Willia" 6enr# ;:no!n as ABill%B< Born 1955% '"erican co"puter soft!are designer and business e1ecuti+e !ho cofounded Microsoft in 19(5 and as chair"an built it into one of the largest co"puter soft!are "anufacturers in the !orld% 6app# 5)th birthda# to "ogul Bill ates% 8he co"puter gee, and 6ar+ard$s "ost fa"ous dropout Coined forces !ith &aul 'llen to found Microsoft in 19(7 and sold the MS-.OS operating s#ste" to /BM% Both "en no! nu"ber a"ong the !orld$s richest people% 8heir corporation !ent on to create the Windo!s operating s#ste"s and beca"e the !orld$s largest producer of soft!are for "icroco"puters% 8he Bill and Melinda ates Foundation donates "illions of dollars to global health care, education, libraries and the &acific >orth!est% Encyclopedia ates, Bill ;Willia" 6enr# ates *d<, 1955D, '"erican business e1ecuti+e, b% Seattle, Wash% 't the age of 19, ates founded ;19(7< the Microsoft Corp%, a co"puter soft!are fir", !ith &aul 'llen% 8he# began b# purchasing the rights to con+ert an e1isting soft!are pac,age% /n 198) the# agreed to produce the operating s#ste" for the personal co"puter being de+eloped b# /nternational Business Machines ;/BM<% 8hat s#ste", MS-.OS ;Microsoft .is, Operating S#ste"<, and subseEuent progra"s ;including the Windo!s operating s#ste"s< "ade Microsoft the !orld$s largest producer of soft!are for "icroco"puters% /n 199( the F%S% 4ustice .ept% accused Microsoft of +iolating a 1995 antitrust agree"ent, because the Windo!s 95 operating s#ste" reEuired consu"ers to load Microsoft$s /nternet bro!serGthus gi+ing Microsoft a "onopolistic ad+antage o+er other bro!ser "anufacturers% /n late 1999 the trial Cudge decided that Microsoft !as a "onopol# that had stifled co"petition, and the follo!ing 4une he ordered the brea,up of Microsoft into t!o co"panies, a decision that Microsoft appealed% 'lthough the appeals court o+erturned ;2))1< the brea,up, it agreed that Microsoft had stifled co"petition and returned the case to a lo!er court for resolution% SubseEuentl# the go+ern"ent and the co"pan# agreed to a settle"ent that placed so"e restrictions on Microsoft but !ould not essentiall# di"inish the ad+antage its operating s#ste" "onopol# ga+e the soft!are giant%

ates, !ho is chair"an of Microsoft, is the !ealthiest person in the !orld% 6e founded ;1997< the Willia" 6% ates Foundation ;focusing on health issues in de+eloping countries< and the ates Hearning Foundation ;199(<, rena"ed the ates Hibrar# Foundation ;pro+iding education assistance<% /n 1999 he "erged the foundations into the Bill and Melinda ates Foundation, a philanthrop# that !as !orth "ore than 3*2 billion b# 2))*, "a,ing it the !orld$s !ealthiest foundation% /t e"phasi?es grants for proCects relating to global health care, education and libraries, and the &acific >orth!est% ates has !ritten 8he =oad 'head ;1995, !ith >% M#hr+old and &% =inearson< and Business I the Speed of 8hought ;1999<% Bibliograph# See 4% Wallace, 6ard .ri+e ;1992<%

Biograph# Bill ates Bill ;Willia" 6enr#< ates !as born on 28 October, 1955 in Seattle, Washington%

6is father !as an attorne# and his "other a schoolteacher% /n the introduction before his inter+ie! !ith Bill ates, the BBC$s 4ere"# &a1"an said that the #oung ates !as Ja difficult little sod !hose parents ended up sending hi" to a child ps#chologist because the# thought he !as underachie+ing%J 6e first ca"e across co"puters at 12, and the precocious ates began progra""ing co"puters as a 1*-#ear-old at Ha,eside school, and b# 1(, ates had sold a co"puter progra" ;a ti"etabling s#ste" for the school<% /t !as at Ha,eside that he "et fello! student &aul 'llen, !ho !as to be a co-founder of Microsoft% ates and 'llen !ere a"ongst the +er# first people to bu# a co"puter on a chip in 19(1 but it had +er# little capabilit#% But b# 19(* the chip had progressed and ates entered 6ar+ard Fni+ersit#, !here he de+eloped a +ersion of the progra""ing language B'S/C for the first "icroco"puter - the M/8S 'ltair% ates !ent on lea+e fro" 6ar+ard and focussed on Microsoft, !hich he and 'llen established in 19(5% ates said in his inter+ie! !ith &a1"an that he !as fascinated b# soft!are and that he and his friends !anted to create soft!are that e"po!ered people and !hen de+eloping, the# thought !hat $!ould !e li,e to see$% 8he# had a huge brea, fi+e #ears later !hen an agree"ent !as signed to pro+ide the operating s#ste" that beca"e ,no!n as MS-.OS, for /BM$s ne! personal co"puter% Cruciall#, Microsoft !as allo!ed to licence the operating s#ste" to other "anufacturers, spa!ning an industr# of J/BM-co"patibleJ &Cs !hich depended on Microsoft$s operating s#ste"% ates beca"e a billionaire b# 1985 and b# the start of the ne! "illeniu" !as thought to be the !orld richest indi+idual%

/n 2))) ates stepped do!n fro" his post as C0O of Microsoft and too, on the title Chief Soft!are 'rchitect to focus on soft!are de+elop"ent% Bill ates has also !ritten t!o best-sellers9 8he =oad 'head and Business I the Speed of 8hought% ates and his !ife Melinda ha+e gi+en huge a"ounts to charit# through their foundation, !hich targets health and education% /n spite of being the biggest charitable gi+er in histor#, ne+ertheless the !orld$s first 1)) billion dollar "an is a hate figure to so"e% =upert Murdoch has said that Bill ates !ants to ta,e o+er the !orld - ates$s response !hen this !as put to hi" b# &a1"an !as9 Jhe$s hiding behind "e - he$s #our "an%J / a" grateful to the e1cellent S"o,ing un site for per"ission to use these "ugshots of Bill ates ta,en b# the 'lbuEuerEue, >e! Me1ico police in 19(( after a traffic +iolation%

Word>et >ote9 clic, on a !ord "eaning belo! to see its connections and related !ords% 8he noun Willia" 6enr# ates has one "eaning9 Meaning K19 Fnited States co"puter entrepreneur !hose soft!are co"pan# "ade hi" the #oungest "ulti-billionaire in the histor# of the Fnited States ;born in 1955< S#non#"s9 ates, Bill ates

Born9 October 28, 1955 Seattle, Washington Occupation9 Chair"an and Chief Soft!are 'rchitect, Microsoft Corporation 'nnual salar#9 FS31 "illionL1M >et !orth9 35)%) billion FS. ;2))5<L2M Spouse9 Melinda ates Website9 "icrosoft%co"Nbillgates Willia" 6enr# ates /// ;born October 28, 1955< is the co-founder, chair"an, and chief soft!are architect of Microsoft Corporation, the !orld$s largest soft!are co"pan# ;as of 'pril 2))5<% 6e is also the founder of Corbis, a digital i"age archi+ing co"pan#% Forbes international rich list has ran,ed hi" as the !orld$s richest person for the last t!el+e straight #ears% /n 1999, ates$ !ealth briefl# surpassed 31)) billion, "a,ing hi" the !orld$s first centibillionaire% When fa"il# !ealth is considered, his fa"il# ran,s second behind the Walton fa"il#%L*ML7M ates is one of the best-,no!n entrepreneurs of the personal co"puter re+olution% 6e is !idel# respected for his intelligence, foresight, and a"bition% 6e is also !idel# critici?ed as ha+ing built Microsoft$s business through unfair, illegal, or antico"petiti+e business practices% o+ern"ent authorities in se+eral countries ha+e found so"e of Microsoft$s practices illegal, as in Fnited States +% Microsoft% Since a"assing his fortune, ates has pursued a nu"ber of philanthropic endea+ors, donating

large a"ounts of "one# ;about 51O of his total fortune< to +arious charitable organi?ations and scientific research progra"s through the Bill P Melinda ates Foundation, founded in 2)))% 6e, his !ife Melinda and F2$s lead singer Bono !ere collecti+el# na"ed b# 8i"e as the 2))5 &ersons of the @ear% 8hat sa"e #ear he !as gi+en an honorar# :night Co""ander of the Order of the British 0"pire b# Queen 0li?abeth //% /n 2))5, ates Foundation !as a!arded the &re"io &rRncipe de 'sturias en CooperaciSn /nternacional% 0arl# life Bill ates$ "ug shot fro" 19(( !hen he !as Cailed for a stop-sign +iolation% Bill ates !as born in Seattle, Washington to Willia" 6% ates, Sr% and Mar# Ma1!ell ates% 6is fa"il# !as !ealth#2 his father !as a pro"inent la!#er, his "other !as the first fe"ale =egent of the Fni+ersit# of Washington, and his "aternal grandfather, 4% W% Ma1!ell, !as a national ban, president% ates has one older sister, :ristianne, and one #ounger sister, Hibb#% 'ccording to the 1992 biograph# 6ard .ri+e, Ma1!ell set up a "illion-dollar trust fund for ates the #ear he !as born%L5M ates co""ented on this clai" in a 1997 inter+ie! !ith &la#bo#9 &H'@BO@9 .id #ou ha+e a "illion-dollar trust fund !hile #ou !ere at 6ar+ardT '80S9 >ot true% % % % % M# parents are +er# successful, and / !ent to the nicest pri+ate school in the Seattle area% / !as luc,#% But / ne+er had an# trust funds of an# ,ind, though "# dad did pa# "# tuition at 6ar+ard, !hich !as Euite e1pensi+e% 8he 199* biograph# ates calls the trust fund clai" one of the JfictionsJ surrounding ates$ fortune%L5M ates e1celled in ele"entar# school, particularl# in "athe"atics and the sciences% Bill ates !ent to Ha,eside School, Seattle$s "ost e1clusi+e preparator# school !here tuition in 195( !as 35,))) ;6ar+ard tuition that #ear !as 31,(5)<% Ha,eside rented ti"e on a .0C &.&-1), !hich ates !as able to use to pursue an interest in co"puters, a rare opportunit# at the ti"e% ates !as a "e"ber of the Bo# Scouts of '"erica and attained the ran, of Hife Scout% While in high school, he and &aul 'llen founded 8raf-O-.ata, a co"pan# !hich sold traffic flo! data s#ste"s to state go+ern"ents% 6e also helped to create a pa#roll s#ste" in COBOH, for a co"pan# in &ortland, Oregon% 'ccording to a press inEuir# he scored 159) on his S'8sL(M, and !as able to enroll in 6ar+ard Fni+ersit# pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Co"puter Science in 19(*, !here he "et his future business partner, Ste+e Ball"er% .uring his second #ear at 6ar+ard, ates ;along !ith &aul 'llen and Monte .a+idoff< co-!rote 'ltair B'S/C for the 'ltair 88))% ates dropped out of 6ar+ard during his third #ear to pursue a career in soft!are de+elop"ent% On .ece"ber 1*, 19((, ates !as briefl# Cailed in 'lbuEuerEue for racing his &orsche 911 in the >e! Me1ico desert%L8M Microsoft /n 1987, Bill ates appeared on the co+er of $8/M0$ Maga?ine2 he has appeared se+en "ore ti"es% Main article9 Microsoft 'fter reading the 4anuar# 19(5 issue of &opular 0lectronics that de"onstrated the 'ltair 88)), ates called M/8S ;Micro /nstru"entation and 8ele"etr# S#ste"s<, the creators of the ne! "icroco"puter, to infor" the" that he and others had de+eloped a +ersion of the progra""ing language B'S/C for the platfor"% 8his !as untrue, as ates and 'llen had ne+er used an 'ltair pre+iousl# nor de+eloped an# code for it% Within a period of eight !ee,s the# de+eloped an 'ltair e"ulator that ran on a "inico"puter, and then the B'S/C interpreter% 'llen and ates fle! to M/8S to un+eil the ne! B'S/C s#ste"% 8he de"onstration !as a success and resulted in a deal !ith M/8S to bu# the rights to 'llen and ates$s B'S/C for the 'ltair platfor"% /t !as at this point that ates left 6ar+ard to found Micro-Soft, !hich later beca"e Microsoft Corporation, !ith 'llen%

/n Februar# 19(5, ates published his often-Euoted JOpen Hetter to 6obb#istsJ% /n the letter, ates clai"ed that "ost users !ere using JstolenJ pirated copies of 'ltair B'S/C and that no hobb#ist could afford to produce, distribute, and "aintain high-Eualit# soft!are !ithout pa#"ent% 8his letter !as unpopular !ith "an# a"ateur progra""ers, not Cust those fe! using copies of the soft!are% /n the ensuing #ears the letter gained significant support fro" ates$ business partners and allies !hich ga+e rise to a "o+e"ent that led to closed source beco"ing the do"inant "odel of soft!are production% L9M .espite Microsoft$s reliance on closed source, ates has said that he collected discarded progra" listings at 6ar+ard and learned progra""ing techniEues fro" the"L1)M% /t has been pointed out that Microsoft often produces products that incorporate ideas de+eloped outside Microsoft, such as F/s, the B'S/C progra""ing language, or co"pressed file s#ste"s, !ithout pa#ing ro#alties to the co"panies that de+eloped the"% So"e of these "atters ha+e gone to court% 'pple +% Microsoft concluded that Microsoft had not infringed 'pple$s intellectual propert# ;partl# because 'pple had, apparentl#, licensed parts of the Macintosh user interface to Microsoft<2 Stac 0lectronics pre+ailed in its clai" against the .oubleSpace file s#ste"% 8he B'S/C Euestion has not been litigated, but the trend in FS la! is that cop#right does not e1tend to publicl# docu"ented progra""ing languages%

ates !ith Ste+e 4ur+etson of .F4, Stratton Scla+os of Uerisign and reg &apadopoulos of Sun Micros#ste"s, October 1, 2))7 When /BM decided to build the hard!are for a des,top personal co"puter in 198), it needed to find an operating s#ste"% Microsoft did not ha+e an# operating s#ste" at this point% 8he "ost popular "icroco"puter operating s#ste" at the ti"e !as C&NM de+eloped b# .igital =esearch in Montere#% C&NM allo!ed soft!are !ritten for the /ntel 8)8)NVilog V8) fa"il# of "icroprocessors to run on "an# different "odels of co"puter fro" "an# different "anufacturers% 8his de+iceindependence feature !as essential for the for"ation of the consu"er soft!are industr#, as !ithout it soft!are had to be re-!ritten for each different "odel of co"puter% Bill ates referred /BM to ar# :ildall, the founder of .igital =esearch, but !hen the# did not reach i""ediate agree"ent !ith hi" the# !ent bac, to ates, !ho offered to fill their need hi"self% 6e licensed a C&NM-co"patible OS called Q.OS ;JQuic, and .irt# Operating S#ste"J< fro" 8i" &aterson of Seattle Co"puter &roducts for 355,))), and /BM shipped it as &C-.OS% Hater, after Co"paE licensed &hoeni1 8echnologies$ clone of the /BM B/OS, the "ar,et sa! a flood of /BM &C clones% Microsoft !as Euic, to license .OS to other "anufacturers, calling it MS.OS ;for Microsoft .is, Operating S#ste"<% B# "ar,eting MS-.OS aggressi+el# to "anufacturers of /BM-&C clones, Microsoft !ent fro" a s"all pla#er to one of the "aCor soft!are +endors in the ho"e co"puter industr#% Microsoft continued to de+elop operating s#ste"s as !ell as soft!are applications% /n the earl# 198)$s the# created Microsoft Windo!s !hich !as si"ilar to 'pple Co"puter$s Macintosh OS graphical user interface ; F/<, both based on the hu"an interface !or, at Wero1 &'=C% 8he first +ersions of the Windo!s OS did not sell !ell as standalone applications but started to be shipped pre-installed on "an# s#ste"s, reducing the incenti+e of users to bu# co"peting products regardless of Eualit#% Because of this, b# the late198)s Microsoft Windo!s had begun to "a,e serious head!a# into the /BM-co"patible &C soft!are "ar,et% 8he release of Windo!s *%) in 199) !as a tre"endous success, selling around 1) "illion copies in the first t!o #ears and ce"enting Microsoft$s do"inance in operating s#ste"s% ;See 6istor# of Microsoft Windo!s for "ore details< B# continuing to ensure, b# +arious "eans, that "ost co"puters ca"e !ith their soft!are preinstalled, Microsoft e+entuall# !ent on to beco"e the largest soft!are co"pan# in the !orld, earning ates enough "one# that Forbes Maga?ine na"ed hi" the !ealthiest person in the !orld for se+eral #ears% ates ser+ed as the C0O of the co"pan# until 2))) !hen Ste+e Ball"er too, the position% ates continues to ser+e as a chair"an of the board at the co"pan# and also

as a position he created for hi"self entitled JChief Soft!are 'rchitectJ% Microsoft has thousands of patents, and ates has nine patents to his na"e%

Bill ates gi+ing his deposition at Microsoft on 'ugust 2( 1998 ;online +ideo clip< Since Microsoft$s founding and as of 2))5, ates has had pri"ar# responsibilit# for Microsoft$s product strateg#% 6e has aggressi+el# broadened the co"pan#$s range of products, and !here+er Microsoft has achie+ed a do"inant position he has +igorousl# defended it% Man# decisions that ha+e led to antitrust litigation o+er Microsoft$s business practices ha+e had ates$s appro+al% /n the 1998 Fnited States +% Microsoft case, ates ga+e deposition testi"on# that se+eral Cournalists characteri?ed as e+asi+e% 6e argued o+er the definitions of !ords such as Jco"peteJ, JconcernedJ, Jas,J, and J!e%J L11M BusinessWee, reported, Jearl# rounds of his deposition sho! hi" offering obfuscator# ans!ers and sa#ing $/ don$t recall$ so "an# ti"es that e+en the presiding Cudge had to chuc,le% Worse, "an# of the technolog# chief$s denials and pleas of ignorance !ere directl# refuted b# prosecutors !ith snippets of e-"ail ates both sent and recei+ed%J L12M ates "eets regularl# !ith Microsoft$s senior "anagers and progra" "anagers% B# all accounts he can be e1tre"el# confrontational during these "eetings, particularl# !hen he belie+es that "anagers ha+e not thought out their business strateg# or ha+e placed the co"pan#$s future at ris,% L1*ML17M 6e has been described shouting at length at e"plo#ees before letting the" continue, !ith such re"ar,s as J8hat$s the stupidest thing /$+e e+er heardXJ and JWh# don$t #ou Cust Coin the &eace CorpsTJL15M 6o!e+er, he often bac,s do!n !hen the targets of his outbursts respond fran,l# and directl#%L15M When he is not i"pressed !ith the technical hurdles "anagers clai" to be facing, he so"eti"es Euips, J.o #ou !ant "e to do it o+er the !ee,endTJ%L1(M ates$s role at Microsoft for "ost of its histor# has been pri"aril# a "anage"ent and e1ecuti+e role% 6o!e+er, he !as an acti+e soft!are de+eloper in the earl# #ears, particularl# on the co"pan#$s progra""ing language products% 6e has not officiall# been on a de+elop"ent tea" since !or,ing on the 8=S-8) Model 1)) line, but he !rote code as late as 1989 that shipped in the co"pan#$s products%L18M &ersonal life Bill ates "arried Melinda French of .allas, 8e1as on 4anuar# 1, 1997% Melinda has gi+en birth to three children, 4ennifer :atharine ates ;1995<, =or# 4ohn ates ;1999< and &hoebe 'dele ates ;2))2<% Bill ates$ house is one of the "ost e1pensi+e houses in the !orld, and is a "odern 21st centur# earth-sheltered ho"e in the side of a hill o+erloo,ing Ha,e Washington in Medina, Washington% 'ccording to :ing Count# public records, as of 2))5, the total assessed +alue of the propert# ;land and house< is 3125 "illion, and the annual propert# ta1 is Cust under 31 "illion% 'lso a"ong ates$s pri+ate acEuisitions are the Code1 Heicester, a collection of !ritings b# Heonardo da Uinci !hich ates bought for 3*)%8 "illion at an auction in 1997, and a rare utenberg Bible%

ates and Bra?ilian &resident Hui? /nacio Hula da Sil+a at the W0F in .a+os, 4anuar# 25, 2))* /n 2))), ates founded the Bill P Melinda ates Foundation, a charitable organi?ation, !ith his !ife% 8he foundation$s grants ha+e pro+ided funds for college scholarships for under-represented "inorities, '/.S pre+ention, diseases pre+alent in third !orld countries, and other causes% /n 2))), the ates Foundation endo!ed the Fni+ersit# of Ca"bridge !ith 321) "illion for the ates Ca"bridge Scholarships% 8he Foundation has also pledged o+er 3( billion to its +arious causes, including 31 billion to the Fnited >egro College Fund2 and as of 2))5, had an esti"ated endo!"ent of 329%) billion% 6e has spent about a third of his lifeti"e inco"e on charit#% 4ournalist reg &alast suggests that the ates Foundation is used to "a,e tactical donations to hide "edia-sensiti+e hu"anitarian side-effects of treaties, such as the 'gree"ent on 8rade-=elated 'spects of /ntellectual &ropert# =ights ;8=/&S<, !hich ates has supported% 8=/&S reEuires countries to agree to respect drug and other patents, therefore pre+enting the local "anufacture

of e1isting phar"aceuticals still under patent such as '/.S drugs in 'frica%L19M ates has recei+ed t!o honorar# doctorates, fro" the =o#al /nstitute of 8echnolog#, Stoc,hol", S!eden in 2))2 and Waseda Fni+ersit# in 2))5% ates !as also gi+en an honorar# :B0 ;:nighthood< fro" Queen 0li?abeth // of the Fnited :ingdo" in 2))5 L2)M, in addition to ha+ing ento"ologists na"e the Bill ates flo!er fl#, 0ristalis gatesi, in his honor% L21M Microsoft$s C0O Ste+e Ball"er has stated that ates is probabl# the "ost Jspa""edJ person in the !orld, recei+ing as "an# as 7,))),))) e-"ails per da# in 2))7, "ost of !hich !ere Cun,% ates has al"ost an entire depart"ent de+oted to filtering out Cun, e"ails% L22M /n an article, ates hi"self has said that "ost of this Cun, "ail Joffers to help Lhi"M get out of debt or get rich Euic,J, !hich J!ould be funn# Lgi+en his financial stateM if it !eren$t so irritatingJ% L2*M /nfluence and !ealth ates in &oland, 2))5 ates is !idel# considered one of the !orld$s "ost influential people% 8i"e "aga?ine na"ed hi" one of the 1)) people !ho "ost influenced the 2)th centur#, as !ell as one of the 1)) "ost influential people of 2))7, 2))5 and again in 2))5% ates and Oprah Winfre# are the onl# t!o people in the !orld to "a,e all four lists% 6e !as listed in the Sunda# 8i"es po!er list in 1999, na"ed C0O of the #ear b# Chief 01ecuti+e Officers "aga?ine in 1997, ran,ed nu"ber one in the J8op 5) C#ber 0liteJ b# 8i"e in 1998, ran,ed nu"ber t!o in the Fpside 0lite 1)) in 1999 and !as included in 8he uardian as one of the J8op 1)) influential people in "ediaJ in 2))1% ates has been nu"ber one on the JForbes 7))J list fro" 199* through to 2))5 and nu"ber one on Forbes list of J8he World$s =ichest &eopleJ fro" 1995-2))5% /n 2))7, he beca"e a director of Ber,shire 6atha!a#, the in+est"ent co"pan# headed b# Warren Buffett, the second !ealthiest person in the !orld according to Forbes and a long ti"e friend of ates%L27M Since 2))), ates$s !ealth has declined due to a fall in Microsoft$s share price and the "ultibillion dollar donations he has "ade to his charitable foundations% 'ccording to a 2))7 Forbes "aga?ine article, ates ga+e a!a# o+er 329 billion to charities fro" 2))) on!ards% 8hese donations are usuall# cited as spar,ing a substantial change in attitudes to!ards philanthrop# a"ong the +er# rich, as philanthrop# e+entuall# beca"e the nor" for the +er# rich% L25M 8he ates recei+ed the &rince of 'sturias '!ard for /nternational Cooperation on Ma# 7, 2))5, in recognition of their !orld i"pact through charit# gi+ing%L25M

Bill ates at the C0S, 4anuar# 7, 2))5 ates has not generall# engaged in conspicuous consu"ption be#ond his la+ish ho"e, !ith its gardens and art collection% ates also rents or leases a ho"e on MustiEue, an e1clusi+e island in the renadines, and o!ns a *)) foot #acht na"ed /ce% /n contrast, his for"er associate &aul 'llen has used his !ealth in perhaps a "ore t#pical "annerGo!ning sports tea"s, +intage airplanes, and "ultiple residences% ates also clai"ed, in 2))5, that he has gone to !or, e+er# da# since 19(5, !hich in recent #ears includes both his role at Microsoft, and his leadership position at the ates Foundation% /n Ma# 2))5, ates said in an inter+ie! that he !ished that he !asn$t the richest "an in the !orld, the stated reason being that it !as a +er# irritating ordeal to be loo,ed upon as the !orld$s richest "an% &opular culture Bill and Melinda 2))5% ates on the co+er of 8/M0, !ith F2 lead singer Bono, as &ersons of the @ear

Main article9 Hist of portra#als and references of Bill ates Bill ates has been the subCect of nu"erous parodies in fil", tele+ision, and +ideo ga"es, often ser+ing as an archet#pe for fictional "egalo"aniacal leaders of po!erful corporations% 01a"ples include 8he Si"psons episode BusJ,Fairl# Odd &arents in episode Father 8i"e , Fa"il# u# episode JScre!ed the &oochJ, and the fil" 'ntitrust% 'lternati+el#, but less freEuentl#, these references portra# a hac,er genius% ates is often characteri?ed as the Euintessential e1a"ple of a super-intelligent JnerdJ !ith i""ense po!er and !ealth% 8his has in turn led to pop culture stereot#pes of ates as a t#rant or e+il genius, often resorting to ruthless business techniEues% ates has been caricatured se+eral ti"es on Saturda# >ight Hi+e b# Chris :attan and Mar, Mc:inne#% /n an episode of &in,# and the Brain, a +er# ob+ious parod# na"ed Bill rates !as a robotic bod# controlled b# the Brain$s ri+al Sno!ball, !ho used the profits of his co"puter co"pan#, Microsponge, to ta,e o+er the !orld% 6e !as also sho!n on South &ar,9 Bigger, Honger P Fncut, in !hich he !as shot in the forehead b# a FS eneral !hen a co"puter that !as displa#ing a hologra" for a briefing crashed% 6e returned later in the South &ar, episode J8he 0ntit#J, co"plete !ith a bullet hole in his forehead% Se+eral fil"s and tele+ision sho!s ha+e portra#ed either the real Bill ates or a fictionali?ed +ersion of hi", often according to these clichYs, including an episode in the first season of the W-Files in+ol+ing a "an !ho li+ed inside a house that !as operated b# a co"puter ;!hich, as it turned out, had a "ind of its o!n<% 8!o fil"s ha+e been "ade !hich e1plore ates$ role in the de+elop"ent of the personal co"puter, the 1995 docu"entar# 8riu"ph of the >erds and the 1999 docudra"a, &irates of Silicon Ualle#, in !hich ates !as portra#ed b# 'nthon# Michael 6all% 't Hi+e 8, ates appeared and "ade a speech before introducing .ido%

Wor,s ates has published se+eral essa#s throughout the #ears based on his theories, predictions and +isions of the co"puting industr#% /n these publications he often e1presses his personal +ie!s on current topics, and discusses Microsoft$s plans% 6is !ritings ha+e been published b# BusinessWee,, >e!s!ee,, FS' 8oda# and 8i"e% 6is publications since 199( include9 &erson of the @ear, 8i"e, .ece"ber 2, 2))5 8he >e! World of Wor,, 01ecuti+e 0-"ail, Ma# 19, 2))5 8he &C 0ra /s 4ust Beginning, Business Wee,, March 22, 2))5 Building Soft!are 8hat /s /nteroperable b# .esign, 01ecuti+e 0-Mail, Februar# *, 2))5 8he 0nduring Magic of Soft!are, /nfor"ationWee,, October 18 2))7 &reser+ing and 0nhancing the Benefits of 0-"ail9 ' &rogress =eport, 01ecuti+e 0-"ail, 4une 28, 2))7 Microsoft &rogress =eport9 Securit#, 01ecuti+e 0-"ail, March *1, 2))7 Hosing round in the /nno+ation =aceT, C>08 >e!s%co", Februar# 25, 2))7 ' Spa"-Free Future, 8he Washington &ost, >o+e"ber 27, 2))* Wh# / 6ate Spa", 8he Wall Street 4ournal, 4une 2*, 2))* Building 8rust in 8echnolog#, lobal 'genda 2))* ;World 0cono"ic Foru"<, 4anuar# 2*, 2))* Securit# in a Connected World, 01ecuti+e 0-Mail, 4anuar# 2*, 2))* 8he .isappearing Co"puter, 8he World in 2))* ;8he 0cono"ist<, .ece"ber 2))2 Slo!ing the Spread of '/.S in /ndia, 8he >e! @or, 8i"es, >o+e"ber 9, 2))2 8rust!orth# Co"puting, 01ecuti+e 0-Mail, 4ul# 18, 2))2 Co"puting @ou Can Count on, 'pril 2))2 8ech in a 8i"e of 8rouble, 8he World in 2))2 ;8he 0cono"ist<, .ece"ber 2))1 Mo+ing into the .igital .ecade, October 29, 2))1 8he &C9 2) @ears @oung, 'ugust 12, 2))1 Wh# WeZre Building %>08 8echnolog#, 4une 18, 2))1 Shaping the /nternet 'ge, /nternet &olic# /nstitute, .ece"ber 2))) >o! for an /ntelligent /nternet, 8he World in 2))1 ;8he 0cono"ist<, >o+e"ber 2))) Will Fran,enfood Feed the WorldT, 8i"e, 4une 19, 2)))

@es, More 8rade !ith China, Washington &ost, Ma# 2*, 2))) 8he Case for Microsoft, 8i"e, Ma# (, 2))) 0nter J eneration iJ, /nstructor, March 2))) &roduct .istribution oes .igital, /000 /nternet Co"puting, 4anuar# 2))) Be#ond utenberg, 8he World in 2))) ;8he 0cono"ist<, >o+e"ber 1999 0+er#one, 'n#ti"e, 'n#!here, Forbes 'S'&, October 7, 1999 8he Second Wa+e, /000 /nternet Co"puting Maga?ine, 'ugust 18, 1999 Microprocessors Fpgraded the Wa# We Hi+e, FS' 8oda#, 4une 22, 1999 Wh# the &C Will >ot .ie, >e!s!ee,, Ma# *1, 1999 8he Wright Brothers9 8he 1)) Most /"portant &eople of the Centur#, 8i"e, March 29, 1999 Co"pete, .on$t .elete, 8he 0cono"ist, 4une 1*, 1998 Who .ecides What /nno+ations o into @our &CT, 199( See also Microsoft ates fa"il# >otes [ @ear 2))5 co"pensation9 salar# 3()),))), bonus 37)),)))% Fro" Microsoft$s &ro1# State"ent [ >et !orth9 fro" Forbes9 8he World$s Billionaires, dated March 9 2))5% [ J8he 1)) =ichest /n 8he WorldJ, 8i"es Online, 8i"es >e!spapers, 'pril 22, 2))5% [ JSunda# 8i"es =ich Hist - =ules of engage"entJ, 8i"es Online, 8i"es >e!spapers, 'pril 25, 2))5% [ 4a"es Wallace and 4i" 0ric,son ;199*<% 6ard .ri+e9 Bill ates and the Ma,ing of the Microsoft 0"pire% 4ohn Wile# P Sons% /SB> )7(1558857% [ Stephen Manes and &aul 'ndre!s ;199*<% ates9 6o! Microsoft$s Mogul =ein+ented an /ndustr# and Made 6i"self 8he =ichest Man in '"erica% 8ouchstone% /SB> )*8572)(5(% [ 8he Wee, Maga?ine [ BBC >e!s, ates police "ugshot found% [ Bill ates, 'n Open Hetter to 6obb#ists, Februar# * 19(5 [ 'aron =icadela, J ates 't Ber,ele#9 8houghts On =esearch, O+erseas /nno+ation, Co"puting$s ChallengesJ, /nfor"ation Wee,, 1 October 2))7% [ C>>, ates deposition "a,es Cudge laugh in court, >o+e"ber 1( 1998 [ BusinessWee,, Microsoft$s 8eflon Bill, 11N*)N98 [ Ste+e Ball"er ;October 9, 199(<% Ste+e Ball"er Speech 8ranscript - Church 6ill Club% Microsoft &ress&ass% Microsoft% F=H accessed on 2))5-)5-15% [ ;.ece"ber 8, 1997< 8he Bill ates /nter+ie!% &la#bo#% F=H accessed on 2))5-)5-15% [ .a+id Ban, ;Februar# 1, 1999<% Brea,ing Windo!s% Wall Street 4ournal% F=H accessed on 2))5-)5-15% [ ;4anuar# 1*, 199(< 8he ates Operating S#ste"% 8i"e% F=H accessed on 2))5-)5-15% [ =obert 6erbold ;'pril 1, 2))2<% 'dult Super+ision9 6erboldZs Old-World Order for Microsoft% 6ar+ard Business =e+ie!% F=H accessed on 2))5-)5-15% [ ;Septe"ber 25, 199(< =e"ar,s b# Bill ates% Microsoft% F=H accessed on 2))5-)5-15% [ reg &alast, Bill ates9 :illing 'fricans for &rofit and &=, 4ul# 17 2))* [ BBC, :nighthood for Microsoft$s ates, March 2 2))5 [ Bill ates$ Flo!er Fl# 0ristalis gatesi 8ho"pson [ BBC, Bill ates $"ost spa""ed person, 18 >o+e"ber 2))7 [ ates, Wh# / 6ate Spa", 4une 2* 2))* ;WS4 printing< [ /na Fried% ates Coins board of Buffett$s Ber,shire 6atha!a#% C>08 >e!s%co"% .ece"ber 17 2))7% [ ' sur+e# of philanthrop# b# 8he 0cono"ist 25 Februar# 2))5 noted, J8he "edia, !hich used to ta,e little notice of charitable donations, no! eagerl# ran, the super-rich b# their "unificence%%%J [ Bill and Melinda ates na"ed in 8op 1) &ersons of 2))5, =etrie+ed Ma# 9, 2))5 =eferences 6arold 0+ans ;2))7<% 8he# Made '"erica 9 8!o Centuries of /nno+ators fro" the Stea" 0ngine to the Search 0ngineJ% Hittle, Bro!n% /SB> )-*15-2((55-5% Bill ates Biograph# Bill ates, http9NN!!!%ans!ers%co"NtopicNbusiness-the-speed-of-thought /SB> )7755(5952

;1999< Bill ates, 8he =oad 'head /SB> )17)25)7)7 ;1995< 4a"es Wallace, 6ard .ri+e9 Bill ates and the Ma,ing of the Microsoft 0"pire 6arper Business% /SB> )88(*)5292 ;199*< 4a"es Wallace, O+erdri+e9 Bill ates and the =ace to Control C#berspace, 4ohn Wile# P Sons% /SB> )7(118)715 ;199(< 4anet Ho!e, Bill ates Spea,s9 /nsight fro" the World$s reatest 0ntrepreneur, 4ohn Wile# P Sons% /SB> )7(129*5*9 ;1998< 4ennifer 0dstro" and Marlin 0ller, Barbarians Hed b# Bill ates9 Microsoft fro" the /nside 6enr# 6olt P Co"pan#% /SB> )8)5)5(552 ;1999< 4eanne M% Hesins,i, Bill ates, Herner &ublications Co"pan#% /SB> )82259589W ;2)))< .a+id Ban,, Brea,ing Windo!s9 6o! Bill ates Fu"bled the Future of Microsoft, Free &ress% /SB> )(7*2)*151 ;2))1< 01ternal lin,s Find "ore infor"ation on Bill ates b# searching Wi,ipedia$s sister proCects9 .ictionar# definitions fro" Wi,tionar# 8e1tboo,s fro" Wi,iboo,s Quotations fro" Wi,iEuote Source te1ts fro" Wi,isource /"ages and "edia fro" Co""ons >e!s stories fro" Wi,ine!s Biograph# of Bill ates at Microsoft%co" 8i"e Maga?ine &rofile Bill ates before Microsoft 0ntrepreneurs and '"erican 0cono"ic ro!th9 Willia" 6% ates Bill P Melinda ates Foundation /nter+ie! !ith Bill Mo#ers BBC9 Bill ates profile Bill ates 6ouse &ictures Bill ates spea,s !ith &eter 4ennings of 'BC BBC /nter+ie! !ith Bill ates Biograph# of Bill ates Forbes9 World$s =ichest &eople Salar# P Co"pensation of Bill ates Bill ates >et Worth &age Bill ates >et Worth, &hotos P Quotations Microsoft Corporation Corporate .irectors Ste+e Ball"er \ 4a"es Cash, 4r% \ .ina .ublon \ Bill ates \ =a#"ond .a+id MarEuardt \ Charles >os,i \ 6el"ut &an,e \ 4on Shirle#

il"artin \ 'nn :orologos \

&ersondata >'M0 ates, Willia" 6enr#,/// 'H80=>'8/U0 >'M0S ates, Bill S6O=8 .0SC=/&8/O> Business entrepreneur .'80 OF B/=86 October 28, 1955

&H'C0 OF B/=86 Seattle, Washington .'80 OF .0'86 &H'C0 OF .0'86 8his entr# is fro" Wi,ipedia, the leading user-contributed enc#clopedia% /t "a# not ha+e been re+ie!ed b# professional editors ;see full disclai"er< .onate to Wi,i"edia Mentioned /n Bill ates is "entioned in the follo!ing topics9 Bill ates ;frontiers"an< 8raf-O-.ata ates fa"il# Mi"i ardner ates ates P Co% ;technolog#< Bill ates$ flo!er fl# http9NN!!!%ans!ers%co"NtopicNbusiness-the-speed-of-thought &aul 'llen$s flo!er fl# Bill ates ;disa"biguation< ates$s Ha! ;co"puter Cargon< More]

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Fro" 8oda#$s 6ighlights October 28, 2))5

Hife is not fair2 get used to it% - Bill ates

Fro" 8oda#$s 6ighlights October 28, 2))5 0ristalis gatesi9 a t#pe of fl# na"ed for Bill

ates for his contributions to dipterolog#

Who de+eloped the operating s#ste" MS-.OS in 1981T eorge Bush Harr# Bird 6o"er Si"pson Bill ates &la# 8ri+ia Machine More a"es

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