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. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING SEMESTER III Code No. T#EORY MA1201 PR1202 AE1201 ME1202 AE1202 AE1203 PRACTICAL !E12"3 ME120% AE120% &E1201 Course T !"e Mathematics - III Production Technology Aero Engineering Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Solid Mechanics Elements o Aeronautics Strength o Materials #a$ Fluid Mechanics and Machinery #a$ Thermodynamics #a$ !ommunication S'ills and Technical Seminar - I SEMESTER IV Code No. T#EORY MA12(1 AE12(1 AE12(2 AE12(3 AE12(% EE12"( PRACTICAL AE12(( AE12(" AE12(, &E12(1 Course T !"e )umerical Methods Aerodynamics * I Aircra t Systems and Instrumentations Mechanics o Machines Aircra t Structures * I !ontrol Engineering Aircra t Structures #a$ * I +esign and +ra ting Aerodynamics #a$ !ommunication S'ills and Technical Seminar - II SEMESTER V Code No. T#EORY !-1201 AE1301 AE1302 AE1303 AE130% Course T !"e En.ironmental Science and Engineering Flight +ynamics Aircra t Structures * II Aerodynamics * II Pro/ulsion-I L 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 1 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 M 100 100 100 100 100 L 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 T 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 3 M 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 L T 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 2 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 3 M 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

E!13"0 PRACTICAL AE130( AE130" AE130, &E1303

Micro/rocessor and A//lications Aircra t Structures #a$ * II Aircra t Structures Re/air #a$ !A+1!AM #a$ !ommunication S'ills and Technical Seminar -III SEMESTER VI

3 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 3 3 3 3

100 100 100 100 100

Code No. T#EORY M&13(1 AE13(1 AE13(2 AE13(3 AE13(% E14444 PRACTICAL AE13(( AE13(" AE13(, &E13(1

Course T !"e Princi/les o Management Pro/ulsion-II 2eat Trans er E3/erimental Stress Analysis 2igh Tem/erature Materials Electi.e * I Aircra t +esign Pro5ect * I Pro/ulsion #a$ Aero Engine Re/air and Maintenance #a$ Presentation S'ills and Technical Seminar SEMESTER VII

L 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

P 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 3

M 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

Code No. T#EORY M&1%01 AE1%01 AE1%02 ME1%03 E24444 E34444 PRACTICAL AE1%03 AE1%0% AE1%0( AE1%0"

Course T !"e Total 6uality Management A.ionics !om/osite Materials and Structures !om/uter Integrated Manu acturing Electi.e * II Electi.e * III Aircra t +esign Pro5ect * II Aircra t Systems #a$ A.ionics #a$ Pro5ect 7or' Phase - I SEMESTER VIII

L 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

P 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 3

M 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 -

Code No. T#EORY AE1%(1 E%4444

Course T !"e Roc'et and Missiles Electi.e * I8

L 3 3

T 0 0

P 0 0

M 100 100

E(4444 E"4444 PRACTICAL AE1%(2 AE1%(3

Electi.e * 8 Electi.e * 8I !om/rehension 9 Technical Seminar Pro5ect 7or' * Phase II

3 3 0 0

0 0 0 0

0 0 3 0

100 100 100 200

LIST O$ ELECTIVES $OR B.E. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING ELECTIVES I AND II $OR VI SEMESTER Code No. AE1001 AE1002 AE1003 AE100% AE100( &E1001 &E1002 Course T !"e Theory o Elasticity S/ace Mechanics Aircra t &eneral Engineering and Maintenance Practices Aircra t Rules and Regulation 7ind Tunnel Techni:ues Intellectual Pro/erty Rights ;IPR< Indian !onstitution and Society L 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 M 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

ELECTIVES III AND IV $OR VII SEMESTER Code No. AE100" AE100, AE100= AE1000 AE1010 Course T !"e 8i$ration and Aero elasticity Finite Element Method Air rame Maintenance and Re/air Aero Engine Maintenance and Re/air Theory o Plates and Shells L 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 M 100 100 100 100 100

ELECTIVES V AND VI $OR VIII SEMESTER Code No. ME1011 AE1011 AE1012 AE1013 AE101% ME1020 &E1301 Course T !"e !om/utational Fluid +ynamics Fatigue and Fracture Air trans/ortation and Aircra t Maintenance 2elico/ter Maintenance Air Tra ic !ontrol and Aerodrome +esign Entre/reneurshi/ +e.elo/ment Pro essional Ethics and 2uman 8alues L 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 M 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

SEMESTER III MA%20% OB'ECTIVES The course o$5ecti.e is to im/act analytical s'ills to the students in the areas o $oundary .alue /ro$lems and trans orm techni:ues> This ?ill $e necessary or their e ecti.e studies in a large num$er o engineering su$5ects li'e heat conduction@ communication systems@ electro-o/tics and electromagnetic theory> The course ?ill also ser.e as a /rere:uisite or /ost graduate and s/ecialiAed studies and research> %. PARTIAL DI$$ERENTIAL E(UATIONS ) MAT#EMATICS III & % 0 %00

Formation o /artial di erential e:uations $y elimination o ar$itrary constants and ar$itrary unctions * Solution o standard ty/es o irst order /artial di erential e:uations * #agrangeBs linear e:uation * #inear /artial di erential e:uations o second and higher order ?ith constant coe icients> 2. $OURIER SERIES )

+richletBs conditions * &eneral Fourier series * Cdd and e.en unctions * 2al range sine series * 2al range cosine series * !om/le3 orm o Fourier Series * Parse.alBs Identity * 2armonic Analysis> &. BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS )

!lassi ication o second order :uasi linear /artial di erential e:uations * Solutions o one dimensional ?a.e e:uation * Cne dimensional heat e:uation * Steady state solution o t?o-dimensional heat e:uation ;Insulated edges e3cluded< * Fourier series solutions in !artesian coordinates> *. $OURIER TRANS$ORM )

Fourier integral theorem ;?ithout /roo < * Fourier trans orm /air * Sine and !osine trans orms * Pro/erties * Trans orms o sim/le unctions * !on.olution theorem * Parse.alBs Identity>



D-trans orm * Elementary /ro/erties * In.erse D * trans orm * !on.olution theorem *Formation o di erence e:uations * Solution o di erence e:uations using D * trans orm> TUTORIALS %+ TOTAL- 60 TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> 3> &re?al@ E>S>@ F2igher Engineering MathematicsG@ Thirty Si3th Edition @ Hhanna Pu$lishers@ +elhi@ 200(> Handasamy@ T>8eera P>@ Thilaga.athy@ FEngineering H>@ and &una.athy@ Mathematics IFor H>@ FEngineering IIIJ> Third Mathematics 8olume IIIG@ S> !hand 9 !om/any ltd>@ )e? +elhi@ 2003> Ra5an Semester Edition>Tata Mc&ra?-2ill Pu$lishing !om/any> )e? +elhi@200, RE$ERENCES 1> )arayanan@ S>@ Manica.achagom Pillay@ T>H> and Ramaniah@ &>@ FAd.anced Mathematics or Engineering StudentsG@ 8olumes II and III@ S> 8is?anathan ;Printers and Pu$lishers< P.t> #td> !hennai@ 2002> 2> 3> Ramana E>8 F 2igher Engineering MathematicsG@ Tata Mc&ra? * 2ill Pu$lishing !om/any>)e? +elhi@200, !hurchill@ R>8> and Ero?n@ K>7>@ FFourier Series and Eoundary 8alue Pro$lemsG@ Fourth Edition@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o>@ Singa/ore@ 10=,>


PRODUCTION TEC#NOLOGY 0L12 21sed !3eor4 5ourse6

& 0 2 %00

The automo$ile com/onents such as /iston@ connecting rod@ cran'sha t@ engine $loc'@ ront a3le@ rame@ $ody etc>@ are manu actured $y .arious ty/es o /roduction /rocesses casting@ ?elding@ machining@ metal orming@ /o?er metallurgy etc> 2ence E>E> Automo$ile Engineering students must study this course Production Technology> %. CASTING %0

!asting ty/es@ /rocedure to ma'e sand mould@ ty/es o core ma'ing@ moulding tolls@ machine moulding@ s/ecial moulding /rocesses * !C 2 mouldingL shell moulding@ in.estment moulding@ /ermanent mould casting@ /ressure die casting@ centri ugal casting@ continuous casting@ casting de ects> 2. 7ELDING 8

!lassi ication o ?elding /rocesses> Princi/les o C3y-acetylene gas ?elding> A>! metal arc ?elding@ resistance ?elding@ su$merged arc ?elding@ tungsten inert gas ?elding@ metal inert gas ?elding@ /lasma arc ?elding@ thermit ?elding@ electron $eam ?elding@ laser $eam ?elding@ de ects in ?elding@ soldering and $raAing> &. MAC#INING %2

&eneral /rinci/les ;?ith schematic diagrams only< o ?or'ing and commonly /er ormed o/erations in the ollo?ing machinesM #athe@ Sha/er@ Planer@ 2oriAontal milling machine@ Nni.ersal drilling machine@ !ylindrical grinding machine@ !a/stan and Turret lathe> Easics o !)! machines> &eneral /rinci/les and a//lications o the ollo?ing /rocessesM A$rasi.e 5et machining@ Nltrasonic machining@ Electric discharge machining@ Electro chemical machining@ Plasma arc machining@ Electron $eam machining and #aser $eam machining>



Ty/es o /lastics - !haracteristics o the orming and sha/ing /rocesses * Moulding o Thermo/lastics * 7or'ing /rinci/les and ty/ical a//lications o In5ection moulding * Plunger and scre? machines * Elo? moulding * Rotational moulding * Film $lo?ing * E3trusion - Ty/ical industrial a//lications * Thermo orming * Processing o Thermosets * 7or'ing /rinci/les and ty/ical a//lications - !om/ression moulding * Trans er moulding * Eonding o Thermo/lastics * Fusion and sol.ent methods * Induction and Nltrasonic methods +. METAL $ORMING AND PO7DER METALLURGY 7

Princi/les and a//lications o the ollo?ing /rocessesM Forging@ Rolling@ E3trusion@ 7ire dra?ing and S/inning@ Po?der metallurgy * Princi/al ste/s in.ol.ed ad.antages@ disad.antages and limitations o /o?der metallurgy> TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> 2a5ra !houdhury@ Elements o 7or'sho/ Technology@ 8ol> I and II@ Media Promoters and Pu$lishers P.t>@ #td>@ Mum$ai@ 2001> RE$ERENCES 1> R>H>Kain and S>!> &u/ta@ Production Technology@ Hhanna Pu$lishers> 1" th Edition@ 2001> 2> 2>M>T> Production Technology * 2and$oo'@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ 2000> 3> Roy> A> #in$erg@ Process and Materials o Manu acture@ P2I@ 2000> %> M>Adithan and A>E> !u/ta@ Manu acturing Technology@ )e? Age@ 100"@ (> Sero/e Hal/a5ian@ Ste.en R>Schmid@ Manu acturing Engineering and Technology@ Pearson Education@ Inc> 2002;Second Indian Re/rint<> PRODUCTION TEC#NOLOGY LABORATORY OB'ECTIVETo gain a /ractical 'no?ledge o /roduction /rocesses such as turning@ acing@ thread cutting@ drilling@ $oring@ 'nurling@ sha/ing@ milling@ cylindrical grinding ect>@ ?hich are in.ol.ed in the manu acturing o .arious automo$ile com/onents> E3ercise in #athe@ Sha/er@ Planer@ Milling and &rinding machine in the ollo?ing machining o/erations>

1> LAT#E 1>1> 1>2> 1>3> 1>%> 1>(> 2>1> 2>2> 2>3> 3>1 3>2> %>1> %>2> (> Facing@ /lain turning and ste/ turning Ta/er turning using com/ound rest> Ta/er turning using ta/er turning attachment Single start 8 thread@ cutting and 'nurling Eoring and internal thread cutting> 2> S#APER AND SLOTTER Machining a 8- $loc' ;in a Sha/er< Machining he3agonal sha/e ;in a Sha/er< Machining internal 'ey-?ay ;in a slotter< 3> DRILLING +rilling % or " holes at a gi.en /itch circle on a /late +rilling@ reaming and ta//ing %> MILLING Plain Milling E3ercise &ear Milling E3ercise

GRINDING !ylindrical &rinding E3ercise TOTAL - &0 #rs LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS $OR A BATC# O$ &0 STUDENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> !entre #athe ?ith accessories ;At least our lathes must ha.e ta/e-turning attachment< Sha/ing Machine Slotting Machine Radial +rilling Machine N/right +rilling Machine 2oriAontal Milling Machine !ylindrical &rinding Machine 1( )o> 2 )o> 1 )o> 1 )o> 1 )o> 3 )o> 1 )o>



& % 0 %00

To gi.e a $rie $ac'ground o a//lication o .arious la?s o thermodynamics and its a//lication in heat trans er@ re rigeration and air-conditioning@ 5et /ro/ulsion system> %. BASIC T#ERMODYNAMICS %29&

Systems@ Deroth #a?@ First #a? - 2eat and ?or' trans er in lo? and non- lo? /rocesses@ Second la?@ Planc' statement - !lausius statement - conce/t o entro/y - !lausius ine:uality - entro/y change in non- lo? /rocesses> 2. AIR CYCLES 89&

Ctto@ +iesel@ +ual com$ustion and Erayton com$ustion cycles * Air standard e iciency - Mean e ecti.e /ressure * Actual and theoretical P8 diagrams o our stro'e and t?o stro'e I! Engines> &. T#ERMODYNAMICS O$ ONE DIMENSIONAL $LUID $LO7 89&

A//lication o !ontinuity and energy e:uations- Pro/erties o steam - Ran'ine cycle - Isentro/ic lo? o ideal gases through noAAles - Sim/le 5et /ro/ulsion system Thrust roc'et motor * S/eci ic im/ulse> *. RE$RIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING Princi/les o re rigerants> +. AIR COMPRESSORS )9& 89&

re rigeration@ Air conditioning - 2eat /um/s - 8a/our

com/ression - 8a/our a$sor/tion ty/es - !oe icient o /er ormance@ Pro/erties o

!lassi ication and ?or'ing /rinci/le@ ?or' o com/ression ?ith and ?ithout clearance@ Isothermal and Isentro/ic e iciency o reci/rocating air com/ressors@ multistage com/ression and inter cooling> 8arious ty/es o com/ressors ;+escri/ti.e treatment only< TOTAL- 60 TE.T BOO/S


1> 2> 3>

Ratha'rishnan@ E@ FFundamentals o Engineering ThermodynamicsG@ Prentice * 2all@ India@ 2000 )ag> P>H>@ FEngineering ThermodynamicsG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ills !o>@ #td>@ Se.enth Edn>@ 1003 -unus A>!engal> FThermodynamics and Engineering A//roachG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill !o> #td>@ 3rd Edition@ 2002>

RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> %> (> Mayhe?@ A> and Rogers@ E>@ FEngineering ThermodynamicsG@ #ongman &reen 9 !o> #td>@ #ondon@ E>#>E>S> Edition@ 1000> 8an 7ylen@ &>K> and Sonntag@ R>E>@ FFundamentals o !lassical Thermodynamics ;S>I>8ersion<G@ Second Edition@ 10="> Eacon@ +>2>@ FEngineering ThermodynamicsG@ Eutter?orth 9 !o>@ #ondon@ 10=0> Saad@ M>A>@ FThermodynamics or EngineersG@ Prentice-2all o India P.t> #td>@ 10=0> Reynolds@ FThermodynamicsG@ Int> Student Edn>@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o>@ #td>@ 1000



& % 0 %00


OB'ECTIVE luid> %. To understand and a//reciate the com/le3ities in.ol.ed in the luid lo? /ro$lems> To understand the mathematical techni:ues already in .ogue and a//ly them to the solutions o /ractical lo? /ro$lems> To understand the energy e3change /rocess in luid mechanics handling incom/ressi$le luids> BASIC CONCEPTS AND PROPERTIES 6 Fluid * de inition@ distinction $et?een solid and luid - Nnits and dimensions Pro/erties o luids - density@ s/eci ic ?eight@ s/eci ic .olume@ s/eci ic gra.ity@ tem/erature@ .iscosity@ com/ressi$ility@ .a/our /ressure@ ca/illary and sur ace tension - Fluid staticsM conce/t o luid static /ressure@ a$solute and gauge /ressures - /ressure measurements $y manometers and /ressure gauges> 2. $LIUD /INEMATICS AND $LUID DYNAMICS %2 To understand the structure and the /ro/erties o the

Fluid Hinematics - Flo? .isualiAation - lines o lo? - ty/es o lo? - .elocity ield and acceleration - continuity e:uation ;one and three dimensional di erential orms<- E:uation o streamline - stream unction - .elocity /otential unction circulation - lo? net * luid dynamics - e:uations o motion - EulerOs e:uation along a streamline - EernoulliOs e:uation * a//lications - 8enturi meter@ Cri ice meter@ Pitot tu$e - dimensional analysis - Euc'inghamOs theorem- a//lications - similarity la?s and models> &. INCOMPRESSIBLE $LUID $LO7 %2 8iscous lo? - )a.ier - Sto'eOs e:uation ;Statement only< - Shear stress@ /ressure gradient relationshi/ - laminar lo? $et?een /arallel /lates - #aminar lo? through circular tu$es ;2agen /oiseulleOs< - 2ydraulic and energy gradient - lo? through /i/es - +arcy -?eis$ac'Os e:uation - /i/e roughness - riction actorMoodyOs diagram-minor losses - lo? through /i/es in series and in /arallel - /o?er



- Eoundary layer lo?s@ $oundary layer thic'ness@ $oundary layer

se/aration - drag and li t coe icients> *. #YDRAULIC TURBINES 8

Fluid machinesM de inition and classi ication - e3change o energy - EulerOs e:uation or tur$o machines - !onstruction o .elocity .ector diagramOs - head and s/eci ic ?or' - com/onents o energy trans er - degree o reaction> 2ydro tur$inesM de inition and classi ications - Pelton tur$ine - Francis tur$ine /ro/eller tur$ine - Ha/lan tur$ine - ?or'ing /rinci/les - .elocity triangles - ?or' done - s/eci ic s/eed - e iciencies -/er ormance cur.e or tur$ines> +. #YDRAULIC PUMPS 7

Pum/sM de inition and classi ications - !entri ugal /um/M classi ications@ ?or'ing /rinci/les@ .elocity triangles@ s/eci ic s/eed@ e iciency and /er ormance - Reci/rocating /um/M classi ication@ ?or'ing /rinci/les@ indicator diagram@ ?or' sa.ed $y air .essels and /er ormance - ca.itations in /um/s - rotary /um/sM ?or'ing /rinci/les o gear and .ane /um/s TUTORIALS %+ TOTAL- 60 TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> 3> Streeter@ 8>#>@ and 7ylie@ E>E>@ FFluid MechanicsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 10=3> Humar@ H>#>@ FEngineering Fluid MechanicsG@ Eurasia Pu$lishing 2ouse ;P< #td>@ )e? +elhi ;,th edition<@ 100(> 8asandani@ 8>P>@ F2ydraulic Machines - Theory and +esignG@ Hhanna Pu$lishers@ 1002> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> Eansal@ R>H>@ FFluid Mechanics and 2ydraulics MachinesG@ ;( th edition<@ #a3mi /u$lications ;P< #td>@ )e? +elhi@ 100(> 7hite@ F>M>@ FFluid MechanicsG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ ( th Edition@ )e? +elhi@ 2003> Ramamirtham@ S>@ FFluid Mechanics and 2ydraulics and Fluid MachinesG@ +han/at Rai and Sons@ +elhi@ 100=>



Som@ S>H>@ and Eis?as@ &>@ FIntroduction to luid mechanics and luid machinesG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ 2nd edition@ 200%>



& % 0 %00

To gi.e $rie descri/tions on the $eha.iour o materials due to a3ial@ $ending and torsional and com$ined loads> %. BASICS AND A.IAL LOADING %09&

Stress and Strain * 2oo'eBs #a? * Elastic constants and their relationshi/* Statically determinate cases - $ar ?ith uni orm and .arying section statically indeterminate cases *com/osite $ar> Thermal Stresses * stresses due to reely alling ?eight> 2. STRESSES IN BEAMS Shear orce and $ending moment diagrams %09& or sim/ly su//orted and $eams * Eending stresses in straight $eams * Shear Stresses in $ending o $eams ?ith .arious cross sections * $eams o uni orm strength &. DE$LECTION O$ BEAMS %09& +ou$le integration method * Mc!auleyBs method - Area moment method * !on5ugate $eam method> *. TORSION +9& Torsion o circular sha ts - shear stresses and t?ist in solid and hollo? circular sha ts * closely coiled helical s/rings> +. BI A.IAL STRESSES %09& Stresses in thin circular cylinder and s/herical shell under internal /ressure * .olumetric Strain> !om$ined loading * Princi/al Stresses and ma3imum Shear Stresses - Analytical and &ra/hical methods> TOTAL- 60 TE.T BOO/S 1> )ash 7illiam * FStrength o MaterialsG@ TM2@ 100=



Timoshen'o>S> and -oung +>2> * FElements o strength materials 8ol> I and 8ol> IIG>@ T> 8an )ostrand !o-Inc Princeton-)>K> 1000> RE$ERENCES


+ym !>#> and Shames I>2> * FSolid MechanicsG@ 1000> ELEMENTS O$ AERONAUTICS & 0 0 %00


To introduce the $asic conce/ts o de.elo/ments in the ield> %. #ISTORICAL EVALUATION

aeros/ace engineering and the current 8

Early air/lanes@ $i/lanes and mono/lanes@ +e.elo/ments in aerodynamics@ materials@ structures and /ro/ulsion the years> 2. AIRCRA$T CON$IGURATIONS !om/onents o an air/lane and their unctions> +i erent ty/es o or lying@ ty/ical systems or control actuation> &. INTRODUCTION TO PRINCIPLES O$ $LIG#T %0 + light

.ehicles@ classi ications> !on.entional control@ Po?ered control@ Easic instruments

Physical /ro/erties and structure o the atmos/here@ Tem/erature@ /ressure and altitude relationshi/s@ E.olution o li t@ drag and moment> Aero oils@ Mach num$er@ Maneu.ers> *. INTRODUCTION TO AIRPLANE STRUCTURES AND MATERIALS %2

&eneral ty/es o construction@ Monoco:ue@ semi-monoco:ue and geodesic construction@ Ty/ical ?ing and uselage structure> Metallic and non-metallic materials@ Nse o aluminium alloy@ titanium@ stainless steel and com/osite materials> +. PO7ER PLANTS USED IN AIRPLANES %0

Easic ideas a$out /iston@ tur$o/ro/ and 5et engines@ Nse o /ro/eller and 5ets or thrust /roduction> !om/arati.e merits@ Princi/les o o/eration o roc'et@ ty/es o roc'ets and ty/ical a//lications@ E3/loration into s/ace> TOTAL - *+


TE.T BOO/S 1> 1> Anderson@ K>+>@ FIntroduction to FlightG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 100(> RE$ERENCE Hermode@ A>!>@ FFlight ?ithout FormulaeG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 100,> STRENGT# O$ MATERIALS LABORATORY 0 0 & %00 CE%26& OB'ECTIVE To de.elo/ the 'no?ledge in testing the materials or hardness@ atigue@ im/act@ tension and torsion> LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> 2ardness test - a<8ic'ers $<Erinell c< Roc'?ell d< Shore Tension test Torsion test Im/act test * a< IAod $<!har/y Fatigue test - a< Re.erse /late $ending $< Rotating Eeam Testing o s/rings Eloc' !om/ression Test TOTAL - *+ LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) S".No 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> De!1 "s o: E;u <=e>!s 8ic'ers 2ardness Testing Machine Erinell 2ardness Testing Machine Roc'?ell 2ardness Testing Machine Shore 2ardness Testing Machine Nni.ersal Testing Machine IAod Im/act Testing Machine !har/y Im/act Testing Machine Fatigue tester- Rotating Eeam Fatigue tester *Re.erse /late $ending (!4 Re;u red 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 $or E?<er =e>!s 1 1 1 1 2@3@, % % ( (




To study the lo? measurement and the /er ormance o luid machinery LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> !ali$ration o .enturimeter Pressure measurement ?ith /itot static tu$e +etermination o /i/e lo? losses> 8eri ication o EernoulliBs theorem Flo? .isualiAation $y 2elesha? a//aratus Per ormance test on centri ugal /um/s Per ormance test on reci/rocating /um/s Per ormance test on /iston ?heel tur$ine Per ormance test on Francis tur$ine +etermination o 8iscosity o a Fluid TOTAL : 45 LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) S".No 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> AE%20* De!1 "s o: E;u <=e>!s 8enturimeter setu/ Pi/e riction set u/ Pitot tu$e set u/ Ket /um/ Su$mersi$le /um/ !entri ugal /um/ Reci/rocating /um/ Pelton ?heel tur$ine and Francis tur$ine 8iscosity Meter 2ele-sha? a//aratus (!4 Re;. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E?<er =e>! No. 1@3 3 2@% " " " , =@0 10 ( 0 0 & %00



OB'ECTIVE To enhance the $asic 'no?ledge in a//lied thermodynamics LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> Per ormance test on a %-stro'e engine 8al.e timing o a % * stro'e engine and /ort timing o a 2 stro'e engine +etermination o e ecti.eness o a /arallel lo? heat e3changer +etermination o e ecti.eness o a counter lo? heat e3changer +etermination o the .iscosity coe icient o a gi.en li:uid !CP test on a .a/our com/ression re rigeration test rig !CP test on a .a/our com/ression air-conditioning test rig Study o a &as Tur$ine Engine> +etermination o !onducti.e 2eat Trans er !oe icient> +etermination o Thermal Resistance o a !om/osite ?all> TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) (!4 Re;. 1 1 E?<er =e>! No. 1 2

S".No 1> 2>

De!1 "s o: E;u <=e>!s % stro'e t?in cylinder diesel engine !ut section model o % stro'e 'irlos'ar diesel engine and cut section model o 2 stro'e /etrol engine Parallel and counter lo? heat e3changer test rig Red ?ood .iscometer 8a/our com/ression re rigeration test rig 8a/our com/ression air-conditioning test rig &as Tur$ine Engine !onducti.e 2eat Trans er set u/ !om/osite ?all

3> %> (> "> ,> => 0>

1 1 1 1 1 1 1

3@% ( " , = 0 10



Co==u> 51! o> S@ ""s 1>d Te53> 51" Se= >1rA I

0 0 & %00

SEMESTER IV MA%2+% NUMERICAL MET#ODS & % 0 %00 OB'ECTIVES 7ith the /resent de.elo/ment o the com/uter technology@ it is necessary to de.elo/ e icient algorithms or /ro$lems in science@ engineering and technology> This course a com/lete /rocedure or di erent 'inds o


/ro$lems occur in engineering numerically> At the end o the course@ the students ?ould $e ac:uainted ?ith the $asic conce/ts in numerical methods and their uses> %. SOLUTION O$ E(UATIONS AND EIGEN VALUE PROBLEMS )

#inear inter/olation methods ;method o alse /osition< * )e?tonBs method * Statement o Fi3ed Point Theorem * Fi3ed /ointer iteration 3Pg;3< method * Solution o linear system o &aussian elimination and &auss-Kordan methods * Iterati.e methodsM &auss Kaco$i and &auss * Seidel methods- In.erse o a matri3 $y &aussKordan method> Eigen .alue o a matri3 $y /o?er methods> 2. INTERPOLATION AND APPRO.IMATION )

#agrangian Polynomials * +i.ided di erence * Inter/olation ?ith a cu$ic s/line * )e?ton or?ard and $ac'?ard di erence ormulae> &. NUMERICAL DI$$ERENTIATION AND INTEGRATION ) rom di erence ta$le * +i.ided di erence and inite di erence * )umerical integration $y Tra/eAoidal and Sim/sonBs 113 and 31= rules * Rom$ergBs method * T?o and three /oint &aussian :uadrature ormulas * +ou$le integrals using tra/eAoidal and Sim/sonBs rules> *. INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS $OR ORDINARY DI$$ERENTIAL )


Single ste/ Methods M Taylor Series and methods - Euler and Modi ied Euler methods - Fourth order Runge-Hutta method or irst and second order e:uations - Multiste/ methods * MilneBs and AdamBs /redictor and corrector methods> +. BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS )

Finite di erence solution or the second order ordinary di erential e:uations> Finite di erence solution or one dimensional heat e:uation $y im/lict and e3/lict methods * one dimensional ?a.e e:uation and t?o dimensional #a/lace and Poisson e:uations>


TUTORIAL %+ TOTAL - 60 TE.T BOO/S 1> &erald@ !>F@ and 7heatley@ P>C@ FA//lied )umerical AnalysisG@ Si3th Edition@ Pearson Education Asia@ )e? +elhi@ 2002> 2> Ealagurusamy@ E>@ F)umerical MethodsG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill Pu$> !o> #td>@ )e? +elhi@ 1000> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> %> Handasamy@ P>Thila'a.thy@ H and &una.athy@ H>)umerical Methods> S>!hand and !o> )e? +elhi@ 1000 Eurden@ R># and Faries@ T>+>@ F)umerical AnalysisG@ Se.enth Edition@ Thomson Asia P.t> #td>@ Singa/ore@ 2002> 8en'atraman M>H@ F)umerical MethodsG )ational Pu$> !om/any@ !hennai@ 1001> San'ara Rao H>@ F)umerical Methods or Scientists and EngineersG@ 2 nd Ed> Prentice 2all India@ 200%>



& 0 0 %00

To understand the $eha.iour o air lo? $odies ?ith /articular em/hasis on air oil sections in the incom/ressi$le lo? regime> %. REVIE7 O$ BASIC $LUID MEC#ANICS *


!ontinuity@ momentum and energy e:uations> 2. T7O DIMENSIONAL $LO7S %2

Easic lo?s * Source@ Sin'@ Free and Forced .orte3@ uni orm /arallel lo?> Their com$inations@ Pressure and .elocity distri$utions on $odies ?ith and ?ithout circulation in ideal and real luid lo?s> Hutta Kou'o?s'iBs theorem> &. CON$ORMAL TRANS$ORMATION %0

Kou'o?s'i trans ormation and its a//lication to luid lo? /ro$lems@ Hutta condition@ Elasius theorem> *. AIR$OIL AND 7ING T#EORY Kou'o?s'i@ Harman - Tre tA@ Pro iles - Thin aero oil theory and its a//lications> 8orte3 line@ 2orse shoe .orte3@ Eiot and la?@ #i ting line theory and its limitations> +. VISCOUS $LO7 )e?tonBs la? o 7 .iscosity@ Eoundary #ayer@ )a.ier-Sto'es e:uation@ %2

dis/lacement@ Momentum thic'ness@ Flo? a lat /late@ Elasins solution> TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> Anderson@ K>+>@ FFundamentals o AerodynamicsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o>@ )e? -or'@ 10=(>

RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> 2oughton@ E>#>@ and !arruthers@ )>E>@ FAerodynamics studentsG@ Ed?ard Arnold Pu$lishers #td>@ #ondon@ 10=0> Milne Thomson@ #>2>@ FTheoretical aerodynamicsG@ Macmillan@ 10=(> !lancey@ #>K>@ FAerodynamicsG@ Pitman@ 10=" or Engineering




& 0 0 %00

To descri$e the /rinci/le and ?or'ing o aircra t systems and instruments %. AIRPLANE CONTROL SYSTEMS %+ !on.entional Systems - Po?er assisted and ully /o?ered light controls Po?er actuated systems * Engine control systems - Push /ull rod system@ le3i$le


/ush ull rod system - !om/onents - Modern control systems - +igital ly $y ?ire systems - Auto /ilot system acti.e control Technology@ !ommunication and )a.igation systems Instrument landing systems@ 8CR - !!8 case studies> 2. AIRCRA$T SYSTEMS 7 o/eration - Pneumatic systems -

2ydraulic systems - Study o ty/ical ?or'a$le system - com/onents 2ydraulic system controllers - Modes o Ad.antages - 7or'ing /rinci/les - Ty/ical Air /ressure system * Era'e system Ty/ical Pneumatic /o?er system - !om/onents@ #anding &ear systems !lassi ication * Shoc' a$sor$ers - Retracti.e mechanism> &. ENGINE SYSTEMS 8

Fuel systems or Piston and 5et engines@ - !om/onents o multi engines> #u$ricating systems or /iston and 5et engines - Starting and Ignition systems Ty/ical e3am/les or /iston and 5et engines> *. AU.ILLIARY SYSTEM 8

Easic Air cycle systems - 8a/our !ycle systems@ Eoost-Stra/ air cycle system - E.a/orati.e .a/our cycle systems - E.a/orati.e air cycle systems - C3ygen systems - Fire /rotection systems@ +eicing and anti icing systems> +. AIRCRA$T INSTRUMENTS 7

Flight Instruments and )a.igation Instruments * &yrosco/e - Accelerometers@ Air s/eed Indicators * TAS@ EAS- Mach Meters - Altimeters - Princi/les and o/eration - Study o .arious ty/es o engine instruments - Tachometers Tem/erature gauges - Pressure gauges - C/eration and Princi/les> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> McHinley@ K>#>@ and Eent@ R>+>@ FAircra t Maintenance 9 Re/airG@ Mc&ra?2ill@ 1003>



F&eneral 2and Eoo's o Air rame and Po?er/lant MechanicsG@ N>S> +e/t> o Trans/ortation@ Federal A.iation Administation@ The English Eoo' Store@ )e? +elhi100(> RE$ERENCES

1> 2> 3>

Me'inley@ K>#> and Eent@ R>+>@ FAircra t Po?er PlantsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 1003> Pallet@ E>2>K>@ FAircra t Instruments 9 Princi/lesG@ Pitman 9 !o>@ 1003> Treager@ S>@ F&as Tur$ine TechnologyG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 100,>



& % 0 %00

To e3/ose the students the di erent mechanisms@ their method o ?or'ing@ Forces in.ol.ed and conse:uent .i$ration during ?or'ing




)9& reedom - Slider cran' and cran' roc'er

Machine Structure * Hinematic lin'@ /air and chain * &rue$lers criteria * !onstrained motion * +egrees o * +etermination o .elocity 2. $RICTION mechanisms * In.ersions * A//lications * Hinematic analysis o sim/le mechanisms and acceleration> )9&

Friction in scre? and nut * Pi.ot and collar * Thrust $earing * Plate and disc clutches * Eelt ; lat and 8< and ro/e> Ratio o tensions * E ect o centri ugal and initial tension * !ondition or ma3imum /o?er transmission * C/en and crossed $elt dri.e> &. GEARING AND CAMS )9&

&ear /ro ile and geometry * )omenclature o s/ur and helical gears * &ear trainsM Sim/le@ com/ound gear trains and e/icylic gear trains - +etermination o s/eed and tor:ue - !ams * Ty/es o cams * +esign o /ro iles * Hni e edged@ lat aced and roller ended ollo?ers ?ith and ?ithout o sets or .arious ty/es o ollo?er motions *. BALANCING )9& Static and dynamic $alancing * Single and se.eral masses in di erent /lanes *Ealancing o reci/rocating masses- /rimary $alancing and conce/ts o secondary $alancing * Single and multi cylinder engines ;Inline< * Ealancing o radial 8 enginedirect and re.erse cran' method




Free@ orced and dam/ed .i$rations o single degree o reedom systems * Force transmitted to su//orts * 8i$ration isolation * 8i$ration a$sor/tion * Torsional


.i$ration o sha t * Single and multi rotor systems * &eared sha ts * !ritical s/eed o sha t> TOTAL- 60 TE.T BOO/S 1> Rattan>S>S@ FTheory o MachinesG@ Tata Mc&ra?*2ill Pu$lishing !o@ )e? +elhi@ 200%> 2> Eallaney>P>#@ FTheory o MachinesG@ Hhanna Pu$lishers@ )e? +elhi@ 2002> RE$ERENCES 1> Rao@ K>S and +u''i/ati@ R>8@ FMechanism and Machine TheoryG@ Second Edition@ 7iley Eastern #td>@ 1002> 2> Malhotra@ +>R and &u/ta@ 2>!>@ FThe Theory o MachinesG@ Satya Pra'asam@ Tech> India Pu$lications@ 10=0> 3> &osh@ A> and Mallic'@ A>H>@ FTheory o Machines and MechanismsG@ A iliated East 7est Press@ 10=0> %> Shigley@ K>E> and Nic'er@ K>K>@ FTheory o Machines and MechanismsG@ Mc&ra?2ill@ 10=0> (> Eurton Paul@ FHinematics and +ynamic o Planer MachineryG@ Prentice 2all@ 10,0>



& % 0 %00


OB'ECTIVE To study di erent ty/es o $eams and columns su$5ected to .arious ty/es o loading and su//ort conditions ?ith /articular em/hasis on aircra t structural com/onents> %. STATICALLY DETERMINATE STRUCTURES %09&

Analysis o /lane truss * Method o 5oints * 3 + Truss - Plane rames 2. STATICALLY INDETERMINATE STRUCTURES %09&

!om/osite $eam - !la/eyronOs Three Moment E:uation - Moment +istri$ution Method> &. ENERGY MET#ODS %09*

Strain Energy due to a3ial@ $ending and Torsional loads - !astiglianoOs theorem - Ma3?ellOs Reci/rocal theorem@ Nnit load method - a//lication to $eams@ trusses@ rames@ rings@ etc> *. COLUMNS %09*

!olumns ?ith .arious end conditions * EulerBs !olumn cur.e * Ran'ineBs ormula - !olumn ?ith initial cur.ature - Eccentric loading * South ?ell /lot * Eeam column> +. $AILURE T#EORY +9%

Ma3imum Stress theory * Ma3imum Strain Theory * Ma3imum Shear Stress Theory * +istortion Theory * Ma3imum Strain energy theory * A//lication to aircra t Structural /ro$lems> TOTAL - 60




+onaldson@ E>H>@ FAnalysis o Aircra t Structures * An IntroductionG@ Mc&ra?2ill@ 1003> RE$ERENCE


Timoshen'o@ S>@ FStrength o MaterialsG@ 8ol> I and II@ Princeton +> 8on )ostrand !o@ 1000>



& 0 0 %00


OB'ECTIVE To understand the $asic conce/ts o light control system> %. INTRODUCTION 6

2istorical - Sim/le /neumatic@ hydraulic and thermal systems@ Series and /arallel systems@ Analogies - Mechanical and electrical com/onents@ +e.elo/ment o light control systems> 2. OPEN AND CLOSED LOOP SYSTEMS 6

Feed$ac' control systems * Eloc' diagram re/resentation o control systems@ Reduction o $loc' diagrams@ Cut/ut to in/ut ratios@ Signal lo? gra/h> &. C#ARACTERISTIC E(UATION AND $UNCTIONS %0 irst and

#a/lace trans ormation@ Res/onse o systems to di erent in/uts .iA>@ Ste/ in/ut@ im/ulse@ ram/@ /ara$olic and sinusoidal in/uts@ Time res/onse o circuit> *. CONCEPT O$ STABILITY %+ second order systems@ steady state errors and error constants o unity eed$ac'

)ecessary and su icient conditions@ Routh * 2ur?itA criteria o sta$ility@ Root locus and Eode techni:ues@ !once/t and construction@ re:uency res/onse> +. SAMPLED DATA SYSTEMS 8

Introduction to digital control system@ +igital !ontrollers and +igital PI+ !ontrollers> TOTAL- *+



1> 2>

C&ATC@ FModern !ontrol EngineeringG@ Prentice * 2all o India P.t> #td> )e? +elhi@ 100=> &CPA#>M> F!ontrol Systems@ Princi/les and designG * Tata Mc&ra?-2ill Pu$lication@ )e? +elhi@ 2000> RE$ERENCES

1> 2> 3> %>

AAAo@ K>K>+> and !>2> 2ou/is@ FFeed $ac' control system analysis and synthesisG@ Mc&ra? * 2ill International@ 3rd Edition@ 100=> Huo@ E>!>@ FAutomatic control systemsG@ Prentice * 2all o India P.t> #td>@ )e? +elhi@ 100=> 2ou/is@ !>2> and #amont@ &>E>@ F+igital !ontrol SystemsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o> )e? -or'@ NSA 100(> )aresh H> Sinha@ F!ontrol SystemsG@ )e? Age International Pu$lishers@ )e? +elhi



0 0 & %00


OB'ECTIVE To study e3/erimentally the load de lection characteristics structural materials under di erent ty/es o loads> 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS +etermination o -oungBs modulus o steel using mechanical e3tensometers> +etermination o -oungBs modulus o aluminum using electrical e3tensometers +etermination o racture strength and racture /attern o ductile materials +etermination o racture strength and racture /attern o $rittle materials Stress Strain cur.e or .arious engineering materials> +e lection o $eams ?ith .arious end conditions> 8eri ication o Ma3?ellBs Reci/rocal theorem 9 /rinci/le o su/er/osition !olumn * Testing South * ?ellBs /lot> Ri.eted Koints> TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) S". No. 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> 11> AE%2+6 OB'ECTIVE E;u <=e>!s Nni.ersal Testing Machine Mechanical E3tensometer Electrical stain gauge Stain indicator +ial &auges Eeam Test set u/ ?ith .arious end conditions 7eight 1 Hg 7eight 2 Hg 7eight Pans !olumn Test A//aratus DESIGN AND DRA$TING (!4 1 1 10 1 12 2 10 10 " 1 30 E?<er =e>!s No. 1@2@3@%@(@10 1 2 2 3@% 3@% 3@% 3@% 3@% (@" 10 0 0 & %00


To introduce the conce/t o design o $asic structural com/onents and to dra t $oth manually and using modelling /ac'age> LIST O$ E.ERCISES 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> +esign o ri.eted 5oints ;#a/ 5oint<> +esign o ri.eted 5oints ;Eutt 5oint ?ith single and dou$le stra/s<> +esign o ?elded 5oints> #ayout o ty/ical ?ing structure> #ayout o ty/ical uselage structure> !om/uter aided modeling o ty/ical aircra t ?ing> !om/uter aided modeling o ty/ical uselage structure> !om/uter aided modeling o landing gear Three .ie? diagram o a ty/ical aircra t #ayout o control systems TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENT (for a batch of 30 students) S".No 1 E;u <=e>!s +ra?ing Eoards@ +ra ting machines !om/uter and modeling so t?are (u1>! !4 30 Pentium I8 P!Bs@ - 30 )os> #icense o So t?are * 30 "@ , E?<er =e>!s No. 1@ (



0 0 & %00

To study e3/erimentally the aerodynamic orces on di erent $odies at lo? s/eeds>


LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> !ali$ration o su$sonic ?ind tunnel> Pressure distri$ution smooth and rough cylinder> Pressure distri$ution symmetric air oils> Pressure distri$ution cam$ered air oils 9 thin air oils Force measurement using ?ind tunnel $alance> Flo? a lat /late at di erent angles o incidence Flo? .isualiAation studies in lo? s/eed lo?s cylinders Flo? .isualiAation studies in lo? s/eed lo?s air oil ?ith di erent angle o incidence !ali$ration o su/ersonic ?ind tunnel> Su/ersonic lo? .isualiAation ?ith Schlieren system> TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENT (for a batch of 30 students) S". I!e=s (u1>! !4 E?<er =e>! 1 )o> No. 1@ 2@3@%@(

No. 1> 7ind Tunnel test section siAe around 300 3 300 mm ?ith test section lo? s/eed o ,0 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> m1s> 7ings o .arious air oil sections ;Symmetrical 9 cam$ered air oils< Angle o incidence changing mechanism Multi/le Manometer stands ?ith 20 * 30 manometer tu$es N-Tu$e Manometer Static Pressure Pro$es Total Pressure Pro$est Pitot-Static Tu$es 7ooden Models o Three +imensional $odies ;eg> !ylinder etc>@<

2 )os> each 1 )o> % )os> 1 )o> % )os> % )os> % )os> 2 )os> each

3@ % 3@ % 2@3@% 1@2@3@% 1@2@3@% 1@2@3@% 1@2@3@% 2


10> 11> 12> 13>

7ind Tunnel $alances ;3 or ( or " com/onents< Pressure Transducers ?ith digital dis/lay 2ele-Sha? a//aratus@ Smo'e Tunnel@ 7ater lo? channel Su/ersonic 7ind tunnel o test section siAe 100 3 100 mm ?ith storage tan' ca/acity o (00 t2 at 20 $ar 7ooden models o cone@ ?edge and $lunt $ody con igurations o suita$le siAe or lo? .isualiAation in a su/ersonic ?ind tunnel test section Schlieren System

1 )o> 1 )o> 1 each 1 )o>

( 1@2@3@% "@,@= 0@10


1 )o>



1 )o>




0 0 & %00


OB'ECTIVES To create an a?areness on the .arious en.ironmental /ollution as/ects and issues> To gi.e a com/rehensi.e insight into natural resources@ ecosystem and $iodi.ersity>



To educate the ?ays and means to /rotect the en.ironment rom .arious ty/es o /ollution> To im/art some undamental 'no?ledge on human ?el are measures> INTRODUCTION RESOURCES TO ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES AND NATURAL %0

+e inition@ sco/e and im/ortance * need or /u$lic a?areness * orest resourcesM use and de orestation@ case studies> Tim$er e3traction@ mining@ dams and their ground ?ater@ loods@ drought@ con licts ?ater@ dams$ene its and /ro$lems * mineral resourcesM use e ects on orests and tri$al /eo/le * ?ater resourcesM use and o sur ace and e3/loitation@ en.ironmental e ects o e3tracting and using mineral resources@ case studies * ood resourcesM ?orld ood /ro$lems@ changes caused $y agriculture and o.ergraAing@ e ects o modern agriculture@ ertiliAer-/esticide /ro$lems@ ?ater logging@ salinity@ case studies * energy resourcesM gro?ing energy needs@ rene?a$le and non rene?a$le energy sources@ use o alternate energy sources> !ase studies * land resourcesM land as a resource@ land degradation@ man induced landslides@ soil erosion and deserti ication * role o an indi.idual in conser.ation o natural resources * e:uita$le use o resources or sustaina$le li estyles> Field study o local area to document en.ironmental assets * 1 orest 1 grassland 1 hill 1 mountain> 2. ECOSYSTEMS AND BIODIVERSITY %* lo? in the ecosystem *

!once/t o an ecosystem * structure and unction o an ecosystem * /roducers@ consumers and decom/osers * energy ecological succession * ood chains@ ood ?e$s and ecological /yramids *

introduction@ ty/es@ characteristic eatures@ structure and unction o the ;a< orest ecosystem ;$< grassland ecosystem ;c< desert ecosystem ;d< a:uatic ecosystems ;/onds@ streams@ la'es@ ri.ers@ oceans@ estuaries< * introduction to $iodi.ersity * de initionM genetic@ s/ecies and ecosystem di.ersity * $iogeogra/hical classi ication o India * .alue o $iodi.ersityM consum/ti.e use@ /roducti.e use@ social@ ethical@


aesthetic and o/tion .alues * $iodi.ersity at glo$al@ national and local le.els * India as a mega-di.ersity nation * hot-s/ots o $iodi.ersity * threats to $iodi.ersityM ha$itat loss@ /oaching o ?ildli e@ man-?ildli e con licts * endangered and endemic s/ecies o India * conser.ation o $iodi.ersityM in-situ and e3-situ conser.ation o $iodi.ersity> Field study o common /lants@ insects@ $irds Field study o sim/le ecosystems * /ond@ hill slo/es@ etc> &. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 8

+e inition * causes@ e ects and control measures o M ;a< air /ollution ;$< ?ater /ollution ;c< soil /ollution ;d< marine /ollution ;e< noise /ollution ; < thermal /ollution ;g< nuclear haAards * solid ?aste managementM causes@ e ects and control measures o ur$an and industrial ?astes * role o an indi.idual in /re.ention o /ollution * /ollution case studies * disaster managementM loods@ earth:ua'e@ cyclone and landslides> Field study o local /olluted site * ur$an 1 rural 1 industrial 1 agricultural *. SOCIAL ISSUES AND T#E ENVIRONMENT 7

From unsustaina$le to sustaina$le de.elo/ment * ur$an /ro$lems related to energy * ?ater conser.ation@ rain ?ater har.esting@ ?atershed management * resettlement and reha$ilitation o /eo/leL its /ro$lems and concerns@ case studies * en.ironmental ethicsM issues and /ossi$le solutions * climate change@ glo$al ?arming@ acid rain@ oAone layer de/letion@ nuclear accidents and holocaust@ case studies * ?asteland reclamation * consumerism and ?aste /roducts * en.ironment /rotection act * air ;/re.ention and control o /ollution< act * ?ater ;/re.ention and control o /ollution< act * ?ildli e /rotection act * orest conser.ation act * issues in.ol.ed in en orcement o en.ironmental legislation * /u$lic a?areness +. #UMAN POPULATION AND T#E ENVIRONMENT 6

Po/ulation gro?th@ .ariation among nations * /o/ulation e3/losion * amily ?el are /rogramme * en.ironment and human health * human rights * .alue


education * 2I8 1 AI+S * ?omen and child ?el are * role o in ormation technology in en.ironment and human health * case studies> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> 3> %> &il$ert M>Masters@ FIntroduction to En.ironmental Engineering and ScienceG@ /earson education P.t>@ #td>@ second edition@ ISE) =1-20,-02,,-0@ 200%> Miller T>&> 5r>@ FEn.ironmental ScienceG@ 7ads?orth /u$lishing co> To?nsend !>@ 2ar/er K and Michael Eegon@ FEssentials o EcologyG@ Elac'?ell science> Tri.edi R>H> and P>H> &oel@ FIntroduction to air /ollutionG@ techno-science /u$lications> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> 4. Eharucha erach@ FThe Eiodi.ersity o IndiaG@ ma/in /u$lishing P.t> #td>@ Ahmeda$ad India@ Tri.edi R>H>@ F2and$oo' o En.ironmental #a?sG@ Rules@ &uidelines@ !om/liances and Standards@ 8ol> I and II@ En.iro media> !unningham@ 7>P>!oo/er@ T>2>&orhani@ FEn.ironmental Encyclo/ediaG@ Kaico Pu$l>@ 2ouse@ Mum$ai@ 2001> 7ager H>+>@ FEn.ironmental ManagementG@ 7>E> Saunders !o>@ Philadelphia,
USA, 1998.



& 0

0 %00

To study the /er ormance o air/lanes under .arious o/erating conditions and the static and dynamic res/onse o aircra t or $oth .oluntary and in.oluntary changes in light conditions %. DRAG ON T#E AIRPLANE 7


International Standard Atmos/here - Forces and moments acting on a light .ehicle - E:uation o motion o a rigid light .ehicle - +i erent ty/es o drag - +rag /olars o .ehicles rom lo? s/eed to high s/eeds - 8ariation o thrust@ /o?er and SF! ?ith .elocity and altitudes or air $reathing engines and roc'ets - Po?er a.aila$le and /o?er re:uired> 2. AIRCRA$T PER$ORMANCE %0

Per ormance o air/lane in le.el light - Ma3imum s/eed in le.el light !onditions or minimum drag and /o?er re:uired - Range and endurance - !lim$ing and gliding light ;Ma3imum rate o clim$ and stee/est angle o clim$@ minimum rate o sin' and shallo?est angle o glide< -Turning /er ormance ;Turning rate turn radius<> Ean' angle and load actor - #imitations o /ull u/ and /ush - 8-n diagram and load actor> &. STATIC LONGITUDINAL STABILITY %0

+egree o reedom o rigid $odies in s/ace - Static and dynamic sta$ility Pur/ose o controls in air/lanes -Inherently sta$le and marginal sta$le air/lanes * Static@ #ongitudinal sta$ility - Stic' i3ed sta$ility - Easic e:uili$rium e:uation Sta$ility criterion - E ects o uselage and nacelle - In luence o !& location - Po?er e ects - Stic' i3ed neutral /oint - Stic' ree sta$ility-2inge moment coe icient - Stic' ree neutral /oints-Symmetric maneu.ers - Stic' orce gradients - Stic' Q orce /er OgO - Aerodynamic $alancing> +etermination o neutral /oints and /oints rom light test> *. LATERAL AND DIRECTIONAL STABILITY 8

+ihedral e ect - #ateral control - !ou/ling $et?een rolling and ya?ing moments - Ad.erse ya? e ects - Aileron re.ersal - Static directional sta$ility 7eather coc'ing e ect - Rudder re:uirements - Cne engine ino/erati.e condition Rudder loc'> +. DYNAMIC STABILITY %0


+ynamic longitudinal sta$ilityM E:uations o motion - Sta$ility !haracteristic e:uation o stic' i3ed case - Modes and sta$ility criterion - E ect o reeing-the stic' - Erie descri/tion o lateral and directional> +ynamic sta$ility S/iral@ di.ergence@ +utch roll@ auto rotation and s/in> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> Per'ins@ !>+>@ and 2age@ R>E>@ FAir/lane Per ormance sta$ility and !ontrolG@ Kohn 7iley 9 SonM@ Inc@ )e? -or'@ 10==> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> %> Et'in@ E>@ F+ynamics o Flight Sta$ility and !ontrolG@ Edn> 2@ Kohn 7iley@ )e? -or'@ 10=2> Ea$ister@ A>7>@ FAircra t +ynamic Sta$ility and Res/onseG@ Pergamon Press@ C3 ord@ 10=0> +ommasch@ +>C>@ Shel$y@ S>S>@ and !onnolly@ T>F>@ FAero/lane Aero dynamicsG@ Third Edition@ Issac Pitman@ #ondon@ 10=1> )elson@ R>!> FFlight Sta$ility and Automatic !ontrolG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o>@ 100=>



& % 0 %00

To study the $eha.iour o .arious aircra t structural com/onents under di erent ty/es o loads> %. UNSYMMETRICAL BENDING 89&


Eending stresses in $eams o unsymmetrical sections * Eending o symmetric sections ?ith s'e? loads> 2. S#EAR $LO7 IN OPEN SECTIONS %09&

Thin ?alled $eams@ !once/t o shear lo?@ shear centre@ Elastic a3is> 7ith one a3is o symmetry@ ?ith ?all e ecti.e and ine ecti.e in $ending@ unsymmetrical $eam sections> &. S#EAR $LO7 IN CLOSED SECTIONS %09&

Eredt * Eatho ormula@ Single and multi * cell structures> A//ro3imate methods> Shear lo? in single 9 multicell structures under torsion> Shear lo? in single and multicell under $ending ?ith ?alls e ecti.e and ine ecti.e> *. BUC/LING O$ PLATES %09&

Rectangular sheets under com/ression@ #ocal $uc'ling stress o thin ?alled sections@ !ri//ling stresses $y )eedhamBs and &erardBs methods@ Thin ?alled column strength> Sheet sti ener /anels> E ecti.e ?idth@ inter and sheet ?rin'ling ailures> +. STRESS ANALYSIS IN 7ING AND $USELAGE 79&

Procedure * Shear and $ending moment distri$ution or semi and other ty/es o ?ings and uselage@ thin ?e$$ed $eam> 7ith /arallel and non /arallel langes@ Shear resistant ?e$ $eams@ Tension ield ?e$ $eams ;7agnerBs<> TOTAL- 60 TE.T BOO/ 1> Peery@ +>K>@ and AAar@ K>K>@ FAircra t StructuresG@ 2 nd edition@ Mc&ra?*2ill@ )>->@ 1003> RE$EENCES 1> Megson@ T>M>&>@ FAircra t Structures or Engineering StudentsG@ Ed?ard Arnold@ 100(>


2> 3>

Eruhn> E>2> FAnalysis and +esign o Flight .ehicles StructuresG@ Tri * state o set com/any@ NSA@ 10=(> Ri.ello@ R>M>@ FTheory and Analysis o Flight StructuresG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 1003>



& 0 0 %00

To understand the $eha.iour o air lo? $oth internal and e3ternal in com/ressi$le lo? regime ?ith /articular em/hasis on su/ersonic lo?s>



ONE DIMENSIONAL COMPRESSIBLE $LO7 Energy@ Momentum@ continuity and state e:uations@ .elocity o

7 sound@

Adia$atic steady state lo? e:uations@ Flo? through con.erging@ di.erging /assages@ Per ormance under .arious $ac' /ressures> 2. NORMALB OBLI(UE S#OC/S AND E.PANSION 7AVES %+

Prandtl e:uation and Ran'ine * 2ugonoit relation@ )ormal shoc' e:uations@ Pitot static tu$e@ corrections or su$sonic and su/ersonic lo?s@ C$li:ue shoc's and corres/onding e:uations@ 2odogra/h and /ressure turning angle@ shoc' /olars@ lo? /ast ?edges and conca.e corners@ strong@ ?ea' and detached shoc's@ Rayleigh and Fanno Flo?> Flo? /ast con.e3 corners@ E3/ansion hodogra/h@ Re lection and interaction o shoc's and e3/ansion@ ? Families o shoc's@ Methods o !haracteristics@ T?o dimensional su/ersonic noAAle contours> &. DI$$ERENTIAL E(UATIONS O$ MOTION $OR STEADY COMPRESSIBLE $LO7S )

Small /ertur$ation /otential theory@ solutions or su/ersonic lo?s@ Mach ? and Mach angles@ Prandtl-&lauert a ine trans ormation relations or su$sonic lo?s@ #inearised t?o dimensional su/ersonic lo? theory@ #i t@ drag /itching moment and center o /ressure o su/ersonic /ro iles> *. AIR$OIL IN #IG# SPEED $LO7S 6

#o?er and u//er critical Mach num$ers@ #i t and drag di.ergence@ shoc' induced se/aration@ !haracteristics o s?e/t ?ings@ E ects o thic'ness@ cam$er and as/ect ratio o ?ings@ Transonic area rule@ Ti/ e ects> +. #IG# SPEED 7IND TUNNELS 8

Elo? do?n@ indra t and induction tunnel layouts and their design eatures@ Transonic@ su/ersonic and hy/ersonic tunnels and their /eculiarities@ 2elium and gun tunnels@ Shoc' tu$es@ C/tical methods o lo? .isualiAation> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/


1> Ratha'rishnan@ E>@ F&as +ynamicsG@ Prentice 2all o India@ 2003> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> %> Sha/iro@ A>2>@ F+ynamics and Thermodynamics o !om/ressi$le Fluid Flo?G@ Ronold Press@ 10=2> Ducro?@ M>K> and Anderson@ K>+>@ FElements o gas dynamicsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o>@ )e? -or'@ 10=0> Mc !ornic'> 7>@ FAerodynamics@ Aeronautics and Flight MechanicsG@ Kohn 7iley@ )e? -or'@ 10,0> Anderson Kr>@ +>@ * FModern com/ressi$le lo?sG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o>@ )e? -or' 1000>



& 0 0 %00

To understand the /rinci/les o o/eration and design o aircra t and s/acecra t /o?er /lants>




Illustration o ?or'ing o gas tur$ine engine * The thrust e:uation * Factors a ecting thrust * E ect o /ressure@ .elocity and tem/erature changes o air entering com/ressor * Methods o thrust augmentation * !haracteristics o tur$o/ro/@ tur$o an and tur$o5et * Per ormance characteristics> 2. SUBSONIC AND SUPERSONIC INLETS $OR 'ET ENGINES 8

Internal lo? and Stall in su$sonic inlets * Eoundary layer se/aration * Ma5or eatures o e3ternal lo? near a su$sonic inlet * Relation $et?een minimum area ratio and eternal deceleration ratio * +i user /er ormance * Su/ersonic inlets * Starting /ro$lem on su/ersonic inlets * Shoc' s?allo?ing $y area .ariation * E3ternal declaration * Models o inlet o/eration> &. COMBUSTION C#AMBERS !lassi ication o com$ustion cham$ers * Im/ortant 8 actors a ecting

com$ustion cham$er design * !om$ustion /rocess * !om$ustion cham$er /er ormance * E ect o o/erating .aria$les on /er ormance * Flame tu$e cooling * Flame sta$iliAation * Nse o lame holders * )umerical /ro$lems> *. NO,,LES 8

Theory o lo? in isentro/ic noAAles * !on.ergent noAAles and noAAle cho'ing * )oAAle throat conditions * )oAAle e iciency * #osses in noAAles * e3/anded and under * e3/anded noAAles * E5ector and .aria$le area noAAles * Interaction o noAAle lo? ?ith ad5acent sur aces * Thrust re.ersal> +. COMPRESSORS %&

Princi/le o o/eration o centri ugal com/ressor * 7or' done and /ressure rise * 8elocity diagrams * +i user .ane design considerations * !once/t o /re?hirl * Rotation stall * Elementary theory o a3ial lo? com/ressor * 8elocity triangles * degree o reaction * Three dimensional * Air angle distri$utions or ree .orte3 and


constant reaction designs * !om/ressor $lade design * !entri ugal and A3ial com/ressor /er ormance characteristics> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> 2ill@ P>&> 9 Peterson@ !>R> FMechanics 9 Thermodynamics o Pro/ulsionG Addison * 7esley #ongman I)!@ 1000> RE$ERENCES 1> !ohen@ 2> Rogers@ &>F>!> and Sara.anamuttoo@ 2>I>2> F&as Tur$ine TheoryG@ #ongman@ 10=0> 2> Cates@ &>!>@ FAero thermodynamics o Aircra t Engine !om/onentsG@ AIAA Education Series@ )e? -or'@ 10=(> 3> FRolls Royce Ket EngineG * Third Edition * 10=3> %> Mathur@ M>#> and Sharma@ R>P>@ F&as Tur$ine@ Ket and Roc'et Pro/ulsionG@ Standard Pu$lishers 9 +istri$utors@ +elhi@ 1000>



& 0 0 %00

To gi.e the /rinci/le and a//lications o micro/rocessor to the students




P) Kunction diodes * Denor +iodes * Tunnels +iodes- Thermistors * Transistors * FET and MCSFET * Silicon !ontrolled Recti iers And Triacs * Their A//lications * 2al 7a.e and Full 7a.e Recti iers * Filters * Ri//le Factor * Denor Regulators and A! 8oltage Regulators * Princi/les and Ty/es o Transistor Am/li ers * R! !ou/led@ Trans ormer !ou/led@ +irect !ou/led * Multistage@ FET and Po?er Am/li ers> 2. LINEAR AND DIGITAL ICS %0

I! Technology * Elements o Fa$rication o #inear and +igital I!Bs * +1A and A1+ !on.erters *!om/arison Eet?een Analog and +igital Systems * )um$er Re/resentation * Einary@ Cctal and 2e3adecimal )um$er Systems * #ogic Families and #ogic &ates * Fli/ * Flo/s * Multi 8i$rations Nsing I!Bs * 2al and ull Adder * Registers * !ounters * Multi/le3ers- +emulti/le3ers * +ecoders * Encoders> &. MICROPROCESSORS %0

Eloc' +iagram o Micro/rocessors * Architecture o Intel =0=( * Im/ortance o +ata@ Address and !ontrol Euses * Instruction Formats * Addressing Modes and Ty/es o Intel =0=( * Instruction Set For =0=( * +e.elo/ment o Sim/le #anguage Assem$ly Programs * Architecture and Functioning o Processors li'e D=0@ M"=00 and Intel Family o =0 R=" Processors> *. MICROPROCESSOR MEMORY DEVICES 8

RAM@ RCM@ EPRCM * magnetic Eu$$le Memory * Flo//y and 2ard +isc * Inter acing o Memory !hi/s * !RT Terminals * Printers@ Hey$oards and their Inter acing * Parallel and Series !ommunication * Synchronous and Asynchronous +ata Trans er * +MA +ata Trans er> +. APPLICATIONS + TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S

Micro/rocessor A//lications in aeros/ace * !ase study>


1> 2> 3>

F!om/uter /rinci/les o architectureG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ )e? +elhi> % th Edition 2002> &oan'ar> R>S>@ FMicro/rocessors@ Programming to Architecture =0=(G@ Penram International /u$lishing P8T #td@ )e? +elhi> ( th Edition 2002 8>H> Mehta@ FPrinci/les o ElectronicsG@ S> !hand 9 !o@ )e? +elhi@ 2 nd Edition 2002 RE$ERENCES

1> 2> 3> %> (>

Mal.ino A>P> #each@ +>P>@ F+igital Princi/les 9 A//licationsG@ Tata Mc&ra?* 2ill@ 1000> &oan'ar R>S>@ FMicro/rocessors Architecture> Programming and A//licationsG@ 7iley Eastern@ 1002> A5it Pal>@ FMicro/rocessorsG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ Re.ised Edition 100(> +ouglas@ 2all@ FMicro/rocessors and Inter acingG@ Tata Mc&ra?*2ill@ Re.ised Edition 1000> Mathur A>P>@ FIntroduction to Micro/rocessorsG@ Tata Mc&ra?*2ill@ Re.ised Edition 100(>



0 0 & %00

To e3/erimentally study the unsymmetrical $ending o $eams@ ind the location o shear centre @ o$tain the stresses in circular discs and $eams using /hotoelastic techni:ues@ cali$ration o /hoto * elastic materials and study on .i$ration o $eams>


LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> Nnsymmetrical $ending o $eams Shear centre location or o/en sections Shear centre location or closed sections !onstant strength $eam Fle3i$ility matri3 or $eam Eeam ?ith com$ined loading !ali$ration o Photo- elastic materials Stresses in circular discs and $eams using /hotoelastic techni:ues 8i$rations o $eams 7agner $eam * Tension ield $eam TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENT (for a batch of 30 students) S".No. 1 2 3 % ( " , = 0 10 11 12 13 1% 1(> N1=e o: !3e E;u <=e>! Eeam Test set *u/ Nnsymmetrical sections li'e SDB sections !hannel section and angle section +ial gauges 7eights 1Hg 7eights 2 Hg Eeam Test Set * u/ Strain indicator and strain gauges Photo * elastic a//aratus Am/li ier E3citer Pic' * u/ Cscillosco/e 7agner $eam 2ydraulic Kac' (!4 2 2 2 12 10 10 2 Cne set 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 E?<er =e>!s Nu=2er 1@ 2@ 3@% 1@ 2@ 3 1@ 2@ 3 1@ 2@ 3 1@ 2@ 3 1@ 2@ 3 3@ % %@(@" ,@= 0 0 0 0 10 10




0 0 & %00

To gi.e training on ri.eting@ /atch?or'@ ?elding and car/entry LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> Aircra t ?ood gluing 7elded /atch re/air $y TI&@ MI&@ P#ASMA AR!> 7elded /atch re/air $y MI& 7elded /atch re/air $y /lasma Arc Fa$ric Patch re/air Ri.eted /atch re/airs> Re/air o com/osites Re/air o Sand?ich /anels> Sheet metal orming> !ontrol ca$le ins/ection and re/air> TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENT (for a batch of 30 students) S".No. 1 2 3 % ( " , = N1=e o: !3e E;u <=e>! Shear cutter /edestal ty/e +rilling Machine Eench 8ices Radius Eend $ars Pi/e Flaring Tools !ar$ide &as Plant MI& 7eld Plant TI& 7eld Plant (u1>! !4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E?<er =e>! No. %@" %@(@" 1@(@" 2@3 0 % 3 2



0 0 & %00


To teach and train the students in the la$ a$out the design and dra ting o aero com/onents LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> Scaling@ rotation@ translation@ editing@ dimensioning * Ty/ical !A+ command structure> 7ire rame modeling * sur ace modeling Solid Modeling Ta/er Turning * Straight Inter/olation Ta/er Turning * !ircular Inter/olation Incremental /rogramme & 00 o/eration> Mirroring> Incremental Programme & 01 o/eration A$solute Programme & 00 o/eration A$solute Programme & 01 o/eration TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENT (for a batch of 30 students) S".No. 1 2 3 % N1=e o: !3e E;u <=e>! !om/uter nodes Pro-E * 2001@ 2002 * !A+ Pac'ages A)S-S- ,@ STAR * !+ NPS (u1>! !4 30 30 licenses 30 licenses 1 E?<er =e>! No. 1 to , 1 to , 1 to , 1 to ,

GE%&0& COMMUNICATION S/ILLS AND TEC#NICAL SEMINAR 0 0 & %00 OB'ECTIVE +uring the seminar session each student is e3/ected to /re/are and /resent a to/ic on engineering1 technology@ or a duration o a$out = to 10 minutes> In a session o three /eriods /er ?ee'@ 1( students are e3/ected to /resent the seminar> A aculty


guide is to $e allotted and he 1 she ?ill guide and monitor the /rogress o the student and maintain attendance also> Students are encouraged to use .arious teaching aids such as head /ro5ectors@ /o?er /oint /resentation and demonstrati.e models> This ?ill ena$le them to gain con idence in acing the /lacement>



Hno?ledge on the /rinci/les o management is essential or all 'inds o /eo/le in all 'inds o organiAations> A ter studying this course@ students ?ill $e a$le to ha.e a clear understanding o the managerial unctions li'e /lanning@ organiAing@ sta ing@ leading and controlling> Students ?ill also gain some $asic 'no?ledge on international as/ect o management> %. #ISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT )

+e inition o Management * Science or Art * Management and Administration * +e.elo/ment o Management Thought * !ontri$ution o Taylor and Fayol * Functions o Management * Ty/es o Eusiness Crganisation> 2. PLANNING )

)ature 9 Pur/ose * Ste/s in.ol.ed in Planning * C$ * Setting C$ * Process o Managing $y C$ * Strategies@ Policies 9 Planning Premises- Forecasting * +ecision-ma'ing> &. ORGANISING )

)ature and Pur/ose * Formal and in ormal organiAation * CrganiAation !hart * Structure and Process * +e/artmentation $y di erence strategies * #ine and Sta authority * Eene its and #imitations * +e-!entraliAation and +elegation o Authority * Sta ing * Selection Process - Techni:ues * 2R+ * Managerial E ecti.eness> *. DIRECTING ) Sco/e * 2uman Factors * !reati.ity and Inno.ation * 2armoniAing C$ * #eadershi/ * Ty/es o #eadershi/ Moti.ation * 2ierarchy o needs * Moti.ation theories * Moti.ational Techni:ues * Ko$ Enrichment * !ommunication * Process o !ommunication * Earriers and Erea'do?n * E ecti.e !ommunication * Electronic media in !ommunication> +. CONTROLLING )

System and /rocess o !ontrolling * Re:uirements or e ecti.e control * The Eudget as !ontrol Techni:ue * In ormation Technology in !ontrolling * Nse o com/uters in handling the in ormation * Producti.ity * Pro$lems and Management * !ontrol o


C.erall Per ormance * +irect and Pre.enti.e !ontrol * Re/orting * The &lo$al En.ironment * &lo$aliAation and #i$eraliAation * International Management and &lo$al theory o Management> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> 2arold HooritA 9 2einA 7eihrich FEssentials o ManagementG@ Tata Mc&ra?Kose/h # Massie FEssentials o ;Pearson< Fourth Edition@ 2003> RE$ERENCES 1 2> 3> %> Tri/athy P! And Reddy P)@ FPrinci/les o ManagementG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ 1000> +ecenAo Ro$$in Ste/hen A@ FPersonnel and 2uman Reasons ManagementG@ Prentice 2all o India@ 100" KAF Stomer@ Freeman R> E and +aniel R &il$ert@ FManagementG@ Pearson Education@ Si3th Edition@ 200%> Fraidoon MaAda@ FEngineering ManagementG@ Addison 7esley@ 2000> ManagementG@ Prentice 2all o India@ 2ill@ 100=



& 0 0 %00

To study in detail a$out gas tur$ines@ ram5et@ undamentals o roc'et /ro/ulsion and chemical roc'ets





Im/ulse and reaction $lading o gas tur$ines * 8elocity triangles and /o?er out/ut * Elementary theory * 8orte3 theory * !hoice o $lade /ro ile@ /itch and chord * Estimation o stage /er ormance * #imiting actors in gas tur$ine design- C.erall tur$ine /er ormance * Methods o $lade cooling * Matching o tur$ine and com/ressor * )umerical /ro$lems> 2. RAM'ET PROPULSION%0

C/erating /rinci/le * Su$ critical@ critical and su/ercritical o/eration * !om$ustion in ram5et engine * Ram5et /er ormance * Sam/le ram5et design calculations * Introduction to scram5et * Preliminary conce/ts in su/ersonic com$ustion * Integral ram- roc'et- )umerical /ro$lems> &. $UNDAMENTALS O$ ROC/ET PROPULSION 8

C/erating /rinci/le * S/eci ic im/ulse o a roc'et * internal $allistics- Roc'et noAAle classi ication * Roc'et /er ormance considerations * )umerical Pro$lems> *. C#EMICAL ROC/ETS %0

Solid /ro/ellant roc'ets * Selection criteria o solid /ro/ellants * Im/ortant hard?are com/onents o solid roc'ets * Pro/ellant grain design considerations * #i:uid /ro/ellant roc'ets * Selection o li:uid /ro/ellants * Thrust control in li:uid roc'ets * !ooling in li:uid roc'ets * #imitations o hy$rid roc'ets * Relati.e ad.antages o li:uid roc'ets solid roc'ets- )umerical Pro$lems>



Electric roc'et /ro/ulsion * Ion /ro/ulsion techni:ues * )uclear roc'et * Ty/es * Solar sail- Preliminary !once/ts in noAAleless /ro/ulsion> TOTAL - *+


TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> Sutton@ &>P>@ FRoc'et Pro/ulsion ElementsG@ Kohn 7iley 9 Sons Inc>@ )e? -or'@ (th Edn>@ 1003> 2ill@ P>&> 9 Peterson@ !>R> FMechanics 9 Thermodynamics o Pro/ulsionG Addison * 7esley #ongman I)!@ 1000> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> !ohen@ 2>@ Rogers@ &>F>!> and Sara.anamuttoo@ 2>I>2>@ F&as Tur$ine TheoryG@ #ongman !o>@ E#ES Ed>@ 10=0> &orden@ !>8>@ FAero thermodynamics o &as Tur$ine and Roc'et Pro/ulsionG@ AIAA Education Series@ )e? -or'@ 10=0> Mathur@ M>@ and Sharma@ R>P>@ F&as Tur$ines and Ket and Roc'et Pro/ulsionG@ Standard Pu$lishers@ )e? +elhi@ 10==>



& 0 0 %00

To introduce the conce/ts o heat trans er to ena$le the students to design com/onents su$5ected to thermal loading>





2eat Trans er * Cne dimensional steady state heat

conductionM !om/osite Medium * !ritical thic'ness * E ect o .ariation o thermal !onducti.ity * E3tended Sur aces * Nnsteady state> 2eat !onductionM #um/ed System Analysis * 2eat Trans er in Semi in inite and in inite solids * Nse o Transient * Tem/erature charts * A//lication o numerical techni:ues> 2. CONVECTIVE #EAT TRANS$ER %0 Introduction * Free con.ection in atmos/here ree con.ection on a .ertical lat /late * Em/irical relation in ree con.ection * Forced con.ection * #aminar and tur$ulent con.ecti.e heat trans er analysis in lo?s $et?een /arallel /lates@ a lat /late and in a circular /i/e> Em/irical relations@ a//lication o numerical techni:ues in /ro$lem> &. RADIATIVE #EAT TRANS$ER 8

Introduction to Physical mechanism * Radiation /ro/erties * Radiation sha/e actors * 2eat e3change $et?een non * $lac' $odies * Radiation shields> *. #EAT E.C#ANGERS 8

!lassi ication * Tem/erature +istri$ution * C.erall heat trans er coe icient@ 2eat E3change Analysis * #MT+ Method and E-)TN Method> +. #EAT TRANS$ER PROBLEMS IN AEROSPACE ENGINEERING 8

2igh-S/eed lo? 2eat Trans er@ 2eat Trans er /ro$lems in gas tur$ine com$ustion cham$ers * Roc'et thrust cham$ers * Aerodynamic heating * A$lati.e heat trans er> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> -unus A> !engel>@ F2eat Trans er * A /ractical a//roachG@ Second Edition@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ 2002> Incro/era> F>P>and +e?itt>+>P> F Introduction to 2eat Trans erG@ Kohn 7iley and Sons * 2002>


RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> %> #ienhard@ K>2>@ FA 2eat Trans er Te3t Eoo'G@ Prentice 2all Inc>@ 10=1> 2olman@ K>P> F2eat Trans erG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o>@ Inc>@ )e? -or'@ " th Edn>@ 1001> Sachde.a@ S>!>@ FFundamentals o Engineering 2eat 9 Mass Trans erG@ 7iley Eastern #td>@ )e? +elhi@ 10=1> Mathur@ M> and Sharma@ R>P> F&as Tur$ine and Ket and Roc'et Pro/ulsionG@ Standard Pu$lishers@ )e? +elhi 10==>



& 0 0 %00

To $ring a?areness on e3/erimental method o inding the res/onse o the structure to di erent ty/es o load>



MEASUREMENTS Princi/les o measurements@ Accuracy@ Sensiti.ity and range

* o

measurements> 2. E.TENSOMETERS 6

Mechanical@ C/tical Acoustical and Electrical e3tensometers and their uses@ Ad.antages and disad.antages> &. ELECTRICAL RESISTANCE STRAIN GAUGES %0

Princi/le o o/eration and re:uirements@ Ty/es and their uses@ Materials or strain gauge> !ali$ration and tem/erature com/ensation@ cross sensiti.ity@ Rosette analysis@ 7heastone $ridge and /otentiometer circuits or static and dynamic strain measurements@ strain indicators> *. P#OTOELASTICITY %0 T?o dimensional /hoto elasticity@ !once/t o light * /hotoelastic e ects@ stress o/tic la?@ Inter/retation o ringe /attern@ !om/ensation and se/aration techni:ues@ Photo elastic materials> Introduction to three dimensional /hoto elasticity> +. NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING /enetrant techni:ue@ Eddy current testing@ Acoustic %+ Emission

Fundamentals o )+T@ Radiogra/hy@ ultrasonic@ magnetic /article ins/ection@ Fluorescent Techni:ue@ Fundamentals o $rittle coating methods@ Introduction to MoirT

techni:ues@ 2ologra/hy@ ultrasonic !- Scan@ Thermogra/h@ Fi$er * o/tic Sensors> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> Srinath@ #>S>@ Ragha.a@ M>R>@ #ingaiah@ H>@ &aragesha@ &>@ Pant E>@ and Ramachandra@ H>@ FE3/erimental Stress AnalysisG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ )e? +elhi@ 10=%>


RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> +ally@ K>7>@ and Riley@ 7>F>@ FE3/erimental Stress AnalysisG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Inc>@ )e? -or'@ 100=> 2etyenyi@ M>@ F2and $oo' o E3/erimental Stress AnalysisG@ Kohn 7iley and Sons Inc>@ )e? -or'@ 10,2> Polloc' A>A>@ FAcoustic Emission in Acoustics and 8i$ration ProgressG@ Ed> Ste/hens R>7>E>@ !ha/man and 2all@ 1003>



& 0 0 %00

To learn damage mechanism and ailure o com/onents o ele.ated tem/eratures




Factors in luencing unctional li e o com/onents at ele.ated tem/eratures@ de inition o cree/ cur.e@ .arious stages o cree/@ metallurgical actors in luencing .arious stages@ e ect o stress@ tem/erature and strain rate> 2. DESIGN $OR CREEP RESISTANCE +esign o transient cree/ time@ hardening@ strain hardening@ e3/ressions o ru/ture li e o cree/@ ductile and $rittle materials@ Mon'man-&rant relationshi/> &. $RACTURE 8arious ty/es o ) racture@ $rittle to ductile rom lo? tem/erature to high )

tem/erature@ clea.age racture@ ductile racture due to micro .oid coalescencedi usion controlled .oid gro?thL racture ma/s or di erent alloys and o3ides> *. O.IDATION AND #OT CORROSION )

C3idation@ Pilling@ Eed?orth ratio@ 'inetic la?s o o3idation- de ect structure and control o o3idation $y alloy additions@ hot gas corrosion de/osit@ modi ied hot gas corrosion@ lu3ing mechanisms@ e ect o alloying elements on hot corrosion@ interaction o hot corrosion and cree/@ methods o com$at hot corrosion> +. SUPERALLOYS AND OT#ER MATERIALS )

Iron $ase@ )ic'el $ase and !o$alt $ase su/er alloys@ com/osition control@ solid solution strengthening@ /reci/itation hardening $y gamma /rime@ grain $oundary strengthening@ T!P /hase@ em$rittlement@ solidi ication o single crystals@ Intermetallics@ high tem/erature ceramics> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> Ra5> R>@ FFlo? and Fracture at Ele.ated Tem/eraturesG@ American Society or Metals@ NSA@ 10=(> 2ertA$erg R> 7>@ F+e ormation and Fracture Mechanics o Engineering materialsG@ %th Edition@ Kohn 7iley@ NSA@ 100">



!ourtney T>2@ FMechanical Eeha.ior o MaterialsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ NSA@ 1000> RE$ERENCES

Eoyle K>T@ S/encer K@ FStress Analysis or !ree/G@ Eutter?orths@ NH@ 10=3> Eressers> K>@ F!ree/ and Fatigue in 2igh Tem/erature AlloysG@ A//lied Science@ 10=1> Mc#ean +>@ F+irectionally Solidi ied Materials or 2igh Tem/erature Ser.iceG@ The Metals Society@ NSA@ 10=(>



0 0 & %00

To introduce and de.elo/ the $asic conce/t o aircra t design>


Each student is assigned ?ith the design o an Air/lane ;or 2elico/ter or any other light .ehicle<@ or gi.en /reliminary s/eci ications> The ollo?ing are the assignments to $e carried outM E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> !om/arati.e con iguration study o di erent ty/es o air/lanes !om/arati.e study on s/eci ication and /er ormance details o aircra t Pre/aration o com/arati.e data sheets 7or' sheet layout /rocedures !om/arati.e gra/hs /re/aration and selection o main /arameters or the design Preliminary ?eight estimations@ selection o main /arameters@ Po?er /lant selection@ Aero oil selection@ 7ing tail and control sur aces Pre/aration o layouts o $alance diagram and three .ie? dra?ings +rag estimation +etailed /er ormance calculations and sta$ility estimates TOTAL - 60 PERIODS LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) S".No. 1 2 N1=e o: !3e E;u <=e>! Engineering +ra?ing Eoard Engineering +ra?ing Instruments (u1>! !4 30 30 E?<er =e>!s Nu=2er 3 3



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To understand the $asic conce/ts and carryout e3/eriments in Aeros/ace Pro/ulsion>


LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> Study o an aircra t /iston engine> ;Includes study o assem$ly o su$ systems@ .arious com/onents@ their unctions and o/erating /rinci/les< Study o an aircra t 5et engine ;Includes study o assem$ly o su$ systems@ .arious com/onents@ their unctions and o/erating /rinci/les< Study o orced con.ecti.e heat trans er a lat /late> Study o ree con.ecti.e heat trans er a lat /late !ascade testing o a model o a3ial com/ressor $lade ro?> Study o /er ormance o a /ro/eller> +etermination o heat o com$ustion o a.iation uel> !om$ustion /er ormance studies in a 5et engine com$ustion cham$er> Study o ree 5et> Study o ?all 5et> TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) S".No 1 2 3 % ( " , = 0 10> 11> E;u <=e>!s Piston engines Ket Engine 1Engine model Forced !on.ecti.e a//aratus Free !on.ecti.e a//aratus A3ial com/ressor $lade ro? model ?ith /ressure ta//ing 7atertu$e manometers ;20 tu$es< Su$sonic ?ind tunnel Pro/eller model static and total /ressure /ro$es 2-+ tra.ers in mechanism Free5et test setu/ Aluminium /lates ?ith de lection mechanisms (!4 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 % 2 1 1 E?<er =e>!s No. 1 2 3 % ( (@=@0 % =@0 = 0 10




To introduce the 'no?ledge o the maintenance and re/air o $oth /iston and 5et aero engines and the /rocedures ollo?ed or o.erhaul o aero engines> 1> Stri//ing o a /iston engine 2> Engine ;Piston Engine< - cleaning@ .isual ins/ection@ )+T chec's> 3> Piston Engine !om/onents - dimensional chec's>


%> Piston * Engine reassem$ly> (> Pro/eller Pitch Setting "> Stri//ing o a 5et engine ,> Ket Engine * identi ication o com/onents 9 de ects> => Ket Engine * )+T chec's and dimensional chec's 0> Ket Engine * reassem$ly>
10> Engine starting /rocedures>

TOTAL : 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) S".No 1 2 3 % ( E;u <=e>!s Piston Engines Ket Aero Engines Pro/eller /itch setting stand Aircra t ?ith ser.icea$le stand Precision instruments ;8ernier !ali/er@ Micro meter@ !ylinder $ore gauge@ de/th gauge@ Ee.el Protector and +TI )+T E:ui/ments ;+e ectosco/e@ " +ye/enetrant method@ 2ot oil !hal' Method GE%&+% PRESENTATION S/ILLS AND TEC#NICAL SEMINAR 0 0 & %00 1 each 2@= (!4 2 2 1 1 2 each E?<er =e>!s No. 1@2@3@% "@,@=@0 ( 1 to 10 3@(@=

OB'ECTIVE +uring the seminar session each student is e3/ected to /re/are and /resent a to/ic on engineering1 technology@ or aduration o a$out = to 10 minutes> In a session o three /eriods /er ?ee'@ 1( students are e3/ected to /resent the seminar> A aculty guide is to $e allotted and he 1 she ?ill guide and monitor the /rogress o the student and maintain attendance also>


Students are encouraged to use .arious teaching aids such as head /ro5ectors@ /o?er /oint /resentation and demonstrati.e models> This ?ill ena$le them to gain con idence in acing the /lacement>

SEMESTER VII MG%*0% OB'ECTIVE Management> To understand the statistical a//roach or :uality control> To understand the Total 6uality Management conce/t and /rinci/les and the .arious tools a.aila$le to achie.e Total 6uality TOTAL (UALITY MANAGEMENT & 0 0 %00


To create an a?areness a$out the ISC and 6S certi ication /rocess and its need or the industries>



+e inition o 6uality@ +imensions o 6uality@ 6uality Planning@ 6uality costs Analysis Techni:ues or 6uality !osts@ Easic conce/ts o Total 6uality Management@ 2istorical Princi/les o T6M@ #eadershi/ * !once/ts@ Role o Senior Management@ 6uality !ouncil@ 6uality Statements@ Strategic Planning@ +eming Philoso/hy@ Earriers to T6M Im/lementation> 2. T(M PRINCIPLES )

!ustomer satis action * !ustomer Perce/tion o 6uality@ !ustomer !om/laints@ 6uality@ !ustomer Retention@ Em/loyee In.ol.ement * Moti.ation@ Em/o?erment@ Teams@ Recognition and Re?ard@ Per ormance A//raisal@ Eene its@ !ontinuous Process Im/ro.ement * Kuran Trilogy@ P+SA !ycle@ (S@ HaiAen@ Su//lier Partnershi/ * Partnering@ sourcing@ Su//lier Selection@ Su//lier Rating@ Relationshi/ +e.elo/ment@ Per ormance Measures * Easic !once/ts@ Strategy@ Per ormance Measure>



The se.en tools o :uality@ Statistical Fundamentals * Measures o central Tendency and +is/ersion@ Po/ulation and Sam/le@ )ormal !ur.e@ !ontrol !harts or .aria$les and attri$utes@ Process ca/a$ility@ !once/t o si3 sigma@ )e? se.en Management tools>



Eenchmar'ing * Reasons to Eenchmar'@ Eenchmar'ing Process@ 6uality Function +e/loyment ;6F+< * 2ouse o 6uality@ 6F+ Process@ Eene its@ Taguchi 6uality #oss Function@ Total Producti.e Maintenance ;TPM< * !once/t@ Im/ro.ement )eeds@ FMEA * Stages o FMEA> +. (UALITY SYSTEMS )


)eed or ISC 0000 and Cther 6uality Systems@ ISC 0000M2000 6uality System * Elements@ Im/lementation o 6uality System@ +ocumentation@ 6uality Auditing@ TS 1"0%0@ ISC 1%000 * !once/t@ Re:uirements and Eene its> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> +ale 2>Eester iled@ et al>@ FTotal 6uality ManagementG@ Pearson Education@ Inc> 2003> ;Indian re/rint 200%<> ISE) =1-20,-02"0-"> RE$ERENCES 1> Kames R>E.ans 9 7illiam M>#idsay@ FThe Management and !ontrol o 6ualityG@ ;(th Edition<@ South-7estern ;Thomson #earning<@ 2002 ;ISE) 0-32%0""=0-(<> 2> 3> %> (> Feigen$aum>A>8> FTotal 6uality ManagementG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 1001> Ca'land>K>S> FTotal 6uality ManagementG@ C3 ord@ 10=0> )arayana 8> and Sreeni.asan@ )>S> F6uality Management * !once/ts and Tas'sG@ )e? Age International 100"> Deiri> FTotal 6uality Management or EngineersG@ 7ood 2ead Pu$lishers@ 1001> Eutter?orth 2cinemann #td>@



& 0 0 %00

To introduce the $asic conce/ts o na.igation 9 communication systems o aircra t> %. INTRODUCTION TO AVIONICS 6


)eed or A.ionics in and military aircra t and s/ace systems * Integrated A.ionics and 7ea/on system * Ty/ical a.ionics su$ systems * +esign and Technologies> 2. PRINCIPLES O$ DIGITAL SYSTEMS +igital !om/uters * Micro/rocessors * Memories &. DIGITAL AVIONICS ARC#ITECTURE 6 %0

A.ionics system architecture*+ata $uses MI#*ST+ 1((3 E*ARI)! %20* ARI)! "20> *. $LIG#T DEC/ AND COC/PITS 8

!ontrol and dis/lay technologies !RT@ #E+@ #!+@ E# and /lasma /anel Touch screen - +irect .oice in/ut ;+8I< - ! coc'/it and military coc'/it M MF+S@ 2N+@ MFH@ 2CTAS +. INTRODUCTION TO AVIONICS SYSTEMS %+

!ommunication Systems - )a.igation systems - Flight control systems Radar electronic ?ar are - Ntility systems Relia$ility and maintaina$ility !erti ication> TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> Malcrno A>P> and #each@ +>P>@ F+igital Princi/les and A//licationG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ 1000> &aon'ar@ R>S>@ FMicro/rocessors Architecture * Programming and A//licationG@ 7iley and Sons #td>@ )e? +elhi@ 1000> RE$ERENCES 1> Middleton@ +>2>@ Ed>@ FA.ionics Systems@ #ongman Scienti ic and TechnicalG@ #ongman &rou/ NH #td>@ England@ 10=0>


2> 3>

S/itAer@ !>R>@ F+igital A.ionic SystemsG@ Prentice 2all@ Engle?ood !li s@ )>K>@ NSA>@ 10=,> Erain Hendal@ FManual o A.ionicsG@ The English Eoo' 2Cuse@ 3rd Edition@ )e? +elhi@ 1003>



& 0 0 %00

To understand the a$rication@ analysis and design o com/osite materials 9 structures> %. STRESS STRAIN RELATION IntroductionAd.antages and a//lication o com/osite 6 materials@

rein orcements and matrices * &eneralised 2oo'eBs #a? * Elastic constants or anisotro/ic@ orthotro/ic and isotro/ic materials>





Micro mechanics * Mechanics o materials a//roach@ elasticity a//roach to determine material /ro/erties * Macro Mechanics * Stress-strain relations ?ith res/ect to natural a3is@ ar$itrary a3is * +etermination o material /ro/erties> E3/erimental characteriAation o lamina> &. LAMINATED PLATES %2

&o.erning di erential e:uation or a general laminate@ angle /ly and cross /ly laminates> Failure criteria or com/osites> *. SAND7IC# CONSTRUCTIONS 8

Easic design conce/ts o sand?ich construction -Materials used or sand?ich construction - Failure modes o sand?ich /anels> +. $ABRICATION PROCESS 7

8arious C/en and closed mould /rocesses> Manu acture o i$ers * Ty/es o resins and /ro/erties and a//lications * )etting analysis. TOTAL- *+

TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> !alcote@ # R> FThe Analysis o laminated !om/osite StructuresG@ 8on * )oastrand Reinhold !om/any@ )e? -or' 100=> Kones@ R>M>@ FMechanics o !om/osite MaterialsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ Hoga'usha #td>@ To'yo@ 10=(> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> Agar?al@ E>+>@ and Eroutman@ #>K>@ FAnalysis and Per ormance o Fi$re !om/ositesG@ Kohn 7iley and sons> Inc>@ )e? -or'@ 100(> #u$in@ &>@ F2and$oo' on Ad.anced Plastics and Fi$re &lassG@ 8on )ostrand Reinhold !o>@ )e? -or'@ 10=0>




& 0 0 %00

This course ?ill ena$le the student %. To gain 'no?ledge on ho? com/uters are integrated at .arious le.els o /lanning and manu acturing> To understand the le3i$le manu acturing system and to handle the /roduct data and .arious so t?are used or manu acturing INTRODUCTION The meaning and origin o 8 !IM- the changing manu acturing and

management scene - E3ternal communication - islands o automation and so t?arededicated and o/en systems-manu acturing automation /rotocol - /roduct related acti.ities o a com/any- mar'eting engineering - /roduction /lanning - /lant o/erations - /hysical distri$ution- $usiness and inancial management>



GROUP TEC#NOLOGY AND COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS PLANNING %0 2istory o grou/ technology- role o &>T> in !A+1!AM integration - /art

amilies - classi ication and coding - +!#ASS and MI!#ASS and CPITD coding systems- acility design using &>T> - $ene its o &>T> - cellular manu acturing> Process /lanning - role o /rocess /lanning in !A+1!AM integration - a//roaches to com/uter aided /rocess /lanning - .ariant a//roach and generati.e a//roaches !APP and !MPP /rocess /lanning systems> &. S#OP $LOOR CONTROL AND INTRODUCTION O$ $MS Sho/ )

loor control-/hases - actory data collection system -automatic

identi ication methods- Ear code technology-automated data collection system> FMS-com/onents o FMS - ty/es -FMS ?or'station -material handling and storage systems- FMS layout -com/uter control systems-a//lication and $ene its> *. CIM IMPLEMENTATION AND DATA COMMUNICATION %0

!IM and com/any strategy - system modeling tools -I+EF models - acti.ity cycle diagram !IM o/en system architecture ;!IMCSA<- manu acturing enter/rise ?heel-!IM architecture- Product data management-!IM im/lementation so t?are> !ommunication undamentals- local area net?or's -to/ology -#A) im/lementations net?or' management and installations> +. OPEN SYSTEM AND DATABASE $OR CIM 8

C/en systems-o/en system inter connection - manu acturing automations /rotocol and technical o ice /rotocol ;MAP 1TCP< +e.elo/ment o data$ases -data$ase terminology- architecture o data$ase systems-data modeling and data associations -relational data $ases - data$ase o/erators - ad.antages o data $ase and relational data$ase> TOTAL- *+


TE.T BOO/ 1> Mi'ell>P>& FAutomation@ Production Systems and com/uter integrated manu acturingG@ Pearson Education 2001> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> -orem 'oren@ F!om/uter Integrated Manu acturing SystemG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 10=3> Ran'y@ Paul &>@ F!om/uter Integrated Manu acturingG@ Prentice 2all International@ 10="> +>Eed?orth@ Mar' R>2endersan@ Philli/ M>7ol e F!om/uter Integrated +esign and Manu acturingG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Inc> Roger 2anman F!om/uter Intergrated Manu acturingG@ Addison * 7esley@ 100,> Mi'ell>P>& and Emory Dimmers Kr>@ F!A+1!AMG@ Prentice 2all o India P.t> #td>@ )e? +elhi-1@ 100=> Hant 8a5/ayee S@ FPrinci/les o !om/uter Integrated Manu acturingG@ Prentice 2all India@ 2003> Radha'rishnan P@ Su$ramanyan S>and Ra5u 8>@ F!A+1!AM1!IMG@ 2 nd Edition )e? Age International ;P< #td>@ )e? +elhi@ 2000> AE%*0& OB'ECTIVE To enhance the 'no?ledge in continuation o the design /ro5ect gi.en in /ro5ect*I Each student is assigned ?ith ?or' in continuation o the design /ro5ect * I> The ollo?ing assignments are to $e carried out> LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> 8-n diagram or the design study &ust and maneu.era$ility en.elo/es !ritical loading /er ormance and inal 8-n gra/h calculation Structural design study * Theory a//roach #oad estimation o ?ings #oad estimation o uselage> AIRCRA$T DESIGN PRO'ECT II 0 0 & %00


,> => 0> 10>

Ealancing and Maneu.ering loads on tail /lane@ Aileron and Rudder loads> +etailed structural layouts +esign o some com/onents o ?ings@ uselage Pre/aration o a detailed design re/ort ?ith !A+ dra?ings> TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) S.No. 1> 2> I!e=s +ra?ing Eoard +ra?ing Instrument (u1>! !4 30 20 E?<er =e>! No. % and ( % and (



0 0 & %00

To train the students FC) 2A)+G e3/erience in maintenance o .arious air rame systems in aircra t and recti ication o common snags> LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS 1> 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => 0> 10> Aircra t FKac'ing N/G /rocedure Aircra t F#e.ellingG /rocedure !ontrol System FRigging chec'G /rocedure Aircra t FSymmetry !hec'G /rocedure FFlo? testG to assess o ilter element clogging FPressure TestG To assess hydraulic E3ternal1Internal #ea'age FFunctional TestG to ad5ust o/erating /ressure FPressure TestG /rocedure on uel system com/onents FEra'e Tor:ue #oad TestG on ?heel $ra'e units Maintenance and recti ication o snags in hydraulic and uel systems>


TOTAL - 60 LIST O$ E(UIPMENTS (for a batch of 30 students) S.No. I!e=s 1> Ser.icea$le aircra t ?ith all 2> 3> %> (> "> ,> => a$o.e systems 2ydraulic Kac's ;Scre? Kac'< Trestle ad5usta$le S/irit #e.el #e.elling Eoards !a$le Tensiometer Ad5usta$le S/irit #e.el Plum$ Eo$ (u1>! !4 E?<er =e>! No. 1 1@2@3@%@(@"@,@=@0@10 ( ( 2 2 1 1 1 1@2@%@= 1@2@%@= = = = = =



0 0 & %00

This la$oratory is di.ided into three /arts to train the students to learn a$out $asic digital electronics circuits@ /rogramming ?ith micro/rocessors@ design and im/lementation o data $uses in a.ionics ?ith MI# * Std> 1((3E and remote terminal con iguration and their im/ortance in di erent a//lications in the ield o A.ionics> LIST O$ E.PERIMENTS DIGITAL ELECTRONICS 1> 2> 3> %> Addition1Su$traction o $inary num$ers> Multi/le3er1+emulti/le3er !ircuits> Encoder1+ecoder !ircuits> Timer !ircuits@ Shi t Registers@ Einary !om/arator !ircuits>

MICROPROCESSORS (> "> ,> Addition and Su$traction o =-$it and 1"-$it num$ers> Sorting o +ata in Ascending 9 +escending order> Sum o a gi.en series ?ith and ?ithout carry>


=> 0> 10>

&reatest in a gi.en series 9 Multi-$yte addition in E!+ mode> Inter ace /rogramming ?ith % digit , segment +is/lay 9 S?itches 9 #E+Bs> 1" !hannel Analog to +igital !on.erter 9 &eneration o Ram/@ S:uare@ Triangular ?a.e $y +igital to Analog !on.erter>

AVIONICS DATA BUSES 11> 12> 13> Study o +i erent A.ionics +ata Euses> MI#-Std * 1((3 +ata Euses !on iguration ?ith Message trans er> MI#-Std * 1((3 Remote Terminal !on iguration> TOTAL - 60

LIST O$ E(UIPMENT (for a batch of 30 students) S.No. 1> 2 3 % ( " , = 0 10 11 12 13 1% 1( 1" 1, 1= De!1 "s o: E;u <=e>!s Adder1Su$tractor Einary $its Hit Timer Hit Encoder Hit +ecoder Hit !om/arator Hit Multi/le3er Hit +emulti/le3er Hit Shi t Registers Hit Electronic +esign E3/erimeter Micro/rocessor =0=( Hit % +igit , Segment +is/lay S?itches 9 #E+Bs !ircuit 1" !hannel A+ !on.erter +igital to Analog !on.erter !athode Ray Cscillosco/e Regulated Po?er Su//ly ;(8 +!< MI#-Std 1((3E Setu/ ?ith Remote Terminal !om/uters (u1>! !4 " " " " " " " " " 0 3 3 " " 3 0 1 2 E?<er =e>! Nos. 1 1 3 3 % 2 2 % "@,@0@10 (@"@,@=@0@10 " " 10@0 10 0@10 1@ 2@3@% 12@13 11@12@13




& 0 0 %00

To introduce $asic conce/ts o design and tra5ectory estimation o roc'et and missiles %. ROC/ETS SYSTEM %0

Ignition System in roc'ets * ty/es o Igniters * Igniter +esign !onsiderations * +esign !onsideration o li:uid Roc'et !om$ustion !ham$er@ In5ector Pro/ellant Feed #ines@ Pro/ellant Tan's Cutlet and 2elium PressuriAed and Tur$ine eed Systems * Pro/ellant Slash and Pro/ellant 2ammer * Elimination o &eysering E ect in Missiles * !om$ustion System o Solid Roc'ets> 2. AERODYNAMICS O$ ROC/ETS AND MISSILES %&

Air rame !om/onents o Roc'ets and Missiles * Forces Acting on a Missile 7hile Passing Through Atmos/here * !lassi ication o Missiles * methods o +escri$ing Aerodynamic Forces and Moments * #ateral Aerodynamic Moment * #ateral +am/ing Moment and #ongitudinal Moment o a Roc'et * li t and +rag Forces * +rag Estimation * Eody N/?ash and +o?n?ash in Missiles * Roc'et +is/ersion * )umerical Pro$lems> &. ROC/ET MOTION IN $REE SPACE AND GRAVITATIONAL $IELD %0

Cne +imensional and T?o +imensional roc'et Motions in Free S/ace and 2omogeneous &ra.itational Fields * descri/tion o 8ertical@ Inclined and &ra.ity Turn Tra5ectories * +etermination o range and Altitude Sim/le A//ro3imations to Eurnout 8elocity> *. STAGING AND CONTROL O$ ROC/ETS AND MISSILES 7 Roc'et 8ector !ontrol * Methods * Thrust determination * SIT8! * Multistaging o roc'ets * 8ehicle C/timiAation * Stage Se/aration +ynamics * Se/aration Techni:ues>




Selection o Materials * S/ecial Re:uirements o Materials to Per orm under Ad.erse !onditions> TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> Sutton@ &>P>@ et al>@ FRoc'et Pro/ulsion ElementsG@ Kohn 7iley 9 Sons Inc>@ )e? -or'@ 1003> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> Mathur@ M>@ and Sharma@ R>P>@ F &as Tur$ines and Ket and Roc'et Pro/ulsionG@ Standard Pu$lishers@ )e? +elhi 100=> !ornelisse@ K>7>@ F Roc'et Pro/ulsion and S/ace +ynamicsG@ K>7>@ Freeman 9 !o> #td>@ #ondon@ 10=2> Par'et@ E>R>@ F Materials or Missiles and S/acecra tG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o> Inc>@ 10=2>




0 0 & %00

The o$5ecti.e o com/rehension is to /ro.ide o//ortunity or the student to a//ly the 'no?ledge ac:uired during the earlier semesters to real li e /ro$lems ?hich he 1 she may ha.e to ace in uture as an engineer> 7hile learning as ho? to sol.e the real li e /ro$lems@ student ?ill recei.e guidance rom the aculty and also .arious courses learnt earlier> AE%*+& PRO'ECT 7OR/ (Common to all Branches) OB'ECTIVE The o$5ecti.e o the /ro5ect ?or' is to ena$le the students in con.enient grou/s o not more than % mem$ers on a /ro5ect theoretical and e3/erimental studies related to the $ranch o study> E.ery /ro5ect ?or' shall ha.e a guide ?ho is the mem$er o the aculty o the institution> Si3 /eriods /er ?ee' shall $e allotted in the time ta$le and this time shall $e utiliAed $y the students to recei.e the directions rom the guide@ on li$rary reading@ la$oratory ?or'@ com/uter analysis or ield ?or' as assigned $y the guide and also to /resent in /eriodical seminars on the /rogress made in the /ro5ect> Each student shall inally /roduce a com/rehensi.e re/ort co.ering $ac' round in ormation@ literature sur.ey@ /ro$lem statement@ /ro5ect ?or' details and conclusion> This inal re/ort shall $e ty/e?ritten orm as s/eci ied in the guidelines> The continuous assessment shall $e made as /rescri$ed $y the regulation ;.ide clause 10>3 o Anna Nni.ersity Regulations 200% or E>E>@ E>Tech> /rogrammes< 0 0 ) 200




& 0 0 %00

To understand the theoretical conce/ts o em/hasis on their elastic /ro/erty %. ASSUMPTIONS IN ELASTICITY

material $eha.iour ?ith /articular

+e initions- notations and sign con.entions or stress and strain@ E:uations o e:uili$rium> 2. BASIC E(UATIONS O$ ELASTICITY %+

Strain * dis/lacement relations@ Stress * strain relations@ #ameBs constant * cu$ical dilation@ !om/ressi$ility o material@ $ul' modulus@ Shear modulus@ !om/ati$ility e:uations or stresses and strains@ Princi/al stresses and /rinci/al strains@ MohrBs circle@ Saint 8enantBs /rinci/le> &. PLANE STRESS AND PLANE STRAIN PROBLEMS 8

AiryBs stress unction@ Ei-harmonic e:uations@ Polynomial solutions@ Sim/le t?o-dimensional /ro$lems in !artesian coordinates li'e $ending o and sim/ly su//orted $eams@ etc> *. POLAR COORDINATES %0

E:uations o e:uili$rium@ Strain dis/lacement relations@ Stress * strain relations@ A3i * symmetric /ro$lems@ Hirsch@ MichellBs and Eoussines:ue /ro$lems> +. TORSION 8

)a.ierBs theory@ St> 8enantBs theory@ PrandtlBs theory on torsion@ The semi- in.erse method and a//lications to sha ts o circular@ elli/tical@ e:uilateral triangular and rectangular sections>



TE.T BOO/ 1> Timoshen'o@ S>@ and &oodier@ T>)>@ FTheory o ElasticityG@ Mc&ra?*2ill #td>@ To'yo@ 1000> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> Enrico 8olterra 9 K>2> !aines@ FAd.anced Strength o MaterialsG@ Prentice 2all )e? Kersey@ 1001> 7ng@ !>T>@ FA//lied ElasticityG@ Mc&ra?*2ill !o>@ )e? -or'@ 1003> So'olni'o @ I>S>@ FMathematical Theory o ElasticityG@ Mc&ra?*2ill )e? -or'@ 10,=>




& 0 0 %00

To study the $asic conce/ts o or$ital Mechanics ?ith /articular em/hasis on inter/lanetary tra5ectories %. BASIC CONCEPTS * The Solar System * Re erences Frames and !oordinate Systems * The !elestial S/here * The Ecli/tic * Motion o 8ernal E:uino3 * Sidereal Time * Solar Time * Standard Time * The EarthBs Atmos/here> 2. T#E GENERAL NABODY PROBLEM %0

The many $ody Pro$lem * #agrange * Kaco$ian Identity *The !ircular Restricted Three Eody Pro$lem * #i$ration Points- Relati.e Motion in the )-$ody Pro$lem *T?o *Eody Pro$lem * Satellite Cr$its * Relations Eet?een Position and Time * Cr$ital Elements> &. SATELLITE IN'ECTION AND SATELLITE ORBIT PERTURBATIONS %2

&eneral As/ects o satellite In5ections * Satellite Cr$it Trans er *8arious !ases * Cr$it +e.iations +ue to In5ection Errors * S/ecial and &eneral Pertur$ations * !o?ellBs Method * Enc'eBs Method * Method o .i$rations o Cr$ital Elements * &eneral Pertur$ations A//roach> *. INTERPLANETARY TRA'ECTORIES 6 Inter/lanetary

T?o +imensional Inter/lanetary Tra5ectories *Fast Inter/lanetary Tra5ectories * Three +imensional Inter/lanetary Tra5ectories * #aunch i S/acecra t *Tra5ectory a$out the Target Planet> +. BALLISTIC MISSILE TRA'ECTORIES AND MATERIALS %&

The Eoost Phase * The Eallistic Phase *Tra5ectory &eometry- C/timal Flights * Time o Flight * Re * entry Phase * The Position o the Im/act Point * In luence !oe icients> S/ace En.ironment * Peculiarities * E ect o S/ace En.ironment on the Selection o S/acecra t Material>

TOTAL - *+


TE.T BOO/ 1> !ornelisse@ K>7>@ FRoc'et Pro/ulsion and S/ace +ynamicG@ 7>2> Freeman 9 !o>@ 10=%> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> Sutton@ &>P>@ FRoc'et Pro/ulsion ElementsG@ Kohn 7iley@ 1003> 8an de Ham/@ P>@ FElements o AstromechanicsG@ Pitman@ 10,0> Par'er E>R>@ FMaterials or Missiles and S/acecra tG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o> Inc>@ 10=2>





To teach the students a$out the $asic conce/ts o aircra t general engineering and maintenance /ractices> %. AIRCRA$T GROUND #ANDLING AND SUPPORT E(UIPMENT %0

Mooring@ 5ac'ing@ le.elling and to?ing o/erations * Pre/aration * E:ui/ment /recautions * Engine starting /rocedures * Piston engine@ tur$o/ro/s and tur$o5ets * Engine ire e3tinguishing * &round /o?er units> 2. GROUND SERVICING O$ VARIOUS SUB SYSTEMS 8

Air conditioning and /ressuriAation * C3ygen and oil systems * &round units and their maintenance> &. MAINTENANCE O$ SA$ETY Sho/ sa ety * En.ironmental cleanliness * Precautions> *. INSPECTION %0 +

Process * Pur/ose * Ty/es * Ins/ection inter.als * Techni:ues * !hec'list * S/ecial ins/ection * Pu$lications@ $ulletins@ .arious manuals * FAR Air ?orthiness * Ty/e certi icate +ata Sheets * ATA s/eci ications> +. AIRCRA$T #ARD7AREB MATERIALSB SYSTEMS PROCESSES %2

2and tools * Precision instruments * S/ecial tools and e:ui/ments in an air/lane maintenance sho/ * Identi ication terminology * S/eci ication and correct use o .arious aircra t hard?are ;i>e> nuts@ $olts@ ri.ets@ scre?s etc>< * American and Eritish systems o s/eci ications * Threads@ gears@ $earings@ etc> * +rills@ ta/es 9 reamers> * identi ication o all ty/es o luid line ittings> Materials@ metallic and non-metallic - Plum$ing !onnectors !a$les * S?aging /rocedures@ tests@ Ad.antages o s?aging s/licing>

TOTAL - *+


TE.T BOO/ 1> HRCES 7ATHI)S +E#P@ FAircra t Maintenance and Re/airG * Mc&ra?-2ill@ )e? -or' 1003> RE$ERENCES 1> A 9 P ME!2A)I!S@ FAircra t hand Eoo'G * F> A> A> 2imalayan Eoo' 2ouse@ )e? +elhi@ 100"> 2> A 9 P ME!2A)I!S@ F&eneral hand Eoo'G * F> A> A> 2imalayan Eoo' 2ouse@ )e? +elhi@ 100">




& 0 0 %00

To teach the air rules and regulations ?hich are $eing ollo?ed $y +irectorate &eneral o ! A.iation> %. C.A.R. SERIES EAF PROCEDURE $OR CIVIL AIR 7ORT#INESS RE(UIREMENTS AND RESPONSIBILITY OPERATORS V sAGAH s AIR 7ORT#INESS DIRECTORATE 8

Res/onsi$ilities o o/erators 1 o?ners- Procedure o !AR issue@ amendments etc>@ C$ and targets o air?orthiness directorateL Air?orthiness and sa ety o.ersight o engineering acti.ities o o/erators> C.A.R. SERIES EBF ISSUE APPROVAL O$ COC/PIT C#EC/ LISTB MELB CDL+e iciency list ;ME# 9 !+#<L Pre/aration and use o emergency list> 2. C.A.R. SERIES ECF DE$ECT RECORDINGB MONITORINGB 7 coc'/it chec'list and regulations


+e ect recording@ re/orting@ in.estigation@ recti ication and analysisL Flight re/ortL Re/orting and recti ication o de ects o$ser.ed on aircra tL Analytical study o in- light readings 9 recordingsL Maintenance control $y relia$ility Method> C.A.R. SERIES EDF AND AIRCRA$T MAINTENANCE PROGRAMMES Relia$ility Programmes ;Engines<L Aircra t maintenance /rogramme 9 their a//ro.alL Cn condition maintenance o reci/rocating enginesL TEC * Re.ision /rogrammeL Maintenance o re.isions> &. C.A.R. SERIES EEF APPROVAL O$ ORGANISATIONS %0 A// o organiAations in categories A@ E@ !@ +@ E@ F@ 9 & - Re:uirements o in rastructure at stations other than /arent $ase> uel and oil u/li t and consum/tion records * #ight aircra t enginesL Fi3ing routine maintenance /eriods and com/onent TECs * Initial 9


C.A.R. SERIES E$F AIR 7ORT#INESS AND CONTINUED AIR 7ORT#INESSProcedure relating to registration o aircra tL Procedure or issue 1 re.alidation o Ty/e !erti icate o aircra t and its engines 1 /ro/ellerL Issue 1 re.alidation o !erti icate o Air?orthinessL Re:uirements or rene?al o !erti icate o Air?orthiness> *. C.A.R. SERIES ELFDFMF Issue o 8

AME #icence@ its classi ication and e3/erience re:uirements@

Mandatory Modi ications 1 Ins/ections> +. C.A.R. SERIES ETFDF.F %2

Flight testing o ;Series< aircra t or issue o ! o AL Flight testing o aircra t or ?hich ! o A had $een /re.iously issued> Registration Mar'ings o aircra tL 7eight and $alance control o an aircra tL Pro.ision o irst aid 'its 9 PhysicianBs 'it in an aircra tL Nse urnishing materials in an aircra tL !oncessionsL Aircra t log $oo'sL +ocument to $e carried on $oard on Indian registered aircra tL Procedure or issue o ta3 /ermitL Procedure or issue o ty/e a// o aircra t com/onents and e:ui/ment including instruments> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> F! A.iation Re:uirements ?ith latest Amendment ;Section 2 Air?orthiness<G * Pu$lished $y +&!A@ The English Eoo' Store@ 1,-1@ !onnaught !ircus@ )e? +elhi 2000> 2> Aeronautical In ormation !irculars ;relating to Air?orthiness< rom +&!A 2000> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> FAircra t Manual ;India< 8olumeG * #atest Edition@ The English Eoo' Store@ 1,1@ !onnaught !ircus@ )e? +elhi> Ad.isory !irculars rom +&!A 2003>




& 0 0 %00

To introduce the $asic conce/ts o measurement o orces and moments on models during the ?ind tunnel testing> %. PRINCIPLES O$ MODEL TESTING Euc'ingham Theorem * )on-+imensional )um$ers *Scale E ect Ty/es o Similartes> 2. 7IND TUNNELS !lassi ication * S/ecial /ro$lems o 8 Testing in Su$sonic@ Transonic@ 6

su/ersonic and hy/ersonic s/eed regions * #ayouts * siAing and design /arameters> &. CALIBRATION O$ 7IND TUNNELS %%

Test section s/eed * 2oriAontal $uoyancy * Flo? angularities * Tur$ulence measurements * Associated instrumentation * !ali$ration o su/ersonic tunnels> *. 7IND TUNNEL MEASUREMENTS %2

Pressure and .elocity measurements * Force measurements * Three com/onent and si3 com/onent $alances * Internal $alances> +. $LO7 VISUALI,ATION 8

Smo'e and Tu t grid techni:ues * +ye in5ection s/ecial techni:ues * C/tical methods o lo? .isualiAation> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/
1> Rae@ 7>2> and Po/e@ A> F#o? S/eed 7ind Tunnel TestingG@ Kohn 7iley Pu$lication@ 10=%>

RE$ERENCE 1> Po/e@ A>@ and &oin@ #>@ F2igh S/eed ?ind Tunnel TestingG@ Kohn 7iley@ 10=(>




& 0 0 %00

To study the dynamic $eha.iour o di erent aircra t com/onents and the interaction among the aerodynamic@ elastic and inertia orces %. BASIC NOTIONS 8

Sim/le harmonic motion * Terminologies * )e?tonBs #a? * +B Alem$ertBs /rinci/le * Energy Methods 2. SINGLE DEGREE O$ $REEDOM SYSTEMS %2

Free .i$rations * +am/ed .i$rations * Forced 8i$rations@ ?ith and ?ithout dam/ing * su//ort e3citation * 8i$ration measuring instruments> &. MULTI DEGREES O$ $REEDOM SYSTEMS %0

T?o degrees o reedom systems * Static and +ynamic cou/lings .i$ration a$sor$er- Princi/al co- ordinates@ Princi/al modes and orthogonal condition * Eigen .alue /ro$lems> 2amiltonBs /rinci/le- #agrangean e:uation and a//lication * 8i$ration o elastic $odies- 8i$ration o strings- #ongitudinal@ #ateral and Torsional .i$rations> *. APPRO.IMATE MET#ODS +

RayleighBs and 2olAer Methods to ind natural re:uencies> +. ELEMENTS O$ AEROELASTICITY %0

!once/ts * !ou/ling * Aero elastic insta$ilities and their /re.ention * Easic ideas on ?ing di.ergence@ loss and re.ersal o aileron control * Flutter and its /re.ention>

TOTAL - *+


TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> TIMCS2E)HC S>@ F8i$ration Pro$lems in EngineeringG* Kohn 7iley and Sons@ )e? -or'@ 1003> FN)& ->!>@ FAn Introduction to the Theory o AeroelasticityG * Kohn 7iley 9 Sons@ )e? -or'@ 100(> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> %> EISP#I)&2CFF R>#>@ AS2E#- 2 and 2C&MA) R>#>@ FAeroelasticityG * Addision 7esley Pu$lication@ )e? -or'@ 10=3> TSE> F>S>@ MCRSE@ I>F>@ 2N)H#E@ R>T>@ FMechanical 8i$rationsG@ * Prentice 2all@ )e? -or'@ 10=%> S!A)#A) R>2> 9 RCSE)EANM R>@ FIntroduction to the study o Aircra t 8i$ration 9 FlutterG@ Kohn 7iley and Sons> )e? -or'@ 10=2> EE)SC) 2>TC)&NE@ FPrinci/les o 8i$rationG@ C3 ord Nni.ersity Press@ 2000>




& 0 0 %00

To introduce the conce/t o numerical analysis o structural com/onents %. INTRODUCTION * o $asic analysis * Sti ness and Fle3i$ility matri3 or sim/le cases * &o.erning e:uation and con.ergence criteria o inite element method> 2. DISCRETE ELEMENTS %2 Ear@ Frame@ $eam elements * A//lication to static@ dynamic and sta$ility analysis> &. CONTINUUM ELEMENTS %0 8arious ty/es o 2-+-elements A//lication to /lane stress@ /lane strain and a3isymmetric /ro$lems> *. ISOPARAMETRIC ELEMENTS A//lications to t?o and three-dimensional /ro$lems> +. $IELD PROBLEM A//lications to other ield /ro$lems li'e heat trans er and luid lo?> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> Tiru/athi>R> !handra/atha and Asho' +> Eelegundu@ FIntroduction to Finite Elements in EngineeringG@ Prentice 2all India@ Third Edition@ 2003> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> Reddy K>)> FAn Introduction to Finite Element MethodG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 2000> Hrishnamurthy@ !>S>@ FFinite Element AnalysisG@ Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ 2000> Eathe@ H>K> and 7ilson@ E>#>@ F)umerical Methods in Finite Elements AnalysisG@ Prentice 2all o India@ 10=(> ) %0




& 0 0 %00

To study the maintenance as/ect o air rame systems and recti ication o snags %. 7ELDING IN AIRCRA$T STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS %0

E:ui/ments used in ?elding sho/ and their maintenance * Ensuring :uality ?elds * 7elding 5igs and i3tures * Soldering and $raAing> S#EET METAL REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE Ins/ection o damage * !lassi ication * Re/air or re/lacement * Sheet metal ins/ection * )>+>T> Testing * Ri.eted re/air design@ +amage in.estigation * re.erse technology> 2. PLASTICS AND COMPOSITES IN AIRCRA$T %0 o ty/es o /lastics used in air/lanes * Maintenance and re/air o /lastic com/onents * Re/air o crac's@ holes etc>@ .arious re/air schemes * Sco/es> Ins/ection and Re/air o com/osite com/onents * S/ecial /recautions *> &. AIRCRA$T 'AC/INGB ASSEMBLY AND RIGGING 8

Air/lane 5ac'ing and ?eighing and !>&> #ocation> Ealancing o control sur aces * Ins/ection maintenance> 2elico/ter light controls> Trac'ing and $alancing o main rotor> *. REVIE7 O$ #YDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC SYSTEM %0

Trou$le shooting and maintenance /ractices * and ins/ection> * Ins/ection and maintenance o landing gear systems> * Ins/ection and maintenance o air-conditioning and /ressurisation system@ ?ater and ?aste system> Installation and maintenance o Instruments * handling * Testing * Ins/ection> Ins/ection and maintenance o au3iliary systems * Fire /rotection systems * Ice /rotection system * Rain system * Position and ?arning system * Au3iliary Po?er Nnits ;APNs<




2aAardous materials storage and handling@ Aircra t urnishing /ractices * E:ui/ments> Trou$le shooting - Theory and /ractices> TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> HRCES@ 7ATHI)S@ +E#P@ FAircra t Maintenance and Re/airG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ )e? -or'@ 1002> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> #ARR- REIT2MEIR@ FAircra t Re/air ManualG@ Palamar Eoo's@ Mar:uette@ 1002> ERIMM +>K> EC&&ES 2>E>@ FAircra t MaintenanceG@ Pitman Pu$lishing cor/> )e? -or'@ 10%0




& 0 0 %00

To study the $asic conce/ts o the maintenance and re/air o $oth /iston and 5et aero engines and the /rocedures ollo?ed or o.erhaul o aero engines> %. CLASSI$ICATION O$ PISTON ENGINE COMPONENTS +

Ty/es o /iston engines * Princi/les o o/eration * Function o com/onents * Materials used * +etails o starting the engines * +etails o car$uretion and in5ection systems or small and large engines * Ignition system com/onents * S/ar' /lug details * Engine o/erating conditions at .arious altitudes * Maintenance and ins/ection chec' to $e carried out> 2. INSPECTIONS O$ PISTON ENGINES 8

Ins/ection and maintenance and trou$le shooting * Ins/ection o all engine com/onents * +aily and routine chec's * C.erhaul /rocedures * !om/ression testing o cylinders * S/ecial ins/ection schedules * Engine uel@ control and e3haust systems * Engine mount and su/er charger * !hec's and ins/ection /rocedures> &. INSPECTIONS O$ PISTON ENGINES Sym/toms o %0

ailure * Fault diagnostics * !ase studies o di erent engine

systems * lM Tools and e:ui/ment re:uirements or .arious chec's and alignment during o.erhauling * Tools or ins/ection * Tools or sa ety and or .isual ins/ection * Methods and instruments or non destructi.e testing techni:ues * E:ui/ment or re/lacement o /art and their re/air> Engine testingM Engine testing /rocedures and schedule /re/aration * Cnline maintenance>





12 Ty/es o 5et engines * Princi/les o o/eration * Functions o com/onents * Materials used * +etails o starting and o/erating /rocedures * &as tur$ine engine ins/ection 9 chec's * Nse o instruments or online maintenance * S/ecial ins/ection /rocedures M Foreign C$5ect +amage * Elade damage * etc> Maintenance /rocedures o gas tur$ine engines * Trou$le shooting and recti ication /rocedures * !om/onent maintenance /rocedures * Systems maintenance /rocedures> &as tur$ine testing /rocedures * test schedule /re/aration * Storage o Engines * Preser.ation and de-/reser.ation /rocedures> +. OVER#AUL PROCEDURES %0

Engine C.erhaul /rocedures * Ins/ections and cleaning o com/onents * Re/airs schedules or o.erhaul * Ealancing o &as tur$ine com/onents> Trou$le Shooting - Procedures or recti ication * !ondition monitoring o the engine on ground and at altitude * engine health monitoring and correcti.e methods> TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> HRCES 9 7I#+@ FAircra t Po?er /lantsG@ , th Edition * Mc&ra? 2ill@ )e? -or'@ 100%> RE$ERENCES 1> TNRECME!A@ F&as Tur$ine EnginesG@ The English Eoo' Store@ )e? +elhi@ 1003> 2> N)ITE+ TE!2)C#C&IES PRATT 9 72IT)E-@ FThe Aircra t &as tur$ine Engine and its C/erationG@ ;latest edition< The English Eoo' Store@ )e? +elhi>



& 0 0 %00


OB'ECTIVE To study the $eha.iour o the /lates and shells ?ith di erent geometry under .arious ty/es o loads> %. CLASSICAL PLATE T#EORY &

!lassical Plate Theory * Assum/tions * +i erential E:uation * Eoundary !onditions> 2. PLATES O$ VARIOUS S#ADES %+

)a.ierBs Method o Solution or Sim/ly Su//orted Rectangular Plates * #ea.yBs Method o Solution Plates * Plates o other sha/es> &. EIGEN VALUE ANALYSIS Sta$ility and ree 8i$ration Analysis o Rectangular Plates> *. APPRO.IMATE MET#ODS %0 8 or Rectangular Plates under +i erent Eoundary !onditions> &o.erning E:uation * Solution or A3i-symmetric loading * Annular

Rayleigh * RitA@ &aler'in Methods* Finite +i erence Method * A//lication to Rectangular Plates or Static@ Free 8i$ration and Sta$ility Analysis> +. S#ELLS )

Easic !once/ts o Shell Ty/e o Structures * Mem$rane and Eending Theories or !ircular !ylindrical Shells> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> Timoshen'o@ S>P> 7ino?s'y> S>@ and Hreger@ FTheory o Plates and ShellsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o> 1000> RE$ERENCES 1> Flugge@ 7> FStresses in ShellsG@ S/ringer * 8erlag@ 10=(> 2> Timoshen'o@ S>P> and &ere@ K>M>@ FTheory o Elastic Sta$ilityG@ Mc&ra?-2ill Eoo' !o> 10=">




& 0 0 %00

To study the lo? o dynamic luids $y com/utational methods %. $UNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS %0

Introduction - Easic E:uations o Fluid +ynamics - Incom/ressi$le In .iscid Flo?sM Source@ .orte3 and dou$let /anel@ methods - li ting lo?s ar$itrary $odies> Mathematical /ro/erties o Fluid +ynamics E:uations -Q Elli/tic@ Para$olic and 2y/er$olic e:uations - 7ell /osed /ro$lems - discretiAation o /artial +i erential E:uations -Trans ormations and grids - E3/licit inite di erence methods o su$sonic@ su/ersonic and .iscous lo?s> 2. PANEL MET#ODS Introduction * Source /anel method * 8orte3 /anel method * A//lications> &. DISCRETI,ATION 8 7

Eoundary layer E:uations and methods o solution -Im/licit time de/endent methods or in.iscid and .iscous com/ressi$le lo?s - !once/t o numerical dissi/ation --Sta$ility /ro/erties o e3/licit and im/licit methods - !onser.ati.e u/?ind discretiAation or 2y/er$olic systems - Further ad.antages o u/?ind di erencing> *. $INITE ELEMENT TEC#NI(UES %0

Finite Element Techni:ues in !om/utational Fluid +ynamicsL introduction Strong and 7ea' Formulations o a Eoundary 8alue Pro$lem - Strong ormulation 7eighted Residual Formulation - &aler'in Formulation - 7ea' Formulation 8ariational Formulation - Piece?ise de ined sha/e unctions - Im/lementation o the FEM - The Solution Procedure>





Finite 8olume Techni:ues - !ell !entered Formulation - U #a3 - 8endoro Time Ste//ing - Runge - Hutta Time Ste//ing - Multi - stage Time Ste//ing Accuracy -> !ell 8erte3 Formulation - Multistage Time Ste//ing - F+M -li'e Finite 8olume Techni:ues - !entral and N/-?ind Ty/e +iscretiAations - Treatment o> TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> Fletcher@ !>A>K>@ F!om/utational Techni:ues or Fluid +ynamicsG@ 8ols> I and II@ S/ringer - 8erlag@ Eerlin@ 10==> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> Kohn F> 7endt ;Editor<@ F!om/utational Fluid +ynamics - An IntroductionG@ S/ringer * 8erlag@ Eerlin@ 1002 !harles 2irsch@ F)umerical !om/utation o Internal and E3ternal Flo?sG@ 8ols> I and II> Kohn 7iley 9 Sons@ )e? -or'@ 10==> Hlaus A 2o mann and Ste.e T> !hiang> F!om/utational Fluid +ynamics or EngineersG@ 8ols> I 9 II Engineering Education System@ P>C> Eo3 200,=@ 7> 7ichita@ H>S>@ ",20= - 10,= NSA@ 1003> %> Anderson@ Kr>+>@ FFundamentals o AerodynamicsG@ Mc&ra?-2ill@ 2000>




& 0 0 %00

To study the conce/ts o estimation o the endurance and ailure mechanism o com/onents %. $ATIGUE O$ STRUCTURES 7

S>)> - Endurance limits - E ect o mean stress@ &oodman@ &er$er and Soder$erg relations and diagrams - )otches and stress concentrations - )eu$erBs stress concentration actors - Plastic stress concentration actors - )otched S>)>> 2. STATISTICAL ASPECTS O$ $ATIGUE BE#AVIOUR %0

#o? cycle and high cycle atigue - !o in - MansonBs relation - Transition li e cyclic strain hardening and so tening - Analysis o load histories - !ycle counting techni:ues -!umulati.e damage - MinerBs theory - Cther theories> &. P#YSICAL ASPECTS O$ $ATIGUE %0

Phase in atigue li e - !rac' initiation - !rac' gro?th - Final Fracture +islocations - atigue racture sur aces> *. $RACTURE MEC#ANICS %0 Strength o crac'ed $odies - Potential energy and sur ace energy - &ri ithBs theory - Ir?in - Cr?in e3tension o &ri ithBs theory to ductile materials - stress analysis o crac'ed $odies - E ect o thic'ness on racture toughness - stress intensity actors or ty/ical geometries> +. $ATIGUE DESIGN ANDTESTINIG Sa e li e and Fail-sa e design /hiloso/hies - Im/ortance o structures> TOTAL - *+ 8 Fracture

Mechanics in aeros/ace structures - A//lication to com/osite materials and


TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> Prasanth Humar * FElements o racture mechanicsG * 7heeter /u$lication@ 1000> Earrois 7@ Ri/ely@ E>#>@ FFatigue o aircra t structureG@ Pe1gamon /ress> C3 ord@ 10=3> RE$ERENCES 1> Sin@ !>&>@ FMechanics o ractureG 8ol> I@ Si5tho and ? )oordho International Pu$lishing !o>@ )etherlands@ 10=0> 2> Hnott@ K>F>@ FFundamentals o Fracture MechanicsG@ Euter?orth 9 !o>@ #td>@ #ondon@ 10=3



& 0 0 %00

To study the conce/ts o air trans/ortation and the maintenance management o aircra t> %. INTRODUCTION 8

+e.elo/ment o air trans/ortation@ com/arison ?ith other modes o trans/ort * Role o IATA@ I!AC * The general a.iation industry airline * Factors a ecting general a.iation@ use o aircra t@ air/ortM airline management and organisation * le.els o management@ unctions o management@ Princi/les o organisation /lanning the organisation * chart@ sta de/artments 9 line de/artments> 2. AIRLINE ECONOMICS %0

Forecasting * Fleet siAe@ Fleet /lanning@ the aircra t selection /rocess@ o/erating cost@ /assenger ca/acity@ load actor etc> * Passenger are and tari s * In luence o geogra/hical@ economic 9 /olitical actors on routes and route selection> $LEET PLANNING- The aircra t selection /rocess * Fleet commonality@ actors a ecting choice o Aircra t e.aluation> &. PRINCIPLES O$ AIRLINES SC#EDULING %0 leet@ route selection and !a/itol ac:uisition * 8aluation 9 +e/reciation * Eudgeting@ !ost /lanning * Aircre? e.aluation * Route analysis *

E:ui/ment maintenance@ Flight o/erations and cre? scheduling@ &round o/erations and acility limitations@ e:ui/ments and ty/es o schedule * hu$ 9 s/o'e scheduling@ ad.antages 1 disad.antages 9 /re/aring scheduling in line ?ith aircra t maintenance /ractices> light /lans * Aircra t




Aircra t relia$ility * The maintenance schedule 9 its determinations * !ondition monitoring maintenance * E3tended range o/erations ;ERCPS< 9 ETCPS * Ageing aircra t maintenance /roduction> +. TEC#NOLOGY IN AIRCRA$T MAINTENANCE 8

Airlines scheduling ;?ith re erence to engineering< * Product su//ort and s/ares * Maintenance sharing * E:ui/ments and tools or aircra t maintenance * Aircra t ?eight control * Eudgetary control> Cn $oard maintenance systems * Engine monitoring * Tur$ine engine oil maintenance * Tur$ine engine .i$ration monitoring in aircra t * #i e usage monitoring * !urrent ca/a$ilities o )+T * 2elico/ter maintenance * Future o aircra t maintenance>

TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> 2> FE+RI! K>2>@ FAir/ort ManagementG@ 2000> !>2> FRIE)+@ FAircra t Maintenance ManagementG@ 2000> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> 3> %> (> &E)E HRCPF@ FAirline ProceduresG> 7I#SC) 9 ER-C)@ FAir Trans/ortationG> P2I#IP #C!H#I) +@ FEconomics o Trans/ortationG> FIndian Aircra t manualG * +&!A Pu$> A#ERA)+ER T 7E##S@ FAir Trans/ortationG@ 7ads?orth Pu$lishing !om/any@ !ali ornia@ 1003>




& 0 0 %00

To study the /rocedure ada/ted to the maintenance o helico/ter> %. #ELICOPTER $UNDAMENTAL Easic directions * &round handling@ $earing * &ears> 2. MAIN ROTOR SYSTEM ) +

2ead maintenance * $lade alignment * Static main rotor $alance * 8i$ration * Trac'ing * S/an ?ise dynamic $alance * Elade s?ee/ing *Electronic $alancing * +am/ener maintenance * !ounter ?eight ad5ustment * Auto rotation ad5ustments * Mast 9 Flight !ontrol Rotor - Mast * Sta$iliAer@ dam/eners * S?ash /late light control systems collecti.e * !yclic * Push /ull tu$es * Tor:ue tu$es * Eell cran's * Mi3er $o3 * &radient unit control $oosts * Maintenance 9 Ins/ection control rigging> &. MAIN ROTOR TRANSMISSIONS %2

Engine transmission cou/ling * +ri.e sha t * Maintenance clutch * Free ?heeling units * S/ray clutch * Roller unit * Tor:ue meter * Rotor $ra'e * Maintenance Transmissions> *. PO7ER PLANTS D TAIL ROTORS %2 o these com/onents * .i$rations * Mounting systems *

Fi3ed ?ing /o?er /lant modi ications * Installation * +i erent ty/e o /o?er /lant maintenance> Tail rotor system * Ser.icing tail rotor trac' * System rigging> +. AIR$RAMES AND RELATED SYSTEMS Fuselage maintenance * Air rame Systems * S/ecial /ur/ose e:ui/ment> TOTAL - *+ 7


TE.T BOO/ 1> KEPPESE)@ F2elico/ter MaintenanceG@ Ke//esons and Sons Inc>@ 2000> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> F! Aircra t Ins/ection ProceduresG@ Part I and II@ !AA@ English Eoo' 2ouse@ )e? +elhi@ 10="> #ARR- REIT2MIER@ FAircra t Re/air ManualG@ Palamar Eoo's Mar:uette@ 1002>




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OB'ECTIVE To study the /rocedure o the ormation o aerodrome and its design and air tra ic control> %. BASIC CONCEPTS ) C$ o ATS - Parts o AT! * Sco/e and Pro.ision o AT!s * 8FR 9 IFR o/erations * !lassi ication o ATS air s/aces * 8aries 'inds o se/aration * Altimeter setting /rocedures * Esta$lishment@ designation and identi ication o units /ro.iding ATS * +i.ision o res/onsi$ility o control> 2. AIR TRA$$IC SERVICES )

Area control assignment o cruising le.els minimum light altitude ATS routes and signi icant /oints * R)A8 and R)P * 8ertical@ lateral and longitudinal se/arations $ased on time 1 distance *AT! clearances * Flight /lans * /osition re/ort &. $LIG#T IN$ORMATION ALERTING SERVICESB COORDINATIONB %0


Radar Easic radar terminology * Identi ication /rocedures using /rimary 1 secondary radar * /er ormance chec's * use o radar in area and a//roach control ser.ices * assurance control and co-ordination $et?een radar 1 non radar control * emergencies * Flight in ormation and ad.isory * Alerting * !o-ordination and emergency /rocedures * Rules o the air> *. AERODROME DATAB P#YSICAL C#ARACTERISTICS AND OBSTACLE RESTRICTION ) Aerodrome data - Easic terminology * Aerodrome re erence code * Aerodrome re erence /oint * Aerodrome ele.ation * Aerodrome re erence tem/erature * Instrument run?ay@ /hysical !haracteristicsL length o /rimary 1 secondary run?ay * 7idth o run?ays * Minimum distance $et?een /arallel run?ays etc> * o$stacles restriction>



VISUAL AIDS $OR NAVIGATIONB VISUAL AIDS $OR DENOTING OBSTACLES EMERGENCY AND OT#ER SERVICES 8 8isual aids or na.igation 7ind direction indicator * #anding direction indicator

* #ocation and characteristics o signal area * Mar'ings@ general re:uirements * 8arious mar'ings * #ights@ general re:uirements * Aerodrome $eacon@ identi ication $eacon * Sim/le a//roach lighting system and .arious lighting systems * 8ASI 9 PAPI - 8isual aids or denoting o$staclesL o$5ect to $e mar'ed and lighter * Emergency and other ser.ices> TOTAL - *+ TE.T BOO/ 1> AIP ;India< 8ol> I 9 II@ FThe English Eoo' StoreG@ 1,-1@ !onnaught !ircus@ )e? +elhi> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> FAircra t Manual ;India< 8olume IG@ latest Edition * The English Eoo' Store@ 1,-1@ !onnaught !ircus@ )e? +elhi> FPA)S * RA! * I!AC +C! %%%%G@ #atest Edition@ The English Eoo' Store@ 1,-1@ !onnaught !ircus@ )e? +elhi>




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Study o this su$5ect /ro.ides an understanding o the sco/e o an entre/reneur@ 'ey areas o de.elo/ment@ inancial assistance $y the institutions@ methods o ta3ation and ta3 $ene its@ etc> %. ENTREPRENEURS#IP )

Entre/reneur * Ty/es o Entre/reneurs * +i erence $et?een Entre/reneur and Intra/reneur * Entre/reneurshi/ in Economic &ro?th@ Factors A ecting Entre/reneurical &ro?th> 2. MOTIVATION Training@ sel )

Ma5or In luencing an Entre/reneur * Achie.ement Moti.ation Rating@ Eusiness &ame@ Thematic A//erce/tion Test * Stress management@ Entre/reneurshi/ +e.elo/ment Programs * )eed@ C$> &. BUSINESS )

Small Enter/rises * +e inition@ !lassi ication * !haracteristics@ C?nershi/ Structures * Pro5ect Formulation * Ste/s in.ol.ed in setting u/ a Eusiness * identi ying@ selecting a &ood Eusiness o//ortunity@ Mar'et Sur.ey and Research@ Techno Economic Feasi$ility Assessment * Pre/aration o Preliminary Pro5ect Re/orts * Pro5ect A//raisal * Sources o In ormation * !lassi ication o )eeds and Agencies> *. $INANCING AND ACCOUNTING )

)eed * Sources o Finance@ Term #oans@ !a/ital Structure@ Financial Institution@ management o ?or'ing !a/ital@ !osting@ Erea' E.en Analysis@ )et?or' Analysis Techni:ues o PERT1!PM * Ta3ation * Income Ta3@ E3cise +uty * Sales Ta3>


+. SUPPORT TO ENTREPRENEURS Sic'ness in small Eusiness * !once/t@ Magnitude@ causes conse:uences@ !orrecti.e Measures * &o.ernment Policy 8enture@ Merger and Su$ !ontracting>

) and or Small Scale

Enter/rises * &ro?th Strategies in small industry * E3/ansion@ +i.ersi ication@ Koint

TOTAL- *+ TE.T BOO/S 1> S>S>H2A)HA FEntre/reneurial +e.elo/mentG S>!hand 9 !o> #td> Ram )agar )e? +elhi@ 1000> 2> 2isrich R + and Peters M P@ FEntre/reneurshi/G ( th Edition Tata Mc&ra?-2ill@ 2002> RE$ERENCES 1> 2> Ra$indra )> Hanungo FEntre/reneurshi/ and inno.ationG@ Sage Pu$lications@ )e? +elhi@ 100=> E+II FFaulty and E3ternal E3/erts * A 2and Eoo' or )e? Entre/reneurs Pu$lishersM Entre/reneurshi/ +e.elo/mentG Institute o India@ Ahmada$ad@ 10=">