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2d6 Result Get the Ref: The fans exact gruesome revenge on the referee for some of the

dubious decisions he has made, either during this match or in the past. His replacement isso intimidated thathecanbemoreeasilypersuadedto looktheotherway.Eachteamreceives 1 additional Bribe to use during this game. A Bribe allows you to attempt to ignore one call by the referee for a player who has committed a foul to be sent off, or a player armed with a secret weapon to be banned from the match. Roll a D6: on arollof26the bribe is effective (preventing a turnover if the player was ejected for fouling), but on a roll of 1 the bribeiswastedandthe callstill stands!Eachbribemaybeusedoncepermatch. Riot: The trash talk between twoopposingplayers explodes andrapidlydegenerates, involvingthe restoftheplayers.Ifthereceiving teams turn marker is on turn 7 for the half, both teams move their turnmarker backonespace asthe refereeresetsthe clock backto before the fight started. If the receivingteamhas notyet taken a turn this halfthe referee lets theclockrunonduringthefightandboth teams turn markers are moved forward one space. Otherwise roll a D6. On a 13, both teams turn markers aremovedforwardone space.Ona46,bothteamsturnmarkersaremovedbackonespace. Perfect Defense: The kicking teams coach may reorganize his players in other words he can set them upagaininto anotherlegal defense.Thereceivingteammustremaininthesetupchosenbytheircoach. High Kick: The ball is kicked very high, allowing a player on the receiving team time tomoveinto theperfect position to catchit. Any one player on the receiving team who is not in an opposingplayerstacklezone may bemovedinto thesquarewherethe ballwillland nomatterwhattheirMAmaybe,aslongasthesquareisunoccupied. Cheering Fans: Each coach rolls aD3andaddstheir teamsFAME(seepage18)and thenumberofcheerleadersontheir teamtothe score. Theteamwiththehighestscore is inspiredby theirfans'cheeringand getsan extrarerollthishalf.Ifboth teams havethe same score,thenbothteamsgetareroll. Changing Weather: Make a new roll on theWeathertable (seepage 20). Applythenew Weatherroll.IfthenewWeatherroll wasa Niceresult,thenagentlegustofwindmakestheballscatteroneextrasquareinarandomdirectionbeforelanding. Brilliant Coaching: Each coach rolls a D3 andaddstheirFAME (seepage 18) andthenumberof assistantcoachesontheir teamto the score. The team with the highest total gets an extra team rerollthishalfthankstothe brilliant instruction providedbythe coaching staff.Incaseofatiebothteamsgetanextrateamreroll. Quick Snap! The offense starts their drive a fraction before the defense is ready, catching the kicking team flatfooted. All of the players on the receiving team are allowed to move one square. This is a free move andmay bemadeintoanyadjacent emptysquare, ignoringtacklezones.Itmaybeusedtoentertheopposinghalfofthepitch. Blitz! The defense starts their drive a fraction before the offence is ready, catching the receiving team flatfooted. The kickingteam receives a free bonus turn: however, players that are in an enemy tackle zone at the beginning ofthisfreeturnmaynotperforman Action.ThekickingteammayuseteamrerollsduringaBlitz.Ifanyplayersuffersaturnoverthenthebonusturnendsimmediately. Throw a Rock: An enraged fan hurls a large rock at one of the players on the opposing team.Eachcoach rollsaD6andaddstheir FAME (see page 18) to the roll. The fans of the team that rolls higher are the ones that threw the rock. In the case of a tie a rockis thrown at each team! Decide randomly which player in the other team was hit (only players on the pitch are eligible) and roll for the effectsoftheinjurystraightaway.NoArmorrollisrequired. Pitch Invasion: Bothcoachesroll a D6 for eachopposingplayeronthe pitchandadd theirFAME (seepage18)tothe roll.If a rollis6 or more after modification then the player is Stunned (players with the Ball & Chain skill areKO'd). Aroll of1beforeaddingFAME will alwayshavenoeffect.

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2d6 2 3 410 11 12 Result Sweltering Heat: Its so hot and humid that some players collapseformheatexhaustion. Roll a D6 for eachplayeron thepitchaftera touchdownisscored.Onarollof1theplayercollapsesandmaynotbesetupforthenextkickoff. VerySunny:Agloriousday,buttheblindingsunshinecausesa1modifieronallattemptstopasstheball. Nice:PerfectBloodBowlWeather. Pouring Rain: Its raining, making the ball slippery and difficult to hold, This causes a 1 modifier applies to all catch, intercept or pickuprolls. Blizzard: Its coldand snowing!Theiceonthepitch means thatanyplayerattemptingtoGFI willslipandbeKnockedDownonarollof 12,whilethesnowmeansthatonlyquickorshortpassescanbeattempted.