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Garden Addresses and Descriptions for Bradenton Times Mary Patterson, 4109 Riverview Boulevard Dont miss this

small, charming 100 year-old Spanish-style house with relaxed gardens along Riverview Boulevard. Mary Pattersons garden style is a bit wild, purposefully avoiding the manicured look. She has removed all grass and instead has installed Florida-friendly plants with the help of Landscape941, a local landscaping company. Youll note that she is fond of the color blue as seen in the agapanthus, Russian sage, ajuga and hydrangea. Discover the craggy old hot pink bougainvillea on the chimney, the fiddle leaf fig tree that just spontaneously appeared along the fence and is thriving on neglect, and the Peters honey fig in the back yard that was coddled since bringing it from Annapolis in 2002. Along the far side Mary is experimenting with wall pockets on the fence. It is truly amazing how many trees and shrubs present the backbone against the colorful perennials and annuals in this small area. Antique family treasures are present in a little boy fountain and a strawberry jar filled with succulents. When Mary moved into this house three years ago, she turned the back bedroom into her art studio and added on the porch. When you step into the art studio as a special treat, you will realize why Marys creativity emerges while working in this room with a beautiful view.

Betty Jones, 927 22nd Street W Find this newly-restored 89-year-old home in the historic Wares Creek neighborhood of Bradenton. Betty Jones has worked with Jeff Gilchrist Landscaping over the past six months to plant tropical, Florida-friendly gardens that reflect her carefree lifestyle. Color abounds in the house exterior, decorative accents, and the plants, such as the red garden in front matching the door. The design in front is unique as it gives me the necessary privacy on a busy street, while having great curb appeal. Follow the meandering washed-shell path as you identify (using the markers) the black bamboo along the road, the baby sunrose groundcover with delicate pink flowers, orchids in the pygmy palm, and various croton, bromeliad and ti plants. Note the beautiful trees, such as the reclinata palm tree clusters in back with their gracefully curved slender brown trunks, the powder puff trees, the new Hong Kong orchid tree, and the gardenia bush that has been lifted up through trimming into a tree. Gilchrists most recent addition is the garden surrounding the back deck along Wares Creek. Bettys goal is to have plantings that will require minimal maintenance once established and will provide a sense of rest and relaxation.

Anna Harper and Charlie Bender, 5107 5th Avenue Drive NW Anna Harper enjoyed gardening with family while growing up in the Garden City of Christchurch, New Zealand. In this garden all except two live oaks and the one carrotwood tree have been planted within the last year. The owners, Anna and Charlie, describe their gardens as contemporary tropical, and especially chose plants with interesting architectural structure. Start by walking within the newlyconstructed front patio surrounded by tropical plants such as yucca and Australasian tree ferns, which gives them a private outdoor venue for entertaining. Several plants that bring them pleasure include the pitch apple, various protea banksia from South Africa and Australia with their beautiful fruiting cones, the new gray-toned European olive tree, the potted dwarf mulberry, and the Slender Weaver bamboo with its nodding heads that is used for screening in the front. All the hardscape that replaced the grass has been chosen and installed by Anna and their friend Mark. Note the Mexican pebbles arranged between the cement pavers. Take time to observe the myriad plants that Anna and Charlie have carefully chosen and arranged creatively at different levels around their house.

Tom and June Sweeney, Vizcaya Condo Association, 6101 34th Street W, #12B The Sweeneys have lived in this condo for about 8 years, with Tom managing the gardens at first and planting mostly cacti. Now that he is busy volunteering at Palma Sola Gardens, June has picked up responsibility for their semitropical gardens and is planting annuals and perennials instead. As you enter the front, note the tall planted pots at either side that open into a sunny colorful courtyard. If your timing is right, the fragrance of the night blooming jasmine will welcome you. Take the sidewalk to the right and enter into their tranquil, private garden where a frog hops among the bromeliads. In this small space find the special clivia plant with its scarlet-colored bloom, which they brought as an indoor plant from the north. Rub the leaves of the Citronella scented geranium in your fingers; note the whiteness of the leaves on the volunteer snow bush as you enter and all the colors of coleus in this shady plot. June uses her knowledge and skill from volunteering at Selby Botanical Gardens as she increases the assortment of plants in the garden.

John LaPolla, Vizcaya Condo Association, 6101 34th Street W, #14E John LaPolla is a retired published decorator, so now he designs and cares for two small gardens as his creative outlet. Gardening helps clear his mind and calms him, as it does for many of us. Both the courtyard entryway and the privacy garden have areas of sun and shade; thus you will find a combination of plants. As a member of the Sarasota Butterfly Club, Johns newest interest is choosing host and nectar plants for butterflies. In the courtyard entrance, find the red shrimp plant and the deep pink ground orchid. Then step into the privacy garden and pause to listen to the sound of water flowing and the chirping of birds. John uses this peaceful, spiritual space more than any other room in his house. While listening to music he watches the fish swimming in the ponds, the geckos climbing over the Oriental accessories, the bees buzzing around, and even a dove flying in to drink water.