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CHAPTER ONE THE ISLAND ONCE there were four children who e n!"e were Peter# Su !n# Ed"und# !nd Luc$# !nd it h! %een told in !nother %oo& c!lled The Lion# the Witch !nd the W!rdro%e how the$ h!d ! re"!r&!%le !d'enture. The$ h!d o(ened the door of ! "!)ic w!rdro%e !nd found the" el'e in ! *uite different world fro" our # !nd in th!t different world the$ h!d %eco"e +in) !nd ,ueen in ! countr$ c!lled N!rni!. While the$ were in N!rni! the$ ee"ed to rei)n for $e!r !nd $e!r - %ut when the$ c!"e %!c& throu)h the door !nd found the" el'e in En)l!nd !)!in# it !ll ee"ed to h!'e t!&en no ti"e !t !ll. At !n$ r!te# no one noticed th!t the$ h!d e'er %een !w!$# !nd the$ ne'er told !n$one e.ce(t one 'er$ wi e )rown/u(. Th!t h!d !ll h!((ened ! $e!r !)o# !nd now !ll four of the" were ittin) on ! e!t !t ! r!ilw!$ t!tion with trun& !nd (l!$%o.e (iled u( round the". The$ were# in f!ct# on their w!$ %!c& to chool. The$ h!d tr!'elled to)ether ! f!r ! thi t!tion# which w! ! 0unction- !nd here# in ! few "inute # one tr!in would !rri'e !nd t!&e the )irl !w!$ to one chool# !nd in !%out h!lf !n hour !nother tr!in would !rri'e !nd the %o$ would )o off to !nother chool. The fir t (!rt of the 0ourne$# when the$ were !ll to)ether# !lw!$ ee"ed to %e (!rt of the holid!$ %ut now when the$ would %e !$in) )ood/%$e !nd )oin) different w!$ o oon# e'er$one felt th!t the holid!$ were re!ll$ o'er !nd e'er$one felt their ter"/ti"e feelin) %e)innin) !)!in# !nd the$ were !ll r!ther )loo"$ !nd no one could thin& of !n$thin) to !$. Luc$ w! )oin) to %o!rdin) chool for the fir t ti"e. It w! !n e"(t$# lee($# countr$ t!tion !nd there w! h!rdl$ !n$one on the (l!tfor" e.ce(t the" el'e . Suddenl$ Luc$ )!'e ! h!r( little cr$# li&e o"eone who h! %een tun) %$ ! w! (. 1Wh!t2 1Ow41 u(# Lu31 !id Ed"und / !nd then uddenl$ %ro&e off !nd "!de ! noi e li&e

1Wh!t on e!rth/1#%e)!n Peter# !nd then he too uddenl$ ch!n)ed wh!t he h!d %een )oin) to !$. In te!d# he !id# 1Su !n# let )o4 Wh!t !re $ou doin)3 Where !re $ou dr!))in) "e to31 1I2" not touchin) $ou#1 !id Su !n. 1So"eone i (ullin) "e. Oh / oh /oh / to( it41

E'er$one noticed th!t !ll the other 2 f!ce

h!d )one 'er$ white.

1I felt 0u t the !"e#1 !id Ed"und in ! %re!thle 'oice. 1A if I were %ein) dr!))ed !lon). A "o t fri)htful (ullin)/u)h4 it2 %e)innin) !)!in.1 15e too#1 !id Luc$. 1Oh# I c!n2t %e!r it.1 !nd &ee( to)ether. Thi i "!)ic /

1Loo& h!r(41 houted Ed"und. 1All c!tch h!nd I c!n tell %$ the feelin). ,uic&41

1Ye #1

!id Su !n. 1Hold h!nd . Oh# I do wi h it would


Ne.t "o"ent the lu))!)e# the e!t# the (l!tfor"# !nd the t!tion h!d co"(letel$ '!ni hed. The four children# holdin) h!nd !nd (!ntin)# found the" el'e t!ndin) in ! wood$ (l!ce / uch ! wood$ (l!ce th!t %r!nche were tic&in) into the" !nd there w! h!rdl$ roo" to "o'e. The$ !ll ru%%ed their e$e !nd too& ! dee( %re!th. 1Oh# Peter41!i"ed Luc$. 1Do $ou thin& we c!n (o N!rni!31 i%l$ h!'e )ot %!c& to

1It "i)ht %e !n$where#1 !id Peter. 1I c!n2t ee ! $!rd in !ll the e tree . Let2 tr$ to )et into the o(en / if there i !n$ o(en.1 With o"e difficult$# !nd with o"e tin) fro" nettle !nd (ric& fro" thorn # the$ tru))led out of the thic&et. Then the$ h!d !nother ur(ri e. E'er$thin) %ec!"e "uch %ri)hter# !nd !fter ! few te( the$ found the" el'e !t the ed)e of the wood# loo&in) down on ! !nd$ %e!ch. A few $!rd !w!$ ! 'er$ c!l" e! w! f!llin) on the !nd with uch tin$ ri((le th!t it "!de h!rdl$ !n$ ound. There w! no l!nd in i)ht !nd no cloud in the &$. The un w! !%out where it ou)ht to %e !t ten o2cloc& in the "ornin)# !nd the e! w! ! d!66lin) %lue. The$ tood niffin) in the e!/ "ell. 1B$ 7o'e41 8i'e "inute !id Peter. 1Thi i )ood enou)h.1 %!refooted !nd w!din) in the cool cle!r w!ter.

l!ter e'er$one w!

1Thi i %etter th!n %ein) in ! tuff$ tr!in on the w!$ %!c& to L!tin !nd 8rench !nd Al)e%r!41 !id Ed"und. And then for *uite ! lon) ti"e there w! no "ore t!l&in)# onl$ (l! hin) !nd loo&in) for hri"( !nd cr!% . 1All the !"e#1 !id Su !n (re entl$# 1I u((o e we2ll h!'e to "!&e h!ll w!nt o"ethin) to e!t %efore lon).1 1We2'e )ot the !ndwiche I2'e )ot "ine.1 1Not "e#1 5other )!'e u for the 0ourne$#1 o"e (l!n . We

!id Ed"und. 1At le! t

!id Luc$. 15ine were in "$ little %!).1 !id Su !n.

1So were "ine#1

15ine !re in "$ co!t/(oc&et# there on the %e!ch#1 !id Peter. 1Th!t2ll %e two lunche !"on) four. Thi i n2t )oin) to %e uch fun.1 1At (re ent#1 !id Luc$# 1I w!nt o"ethin) to drin& "ore th!n one u u!ll$ i o"ethin) to e!t.1 !lt w!ter under

E'er$one el e now felt thir t$# ! ! hot un.

!fter w!din) in

1It2 li&e %ein) hi(wrec&ed#1 re"!r&ed Ed"und. 1In the %oo& the$ !lw!$ find (rin) of cle!r# fre h w!ter on the i l!nd. We2d %etter )o !nd loo& for the".1 1Doe th!t "e!n we h!'e to )o %!c& into !ll th!t thic& wood31 !id Su !n.

1Not ! %it of it#1 !id Peter. 1If there !re tre!" the$2re %ound to co"e down to the e!# !nd if we w!l& !lon) the %e!ch we2re %ound to co"e to the".1 The$ !ll now w!ded %!c& !nd went fir t !cro the "ooth# wet !nd !nd then u( to

the dr$# cru"%l$ !nd th!t tic& to one2 toe # !nd %e)!n (uttin) on their hoe !nd oc& . Ed"und !nd Luc$ w!nted to le!'e the" %ehind !nd do their e.(lorin) with %!re feet# %ut Su !n !id thi would %e ! "!d thin) to do. 1We "i)ht ne'er find the" !)!in#1 he (ointed out# 1!nd we h!ll w!nt the" if we2re till here when ni)ht co"e !nd it %e)in to %e cold.1 When left 'er$ into the$ were dre ed !)!in the$ et out !lon) the hore with the e! on their h!nd !nd the wood on their ri)ht. E.ce(t for !n occ! ion!l e!)ull it w! ! *uiet (l!ce. The wood w! o thic& !nd t!n)led th!t the$ could h!rdl$ ee it !t !ll- !nd nothin) in it "o'ed / not ! %ird# not e'en !n in ect.

Shell !nd e!weed !nd !ne"one # or tin$ cr!% in roc&(ool # !re !ll 'er$ well# %ut $ou oon )et tired of the" if $ou !re thir t$. The children2 feet# !fter the ch!n)e fro" the cool w!ter# felt hot !nd he!'$. Su !n !nd Luc$ h!d r!inco!t to c!rr$. Ed"und h!d (ut down hi co!t on the t!tion e!t 0u t %efore the "!)ic o'ertoo& the"# !nd he !nd Peter too& it in turn to c!rr$ Peter2 )re!t/co!t. Pre entl$ the hore %e)!n to cur'e round to the ri)ht. A%out *u!rter of !n hour l!ter# !fter the$ h!d cro ed ! roc&$ rid)e which r!n out into ! (oint# it "!de *uite ! h!r( turn. Their %!c& were now to the (!rt of the e! which h!d "et the" when the$ fir t c!"e out of the wood# !nd now# loo&in) !he!d# the$ could ee !cro the w!ter !nother hore# thic&l$ wooded li&e the one the$ were e.(lorin). 1I wonder# i 1Don2t &now#1 th!t !n i l!nd or do we 0oin on to it (re entl$31 !id Peter !nd the$ !ll (lodded on in ilence. !id Luc$.

The hore th!t the$ were w!l&in) on drew ne!rer !nd ne!rer to the o((o ite hore# !nd ! the$ c!"e round e!ch (ro"ontor$ the children e.(ected to find the (l!ce where the two 0oined. But in thi the$ were di !((ointed. The$ c!"e to o"e roc& which the$ h!d to cli"% !nd fro" the to( the$ could ee ! f!irw!$ !he!d !nd / 1Oh %other41 !id Ed"und# 1it2 no )ood. We h!n2t %e !%le to )et to tho e other wood !t !ll. We2re on !n i l!nd41 It w! true. At thi (oint the ch!nnel %etween the" !nd the o((o ite co! t w! onl$ !%out thirt$ or fort$ $!rd wide- %ut the$ could now ee th!t thi w! it n!rrowe t (l!ce. After th!t# their own co! t %ent round to the ri)ht !)!in !nd the$ could ee o(en e! %etween it !nd the "!inl!nd. It w! o%'iou th!t the$ h!d !lre!d$ co"e "uch "ore th!n h!lfw!$ round the i l!nd. 1Loo&41 !id Luc$ uddenl$. 1Wh!t2 th!t31 She (ointed to ! lon)# li&e thin) th!t l!$ !cro the %e!ch. il'er$# n!&e/

1A tre!"4 A tre!"41 houted the other # !nd# tired ! the$ were# the$ lo t no ti"e in cl!tterin) down the roc& !nd r!cin) to the fre h w!ter. The$ &new th!t the tre!" would %e %etter to drin& f!rther u(# !w!$ fro" the %e!ch# o the$ went !t once to the (ot where it c!"e out of the wood. The tree were ! thic& ! e'er# %ut the tre!" h!d "!de it elf ! dee( cour e %etween hi)h "o $ %!n& o th!t %$ too(in) $ou could follow it u( in ! ort of tunnel of le!'e . The$ dro((ed on their &nee %$ the fir t %rown# di"(l$ (ool !nd dr!n& !nd dr!n&# !nd di((ed their f!ce in the w!ter# !nd then di((ed their !r" in u( to the el%ow. 1Now#1 !id Ed"und# 1wh!t !%out tho e !ndwiche 31

1Oh# h!dn2t we %etter h!'e the"31 on.1 1I do wi h#1

!id Su !n. 1We "!$ need the" f!r wor e l!ter

!id Luc$# 1now th!t we2re not thir t$# we could )o on feelin) !

not/hun)r$ !

we did when we were thir t$.1

1But wh!t !%out tho e !ndwiche 31 re(e!ted Ed"und. 1There2 no )ood !'in) the" till the$ )o %!d. You2'e )ot to re"e"%er it2 ! )ood de!l hotter here th!n in En)l!nd !nd we2'e %een c!rr$in) the" !%out in (oc&et for hour .1 So the$ )ot out the two (!c&et !nd di'ided the" into four (ortion # !nd no%od$ h!d *uite enou)h# %ut it w! ! )re!t de!l %etter th!n nothin). Then the$ t!l&ed !%out their (l!n for the ne.t "e!l. Luc$ w!nted to )o %!c& to the e! !nd c!tch hri"( # until o"eone (ointed out th!t the$ h!d no net . Ed"und !id the$ "u t )!ther )ull 2 e)) fro" the roc& # %ut when the$ c!"e to thin& of it the$ couldn2t re"e"%er h!'in) een !n$ )ull 2 e)) !nd wouldn2t %e !%le to coo& the" if the$ found !n$. Peter thou)ht to hi" elf th!t unle the$ h!d o"e tro&e of luc& the$ would oon %e )l!d to e!t e)) r!w# %ut he didn2t ee !n$ (oint in !$in) thi out loud. Su !n !id it w! ! (it$ the$ h!d e!ten the !ndwiche o oon. One or two te"(er 'er$ ne!rl$ )ot lo t !t thi t!)e. 8in!ll$ Ed"und !id9 1Loo& here. There2 onl$ one thin) to %e done. We "u t e.(lore the wood. Her"it !nd &ni)ht /err!nt !nd (eo(le li&e th!t !lw!$ "!n!)e to li'e o"ehow if the$2re in ! fore t. The$ find root !nd %errie !nd thin) .1 1Wh!t ort of root 31 ! &ed Su !n. thou)ht it "e!nt root of tree #1 !id Luc$. o"ethin). And it2ll %e

1I !lw!$

1Co"e on#1 !id Peter# 1Ed i ri)ht. And we "u t tr$ to do %etter th!n )oin) out into the )l!re !nd the un !)!in.1

So the$ !ll )ot u( !nd %e)!n to follow the tre!". It w! 'er$ h!rd wor&. The$ h!d to too( under %r!nche !nd cli"% o'er %r!nche # !nd the$ %lundered throu)h )re!t "! e of tuff li&e rhododendron !nd tore their clothe !nd )ot their feet wet in the tre!"- !nd till there w! no noi e !t !ll e.ce(t the noi e of the tre!" !nd the noi e the$ were "!&in) the" el'e . The$ were %e)innin) to )et 'er$ tired of it when the$ noticed ! deliciou "ell# !nd then ! fl! h of %ri)ht colour hi)h !%o'e the" !t the to( of the ri)ht %!n&. 1I !$41!i"ed Luc$. 1I do %elie'e th!t2 !n !((le tree.1

It w! . The$ (!nted u( the tee( %!n&# forced their w!$ throu)h o"e %r!"%le # !nd found the" el'e t!ndin) round !n old tree th!t w! he!'$ with l!r)e $ellowi h)olden !((le ! fir" !nd 0uic$ ! $ou could wi h to ee. 1And thi i not the onl$ tree#1 there/!nd there.1 !id Ed"und with hi "outh full of !((le. 1Loo&

1Wh$# there !re do6en of the"#1 !id Su !n# throwin) !w!$ the core of her fir t !((le !nd (ic&in) her econd. 1Thi "u t h!'e %een !n orch!rd / lon)# lon) !)o# %efore the (l!ce went wild !nd the wood )rew u(.1 1Then thi 1And wh!t2 w! once !n inh!%ited i l!nd#1 !id Peter.


!id Luc$# (ointin) !he!d. !id Peter. 1An old tone w!ll.1

1B$ 7o'e# it2

! w!ll#1

Pre in) their w!$ %etween the l!den %r!nche the$ re!ched the w!ll. It w! 'er$ old# !nd %ro&en down in (l!ce # with "o !nd w!llflower )rowin) on it# %ut it w! hi)her th!n !ll %ut the t!lle t tree . And when the$ c!"e *uite clo e to it the$ found ! )re!t !rch which "u t once h!'e h!d ! )!te in it %ut w! now !l"o t

filled u( with the l!r)e t of !ll the !((le tree . The$ h!d to %re!& o"e of the %r!nche to )et (! t# !nd when the$ h!d done o the$ !ll %lin&ed %ec!u e the d!$li)ht %ec!"e uddenl$ "uch %ri)hter. The$ found the" el'e in ! wide o(en (l!ce with w!ll !ll round it. In here there were no tree # onl$ le'el )r! !nd d!i ie # !nd i'$# !nd )re$ w!ll . It w! ! %ri)ht# ecret# *uiet (l!ce# !nd r!ther !d- !nd !ll four te((ed out into the "iddle of it# )l!d to %e !%le to tr!i)hten their %!c& !nd "o'e their li"% freel$.

CHAPTER TWO THE ANCIENT TREAS:RE HO:SE 1THIS w! n2t ! )!rden#1 %een the court$!rd.1 !id Su !n (re entl$. 1It w! ! c! tle !nd thi "u t h!'e

1I ee wh!t $ou "e!n#1 !id Peter. 1Ye . Th!t i the re"!in of ! tower. And there i wh!t u ed to %e ! fli)ht of te( )oin) u( to the to( of the w!ll . And loo& !t tho e other te( / the %ro!d# h!llow one / )oin) u( to th!t doorw!$. It "u t h!'e %een the door into the )re!t h!ll.1 1A)e !)o# %$ the loo& of it#1 !id Ed"und.

1Ye # !)e !)o#1 !id Peter. 1I wi h we could find out who the (eo(le were th!t li'ed in thi c! tle- !nd how lon) !)o.1 1It )i'e "e ! *ueer feelin)#1 !id Luc$.

1Doe it# Lu31 !id Peter# turnin) !nd loo&in) h!rd !t her. 1Bec!u e it doe the !"e to "e. It i the *ueere t thin) th!t h! h!((ened thi *ueer d!$. I wonder where we !re !nd wh!t it !ll "e!n 31 While the$ were t!l&in) the$ h!d cro ed the court$!rd !nd )one throu)h the other doorw!$ into wh!t h!d once %een the h!ll. Thi w! now 'er$ li&e the court$!rd# for the roof h!d lon) ince di !((e!red !nd it w! "erel$ !nother (!ce of )r! !nd d!i ie # e.ce(t th!t it w! horter !nd n!rrower !nd the w!ll were hi)her. Acro the f!r end there w! ! &ind of terr!ce !%out three feet hi)her th!n the re t. 1I wonder# w! thin)31 it re!ll$ the h!ll31 !id Su !n. 1Wh!t i th!t terr!ce &ind of

1Wh$# $ou ill$#1 !id Peter ;who h!d %eco"e tr!n)el$ e.cited<# 1don2t $ou ee3 Th!t w! the d!i where the Hi)h T!%le w! # where the +in) !nd the )re!t lord !t. An$one would thin& $ou h!d for)otten th!t we our el'e were once +in) !nd ,ueen !nd !t on ! d!i 0u t li&e th!t# in our )re!t h!ll.1 1In our c! tle of C!ir P!r!'el#1 continued Su !n in ! dre!"$ !nd r!ther 'oice# 1!t the "outh of the )re!t ri'er of N!rni!. How could I for)et31 in)/ on)

1How it !ll co"e %!c&41 !id Luc$. 1We could (retend we were in C!ir P!r!'el now. Thi h!ll "u t h!'e %een 'er$ li&e the )re!t h!ll we fe! ted in.1 1But unfortun!tel$ without the fe! t#1 !id Ed"und. 1It2 )ettin) l!te# $ou &now. Loo& how lon) the h!dow !re. And h!'e $ou noticed th!t it i n2t o hot31

1We h!ll need ! c!"(/fire if we2'e )ot to (end the ni)ht here#1 !id Peter. 1I2'e )ot "!tche . Let2 )o !nd ee if we c!n collect o"e dr$ wood.1 E'er$one !w the en e of thi # !nd for the ne.t h!lfhour the$ were %u $. The orch!rd throu)h which the$ h!d fir t co"e into the ruin turned out not to %e ! )ood (l!ce for firewood. The$ tried the other ide of the c! tle# (! in) out of the h!ll %$ ! little ide door into ! "!6e of ton$ hu"( !nd hollow which "u t once h!'e %een (! !)e !nd "!ller roo" %ut w! now !ll nettle !nd wild ro e . Be$ond thi the$ found ! wide )!( in the c! tle w!ll !nd te((ed throu)h it into ! wood of d!r&er !nd %i))er tree where the$ found de!d %r!nche !nd rotten wood !nd tic& !nd dr$ le!'e !nd fir/cone in (lent$. The$ went to !nd fro with %undle until the$ h!d ! )ood (ile on the d!i . At the fifth 0ourne$ the$ found the well# 0u t out ide the h!ll# hidden in weed # %ut cle!n !nd fre h !nd dee( when the$ h!d cle!red the e !w!$. The re"!in of ! tone (!'e"ent r!n h!lf/w!$ round it. Then the )irl went out to (ic& o"e "ore !((le !nd the %o$ %uilt the fire# on the d!i !nd f!irl$ clo e to the corner %etween two w!ll # which the$ thou)ht would %e the nu))e t !nd w!r"e t (l!ce. The$ h!d )re!t difficult$ in li)htin) it !nd u ed ! lot of "!tche # %ut the$ ucceeded in the end. 8in!ll$# !ll four !t down with their %!c& to the w!ll !nd their f!ce to the fire. The$ tried ro! tin) o"e of the !((le on the end of tic& . But ro! t !((le !re not "uch )ood without u)!r# !nd the$ !re too hot to e!t with $our fin)er till the$ !re too cold to %e worth e!tin). So the$ h!d to content the" el'e with r!w !((le # which# ! Ed"und !id# "!de one re!li6e th!t chool u((er weren2t o %!d !fter !ll / 1I houldn2t "ind ! )ood thic& lice of %re!d !nd "!r)!rine thi "inute#1 he !dded. But the (irit of !d'enture w! ri in) in the" !ll# !nd no one re!ll$ w!nted to %e %!c& !t chool. Shortl$ !fter the l! t !((le h!d %een e!ten# Su !n went out to the well to )et !nother drin&. When he c!"e %!c& he w! c!rr$in) o"ethin) in her h!nd. 1Loo&#1 he h!nded it to he "i)ht %e Peter2 h!nd !id in ! r!ther cho&in) &ind of 'oice. 1I found it %$ the well.1 She Peter !nd !t down. The other thou)ht he loo&ed !nd ounded ! if )oin) to cr$. Ed"und !nd Luc$ e!)erl$ %ent forw!rd to ee wh!t w! in / ! little# %ri)ht thin) th!t )le!"ed in the fireli)ht. !id Peter# !nd hi 'oice !l o ounded *ueer. Then he

1Well# I2" / I2" 0i))ered#1 h!nded it to the other .

All now !w wh!t it w! / ! little che /&ni)ht# ordin!r$ in i6e %ut!ordin!ril$ he!'$ %ec!u e it w! "!de of (ure )old- !nd the e$e in the hor e2 he!d were two tin$ little ru%ie or r!ther one w! # for the other h!d %een &noc&ed out. 1Wh$41 !id Luc$# 1it2 with when we were +in) 1Cheer u(# Su#1 e.!ctl$ li&e one of the )olden che !nd ,ueen !t C!ir P!r!'el.1 other i ter. "en we u ed to (l!$

!id Peter to hi

1I c!n2t hel( it#1 !id Su !n. 1It %rou)ht %!c& / oh# uch lo'el$ ti"e . And I re"e"%ered (l!$in) che with f!un !nd )ood )i!nt # !nd the "er/(eo(le in)in) in the e!# !nd "$ %e!utiful hor e / !nd / !nd /1 1Now#1 !id Peter in ! *uite different 'oice# 1it2 u in) our %r!in .1 1Wh!t !%out31 ! &ed Ed"und. !%out ti"e we four t!rted

1H!'e none of $ou )ue

ed where we !re31

!id Peter. th!t there w! o"e wonderful

1=o on# )o on#1 !id Luc$. 1I2'e felt for hour "$ ter$ h!n)in) o'er thi (l!ce.1 18ire !he!d# Peter#1 1We !re in the ruin

!id Ed"und. 1We2re !ll li tenin).1 of C!ir P!r!'el it elf#1 !id Peter.

1But# I !$#1 re(lied Ed"und. 1I "e!n# how do $ou "!&e th!t out3 Thi (l!ce h! %een ruined for !)e . Loo& !t !ll tho e %i) tree )rowin) ri)ht u( to the )!te . Loo& !t the 'er$ tone . An$one c!n ee th!t no%od$ h! li'ed here for hundred of $e!r .1 1I &now#1 !id Peter. 1Th!t i the difficult$. But let2 le!'e th!t out for the "o"ent. I w!nt to t!&e the (oint one %$ one. 8ir t (oint9 thi h!ll i e.!ctl$ the !"e h!(e !nd i6e ! the h!ll !t C!ir P!r!'el. 7u t (icture ! roof on thi # !nd ! coloured (!'e"ent in te!d of )r! # !nd t!(e trie on the w!ll # !nd $ou )et our ro$!l %!n*uetin) h!ll.1 No one !id !n$thin).

1Second (oint#1 continued Peter. 1The c! tle well i e.!ctl$ where our well w! # ! little to the outh of the )re!t h!ll- !nd it i e.!ctl$ the !"e i6e !nd h!(e.1 A)!in there w! no re(l$. "en / or o"ethin) ! li&e

1Third (oint9 Su !n h! 0u t found one of our old che one of the" ! two (e! .1 Still no%od$ !n wered.

18ourth (oint. Don2t $ou re"e"%er / it w! the 'er$ d!$ %efore the !"%! !dor c!"e fro" the +in) of C!lor"en don2t $ou re"e"%er (l!ntin) the orch!rd out ide the north )!te of C!ir P!r!'el3 The )re!te t of !ll the wood/(eo(le# Po"on! her elf# c!"e to (ut )ood (ell on it. It w! tho e 'er$ decent little ch!( the "ole who did the !ctu!l di))in). C!n $ou h!'e for)otten th!t funn$ old Lil$)lo'e # the chief "ole# le!nin) on hi (!de !nd !$in)# >Belie'e "e# $our 5!0e t$# $ou2ll %e )l!d of the e fruit tree one d!$.2 And %$ 7o'e he w! ri)ht.1 1I do4 I do41 !id Luc$# !nd cl!((ed her h!nd .

1But loo& here# Peter#1 !id Ed"und. 1Thi "u t %e !ll rot. To %e)in with# we didn2t (l!nt the orch!rd l!( u( !)!in t the )!te. We wouldn2t h!'e %een uch fool .1 1No# of cour e not#1 !id Peter. 1But it h! )rown u( to the )!te ince.1

1And for !nother thin)#1

!id Ed"und# 1C!ir P!r!'el w! n2t on !n i l!nd.1

1Ye # I2'e %een wonderin) !%out th!t. But it w! ! wh!t/do/$ou/c!ll/it# ! (enin ul!. 7oll$ ne!rl$ !n i l!nd. Couldn2t it h!'e %een "!de !n i l!nd ince our ti"e3 So"e%od$ h! du) ! ch!nnel.1 1But h!lf ! "o"ent41 !id Ed"und. 1You &ee( on !$in) ince our ti"e. But it2 onl$ ! $e!r !)o ince we c!"e %!c& fro" N!rni!. And $ou w!nt to "!&e out th!t in one $e!r c! tle h!'e f!llen down# !nd )re!t fore t h!'e )rown u(# !nd little tree we !w (l!nted our el'e h!'e turned into ! %i) old orch!rd# !nd )oodne


wh!t el e. It2

!ll i"(o


1There2 one thin)#1 !id Luc$. 1If thi i C!ir P!r!'el there ou)ht to %e ! door !t thi end of the d!i . In f!ct we ou)ht to %e ittin) with our %!c& !)!in t it !t thi "o"ent. You &now / the door th!t led down to the tre! ure ch!"%er.1 1I u((o e there i n2t ! door#1 ! "! !id Peter# )ettin) u(. of i'$.

The w!ll %ehind the" w!

1We c!n oon find out#1 !id Ed"und# t!&in) u( one of the tic& th!t the$ h!d l!id re!d$ for (uttin) on the fire. He %e)!n %e!tin) the i'ied w!ll. T!(/t!( went the tic& !)!in t the tone- !nd !)!in# t!(/t!(- !nd then# !ll !t once# %oo"%oo"# with ! *uite different ound# ! hollow# wooden ound. 1=re!t Scott41 !id Ed"und. i'$ !w!$#1 !id Peter.

1We "u t cle!r thi

1Oh# do let2 le!'e it !lone#1 !id Su !n. 1We c!n tr$ it in the "ornin). If we2'e )ot to (end the ni)ht here I don2t w!nt !n o(en door !t "$ %!c& !nd ! )re!t %i) %l!c& hole th!t !n$thin) "i)ht co"e out of# %e ide the dr!u)ht !nd the d!"(. And it2ll oon %e d!r&.1 1Su !n4 How c!n $ou31 !id Luc$ with ! re(ro!chful )l!nce. But %oth the %o$ were too "uch e.cited to t!&e !n$ notice of Su !n2 !d'ice. The$ wor&ed !t the i'$ with their h!nd !nd with Peter2 (oc&et/&nife till the &nife %ro&e. After th!t the$ u ed Ed"und2 . Soon the whole (l!ce where the$ h!d %een ittin) w! co'ered with i'$- !nd !t l! t the$ h!d the door cle!red. 1Loc&ed# of cour e#1 !id Peter. in no ti"e# !nd

1But the wood2 !ll rotten#1 !id Ed"und. 1We c!n (ull it to %it it will "!&e! firewood. Co"e on.1

It too& the" lon)er th!n the$ e.(ected !nd# %efore the$ h!d done# the )re!t h!ll h!d )rown du &$ !nd the fir t t!r or two h!d co"e out o'erhe!d. Su !n w! not the onl$ one who felt ! li)ht hudder ! the %o$ tood !%o'e the (ile of (lintered wood# ru%%in) the dirt off their h!nd !nd t!rin) into the cold# d!r& o(enin) the$ h!d "!de. 1Now for ! torch#1 1Oh# wh!t i !id Peter. !id Su !n. 1And ! Ed"und !id /1

the )ood31

1I2" not !$in) it now#1 Ed"und interru(ted. 1I till don2t under t!nd# %ut we c!n ettle th!t l!ter. I u((o e $ou2re co"in) down# Peter31 1We "u t#1 !id Peter. 1Cheer u(# Su !n. It2 we !re %!c& in N!rni!. no )ood %eh!'in) li&e &id now th!t

You2re ! ,ueen here. And !n$w!$ no one could )o to on their "ind .1

lee( with ! "$ ter$ li&e thi

The$ tried to u e lon) tic& ! torche %ut thi w! not ! ucce . If $ou held the" with the li)hted end u( the$ went out# !nd if $ou held the" the other w!$ the$ corched $our h!nd !nd the "o&e )ot in $our e$e . In the end the$ h!d to u e Ed"und2 electric torch- luc&il$ it h!d %een ! %irthd!$ (re ent le th!n ! wee&

!)o !nd the %!tter$ w! !l"o t new. He went fir t# with the li)ht. Then c!"e Luc$# then Su !n# !nd Peter %rou)ht u( the re!r. 1I2'e co"e to the to( of the 1Count the"#1 !id Peter. !id Ed"und# ! he went c!utiou l$ down# !nd the %otto"#1 he houted %!c&. o u( to te( #1 !id Ed"und.

1One / two / three#1 i.teen. 1And thi i

1Then it re!ll$ "u t %e C!ir P!r!'el#1 !id Luc$. 1There were i.teen.1 Nothin) "ore w! !id till !ll four were t!ndin) in ! &not to)ether !t the foot of the t!irw!$. Then Ed"und fl! hed hi torch lowl$ round. 1O / o / o / oh441 !id !ll the children !t once.

8or now !ll &new th!t it w! indeed the !ncient tre! ure ch!"%er of C!ir P!r!'el where the$ h!d once rei)ned ! +in) !nd ,ueen of N!rni!. There w! ! &ind of (!th u( the "iddle ;! it "i)ht %e in ! )reenhou e<# !nd !lon) e!ch ide !t inter'!l tood rich uit of !r"our# li&e &ni)ht )u!rdin) the tre! ure . In %etween the uit of !r"our# !nd on e!ch ide of the (!th# were hel'e co'ered with (reciou thin) / nec&l!ce !nd !r" rin) !nd fin)er rin) !nd )olden %owl !nd di he !nd lon) tu & of i'or$# %rooche !nd coronet !nd ch!in of )old# !nd he!( of un et tone l$in) (iled !n$how ! if the$ were "!r%le or (ot!toe / di!"ond # ru%ie # c!r%uncle # e"er!ld # to(!6e # !nd !"eth$ t . :nder the hel'e tood )re!t che t of o!& tren)thened with iron %!r !nd he!'il$ (!dloc&ed. And it w! %itterl$ cold# !nd o till th!t the$ could he!r the" el'e %re!thin)# !nd the tre! ure were o co'ered with du t th!t unle the$ h!d re!li6ed where the$ were !nd re"e"%ered "o t of the thin) # the$ would h!rdl$ h!'e &nown the$ were tre! ure . There w! o"ethin) !d !nd ! little fri)htenin) !%out the (l!ce# %ec!u e it !ll ee"ed o for !&en !nd lon) !)o. Th!t w! wh$ no%od$ !id !n$thin) for !t le! t ! "inute. Then# of cour e# the$ %e)!n w!l&in) !%out !nd (ic&in) thin) u( to loo& !t. It w! li&e "eetin) 'er$ old friend . If $ou h!d %een there $ou would h!'e he!rd the" !$in) thin) li&e# 1Oh loo&4 Our coron!tion rin) / do $ou re"e"%er fir t we!rin) thi 3 / Wh$# thi i the little %rooch we !ll thou)ht w! lo t / I !$# i n2t th!t the !r"our $ou wore in the )re!t tourn!"ent in the Lone I l!nd 3 / do $ou re"e"%er the dw!rf "!&in) th!t for "e3 / do $ou re"e"%er drin&in) out of th!t horn3 / do $ou re"e"%er# do $ou re"e"%er31 But uddenl$ Ed"und !id# 1Loo& here. We "u tn2t w! te the %!tter$9 )oodne &now how often we h!ll need it. H!dn2t we %etter t!&e wh!t we w!nt !nd )et out !)!in31 1We "u t t!&e the )ift #1 !id Peter. 8or lon) !)o !t ! Chri t"! in N!rni! he !nd Su !n !nd Luc$ h!d %een )i'en cert!in (re ent which the$ '!lued "ore th!n their whole &in)do". Ed"und h!d h!d no )ift# %ec!u e he w! not with the" !t the ti"e. ;Thi w! hi own f!ult# !nd $ou c!n re!d !%out it in the other %oo&.< The$ !ll !)reed with Peter !nd w!l&ed u( the (!th to the w!ll !t the f!r end of the tre! ure ch!"%er# !nd there# ure enou)h# the )ift were till h!n)in). Luc$2 w! the "!lle t for it w! onl$ ! little %ottle. But the %ottle w! "!de of di!"ond in te!d of )l! # !nd it w! till "ore th!n h!lf full of the "!)ic!l cordi!l which would he!l !l"o t e'er$ wound !nd e'er$ illne . Luc$ !id nothin) !nd loo&ed 'er$ ole"n ! he too& her )ift down fro" it (l!ce !nd lun) the %elt o'er her houlder !nd once "ore felt the %ottle !t her ide where it u ed to h!n) in the old d!$ . Su !n2 )ift h!d %een ! %ow !nd !rrow !nd ! horn. The %ow w! till there# !nd the i'or$ *ui'er# full of wellfe!thered !rrow # %ut / 1Oh#

Su !n#1

!id Luc$. 1Where2

the horn31

1Oh %other# %other# %other#1 !id Su !n !fter he h!d thou)ht for ! "o"ent. 1I re"e"%er now. I too& it with "e the l! t d!$ of !ll# the d!$ we went huntin) the White St!). It "u t h!'e )ot lo t when we %lundered %!c& into th!t other (l!ce / En)l!nd# I "e!n.1 Ed"und whi tled. It w! indeed ! h!tterin) lo - for thi w! !n ench!nted horn !nd# whene'er $ou %lew it# hel( w! cert!in to co"e to $ou# where'er $ou were. 17u t the Ed"und. ort of thin) th!t "i)ht co"e in h!nd$ in ! (l!ce li&e thi #1 !id Su !n# 1I2'e till )ot the %ow.1 And !id Peter. he too& it. !id

1Ne'er "ind#1 1Won2t the

trin) %e (eri hed# Su31

But whether %$ o"e "!)ic in the !ir of the tre! ure ch!"%er or not# the %ow w! till in wor&in) order. Archer$ !nd wi""in) were the thin) Su !n w! )ood !t. In ! "o"ent he h!d %ent the %ow !nd then he )!'e one little (luc& to the trin). It tw!n)ed9 ! chirru(in) tw!n) th!t 'i%r!ted throu)h the whole roo". And th!t one "!ll noi e %rou)ht %!c& the old d!$ to the children2 "ind "ore th!n !n$thin) th!t h!d h!((ened $et. All the %!ttle !nd hunt !nd fe! t c!"e ru hin) into their he!d to)ether. Then he un trun) the %ow !)!in !nd lun) the *ui'er !t her ide.

Ne.t# Peter too& down ro$!l word. He %lew# the hield on hi !r" it "i)ht %e ru t$ !nd "otion he drew it !nd

hi )ift / the hield with the )re!t red lion on it# !nd the !nd r!((ed the" on the floor# to )et off the du t. He fitted !nd lun) the word %$ hi ide. He w! !fr!id !t fir t th!t tic& to the he!th. But it w! not o. With one wift held it u(# hinin) in the torchli)ht.

1It i "$ word Rhindon#1 he !id- 1with it I &illed the Wolf.1 There w! ! new tone in hi 'oice# !nd the other !ll felt th!t he w! re!ll$ Peter the Hi)h +in) !)!in. Then# !fter ! little (!u e# e'er$one re"e"%ered th!t the$ "u t !'e the %!tter$. The$ cli"%ed the t!ir !)!in !nd "!de u( ! )ood fire !nd l!$ down clo e to)ether for w!r"th. The )round w! 'er$ h!rd !nd unco"fort!%le# %ut the$ fell ! lee( in the end.

CHAPTER THREE THE DWAR8 THE wor t of lee(in) out of door i th!t $ou w!&e u( o dre!dfull$ e!rl$. And when $ou w!&e $ou h!'e to )et u( %ec!u e the )round i o h!rd th!t $ou !re unco"fort!%le. And it "!&e "!tter wor e if there i nothin) %ut !((le for %re!&f! t !nd $ou h!'e h!d nothin) %ut !((le for u((er the ni)ht %efore. When Luc$ h!d !id / trul$ enou)h th!t it w! ! )loriou "ornin)# there did not ee" to %e !n$thin) el e nice to %e !id. Ed"und !id wh!t e'er$one w! feelin)# 1We2'e i"(l$ )ot to )et off thi i l!nd.1 When the$ h!d drun& fro" the well !nd (l! hed their f!ce the$ !ll went down the

tre!" !)!in to the "!inl!nd. 1We2ll h!'e to

hore !nd

t!red !t the ch!nnel which di'ided the" fro" the


!id Ed"und.

1It would %e !ll ri)ht for Su#1 !id Peter ;Su !n h!d won (ri6e for wi""in) !t chool<. 1But I don2t &now !%out the re t of u .1 B$ 1the re t of u 1 he re!ll$ "e!nt Ed"und who couldn2t $et do two len)th !t the chool %!th # !nd Luc$# who could h!rdl$ wi" !t !ll. 1An$w!$#1 !id Su !n# 1there "!$ %e current . 8!ther in ! (l!ce $ou don2t &now.1 !$ it2 ne'er wi e to %!the

1But# Peter#1 !id Luc$# 1loo& here. I &now I c!n2t wi" for nut !t ho"e / in En)l!nd# I "e!n. But couldn2t we !ll wi" lon) !)o / if it w! lon) !)o / when we were +in) !nd ,ueen in N!rni!3 We could ride then too# !nd do !ll ort of thin) . Don2t $ou thin& /31 1Ah# %ut we were ort of )rown/u( then#1 !id Peter.

1We rei)ned for $e!r !nd $e!r our (ro(er !)e !)!in now31 1Oh41

!nd le!rned to do thin) . Aren2t we 0u t %!c& !t to( t!l&in) !nd li ten to hi".

!id Ed"und in ! 'oice which "!de e'er$one een it !ll#1 he !id.

1I2'e 0u t

1Seen wh!t31 ! &ed Peter. 1Wh$# the whole thin)#1 !id Ed"und. 1You &now wh!t we were (u66lin) !%out l! t ni)ht# th!t it w! onl$ ! $e!r !)o ince we left N!rni! %ut e'er$thin) loo& ! if no one h!d li'ed in C!ir P!r!'el for hundred of $e!r 3 Well# don2t $ou ee3 You &now th!t# howe'er lon) we ee"ed to h!'e li'ed in N!rni!# when we )ot %!c& throu)h the w!rdro%e it ee"ed to h!'e t!&en no ti"e !t !ll31 1=o on#1 !id Su !n. 1I thin& I2" %e)innin) to under t!nd.1

1And th!t "e!n #1 continued Ed"und# 1th!t# once $ou2re out of N!rni!# $ou h!'e no ide! how N!rni!n ti"e i )oin). Wh$ houldn2t hundred of $e!r h!'e )one (! t in N!rni! while onl$ one $e!r h! (! ed for u in En)l!nd31 1B$ 7o'e# Ed#1 !id Peter. 1I %elie'e $ou2'e )ot it. In th!t en e it re!ll$ w! hundred of $e!r !)o th!t we li'ed in C!ir P!r!'el. And now we2re co"in) %!c& to N!rni! 0u t ! if we were Cru !der or An)lo/S!.on or Ancient Briton or o"eone co"in) %!c& to "odern En)l!nd31 1How e.cited the$2ll %e to ee u /1 %e)!n Luc$# %ut !t the !"e "o"ent e'er$one el e !id# 1Hu h41 or 1Loo&41 8or now o"ethin) w! h!((enin). There w! ! wooded (oint on the "!inl!nd ! little to their ri)ht# !nd the$ !ll felt ure th!t 0u t %e$ond th!t (oint "u t %e the "outh of the ri'er. And now# round th!t (oint there c!"e into i)ht ! %o!t. When it h!d cle!red the (oint# it turned !nd %e)!n co"in) !lon) the ch!nnel tow!rd the". There were two (eo(le on %o!rd# one rowin)# the other ittin) in the tern !nd holdin) ! %undle th!t twitched !nd "o'ed ! if it were !li'e. Both the e (eo(le ee"ed to %e oldier . The$ h!d teel c!( on their he!d !nd li)ht hirt of ch!in/"!il. Their f!ce were %e!rded !nd h!rd. The children drew %!c& fro" the %e!ch into the wood !nd w!tched without "o'in) ! fin)er.

1Thi 2ll do#1 to the".

!id the

oldier in the

tern when the %o!t h!d co"e !%out o((o ite !id the other# re tin) on hi

1Wh!t !%out t$in) ! o!r .

tone to hi

feet# Cor(or!l31

1=!rn41 )rowled the other. 1We don2t need th!t# !nd we h!'en2t %rou)ht one. He2ll drown ure enou)h without ! tone# ! lon) ! we2'e tied the cord ri)ht.1 With the e word he ro e !nd lifted hi %undle. Peter now !w th!t it w! re!ll$ !li'e !nd w! in f!ct ! Dw!rf# %ound h!nd !nd foot %ut tru))lin) ! h!rd ! he could. Ne.t "o"ent he he!rd ! tw!n) 0u t %e ide hi e!r# !nd !ll !t once the oldier threw u( hi !r" # dro((in) the Dw!rf into the %otto" of the %o!t# !nd fell o'er into the w!ter. He floundered !w!$ to the f!r %!n& !nd Peter &new th!t Su !n2 !rrow h!d truc& on hi hel"et. He turned !nd !w th!t he w! 'er$ (!le %ut w! !lre!d$ fittin) ! econd !rrow to the trin). But it w! ne'er u ed. A oon ! he !w hi co"(!nion f!ll# the other oldier# with ! loud cr$# 0u"(ed out of the %o!t on the f!r ide# !nd lie !l o floundered throu)h the w!ter ;which w! !((!rentl$ 0u t in hi de(th< !nd di !((e!red into the wood of the "!inl!nd. 1,uic&4 Before he drift 41 houted Peter. He !nd Su !n# full$ dre ed ! the$ were# (lun)ed in# !nd %efore the w!ter w! u( to their houlder their h!nd were on the ide of the %o!t. In ! few econd the$ h!d h!uled her to the %!n& !nd lifted the Dw!rf out# !nd Ed"und w! %u il$ en)!)ed in cuttin) hi %ond with the (oc&et &nife. ;Peter2 word would h!'e %een h!r(er# %ut ! word i 'er$ incon'enient for thi ort of wor& %ec!u e $ou c!n2t hold it !n$where lower th!n the hilt.< When !t l! t the Dw!rf w! free# he !t u(# ru%%ed hi !r" !nd le) # !nd!i"ed9 1Well# wh!te'er the$ !$# $ou don2t feel li&e )ho t .1

Li&e "o t Dw!rf he w! 'er$ toc&$ !nd dee(/che ted. He would h!'e %een !%out three feet hi)h if he h!d %een t!ndin) u(# !nd !n i""en e %e!rd !nd whi &er of co!r e red h!ir left little of hi f!ce to %e een e.ce(t ! %e!&/li&e no e !nd twin&lin) %l!c& e$e . 1An$w!$#1 he continued# 1)ho t o%li)ed to $ou.1 1But wh$ or not# $ou2'e !'ed "$ life !nd I2" e.tre"el$

hould we %e )ho t 31 ! &ed Luc$.

1I2'e %een told !ll "$ life#1 !id the Dw!rf# 1th!t the e wood !lon) the hore were ! full of )ho t ! the$ were of tree . Th!t2 wh!t the tor$ i . And th!t2 wh$# when the$ w!nt to )et rid of !n$one# the$ u u!ll$ %rin) hi" down here ;li&e the$ were doin) with "e< !nd !$ the$2ll le!'e hi" to the )ho t . But I !lw!$ wondered if the$ didn2t re!ll$ drown 2e" or cut their thro!t . I ne'er *uite %elie'ed in the )ho t . But tho e two cow!rd $ou2'e 0u t hot %elie'ed !ll ri)ht. The$ were "ore fri)htened of t!&in) "e to "$ de!th th!n I w! of )oin)41 1Oh#1 !id Su !n. 1So th!t2 th!t31 wh$ the$ %oth r!n !w!$.1

1Eh3 Wh!t2

!id the Dw!rf. !id Ed"und. 1To the "!inl!nd.1

1The$ )ot !w!$#1

1I w! n2t hootin) to &ill# $ou &now#1 !id Su !n. She would not h!'e li&ed !n$one to thin& he could "i !t uch ! hort r!n)e.

1H"#1 !id the Dw!rf. 1Th!t2 not o )ood. Th!t "!$ "e!n trou%le l!ter on. :nle the$ hold their ton)ue for their own !&e.1 1Wh!t were the$ )oin) to drown $ou for31 ! &ed Peter. 1Oh# I2" ! d!n)erou cri"in!l# I !"#1 !id the Dw!rf cheerfull$. 1But th!t2 ! lon) tor$. 5e!nti"e# I w! wonderin) if (erh!( $ou were )oin) to ! & "e to %re!&f! t3 You2'e no ide! wh!t !n !((etite it )i'e one# %ein) e.ecuted.1 1There2 onl$ !((le #1 !id Luc$ dolefull$.

1Better th!n nothin)# %ut not o )ood ! fre h fi h#1 !id the Dw!rf. 1It loo& ! if I2ll h!'e to ! & $ou to %re!&f! t in te!d. I !w o"e fi hin) t!c&le in th!t %o!t. And !n$w!$# we "u t t!&e her round to the other ide of the i l!nd. We don2t w!nt !n$one fro" the "!inl!nd co"in) down !nd eein) her.1 1I ou)ht to h!'e thou)ht of th!t "$ elf#1 !id Peter.

The four children !nd the Dw!rf went down to the w!ter2 ed)e# (u hed off the %o!t with o"e difficult$# !nd cr!"%led !%o!rd. The Dw!rf !t once too& ch!r)e. The o!r were of cour e too %i) for hi" to u e# o Peter rowed !nd the Dw!rf teered the" north !lon) the ch!nnel !nd (re entl$ e! tw!rd round the ti( of the i l!nd. 8ro" here the children could ee ri)ht u( the ri'er# !nd !ll the %!$ !nd he!dl!nd of the co! t %e$ond it. The$ thou)ht the$ could reco)ni6e %it of it# %ut the wood # which h!d )rown u( ince their ti"e# "!de e'er$thin) loo& 'er$ different. When the$ h!d co"e round into o(en e! on the e! t of the i l!nd# the Dw!rf too& to fi hin). The$ h!d !n e.cellent c!tch of (!'ender # ! %e!utiful r!in%ow/coloured fi h which the$ !ll re"e"%ered e!tin) in C!ir P!r!'el in the old d!$ . When the$ h!d c!u)ht enou)h the$ r!n the %o!t u( into ! little cree& !nd "oored her to ! tree. The Dw!rf# who w! ! "o t c!(!%le (er on ;!nd# indeed# thou)h one "eet %!d Dw!rf # I ne'er he!rd of ! Dw!rf who w! ! fool<# cut the fi h o(en# cle!ned the"# !nd !id9 1Now# wh!t we w!nt ne.t i 1We2'e )ot o"e firewood.1 !id Ed"und. !nd %ed te!d 41 he !id. 1So there re!ll$ i

o"e u( !t the c! tle#1

The Dw!rf )!'e ! low whi tle. 1Be!rd ! c! tle# !fter !ll31 1It2 onl$ ! ruin#1 !id Luc$.

The Dw!rf t!red round !t !ll four of the" with ! 'er$ curiou e.(re ion on hi f!ce. 1And who on e!rth / 31 he %e)!n# %ut then %ro&e off !nd !id# 1No "!tter. Bre!&f! t fir t. But one thin) %efore we )o on. C!n $ou l!$ $our h!nd on $our he!rt !nd tell "e I2" re!ll$ !li'e3 Are $ou ure I w! n2t drowned !nd we2re not !ll )ho t to)ether31 When the$ h!d !ll re! ured hi"# the ne.t *ue tion w! how to c!rr$ the fi h. The$ h!d nothin) to trin) the" on !nd no %! &et. The$ h!d to u e Ed"und2 h!t in the end %ec!u e no one el e h!d ! h!t. He would h!'e "!de "uch "ore fu !%out thi if he h!d not %$ now %een o r!'enou l$ hun)r$. At fir t the Dw!rf did not ee" 'er$ co"fort!%le in the c! tle. He &e(t loo&in) round !nd niffin) !nd !$in)# 1H2". Loo& ! %it (oo&$ !fter !ll. S"ell li&e )ho t # too.1 But he cheered u( when it c!"e to li)htin) the fire !nd howin) the"

how to ro! t the fre h (!'ender in the e"%er . E!tin) hot fi h with no for& # !nd one (oc&et &nife %etween fi'e (eo(le# i ! "e $ %u ine !nd there were e'er!l %urnt fin)er %efore the "e!l w! ended- %ut# ! it w! now nine o2cloc& !nd the$ h!d %een u( ince fi'e# no%od$ "inded the %urn o "uch ! $ou "i)ht h!'e e.(ected. When e'er$one h!d fini hed off with ! drin& fro" the well !nd !n !((le or o# the Dw!rf (roduced ! (i(e !%out the i6e of hi own !r"# filled it# lit it# %lew ! )re!t cloud of fr!)r!nt "o&e# !nd !id# 1Now.1 1You tell u $our tor$ fir t#1 !id Peter. 1And then we2ll tell $ou our .1

1Well#1 !id the Dw!rf# 1! $ou2'e !'ed "$ life it i onl$ f!ir $ou hould h!'e $our own w!$. But I h!rdl$ &now where to %e)in. 8ir t of !ll I2" ! "e en)er of +in) C! (i!n2 .1 1Who2 he31 ! &ed four 'oice !ll !t once.

1C! (i!n the Tenth# +in) of N!rni!# !nd lon) "!$ he rei)n41 !n wered the Dw!rf. 1Th!t i to !$# he ou)ht to %e +in) of N!rni! !nd we ho(e he will %e. At (re ent he i onl$ +in) of u Old N!rni!n / 1 1Wh!t do $ou "e!n %$ old N!rni!n # (le! e31 ! &ed Luc$. 1Wh$# th!t2 1I ee#1 u #1 !id the Dw!rf. 1We2re ! &ind of re%ellion# I the chief Old N!rni!n.1 he!d. 1But he2 u((o e.1

!id Peter. 1And C! (i!n i

1Well# in ! "!nner of (e!&in)#1 !id the Dw!rf# cr!tchin) hi re!ll$ ! New N!rni!n hi" elf# ! Tel"!rine# if $ou follow "e.1 1I don2t#1 1It2 !id Ed"und. of the Ro e #1 !id Luc$.

wor e th!n the W!r

1Oh de!r#1 !id the Dw!rf. 1I2" doin) thi 'er$ %!dl$. Loo& here9 I thin& I2ll h!'e to )o ri)ht %!c& to the %e)innin) !nd tell $ou how C! (i!n )rew u( in hi uncle2 court !nd how he co"e to %e on our ide !t !ll. But it2ll %e ! lon) tor$.1 1All the %etter#1 !id Luc$. 1We lo'e torie .1

So the Dw!rf ettled down !nd told hi t!le. I h!ll not )i'e it to $ou in hi word # (uttin) in !ll the children2 *ue tion !nd interru(tion # %ec!u e it would t!&e too lon) !nd %e confu in)# !nd# e'en o# it would le!'e out o"e (oint th!t the children onl$ he!rd l!ter. But the )i t of the tor$# ! the$ &new it in the end# w! ! follow .

CHAPTER 8O:R THE DWAR8 TELLS O8 PRINCE CASPIAN PRINCE CASPIAN li'ed in ! )re!t c! tle in the centre of N!rni! with hi uncle# 5ir!6# the +in) of N!rni!# !nd hi !unt# who h!d red h!ir !nd w! c!lled ,ueen Prun!(ri "i!. Hi f!ther !nd "other were de!d !nd the (er on who" C! (i!n lo'ed %e t w! hi nur e# !nd thou)h ;%ein) ! (rince< he h!d wonderful to$ which would do !l"o t !n$thin) %ut t!l&# he li&ed %e t the l! t hour of the d!$ when the to$

h!d !ll %een (ut %!c& in their cu(%o!rd

!nd Nur e would tell hi"

torie .

He did not c!re "uch for hi uncle !nd !unt# %ut !%out twice ! wee& hi uncle would end for hi" !nd the$ would w!l& u( !nd down to)ether for h!lf !n hour on the terr!ce !t the outh ide of the c! tle. One d!$# while the$ were doin) thi # the +in) !id to hi"# 1Well# %o$# we "u t oon te!ch $ou to ride !nd u e ! word. You &now th!t $our !unt !nd I h!'e no children# o it loo& ! if $ou "i)ht h!'e to %e +in) when I2" )one. How h!ll $ou li&e th!t# eh31 1I don2t &now# :ncle#1 1Don2t &now# eh31 wi h for41 1All the !id C! (i!n. hould li&e to &now wh!t "ore !n$one could

!id 5ir!6. 1Wh$# I

!"e# I do wi h#1

!id C! (i!n.

1Wh!t do $ou wi h31 ! &ed the +in). 1I wi h / I wi h / I wi h I could h!'e li'ed in the Old D!$ #1 w! onl$ ! 'er$ little %o$ !t the ti"e.< !id C! (i!n. ;He

:( till now +in) 5ir!6 h!d %een t!l&in) in the tire o"e w!$ th!t o"e )rown/u( h!'e# which "!&e it *uite cle!r th!t the$ !re not re!ll$ intere ted in wh!t $ou !re !$in)# %ut now he uddenl$ )!'e C! (i!n ! 'er$ h!r( loo&. 1Eh3 Wh!t2 th!t31 he !id. 1Wh!t old d!$ do $ou "e!n31

1Oh# don2t $ou &now# :ncle31 !id C! (i!n. 1When e'er$thin) w! *uite different. When !ll the !ni"!l could t!l&# !nd there were nice (eo(le who li'ed in the tre!" !nd the tree . N!i!d !nd Dr$!d the$ were c!lled. And there were Dw!rf . And there were lo'el$ little 8!un in !ll the wood . The$ h!d feet li&e )o!t . And /1 1Th!t2 !ll non en e# for %!%ie #1 !id the +in) ternl$. 1Onl$ fit for %!%ie # do $ou he!r3 You2re )ettin) too old for th!t ort of tuff. At $our !)e $ou ou)ht to %e thin&in) of %!ttle !nd !d'enture # not f!ir$ t!le .1 1Oh# %ut there were %!ttle !nd !d'enture in tho e d!$ #1 !id C! (i!n. 1Wonderful !d'enture . Once there w! ! White Witch !nd he "!de her elf ,ueen of the whole countr$. And he "!de it o th!t it w! !lw!$ winter. And then two %o$ !nd two )irl c!"e fro" o"ewhere !nd o the$ &illed the Witch !nd the$ were "!de +in) !nd ,ueen of N!rni!# !nd their n!"e were Peter !nd Su !n !nd Ed"und !nd Luc$. And o the$ rei)ned for e'er o lon) !nd e'er$one h!d ! lo'el$ ti"e# !nd it w! !ll %ec!u e of A l!n /1 1Who2 he31 !id 5ir!6. And if C! (i!n h!d %een ! 'er$ little older# the tone of hi uncle2 'oice would h!'e w!rned hi" th!t it would %e wi er to hut u(. But he %!%%led on# 1Oh# don2t $ou &now31 he e!.1 !id. 1A l!n i the )re!t Lion who co"e fro" o'er the

1Who h! %een tellin) $ou !ll thi non en e31 C! (i!n w! fri)htened !nd !id nothin). 1Your Ro$!l Hi)hne #1

!id the +in) in ! 'oice of thunder. h!nd# which he h!d

!id +in) 5ir!6# lettin) )o of C! (i!n2

%een holdin) till now# 1I in i t u(on %ein) !n wered. Loo& "e in the f!ce. Who h! %een tellin) $ou thi (!c& of lie 31 1N / Nur e#1 f!ltered C! (i!n# !nd %ur t into te!r . 1Sto( th!t noi e#1 !id hi uncle# t!&in) C! (i!n %$ the houlder !nd )i'in) h!" ! h!&e. 1Sto( it. And ne'er let "e c!tch $ou t!l&in) / or thin&in) either / !%out !ll tho e ill$ torie !)!in. There ne'er were tho e +in) !nd ,ueen . How could there %e two +in) !t the !"e ti"e3 And there2 no uch (er on ! A l!n. And there !re no uch thin) ! lion . And there ne'er w! ! ti"e when !ni"!l could t!l&. Do $ou he!r31 1Ye # :ncle#1 o%%ed C! (i!n.

1Then let2 h!'e no "ore of it#1 !id the +in). Then he c!lled to one of the )entle"en/in/w!itin) who were t!ndin) !t the f!r end of the terr!ce !nd !id in ! cold 'oice# 1Conduct Hi Ro$!l Hi)hne to hi !(!rt"ent !nd end Hi Ro$!l Hi)hne 2 nur e to "e AT ONCE.1 Ne.t d!$ C! (i!n found wh!t ! terri%le thin) he h!d done# for Nur e h!d %een ent !w!$ without e'en %ein) !llowed to !$ )ood/%$e to hi"# !nd he w! told he w! to h!'e ! Tutor. C! (i!n "i ed hi nur e 'er$ "uch !nd hed "!n$ te!r - !nd %ec!u e he w! o "i er!%le# he thou)ht !%out the old torie of N!rni! f!r "ore th!n %efore. He dre!"ed of Dw!rf !nd Dr$!d e'er$ ni)ht !nd tried 'er$ h!rd to "!&e the do) !nd c!t in the c! tle t!l& to hi". But the do) onl$ w!))ed their t!il !nd the c!t onl$ (urred. C! (i!n felt ure th!t he would h!te the new Tutor# %u$ when the new Tutor !rri'ed !%out ! wee& l!ter he turn out to %e the ort of (er on it i !l"o t i"(o i%le not to li&e. He w! the "!lle t# !nd !l o the f!tte t# "!n C! (i!n h!d e'er een. He h!d ! lon)# il'er$# (ointed %e!rd which c!"e down to hi w!i t# !nd hi f!ce# which w! %rown !nd co'ered with wrin&le # loo&ed 'er$ wi e# 'er$ u)l$# !nd 'er$ &ind. Hi 'oice w! )r!'e !nd hi e$e were "err$ o th!t# until $ou )ot to &now hi" re!ll$ well# it w! h!rd to &now when he w! 0o&in) !nd when he w! eriou . Hi n!"e w! Doctor Corneliu . Of !ll hi le on with Doctor Corneliu the one th!t C! (i!n li&ed %e t w! Hi tor$. :( till now# e.ce(t for Nur e2 torie # he h!d &nown nothin) !%out the Hi tor$ of N!rni!# !nd he w! 'er$ ur(ri ed to le!rn th!t the ro$!l f!"il$ were newco"er in the countr$. 1It w! $our Hi)hne 2 !nce tor# C! (i!n the 8ir t#1 !id Doctor Corneliu # 1who fir t con*uered N!rni! !nd "!de it hi &in)do". It w! he who %rou)ht !ll $our n!tion into the countr$. You !re not n!ti'e N!rni!n !t !ll. You !re !ll Tel"!rine / th!t i # $ou !ll c!"e fro" the L!nd of Tel"!r# f!r %e$ond the We tern 5ount!in . Th!t i wh$ C! (i!n the 8ir t i c!lled C! (i!n the Con*ueror.1 1Ple! e# Doctor#1 ! &ed C! (i!n one d!$# 1who li'ed in N!rni! %efore we !ll c!"e here out of Tel"!r31 1No "en / or 'er$ few / li'ed in N!rni! %efore the Tel"!rine Doctor Corneliu . 1Then who did "$ )re!t/)re!t/)r!ndce ter 1Who"# not who# $our Hi)hne #1 con*uer31 it i ti"e to turn too& it#1 !id

!id Doctor Corneliu . 1Perh!(

fro" Hi tor$ to =r!""!r.1 1Oh (le! e# not $et41 !id C! (i!n. he c!lled C! (i!n the Con*ueror if there

1I "e!n# w! n2t there ! %!ttle3 Wh$ i w! no%od$ to fi)ht with hi"31

1I !id there were 'er$ few "en in N!rni!#1 !id the Doctor# loo&in) !t the little %o$ 'er$ tr!n)el$ throu)h hi )re!t (ect!cle . 8or ! "o"ent C! (i!n w! (u66led !nd then uddenl$ hi he!rt )!'e ! le!(. 1Do $ou "e!n#1 he )! (ed# 1th!t there were other thin) 3 Do $ou "e!n it w! li&e in the torie 3 Were there/31 1Hu h41 !id Doctor Corneliu # l!$in) hi he!d 'er$ clo e to C! (i!n2 . 1Not ! word "ore. Don2t $ou &now $our Nur e w! ent !w!$ for tellin) $ou !%out Old N!rni!3 The +in) doe n2t li&e it. If he found "e tellin) $ou ecret # $ou2d %e whi((ed !nd I hould h!'e "$ he!d cut off.1 1But wh$31 ! &ed C! (i!n. 1?t i hi)h ti"e we turned to =r!""!r now#1 !id Doctor Corneliu in ! loud 'oice. 1Will $our Ro$!l Hi)hne %e (le! ed to o(en Pul'erulentu Siccu !t the fourth (!)e of hi =r!""!tic!l )!rden or the Ar%our of Accidence (le! !ntlie o(en2d to Tender Wit 31 After th!t it w! !ll noun !nd 'er% till lunchti"e# %ut I don2t thin& C! (i!n le!rned "uch. He w! too e.cited. He felt ure th!t Doctor Corneliu would not h!'e !id o "uch unle he "e!nt to tell hi" "ore ooner or l!ter. In thi he w! not di !((ointed. A few d!$ l!ter hi Tutor !id# 1Toni)ht I !" )oin) to )i'e $ou ! le on in A trono"$. At de!d of ni)ht two no%le (l!net # T!r'! !nd Al!"%il# will (! within one de)ree of e!ch other. Such ! con0unction h! not occurred for two hundred $e!r # !nd $our Hi)hne will not li'e to ee it !)!in. It will %e %e t if $ou )o to %ed ! little e!rlier th!n u u!l. When the ti"e of the con0unction dr!w ne!r I will co"e !nd w!&e $ou.1 Thi didn2t ee" to h!'e !n$thin) to do with Old N!rni!# which w! wh!t C! (i!n re!ll$ w!nted to he!r !%out# %ut )ettin) u( in the "iddle of the ni)ht i !lw!$ intere tin) !nd he w! "oder!tel$ (le! ed. When he went to %ed th!t ni)ht# he thou)ht !t fir t th!t he would not %e !%le to lee(- %ut he oon dro((ed off !nd it ee"ed onl$ ! few "inute %efore he felt o"eone )entl$ h!&in) hi". He !t u( in %ed !nd !w th!t the roo" w! full of "oonli)ht. Doctor Corneliu # "uffled in ! hooded ro%e !nd holdin) ! "!ll l!"( in hi h!nd# tood %$ the %ed ide. C! (i!n re"e"%ered !t once wh!t the$ were )oin) to do. He )ot u( !nd (ut on o"e clothe . Athou)h it w! ! u""er ni)ht he felt colder th!n he h!d e.(ected !nd w! *uite )l!d when the Doctor wr!((ed hi" in ! ro%e li&e hi own !nd )!'e hi" ! (!ir of w!r"# oft %u &in for hi feet. A "o"ent l!ter# %oth "uffled o th!t the$ could h!rdl$ %e een in the d!r& corridor # !nd %oth hod o th!t the$ "!de !l"o t no noi e# "! ter !nd (u(il left the roo". C! (i!n followed the Doctor throu)h "!n$ (! !)e !nd u( e'er!l t!irc! e # !nd !t l! t# throu)h ! little door in ! turret# the$ c!"e out u(on the le!d . On one ide were the %!ttle"ent # on the other ! tee( roof- %elow the"# !ll h!dow$ !nd hi""er$# the c! tle )!rden - !%o'e the"# t!r !nd "oon. Pre entl$ the$ c!"e to

!nother door# which led into the )re!t centr!l tower of the whole c! tle9 Doctor Corneliu unloc&ed it !nd the$ %e)!n to cli"% the d!r& windin) t!ir of the tower. C! (i!n w! %eco"in) e.cited- he h!d ne'er %een !llowed u( thi t!ir %efore. It w! lon) !nd tee(# %ut when the$ c!"e out on the roof of the tower !nd C! (i!n h!d )ot hi %re!th# he felt th!t it h!d %een well worth it. Aw!$ on hi ri)ht he could ee# r!ther indi tinctl$# the We tern 5ount!in . On hi left w! the )le!" of the =re!t Ri'er# !nd e'er$thin) w! o *uiet th!t he could he!r the ound of the w!terf!ll !t Be!'er d!"# ! "ile !w!$. There w! no difficult$ in (ic&in) out the two t!r the$ h!d co"e to ee. The$ hun) r!ther low in the outhern &$# !l"o t ! %ri)ht ! two little "oon !nd 'er$ clo e to)ether. 1Are the$ )oin) to h!'e ! colli ion31 he ! &ed in !n !we truc& 'oice. 1N!$# de!r Prince#1 !id the Doctor ;!nd he too (o&e in ! whi (er<. 1The )re!t lord of the u((er &$ &now the te( of their d!nce too well for th!t. Loo& well u(on the". Their "eetin) i fortun!te !nd "e!n o"e )re!t )ood for the !d re!l" of N!rni!. T!r'!# the Lord of @ictor$# !lute Al!"%il# the L!d$ of Pe!ce. The$ !re 0u t co"in) to their ne!re t.1 1It2 ! (it$ th!t tree )et in the w!$#1 !id C! (i!n. 1We2d re!ll$ fro" the We t Tower# thou)h it i not o hi)h.1 ee %etter

Doctor Corneliu !id nothin) for !%out two "inute # %ut tood till with hi e$e fi.ed on T!r'! !nd Al!"%il. Then he drew ! dee( %re!th !nd turned to C! (i!n. 1There#1 he !id. 1You h!'e een wh!t no "!n now !li'e h! een# nor will ee !)!in. And $ou !re ri)ht. We hould h!'e een it e'en %etter fro" the "!ller tower. I %rou)ht $ou here for !nother re! on.1 C! (i!n loo&ed u( !t hi"# %ut the Doctor2 hood conce!led "o t of hi f!ce.

1The 'irtue of thi tower#1 !id Doctor Corneliu # 1i th!t we h!'e i. e"(t$ roo" %ene!th u # !nd ! lon) t!ir# !nd the door !t the %otto" of the t!ir i loc&ed. We c!nnot %e o'erhe!rd.1 1Are $ou )oin) to tell "e wh!t $ou wouldn2t tell "e the other d!$31 !id C! (i!n.

1I !"#1 !id the Doctor. 1But re"e"%er. You !nd I "u t ne'er t!l& !%out the e thin) e.ce(t here / on the 'er$ to( of the =re!t Tower.1 1No. Th!t2 ! (ro"i e#1 !id C! (i!n. 1But do )o on# (le! e.1

1Li ten#1 !id the Doctor. 1All $ou h!'e he!rd !%out Old N!rni! i true. It i not the l!nd of 5en. It i the countr$ of A l!n# the countr$ of the W!&in) Tree !nd @i i%le N!i!d # of 8!un !nd S!t$r # of Dw!rf !nd =i!nt # of the )od !nd the Cent!ur # of T!l&in) Be! t . It w! !)!in t the e th!t the fir t C! (i!n fou)ht. It i $ou Tel"!rine who ilenced the %e! t !nd the tree !nd the fount!in # !nd who &illed !nd dro'e !w!$ the Dw!rf !nd 8!un # !nd !re now tr$in) to co'er u( e'en the "e"or$ of the". The +in) doe not !llow the" to %e (o&en of.1 1Oh# I do wi h we h!dn2t#1 it i !ll o'er.1 !id C! (i!n. 1And I !" )l!d it w! ecret#1 !id Doctor Corneliu . !$ "$ r!ce3 After !ll# I u((o e $ou2re !ll true# e'en if

15!n$ of $our r!ce wi h th!t in

1But# Doctor#1 !id C! (i!n# 1wh$ do $ou ! Tel"!rine too.1

1A" I31

!id the Doctor. !id C! (i!n.

1Well# $ou2re ! 5!n !n$w!$#1

1A" I31 re(e!ted the Doctor in ! dee(er 'oice# !t the !"e "o"ent throwin) %!c& hi hood o th!t C! (i!n could ee hi f!ce cle!rl$ in the "oonli)ht. All !t once C! (i!n re!li6ed the truth !nd felt th!t he ou)ht to h!'e re!li6ed it lon) %efore. Doctor Corneliu w! o "!ll# !nd o f!t# !nd h!d uch ! 'er$ lon) %e!rd. Two thou)ht c!"e into hi he!d !t the !"e "o"ent. One w! ! thou)ht of terror / 1He2 not ! re!l "!n# not ! "!n !t !ll# he2 ! Dw!rf# !nd he2 %rou)ht "e u( here to &ill "e.1 The other w! heer deli)ht / 1There !re re!l Dw!rf till# !nd I2'e een one !t l! t.1 1So $ou2'e )ue ed it in the end#1 !id Doctor Corneliu . 1Or )ue ed it ne!rl$ ri)ht. I2" not ! (ure Dw!rf. I h!'e hu"!n %lood in "e too. 5!n$ Dw!rf e c!(ed in the )re!t %!ttle !nd li'ed on# h!'in) their %e!rd !nd we!rin) hi)hheeled hoe !nd (retendin) to %e "en. The$ h!'e "i.ed with $our Tel"!rine . I !" one of tho e# onl$ ! h!lfDw!rf# !nd if !n$ of "$ &indred# the true Dw!rf # !re till !li'e !n$where in the world# dou%tle the$ would de (i e "e !nd c!ll "e ! tr!itor. But ne'er in !ll the e $e!r h!'e we for)otten our own (eo(le !nd !ll the other h!(($ cre!ture of N!rni!# !nd the lon)/lo t d!$ of freedo".1 1I2" / I2" orr$# Doctor#1 !id C! (i!n. 1It w! n2t "$ f!ult# $ou &now.1

1I !" not !$in) the e thin) in %l!"e of $ou# de!r Prince#1 !n wered the Doctor. 1You "!$ well ! & wh$ I !$ the" !t !ll. But I h!'e two re! on . 8ir tl$# %ec!u e "$ old he!rt h! c!rried the e ecret "e"orie o lon) th!t it !che with the" !nd would %ur t if I did not whi (er the" to $ou. But econdl$# for thi 9 th!t when $ou %eco"e +in) $ou "!$ hel( u # for I &now th!t $ou !l o# Tel"!rine thou)h $ou !re# lo'e the Old Thin) .1 1I do# I do#1 !id C! (i!n. 1But how c!n I hel(31

1You c!n %e &ind to the (oor re"n!nt of the Dw!rf (eo(le# li&e "$ elf. You c!n )!ther le!rned "!)ici!n !nd tr$ to find ! w!$ of !w!&in) the tree once "ore. You c!n e!rch throu)h !ll the noo& !nd wild (l!ce of the l!nd to ee if !n$ 8!un or T!l&in) Be! t or Dw!rf !re (erh!( till !li'e in hidin).1 1Do $ou thin& there !re !n$31 ! &ed C! (i!n e!)erl$. 1I don2t &now / I don2t &now#1 !id the Doctor with ! dee( i)h. 1So"eti"e I !" !fr!id there c!n2t %e. I h!'e %een loo&in) for tr!ce of the" !ll "$ life. So"eti"e I h!'e thou)ht I he!rd ! Dw!rf/dru" in the "ount!in . So"eti"e !t ni)ht# in the wood # I thou)ht I h!d c!u)ht ! )li"( e of 8!un !nd S!t$r d!ncin) ! lon) w!$ off- %ut when I c!"e to the (l!ce# there w! ne'er !n$thin) there. I h!'e often de (!ired- %ut o"ethin) !lw!$ h!((en to t!rt "e ho(in) !)!in. I don2t &now. But !t le! t $ou c!n tr$ to %e ! +in) li&e the Hi)h +in) Peter of old# !nd not li&e $our uncle.1 1Then it2 C! (i!n. true !%out the +in) !nd ,ueen too# !nd !%out the White Witch31 !id

1Cert!inl$ it i !nd the l!nd h!

true#1 !id Corneliu . 1Their rei)n w! ne'er for)otten the".1 c! tle# Doctor31

the =olden A)e in N!rni!

1Did the$ li'e in thi

1N!$# "$ de!r#1 !id the old "!n. 1Thi c! tle i ! thin) of $e terd!$. Your )re!t/)re!t/)r!ndf!ther %uilt it. But when the two on of Ad!" !nd the two d!u)hter of E'e were "!de +in) !nd ,ueen of N!rni! %$ A l!n hi" elf# the$ li'ed in the c! tle of C!ir P!r!'el. No "!n !li'e h! een th!t %le ed (l!ce !nd (erh!( e'en the ruin of it h!'e now '!ni hed. But we %elie'e it w! f!r fro" here# down !t the "outh of the =re!t Ri'er# on the 'er$ hore of the e!.1 1:)h41 !id C! (i!n with ! hudder. 1Do $ou "e!n in the Bl!c& Wood 3 Where !ll the / the / $ou &now# the )ho t li'e31 1Your Hi)hne (e!& ! $ou h!'e %een t!u)ht#1 !id the Doctor. 1But it i !ll lie . There !re no )ho t there. Th!t i ! tor$ in'ented %$ the Tel"!rine . Your +in) !re in de!dl$ fe!r of the e! %ec!u e the$ c!n ne'er *uite for)et th!t in !ll torie A l!n co"e fro" o'er the e!. The$ don2t w!nt to )o ne!r it !nd the$ don2t w!nt !n$one el e to )o ne!r it. So the$ h!'e let )re!t wood )row u( to cut their (eo(le off fro" the co! t. But %ec!u e the$ h!'e *u!rrelled with the tree the$ !re !fr!id of the wood . And %ec!u e the$ !re !fr!id of the wood the$ i"!)ine th!t the$ !re full of )ho t . And the +in) !nd )re!t "en# h!tin) %oth the e! !nd the wood# (!rtl$ %elie'e the e torie # !nd (!rtl$ encour!)e the". The$ feel !fer if no one in N!rni! d!re to )o down to the co! t !nd loo& out to e! tow!rd A l!n2 l!nd !nd the "ornin) !nd the e! tern end of the world.1 There w! ! dee( ilence %etween the" for ! few "inute . Then Doctor Corneliu !id# 1Co"e. We h!'e %een here lon) enou)h. It i ti"e to )o down !nd to %ed.1 15u t we31 !id C! (i!n. 1I2d li&e to )o on t!l&in) !%out the e thin) !nd hour !nd hour .1 1So"eone "i)ht %e)in loo&in) for u # if we did th!t#1 for hour

!id Doctor Corneliu .

CHAPTER 8I@E CASPIAN2S AD@ENT:RE IN THE 5O:NTAINS A8TER thi # C! (i!n !nd hi Tutor h!d "!n$ "ore ecret con'er !tion on the to( of the =re!t Tower# !nd !t e!ch con'er !tion C! (i!n le!rned "ore !%out Old N!rni!# o th!t thin&in) !nd dre!"in) !%out the old d!$ # !nd lon)in) th!t the$ "i)ht co"e %!c&# filled ne!rl$ !ll hi (!re hour . But of cour e he h!d not "!n$ hour to (!re# for now hi educ!tion w! %e)innin) in e!rne t. He le!rned word/fi)htin) !nd ridin)# wi""in) !nd di'in)# how to hoot with the %ow !nd (l!$ on the recorder !nd the theor%o# how to hunt the t!) !nd cut hi" u( when he w! de!d# %e ide Co "o)r!(h$# Rhetoric# Her!ldr$# @er ific!tion# !nd of cour e Hi tor$# with ! little L!w# Ph$ ic# Alche"$# !nd A trono"$. Of 5!)ic he le!rned onl$ the theor$# for Doctor Corneliu !id the (r!ctic!l (!rt w! not (ro(er tud$ for (rince . 1And I "$ elf#1 he !dded# 1!" onl$ ! 'er$ i"(erfect "!)ici!n !nd c!n do onl$ the "!lle t e.(eri"ent .1 Of N!'i)!tion ;1Which i ! no%le !nd heroic!l !rt#1 !id the Doctor< he w! t!u)ht nothin)# %ec!u e +in) 5ir!6 di !((ro'ed of hi( !nd the e!. He !l o le!rned ! )re!t de!l %$ u in) hi own e$e !nd e!r . A ! little %o$ he h!d often wondered wh$ he di li&ed hi !unt# ,ueen Prun!(ri "i!- he now !w th!t it w! %ec!u e he di li&ed hi". He !l o %e)!n to ee th!t N!rni! w! !n unh!(($ countr$. The t!.e were hi)h !nd the l!w were tern !nd 5ir!6 w! ! cruel "!n.

After o"e $e!r there c!"e ! ti"e when the ,ueen ee"ed to %e ill !nd there w! ! )re!t de!l of %u tle !nd (other !%out her in the c! tle !nd doctor c!"e !nd the courtier whi (ered. Thi w! in e!rl$ u""erti"e. And one ni)ht# while !ll thi fu w! )oin) on# C! (i!n w! une.(ectedl$ w!&ened %$ Doctor Corneliu !fter he h!d %een onl$ ! few hour in %ed. 1Are we )oin) to do ! little A trono"$# Doctor31 !id C! (i!n. I tell $ou. Put on !ll $our

1Hu h41 !id the Doctor. 1Tru t "e !nd do e.!ctl$ ! clothe - $ou h!'e ! lon) 0ourne$ %efore $ou.1

C! (i!n w! 'er$ ur(ri ed# %ut he h!d le!rned to h!'e confidence in hi Tutor !nd he %e)!n doin) wh!t he w! told !t once. When he w! dre ed the Doctor !id# 1I h!'e ! w!llet for $ou. We "u t )o into the ne.t roo" !nd fill it with 'ictu!l fro" $our Hi)hne 2 u((er t!%le.1 15$ )entle"en/in/w!itin) will %e there#1 !id C! (i!n.

1The$ !re f! t ! lee( !nd will not w!&e#1 !id the Doctor. 1I !" ! 'er$ "inor "!)ici!n %ut I c!n !t le! t contri'e ! ch!r"ed lee(.1 The$ went into the !ntech!"%er !nd there# ure enou)h# the two )entle"en/in/ w!itin) were# (r!wlin) on ch!ir !nd norin) h!rd. Doctor Corneliu *uic&l$ cut u( the re"!in of ! cold chic&en !nd o"e lice of 'eni on !nd (ut the"# with %re!d !nd !n !((le or o !nd ! little fl! & of )ood wine# into the w!llet which he then )!'e to C! (i!n. It fitted on %$ ! tr!( o'er C! (i!n2 houlder# li&e ! !tchel $ou would u e for t!&in) %oo& to chool. 1H!'e $ou $our 1Ye #1 word31 ! &ed the Doctor.

!id C! (i!n. ri)ht. And

1Then (ut thi "!ntle o'er !ll to hide the word !nd the w!llet. Th!t2 now we "u t )o to the =re!t Tower !nd t!l&.1

When the$ h!d re!ched the to( of the Tower ;it w! ! cloud$ ni)ht# not !t !ll li&e the ni)ht when the$ h!d een the con0unction of T!r'! !nd Al!"%il< Doctor Corneliu !id# 1De!r Prince# $ou "u t le!'e thi c! tle !t once !nd )o to the wide world. Your life i in d!n)er here.1 1Wh$31 ! &ed C! (i!n. 1Bec!u e $ou !re the true +in) of N!rni!9 C! (i!n the Tenth# the true on !nd heir of C! (i!n the Ninth. Lon) life to $our 5!0e t$2 / !nd uddenl$# to C! (i!n2 )re!t ur(ri e# the little "!n dro((ed down on one &nee !nd &i ed hi h!nd. 1Wh!t doe it !ll "e!n3 I don2t under t!nd#1 !id C! (i!n. ee& $our fortune in

1I wonder $ou h!'e ne'er ! &ed "e %efore#1 !id the Doctor# 1wh$# %ein) the on of +in) C! (i!n# $ou !re not +in) C! (i!n $our elf. E'er$one e.ce(t $our 5!0e t$ &now th!t 5ir!6 i ! u ur(er. When he fir t %e)!n to rule he did not e'en (retend to %e the +in)9 he c!lled hi" elf Lord Protector. But then $our ro$!l "other died# the )ood ,ueen !nd the onl$ Tel"!rine who w! e'er &ind to "e. And then# one %$ one# !ll the )re!t lord # who h!d &nown $our f!ther# died or di !((e!red. Not %$ !ccident# either. 5ir!6 weeded the" out. Beli !r !nd :'il! were hot with !rrow on ! huntin) (!rt$9 %$ ch!nce# it w! (retended. All the )re!t hou e of the

P! !rid he ent to fi)ht )i!nt on the northern frontier till one %$ one the$ fell. Arli!n !nd Eri"on !nd ! do6en "ore he e.ecuted for tre! on on ! f!l e ch!r)e. The two %rother of Be!'er d!" he hut u( ! "!d"en. And fin!ll$ he (er u!ded the e'en no%le lord # who !lone !"on) !ll the Tel"!rine did not fe!r the e!# to !il !w!$ !nd loo& for new l!nd %e$ond the E! tern Oce!n# !nd# ! he intended# the$ ne'er c!"e %!c&. And when there w! no one left who could (e!& ! word for $ou# then hi fl!tterer ;! he h!d in tructed the"< %e))ed hi" to %eco"e +in). And of cour e he did.1 1Do $ou "e!n he now w!nt 1Th!t i !l"o t cert!in#1 to &ill "e too31 !id C! (i!n.

!id Doctor Corneliu .

1But wh$ now31 !id C! (i!n. 1I "e!n# wh$ didn2t he do it lon) !)o if he w!nted to3 And wh!t h!r" h!'e I done hi"31 1He h! ch!n)ed hi "ind !%out $ou %ec!u e of hour !)o. The ,ueen h! h!d ! on.1 1I don2t ee wh!t th!t2 )ot to do with it#1 o"ethin) th!t h!((ened onl$ two !id C! (i!n.

1Don2t ee41!i"ed the Doctor. 1H!'e !ll "$ le on in Hi tor$ !nd Politic t!u)ht $ou no "ore th!n th!t3 Li ten. A lon) ! he h!d no children of hi own# he w! willin) enou)h th!t $ou hould %e +in) !fter he died. He "!$ not h!'e c!red "uch !%out $ou# %ut he would r!ther $ou hould h!'e the throne th!n ! tr!n)er. Now th!t he h! ! on of hi own he will w!nt hi own on to %e the ne.t +in). You !re in the w!$. He2ll cle!r $ou out of the w!$.1 1I he re!ll$ ! %!d ! th!t31 !id C! (i!n. 1Would he re!ll$ "urder "e31

1He "urdered $our 8!ther#1 C! (i!n felt 'er$ *ueer !nd 1I c!n tell $ou the whole You "u t fl$ !t once.1 1You2ll co"e with "e31

!id Doctor Corneliu . !id nothin). tor$#1 !id the Doctor. 1But not now. There i no ti"e.

!id C! (i!n.

1I d!re not#1 !id the Doctor. 1It would "!&e $our d!n)er )re!ter. Two !re "ore e! il$ tr!c&ed th!n one. De!r Prince# de!r +in) C! (i!n# $ou "u t %e 'er$ %r!'e. You "u t )o !lone !nd !t once. Tr$ to )et !cro the outhern %order to the court of +in) N!in of Archenl!nd. He will %e )ood to $ou.1 1Sh!ll I ne'er ee $ou !)!in31 !id C! (i!n in ! *u!'erin) 'oice.

1I ho(e o# de!r +in)#1 e.ce(t $our 5!0e t$3 And e'er$thin). Here !re two !ll the tre! ure in thi o"ethin) f!r %etter.1 He (ut in C! (i!n2 h!nd the feel to %e ! horn.

!id the Doctor. 1Wh!t friend h!'e I in the wide world I h!'e ! little "!)ic. But in the "e!nti"e# (eed i )ift %efore $ou )o. Thi i ! little (ur e of )old !l! # c! tle hould %e $our own %$ ri)ht . And here i o"ethin) which he could h!rdl$ ee %ut which he &new %$

1Th!t#1 !id Doctor Corneliu # 1i the )re!te t !nd "o t !cred tre! ure of N!rni!. 5!n$ terror I endured# "!n$ (ell did I utter# to find it# when I w! till $oun). It i the "!)ic horn of ,ueen Su !n her elf which he left %ehind her

when he '!ni hed fro" N!rni! !t the end of the =olden A)e. It i !id th!t whoe'er %low it h!ll h!'e tr!n)e hel( / no one c!n !$ how tr!n)e. It "!$ h!'e the (ower to c!ll ,ueen Luc$ !nd +in) Ed"und !nd ,ueen Su !n !nd Hi)h +in) Peter %!c& fro" the (! t# !nd the$ will et !ll to ri)ht . It "!$ %e th!t it will c!ll u( A i!n hi" elf. T!&e it# +in) C! (i!n9 %ut do not u e it e.ce(t !t $our )re!te t need. And now# h! te# h! te# h! te. The little door !t the 'er$ %otto" of the Tower# the door into the )!rden# i unloc&ed. There we "u t (!rt.1 1C!n I )et "$ hor e De trier31 1He i !lre!d$ !id C! (i!n.

!ddled !nd w!itin) for $ou 0u t !t the corner of the orch!rd.1

Durin) the lon) cli"% down the windin) t!irc! e Corneliu whi (ered "!n$ "ore word of direction !nd !d'ice. C! (i!n2 he!rt w! in&in)# %ut he tried to t!&e it !ll in. Then c!"e the fre h !ir in the )!rden# ! fer'ent h!ndcl! ( with the Doctor# ! run !cro the l!wn# ! welco"in) whinn$ fro" De trier# !nd o +in) C! (i!n the Tenth left the c! tle of hi f!ther . Loo&in) %!c&# he !w firewor& )oin) u( to cele%r!te the %irth of the new (rince. All ni)ht he rode outhw!rd# choo in) %$/w!$ !nd %ridle (!th throu)h wood ! lon) ! he w! in countr$ th!t he &new- %ut !fterw!rd he &e(t to the hi)h ro!d. De trier w! ! e.cited ! hi "! ter !t thi unu u!l 0ourne$# !nd C! (i!n# thou)h te!r h!d co"e into hi e$e !t !$in) )ood/%$e to Doctor Corneliu # felt %r!'e !nd# in ! w!$# h!(($# to thin& th!t he w! +in) C! (i!n ridin) to ee& !d'enture # with hi word on hi left hi( !nd ,ueen Su !n2 "!)ic horn on hi ri)ht. But when d!$ c!"e# with ! (rin&le of r!in# !nd he loo&ed !%out hi" !nd !w on e'er$ ide un&nown wood # wild he!th # !nd %lue "ount!in # he thou)ht how l!r)e !nd tr!n)e the world w! !nd felt fri)htened !nd "!ll. A oon ! it w! full d!$li)ht he left the ro!d !nd found !n o(en )r! $ (l!ce !"id ! wood where he could re t. He too& off De trier2 %ridle !nd let hi" )r!6e# !te o"e cold chic&en !nd dr!n& ! little wine# !nd (re entl$ fell ! lee(. It w! l!te !fternoon when he !wo&e. He !te ! "or el !nd continued hi 0ourne$# till outhw!rd# %$ "!n$ unfre*uented l!ne . He w! now in ! l!nd of hill # )oin) u( !nd down# %ut !lw!$ "ore u( th!n down. 8ro" e'er$ rid)e he could ee the "ount!in )rowin) %i))er !nd %l!c&er !he!d. A the e'enin) clo ed in# he w! ridin) their lower lo(e . The wind ro e. Soon r!in fell in torrent . De trier %ec!"e une! $- there w! thunder in the !ir. And now the$ entered ! d!r& !nd ee"in)l$ endle (ine fore t# !nd !ll the torie C! (i!n h!d e'er he!rd of tree %ein) unfriendl$ to 5!n crowded into hi "ind. He re"e"%ered th!t he w! # !fter !ll# ! Tel"!rine# one of the r!ce who cut down tree where'er the$ could !nd were !t w!r with !ll wild thin) - !nd thou)h he hi" elf "i)ht %e unli&e other Tel"!rine # the tree could not %e e.(ected to &now thi . Nor did the$. The wind %ec!"e ! te"(e t# the wood ro!red !nd cre!&ed !ll round the". There c!"e ! cr! h. A tree fell ri)ht !cro the ro!d 0u t %ehind hi". 1,uiet# De trier# *uiet41 !id C! (i!n# (!ttin) hi hor e2 nec&- %ut he w! tre"%lin) hi" elf !nd &new th!t he h!d e c!(ed de!th %$ !n inch. Li)htnin) fl! hed !nd ! )re!t cr!c& of thunder ee"ed to %re!& the &$ in two 0u t o'erhe!d. De trier %olted in )ood e!rne t. C! (i!n w! ! )ood rider# %ut he h!d not the tren)th to hold hi" %!c&. He &e(t hi e!t# %ut he &new th!t hi life hun) %$ ! thre!d durin) the wild c!reer th!t followed. Tree !fter tree ro e u( %efore the" in the du & !nd w! onl$ 0u t !'oided. Then# !l"o t too uddenl$ to hurt ;!nd $et it did hurt hi" too< o"ethin) truc& C! (i!n on the forehe!d !nd he &new no "ore. When he c!"e to hi" elf he w! l$in) in ! firelit (l!ce with %rui ed li"% !nd !

%!d he!d!che. Low 'oice 1And now#1 1+ill it#1


(e!&in) clo e !t h!nd. u( we "u t decide wh!t to do with it.1

!id one# 1%efore it w!&e

!id !nother. 1We c!n2t let it li'e. It would %etr!$ u .1

1We ou)ht to h!'e &illed it !t once# or el e let it !lone#1 !id ! third 'oice. 1We c!n2t &ill it now. Not !fter we2'e t!&en it in !nd %!nd!)ed it he!d !nd !ll. It would %e "urderin) ! )ue t.1 1=entle"en#1 !id C! (i!n in ! fee%le 'oice# 1wh!te'er $ou do to "e# I ho(e $ou will %e &ind to "$ (oor hor e.1 1Your hor e h!d t!&en fli)ht lon) %efore we found $ou#1 curiou l$ hu &$# e!rth$ 'oice# ! C! (i!n now noticed. 1Now don2t let it t!l& $ou round with it till !$/1 (rett$ word #1 !id the fir t 'oice / ! !id the econd 'oice. 1I

1Horn !nd h!li%ut 41!i"ed the third 'oice. 1Of cour e we2re not )oin) to "urder it. 8or h!"e# Ni&!%ri&. Wh!t do $ou !$# Trufflehunter3 Wh!t h!ll we do with it31 1I h!ll )i'e it ! drin&#1 !id the fir t 'oice# (re u"!%l$ Trufflehunter2 . A d!r& h!(e !((ro!ched the %ed. C! (i!n felt !n !r" li((ed )entl$ under hi houlder / if it w! e.!ctl$ !n !r". The h!(e o"ehow ee"ed wron). The f!ce th!t %ent tow!rd hi" ee"ed wron) too. He )ot the i"(re ion th!t it w! 'er$ h!ir$ !nd 'er$ lon) no ed# !nd there were odd white (!tche on e!ch ide of it. 1It2 ! "! & of o"e ort#1 thou)ht C! (i!n. 1Or (erh!( I2" in ! fe'er !nd i"!)inin) it !ll.1 A cu(ful of o"ethin) weet !nd hot w! et to hi li( !nd he dr!n&. At th!t "o"ent one of the other (o&ed the fire. A %l!6e (r!n) u( !nd C! (i!n !l"o t cre!"ed with the hoc& ! the udden li)ht re'e!led the f!ce th!t w! loo&in) into hi own. It w! not ! "!n2 f!ce %ut ! %!d)er2 # thou)h l!r)er !nd friendlier !nd "ore intelli)ent th!n the f!ce of !n$ %!d)er he h!d een %efore. And it h!d cert!inl$ %een t!l&in). He !w# too# th!t he w! on ! %ed of he!ther# in ! c!'e. B$ the fire !t two little %e!rded "en# o "uch wilder !nd horter !nd h!irier !nd thic&er th!n Doctor Corneliu th!t he &new the" !t once for re!l Dw!rf # !ncient Dw!rf with not ! dro( of hu"!n %lood in their 'ein . And C! (i!n &new th!t he h!d found the Old N!rni!n !t l! t. Then hi he!d %e)!n to wi" !)!in. In the ne.t few d!$ he le!rned to &now the" %$ n!"e . The B!d)er w! c!lled Trufflehunter- he w! the olde t !nd &inde t of the three. The Dw!rf who h!d w!nted to &ill C! (i!n w! ! our Bl!c& Dw!rf ;th!t i # hi h!ir !nd %e!rd were %l!c&# !nd thic& !nd h!rd li&e hor eh!ir<. Hi n!"e w! Ni&!%ri&. The other Dw!rf w! ! Red Dw!rf with h!ir r!ther li&e ! 8o.2 !nd he w! c!lled Tru"(&in. 1And now#1 !id Ni&!%ri& on the fir t u( !nd t!l&# 1we till h!'e to decide $ou2'e done it ! )re!t &inde %$ not i th!t we h!'e to &ee( it ! (ri oner )o !li'e / to )o %!c& to it own &ind e'enin) when C! (i!n w! well enou)h to it wh!t to do with thi Hu"!n. You two thin& lettin) "e &ill it. But I u((o e the u( hot for life. I2" cert!inl$ not )oin) to let it !nd %etr!$ u !ll.1

1Bul% !nd %ol ter 4 Ni&!%ri&#1 !id Tru"(&in. 1Wh$ need $ou t!l& o unh!nd o"el$3 It i n2t the cre!ture2 f!ult th!t it %! hed it he!d !)!in t ! tree out ide our hole. And I don2t thin& it loo& li&e ! tr!itor.1 1I !$#1 !id C! (i!n# 1$ou h!'en2t $et found out whether I w!nt to )o %!c&. I

don2t. I w!nt to t!$ with $ou / if $ou2ll let "e. I2'e %een loo&in) for (eo(le li&e $ou !ll "$ life.1 1Th!t2 ! li&el$ tor$#1 )rowled Ni&!%ri&. 1You2re ! Tel"!rine !nd ! Hu"!n# !ren2t $ou3 Of cour e $ou w!nt to )o %!c& to $our own &ind.1 1Well# e'en if I did# I couldn2t#1 !id C! (i!n. 1I w! fl$in) for "$ life when I h!d "$ !ccident. The +in) w!nt to &ill "e. If $ou2d &illed "e# $ou2d h!'e done the 'er$ thin) to (le! e hi".1 1Well now#1 !id Trufflehunter# 1$ou don2t !$ o41

1Eh31 !id Tru"(&in. 1Wh!t2 of 5ir!6 !t $our !)e31

th!t3 Wh!t h!'e $ou %een doin)# Hu"!n# to f!ll foul h!nd on hi

1He2 "$ uncle#1 %e)!n C! (i!n# when Ni&!%ri& 0u"(ed u( with hi d!))er.

1There $ou !re41 he cried. 1Not onl$ ! Tel"!rine %ut clo e &in !nd heir to our )re!te t ene"$. Are $ou till "!d enou)h to let thi cre!ture li'e31 He would h!'e t!%%ed C! (i!n then !nd there# if the B!d)er !nd Tru"(&in h!d not )ot in the w!$ !nd forced hi" %!c& to hi e!t !nd held hi" down. 1Now# once !nd for !ll# Ni&!%ri&#1 !id Tru"(&in. 1Will $ou cont!in $our elf# or "u t Trufflehunter !nd I it on $our he!d31 Ni&!%ri& ul&il$ (ro"i ed to %eh!'e# !nd the other two ! &ed C! (i!n to tell hi whole tor$. When he h!d done o there w! ! "o"ent2 ilence. 1Thi i the *ueere t thin) I e'er he!rd#1 !id Tru"(&in.

1I don2t li&e it#1 !id Ni&!%ri&. 1I didn2t &now there were torie !%out u till told !"on) the Hu"!n . The le the$ &now !%out u the %etter. Th!t old nur e# now. She2d %etter h!'e held her ton)ue. And it2 !ll "i.ed u( with th!t Tutor9 ! rene)!de Dw!rf. I h!te 2e". I h!te 2e" wor e th!n the Hu"!n . You "!r& "$ word / no )ood will co"e of it. 1Don2t $ou )o t!l&in) !%out thin) $ou don2t under t!nd# Ni&!%ri&#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1You Dw!rf !re ! for)etful !nd ch!n)e!%le ! the Hu"!n the" el'e . I2" ! %e! t# I !"# !nd ! B!d)er wh!t2 "ore. We don2t ch!n)e. We hold on. I !$ )re!t )ood will co"e of it. Thi i the true +in) of N!rni! we2'e )ot here9 ! true +in)# co"in) %!c& to true N!rni!. And we %e! t re"e"%er# e'en if Dw!rf for)et# th!t N!rni! w! ne'er ri)ht e.ce(t when ! on of Ad!" w! +in).1 1Whi tle !nd whirli)i) 4 Trufflehunter#1 to )i'e the countr$ to Hu"!n 31 !id Tru"(&in. 1You don2t "e!n $ou w!nt

1I !id nothin) !%out th!t#1 !n wered the B!d)er. 1It2 not 5en2 countr$ ;who hould &now th!t %etter th!n "e3< %ut it2 ! countr$ for ! "!n to %e +in) of. We %!d)er h!'e lon) enou)h "e"orie to &now th!t. Wh$# %le u !ll# w! n2t the Hi)h +in) Peter ! 5!n31 1Do $ou %elie'e !ll tho e old torie 31 ! &ed Tru"(&in.

1I tell $ou# we don2t ch!n)e# we %e! t #1 !id Trufflehunter. 1We don2t for)et. I %elie'e in the Hi)h +in) Peter !nd the re t th!t rei)ned !t C!ir P!r!'el# ! fir"l$ ! I %elie'e in A l!n hi" elf.1

1A fir"l$ ! now!d!$ 31

th!t# I d!re


!id Tru"(&in. 1But who %elie'e

in A l!n

1I do#1 !id C! (i!n. 1And if I h!dn2t %elie'ed in hi" %efore# I would now. B!c& there !"on) the Hu"!n the (eo(le who l!u)hed !t A l!n would h!'e l!u)hed !t torie !%out T!l&in) Be! t !nd Dw!rf . So"eti"e I did wonder if there re!ll$ w! uch ! (er on ! A l!n9 %ut then o"eti"e I wondered if there were re!ll$ (eo(le li&e $ou. Yet there $ou !re.1 1Th!t2 ri)ht#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1You2re ri)ht# +in) C! (i!n. And ! lon) ! $ou will %e true to Old N!rni! $ou h!ll %e "$ +in)# wh!te'er the$ !$. Lon) life to $our 5!0e t$.1 1You "!&e "e ic&# B!d)er#1 )rowled Ni&!%ri&. 1The Hi)h +in) Peter !nd the re t "!$ h!'e %een 5en# %ut the$ were ! different ort of 5en. Thi i one of the cur ed Tel"!rine . He h! hunted %e! t for (ort. H!'en2t $ou# now31 he !dded# roundin) uddenl$ on C! (i!n. 1Well# to tell $ou the truth# I h!'e#1 Be! t .1 1It2 !ll the !"e thin)#1 !id C! (i!n. 1But the$ weren2t T!l&in)

!id Ni&!%ri&.

1No# no# no#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1You &now it i n2t. You &now 'er$ well th!t the %e! t in N!rni! now!d!$ !re different !nd !re no "ore th!n the (oor du"%# witle cre!ture $ou2d find in C!lor"en or Tel"!r. The$2re "!ller too. The$2re f!r "ore different fro" u th!n the h!lf/Dw!rf !re fro" $ou.1 There w! ! )re!t de!l "ore t!l&# %ut it !ll ended with the !)ree"ent th!t C! (i!n hould t!$ !nd e'en the (ro"i e th!t# ! oon ! he w! !%le to )o out# he hould %e t!&en to ee wh!t Tru"(&in c!lled 1the Other 1- for !((!rentl$ in the e wild (!rt !ll ort of cre!ture fro" the Old D!$ of N!rni! till li'ed on in hidin).

CHAPTER SIA THE PEOPLE THAT LI@ED IN HIDIN= Now %e)!n the h!((ie t ti"e th!t C! (i!n h!d e'er &nown. On ! fine u""er "ornin) when the dew l!$ on the )r! he et off with the B!d)er !nd the two Dw!rf # u( throu)h the fore t to ! hi)h !ddle in the "ount!in !nd down on to their unn$ outhern lo(e where one loo&ed !cro the )reen wold of Archenl!nd. 1We will )o fir t to the Three Bul)$ Be!r #1 !id Tru"(&in.

The$ c!"e in ! )l!de to !n old hollow o!& tree co'ered with "o # !nd Trufflehunter t!((ed with hi (!w three ti"e on the trun& !nd there w! no !n wer. Then he t!((ed !)!in !nd ! wooll$ ort of 'oice fro" in ide !id# 1=o !w!$. It2 not ti"e to )et u( $et.1 But when he t!((ed the third ti"e there w! ! noi e li&e ! "!ll e!rth*u!&e fro" in ide !nd ! ort of door o(ened !nd out c!"e three %rown %e!r # 'er$ %ul)$ indeed !nd %lin&in) their little e$e . And when e'er$thin) h!d %een e.(l!ined to the" ;which too& ! lon) ti"e %ec!u e the$ were o lee($< the$ !id# 0u t ! Trufflehunter h!d !id# th!t ! on of Ad!" ou)ht to %e +in) of N!rni! !nd !ll &i ed C! (i!n / 'er$ wet# nuffl$ &i e the$ were / !nd offered hi" o"e hone$. C! (i!n did not re!ll$ w!nt hone$# without %re!d# !t th!t ti"e in the "ornin)# %ut he thou)ht it (olite to !cce(t. It too& hi" ! lon) ti"e


to )et un tic&$.

After th!t the$ went on till the$ c!"e !"on) t!ll %eech tree !nd Trufflehunter c!lled out# 1P!ttertwi)4 P!ttertwi)4 P!ttertwi)41 !nd !l"o t !t once# %oundin) down fro" %r!nch to %r!nch till he w! 0u t !%o'e their he!d # c!"e the "o t "!)nificent red *uirrel th!t C! (i!n h!d e'er een. He w! f!r %i))er th!n the ordin!r$ du"% *uirrel which he h!d o"eti"e een in the c! tle )!rden - indeed he w! ne!rl$ the i6e of ! terrier !nd the "o"ent $ou loo&ed in hi f!ce $ou !w th!t he could t!l&. Indeed the difficult$ w! to )et hi" to to( t!l&in)# for# li&e !ll *uirrel # he w! ! ch!tterer. He welco"ed C! (i!n !t once !nd ! &ed if he would li&e ! nut !nd C! (i!n !id th!n& # he would. But ! P!ttertwi) went %oundin) !w!$ to fetch it# Trufflehunter whi (ered in C! (i!n2 e!r# 1Don2t loo&. Loo& the other w!$. It2 'er$ %!d "!nner !"on) *uirrel to w!tch !n$one )oin) to hi tore or to loo& ! if $ou w!nted to &now where it w! .1 Then P!ttertwi) c!"e %!c& with the nut !nd C! (i!n !te it !nd !fter th!t P!ttertwi) ! &ed if he could t!&e !n$ "e !)e to other friend . 18or I c!n )o ne!rl$ e'er$where without ettin) foot to )round#1 he !id. Trufflehunter !nd the Dw!rf thou)ht thi ! 'er$ )ood ide! !nd )!'e P!ttertwi) "e !)e to !ll ort of (eo(le with *ueer n!"e tellin) the" !ll to co"e to ! fe! t !nd council on D!ncin) L!wn !t "idni)ht three ni)ht !he!d. 1And $ou2d %etter tell the three Bul)ie too#1 !dded Tru"(&in. 1We for)ot to "ention it to the".1 Their ne.t 'i it w! to the Se'en Brother of Shudderin) Wood. Tru"(&in led the w!$ %!c& to the !ddle !nd then down e! tw!rd on the northern lo(e of the "ount!in till the$ c!"e to ! 'er$ ole"n (l!ce !"on) roc& !nd fir tree . The$ went 'er$ *uietl$ !nd (re entl$ C! (i!n could feel the )round h!&e under hi feet ! if o"eone were h!""erin) down %elow. Tru"(&in went to ! fl!t tone !%out the i6e of the to( of ! w!ter/%utt# !nd t!"(ed on it with hi foot. After ! lon) (!u e it w! "o'ed !w!$ %$ o"eone or o"ethin) underne!th# !nd there w! ! d!r&# round hole with ! )ood de!l of he!t !nd te!" co"in) out of it !nd in the "iddle of the hole the he!d of ! Dw!rf 'er$ li&e Tru"(&in hi" elf. There w! ! lon) t!l& here !nd the dw!rf ee"ed "ore u (iciou th!n the S*uirrel or the Bul)$ Be!r h!d %een# %ut in the end the whole (!rt$ were in'ited to co"e down. C! (i!n found hi" elf de cendin) ! d!r& t!irw!$ into the e!rth# %ut when he c!"e to the %otto" he !w fireli)ht. It w! the li)ht of ! furn!ce. The whole (l!ce w! ! "ith$. A u%terr!ne!n tre!" r!n (! t on one ide of it. Two Dw!rf were !t the %ellow # !nother w! holdin) ! (iece of red/hot "et!l on the !n'il with ! (!ir of ton) # ! fourth w! h!""erin) it# !nd two# wi(in) their horn$ little h!nd on ! )re! $ cloth# were co"in) forw!rd to "eet the 'i itor . It too& o"e ti"e to !ti f$ the" th!t C! (i!n w! ! friend !nd not !n ene"$# %ut when the$ did# the$ !ll cried# 1Lon) li'e the +in)#1 !nd their )ift were no%le / "!il hirt !nd hel"et !nd word for C! (i!n !nd Tru"(&in !nd Ni&!%ri&. The B!d)er could h!'e h!d the !"e if he h!d li&ed# %ut he !id he w! ! %e! t# he w! # !nd if hi cl!w !nd teeth could not &ee( hi &in whole# it w! n2t worth &ee(in). The wor&"!n hi( of the !r" w! f!r finer th!n !n$ C! (i!n h!d e'er een# !nd he )l!dl$ !cce(ted the Dw!rf/"!de word in te!d of hi own# which loo&ed# in co"(!ri on# ! fee%le ! ! to$ !nd ! clu" $ ! ! tic&. The e'en %rother ;who were !ll Red Dw!rf < (ro"i ed to co"e to the fe! t !t D!ncin) L!wn. A little f!rther on# in ! dr$# roc&$ r!'ine the$ re!ched the c!'e of fi'e Bl!c& Dw!rf . The$ loo&ed u (iciou l$ !t C! (i!n# %ut in the end the elde t of the" !id# 1If he i !)!in t 5ir!6# we2ll h!'e hi" for +in).1 And the ne.t olde t !id# 1Sh!ll we )o f!rther u( for $ou# u( to the cr!) 3 There2 !n O)re or two !nd ! H!) th!t we could introduce $ou to# u( there.1 1Cert!inl$ not#1 1I !id C! (i!n. !id Trufflehunter. 1We w!nt none of th!t ort on

hould thin& not# indeed#1

our ide.1 Ni&!%ri& di !)reed with thi # %ut Tru"(&in !nd the B!d)er o'erruled hi". It )!'e C! (i!n ! hoc& to re!li6e th!t the horri%le cre!ture out of the old torie # ! well ! the nice one # h!d o"e de cend!nt in N!rni! till. 1We hould not h!'e A l!n for friend if we %rou)ht in th!t r!%%le#1 Trufflehunter ! the$ c!"e !w!$ fro" the c!'e of the Bl!c& Dw!rf . !id "uch "ore

1Oh# A l!n41 !id Tru"(&in# cheeril$ %ut conte"(tuou l$. 1Wh!t "!tter i th!t $ou wouldn2t h!'e "e.1 1Do $ou %elie'e in A l!n31 !id C! (i!n to Ni&!%ri&.

1I2ll %elie'e in !n$one or !n$thin)#1 !id Ni&!%ri&# 1th!t2ll %!tter the e cur ed Tel"!rine %!r%!ri!n to (iece or dri'e the" out of N!rni!. An$one or !n$thin)# A l!n or the White Witch# do $ou under t!nd31 1Silence# ilence#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1You do not &now wh!t $ou !re w! ! wor e ene"$ th!n 5ir!6 !nd !ll hi r!ce.1 1Not to Dw!rf # he w! n2t#1 !id Ni&!%ri&. !$in). She

Their ne.t 'i it w! ! (le! !nter one. A the$ c!"e lower down# the "ount!in o(ened out into ! )re!t )len or wooded )or)e with ! wift ri'er runnin) !t the %otto". The o(en (l!ce ne!r the ri'er2 ed)e were ! "! of fo.)lo'e !nd wild ro e !nd the !ir w! %u66in) with %ee . Here Trufflehunter c!lled !)!in# 1=len tor"4 =len tor"41 !nd !fter ! (!u e C! (i!n he!rd the ound of hoof . It )rew louder till the '!lle$ tre"%led !nd !t l! t# %re!&in) !nd tr!"(lin) the thic&et # there c!"e in i)ht the no%le t cre!ture th!t C! (i!n h!d $et een# the )re!t Cent!ur =len tor" !nd hi three on . Hi fl!n& were )lo $ che tnut !nd the %e!rd th!t co'ered hi %ro!d che t w! )oldenred. He w! ! (ro(het !nd ! t!r/ )!6er !nd &new wh!t the$ h!d co"e !%out. 1Lon) li'e the +in)#1 he cried. 1I !nd "$ %!ttle to %e 0oined31 on !re re!d$ for w!r. When i the

:( till now neither C! (i!n nor the other h!d re!ll$ %een thin&in) of ! w!r. The$ h!d o"e '!)ue ide!# (erh!( # of !n occ! ion!l r!id on o"e Hu"!n f!r" te!d or of !tt!c&in) ! (!rt$ of hunter # if it 'entured too f!r into the e outhern wild . But# in the "!in# the$ h!d thou)ht onl$ of li'in) to the" el'e in wood !nd c!'e !nd %uildin) u( !n !tte"(t !t Old N!rni! in hidin). A oon ! =len tor" h!d (o&en e'er$one felt "uch "ore eriou . 1Do $ou "e!n ! re!l w!r to dri'e 5ir!6 out of N!rni!31 ! &ed C! (i!n. 1Wh!t el e31 !id the Cent!ur. 1Wh$ el e doe )irt with word31 1I it (o i%le# =len tor"31 !id the B!d)er. $our 5!0e t$ )o cl!d in "!il !nd

1The ti"e i ri(e#1 !id =len tor". 1I w!tch the &ie # B!d)er# for it i "ine to w!tch# ! it i $our to re"e"%er. T!r'! !nd Al!"%il h!'e "et in the h!ll of hi)h he!'en# !nd on e!rth ! on of Ad!" h! once "ore !ri en to rule !nd n!"e the cre!ture . The hour h! truc&. Our council !t the D!ncin) L!wn "u t %e ! council of w!r.1 He (o&e in uch ! 'oice th!t neither C! (i!n nor the other he it!ted for ! "o"ent9 it now ee"ed to the" *uite (o i%le th!t the$ "i)ht win ! w!r !nd *uite cert!in th!t the$ "u t w!)e one. A it w! now (! t the "iddle of the d!$# the$ re ted with the Cent!ur !nd !te

uch food ! the cent!ur wine# !nd chee e.

(ro'ided c!&e

of o!ten "e!l# !nd !((le # !nd her% # !nd

The ne.t (l!ce the$ were to 'i it w! *uite ne!r !t h!nd# %ut the$ h!d to )o ! lon) w!$ round in order to !'oid ! re)ion in which 5en li'ed. It w! well into the !fternoon %efore the$ found the" el'e in le'el field # w!r" %etween hed)erow . There Trufflehunter c!lled !t the "outh of ! little hole in ! )reen %!n& !nd out (o((ed the l! t thin) C! (i!n e.(ected / ! T!l&in) 5ou e. He w! of cour e %i))er th!n ! co""on "ou e# well o'er ! foot hi)h when he tood on hi hind le) # !nd with e!r ne!rl$ ! lon) ! ;thou)h %ro!der th!n< ! r!%%it2 . Hi n!"e w! Ree(ichee( !nd he w! ! )!$ !nd "!rti!l "ou e. He wore ! tin$ little r!(ier !t hi ide !nd twirled hi lon) whi &er ! if the$ were ! "ou t!che. 1There !re twel'e of u # Sire#1 he !id with ! d! hin) !nd )r!ceful %ow# 1!nd I (l!ce !ll the re ource of "$ (eo(le unre er'edl$ !t $our 5!0e t$2 di (o !l.1 C! (i!n tried h!rd ;!nd ucce full$< not to l!u)h# %ut he couldn2t hel( thin&in) th!t Ree(ichee( !nd !ll hi (eo(le could 'er$ e! il$ %e (ut in ! w! hin) %! &et !nd c!rried ho"e on one2 %!c&. It would t!&e too lon) to "ention !ll the cre!ture who" C! (i!n "et th!t d!$ / Clod le$ Sho'el the 5ole# the three H!rd%iter ;who were %!d)er li&e Trufflehunter<# C!"illo the H!re# !nd Ho))le toc& the Hed)eho). The$ re ted !t l! t %e ide ! well !t the ed)e of ! wide !nd le'el circle of )r! # %ordered with t!ll el" which now threw lon) h!dow !cro it# for the un w! ettin)# the d!i ie clo in)# !nd the roo& fl$in) ho"e to %ed. Here the$ u((ed on food the$ h!d %rou)ht with the" !nd Tru"(&in lit hi (i(e ;Ni&!%ri& w! not ! "o&er<. 1Now#1 !id the B!d)er# 1if onl$ we could w!&e the well# we hould h!'e done ! )ood d!$2 wor&.1 1C!n2t we31 !id C! (i!n. (irit of the e tree !nd thi

1No#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1We h!'e no (ower o'er the". Since the Hu"!n c!"e into the l!nd# fellin) fore t !nd defilin) tre!" # the Dr$!d !nd N!i!d h!'e un& into ! dee( lee(. Who &now if e'er the$ will tir !)!in3 And th!t i ! )re!t lo to our ide. The Tel"!rine !re horri%l$ !fr!id of the wood # !nd once the Tree "o'ed in !n)er# our ene"ie would )o "!d with fri)ht !nd %e ch! ed out of N!rni! ! *uic& ! their le) could c!rr$ the".1 1Wh!t i"!)in!tion $ou Ani"!l h!'e41 !id Tru"(&in# who didn2t %elie'e in uch thin) . 1But wh$ to( !t Tree !nd W!ter 3 Wouldn2t it %e e'en nicer if the tone t!rted throwin) the" el'e !t old 5ir!631 The B!d)er onl$ )runted !t thi # !nd !fter th!t there w! uch ! ilence th!t C! (i!n h!d ne!rl$ dro((ed off to lee( when he thou)ht he he!rd ! f!int "u ic!l ound fro" the de(th of the wood !t hi %!c&. Then he thou)ht it w! onl$ ! dre!" !nd turned o'er !)!in- %ut ! oon ! hi e!r touched the )round he felt or he!rd ;it w! h!rd to tell which< ! f!int %e!tin) or dru""in). He r!i ed hi he!d. The %e!tin) noi e !t once %ec!"e f!inter# %ut the "u ic returned# cle!rer thi ti"e. It w! li&e flute . He !w th!t Trufflehunter w! ittin) u( t!rin) into the wood. The "oon w! %ri)ht- C! (i!n h!d %een ! lee( lon)er th!n he thou)ht. Ne!rer !nd ne!rer c!"e the "u ic# ! tune wild !nd $et dre!"$# !nd the noi e of "!n$ li)ht feet# till !t l! t# out fro" the wood into the "oonli)ht# c!"e d!ncin) h!(e uch ! C! (i!n h!d %een thin&in) of !ll hi life. The$ were not "uch t!ller th!n dw!rf # %ut f!r li)hter !nd "ore )r!ceful. Their curl$ he!d h!d little horn # the u((er (!rt of their %odie )le!"ed n!&ed in the (!le li)ht# %ut their le) !nd feet were tho e of )o!t . 18!un 41 cried C! (i!n# 0u"(in) u(# !nd in ! "o"ent the$ were !ll round hi". It

too& ne.t to no ti"e to e.(l!in the whole itu!tion to the" !nd the$ !cce(ted C! (i!n !t once. Before he &new wh!t he w! doin) he found hi" elf 0oinin) in the d!nce. Tru"(&in# with he!'ier !nd 0er&ier "o'e"ent # did li&ewi e !nd e'en Trufflehunter ho((ed !nd lu"%ered !%out ! %e t he could. Onl$ Ni&!%ri& t!$ed where he w! # loo&in) on in ilence. The 8!un footed it !ll round C! (i!n to their reed$ (i(e . Their tr!n)e f!ce # which ee"ed "ournful !nd "err$ !ll !t once# loo&ed into hi - do6en of 8!un # 5entiu !nd O%entinu !nd Du"nu # @olun # @oltinu # =ir%iu # Ni"ienu # N!u u # !nd O cun . P!ttertwi) h!d ent the" !ll. When C! (i!n !wo&e ne.t "ornin) he could h!rdl$ %elie'e th!t it h!d not !ll %een ! dre!"- %ut the )r! w! co'ered with little clo'en hoof/"!r& .

CHAPTER SE@EN OLD NARNIA IN DAN=ER THE (l!ce where the$ h!d "et the 8!un w! # of cour e# D!ncin) L!wn it elf# !nd here C! (i!n !nd hi friend re"!ined till the ni)ht of the )re!t Council. To lee( under the t!r # to drin& nothin) %ut well w!ter !nd to li'e chiefl$ on nut !nd wild fruit# w! ! tr!n)e e.(erience for C! (i!n !fter hi %ed with il&en heet in ! t!(e tried ch!"%er !t the c! tle# with "e!l l!id out on )old !nd il'er di he in the !nteroo"# !nd !ttend!nt re!d$ !t hi c!ll. But he h!d ne'er en0o$ed hi" elf "ore. Ne'er h!d lee( %een "ore refre hin) nor food t! ted "ore !'our$# !nd he %e)!n !lre!d$ to h!rden !nd hi f!ce wore ! &in)lier loo&. When the )re!t ni)ht c!"e# !nd hi '!riou tr!n)e u%0ect c!"e te!lin) into the l!wn %$ one !nd two !nd three or %$ i.e !nd e'en / the "oon then hinin) !l"o t !t her full / hi he!rt welled ! he !w their nu"%er !nd he!rd their )reetin) . All who" he h!d "et were there9 Bul)$ Be!r !nd Red Dw!rf !nd Bl!c& Dw!rf # 5ole !nd B!d)er # H!re !nd Hed)eho) # !nd other who" he h!d not $et een / fi'e S!t$r ! red ! fo.e # the whole contin)ent of T!l&in) 5ice# !r"ed to the teeth !nd followin) ! hrill tru"(et# o"e Owl # the Old R!'en of R!'en c!ur. L! t of !ll ;!nd thi too& C! (i!n2 %re!th !w!$<# with the Cent!ur c!"e ! "!ll %ut )enuine =i!nt# Wi"%lewe!ther of De!d"!n2 Hill# c!rr$in) on hi %!c& ! %! &etful of r!ther e!/ ic& Dw!rf who h!d !cce(ted hi offer of ! lift !nd were now wi hin) the$ h!d w!l&ed in te!d. The Bul)$ Be!r were 'er$ !n.iou to h!'e the fe! t fir t !nd le!'e the council till !fterw!rd 9 (erh!( till to"orrow. Ree(ichee( !nd hi 5ice !id th!t council !nd fe! t could %oth w!it# !nd (ro(o ed tor"in) 5ir!6 in hi own c! tle th!t 'er$ ni)ht. P!ttertwi) !nd the other S*uirrel !id the$ could t!l& !nd e!t !t the !"e ti"e# o wh$ not h!'e the council !nd fe! t !ll !t once3 The 5ole (ro(o ed throwin) u( entrench"ent round the L!wn %efore the$ did !n$thin) el e. The 8!un thou)ht it would %e %etter to %e)in with ! ole"n d!nce. The Old R!'en# while !)reein) with the Be!r th!t it would t!&e too lon) to h!'e ! full council %efore u((er# %e))ed to %e !llowed to )i'e ! %rief !ddre to the whole co"(!n$. But C! (i!n !nd the Cent!ur !nd the Dw!rf o'erruled !ll the e u))e tion !nd in i ted on holdin) ! re!l council of w!r !t once. When !ll the other cre!ture h!d %een (er u!ded to it down *uietl$ in ! )re!t circle# !nd when ;with "ore difficult$< the$ h!d )ot P!ttertwi) to to( runnin) to !nd fro !nd !$in) 1Silence4 Silence# e'er$one# for the +in)2 (eech1# C! (i!n# feelin) ! little ner'ou # )ot u(. 1N!rni!n 41 he %e)!n# %ut he ne'er )ot !n$ further# for !t th!t 'er$ "o"ent C!"illo the H!re !id# 1Hu h4 There2 ! 5!n o"ewhere ne!r.1

The$ were !ll cre!ture of the wild# !ccu to"ed to %ein) hunted# !nd the$ !ll %ec!"e till ! t!tue . The %e! t !ll turned their no e in the direction which C!"illo h!d indic!ted. 1S"ell 1It2 li&e 5!n !nd $et not *uite li&e 5!n#1 whi (ered Trufflehunter. )ettin) te!dil$ ne!rer#1 !id C!"illo. !t the / re!d$# )o h!ft to hi oftl$ off to %ow trin).

1Two %!d)er !nd $ou three Dw!rf # with $our %ow "eet it#1 !id C! (i!n. 1We2ll 1Don2t ettle 2un#1 hoot if it i

!id ! Bl!c& Dw!rf )ri"l$# fittin) ! !lone#1 !id C! (i!n. 1C!tch it.1

1Wh$31 ! &ed the Dw!rf. 1Do ! $ou2re told#1 !id =len tor" the Cent!ur.

E'er$one w!ited in ilence while the three Dw!rf !nd two B!d)er trotted te!lthil$ !cro to the tree on the northwe t ide of the L!wn. Then c!"e ! h!r( dw!rfi h cr$# 1Sto(4 Who )oe there31 !nd ! udden (rin). A "o"ent l!ter ! 'oice# which C! (i!n &new well# could he he!rd !$in)# 1All ri)ht# !ll ri)ht# I2" un!r"ed. T!&e "$ wri t if $ou li&e# worth$ B!d)er # %ut don2t %ite ri)ht throu)h the". I w!nt to (e!& to the +in).1 1Doctor Corneliu 41 cried C! (i!n with 0o$# !nd ru hed forw!rd to )reet hi tutor. E'er$one el e crowded round. 1P!h41 !id Ni&!%ri&. 1A rene)!de Dw!rf. A h!lf/!nd/h!lfer4 Sh!ll I (! throu)h it thro!t31 1Be *uiet# Ni&!%ri&#1 !id Tru"(&in. 1The cre!ture c!n2t hel( it "$ old word

!nce tr$.1

1Thi i "$ )re!te t friend !nd the !'iour of "$ life#1 !id C! (i!n. 1And !n$one who doe n2t li&e hi co"(!n$ "!$ le!'e "$ !r"$9 !t once. De!re t doctor# I !" )l!d to ee $ou !)!in. How e'er did $ou find u out31 1B$ ! little u e of i"(le "!)ic# $our 5!0e t$#1 !id the Doctor# who w! till (uffin) !nd %lowin) fro" h!'in) w!l&ed o f! t. 1But there2 no ti"e to )o into th!t now. We "u t !ll fl$ fro" thi (l!ce !t once. You !re !lre!d$ %etr!$ed !nd 5ir!6 i on the "o'e. Before "idd!$ to"orrow $ou will %e urrounded.1 1Betr!$ed41 !id C! (i!n. 1And %$ who"31 !id Ni&!%ri&.

1Another rene)!de Dw!rf# no dou%t#1

1B$ $our hor e De trier#1 !id Doctor Corneliu . 1The (oor %rute &new no %etter. When $ou were &noc&ed off# of cour e# he went d!wdlin) %!c& to hi t!%le in the c! tle. Then the ecret of $our fli)ht w! &nown. I "!de "$ elf c!rce# h!'in) no wi h to %e *ue tioned !%out it in 5ir!62 torture ch!"%er. I h!d ! (rett$ )ood )ue fro" "$ cr$ t!l ! to where I hould find $ou. But !ll d!$ / th!t w! the d!$ %efore $e terd!$ / I !w 5ir!62 tr!c&in) (!rtie out in the wood . Ye terd!$ I le!rned th!t hi !r"$ i out. I don2t thin& o"e of $our / u" / (ure/%looded Dw!rf h!'e ! "uch woodcr!ft ! "i)ht %e e.(ected. You2'e left tr!c& !ll o'er the (l!ce. =re!t c!rele ne . At !n$ r!te o"ethin) h! w!rned 5ir!6 th!t Old N!rni! i not o de!d ! he h!d ho(ed# !nd he i on the "o'e.1

1Hurr!h41 !id ! 'er$ hrill !nd "!ll 'oice fro" o"ewhere !t the Doctor2 feet. 1Let the" co"e4 All I ! & i th!t the +in) will (ut "e !nd "$ (eo(le in the front.1 1Wh!t on e!rth31 !id Doctor Corneliu . 1H! $our 5!0e t$ )ot )r! ho((er / or "o *uitoe / in $our !r"$31 Then !fter too(in) down !nd (eerin) c!refull$ throu)h hi (ect!cle # he %ro&e into ! l!u)h. 1B$ the Lion#1 he wore# 1it2 ! "ou e. Si)nior 5ou e# I de ire $our %etter !c*u!int!nce. I !" honoured %$ "eetin) o '!li!nt ! %e! t.1 15$ friend hi( $ou h!ll h!'e# le!rned 5!n#1 (i(ed Ree(ichee(. 1And !n$ Dw!rf / or =i!nt / in the !r"$ who doe not )i'e $ou )ood l!n)u!)e h!ll h!'e "$ word to rec&on with.1 1I there ti"e for thi fli)ht31 fooler$31 ! &ed Ni&!%ri&. 1Wh!t !re our (l!n 3 B!ttle or

1B!ttle if need %e#1 !id Tru"(&in. 1But we !re h!rdl$ re!d$ for it $et# !nd thi i no 'er$ defen i%le (l!ce.1 1I don2t li&e the ide! of runnin) !w!$#1 !id C! (i!n.

1He!r hi"4 He!r hi"41 !id the Bul)$ Be!r . 1Wh!te'er we do# don2t let2 h!'e !n$ runnin). E (eci!ll$ not %efore u((er- !nd not too oon !fter it neither.1 1Tho e who run fir t do not !lw!$ run l! t#1 !id the Cent!ur. 1And wh$ hould we let the ene"$ choo e our (o ition in te!d of choo in) it our el'e 3 Let u find ! tron) (l!ce.1 1Th!t2 wi e# $our 5!0e t$# th!t2 wi e#1 !id Trufflehunter.

1But where !re we to )o31 ! &ed

e'er!l 'oice .

1Your 5!0e t$#1 !id Doctor Corneliu # 1!nd !ll $ou '!riet$ of cre!ture # I thin& we "u t fl$ e! t !nd down the ri'er to the )re!t wood . The Tel"!rine h!te th!t re)ion. The$ h!'e !lw!$ %een !fr!id of the e! !nd of o"ethin) th!t "!$ co"e o'er the e!. Th!t i wh$ the$ h!'e let the )re!t wood )row u(. If tr!dition (e!& true# the !ncient C!ir P!r!'el w! !t the ri'er/"outh. All th!t (!rt i friendl$ to u !nd h!teful to our ene"ie . We "u t )o to A l!n2 How.1 1A l!n2 How31 !id e'er!l 'oice . 1We do not &now wh!t it i .1

1It lie within the &irt of the =re!t Wood !nd it i ! hu)e "ound which N!rni!n r!i ed in 'er$ !ncient ti"e o'er ! 'er$ "!)ic!l (l!ce# where there tood / !nd (erh!( till t!nd / ! 'er$ "!)ic!l Stone. The 5ound i !ll hollowed out within into )!llerie !nd c!'e # !nd the Stone i in the centr!l c!'e of !ll. There i roo" in the "ound for !ll our tore # !nd tho e of u who h!'e "o t need of co'er !nd !re "o t !ccu to"ed to under)round life c!n %e lod)ed in the c!'e . The re t of u c!n lie in the wood. At ! (inch !ll of u ;e.ce(t thi worth$ =i!nt< could retre!t into the 5ound it elf# !nd there we hould %e %e$ond the re!ch of e'er$ d!n)er e.ce(t f!"ine.1 1It i ! )ood thin) we h!'e ! le!rned "!n !"on) u #1 !id Trufflehunter- %ut Tru"(&in "uttered under hi %re!th# 1Sou( !nd celer$4 I wi h our le!der would thin& le !%out the e old wi'e 2 t!le !nd "ore !%out 'ictu!l !nd !r" .1 But !ll !((ro'ed of Corneliu 2 (ro(o !l !nd th!t 'er$ ni)ht# h!lf !n hour l!ter# the$

were on the "!rch. Before

unri e the$ !rri'ed !t A l!n2


It w! cert!inl$ !n !we o"e (l!ce# ! round )reen hill on to( of !nother hill# lon) ince )rown o'er with tree # !nd one little# low doorw!$ le!din) into it. The tunnel in ide were ! (erfect "!6e till $ou )ot to &now the"# !nd the$ were lined !nd roofed with "ooth tone # !nd on the tone # (eerin) in the twili)ht# C! (i!n !w tr!n)e ch!r!cter !nd n!&$ (!ttern # !nd (icture in which the for" of ! Lion w! re(e!ted !)!in !nd !)!in. It !ll ee"ed to %elon) to !n e'en older N!rni! th!n the N!rni! of which hi nur e h!d told hi". It w! !fter the$ h!d t!&en u( their *u!rter in !nd !round the How th!t fortune %e)!n to turn !)!in t the". +in) 5ir!62 cout oon found their new l!ir# !nd he !nd hi !r"$ !rri'ed on the ed)e of the wood . And ! o often h!((en # the ene"$ turned out tron)er th!n the$ h!d rec&oned. C! (i!n2 he!rt !n& ! he !w co"(!n$ !fter co"(!n$ !rri'in). And thou)h 5ir!62 "en "!$ h!'e %een !fr!id of )oin) into the wood# the$ were e'en "ore !fr!id of 5ir!6# !nd with hi" in co""!nd the$ c!rried %!ttle dee(l$ into it !nd o"eti"e !l"o t to the How it elf. C! (i!n !nd other c!(t!in of cour e "!de "!n$ ortie into the o(en countr$. Thu there w! fi)htin) on "o t d!$ !nd o"eti"e %$ ni)ht ! well- %ut C! (i!n2 (!rt$ h!d on the whole the wor t of it. At l! t there c!"e ! ni)ht when e'er$thin) h!d )one ! %!dl$ ! (o i%le# !nd the r!in which h!d %een f!llin) he!'il$ !ll d!$ h!d ce! ed !t ni)htf!ll onl$ to )i'e (l!ce to r!w cold. Th!t "ornin) C! (i!n h!d !rr!n)ed wh!t w! hi %i))e t %!ttle $et# !nd !ll h!d hun) their ho(e on it. He# with "o t of the Dw!rf # w! to h!'e f!llen on the +in)2 ri)ht win) !t d!$%re!&# !nd then# when the$ were he!'il$ en)!)ed# =i!nt Wi"%lewe!ther# with the Cent!ur !nd o"e of the fierce t %e! t # w! to h!'e %ro&en out fro" !nother (l!ce !nd ende!'oured to cut the +in)2 ri)ht off fro" the re t of the !r"$. But it h!d !ll f!iled. No one h!d w!rned C! (i!n ;%ec!u e no one in the e l!ter d!$ of N!rni! re"e"%ered< th!t =i!nt !re not !t !ll cle'er. Poor Wi"%lewe!ther# thou)h ! %r!'e ! ! lion# w! ! true =i!nt in th!t re (ect. He h!d %ro&en out !t the wron) ti"e !nd fro" the wron) (l!ce# !nd %oth hi (!rt$ !nd C! (i!n2 h!d uffered %!dl$ !nd done the ene"$ little h!r". The %e t of the Be!r h!d %een hurt# ! Cent!ur terri%l$ wounded# !nd there were few in C! (i!n2 (!rt$ who h!d not lo t %lood. It w! ! )loo"$ co"(!n$ th!t huddled under the dri((in) tree to e!t their c!nt$ u((er. The )loo"ie t of !ll w! =i!nt Wi"%lewe!ther. He &new it w! !ll hi f!ult. He !t in ilence heddin) %i) te!r which collected on the end of hi no e !nd then fell off with ! hu)e (l! h on the whole %i'ou!c of the 5ice# who h!d 0u t %een %e)innin) to )et w!r" !nd drow $. The$ !ll 0u"(ed u(# h!&in) the w!ter out of their e!r !nd wrin)in) their little %l!n&et # !nd ! &ed the =i!nt in hrill %ut forci%le 'oice whether he thou)ht the$ weren2t wet enou)h without thi ort of thin). And then other (eo(le wo&e u( !nd told the 5ice the$ h!d %een enrolled ! cout !nd not ! ! concert (!rt$# !nd ! &ed wh$ the$ couldn2t &ee( *uiet. And Wi"%lewe!ther ti(toed !w!$ to find o"e (l!ce where he could %e "i er!%le in (e!ce !nd te((ed on o"e%od$2 t!il !nd o"e%od$ ;the$ !id !fterw!rd it w! ! fo.< %it hi". And o e'er$one w! out of te"(er. But in the ecret !nd "!)ic!l ch!"%er !t the he!rt of the How# +in) C! (i!n# with Corneliu !nd the B!d)er !nd Ni&!%ri& !nd Tru"(&in# were !t council. Thic& (ill!r of !ncient wor&"!n hi( u((orted the roof. In the centre w! the Stone it elf / ! tone t!%le# (lit ri)ht down the centre# !nd co'ered with wh!t h!d once %een writin) of o"e &ind9 %ut !)e of wind !nd r!in !nd now h!d !l"o t worn the" !w!$ in old ti"e when the Stone T!%le h!d tood on the hillto(# !nd the 5ound h!d not $et %een %uilt !%o'e it. The$ were not u in) the T!%le nor ittin) round it9 it

w! too "!)ic ! thin) for !n$ co""on u e. The$ !t on lo) ! little w!$ fro" it# !nd %etween the" w! ! rou)h wooden t!%le# on which tood ! rude cl!$ l!"( li)htin) u( their (!le f!ce !nd throwin) %i) h!dow on the w!ll . 1If $our 5!0e t$ i e'er to u e the Horn#1 !id Trufflehunter# 1I thin& the ti"e h! now co"e.1 C! (i!n h!d of cour e told the" of hi tre! ure e'er!l d!$ !)o. 1We !re cert!inl$ in )re!t need#1 !n wered C! (i!n. 1But it i h!rd to %e ure we !re !t our )re!te t. Su((o in) there c!"e !n e'en wor e need !nd we h!d !lre!d$ u ed it31 1B$ th!t !r)u"ent#1 l!te.1 1I !)ree with th!t#1 !id Ni&!%ri&# 1$our 5!0e t$ will ne'er u e it until it i !id Doctor Corneliu . too

1And wh!t do $ou thin&# Tru"(&in31 ! &ed C! (i!n. 1Oh# ! for "e#1 !id the Red Dw!rf# who h!d %een li tenin) with co"(lete indifference# 1$our 5!0e t$ &now I thin& the Horn / !nd th!t %it of %ro&en tone o'er there !nd $our )re!t +in) Peter / !nd $our Lion A l!n / !re !ll e)) in "oon hine. It2 !ll one to "e when $our 5!0e t$ %low the Horn. All I in i t on i th!t the !r"$ i told nothin) !%out it. There2 no )ood r!i in) ho(e of "!)ic!l hel( which ;! I thin&< !re ure to %e di !((ointed.1 1Then in the n!"e of A l!n we will wind ,ueen Su !n2 Horn#1 !id C! (i!n.

1There i one thin)# Sire#1 !id Doctor Corneliu # 1th!t hould (erh!( %e done fir t. We do not &now wh!t for" the hel( will t!&e. It "i)ht c!ll A l!n hi" elf fro" o'er e!. But I thin& it i "ore li&el$ to c!ll Peter the Hi)h +in) !nd hi "i)ht$ con ort down fro" the hi)h (! t. But in either c! e# I do not thin& we c!n %e ure th!t the hel( will co"e to thi 'er$ (ot /1 1You ne'er !id ! truer word#1 (ut in Tru"(&in.

1I thin&#1 went on the le!rned "!n# 1th!t the$ / or he will co"e %!c& to one or other of the Ancient Pl!ce of N!rni!. Thi # where we now it# i the "o t !ncient !nd "o t dee(l$ "!)ic!l of !ll# !nd here# I thin&# the !n wer i li&elie t to co"e. But there !re two other . One L!ntern W! te# u(/ri'er# we t of Be!'er d!"# where the Ro$!l Children fir t !((e!red in N!rni!# ! the record tell The other i down !t the ri'er/"outh# where their c! tle of C!ir P!r!'el once tood. And if A l!n hi" elf co"e # th!t would %e the %e t (l!ce for "eetin) hi" too# for e'er$ tor$ !$ th!t he i the on of the )re!t E"(eror/o'er/the/Se!# !nd o'er the e! he will (! . I hould li&e 'er$ "uch to end "e en)er to %oth (l!ce # to L!ntern W! te !nd the ri'er/"outh# to recei'e the" / or hi" or it.1 17u t ! I thou)ht#1 "uttered Tru"(&in. 1The fir t re ult of !ll thi not to %rin) u hel( %ut to lo e u two fi)hter .1 1Who would $ou thin& of endin)# Doctor Corneliu 31 ! &ed C! (i!n. !id fooler$ i

1S*uirrel !re %e t for )ettin) throu)h ene"$ countr$ without %ein) c!u)ht#1 Trufflehunter.

1All our *uirrel ;!nd we h!'en2t "!n$<#1 !id Ni&!%ri&# 1!re r!ther fli)ht$. The onl$ one I2d tru t on ! 0o% li&e th!t would %e P!ttertwi).1 1Let it %e P!ttertwi)# then#1 !id +in) C! (i!n. 1And who for our other "e en)er3

I &now $ou2d )o# Trufflehunter# %ut $ou h!'en2t the Corneliu .1

(eed. Nor $ou# Doctor !%out# there "u t (e!& to

1I won2t )o#1 !id Ni&!%ri&. 1With !ll the e Hu"!n !nd %e! t %e ! Dw!rf here to ee th!t the Dw!rf !re f!irl$ tre!ted.1 1Thi"%le !nd thunder tor" 41 cried Tru"(&in in ! r!)e. 1I the +in)3 Send "e# Sire# I2ll )o.1 1But I thou)ht $ou didn2t %elie'e in the Horn# Tru"(&in#1

th!t how $ou !id C! (i!n.

1No "ore I do# $our 5!0e t$. But wh!t2 th!t )ot to do with it3 I "i)ht ! well die on ! wild )oo e ch! e ! die here. You !re "$ +in). I &now the difference %etween )i'in) !d'ice !nd t!&in) order . You2'e h!d "$ !d'ice# !nd now it2 the ti"e for order .1 1I will ne'er for)et thi # Tru"(&in#1 $ou. And when h!ll I %low the Horn31 !id C! (i!n. 1Send for P!ttertwi)# one of o"eti"e

1I would w!it for unri e# $our 5!0e t$#1 !id Doctor Corneliu . 1Th!t h! !n effect in o(er!tion of White 5!)ic.1

A few "inute l!ter P!ttertwi) !rri'ed !nd h!d hi t! & e.(l!ined to hi". A he w! # li&e "!n$ *uirrel # full of cour!)e !nd d! h !nd ener)$ !nd e.cite"ent !nd "i chief ;not to !$ conceit<# he no ooner he!rd it th!n he w! e!)er to %e off. It w! !rr!n)ed th!t he hould run for L!ntern W! te while Tru"(&in "!de the horter 0ourne$ to the ri'er/"outh. After ! h! t$ "e!l the$ %oth et off with the fer'ent th!n& !nd )ood wi he of the +in)# the B!d)er# !nd Corneliu .

CHAPTER EI=HT HOW THEY LE8T THE ISLAND 1AND o#1 !id Tru"(&in ;for# ! $ou h!'e re!li6ed# it w! he who h!d %een tellin) !ll thi tor$ to the four children# ittin) on the )r! in the ruined h!ll of C!ir P!r!'el< / 1!nd o I (ut ! cru t or two in "$ (oc&et# left %ehind !ll we!(on %ut "$ d!))er# !nd too& to the wood in the )re$ of the "ornin). I2d %een (lu))in) !w!$ for "!n$ hour when there c!"e ! ound th!t I2d ne'er he!rd the li&e of in "$ %orn d!$ . Eh# I won2t for)et th!t. The whole !ir w! full of it# loud ! thunder %ut f!r lon)er# cool !nd weet ! "u ic o'er w!ter# %ut tron) enou)h to h!&e the wood . And I !id to "$ elf# >If th!t2 not the Horn# c!ll "e ! r!%%it.2 And ! "o"ent l!ter I wondered wh$ he h!dn2t %lown it ooner/1 1Wh!t ti"e w! it31 ! &ed Ed"und. !id Tru"(&in. !id !ll the children# !nd loo&ed !t

1Between nine !nd ten of the cloc&#1 17u t when we were !t the r!ilw!$ one !nother with hinin) e$e . 1Ple! e )o on#1


!id Luc$ to the Dw!rf.

1Well# ! I w! !$in)# I wondered# %ut I went on ! h!rd ! I could (elt. I &e(t on !ll ni)ht / !nd then# when it w! h!lf li)ht thi "ornin)# ! if I2d no "ore en e th!n ! =i!nt# I ri &ed ! hort cut !cro o(en countr$ to cut off ! %i) loo(

of the ri'er# !nd w! c!u)ht. Not %$ the !r"$# %ut %$ ! (o"(ou old fool who h! ch!r)e of ! little c! tle which i 5ir!62 l! t tron)hold tow!rd the co! t. I needn2t tell $ou the$ )ot no true t!le out of "e# %ut I w! ! Dw!rf !nd th!t w! enou)h. But# lo% ter !nd lolli(o( 4 it i ! )ood thin) the ene ch!l w! ! (o"(ou fool. An$one el e would h!'e run "e throu)h there !nd then. But nothin) would do for hi" hort of ! )r!nd e.ecution9 endin) "e down >to the )ho t in the full cere"oni!l w!$. And then thi $oun) l!d$1# ;he nodded !t Su !n< 1doe her %it of !rcher$ !nd it w! (rett$ hootin)# let "e tell $ou / !nd here we !re. And without "$ !r"our# for of cour e the$ too& th!t.1 He &noc&ed out !nd refilled hi (i(e. 1=re!t Scott41 !id Peter. 1So it w! the horn / $our own horn# Su / th!t dr!))ed u !ll off th!t e!t on the (l!tfor" $e terd!$ "ornin)4 I c!n h!rdl$ %elie'e it$et it !ll fit in.1 1I don2t &now wh$ $ou houldn2t %elie'e it#1 !id Luc$# 1if $ou %elie'e in "!)ic !t !ll. Aren2t there lot of torie !%out "!)ic forcin) (eo(le out of one (l!ce / out of one world / into !nother3 I "e!n# when ! "!)ici!n in The Ar!%i!n Ni)ht c!ll u( ! 7inn# it h! to co"e. We h!d to co"e# 0u t li&e th!t.1 1Ye #1 !id Peter# 1I u((o e wh!t "!&e it feel o *ueer i th!t in the torie it2 !lw!$ o"eone in our world who doe the c!llin). One doe n2t re!ll$ thin& !%out where the 7inn2 co"in) fro".1 1And now we &now wh!t it feel li&e for the 7inn#1 !id Ed"und with ! chuc&le. 1=oll$4 It2 ! %it unco"fort!%le to &now th!t we c!n %e whi tled for li&e th!t. It2 wor e th!n wh!t 8!ther !$ !%out li'in) !t the "erc$ of the tele(hone.1 1But we w!nt to %e here# don2t we#1 !id Luc$# 1if A l!n w!nt u 31

15e!nwhile#1 !id the Dw!rf# 1wh!t !re we to do3 I +in) C! (i!n !nd tell hi" no hel( h! co"e.1 1No hel(31 !id Su !n. 1But it h!

u((o e I2d %etter )o %!c& to

wor&ed. And here we !re.1

1:" / u" / $e # to %e ure. I ee th!t#1 !id the Dw!rf# who e (i(e ee"ed to %e %loc&ed ;!t !n$ r!te he "!de hi" elf 'er$ %u $ cle!nin) it<. 1But/ well / I "e!n /1 1But don2t $ou $et ee who we !re31 houted Luc$. 1You !re tu(id.1

1I u((o e $ou !re the four children out of the old torie #1 !id Tru"(&in. 1And I2" 'er$ )l!d to "eet $ou of cour e. And it2 'er$ intere tin)# no dou%t. But / no offence32/ !nd he he it!ted !)!in. 1Do )et on !nd !$ wh!te'er $ou2re )oin) to !$#1 !id Ed"und.

1Well# then / no offence#1 !id Tru"(&in. 1But# $ou &now# the +in) !nd Trufflehunter !nd Doctor Corneliu were e.(ectin) / well# if $ou ee wh!t I "e!n# hel(. To (ut it in !nother w!$# I thin& the$2d %een i"!)inin) $ou ! )re!t w!rrior . A it i / we2re !wfull$ fond of children !nd !ll th!t# %ut 0u t !t the "o"ent# in the "iddle of ! w!r %ut I2" ure $ou under t!nd.1 1You "e!n $ou thin& we2re no )ood#1 !id Ed"und# )ettin) red in the f!ce. ure $ou# "$ de!r little

1Now (r!$ don2t %e offended#1 interru(ted the Dw!rf. 1I ! friend /1

1Little fro" $ou i re!ll$ ! %it too "uch#1 !id Ed"und# 0u"(in) u(. 1I u((o e $ou don2t %elie'e we won the B!ttle of Berun!3 Well# $ou c!n !$ wh!t $ou li&e !%out "e %ec!u e I &now /1 1There2 no )ood lo in) our te"(er #1 !id Peter. 1Let2 fit hi" out with fre h !r"our !nd fit our el'e out fro" the tre! ure ch!"%er# !nd h!'e ! t!l& !fter th!t.1 1I don2t *uite ee the (oint /1 %e)!n Ed"und# %ut Luc$ whi (ered in hi e!r# 1H!dn2t we %etter do wh!t Peter !$ 3 He i the Hi)h +in)# $ou &now. And I thin& he h! !n ide!.1 So Ed"und !)reed !nd %$ the !id of hi torch the$ !ll# includin) Tru"(&in# went down the te( !)!in into the d!r& coldne !nd du t$ (lendour of the tre! ure hou e. The Dw!rf2 e$e )li tened ! he !w the we!lth th!t l!$ on the hel'e ;thou)h he h!d to t!nd on ti(toe to do o< !nd he "uttered to hi" elf# 1It would ne'er do to let Ni&!%ri& ee thi - ne'er.1 The$ found e! il$ enou)h ! "!il hirt for hi"# ! word# ! hel"et# ! hield# ! %ow !nd *ui'erful of !rrow # !ll of dw!rfi h i6e. The hel"et w! of co((er# et with ru%ie # !nd there w! )old on the hilt of the word9 Tru"(&in h!d ne'er een# "uch le c!rried# o "uch we!lth in !ll hi life. The children !l o (ut on "!il hirt !nd hel"et - ! word !nd hield were found for Ed"und !nd ! %ow for Luc$ / Peter !nd Su !n were of cour e !lre!d$ c!rr$in) their )ift . A the$ c!"e %!c& u( the t!irw!$# 0in)lin) in their "!il# !nd !lre!d$ loo&in) !nd feelin) "ore li&e N!rni!n !nd le li&e choolchildren# the two %o$ were %ehind# !((!rentl$ "!&in) o"e (l!n. Luc$ he!rd Ed"und !$# 1No# let "e do it. It will %e "ore of ! uc& for hi" if I win# !nd le of ! let/down for u !ll if I f!il.1 1All ri)ht# Ed#1 !id Peter.

When the$ c!"e out into the d!$li)ht Ed"und turned to the Dw!rf 'er$ (olitel$ !nd !id# 1I2'e )ot o"ethin) to ! & $ou. +id li&e u don2t often h!'e the ch!nce of "eetin) ! )re!t w!rrior li&e $ou. Would $ou h!'e ! little fencin) "!tch with "e3 It would %e fri)htfull$ decent.1 1But# l!d#1 !id Tru"(&in# 1the e word !re h!r(.1

1I &now#1 !id Ed"und. 1But I2ll ne'er )et !n$where ne!r $ou !nd $ou2ll %e *uite cle'er enou)h to di !r" "e without doin) "e !n$ d!"!)e.1 1It2 ! d!n)erou )!"e#1 I2ll tr$ ! (! or two.1 !id Tru"(&in. 1But ince $ou "!&e uch ! (oint of it#

Both word were out in ! "o"ent !nd the three other 0u"(ed off the d!i !nd tood w!tchin). It w! well worth it. It w! not li&e the ill$ fi)htin) $ou ee with %ro!d word on the t!)e. It w! not e'en li&e the r!(ier fi)htin) which $ou o"eti"e ee r!ther %etter done. Thi w! re!l %ro!d/ word fi)htin). The )re!t thin) i to l! h !t $our ene"$2 le) !nd feet %ec!u e the$ !re the (!rt th!t h!'e no !r"our. And when he l! he !t $our $ou 0u"( with %oth feet off the )round o th!t hi %low )oe under the". Thi )!'e the Dw!rf !n !d'!nt!)e %ec!u e Ed"und# %ein) "uch t!ller# h!d to %e !lw!$ too(in). I don2t thin& Ed"und would h!'e h!d ! ch!nce if he h!d fou)ht Tru"(&in twent$/four hour e!rlier. But the !ir of N!rni! h!d %een wor&in) u(on hi" e'er ince the$ !rri'ed on the i l!nd# !nd !ll hi old %!ttle c!"e %!c& to hi"# !nd hi !r" !nd fin)er re"e"%ered their old &ill. He w! +in) Ed"und once "ore. Round !nd round the two co"%!t!nt circled# tro&e !fter tro&e the$ )!'e# !nd Su !n ;who ne'er could le!rn to li&e thi ort of thin)< houted out# 1Oh# do %e c!reful.1 And then# o *uic&l$ th!t no one ;unle the$ &new# ! Peter did< could *uite ee how it h!((ened# Ed"und fl! hed

hi word round with ! (eculi!r twi t# the Dw!rf2 word flew out of hi )ri(# !nd Tru"(&in w! wrin)in) hi e"(t$ h!nd ! $ou do !fter ! 1 tin)1 fro" ! cric&et/%!t. 1Not hurt# I ho(e# "$ de!r little friend31 returnin) hi own word to it he!th. 1I ee the (oint#1 !id Ed"und# (!ntin) ! little !nd

!id Tru"(&in dril$. 1You &now ! tric& I ne'er le!rned.1

1Th!t2 *uite true#1 (ut in Peter. 1The %e t word "!n in the world "!$ %e di !r"ed %$ ! tric& th!t2 new to hi". I thin& it2 onl$ f!ir to )i'e Tru"(&in ! ch!nce !t o"ethin) el e. Will $ou h!'e ! hootin) "!tch with "$ i ter3 There !re no tric& in !rcher$# $ou &now.1 1Ah# $ou2re 0o&er # $ou !re#1 !id the Dw!rf. 1I %e)in to ee. A if I didn2t &now how he c!n hoot# !fter wh!t h!((ened thi "ornin). All the !"e# I2ll h!'e ! tr$.1 He (o&e )ruffl$# %ut hi e$e %ri)htened# for he w! ! f!"ou %ow"!n !"on) hi own (eo(le. All fi'e of the" c!"e out into the court$!rd. 1Wh!t2 to %e the t!r)et31 ! &ed Peter. !id

1I thin& th!t !((le h!n)in) o'er the w!ll on the %r!nch there would do#1 Su !n. 1Th!t2ll do nicel$# l! of the !rch31 1No# not th!t#1 #1

!id Tru"(&in. 1You "e!n the $ellow one ne!r the "iddle

!id Su !n. 1The red one u( !%o'e / o'er the %!ttle"ent.1 "ore li&e ! cherr$ th!n !n !((le#1 he "uttered# %ut

The Dw!rf2 f!ce fell. 1Loo& he !id nothin) out loud.

The$ to ed u( for fir t hot ;)re!tl$ to the intere t of Tru"(&in# who h!d ne'er een ! coin to ed %efore< !nd Su !n lo t. The$ were to hoot fro" the to( of the te( th!t led fro" the h!ll into the court$!rd. E'er$one could ee fro" the w!$ the Dw!rf too& hi (o ition !nd h!ndled hi %ow th!t he &new wh!t he w! !%out. Tw!n) went the trin). It w! !n e.cellent hot. The tin$ !((le hoo& ! the !rrow (! ed# !nd ! le!f c!"e flutterin) down. Then Su !n went to the to( of the te( !nd trun) her %ow. She w! not en0o$in) her "!tch h!lf o "uch ! Ed"und h!d en0o$ed hi - not %ec!u e he h!d !n$ dou%t !%out hittin) the !((le %ut %ec!u e Su !n w! o tenderhe!rted th!t he !l"o t h!ted to %e!t o"eone who h!d %een %e!ten !lre!d$. The Dw!rf w!tched her &eenl$ ! he drew the h!ft to her e!r. A "o"ent l!ter# with ! little oft thu"( which the$ could !ll he!r in th!t *uiet (l!ce# the !((le fell to the )r! with Su !n2 !rrow in it. 1Oh# well done# Su# 1 houted the other children. !id Su !n to the Dw!rf. 1I thin& there

1It w! n2t re!ll$ !n$ %etter th!n $our #1 w! ! tin$ %re!th of wind ! $ou hot.1

1No# there w! n2t#1 !id Tru"(&in. 1Don2t tell "e. I &now when I !" f!irl$ %e!ten. I won2t e'en !$ th!t the c!r of "$ l! t wound c!tche "e ! %it when I )et "$ !r" well %!c& /1 1Oh# !re $ou wounded31 ! &ed Luc$. 1Do let "e loo&.1

1It2 not ! i)ht for little )irl #1 %e)!n Tru"(&in# %ut then he uddenl$ chec&ed hi" elf. 1There I )o t!l&in) li&e ! fool !)!in#1 he !id 1I u((o e $ou2re ! li&el$ to %e ! )re!t ur)eon ! $our %rother w! to %e ! )re!t word "!n or $our i ter to %e ! )re!t !rcher.1 He !t down on the te( !nd too& off hi h!u%er& !nd li((ed down hi little hirt# howin) !n !r" h!ir$ !nd "u cul!r ;in (ro(ortion< ! ! !ilor2 thou)h not "uch %i))er th!n ! child2 . There w! ! clu" $ %!nd!)e on the houlder which Luc$ (roceeded to unroll. :nderne!th# the cut loo&ed 'er$ n! t$ !nd there w! ! )ood de!l of wellin). 1Oh# (oor Tru"(&in#1 !id Luc$. 1How horrid.1 Then he c!refull$ dri((ed on to it one in)le dro( of the cordi!l fro" her fl! &. 1Hullo. Eh3 Wh!t h!'e $ou done31 !id Tru"(&in. But howe'er he turned hi he!d !nd *uinted !nd whi &ed hi %e!rd to !nd fro# he couldn2t *uite ee hi own houlder. Then he felt it ! well ! he could# )ettin) hi !r" !nd fin)er into 'er$ difficult (o ition ! $ou do when $ou2re tr$in) to cr!tch ! (l!ce th!t i 0u t out of re!ch. Then he wun) hi !r" !nd r!i ed it !nd tried the "u cle # !nd fin!ll$ 0u"(ed to hi feet cr$in)# 1=i!nt !nd 0uni(er 4 It2 cured4 It2 ! )ood ! new.1 After th!t he %ur t into ! )re!t l!u)h !nd !id# 1Well# I2'e "!de ! %i) ! fool of "$ elf ! e'er ! Dw!rf did. No offence# I ho(e3 5$ hu"%le dut$ to $our 5!0e tie !ll /hu"%le dut$. And th!n& for "$ life# "$ cure# "$ %re!&f! t / !nd "$ le on.1 The children !ll 1And now#1 1I h!'e#1 1It2 !id it w! *uite !ll ri)ht !nd not to "ention it.

!id Peter# 1if $ou2'e re!ll$ decided to %elie'e in u /1 !id the Dw!rf.

*uite cle!r wh!t we h!'e to do. We "u t 0oin +in) C! (i!n !t once.1 !id Tru"(&in. 15$ %ein) uch ! fool h! !lre!d$ w! ted

1The ooner the %etter#1 !%out !n hour.1

1It2 !%out two d!$ 2 0ourne$# the w!$ $ou c!"e#1 !id Peter. 18or u # I "e!n. We c!n2t w!l& !ll d!$ !nd ni)ht li&e $ou Dw!rf .1 Then he turned to the other . 1Wh!t Tru"(&in c!ll A l!n2 How i o%'iou l$ the Stone T!%le it elf. You re"e"%er it w! !%out h!lf ! d!$2 "!rch# or ! little le # fro" there down to the 8ord of Berun! /1 1Berun!2 Brid)e# we c!ll it#1 !id Tru"(&in.

1There w! no %rid)e in our ti"e#1 !id Peter. 1And then fro" Berun! down to here w! !nother d!$ !nd ! %it. We u ed to )et ho"e !%out te!ti"e on the econd d!$# )oin) e! il$. =oin) h!rd# we could do the whole thin) in ! d!$ !nd ! h!lf (erh!( .1 1But re"e"%er it2 dod)e.1 1Loo& here#1 c!"e31 !ll wood now#1 !id Tru"(&in# 1!nd there !re ene"ie to

!id Ed"und# 1need we )o %$ the

!"e w!$ th!t Our De!r Little 8riend !id the Dw!rf.

1No "ore of th!t# $our 5!0e t$# if $ou lo'e "e#1 1@er$ well#1 1Oh# Ed"und#1 !id Ed"und. 15!$ I !$ our D.L.8.31

!id Su !n. 1Don2t &ee( on !t hi" li&e th!t.1

1Th!t2 !ll ri)ht# l! / I "e!n $our 5!0e t$#1 !id Tru"(&in with ! chuc&le. 1A 0i%e won2t r!i e ! %li ter.1 ;And !fter th!t the$ often c!lled hi" the D.L.8. till the$2d !l"o t for)otten wh!t it "e!nt.< 1A I w! !$in)#1 continued Ed"und# 1we needn2t )o th!t w!$. Wh$ houldn2t we row ! little outh till we co"e to =l! w!ter Cree& !nd row u( it3 Th!t %rin) u u( %ehind the Hill of the Stone T!%le# !nd we2ll %e !fe while we2re !t e!. If we t!rt !t once# we c!n %e !t the he!d of =l! w!ter %efore d!r&# )et ! few hour 2 lee(# !nd %e with C! (i!n (rett$ e!rl$ to"orrow.1 1Wh!t ! thin) it i !%out =l! w!ter.1 to &now the co! t#1 !id Tru"(&in. 1None of u &now !n$thin)

1Wh!t !%out food31 ! &ed Su !n. 1Oh# we2ll h!'e to do with !((le #1 !id Luc$. 1Do let2 nothin) $et# !nd we2'e %een here ne!rl$ two d!$ .1 1And !n$w!$# no one2 )et on. We2'e done !id Ed"und.

)oin) to h!'e "$ h!t for ! fi h%! &et !)!in#1

The$ u ed one of the r!inco!t ! ! &ind of %!) !nd (ut ! Then the$ !ll h!d ! )ood lon) drin& !t the well ;for the$ w!ter till the$ l!nded !t the he!d of the Cree&< !nd went children were orr$ to le!'e C!ir P!r!'el# which# e'en in li&e ho"e !)!in.

)ood "!n$ !((le in it. would "eet no "ore fre h down to the %o!t. The ruin # h!d %e)un to feel

1The D.L.8. h!d %etter teer#1 !id Peter# 1!nd Ed !nd I will t!&e !n o!r e!ch. H!lf ! "o"ent# thou)h. We2d %etter t!&e off our "!il9 we2re )oin) to %e (rett$ w!r" %efore we2re done. The )irl h!d %etter %e in the %ow !nd hout direction to the D.L.8. %ec!u e he doe n2t &now the w!$. You2d %etter )et u ! f!ir w!$ out to e! till we2'e (! ed the i l!nd.1 And oon the )reen# wooded co! t of the i l!nd w! f!llin) !w!$ %ehind the"# !nd it little %!$ !nd he!dl!nd were %e)innin) to loo& fl!tter# !nd the %o!t w! ri in) !nd f!llin) in the )entle well. The e! %e)!n to )row %i))er !round the" !nd# in the di t!nce# %luer# %ut clo e round the %o!t it w! )reen !nd %u%%l$. E'er$thin) "elled !lt !nd there w! no noi e e.ce(t the wi hin) of w!ter !nd the clo(/clo( of w!ter !)!in t the ide !nd the (l! h of the o!r !nd the 0oltin) noi e of the rowloc& . The un )rew hot. It w! deli)htful for Luc$ !nd Su !n in the %ow # %endin) o'er the ed)e !nd tr$in) to )et their h!nd in the e! which the$ could ne'er *uite re!ch. The %otto"# "o tl$ (ure# (!le !nd %ut with occ! ion!l (!tche of (ur(le e!weed# could %e een %ene!th the". 1It2 li&e old ti"e #1 =!l"! / !nd Se'en I le !id Luc$. 1Do $ou re"e"%er our 'o$!)e to Tere%inthi! / !nd / !nd the Lone I l!nd 31 he!d

1Ye #1 !id Su !n# 1!nd our )re!t hi( the S(lendour H$!line# with the w!n2 !t her (row !nd the c!r'ed w!n2 win) co"in) %!c& !l"o t to her w!i t31 1And the il&en !il # !nd the )re!t tern l!ntern 31

1And the fe! t

on the (oo( !nd the "u ici!n .1 o

1Do $ou re"e"%er when we h!d the "u ici!n u( in the ri))in) (l!$in) flute th!t it ounded li&e "u ic out of the &$31

Pre entl$ Su !n too& o'er Ed"und2 o!r !nd he c!"e forw!rd to 0oin Luc$. The$ h!d (! ed the i l!nd now !nd tood clo er in to the hore / !ll wooded !nd de erted. The$ would h!'e thou)ht it 'er$ (rett$ if the$ h!d not re"e"%ered the ti"e when it w! o(en !nd %ree6$ !nd full of "err$ friend . 1Phew4 Thi i (rett$ )ruellin) wor&#1 !id Peter. 1C!n2t I row for ! %it31 Luc$. 1The o!r !re too %i) for $ou#1 !id Peter hortl$# not %ec!u e he w! %ut %ec!u e he h!d no tren)th to (!re for t!l&in). !id cro

CHAPTER B WHAT L:CY SAW S:SAN !nd the two %o$ were %itterl$ tired with rowin) %efore the$ rounded the l! t he!dl!nd !nd %e)!n the fin!l (ull u( =l! w!ter it elf# !nd Luc$2 he!d !ched fro" the lon) hour of un !nd the )l!re on the w!ter. E'en Tru"(&in lon)ed for the 'o$!)e to %e o'er. The e!t on which he !t to teer h!d %een "!de for "en# not Dw!rf # !nd hi feet did not re!ch the floor/%o!rd - !nd e'er$one &now how unco"fort!%le th!t i e'en for ten "inute . And ! the$ !ll )rew "ore tired# their (irit fell. :( till now the children h!d onl$ %een thin&in) of how to )et to C! (i!n. Now the$ wondered wh!t the$ would do when the$ found hi"# !nd how ! h!ndful of Dw!rf !nd woodl!nd cre!ture could defe!t !n !r"$ of )rown/u( Hu"!n . Twili)ht w! co"in) on ! the$ rowed lowl$ u( the windin) of =l! w!ter Cree& / ! twili)ht which dee(ened ! the %!n& drew clo er to)ether !nd the o'erh!n)in) tree %e)!n !l"o t to "eet o'erhe!d. It w! 'er$ *uiet in here ! the ound of the e! died !w!$ %ehind the"- the$ could e'en he!r the tric&le of the little tre!" th!t (oured down fro" the fore t into =l! w!ter. The$ went ! hore !t l! t# f!r too tired to !tte"(t li)htin) ! fire- !nd e'en ! u((er of !((le ;thou)h "o t of the" felt th!t the$ ne'er w!nted to ee !n !((le !)!in< ee"ed %etter th!n tr$in) to c!tch or hoot !n$thin). After ! little ilent "unchin) the$ !ll huddled down to)ether in the "o !nd de!d le!'e %etween four l!r)e %eech tree . E'er$one e.ce(t Luc$ went to lee( !t once. Luc$# %ein) f!r le tired# found it h!rd to )et co"fort!%le. Al o# he h!d for)otten till now th!t !ll Dw!rf nore. She &new th!t one of the %e t w!$ of )ettin) to lee( i to to( tr$in)# o he o(ened her e$e . Throu)h ! )!( in the %r!c&en !nd %r!nche he could 0u t ee ! (!tch of w!ter in the Cree& !nd the &$ !%o'e it. Then# with ! thrill of "e"or$# he !w !)!in# !fter !ll tho e $e!r # the %ri)ht N!rni!n t!r . She h!d once &nown the" %etter th!n the t!r of our own world# %ec!u e ! ! ,ueen in N!rni! he h!d )one to %ed "uch l!ter th!n ! ! child in En)l!nd. And there the$ were / !t le! t# three of the u""er con tell!tion could %e een fro" where he l!$9 the Shi(# the H!""er# !nd the Leo(!rd. 1De!r old Leo(!rd#1 he "ur"ured h!((il$ to her elf. In te!d of )ettin) drow ier he w! )ettin) "ore !w!&e / with !n odd# ni)ht/ti"e# dre!"i h &ind of w!&efulne . The Cree& w! )rowin) %ri)hter. She &new now th!t then "oon w! on it# thou)h he couldn2t ee the "oon. And now he %e)!n to feel th!t the whole fore t w! co"in) !w!&e li&e her elf. H!rdl$ &nowin) wh$ he did it# he )ot u( *uic&l$ !nd w!l&ed ! little di t!nce !w!$ fro" their %i'ou!c. 1Thi i lo'el$#1 !id Luc$ to her elf. It w! cool !nd fre h# deliciou "ell

were flo!tin) e'er$where. So"ewhere clo e %$ he he!rd the twitter of ! ni)htin)!le %e)innin) to in)# then to((in)# then %e)innin) !)!in. It w! ! little li)hter !he!d. She went tow!rd the li)ht !nd c!"e to ! (l!ce where there were fewer tree # !nd whole (!tche or (ool of "oonli)ht# %ut the "oonli)ht !nd the h!dow o "i.ed th!t $ou could h!rdl$ %e ure where !n$thin) w! or wh!t it w! . At the !"e "o"ent the ni)htin)!le# !ti fied !t l! t with hi tunin) u(# %ur t into full on). Luc$2 e$e %e)!n to )row !ccu to"ed to the li)ht# !nd he !w the tree th!t were ne!re t her "ore di tinctl$. A )re!t lon)in) for the old d!$ when the tree could t!l& in N!rni! c!"e o'er her. She &new e.!ctl$ how e!ch of the e tree would t!l& if onl$ he could w!&e the"# !nd wh!t ort of hu"!n for" it would (ut on. She loo&ed !t ! il'er %irch9 it would h!'e ! oft# hower$ 'oice !nd would loo& li&e ! lender )irl# with h!ir %lown !ll !%out her f!ce# !nd fond of d!ncin). She loo&ed !t the o!&9 he would %e ! wi6ened# %ut he!rt$ old "!n with ! fri66led %e!rd !nd w!rt on hi f!ce !nd h!nd # !nd h!ir )rowin) out of the w!rt . She loo&ed !t the %eech under which he w! t!ndin). Ah4 he would %e the %e t of !ll. She would %e ! )r!ciou )odde # "ooth !nd t!tel$# the l!d$ of the wood. 1Oh# Tree # Tree # Tree #1 !id Luc$ ;thou)h he h!d not %een intendin) to (e!& !t !ll<. 1Oh# Tree # w!&e# w!&e# w!&e. Don2t $ou re"e"%er it3 Don2t $ou re"e"%er "e3 Dr$!d !nd H!"!dr$!d # co"e out# co"e to "e.1 Thou)h there w! not ! %re!th of wind the$ !ll tirred !%out her. The ru tlin) noi e of the le!'e w! !l"o t li&e word . The ni)htin)!le to((ed in)in) ! if to li ten to it. Luc$ felt th!t !t !n$ "o"ent he would %e)in to under t!nd wh!t the tree were tr$in) to !$. But the "o"ent did not co"e. The ru tlin) died !w!$. The ni)htin)!le re u"ed it on). E'en in the "oonli)ht the wood loo&ed "ore ordin!r$ !)!in. Yet Luc$ h!d the feelin) ;! $ou o"eti"e h!'e when $ou !re tr$in) to re"e"%er ! n!"e or ! d!te !nd !l"o t )et it# %ut it '!ni he %efore $ou re!ll$ do< th!t he h!d 0u t "i ed o"ethin)9 ! if he h!d (o&en to the tree ! (lit econd too oon or ! (lit econd too l!te# or u ed !ll the ri)ht word e.ce(t one# or (ut in one word th!t w! 0u t wron). ,uite uddenl$ he %e)!n to feel tired. She went %!c& to the %i'ou!c# down %etween Su !n !nd Peter# !nd w! ! lee( in ! few "inute . nu))led

It w! ! cold !nd cheerle w!&in) for the" !ll ne.t "ornin)# with ! )re$ twili)ht in the wood ;for the un h!d not $et ri en< !nd e'er$thin) d!"( !nd dirt$. 1A((le # hei)h/ho#1 !id Tru"(&in with ! rueful )rin. 1I "u t &in) !nd *ueen don2t o'erfeed $our courtier 41 The$ tood u( !nd hoo& the" el'e could ee no "ore th!n ! few $!rd 1I u((o e $our 5!0e tie !nd loo&ed !%out. The tree in !n$ direction. !$ $ou !ncient were thic& !nd the$

&now the w!$ !ll ri)ht31

!id the Dw!rf.

1I don2t#1 !id Su !n. 1I2'e ne'er een the e wood in "$ life %efore. In f!ct I thou)ht !ll !lon) th!t we ou)ht to h!'e )one %$ the ri'er.1 1Then I thin& $ou "i)ht h!'e h!r(ne . !id o !t the ti"e#1 !n wered Peter# with (!rdon!%le !id Ed"und. 1She !lw!$ i ! wet %l!n&et.

1Oh# don2t t!&e !n$ notice of her#1

You2'e )ot th!t (oc&et co"(! of $our # Peter# h!'en2t $ou3 Well# then# we2re ! ri)ht ! r!in. We2'e onl$ )ot to &ee( on )oin) north/we t / cro th!t little ri'er# the wh!t/do/$ou/c!ll/it3 / the Ru h /1 1I &now#1 !id Peter. 1The one th!t 0oin the %i) ri'er !t the 8ord Berun!2 Brid)e# ! the D.L.8. c!ll it.1 of Berun!# or

1Th!t2 ri)ht. Cro it !nd tri&e u(hill# !nd we2ll %e !t the Stone T!%le ;A l!n2 How# I "e!n< %$ ei)ht or nine o2cloc&. I ho(e +in) C! (i!n will )i'e u )ood %re!&f! t41 1I ho(e $ou2re ri)ht#1 !id Su !n. 1I c!n2t re"e"%er !ll th!t !t !ll.1

1Th!t2 the wor t of )irl #1 ! "!( in their he!d .1 1Th!t2 %ec!u e our he!d

!id Ed"und to Peter !nd the Dw!rf. 1The$ ne'er c!rr$ o"ethin) in ide the"#1 !id Luc$.


At fir t thin) ee"ed to %e )oin) (rett$ well. The$ e'en /thou)ht the$ h!d truc& !n old (!th- %ut if $ou &now !n$thin) !%out wood # $ou will &now th!t one i !lw!$ findin) i"!)in!r$ (!th . The$ di !((e!r !fter !%out fi'e "inute !nd then $ou thin& $ou h!'e found !nother ;!nd ho(e it i not !nother %ut "ore of the !"e one< !nd it !l o di !((e!r # !nd !fter $ou h!'e %een well lured out of $our ri)ht direction $ou re!li6e th!t none of the" were (!t !t !ll. The %o$ !nd the Dw!rf# howe'er# were u ed to wood !nd were not t!&en in for "ore th!n ! few econd . The$ h!d (lodded on for !%out h!lf !n hour ;three of the" 'er$ tiff fro" $e terd!$2 rowin)< when Tru"(&in uddenl$ whi (ered# 1Sto(.1 The$ !ll to((ed. 1There2 o"ethin) followin) u #1 he !id in ! low 'oice. 1Or r!ther# o"ethin) &ee(in) u( with u 9 o'er there on the left.1 The$ !ll tood till# li tenin) !nd t!rin) till their e!r !nd e$e !ched. 1You !nd I2d %etter e!ch h!'e !n !rrow on the trin)#1 !id Su !n to Tru"(&in. The Dw!rf nodded# !nd when %oth %ow were re!d$ for !ction the (!rt$ went on !)!in. The$ went ! few do6en $!rd throu)h f!irl$ o(en woodl!nd# &ee(in) ! h!r( loo&/ out. Then the$ c!"e to ! (l!ce where the under)rowth thic&ened !nd the$ h!d to (! ne!rer to it. 7u t ! the$ were (! in) the (l!ce# there c!"e ! udden o"ethin) th!t n!rled !nd fl! hed# ri in) out fro" the %re!&in) twi) li&e ! thunder%olt. Luc$ w! &noc&ed down !nd winded# he!rin) the tw!n) of ! %ow trin) ! he fell. When he w! !%le to t!&e notice of thin) !)!in# he !w ! )re!t )ri"/ loo&in) )re$ %e!r l$in) de!d with Tru"(&in2 !rrow in it ide. 1The D.L.8. %e!t $ou in th!t hootin) "!tch# Su#1 !id CPeter# with ! forced "ile. E'en he h!d %een h!&en %$ thi !d'enture. li)htl$

1I / I left it too l!te#1 !id Su !n# in !n e"%!rr! ed 'oice. 1I w! o !fr!id it "i)ht %e# $ou &now / one of our &ind of %e!r # ! t!l&in) %e!r.1 She h!ted &illin) thin) . 1Th!t2 the trou%le of it#1 !id Tru"(&in# 1when "o t of the %e! t h!'e )one ene"$ !nd )one du"%# %ut there !re till o"e of the other &ind left. You ne'er &now# !nd $ou d!ren2t w!it to ee.1 1Poor old Bruin#1 !id Su !n. 1You don2t thin& he w! 31

1Not he#1 !id the Dw!rf. 1I !w the f!ce !nd I he!rd the n!rl. He onl$ w!nted Little =irl for hi %re!&f! t. And t!l&in) of %re!&f! t# I didn2t w!nt to di cour!)e $our 5!0e tie when $ou !id $ou ho(ed +in) C! (i!n would )i'e $ou !

)ood one9 %ut "e!t2 (reciou c!rce in c!"(. And there2 )ood e!tin) on ! %e!r. It would %e ! h!"e to le!'e the c!rc! without t!&in) ! %it# !nd it won2t del!$ u "ore th!n h!lf !n hour. I d!re !$ $ou two $oun) ter / +in) # I hould !$ / &now how to &in ! %e!r31 1Let2 )o !nd it down ! f!ir w!$ off#1 !id Su !n to Luc$. 1I &now wh!t ! horrid "e $ %u ine th!t will %e.1 Luc$ huddered !nd nodded. When the$ h!d !t down he !id9 1Such ! horri%le ide! h! co"e into "$ he!d# Su. 1 1Wh!t2 th!t31

1Wouldn2t it %e dre!dful if o"e d!$# in our own world# !t ho"e# "en t!rted )oin) wild in ide# li&e the !ni"!l here# !nd till loo&ed li&e "en# o th!t $ou2d ne'er &now which were which31 1We2'e )ot enou)h to %other !%out here !nd now in N!rni!#1 Su !n# 1without i"!)inin) thin) li&e th!t.1 !id the (r!ctic!l

When the$ re0oined the %o$ !nd the Dw!rf# ! "uch ! the$ thou)ht the$ could c!rr$ of the %e t "e!t h!d %een cut off. R!w "e!t i not ! nice thin) to fill one2 (oc&et with# %ut the$ folded it u( in fre h le!'e !nd "!de the %e t of it. The$ were !ll e.(erienced enou)h to &now th!t the$ would feel *uite differentl$ !%out the e *u! h$ !nd un(le! !nt (!rcel when the$ h!d w!l&ed lon) enou)h to %e re!ll$ hun)r$. On the$ trud)ed !)!in ; to((in) to w! h three (!ir of h!nd th!t needed it in the fir t tre!" the$ (! ed< until the un ro e !nd the %ird %e)!n to in)# !nd "ore flie th!n the$ w!nted were %u66in) in the %r!c&en. The tiffne fro" $e terd!$2 rowin) %e)!n to we!r off. E'er$%od$2 (irit ro e. The un )rew w!r"er !nd the$ too& their hel"et off !nd c!rried the". 1I u((o e we !re )oin) ri)ht31 !id Ed"und !%out !n hour l!ter.

1I don2t ee how we c!n )o wron) ! lon) ! we don2t %e!r too "uch to the left#1 !id Peter. 1If we %e!r too "uch to the ri)ht# the wor t th!t c!n h!((en i w! tin) ! little ti"e %$ tri&in) the )re!t Ri'er too oon !nd not cuttin) off the corner.1 And !)!in the$ trud)ed on with no 0in)le of their ch!in hirt . 1Where2 thi %!ll$ Ru h )ot to31 ound e.ce(t the thud of their feet !nd the !id Ed"und ! )ood de!l l!ter.

1I cert!inl$ thou)ht we2d h!'e truc& it %$ now#1 !id Peter. 1But there2 nothin) to do %ut &ee( on.1 The$ %oth &new th!t the Dw!rf w! loo&in) !n.iou l$ !t the"# %ut he !id nothin). And till the$ trud)ed on !nd their "!il !id Peter uddenl$. hirt %e)!n to feel 'er$ hot !nd he!'$.

1Wh!t on e!rth31

The$ h!d co"e# without eein) it# !l"o t to the ed)e of ! "!ll (reci(ice fro" which the$ loo&ed down into ! )or)e with ! ri'er !t the %otto". On the f!r ide the cliff ro e "uch hi)her. None of the (!rt$ e.ce(t Ed"und ;!nd (erh!( Tru"(&in< w! ! roc& cli"%er. 1I2" orr$#1 !id Peter. 1It2 "$ f!ult for co"in) thi ne'er een thi (l!ce in "$ life %efore.1 w!$. We2re lo t. I2'e

The Dw!rf )!'e ! low whi tle %etween hi

teeth. !id Su !n. 1I &new !ll !lon) we2d o rotten# he2 *uite

1Oh# do let2 )o %!c& !nd )o the other w!$#1 )et lo t in the e wood .1

1Su !n41 !id Luc$# re(ro!chfull$# 1don2t n!) !t Peter li&e th!t. It2 !nd he2 doin) !ll he c!n.1 1And don2t $ou ri)ht.1 n!( !t Su li&e th!t# either#1 !id Ed"und. 1I thin&

1Tu% !nd tortoi e hell 41!i"ed Tru"(&in. 1If we2'e )ot lo t co"in)# wh!t ch!nce h!'e we of findin) our w!$ %!c&3 And if we2re to )o %!c& to the I l!nd !nd %e)in !ll o'er !)!in / e'en u((o in) we could / we "i)ht ! well )i'e the whole thin) u(. 5ir!6 will h!'e fini hed with C! (i!n %efore we )et there !t th!t r!te.1 1You thin& we ou)ht to )o on31 1I2" not ure the Hi)h +in) i %ein) the Ru h31 1Bec!u e the Ru h i difficult$. !id Luc$. lo t#1 !id Tru"(&in. 1Wh!t2 !id Peter# &ee(in) hi to hinder thi te"(er with ri'er o"e

not in ! )or)e#1

1Your 5!0e t$ !$ i #1 re(lied the Dw!rf# 1%ut ou)htn2t $ou to !$ w! 3 You &new thi countr$ hundred / it "!$ %e ! thou !nd / $e!r !)o. 5!$n2t it h!'e ch!n)ed3 A l!nd lide "i)ht h!'e (ulled off h!lf the ide of th!t hill# le!'in) %!re roc&# !nd there !re $our (reci(ice %e$ond the )or)e. Then the Ru h "i)ht )o on dee(enin) it cour e $e!r !fter $e!r till $ou )et the little (reci(ice thi ide. Or there "i)ht h!'e %een !n e!rth*u!&e# or !n$thin).1 1I ne'er thou)ht of th!t#1 !id Peter.

1And !n$w!$#1 continued Tru"(&in# 1e'en if thi i not the Ru h# it2 flowin) rou)hl$ north !nd o it "u t f!ll into the =re!t Ri'er !n$w!$. I thin& I (! ed o"ethin) th!t "i)ht h!'e %een it# on "$ w!$ down. So if we )o down tre!"# to our ri)ht# we2ll hit the =re!t Ri'er. Perh!( not o hi)h ! we2d ho(ed# %ut !t le! t we2ll %e no wor e off th!n if $ou2d co"e "$ w!$.1 1Tru"(&in# $ou2re ! %ric&#1 )or)e.1 !id Peter. 1Co"e on# then. Down thi ide of the

1Loo&4 Loo&4 Loo&41 cried Luc$. 1Where3 Wh!t31 !id e'er$one. ee31 Her f!ce h!d ch!n)ed

1The Lion#1 !id Luc$. 1A l!n hi" elf. Didn2t $ou co"(letel$ !nd her e$e hone. 1Do $ou re!ll$ "e!n /31 %e)!n Peter. 1Where did $ou thin& $ou !w hi"31 ! &ed Su !n. !id Luc$#

1Don2t t!l& li&e ! )rown/u(#1 hi". I !w hi".1 1Where# Lu31 ! &ed Peter.

t!"(in) her foot. 1I didn2t thin& I


1Ri)ht u( there %etween tho e "ount!in ! he . No# thi ide of the )or)e. And u(# not down. 7u t the o((o ite of the w!$ $ou w!nt to )o. And he w!nted u to )o where he w! / u( there.1 1How do $ou &now th!t w! 1He / I / I 0u t &now#1 The other wh!t he w!nted31 ! &ed Ed"und. !id Luc$# 1%$ hi f!ce.1 ilence.

!ll loo&ed !t e!ch other in (u66led

1Her 5!0e t$ "!$ well h!'e een ! lion#1 (ut in Tru"(&in. 1There !re lion in the e wood # I2'e %een told. But it needn2t h!'e %een ! friendl$ !nd t!l&in) lion !n$ "ore th!n the %e!r w! ! friendl$ !nd t!l&in) %e!r.1 1Oh# don2t %e hi"31 o tu(id#1 !id Luc$. 1Do $ou thin& I don2t &now A l!n when I ee

1He2d %e ! (rett$ elderl$ lion %$ now#1 !id Tru"(&in# 1if he2 one $ou &new when $ou were here %efore4 And if it could %e the !"e one# wh!t2 to (re'ent hi" h!'in) )one wild !nd witle li&e o "!n$ other 31 Luc$ turned cri" on !nd I thin& he would h!'e flown !t Tru"(&in# if Peter h!d not l!id hi h!nd on her !r". 1The D.L.8. doe n2t under t!nd. How could he3 You "u t 0u t t!&e it# Tru"(&in# th!t we do re!ll$ &now !%out A l!n- ! little %it !%out hi"# I "e!n. And $ou "u tn2t t!l& !%out hi" li&e th!t !)!in. It i n2t luc&$ for one thin)9 !nd it2 !ll non en e for !nother. The onl$ *ue tion i whether A l!n w! re!ll$ there.1 1But I &now he w! #1 !id Luc$# her e$e ee#1 fillin) with te!r .

1Ye # Lu# %ut we don2t# $ou 1There2

!id Peter. !id Ed"und.

nothin) for it %ut ! 'ote#1

1All ri)ht#1 re(lied Peter. 1You2re the elde t# D.L.8. Wh!t do $ou 'ote for3 :( or down31 1Down#1 !id the Dw!rf. 1I &now nothin) !%out A l!n. But I do &now th!t if we turn left !nd follow the )or)e u(# it "i)ht le!d u !ll d!$ %efore we found ! (l!ce where we could cro it. Where! if we turn ri)ht !nd )o down# we2re %ound to re!ch the =re!t Ri'er in !%out ! cou(le of hour . And if there !re !n$ re!l lion !%out# we w!nt to )o !w!$ fro" the"# not tow!rd the".1 1Wh!t do $ou !$# Su !n31

1Don2t %e !n)r$# Lu#1 !id Su !n# 1%ut I do thin& we hould )o down. I2" de!d tired. Do let2 )et out of thi wretched wood into the o(en ! *uic& ! we c!n. And none of u e.ce(t $ou !w !n$thin).1 1Ed"und31 !id Peter.

1Well# there2 0u t thi #1 !id Ed"und# (e!&in) *uic&l$ !nd turnin) ! little red. 1When we fir t di co'ered N!rni! ! $e!r !)o / or ! thou !nd $e!r !)o# whiche'er it i / it w! Luc$ who di co'ered it fir t !nd none of u would %elie'e her. I w! the wor t of the lot# I &now. Yet he w! ri)ht !fter !ll. Wouldn2t it %e f!ir to %elie'e her thi ti"e3 I 'ote for )oin) u(.1

1Oh# Ed41

!id Luc$ !nd

ei6ed hi

h!nd. !id Su !n# 1!nd I do ho(e /1

1And now it2

$our turn# Peter#1

1Oh# hut u(# hut u( !nd let ! ch!( thin&#1 interru(ted Peter. 1I2d "uch r!ther not h!'e to 'ote. 1 1You2re the Hi)h +in)#1 !id Tru"(&in ternl$.

1Down#1 !id Peter !fter ! lon) (!u e. 1I &now Luc$ "!$ %e ri)ht !fter !ll# %ut I c!n2t hel( it. We "u t do one or the other.1 So the$ et off to their ri)ht !lon) the ed)e# down tre!". And Luc$ c!"e l! t of the (!rt$# cr$in) %itterl$.

CHAPTER TEN THE RET:RN O8 THE LION To &ee( !lon) the ed)e of the )or)e w! not o e! $ ! it h!d loo&ed. Before the$ h!d )one "!n$ $!rd the$ were confronted with $oun) fir wood )rowin) on the 'er$ ed)e# !nd !fter the$ h!d tried to )o throu)h the e# too(in) !nd (u hin) for !%out ten "inute # the$ re!li6ed th!t# in there# it would t!&e the" !n hour to do h!lf ! "ile. So the$ c!"e %!c& !nd out !)!in !nd decided to )o round the fir wood. Thi too& the" "uch f!rther to their ri)ht th!n the$ w!nted to )o# f!r out of i)ht of the cliff !nd out of ound of the ri'er# till the$ %e)!n to %e !fr!id the$ h!d lo t it !lto)ether. No%od$ &new the ti"e# %ut it w! )ettin) to the hotte t (!rt of the d!$. When the$ were !%le !t l! t to )o %!c& to the ed)e of the )or)e ;ne!rl$ ! "ile %elow the (oint fro" which the$ h!d t!rted< the$ found the cliff on their ide of it ! )ood de!l lower !nd "ore %ro&en. Soon the$ found ! w!$ down into the )or)e !nd continued the 0ourne$ !t the ri'er2 ed)e. But fir t the$ h!d ! re t !nd ! lon) drin&. No one w! t!l&in) !n$ "ore !%out %re!&f! t# or e'en dinner# with C! (i!n. The$ "!$ h!'e %een wi e to tic& to the Ru h in te!d of )oin) !lon) the to(. It &e(t the" ure of their direction9 !nd e'er ince the fir wood the$ h!d !ll %een !fr!id of %ein) forced too f!r out of their cour e !nd lo in) the" el'e in the wood. It w! !n old !nd (!thle fore t# !nd $ou could not &ee( !n$thin) li&e ! tr!i)ht cour e in it. P!tche of ho(ele %r!"%le # f!llen tree # %o))$ (l!ce !nd den e under)rowth would %e !lw!$ )ettin) in $our w!$. But the )or)e of the Ru h w! not !t !ll ! nice (l!ce for tr!'ellin) either. I "e!n# it w! not ! nice (l!ce for (eo(le in ! hurr$. 8or !n !fternoon2 r!"%le endin) in ! (icnic te! it would h!'e %een deli)htful. It h!d e'er$thin) $ou could w!nt on !n occ! ion of th!t ort / ru"%lin) w!terf!ll # il'er c! c!de # dee(# !"%er/coloured (ool # "o $ roc& # !nd dee( "o on the %!n& in which $ou could in& o'er $our !n&le # e'er$ &ind of fern# 0ewel/li&e dr!)on flie # o"eti"e ! h!w& o'erhe!d !nd once ;Peter !nd Tru"(&in. %oth thou)ht< !n e!)le. But of cour e wh!t the children !nd the Dw!rf w!nted to ee ! oon ! (o i%le w! the =re!t Ri'er %elow the"# !nd Berun!# !nd the w!$ to A l!n2 How. A the$ went on# the Ru h %e)!n to f!ll "ore !nd "ore tee(l$. Their 0ourne$ %ec!"e "ore !nd "ore of ! cli"% !nd le !nd le of ! w!l& / in (l!ce e'en !

d!n)erou cli"% o'er li((er$ roc& with ! n! t$ dro( into d!r& ch! " # !nd the ri'er ro!rin) !n)ril$ !t the %otto". You "!$ %e ure the$ w!tched the cliff on their left e!)erl$ for !n$ i)n of ! %re!& or !n$ (l!ce where the$ could cli"% the"- %ut tho e cliff re"!ined cruel. It w! "!ddenin)# %ec!u e e'er$one &new th!t if once the$ were out of the )or)e on th!t ide# the$ would h!'e onl$ ! "ooth lo(e !nd ! f!irl$ hort w!l& to C! (i!n2 he!d*u!rter . The %o$ !nd the Dw!rf were now in f!'our of li)htin) ! fire !nd coo&in) their %e!r/"e!t. Su !n didn2t w!nt thi - he onl$ w!nted# ! he !id# 1to )et on !nd fini h it !nd )et out of the e %e! tl$ wood 1. Luc$ w! f!r too tired !nd "i er!%le to h!'e !n$ o(inion !%out !n$thin). But ! there w! no dr$ wood to %e h!d# it "!ttered 'er$ little wh!t !n$one thou)ht. The %o$ %e)!n to wonder if r!w "e!t w! re!ll$ ! n! t$ ! the$ h!d !lw!$ %een told. Tru"(&in ! ured the" it w! . Of cour e# if the children h!d !tte"(ted ! 0ourne$ li&e thi ! few d!$ !)o in En)l!nd# the$ would h!'e %een &noc&ed u(. I thin& I h!'e e.(l!ined %efore how N!rni! w! !lterin) the". E'en Luc$ w! %$ now# o to (e!&# onl$ one/third of ! little )irl )oin) to %o!rdin) chool for the fir t ti"e# !nd two/third of ,ueen Luc$ of N!rni!. 1At l! t41 !id Su !n. !id Peter.

1Oh# hurr!$41

The ri'er )or)e h!d 0u t "!de ! %end !nd the whole 'iew (re!d out %ene!th the". The$ could ee o(en countr$ tretchin) %efore the" to the hori6on !nd# %etween it !nd the"# the %ro!d il'er ri%%on of the =re!t Ri'er. The$ could ee the (eci!ll$ %ro!d !nd h!llow (l!ce which h!d once %een the 8ord of Berun! %ut w! now (!nned %$ ! lon)# "!n$/!rched %rid)e. There w! ! little town !t the f!r end of it. 1B$ 7o'e#1 !id Ed"und. 1We fou)ht the B!ttle of Berun! 0u t where th!t town i 41

Thi cheered the %o$ "ore th!n !n$thin). You c!n2t hel( feelin) tron)er when $ou loo& !t ! (l!ce where $ou won ! )loriou 'ictor$ not to "ention ! &in)do"# hundred of $e!r !)o. Peter !nd Ed"und were oon o %u $ t!l&in) !%out the %!ttle th!t the$ for)ot their ore feet !nd the he!'$ dr!) of their "!il hirt on their houlder . The Dw!rf w! intere ted too. The$ were !ll )ettin) on !t ! *uic&er (!ce now. The )oin) %ec!"e e! ier. Thou)h there were till heer cliff on their left# the )round w! %eco"in) lower on their ri)ht. Soon it w! no lon)er ! )or)e !t !ll# onl$ ! '!lle$. There were no "ore w!terf!ll !nd (re entl$ the$ were in f!irl$ thic& wood !)!in. Then / !ll !t once / whi66# !nd ! ound r!ther li&e the tro&e of ! wood(ec&er. The children were till wonderin) where ;!)e !)o< the$ h!d he!rd ! ound 0u t li&e th!t !nd wh$ the$ di li&ed it o# when Tru"(&in houted# 1Down2# !t the !"e "o"ent forcin) Luc$ ;who h!((ened to %e ne.t to hi"< fl!t down into the %r!c&en. Peter# who h!d %een loo&in) u( to ee if he could (ot ! *uirrel# h!d een wh!t it w! / ! lon) cruel !rrow h!d un& into ! tree trun& 0u t !%o'e hi he!d. A he (ulled Su !n down !nd dro((ed hi" elf# !nother c!"e r! (in) o'er hi houlder !nd truc& the )round !t hi ide. 1,uic&4 ,uic&4 =et %!c&4 Cr!wl41 (!nted Tru"(&in.

The$ turned !nd wri))led !lon) u(hill# under the %r!c&en !"id cloud of horri%l$ %u66in) flie . Arrow whi66ed round the". One truc& Su !n2 hel"et with ! h!r( (in) !nd )l!nced off. The$ cr!wled *uic&er. Swe!t (oured off the". Then the$ r!n# too(in) ne!rl$ dou%le. The %o$ held their word in their h!nd for fe!r the$ would tri( the" u(. It w! he!rt/%re!&in) wor& / !ll u(hill !)!in# %!c& o'er the )round the$ h!d !lre!d$ tr!'elled. When the$ felt th!t the$ re!ll$ couldn2t run !n$ "ore# e'en to !'e their li'e # the$ !ll dro((ed down in the d!"( "o %e ide ! w!terf!ll !nd %ehind ! %i) %oulder# (!ntin). The$ were ur(ri ed to ee how hi)h the$ h!d !lre!d$ )ot. The$ li tened intentl$ !nd he!rd no ound of (ur uit.

1So th!t2 !ll ri)ht#1 !id Tru"(&in# dr!win) ! dee( %re!th. 1The$2re not e!rchin) the wood. Onl$ entrie # I e.(ect. But it "e!n th!t 5ir!6 h! !n out(o t down there. Bottle !nd %!ttledore 4 thou)h# it w! ! ne!r thin).1 1I ou)ht to h!'e "$ he!d "!c&ed for %rin)in) u thi w!$ !t !ll#1 !id Peter.

1On the contr!r$# $our 5!0e t$#1 !id the Dw!rf. 18or one thin) it w! n2t $ou# it w! $our ro$!l %rother# +in) Ed"und# who fir t u))e ted )oin) %$ =l! w!ter.1 1I2" !fr!id the D.L.8.2 ri)ht#1 !id Ed"und# who h!d *uite hone tl$ for)otten thi e'er ince thin) %e)!n )oin) wron). 1And for !nother#1 continued Tru"(&in# 1if we2d )one "$ w!$# we2d h!'e w!l&ed tr!i)ht into th!t new out(o t# "o t li&el$- or !t le! t h!d 0u t the !"e trou%le !'oidin) it. I thin& thi =l! w!ter route h! turned out for the %e t.1 1A %le in) in di )ui e#1 !id Su !n.

1So"e di )ui e41 1I

!id Ed"und. !id Luc$. !$in) I

u((o e we2ll h!'e to )o ri)ht u( the )or)e !)!in now#1

1Lu# $ou2re ! hero#1 !id Peter. 1Th!t2 told $ou o. Let2 )et on.1

the ne!re t $ou2'e )ot tod!$ to

1And ! oon ! we2re well u( into the fore t#1 !id Tru"(&in# 1wh!te'er !n$one !$ # I2" )oin) to li)ht ! fire !nd coo& u((er. But we "u t )et well !w!$ fro" here.1 There i no need to de cri%e how the$ toiled %!c& u( the )or)e. It w! (rett$ h!rd wor&# %ut oddl$ enou)h e'er$one felt "ore cheerful. The$ were )ettin) their econd wind- !nd the word u((er h!d h!d ! wonderful effect. The$ re!ched the fir wood which h!d c!u ed the" o "uch trou%le while it w! till d!$li)ht# !nd %i'ou!c&ed in ! hollow 0u t !%o'e it. It w! tediou )!therin) the firewood- %ut it w! )r!nd when the fire %l!6ed u( !nd the$ %e)!n (roducin) the d!"( !nd "e!r$ (!rcel of %e!r/"e!t which would h!'e %een o 'er$ un!ttr!cti'e to !n$one who h!d (ent the d!$ indoor . The Dw!rf h!d (lendid ide! !%out coo&er$. E!ch !((le ;the$ till h!d ! few of the e< w! wr!((ed u( in %e!r2 "e!t / ! if it w! to %e !((le du"(lin) with "e!t in te!d of (! tr$# onl$ "uch thic&er / !nd (i&ed on ! h!r( tic& !nd then ro! ted. And the 0uice of the !((le wor&ed !ll throu)h the "e!t# li&e !((le !uce with ro! t (or&. Be!r th!t h! li'ed too "uch on other !ni"!l i not 'er$ nice# %ut %e!r th!t h! h!d (lent$ of hone$ !nd fruit i e.cellent# !nd thi turned out to %e th!t ort of %e!r. It w! ! trul$ )loriou

"e!l. And# of cour e# no w! hin) u( / onl$ l$in) %!c& !nd w!tchin) the "o&e fro" Tru"(&in2 (i(e !nd tretchin) one2 tired le) !nd ch!ttin). E'er$one felt *uite ho(eful now !%out findin) +in) C! (i!n to"orrow !nd defe!tin) 5ir!6 in ! few d!$ . It "!$ not h!'e %een en i%le of the" to feel li&e thi # %ut the$ did. The$ dro((ed off to lee( one %$ one# %ut !ll (rett$ *uic&l$.

Luc$ wo&e out of the dee(e t lee( $ou c!n i"!)ine# with the feelin) th!t the 'oice he li&ed %e t in the world h!d %een c!llin) her n!"e. She thou)ht !t fir t it w! her f!ther2 'oice# %ut th!t did not ee" *uite ri)ht. Then he thou)ht it w! Peter2 'oice# %ut th!t did not ee" to fit either. She did not w!nt to )et u(- not %ec!u e he w! till tired / on the contr!r$ he w! wonderfull$ re ted !nd !ll the !che h!d )one fro" her %one / %ut %ec!u e he felt o e.tre"el$ h!(($ !nd co"fort!%le. She w! loo&in) tr!i)ht u( !t the N!rni!n "oon# which i l!r)er th!n our # !nd !t the t!rr$ &$# for the (l!ce where the$ h!d %i'ou!c&ed w! co"(!r!ti'el$ o(en. 1Luc$#1 c!"e the c!ll !)!in# neither her f!ther2 'oice nor Peter2 . She !t u(# tre"%lin) with e.cite"ent %ut not with fe!r. The "oon w! o %ri)ht th!t the whole fore t l!nd c!(e !round her w! !l"o t ! cle!r ! d!$# thou)h it loo&ed wilder. Behind her w! the fir wood- !w!$ to her ri)ht the 0!))ed cliff/to( on the f!r ide of the )or)e- tr!i)ht !he!d# o(en )r! to where ! )l!de of tree %e)!n !%out ! %ow/ hot !w!$. Luc$ loo&ed 'er$ h!rd !t the tree of th!t )l!de. 1Wh$# I do %elie'e the$2re "o'in)#1 he !id to her elf. 1The$2re w!l&in) !%out.1

She )ot u(# her he!rt %e!tin) wildl$# !nd w!l&ed tow!rd the". There w! cert!inl$ ! noi e in the )l!de# ! noi e uch ! tree "!&e in ! hi)h wind# thou)h there w! no wind toni)ht. Yet it w! not e.!ctl$ !n ordin!r$ treenoi e either. Luc$ felt there w! ! tune in it# %ut he could not c!tch the tune !n$ "ore th!n he h!d %een !%le to c!tch the word when the tree h!d o ne!rl$ t!l&ed to her the ni)ht %efore. But there w! # !t le! t# ! lilt- he felt her own feet w!ntin) to d!nce ! he )ot ne!rer. And now there w! no dou%t th!t the tree were re!ll$ "o'in) "o'in) in !nd out throu)h one !nother ! if in ! co"(lic!ted countr$ d!nce. ;1And I u((o e#1 thou)ht Luc$# 1when tree d!nce# it "u t %e ! 'er$# 'er$ countr$ d!nce indeed.2< She w! !l"o t !"on) the" now. The fir t tree he loo&ed !t ee"ed !t fir t )l!nce to %e not ! tree !t !ll %ut ! hu)e "!n with ! h!))$ %e!rd !nd )re!t %u he of h!ir. She w! not fri)htened9 he h!d een uch thin) %efore. But when he loo&ed !)!in he w! onl$ ! tree# thou)h he w! till "o'in). You couldn2t ee whether he h!d feet or root # of cour e# %ec!u e when tree "o'e the$ don2t w!l& on the urf!ce of the e!rth- the$ w!de in it ! we do in w!ter. The !"e thin) h!((ened with e'er$ tree he loo&ed !t. At one "o"ent the$ ee"ed to %e the friendl$# lo'el$ )i!nt !nd )i!nte for" which the tree/(eo(le (ut on when o"e )ood "!)ic h! c!lled the" into full life9 ne.t "o"ent the$ !ll loo&ed li&e tree !)!in. But when the$ loo&ed li&e tree # it w! li&e tr!n)el$ hu"!n tree # !nd when the$ loo&ed li&e (eo(le# it w! li&e tr!n)el$ %r!nch$ !nd le!f$ (eo(le / !nd !ll the ti"e th!t *ueer liltin)# ru tlin)# cool# "err$ noi e. 1The$ !re !l"o t !w!&e# not *uite#1 !id Luc$. She &new !w!&e# wider th!n !n$one u u!ll$ i . She went to !'oid in the". th!t the he her elf w! wide

fe!rle l$ in !"on) the"# d!ncin) her elf ! he le!(ed thi w!$ !nd th!t %ein) run into %$ the e hu)e (!rtner . But he w! onl$ h!lf intere ted She w!nted to )et %e$ond the" to o"ethin) el e- it w! fro" %e$ond the" de!r 'oice h!d c!lled.

She oon )ot throu)h the" ;h!lf wonderin) whether he h!d %een u in) her !r" to (u h %r!nche ! ide# or to t!&e h!nd in ! =re!t Ch!in with %i) d!ncer who too(ed to re!ch her< for the$ were re!ll$ ! rin) of tree round ! centr!l o(en (l!ce. She te((ed out fro" !"on) their hiftin) confu ion of lo'el$ li)ht !nd h!dow . A circle of )r! # "ooth ! ! l!wn# "et her e$e # with d!r& tree d!ncin) !ll round it. And then / oh 0o$4 8or he w! there9 the hu)e Lion# hinin) white in the "oonli)ht# with hi hu)e %l!c& h!dow underne!th hi". But for the "o'e"ent of hi t!il he "i)ht h!'e %een ! tone lion# %ut Luc$ ne'er thou)ht of th!t. She ne'er to((ed to thin& whether he w! ! friendl$ lion or not. She ru hed to hi". She felt her he!rt would %ur t if he lo t ! "o"ent. And the ne.t thin) he &new w! th!t he w! &i in) hi" !nd (uttin) her !r" ! f!r round hi nec& ! he could !nd %ur$in) her f!ce in the %e!utiful rich il&ine of hi "!ne. 1A l!n# A l!n. De!r A l!n#1 o%%ed Luc$. 1At l! t.1

The )re!t %e! t rolled o'er on hi ide o th!t Luc$ fell# h!lf ittin) !nd h!lf l$in) %etween hi front (!w . He %ent forw!rd !nd 0u t touched her no e with hi ton)ue. Hi w!r" %re!th c!"e !ll round her. She )!6ed u( into the l!r)e wi e f!ce. 1Welco"e# child#1 he 1A l!n#1 1Th!t i !id.

!id Luc$# 1$ou2re %i))er.1 %ec!u e $ou !re older# little one#1 !n wered he.

1Not %ec!u e $ou !re31 1I !" not. But e'er$ $e!r $ou )row# $ou will find "e %i))er.1 8or ! ti"e he w! o h!(($ th!t he did not w!nt to (e!&. But A l!n (o&e.

1Luc$#1 he !id# 1we "u t not lie here for lon). You h!'e wor& in h!nd# !nd "uch ti"e h! %een lo t tod!$.1 1Ye # w! n2t it ! h!"e31 "e. The$2re !ll o /1 !id Luc$. 1I !w $ou !ll ri)ht. The$ wouldn2t %elie'e u))e tion of ! t!rt

8ro" o"ewhere dee( in ide A l!n2 )rowl.

%od$ there c!"e the f!inte t

1I2" orr$#1 !id Luc$# who under tood o"e of hi "ood . 1I didn2t "e!n to l!n)in) the other . But it w! n2t "$ f!ult !n$w!$# w! it31 The Lion loo&ed tr!i)ht into her e$e .

1Oh# A l!n#1 !id Luc$. 1You don2t "e!n it w! 3 How could I / I couldn2t h!'e left the other !nd co"e u( to $ou !lone# how could I3 Don2t loo& !t "e li&e th!t . . . oh well# I u((o e I could. Ye # !nd it wouldn2t h!'e %een !lone# I &now# not if I w! with $ou. But wh!t would h!'e %een the )ood31 A l!n !id nothin).

1You "e!n#1 !id Luc$ r!ther f!intl$# 1th!t it would h!'e turned out !ll ri)ht / o"ehow3 But how3 Ple! e# A l!n4 A" I not to &now31

1To &now wh!t would h!'e h!((ened# child31 th!t.1 1Oh de!r#1 !id Luc$.

!id A l!n. 1No. No%od$ i

e'er told

1But !n$one c!n find out wh!t will h!((en#1 !id A l!n. 1If $ou )o %!c& to the other now# !nd w!&e the" u(- !nd tell the" $ou h!'e een "e !)!in- !nd th!t $ou "u t !ll )et u( !t once !nd follow "e / wh!t will h!((en3 There i onl$ one w!$ of findin) out.1 1Do $ou "e!n th!t i 1Ye # little one#1 1Will the other wh!t $ou w!nt "e to do31 )! (ed Luc$. !id A l!n. ee $ou too31 ! &ed Luc$. !id A l!n. 1L!ter on# it de(end .1 !id Luc$.

1Cert!inl$ not !t fir t#1

1But the$ won2t %elie'e "e41 1It doe n2t "!tter#1

!id A l!n.

1Oh de!r# oh de!r#1 !id Luc$. 1And I w! o (le! ed !t findin) $ou !)!in. And I thou)ht $ou2d let "e t!$. And I thou)ht $ou2d co"e ro!rin) in !nd fri)hten !ll the ene"ie !w!$ / li&e l! t ti"e. And now e'er$thin) i )oin) to %e horrid.1 1It i h!rd for $ou# little one#1 w!$ twice. It h! %een h!rd for u !id A l!n. 1But thin) ne'er h!((en the !ll in N!rni! %efore now.1 !"e

Luc$ %uried her he!d in hi "!ne to hide fro" hi f!ce. But there "u t h!'e %een "!)ic in hi "!ne. She could feel lion/ tren)th )oin) into her. ,uite uddenl$ he !t u(. 1I2" orr$# A l!n#1 he !id. 1I2" re!d$ now.1

1Now $ou !re ! lione #1 !id A l!n. 1And now !ll N!rni! will %e renewed. But co"e. We h!'e no ti"e to lo e.1 He )ot u( !nd w!l&ed with t!tel$# noi ele (!ce %!c& to the %elt of d!ncin) tree throu)h which he h!d 0u t co"e9 !nd Luc$ went with hi"# l!$in) ! r!ther tre"ulou h!nd on hi "!ne. The tree (!rted to let the" throu)h !nd for one econd ! u"ed their hu"!n for" co"(letel$. Luc$ h!d ! )li"( e of t!ll !nd lo'el$ wood/)od !nd wood/)odde e !ll %owin) to the Lion- ne.t "o"ent the$ were tree !)!in# %ut till %owin)# with uch )r!ceful wee( of %r!nch !nd trun& th!t their %owin) w! it elf ! &ind of d!nce. 1Now# child#1 !id A l!n# when the$ h!d left the tree %ehind the"# 1I will w!it here. =o !nd w!&e the other !nd tell the" to follow. If the$ will not# then $ou !t le! t "u t follow "e !lone.1 It i ! terri%le thin) to h!'e to w!&e four (eo(le# !ll older th!n $our elf !nd !ll 'er$ tired# for the (ur(o e of tellin) the" o"ethin) the$ (ro%!%l$ won2t %elie'e !nd "!&in) the" do o"ethin) the$ cert!inl$ won2t li&e. 1I "u tn2t thin& !%out it# I "u t 0u t do it#1 thou)ht Luc$. She went to Peter fir t !nd hoo& hi". 1Peter#1 he whi (ered in hi u(. ,uic&. A l!n i here. He !$ we2'e )ot to follow hi" !t once.1 e!r# 1w!&e

1Cert!inl$# Lu. Wh!te'er $ou li&e#1 !id Peter une.(ectedl$. Thi w! encour!)in)# %ut ! Peter in t!ntl$ rolled round !nd went to lee( !)!in it w! n2t "uch u e. Then he tried Su !n. Su !n did re!ll$ w!&e u(# %ut onl$ to !nno$in) )rown/u( 'oice# 1You2'e %een dre!"in)# Luc$. =o to !$ in her "o t lee( !)!in.1 he

She t!c&led Ed"und ne.t. It w! 'er$ difficult to w!&e hi"# %ut when !t l! t h!d done it he w! re!ll$ !w!&e !nd !t u(. 1Eh31 he !id in ! )ru"($ 'oice. 1Wh!t !re $ou t!l&in) !%out31 w! one of the wor t (!rt con'incin).

She !id it !ll o'er !)!in. Thi ti"e he !id it# it ounded le 1A l!n41

of her 0o%# for e!ch

!id Ed"und# 0u"(in) u(. 1Hurr!$4 Where31 (!tient e$e fi.ed

Luc$ turned %!c& to where he could ee the Lion w!itin)# hi u(on her. 1There#1 he !id# (ointin). 1Where31 ! &ed Ed"und !)!in. 1There. There. Don2t $ou ee3 7u t thi ide of the tree .1

Ed"und t!red h!rd for ! while !nd then !id# 1No. There2 nothin) there. You2'e )ot d!66led !nd "uddled with the "oonli)ht. One doe # $ou &now. I thou)ht I !w o"ethin) for ! "o"ent "$ elf. It2 onl$ !n o(tic!l wh!t/do/$ou/c!ll/it.1 1I c!n ee hi" !ll the ti"e#1 ee hi"31 !id Luc$. 1He2 loo&in) tr!i)ht !t u .1

1Then wh$ c!n2t I 1He

!id $ou "i)htn2t %e !%le to.1

1Wh$31 1I don2t &now. Th!t2 wh!t he !id.1 eein) thin) .

1Oh# %other it !ll#1 !id Ed"und. 1I do wi h $ou wouldn2t &ee( on But I u((o e we2ll h!'e to w!&e the other .1

CHAPTER ELE@EN THE LION ROARS WHEN the whole (!rt$ w! fin!ll$ !w!&e Luc$ h!d to tell her tor$ for the fourth ti"e. The %l!n& ilence which followed it w! ! di cour!)in) ! !n$thin) could %e. 1I c!n2t Su !n31 ee !n$thin)#1 !id Peter !fter he h!d t!red hi e$e ore. 1C!n $ou# ee.

1No# of cour e I c!n2t#1 n!((ed Su !n. 1Bec!u e there i n2t !n$thin) to She2 %een dre!"in). Do lie down !nd )o to lee(# Luc$.1

1And I do ho(e#1 !id Luc$ in ! tre"ulou 'oice# 1th!t $ou will !ll co"e with "e. Bec!u e / %ec!u e I2ll h!'e to )o with hi" whether !n$one el e doe or not.1 1Don2t t!l& non en e# Luc$#1 !id Su !n. 1Of cour e $ou c!n2t )o off on $our own. Don2t let her# Peter. She2 %ein) downri)ht n!u)ht$.1 1I2ll )o with her# if he "u t )o#1 !id Ed"und. 1She2 %een ri)ht %efore.1

1I &now he h! #1 !id Peter. 1And he "!$ h!'e %een ri)ht thi "ornin). We cert!inl$ h!d no luc& )oin) down the )or)e. Still / !t thi hour of the ni)ht. And wh$ hould A l!n %e in'i i%le to u 3 He ne'er u ed to %e. It2 not li&e hi". Wh!t doe the D.L.8. !$31 1Oh# I !$ nothin) !t !ll#1 !n wered the Dw!rf. 1If $ou !ll )o# of cour e# I2ll )o with $ou- !nd if $our (!rt$ (lit u(# I2ll )o with the Hi)h +in). Th!t2 "$ dut$ to hi" !nd +in) C! (i!n. But# if $ou ! & "$ (ri'!te o(inion# I2" ! (l!in dw!rf who doe n2t thin& there2 "uch ch!nce of findin) ! ro!d %$ ni)ht where $ou couldn2t find one %$ d!$. And I h!'e no u e for "!)ic lion which !re t!l&in) lion !nd don2t t!l&# !nd friendl$ lion thou)h the$ don2t do u !n$ )ood# !nd who((in) %i) lion thou)h no%od$ c!n ee the". It2 !ll %il)e !nd %e!n t!l& ! f!r ! I c!n ee.1 1He2 %e!tin) hi (!w on the )round for u At le! t I "u t.1 to hurr$#1 !id Luc$. 1We "u t )o now. four to one !nd

1You2'e no ri)ht to tr$ to force the re t of u $ou2re the $oun)e t#1 !id Su !n.

li&e th!t. It2

1Oh# co"e on#1 )rowled Ed"und. 1We2'e )ot to )o. There2ll %e no (e!ce till we do.1 He full$ intended to %!c& Luc$ u(# %ut he w! !nno$ed !t lo in) hi ni)ht2 lee( !nd w! "!&in) u( for it %$ doin) e'er$thin) ! ul&il$ ! (o i%le. 1On the "!rch# then#1 !id Peter# we!ril$ fittin) hi !r" into hi hield/ tr!( !nd (uttin) hi hel"et on. At !n$ other ti"e he would h!'e !id o"ethin) nice to Luc$# who w! hi f!'ourite i ter# for he &new how wretched he "u t %e feelin)# !nd he &new th!t# wh!te'er h!d h!((ened# it w! not her f!ult. But he couldn2t hel( %ein) ! little !nno$ed with her !ll the !"e. Su !n w! the wor t. 1Su((o in) I t!rted %eh!'in) li&e Luc$#1 he !id. 1I "i)ht thre!ten to t!$ here whether the re t of $ou went on or not. I 0oll$ well thin& I h!ll.1 1O%e$ the Hi)h +in)# $our 5!0e t$#1 !id Tru"(&in# 1!nd let2 %e off. If I2" not to %e !llowed to lee(# I2d ! oon "!rch ! t!nd here t!l&in).1 And o !t l! t the$ )ot on the "o'e. Luc$ went fir t# %itin) her li( !nd tr$in) not to !$ !ll the thin) he thou)ht of !$in) to Su !n. But he for)ot the" when he fi.ed her e$e on A l!n. He turned !nd w!l&ed !t ! low (!ce !%out thirt$ $!rd !he!d of the". The other h!d onl$ Luc$2 direction to )uide the"# for A l!n w! not onl$ in'i i%le to the" %ut ilent ! well. Hi %i) c!t/li&e (!w "!de no noi e on the )r! . He led the" to the ri)ht of the d!ncin) tree / whether the$ were till d!ncin) no%od$ &new# for Luc$ h!d her e$e on the Lion !nd the re t h!d their e$e on Luc$ / !nd ne!rer the ed)e of the )or)e. 1Co%%le !nd &ettledru" 41 thou)ht Tru"(&in. 1I ho(e thi "!dne i n2t )oin) to end in ! "oonli)ht cli"% !nd %ro&en nec& .1 8or ! lon) w!$ A l!n went !lon) the to( of the (reci(ice . Then the$ c!"e to !

(l!ce where o"e little tree )rew ri)ht on the ed)e. He turned !nd di !((e!red !"on) the". Luc$ held her %re!th# for it loo&ed ! if he h!d (lun)ed o'er the cliff- %ut he w! too %u $ &ee(in) hi" in i)ht to to( !nd thin& !%out thi . She *uic&ened her (!ce !nd w! oon !"on) the tree her elf. Loo&in) down# he could ee ! tee( !nd n!rrow (!th )oin) l!ntwi e down into the )or)e %etween roc& # !nd A l!n de cendin) it. He turned !nd loo&ed !t her with hi h!(($ e$e . Luc$ cl!((ed her h!nd !nd %e)!n to cr!"%le down !fter hi". 8ro" %ehind her he he!rd the 'oice of the other houtin)# 1Hi4 Luc$4 Loo& out# for )oodne 2 !&e. You2re ri)ht on the ed)e of the )or)e. Co"e %!c& / 1!nd then# ! "o"ent l!ter# Ed"und2 'oice !$in)# 1No# he2 ri)ht. There i ! w!$ down.1 H!lf/w!$ down the (!th Ed"und c!u)ht u( with her. 1Loo&41 he !id in )re!t e.cite"ent. 1Loo&4 Wh!t2 front of u 31 1It2 hi h!dow#1 !id Luc$. !id Ed"und. 1I c!n2t thin& how I didn2t ee hi"31 uch ! ru" li)ht.1 ee it th!t h!dow cr!wlin) down in

1I do %elie'e $ou2re ri)ht# Lu#1 %efore. But where i he31 1With hi

h!dow# of cour e. C!n2t $ou

1Well# I !l"o t thou)ht I did / for ! "o"ent. It2

1=et on# +in) Ed"und# )et on#1 c!"e Tru"(&in2 'oice fro" %ehind !nd !%o'e9 !nd then# f!rther %ehind !nd till ne!rl$ !t the to(# Peter2 'oice !$in)# 1Oh# %uc& u(# Su !n. =i'e "e $our h!nd. Wh$# ! %!%$ could )et down here. And do to( )rou in).1 In ! few "inute the$ were !t the %otto" !nd the ro!rin) of w!ter filled their e!r . Tre!din) delic!tel$# li&e ! c!t# A l!n te((ed fro" tone to tone !cro the tre!". In the "iddle he to((ed# %ent down to drin&# !nd ! he r!i ed hi h!))$ he!d# dri((in) fro" the w!ter# he turned to f!ce the" !)!in. Thi ti"e Ed"und !w hi". 1Oh# A l!n41 he cried# d!rtin) forw!rd. But the Lion whi &ed round !nd %e)!n (!ddin) u( the lo(e on the f!r ide of the Ru h. 1Peter# Peter#1 cried Ed"und. 1Did $ou ee31

1I !w o"ethin)#1 !id Peter. 1But it2 o tric&$ in thi "oonli)ht. On we )o# thou)h# !nd three cheer for Luc$. I don2t feel h!lf o tired now# either.1 A l!n without he it!tion led the" to their left# f!rther u( the )or)e. The whole 0ourne$ w! odd !nd dre!"/li&e the ro!rin) tre!"# the wet )re$ )r! # the )li""erin) cliff which the$ were !((ro!chin)# !nd !lw!$ the )loriou # ilentl$ (!cin) Be! t !he!d. E'er$one e.ce(t Su !n !nd the Dw!rf could ee hi" now. Pre entl$ the$ c!"e to !nother tee( (!th# u( the f!ce of the f!rther (reci(ice . The e were f!r hi)her th!n the one the$ h!d 0u t de cended# !nd the 0ourne$ u( the" w! ! lon) !nd tediou 6i)/6!). 8ortun!tel$ the 5oon hone ri)ht !%o'e the )or)e o th!t neither ide w! in h!dow. Luc$ w! ne!rl$ %lown when the t!il !nd hind le) of A l!n di !((e!red o'er the to(9 %ut with one l! t effort he cr!"%led !fter hi" !nd c!"e out# r!ther h!&$/ le))ed !nd %re!thle # on the hill the$ h!d %een tr$in) to re!ch e'er ince the$ left =l! w!ter. The lon) )entle lo(e ;he!ther !nd )r! !nd ! few 'er$ %i) roc& th!t hone white in the "oonli)ht< tretched u( to where it '!ni hed in ! )li""er of tree !%out h!lf ! "ile !w!$. She &new it. It w! the hill of the Stone T!%le9

With ! 0in)lin) of "!il the other the" !nd the$ w!l&ed !fter hi". 1Luc$#1 1Ye 31 1I !id Su !n in ! 'er$ !id Luc$. orr$.1

cli"%ed u( %ehind her. A l!n )lided on %efore

"!ll 'oice.

ee hi" now. I2" !ll ri)ht.1


1But I2'e %een f!r wor e th!n $ou &now. I re!ll$ %elie'ed it w! hi" / he# I "e!n / $e terd!$. When he w!rned u not to )o down to the fir wood. And I re!ll$ %elie'ed it w! hi" toni)ht# when $ou wo&e u u(. I "e!n# dee( down in ide. Or I could h!'e# if I2d let "$ elf. But I 0u t w!nted to )et out of the wood !nd / !nd / oh# I don2t &now. And wh!t e'er !" I to !$ to hi"31 1Perh!( $ou won2t need to !$ "uch#1 u))e ted Luc$.

Soon the$ re!ched the tree !nd throu)h the" the children could ee the =re!t 5ound# A l!n2 How# which h!d %een r!i ed o'er the T!%le ince their d!$ . 1Our ide don2t &ee( 'er$ )ood w!tch#1 "uttered Tru"(&in. 1We ou)ht to h!'e %een ch!llen)ed %efore now /1 1Hu h41 !id the other four# for now A l!n h!d to((ed !nd turned !nd tood f!cin) the"# loo&in) o "!0e tic th!t the$ felt ! )l!d ! !n$one c!n who feel !fr!id# !nd ! !fr!id ! !n$one c!n who feel )l!d. The %o$ trode forw!rd9 Luc$ "!de w!$ for the"9 Su !n !nd the Dw!rf hr!n& %!c&. 1Oh# A l!n#1 !id +in) Peter# dro((in) on one &nee !nd r!i in) the Lion2 he!'$ (!w to hi f!ce# 1I2" o )l!d. And I2" o orr$. I2'e %een le!din) the" wron) e'er ince we t!rted !nd e (eci!ll$ $e terd!$ "ornin).1 15$ de!r on#1 !id A l!n. word .

Then he turned !nd welco"ed Ed"und. 1Well done#1 were hi

Then# !fter !n !wful (!u e# the dee( 'oice !id# 1Su !n.1 Su !n "!de no !n wer %ut the other thou)ht he w! cr$in). 1You h!'e li tened to fe!r # child#1 !id A l!n. 1Co"e# let "e %re!the on $ou. 8or)et the". Are $ou %r!'e !)!in31 1A little# A l!n#1 !id Su !n.

1And now41 !id A l!n in ! "uch louder 'oice with 0u t ! hint of ro!r in it# while hi t!il l! hed hi fl!n& . 1And now# where i thi little Dw!rf# thi f!"ou word "!n !nd !rcher# who doe n2t %elie'e in lion 3 Co"e here# on of E!rth# co"e HERE41 / !nd the l! t word w! no lon)er the hint of ! ro!r %ut !l"o t the re!l thin). 1Wr!ith !nd wrec&!)e41 )! (ed Tru"(&in in the )ho t of ! 'oice. The children# who &new A l!n well enou)h to ee th!t he li&ed the Dw!rf 'er$ "uch# were not di tur%ed- %ut it w! *uite !nother thin) for Tru"(&in# who h!d ne'er een ! lion %efore# let !lone thi Lion. He did the onl$ en i%le thin) he could h!'e doneth!t i # in te!d of %oltin)# he tottered tow!rd A l!n. A l!n (ounced. H!'e $ou e'er een ! 'er$ $oun) &itten %ein) c!rried in the "other

c!t2 "outh3 It w! li&e th!t. The Dw!rf# hunched u( in ! little# "i er!%le %!ll# hun) fro" A l!n2 "outh. The Lion )!'e hi" one h!&e !nd !ll hi !r"our r!ttled li&e ! tin&er2 (!c& !nd then / he$(re to / the Dw!rf flew u( in the !ir. He w! ! !fe ! if he h!d %een in %ed# thou)h he did not feel o. A he c!"e down the hu)e 'el'et$ (!w c!u)ht hi" ! )entl$ ! ! "other2 !r" !nd et hi" ;ri)ht w!$ u(# too< on the )round. 1Son of E!rth# h!ll we %e friend 31 ! &ed A l!n. %re!th %!c&.

1Ye / he / he / he #1 (!nted the Dw!rf# for it h!d not $et )ot it

1Now#1 !id A l!n. 1The 5oon i ettin). Loo& %ehind $ou9 there i the d!wn %e)innin). We h!'e no ti"e to lo e. You three# $ou on of Ad!" !nd on of E!rth# h! ten into the 5ound !nd de!l with wh!t $ou will find there.1 The Dw!rf w! till (eechle !nd neither of the %o$ d!red to ! & if A l!n would follow the". All three drew their word !nd !luted# then turned !nd 0in)led !w!$ into the du &. Luc$ noticed th!t there w! no i)n of we!rine in their f!ce 9 %oth the Hi)h +in) !nd +in) Ed"und loo&ed "ore li&e "en th!n %o$ . The )irl w!tched the" out of i)ht# t!ndin) clo e %e ide A l!n. The li)ht w! ch!n)in). Low down in the e! t# Ar!'ir# the "ornin) t!r of N!rni!# )le!"ed li&e ! little "oon. A l!n# who ee"ed l!r)er th!n %efore# lifted hi he!d# hoo& hi "!ne# !nd ro!red. The ound# dee( !nd thro%%in) !t fir t li&e !n or)!n %e)innin) on ! low note# ro e !nd %ec!"e louder# !nd then f!r louder !)!in# till the e!rth !nd !ir were h!&in) with it. It ro e u( fro" th!t hill !nd flo!ted !cro !ll N!rni!. Down in 5ir!62 c!"( "en wo&e# t!red (!lel$ in one !nother2 f!ce # !nd )r! (ed their we!(on . Down %elow th!t in the =re!t Ri'er# now !t it colde t hour# the he!d !nd houlder of the n$"(h # !nd the )re!t weed$/%e!rded he!d of the ri'er/)od# ro e fro" the w!ter. Be$ond it# in e'er$ field !nd wood# the !lert e!r of r!%%it ro e fro" their hole # the lee($ he!d of %ird c!"e out fro" under win) # owl hooted# 'i.en %!r&ed# hed)eho) )runted# the tree tirred. In town !nd 'ill!)e "other (re ed %!%ie clo e to their %re! t # t!rin) with wild e$e # do) whi"(ered# !nd "en le!(ed u( )ro(in) for li)ht . 8!r !w!$ on the northern frontier the "ount!in )i!nt (eered fro" the d!r& )!tew!$ of their c! tle . Wh!t Luc$ !nd Su !n !w w! ! d!r& o"ethin) co"in) to the" fro" !l"o t e'er$ direction !cro the hill . It loo&ed fir t li&e ! %l!c& "i t cree(in) on the )round# then li&e the tor"$ w!'e of ! %l!c& e! ri in) hi)her !nd hi)her ! it c!"e on# !nd then# !t l! t# li&e wh!t it w! wood on the "o'e. All the tree of the world !((e!red to %e ru hin) tow!rd A l!n. But ! the$ drew ne!rer the$ loo&ed le li&e tree - !nd when the whole crowd# %owin) !nd curt $in) !nd w!'in) thin lon) !r" to A l!n# were !ll !round Luc$# he !w th!t it w! ! crowd of hu"!n h!(e . P!le %irch/)irl were to in) their he!d # willowwo"en (u hed %!c& their h!ir fro" their %roodin) f!ce to )!6e on A l!n# the *ueenl$ %eeche tood till !nd !dored hi"# h!))$ o!&/"en# le!n !nd "el!nchol$ el" # hoc&he!ded hollie ;d!r& the" el'e # %ut their wi'e !ll %ri)ht with %errie < !nd )!$ row!n # !ll %owed !nd ro e !)!in# houtin)# 1A l!n# A l!n41 in their '!riou hu &$ or cre!&in) or w!'e/li&e 'oice . The crowd thic& !nd c!"e fro" onl$ in ! h!'e %een You felt# !nd the d!nce round A l!n ;for it h!d %eco"e ! d!nce once "ore< )rew o r!(id th!t Luc$ w! confu ed. She ne'er !w where cert!in other (eo(le who were oon c!(erin) !%out !"on) the tree . One w! ! $outh# dre ed f!wn/ &in# with 'ine/le!'e wre!thed in hi curl$ h!ir. Hi f!ce would !l"o t too (rett$ for ! %o$2 # if it h!d not loo&ed# o e.tre"el$ wild. ! Ed"und !id when he !w hi" ! few d!$ l!ter# 1There2 ! ch!( who

"i)ht do !n$thin) !% olutel$ !n$thin).1 He ee"ed to h!'e ! )re!t "!n$ n!"e / Bro"io # B! !reu # !nd the R!" were three of the". There were ! lot of )irl with hi"# ! wild ! he. There w! e'en# une.(ectedl$# o"eone on ! don&e$. And e'er$%od$ w! l!u)hin)9 !nd e'er$%od$ w! houtin) out# 1Eu!n# eu!n# eu/oi/oi/oi.1 1I it ! Ro"(# A l!n31 cried the $outh. And !((!rentl$ it w! . But ne!rl$ e'er$one ee"ed to h!'e ! different ide! ! to wh!t the$ were (l!$in). It "!$ h!'e %een Ti)# %ut Luc$ ne'er di co'ered who w! It. It w! r!ther li&e Blind 5!n2 Buff# onl$ e'er$one %eh!'ed ! if the$ were %lindfolded. It w! not unli&e Hunt the Sli((er# %ut the li((er w! ne'er found. Wh!t "!de it "ore co"(lic!ted w! th!t the "!n on the don&e$# who w! old !nd enor"ou l$ f!t# %e)!n c!llin) out !t once# 1Refre h"ent 4 Ti"e for refre h"ent #1 !nd f!llin) off hi don&e$ !nd %ein) %undled on to it !)!in %$ the other # while the don&e$ w! under the i"(re ion th!t the whole thin) w! ! circu !nd tried to )i'e ! di (l!$ of w!l&in) on it hind le) . And !ll the ti"e there were "ore !nd "ore 'ine le!'e e'er$where. And oon not onl$ le!'e %ut 'ine . The$ were cli"%in) u( e'er$thin). The$ were runnin) u( the le) of the tree (eo(le !nd circlin) round their nec& . Luc$ (ut u( her h!nd to (u h %!c& her h!ir !nd found he w! (u hin) %!c& 'ine %r!nche . The don&e$ w! ! "! of the". Hi t!il w! co"(letel$ ent!n)led !nd o"ethin) d!r& w! noddin) %etween hi e!r . Luc$ loo&ed !)!in !nd !w it w! ! %unch of )r!(e . After th!t it w! "o tl$ )r!(e o'erhe!d !nd underfoot !nd !ll !round. 1Refre h"ent 4 Refre h"ent #1 ro!red the old "!n. E'er$one %e)!n e!tin)# !nd wh!te'er hothou e $our (eo(le "!$ h!'e# $ou h!'e ne'er t! ted uch )r!(e . Re!ll$ )ood )r!(e # fir" !nd ti)ht on the out ide# %ut %ur tin) into cool weetne when $ou (ut the" into $our "outh# were one of the thin) the )irl h!d ne'er h!d *uite enou)h of %efore. Here# there were "ore th!n !n$one could (o i%l$ w!nt# !nd ri% t!%le/"!nner !t !ll. One !w tic&$ !nd t!ined fin)er e'er$where# !nd# thou)h "outh were full# the l!u)hter ne'er ce! ed nor the $odellin) crie of Eu!n# eu!n# eu/oi/oi/oi/oi# till !ll of ! udden e'er$one felt !t the !"e "o"ent th!t the )!"e ;wh!te'er it w! <# !nd the fe! t# ou)ht to %e o'er# !nd e'er$one flo((ed down %re!thle on the )round !nd turned their f!ce to A l!n to he!r wh!t he would !$ ne.t. At th!t "o"ent the to Su !n# 1I un w! 0u t ri in) !nd Luc$ re"e"%ered o"ethin) !nd whi (ered

!$# Su# I &now who the$ !re.1

1Who31 1The %o$ with the wild f!ce i B!cchu !nd the old one on the don&e$ i Don2t $ou re"e"%er 5r Tu"nu tellin) u !%out the" lon) !)o31 1Ye # of cour e. But I 1Wh!t31 1I wouldn2t h!'e felt without A l!n.1 1I hould thin& not#1 !fe with B!cchu !id Luc$. !nd !ll hi wild )irl if we2d "et the" !$# Lu 1 Silenu .


SORCERY AND S:DDEN @EN=EANCE 5EANWHILE Tru"(&in !nd the two %o$ !rri'ed !t the d!r& little tone !rchw!$ which led into the in ide of the 5ound# !nd two entinel %!d)er ;the white (!tche on their chee& were !ll Ed"und could ee of the"< le!(ed u( with %!red teeth !nd ! &ed the" in n!rlin) 'oice # 1Who )oe there31 1Tru"(&in#1 (! t.1 The %!d)er 1=i'e u !id the Dw!rf. 1Brin)in) the Hi)h +in) of N!rni! out of the f!r no ed !t the %o$ 2 h!nd . 1At l! t#1 the$ !id Tru"(&in. !id. 1At l! t.1

! li)ht# friend #1

The %!d)er found ! torch 0u t in ide the !rch !nd Peter lit it !nd h!nded it to Tru"(&in. 1The D.L.8. h!d %etter le!d#1 he !id. 1We don2t &now our w!$ !%out thi (l!ce.1 Tru"(&in too& the torch !nd went !he!d into the d!r& tunnel. It w! ! cold# %l!c&# "u t$ (l!ce# with !n occ! ion!l %!t flutterin) in the torchli)ht# !nd (lent$ of co%we% . The %o$ # who h!d %een "o tl$ in the o(en !ir ince th!t "ornin) !t the r!ilw!$ t!tion# felt ! if the$ were )oin) into ! tr!( or ! (ri on. 1I !$# Peter#1 whi (ered Ed"und. 1Loo& !t tho e c!r'in) on the w!ll . Don2t the$ loo& old3 And $et we2re older th!n th!t. When we were l! t here# the$ h!dn2t %een "!de.1 1Ye #1 !id Peter. 1Th!t "!&e one thin&.1

The Dw!rf went on !he!d !nd then turned to the ri)ht# !nd then to the left# !nd then down o"e te( # !nd then to the left !)!in. Then !t l! t the$ !w ! li)ht !he!d / li)ht fro" under ! door. And now for the fir t ti"e the$ he!rd 'oice # for the$ h!d co"e to the door of the centr!l ch!"%er. The 'oice in ide were !n)r$ one . So"eone w! t!l&in) o loudl$ th!t the !((ro!ch of the %o$ !nd the Dw!rf h!d not %een he!rd. 1Don2t li&e the ound of th!t#1 whi (ered Tru"(&in to Peter. 1Let2 li ten for ! "o"ent.1 All three tood (erfectl$ till on the out ide of the door. 1You &now well enou)h#1 !id ! 'oice ;1Th!t2 the +in)#1 whi (ered Tru"(&in<# 1wh$ the Horn w! not %lown !t unri e thi "ornin). H!'e $ou for)otten th!t 5ir!6 fell u(on u !l"o t %efore Tru"(&in h!d )one# !nd we were fi)htin) for our li'e for the (!ce of three hour !nd "ore3 I %lew it when fir t I h!d ! %re!thin) (!ce.1 1I2" not li&el$ to for)et it#1 c!"e the !n)r$ 'oice# 1when "$ Dw!rf %ore the %runt of the !tt!c& !nd one in fi'e of the" fell.1 ;1Th!t2 Ni&!%ri&#1 whi (ered Tru"(&in.< 18or h!"e# Dw!rf#1 c!"e ! thic& 'oice ;1Trufflehunter2 #1 did ! "uch ! the Dw!rf !nd none "ore th!n the +in).1 !id Tru"(&in<. 1We !ll

1Tell th!t t!le $our own w!$ for !ll I c!re#1 !n wered Ni&!%ri&. 1But whether it w! th!t the Horn w! %lown too l!te# or whether there w! no "!)ic in it# no hel( h! co"e. You# $ou )re!t cler&# $ou "! ter "!)ici!n# $ou &now/!ll- !re $ou till ! &in) u to h!n) our ho(e on A l!n !nd +in) Peter !nd !ll the re t of it31 1I "u t confe / I c!nnot den$ it / th!t I !" dee(l$ di !((ointed in the re ult

of the o(er!tion#1 c!"e the !n wer. ;1Th!t2ll %e Doctor Corneliu #1 Tru"(&in.<


1To (e!& (l!inl$#1 !id Ni&!%ri&# 1$our w!llet2 e"(t$# $our e)) !ddled# $our fi h unc!u)ht# $our (ro"i e %ro&en. St!nd ! ide then !nd let other wor&. And th!t i wh$ /1 1The hel( will co"e#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1I t!nd %$ A l!n. H!'e (!tience# li&e u %e! t . The hel( will co"e. It "!$ %e e'en now !t the door.1 1P!h41 n!rled Ni&!%ri&. 1You %!d)er would h!'e u w!it till the &$ f!ll !nd we c!n !ll c!tch l!r& . I tell $ou we c!n2t w!it. 8ood i runnin) hort- we lo e "ore th!n we c!n !fford !t e'er$ encounter- our follower !re li((in) !w!$.1 1And wh$31 ! &ed Trufflehunter. 1I2ll tell $ou wh$. Bec!u e it i noi ed !"on) the" th!t we h!'e c!lled on the +in) of old !nd the +in) of old h!'e not !n wered. The l! t word Tru"(&in (o&e %efore he went ;!nd went# "o t li&el$# to hi de!th< were# >If $ou "u t %low the Horn# do not let the !r"$ &now wh$ $ou %low it or wh!t $ou ho(e fro" it.2 But th!t !"e e'enin) e'er$one ee"ed to &now.1 1You2d %etter h!'e ho'ed $our )re$ nout in ! hornet 2 ne t# B!d)er# th!n th!t I !" the %l!%#1 !id Ni&!%ri&. 1T!&e it %!c&# or/1 u))e t

1Oh# to( it# %oth of $ou#1 !id +in) C! (i!n. 1I w!nt to &now wh!t it i th!t Ni&!%ri& &ee( on hintin) we hould do. But %efore th!t# I w!nt to &now who tho e two tr!n)er !re who" he h! %rou)ht into our council !nd who t!nd there with their e!r o(en !nd their "outh hut.1 1The$ !re friend of "ine#1 !id Ni&!%ri&. 1And wh!t %etter ri)ht h!'e $ou $our elf to %e here th!n th!t $ou !re ! friend of Tru"(&in2 !nd the B!d)er2 3 And wh!t ri)ht h! th!t old dot!rd in the %l!c& )own to %e here e.ce(t th!t he i $our friend3 Wh$ !" I to %e the onl$ one who c!n2t %rin) in hi friend 31 1Hi 5!0e t$ i ternl$. the +in) to who" $ou h!'e worn !lle)i!nce#1 !id Trufflehunter

1Court "!nner # court "!nner #1 neered Ni&!%ri&. 1But in thi hole we "!$ t!l& (l!inl$. You &now / !nd he &now th!t thi Tel"!rine %o$ will %e &in) of nowhere !nd no%od$ in ! wee& unle we c!n hel( hi" out of the tr!( in which he it .1 1Perh!( #1 !id Corneliu # 1$our new friend You there# who !nd wh!t !re $ou31 would li&e to (e!& for the" el'e 3

1Wor hi(ful 5! ter Doctor#1 c!"e ! thin# whinin) 'oice. 1So (le! e $ou# I2" onl$ ! (oor old wo"!n# I !"# !nd 'er$ o%li)ed to hi Wor hi(ful Dw!rf hi( for hi friend hi(# I2" ure. Hi 5!0e t$# %le hi h!nd o"e f!ce# h! no need to %e !fr!id of !n old wo"!n th!t2 ne!rl$ dou%led u( with the rheu"!tic !nd h! n2t two tic& to (ut under her &ettle. I h!'e o"e (oor little &ill / not li&e $our # 5! ter Doctor# of cour e / in "!ll (ell !nd c!ntri( th!t I2d %e )l!d to u e !)!in t our ene"ie if it w! !)ree!%le to !ll concerned. 8or I h!te 2e". Oh $e . No one h!te %etter th!n "e.1 1Th!t i !ll "o t intere tin) !nd / er / !ti f!ctor$#1 !id Doctor Corneliu . 1I thin& I now &now wh!t $ou !re# 5!d!". Perh!( $our other friend# Ni&!%ri&# would )i'e o"e !ccount of hi" elf31 A dull# )re$ 'oice !t which Peter2 fle h cre(t re(lied# 1I2" hun)er. I2" thir t. Where I %ite# I hold till I die# !nd e'en !fter de!th the$ "u t cut out "$

"outhful fro" "$ ene"$2 %od$ !nd %ur$ it with "e. I c!n f! t ! hundred $e!r !nd not die. I c!n lie ! hundred ni)ht on the ice !nd not free6e. I c!n drin& ! ri'er of %lood !nd not %ur t. Show "e $our ene"ie .1 1And it i C! (i!n. 1Ye #1 in the (re ence of the e two th!t $ou wi h to di clo e $our (l!n31 !id

!id Ni&!%ri&. 1And %$ their hel( th!t I "e!n to e.ecute it.1

There w! ! "inute or two durin) which Tru"(&in !nd the %o$ could he!r C! (i!n !nd hi two friend (e!&in) in low 'oice %ut could not "!&e out wh!t the$ were !$in). Then C! (i!n (o&e !loud. 1Well# Ni&!%ri&#1 he !id# 1we will he!r $our (l!n.1

There w! ! (!u e o lon) th!t the %o$ %e)!n to wonder if Ni&!%ri& w! e'er )oin) to %e)in- when he did# it w! in ! lower 'oice# ! if he hi" elf did not "uch li&e wh!t he w! !$in). 1All !id !nd done#1 he "uttered# 1none of u &now the truth !%out the !ncient d!$ in N!rni!. Tru"(&in %elie'ed none of the torie . I w! re!d$ to (ut the" to the tri!l. We tried fir t the Horn !nd it h! f!iled. If there e'er w! ! Hi)h +in) Peter !nd ! ,ueen Su !n !nd ! +in) Ed"und !nd ! ,ueen Luc$# then either the$ h!'e not he!rd u # or the$ c!nnot co"e# or the$ !re our ene"ie /1 1Or the$ !re on the w!$#1 (ut in Trufflehunter. 1You c!n )o on !$in) th!t till 5ir!6 h! fed u !ll to hi do) . A I w! !$in)# we h!'e tried one lin& in the ch!in of old le)end # !nd it h! done u no )ood. Well. But when $our word %re!& # $ou dr!w $our d!))er. The torie tell of other (ower %e ide the !ncient +in) !nd ,ueen . How if we could c!ll the" u(31 1If $ou "e!n A l!n#1 !id Trufflehunter# 1it2 +in) . The$ were hi er'!nt . If he will not will<# i he "ore li&el$ to co"e hi" elf31 !ll one c!llin) on hi" !nd on the end the" ;%ut I "!&e no dou%t he

1No. You2re ri)ht there#1 !id Ni&!%ri&. 1A l!n !nd the +in) )o to)ether. Either A l!n i de!d# or he i not on our ide. Or el e o"ethin) tron)er th!n hi" elf &ee( hi" %!c&. And if he did co"e / how do we &now he2d %e our friend3 He w! not !lw!$ ! )ood friend to Dw!rf %$ !ll th!t2 told. Not e'en to !ll %e! t . A & the Wol'e . And !n$w!$# he w! in N!rni! onl$ once th!t I e'er he!rd of# !nd he didn2t t!$ lon). You "!$ dro( A l!n out of the rec&onin). I w! thin&in) of o"eone el e.1 There w! no !n wer# !nd for ! few "inute it w! the whee6$ !nd nufflin) %re!th of the B!d)er. 1Who do $ou "e!n31 !id C! (i!n !t l! t. th!t it held N!rni! (ell%ound for o till th!t Ed"und could he!r

1I "e!n ! (ower o "uch )re!ter th!n A l!n2 $e!r !nd $e!r # if the torie !re true.1

1The White Witch41 cried three 'oice !ll !t once# !nd fro" the noi e Peter )ue ed th!t three (eo(le h!d le!(ed to their feet. 1Ye #1 !id Ni&!%ri& 'er$ lowl$ !nd di tinctl$# 1I "e!n the Witch. Sit down !)!in. Don2t !ll t!&e fri)ht !t ! n!"e ! if $ou were children. We w!nt (ower9 !nd we w!nt ! (ower th!t will %e on our ide. A for (ower# do not the torie !$

th!t the Witch defe!ted A l!n# !nd %ound hi"# !nd &illed hi" on th!t 'er$ which i o'er there# 0u t %e$ond the li)ht31 1But the$ !l o !$ th!t he c!"e to life !)!in#1 !id the B!d)er h!r(l$.


1Ye # the$ !$#1 !n wered Ni&!%ri&# 1%ut $ou2ll notice th!t we he!r (reciou little !%out !n$thin) he did !fterw!rd . He 0u t f!de out of the tor$. How do $ou e.(l!in th!t# if he re!ll$ c!"e to life3 I n2t it "uch "ore li&el$ th!t he didn2t# !nd th!t the torie !$ nothin) "ore !%out hi" %ec!u e there w! nothin) "ore to !$31 1He e t!%li hed the +in) !nd ,ueen #1 !id C! (i!n.

1A +in) who h! 0u t won ! )re!t %!ttle c!n u u!ll$ e t!%li h hi" elf without the hel( of ! (erfor"in) lion#1 !id Ni&!%ri&. There w! ! fierce )rowl# (ro%!%l$ fro" Trufflehunter. 1And !n$w!$#1 Ni&!%ri& continued# 1wh!t c!"e of the +in) !nd their rei)n3 The$ f!ded too. But it2 'er$ different with the Witch. The$ !$ he ruled for ! hundred $e!r 9 ! hundred $e!r of winter. There2 (ower# if $ou li&e. There2 o"ethin) (r!ctic!l.1 1But# he!'en !nd e!rth41 !id the +in)# 1h!'en2t we !lw!$ %een told th!t the wor t ene"$ of !ll3 W! n2t he ! t$r!nt ten ti"e wor e th!n 5ir!631 he w!

1Perh!( #1 !id Ni&!%ri& in ! cold 'oice. 1Perh!( he w! for $ou hu"!n # if there were !n$ of $ou in tho e d!$ . Perh!( he w! for o"e of the %e! t . She t!"(ed out the Be!'er # I d!re !$- !t le! t there !re none of the" in N!rni! now. But he )ot on !ll ri)ht with u Dw!rf . I2" ! Dw!rf !nd I t!nd %$ "$ own (eo(le. We2re not !fr!id of the Witch.1 1But $ou2'e 0oined with u #1 !id Trufflehunter. n!((ed Ni&!%ri&. 1Who i hort when the r!tion

1Ye # !nd ! lot of )ood it h! done "$ (eo(le# o f!r#1 ent on !ll the d!n)erou 4# r!id 3 The Dw!rf . Who )oe f!il3 The Dw!rf . Who /31 1Lie 4 All lie 41 !id the B!d)er.

1And o#1 !id Ni&!%ri&# who e 'oice now ro e to ! (eo(le# I2ll )o to o"eone who c!n.1 1I thi o(en tre! on# Dw!rf31 ! &ed the +in).

cre!"# 1if $ou c!n2t hel( "$

1Put th!t word %!c& in it he!th# C! (i!n#1 !id Ni&!%ri&. 15urder !t council# eh3 I th!t $our )!"e3 Don2t %e fool enou)h to tr$ it. Do $ou thin& I2" !fr!id of $ou3 There2 three on "$ ide# !nd three on $our .1 1Co"e on# then#1 n!rled Trufflehunter# %ut he w! i""edi!tel$ interru(ted.

1Sto(# to(# to(#1 !id Doctor Corneliu . 1You )o on too f! t. The Witch i de!d. All the torie !)ree on th!t. Wh!t doe Ni&!%ri& "e!n %$ c!llin) on the Witch31 Th!t )re$ !nd terri%le 'oice which h!d (o&en onl$ once %efore !id# 1Oh# i he31

And then the hrill# whinin) 'oice %e)!n# 1Oh# %le hi he!rt# hi de!r little 5!0e t$ needn2t "ind !%out the White L!d$ / th!t2 wh!t we c!ll her / %ein) de!d. The Wor hi(ful 5! ter Doctor i onl$ "!&in) )!"e of ! (oor old wo"!n li&e "e when

he !$ th!t. Sweet 5! ter$ Doctor# le!rned 5! ter Doctor# who e'er he!rd of ! witch th!t re!ll$ died3 You c!n !lw!$ )et the" %!c&.1 1C!ll her u(#1 !id the )re$ 'oice. 1We !re !ll re!d$. Dr!w the circle. Pre(!re the %lue fire.1 A%o'e the te!dil$ incre! in) )rowl of the B!d)er !nd Corneliu 2 ro e the 'oice of +in) C! (i!n li&e thunder. h!r( 1Wh!t31

1So th!t i $our (l!n# Ni&!%ri&4 Bl!c& orcer$ !nd the c!llin) u( of !n !ccur ed )ho t. And I ee who $our co"(!nion !re/! H!) !nd ! Werewolf41 The ne.t "inute or o w! 'er$ confu ed. There w! !n !ni"!l ro!rin)# ! cl! h of teel- the %o$ !nd Tru"(&in ru hed in- Peter h!d ! )li"( e of ! horri%le# )re$# )!unt cre!ture# h!lf "!n !nd h!lf wolf# in the 'er$ !ct of le!(in) u(on ! %o$ !%out hi own !)e# !nd Ed"und !w ! %!d)er !nd ! Dw!rf rollin) on the floor in ! ort of c!t fi)ht. Tru"(&in found hi" elf f!ce to f!ce with the H!). Her no e !nd chin tuc& out li&e ! (!ir of nut/cr!c&er # her dirt$ )re$ h!ir w! fl$in) !%out her f!ce !nd he h!d 0u t )ot Doctor Corneliu %$ the thro!t. At one l! h of Tru"(&in2 word her he!d rolled on the floor. Then the li)ht w! &noc&ed o'er !nd it w! !ll word # teeth# cl!w # fi t # !nd %oot for !%out i.t$ econd . Then ilence. 1Are $ou !ll ri)ht# Ed31 1I / I thin& !li'e.1 o#1 (!nted Ed"und. 1I2'e )ot th!t %rute Ni&!%ri&# %ut he2 "e $ou2re till

1Wei)ht !nd w!ter/%ottle 41 c!"e !n !n)r$ 'oice. 1It2 off. You2re li&e ! $oun) ele(h!nt.1 1Sorr$# D.L.8.#1 !id Ed"und. 1I th!t %etter31

ittin) on. =et

1Ow4 No41 %ellowed Tru"(&in. 1You2re (uttin) $our 2 %oot in "$ "outh. =o !w!$.1 1I +in) C! (i!n !n$where31 ! &ed Peter. !id ! r!ther f!int 'oice. 1So"ethin) %it "e.1


1I2" here#1

The$ !ll he!rd the noi e of o"eone tri&in) ! "!tch. It w! Ed"und. The little fl!"e howed hi f!ce# loo&in) (!le !nd dirt$. He %lundered !%out for ! little# found the c!ndle ;the$ were no lon)er u in) the l!"(# for the$ h!d run out of oil<# et it on the t!%le# !nd lit it. When the fl!"e ro e cle!r# e'er!l (eo(le cr!"%led to their feet. Si. f!ce %lin&ed !t one !nother in the c!ndleli)ht. 1We don2t ee" to h!'e !n$ ene"ie left#1 !id Peter. 1There2 the H!)# de!d.1 ;He turned hi e$e *uic&l$ !w!$ fro" her.< 1And Ni&!%ri&# de!d too. And I u((o e thi thin) i ! Werewolf. It2 o lon) ince I2'e een one. Wolf2 he!d !nd "!n2 %od$. Th!t "e!n he w! 0u t turnin) fro" "!n into wolf !t the "o"ent he w! &illed. And $ou# I u((o e# !re +in) C! (i!n31 1Ye #1 1It2 !id the other %o$. 1But I2'e no ide! who $ou !re.1 the Hi)h +in)# +in) Peter#1 'er$ welco"e#1 !id Tru"(&in.

1Your 5!0e t$ i 1And o i

!id C! (i!n.

$our 5!0e t$#1

!id Peter. 1I h!'en2t co"e to t!&e $our (l!ce# $ou

&now# %ut to (ut $ou into it.1 # 1Your 5!0e t$#1 !id !nother 'oice !t Peter2 f!ce to f!ce with the B!d)er. el%ow. He turned !nd found hi" elf

Peter le!ned forw!rd# (ut hi !r" round the %e! t !nd &i ed the furr$ he!d9 it w! n2t ! )irli h thin) for hi" to do# %ec!u e he w! the Hi)h +in). 1Be t of %!d)er #1 he !id. 1You ne'er dou%ted u !ll throu)h.1

1No credit to "e# $our 5!0e t$#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1?2" ! %e! t !nd we don2t ch!n)e. I2" ! %!d)er# wh!t2 "ore# !nd we hold on.1 1I !" orr$ for Ni&!%ri&#1 !id C! (i!n# 1thou)h he h!ted "e fro" the fir t "o"ent he !w "e. He h!d )one our in ide fro" lon) ufferin) !nd h!tin). If we h!d won *uic&l$ he "i)ht h!'e %eco"e ! )ood Dw!rf in the d!$ of (e!ce. I don2t &now which of u &illed hi". I2" )l!d of th!t.1 1You2re %leedin)#1 !id Peter.

1Ye # I2" %itten#1 !id C! (i!n. 1It w! th!t / th!t wolf thin).1 Cle!nin) !nd %!nd!)in) the wound too& ! lon) ti"e# !nd when it w! done Tru"(&in !id# 1Now. Before e'er$thin) el e we w!nt o"e %re!&f! t.1 1But not here#1 !id Peter. hudder. 1And we "u t end o"eone to t!&e !w!$ the

1No#1 !id C! (i!n with ! %odie .1

1Let the 'er"in %e flun) into ! (it#1 !id Peter. 1But the Dw!rf we will )i'e to hi (eo(le to %e %uried in their own f! hion.1 The$ %re!&f! ted !t l! t in !nother of the d!r& cell!r of A l!n2 How. It w! not uch ! %re!&f! t ! the$ would h!'e cho en# for C! (i!n !nd Corneliu were thin&in) of 'eni on (! tie # !nd Peter !nd Ed"und of %uttered e)) !nd hot coffee# %ut wh!t e'er$one )ot w! ! little %it of cold %e!r/"e!t ;out of the %o$ 2 (oc&et <# ! lu"( of h!rd chee e# !n onion# !nd ! "u) of w!ter. But# fro" the w!$ the$ fell to# !n$one would h!'e u((o ed it w! deliciou .

CHAPTER THIRTEEN THE HI=H +IN= IN CO55AND 1Now#1 !id Peter# ! the$ fini hed their "e!l# 1A l!n !nd the )irl ;th!t2 ,ueen Su !n !nd ,ueen Luc$# C! (i!n< !re o"ewhere clo e. We don2t &now when he will !ct. In hi ti"e# no dou%t# not our . In the "e!nti"e he would li&e u to do wh!t we c!n on our own. You !$# C! (i!n# we !re not tron) enou)h to "eet 5ir!6 in (itched %!ttle31 1I2" !fr!id not# Hi)h +in)#1 !id C! (i!n. He w! li&in) Peter 'er$ "uch# %ut w! r!ther ton)ue/tied. It w! "uch tr!n)er for hi" to "eet the )re!t +in) out of the old torie th!n it w! for the" to "eet hi". 1@er$ well# then#1 !id Peter# 1I2ll one h!d thou)ht of thi %efore. end hi" ! ch!llen)e to in)le co"%!t.1 No

1Ple! e#1

!id C! (i!n# 1could it not %e "e3 I w!nt to !'en)e "$ f!ther.1

1You2re wounded#1 !id Peter. 1And !n$w!$# wouldn2t he 0u t l!u)h !t ! ch!llen)e fro" $ou3 I "e!n# we h!'e een th!t $ou !re ! &in) !nd ! w!rrior %ut he thin& of $ou ! ! &id.1 1But# Sire#1 !id the B!d)er# who !t 'er$ clo e to Peter !nd ne'er too& hi e$e off hi". 1Will he !cce(t ! . ch!llen)e e'en fro" $ou3 He &now he h! the tron)er . !r"$.1 1@er$ li&el$ he won2t#1 !id Peter# 1%ut there2 !lw!$ the ch!nce. And e'en if he doe n2t# we h!ll (end the %e t (!rt of the d!$ endin) her!ld to !nd fro !nd !ll th!t. B$ then A l!n "!$ h!'e done o"ethin). And !t le! t I c!n in (ect the !r"$ !nd tren)then the (o ition. I will end the ch!llen)e. In f!ct I will write it !t once. H!'e $ou (en !nd in&# 5! ter Doctor31 1A chol!r i ne'er without the"# $our 5!0e t$#1 !n wered Doctor Corneliu .

1@er$ well# I will dict!te#1 !id Peter. And while the Doctor (re!d out ! (!rch"ent !nd o(ened hi in&/horn !nd h!r(ened hi (en# Peter le!nt %!c& with h!lf/clo ed e$e !nd rec!lled to hi "ind the l!n)u!)e in which he h!d written uch thin) lon) !)o in N!rni!2 )olden !)e. 1Ri)ht#1 he !id !t l! t. 1And now# if $ou !re re!d$# Doctor31 di((ed hi (en !nd w!ited. Peter dict!ted ! follow 9

Doctor Corneliu

1Peter# %$ the )ift of A l!n# %$ election# %$ (re cri(tion# !nd %$ con*ue t# Hi)h +in) o'er !ll +in) in N!rni!# E"(eror of the Lone I l!nd !nd Lord of C!ir P!r!'el# +ni)ht of the 5o t No%le Order of the Lion# to 5ir!6# Son of C! (i!n the Ei)hth# o"eti"e Lord Protector of N!rni! !nd now t$lin) hi" elf +in) of N!rni!# =reetin). H!'e $ou )ot th!t31 1N!rni!# co""!# )reetin)#1 "uttered the Doctor. 1Ye # Sire.1 1Then %e)in ! new (!r!)r!(h#1 !id Peter. 18or to (re'ent the effu ion of %lood# !nd for the !'oidin) !ll other incon'enience li&el$ to )row fro" the w!r now le'ied in our re!l" of N!rni!# it i our (le! ure to !d'enture our ro$!l (er on on %eh!lf of our tru t$ !nd well/%elo'ed C! (i!n in cle!n w!)er of %!ttle to (ro'e u(on $our Lord hi(2 %od$ th!t the !id C! (i!n i l!wful +in) under u in N!rni! %oth %$ our )ift !nd %$ the l!w of the Tel"!rine # !nd $our Lord hi( twice )uilt$ of tre!cher$ %oth in withholdin) the do"inion of N!rni! fro" the !id C! (i!n !nd in the "o t !%ho"in!%le# / don2t for)et to (ell it with !n H# Doctor / %lood$# !nd unn!tur!l "urder of $our &indl$ lord !nd %rother +in) C! (i!n Ninth of th!t n!"e. Wherefore we "o t he!rtil$ (ro'o&e# ch!llen)e# !nd def$ $our Lord hi( to the !id co"%!t !nd "ono"!ch$# !nd h!'e ent the e letter %$ the h!nd of our well %elo'ed !nd ro$!l %rother Ed"und# o"eti"e +in) under u in N!rni!# Du&e of L!ntern W! te !nd Count of the We tern 5!rch# +ni)ht of the No%le Order of the T!%le# to who" we h!'e )i'en full (ower of deter"inin) with $our Lord hi( !ll the condition of the !id %!ttle. =i'en !t our lod)in) in A l!n2 How thi AII d!$ of the "onth =reenroof in the fir t $e!r of C! (i!n Tenth of N!rni!. 1Th!t ou)ht to do#1 1And now we "u t one.1 !id Peter# dr!win) ! dee( %re!th. with +in) Ed"und. I thin& the =i!nt ou)ht to %e

end two other


/ he2

not 'er$ cle'er# $ou &now#1

!id C! (i!n.

1Of cour e not#1 !id Peter. 1But !n$ )i!nt loo& i"(re i'e if onl$ he will &ee( *uiet. And it will cheer hi" u(. But who for the other31 1:(on "$ word#1 !id Tru"(&in# 1if $ou w!nt Ree(ichee( would %e the %e t.1 o"eone who c!n &ill with loo& # o

1He would indeed# fro" !ll I he!r#1 !id Peter with ! l!u)h. 1If onl$ he w! n2t "!ll. The$ wouldn2t e'en ee hi" till he w! clo e41 1Send =len tor"# Sire#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1No one e'er l!u)hed !t ! Cent!ur.1

An hour l!ter two )re!t lord in the !r"$ of 5ir!6# the Lord =lo6elle !nd the Lord So(e (i!n# trollin) !lon) their line !nd (ic&in) their teeth !fter %re!&f! t# loo&ed u( !nd !w co"in) down to the" fro" the wood the Cent!ur !nd =i!nt Wi"%lewe!ther# who" the$ h!d een %efore in %!ttle# !nd %etween the" ! fi)ure the$ could not reco)ni6e. Nor indeed would the other %o$ !t Ed"und2 chool h!'e reco)ni6ed hi" if the$ could h!'e een hi" !t th!t "o"ent. 8or A l!n h!d %re!thed on hi" !t their "eetin) !nd ! &ind of )re!tne hun) !%out hi". 1Wh!t2 to do31 !id the Lord =lo6elle. 1An !tt!c&31

1A (!rle$# r!ther#1 !id So(e (i!n. 1See# the$ c!rr$ )reen %r!nche . The$ !re co"in) to urrender "o t li&el$.1 1He th!t i hi f!ce#1 w!l&in) %etween the Cent!ur !nd the =i!nt h! no loo& of urrender in !id =lo6elle. 1Who c!n he %e3 It i not the %o$ C! (i!n.1

1No indeed#1 !id So(e (i!n. 1Thi i ! fell w!rrior# I w!rr!nt $ou# where'er the re%el h!'e )ot hi" fro". He i ;in $our Lord hi(2 (ri'!te e!r< ! &in)lier "!n th!n e'er 5ir!6 w! . And wh!t "!il he we!r 4 None of our "ith c!n "!&e the li&e.1 1I2ll w!)er "$ d!((led Po"el$ he %rin) =lo6elle. ! ch!llen)e# not ! urrender#1 !id

1How then31 !id So(e (i!n. 1We hold the ene"$ in our fi t here. 5ir!6 would ne'er %e o h!ir/%r!ined ! to throw !w!$ hi !d'!nt!)e on ! co"%!t.1 1He "i)ht %e %rou)ht to it#1 !id =lo6elle in ! "uch lower 'oice.

1Softl$#1 !id So(e (i!n. 1Ste( ! little ! ide here out of e!r hot of tho e entrie . Now. H!'e I t!&en $our Lord hi(2 "e!nin) !ri)ht31 1If the +in) undertoo& w!)er of %!ttle#1 whi (ered =lo6elle# 1wh$# either he would &ill or %e &illed.1 1So#1 !id So(e (i!n# noddin) hi he!d. w!r.1

1And if he &illed we

hould h!'e won thi

1Cert!inl$. And if not31 1Wh$# if not# we hould %e ! !%le to win it without the +in)2 )r!ce ! with hi". 8or I need not tell $our Lord hi( th!t 5ir!6 i no 'er$ )re!t c!(t!in. And !fter th!t# we hould %e %oth 'ictoriou !nd &in)le .1

1And it i $our "e!nin)# "$ Lord# th!t $ou !nd I could hold thi con'enientl$ without ! +in) ! with one31

l!nd *uite !

=lo6elle2 f!ce )rew u)l$. 1Not for)ettin)#1 !id he# 1th!t it w! we who fir t (ut hi" on the throne. And in !ll the $e!r th!t he h! en0o$ed it# wh!t fruit h!'e co"e our w!$3 Wh!t )r!titude h! he hown u 31 1S!$ no "ore#1 !n wered So(e (i!n. 1But loo& / herd co"e +in)2 tent.1 > one to fetch u to the

When the$ re!ched 5ir!62 tent the$ !w Ed"und !nd hi two co"(!nion e!ted out ide it !nd %ein) entert!ined with c!&e !nd wine# h!'in) !lre!d$ deli'ered the ch!llen)e# !nd withdr!wn while the +in) w! con iderin) it. When the$ !w the" thu !t clo e *u!rter the two Tel"!rine lord thou)ht !ll three of the" 'er$ !l!r"in). In ide# the$ found 5ir!6# un!r"ed !nd fini hin) hi flu hed !nd there w! ! cowl on hi %row. %re!&f! t. Hi f!ce w!

1There41 he )rowled# flin)in) the (!rch"ent !cro the t!%le to the". 1See wh!t ! (!c& of nur er$ t!le our 0!c&!n!(e of ! ne(hew h! ent u .1 1B$ $our le!'e# Sire#1 !id =lo6elle. 1If the $oun) w!rrior who" we h!'e 0u t een out ide i the +in) Ed"und "entioned in the writin)# then I would not c!ll hi" ! nur er$ t!le %ut ! 'er$ d!n)erou &ni)ht.1 1+in) Ed"und# (!h41 !id 5ir!6. 1Doe $our Lord hi( %elie'e tho e old wi'e 2 f!%le !%out Peter !nd Ed"und !nd the re t31 1I %elie'e "$ e$e # $our 5!0e t$#1 !id =lo6elle. touchin) the ch!llen)e# I

1Well# thi i to no (ur(o e#1 !id 5ir!6# 1%ut ! u((o e there i onl$ one o(inion %etween u 31 1I u((o e o# indeed# Sire#1 !id =lo6elle.

1And wh!t i

th!t31 ! &ed the +in).

15o t inf!lli%l$ to refu e it#1 !id =lo6elle. 18or thou)h I h!'e ne'er %een c!lled ! cow!rd# I "u t (l!inl$ !$ th!t to "eet th!t $oun) "!n in %!ttle i "ore th!n "$ he!rt would er'e "e for. And if ;! i li&el$< hi %rother# the Hi)h +in)# i "ore d!n)erou th!n he wh$# on $our life# "$ Lord +in)# h!'e nothin) to do with hi".1 1Pl!)ue on $ou41 cried 5ir!6. 1It w! not th!t ort of council I w!nted. Do $ou thin& I !" ! &in) $ou if I hould %e !fr!id to "eet thi Peter ;if there i uch ! "!n<3 Do $ou thin& I fe!r hi"3 I w!nted $our coun el on the (olic$ of the "!tterwhether we# h!'in) the !d'!nt!)e# hould h!6!rd it on ! w!)er of %!ttle.1 1To which I c!n onl$ !n wer# $our 5!0e t$#1 !id =lo6elle# 1th!t for !ll re! on the ch!llen)e hould %e refu ed. There i de!th in the tr!n)e &ni)ht2 f!ce.1 1There $ou !re !)!in41 !id 5ir!6# now thorou)hl$ !n)r$. 1Are $ou tr$in)# to "!&e it !((e!r th!t I !" ! )re!t ! cow!rd ! $our Lord hi(31 1Your 5!0e t$ "!$ !$ $our (le! ure#1 !id =lo6elle ul&il$. !$ $ou# "$ Lord

1You t!l& li&e !n old wo"!n# =lo6elle#1

!id the +in). 1Wh!t

So(e (i!n31 1Do not touch it# Sire#1 w! the re(l$. 1And wh!t $our 5!0e t$ !$ of the (olic$ of the thin) co"e in 'er$ h!((il$. It )i'e $our 5!0e t$ e.cellent )round for ! refu !l without !n$ c!u e for *ue tionin) $our 5!0e t$2 honour or cour!)e.1 1=re!t He!'en41!i"ed 5ir!6# 0u"(in) to hi feet. 1Are $ou !l o %ewitched tod!$3 Do $ou thin& I !" loo&in) for )round to refu e it3 You "i)ht ! well c!ll "e cow!rd to "$ f!ce.1 The con'er !tion w! )oin) e.!ctl$ ! the two lord wi hed# o the$ !id nothin).

1I ee wh!t it i #1 !id 5ir!6# !fter t!rin) !t the" ! if hi e$e would t!rt out of hi he!d# 1$ou !re ! lil$li'ered ! h!re $our el'e !nd h!'e the effronter$ to i"!)ine "$ he!rt !fter the li&ene of $our 4 =round for ! refu !l# indeed4 e for not fi)htin)4 Are $ou oldier 3 Are $ou Tel"!rine 3 Are $ou "en3 And if I do) refu e it ;! !il )ood re! on of c!(t!inc$ !nd "!rti!l (olic$ ur)e "e to do< $ou will thin&# !nd te!ch other t!n thin&# I w! !fr!id. I it not o31 1No "!n of $our 5!0e t$2 !)e#1 !id =lo6elle# 1would %e c!lled cow!rd %$ !n$ wi e oldier for refu in) the co"%!t with ! )re!t w!rrior in the flower of hi $outh.1 1So I2" to %e ! dot!rd with one foot in the )r!'e# ! well ! ! d! t!rd#1 ro!red 5ir!6. 1I2ll tell $ou wh!t it i # "$ Lord . With $our wo"!ni h coun el ;e'er h$in) fro" the true (oint# which i one of (olic$< $ou h!'e done the 'er$ o((o ite of $our intent. I h!d "e!nt to refu e it. But I2ll !cce(t it. Do $ou he!r# !cce(t it4 I2ll not %e h!"ed %ec!u e o"e witchcr!ft or tre! on h! fro6en %oth $our %lood .1 1We %e eech $our 5!0e t$ /1 !id =lo6elle# %ut 5ir!6 h!d flun) out of the tent !nd the$ could he!r hi" %!wlin) out hi !cce(t!nce to Ed"und. The two lord loo&ed !t one !nother !nd chuc&led *uietl$.

1I &new he2d do it if he were (ro(erl$ ch!fed#1 !id =lo6elle. 1But I2ll not for)et he c!lled "e cow!rd. It h!ll %e (!id for.1 There w! ! )re!t tirrin) !t A l!n2 How when the new c!"e %!c& !nd w! co""unic!ted to the '!riou cre!ture . Ed"und# with one of 5ir!62 c!(t!in # h!d !lre!d$ "!r&ed out the (l!ce for the co"%!t# !nd ro(e !nd t!&e h!d %een (ut round it. Two Tel"!rine were to t!nd !t two of the corner # !nd one in the "iddle of one ide# ! "!r h!l of the li t . Three "!r h!l for the other two corner !nd the other ide were to %e furni hed %$ the Hi)h +in). Peter w! 0u t e.(l!inin) to C! (i!n th!t he could not %e one# %ec!u e hi ri)ht to the throne w! wh!t the$ were fi)htin) !%out# when uddenl$ ! thic&# lee($ 'oice !id# 1Your 5!0e t$# (le! e.1 Peter turned !nd there tood the elde t of the Bul)$ Be!r . 1If $ou (le! e# $our 5!0e t$#1 he 1To %e ure# !id# 1I2" ! %e!r# I !".1 !id Peter. to u((l$ one

o $ou !re# !nd ! )ood %e!r too# I don2t dou%t#1 !lw!$ ! ri)ht of the# %e!r

1Ye #1 !id the Be!r. 1But it w! "!r h!l of the li t .1

1Don2t let hi"#1 whi (ered Tru"(&in to Peter. 1He2 ! )ood cre!ture# %ut he2ll h!"e u !ll. He2ll )o to lee( !nd he will uc& hi (!w . In front of the ene"$ too.1

1I c!n2t hel( th!t#1 !id Peter. 1Bec!u e he2 *uite ri)ht. The Be!r h!d th!t (ri'ile)e. I c!n2t i"!)ine how it h! %een re"e"%ered !ll the e $e!r # when o "!n$ other thin) h!'e %een for)otten.1 1Ple! e# $our 5!0e t$#1 !id the Be!r. h!ll %e one of the "!r h!l . But $ou hoc&ed 'oice.

1It i $our ri)ht#1 !id Peter. 1And $ou "u t re"e"%er not to uc& $our (!w .1 1Of cour e not#1 !id the Be!r in ! 'er$

1Wh$# $ou2re doin) it thi The Be!r whi((ed hi 1Sire41 c!"e !

"inute41 %ellowed Tru"(&in. "outh !nd (retended he h!dn2t he!rd.

(!w out of hi

hrill 'oice fro" ne!r the )round. (eo(le

1Ah / Ree(ichee(41 !id Peter !fter loo&in) u( !nd down !nd round ! u u!ll$ did when !ddre ed %$ the 5ou e.

1Sire#1 !id Ree(ichee(. 15$ life i e'er !t $our co""!nd# %ut "$ honour i "$ own. Sire# I h!'e !"on) "$ (eo(le the onl$ tru"(eter in $our 5!0e t$2 !r"$. I h!d thou)ht# (erh!( # we "i)ht h!'e %een ent with the ch!llen)e. Sire# "$ (eo(le !re )rie'ed. Perh!( if it were $our (le! ure th!t I hould %e ! "!r h!l of the li t # it would content the".1 A noi e not unli&e thunder %ro&e out fro" o"ewhere o'erhe!d !t thi (oint# ! =i!nt Wi"%lewe!ther %ur t into one of tho e not 'er$ intelli)ent l!u)h to which the nicer ort of =i!nt !re o li!%le. He chec&ed hi" elf !t once !nd loo&ed ! )r!'e ! ! turni( %$ the ti"e Ree(ichee( di co'ered where the noi e c!"e fro". 1I !" !fr!id it would not do#1 "ice /1 1I h!d o% er'ed it# Sire#1 !id Peter 'er$ )r!'el$. 1So"e hu"!n !re !fr!id of

!id Ree(ichee(. i)ht

1And it would not %e *uite f!ir to 5ir!6#1 Peter continued# 1to h!'e in !n$thin) th!t "i)ht !%!te the ed)e of hi cour!)e.1 1Your 5!0e t$ i the "irror of honour#1 !id the 5ou e %ow . 1And on thi "!tter we h!'e %ut ! in)le "ind... l!u)hin) 0u t now. If !n$one (re ent wi he to "!&e "e !" 'er$ "uch !t hi er'ice / with "$ word / whene'er

with one of hi !d"ir!%le I thou)ht I he!rd o"eone the u%0ect of hi wit# I he h! lei ure.1

An !wful ilence followed thi re"!r&# which w! %ro&en %$ Peter !$in)# 1=i!nt Wi"%lewe!ther !nd the Be!r !nd the Cent!ur =len tor" h!ll %e our "!r h!l . The co"%!t will %e !t two hour !fter noon. Dinner !t noon (reci el$.1 1I !$#1 !id Ed"und ! the$ w!l&ed !w!$# 1I u((o e $ou c!n %e!t hi"31 1Th!t2 wh!t I2" fi)htin) hi" to find out#1 u((o e it i !id Peter. !ll ri)ht. I "e!n# I


HOW ALL WERE @ERY B:SY A LITTLE %efore two o2cloc& Tru"(&in !nd the B!d)er !t with the re t of the cre!ture !t the wood2 ed)e loo&in) !cro !t the )le!"in) line of 5ir!62 !r"$ which w! !%out two !rrow/ hot !w!$. In %etween# ! *u!re (!ce of le'el )r! h!d %een t!&ed for the co"%!t. At the two f!r corner tood =lo6elle !nd So(e (i!n with dr!wn word . At the ne!r corner were =i!nt Wi"%lewe!ther !nd the Bul)$ Be!r# who in (ite of !ll their w!rnin) w! uc&in) hi (!w !nd loo&in)# to tell the truth# unco""onl$ ill$. To "!&e u( for thi # =len tor" on the ri)ht of the li t # toc&/ till e.ce(t when he t!"(ed ! hind hoof occ! ion!ll$ on the turf# loo&ed "uch "ore i"(o in) th!n the Tel"!rine %!ron who f!ced hi" on the left. Peter h!d 0u t h!&en h!nd with Ed"und !nd the Doctor# !nd w! now w!l&in) down to the co"%!t. It w! li&e the "o"ent %efore the (i tol )oe !t !n i"(ort!nt r!ce# %ut 'er$ "uch wor e. 1I wi h A l!n h!d turned u( %efore it c!"e to thi #1 1So do I#1 !id Trufflehunter. 1But loo& %ehind $ou.1 !id Tru"(&in.

1Crow !nd croc&er$41 "uttered the Dw!rf ! oon ! he h!d done o. 1Wh!t !re the$3 Hu)e (eo(le / %e!utiful (eo(le / li&e )od !nd )odde e !nd )i!nt . Hundred !nd thou !nd of the"# clo in) in %ehind u . Wh!t !re the$31 1It2 the Dr$!d the".1 !nd H!"!dr$!d !nd Sil'!n #1 !id Trufflehunter. 1A l!n h! w!&ed

1Hu"(h41 !id the Dw!rf. 1Th!t2ll %e 'er$ u eful if the ene"$ tr$ !n$ tre!cher$. But it won2t hel( the Hi)h +in) 'er$ "uch if 5ir!6 (ro'e h!ndier with hi word.1 The B!d)er !id nothin)# for now Peter !nd 5ir!6 were enterin) the li t fro" o((o ite end # %oth on foot# %oth in ch!in hirt # with hel"et !nd hield . The$ !d'!nced till the$ were clo e to)ether. Both %owed !nd ee"ed to (e!&## %ut it w! i"(o i%le to he!r wh!t the$ !id. Ne.t "o"ent# the two word fl! hed in the unli)ht. 8or ! econd the cl! h could %e he!rd %ut it w! i""edi!tel$ drowned %ec!u e %oth !r"ie %e)!n houtin) li&e crowd !t ! foot%!ll "!tch. 1Well done# Peter# oh# well done41 houted Ed"und ! he !w 5ir!6 reel %!c& ! whole (!ce !nd ! h!lf. 18ollow it u(# *uic&41 And Peter did# !nd for ! few econd it loo&ed ! if the fi)ht "i)ht %e won. But then 5ir!6 (ulled hi" elf to)ether / %e)!n to "!&e re!l u e of hi hei)ht !nd wei)ht 15ir!64 5ir!64 The +in)4 The +in)41 c!"e the ro!r of the Tel"!rine . C! (i!n !nd Ed"und )rew white with ic&enin) !n.iet$. 1Peter i 1Hullo41 t!&in) o"e dre!dful &noc& #1 !id Ed"und.

!id C! (i!n. 1Wh!t2

h!((enin) now31

1Both f!llin) !(!rt#1 !id Ed"und. 1A %it %lown# e.(ect. W!tch. Ah# now the$2re %e)innin) !)!in# "ore cientific!ll$ thi ti"e. Circlin) round !nd round# feelin) e!ch other2 defence .1 1I2" !fr!id thi 5ir!6 &now hi wor&#1 "uttered the Doctor. But h!rdl$ h!d he !id thi when there w! uch ! cl!((in) !nd %!$in) !nd throwin) u( of hood !"on) the Old N!rni!n th!t it w! ne!rl$ de!fenin). 1Wh!t w! it3 Wh!t w! it31 ! &ed the Doctor. 15$ old e$e "i ed it.1

1The Hi)h +in) h! (ric&ed hi" in the !r"/(it#1 !id C! (i!n# till cl!((in). 17u t where the !r"/hole of the h!u%er& let the (oint throu)h. 8ir t %lood.2 1It2 loo&in) u)l$ !)!in now# thou)h#1 !id Ed"und. 1Peter2 (ro(erl$. He "u t %e hurt in the left !r".1 It w! onl$ too true. E'er$one could ee th!t Peter2 houtin) of the Tel"!rine redou%led. 1You2'e 1Preciou een "ore %!ttle little#1 th!n I#1 !id C! (i!n. 1I not u in) hi hield

hield hun) li"(. The there !n$ ch!nce now31

!id Ed"und. 1I

u((o e he "i)ht 0u t do it. With luc&.1 !id C! (i!n.

1Oh# wh$ did we let it h!((en !t !ll31

Suddenl$ !ll the houtin) on %oth ide died down. Ed"und w! (u66led for ! "o"ent. Then he !id# 1Oh# I ee. The$2'e %oth !)reed to ! re t. Co"e on# Doctor. You !nd I "!$ %e !%le to do o"ethin) for the Hi)h +in).2 The$ r!n down to the li t !nd Peter c!"e out ide the ro(e to "eet the"# hi f!ce red !nd we!t$# hi che t he!'in). 1I $our left !r" wounded31 ! &ed Ed"und.

1It2 not e.!ctl$ ! wound#1 Peter !id. 1I )ot the wei)ht of hi houlder on "$ hield / li&e ! lo!d of %ric& !nd the ri" of the hield dro'e into "$ wri t. I don2t thin& it2 %ro&en# %ut it "i)ht %e ! (r!in. If $ou could tie it u( 'er$ ti)ht I thin& I could "!n!)e.1 While the$ were doin) thi # Ed"und ! &ed !n.iou l$. 1Wh!t do $ou thin& of hi"# Peter31 1Tou)h#1 !id Peter. 1@er$ tou)h. I h!'e ! ch!nce if c!n &ee( hi" on the ho( till hi wei)ht !nd hort wind co"e !)!in t hi" / in thi hot un too. To tell the truth# I h!'en2t "uch ch!nce el e. =i'e "$ lo'e to / to e'er$one !t ho"e# Ed# if he )et "e. Here he co"e into the li t !)!in So lon)# old ch!(. =ood/%$e# Doctor. And I to Tru"(&in. He2 %een ! %ric&.1 !$# Ed# !$ o"ethin) (eci!ll$ nice with ! ic&

Ed"und couldn2t (e!&. He w!l&ed %!c& with the Doctor to hi feelin) in hi to"!ch.

own line

But the new %out went well. Peter now ee"ed to %e !%le to "!&e o"e u e of hi hield# !nd he cert!inl$ "!de )ood u e of hi feet. He w! !l"o t (l!$in) Ti) with 5ir!6 now# &ee(in) out of r!n)e# hiftin) hi )round# "!&in) the ene"$ wor&. 1Cow!rd41 %ooed the Tel"!rine . 1Wh$ don2t $ou t!nd u( to hi"3 Don2t $ou li&e it# eh3 Thou)ht $ou2d co"e to fi)ht# not d!nce. Y!h41 1Oh# I do ho(e he won2t li ten to the"#1 !id C! (i!n.

1Not he#1 !id Ed"und. 1You don2t &now hi" / Oh41 for 5ir!6 h!d )ot in ! %low !t l! t# on Peter2 hel"et. Peter t!))ered# li((ed idew!$ # !nd fell on one &nee. The ro!r of the Tel"!rine ro e li&e the noi e of the e!. 1Now# 5ir!6#1 the$ $elled. 1Now. ,uic&4 ,uic&4 +ill hi".1 But indeed there w! no need to e)) the u ur(er on. He w! on to( of Peter !lre!d$. Ed"und %it hi li( till the %lood c!"e# ! the word fl! hed down on Peter. It loo&ed ! if it would l! h off hi he!d. Th!n& he!'en 4 It h!d )l!nced down hi ri)ht houlder. The Dw!rf/wrou)ht

"!il w!

ound !nd did not %re!&. u( !)!in. Peter# )o it# Peter.1 !id the Doctor. 1How did he do it31

1=re!t Scott41 cried Ed"und. 1He2 1I couldn2t ee wh!t h!((ened#1

1=r!%%ed 5ir!62 !r" ! it c!"e down#1 !id Tru"(&in# d!ncin) with deli)ht. 1There2 ! "!n for $ou4 : e hi ene"$2 !r" ! ! l!dder. The Hi)h +in)4 The Hi)h +in)4 :(# Old N!rni!41 1Loo&#1 !id Trufflehunter. 15ir!6 i !n)r$. It i )ood.1 The$ were cert!inl$ !t it h!""er !nd ton) now9 uch ! flurr$ of %low th!t it ee"ed i"(o i%le for either not to %e &illed. A the e.cite"ent )rew# the houtin) !l"o t died !w!$. The (ect!tor were holdin) their %re!th. It w! "o t horri%le !nd "o t "!)nificent. A )re!t hout !ro e fro" the Old N!rni!n . 5ir!6 w! ! down / not truc& %$ Peter# %ut f!ce downw!rd # h!'in) tri((ed on ! tu oc&. Peter te((ed %!c&# w!itin) for hi" to ri e. 1Oh %other# %other# %other#1 !id Ed"und to hi" elf. 1Need he %e ! )entle"!nl$ ! !ll th!t3 I u((o e he "u t. Co"e of %ein) ! +ni)ht !nd ! Hi)h +in). I u((o e it i wh!t A l!n would li&e. But th!t %rute will %e u( !)!in in ! "inute !nd then /1 But 1th!t %rute1 ne'er ro e. The Lord =lo6elle !nd So(e (i!n h!d their own (l!n re!d$. A oon ! the$ !w their +in) down the$ le!(ed into the li t cr$in)# 1Tre!cher$4 Tre!cher$4 The N!rni!n tr!itor h! t!%%ed hi" in the %!c& while he l!$ hel(le . To !r" 4 To !r" # Tel"!r41 Peter h!rdl$ under tood wh!t w! h!((enin). He !w two %i) "en runnin) tow!rd hi" with dr!wn word . Then the third Tel"!rine h!d le!(ed o'er the ro(e on hi left. 1To !r" # N!rni!4 Tre!cher$41 Peter houted. If !ll three h!d et u(on hi" !t once he would ne'er h!'e (o&en !)!in. But =lo6elle to((ed to t!% hi own +in) de!d where he l!$9 1Th!t2 for $our in ult# thi "ornin)#1 he whi (ered ! the %l!de went ho"e. Peter wun) to f!ce So(e (i!n# l! hed hi le) fro" under hi" !nd# with the %!c&/cut of the !"e tro&e# w!llo(ed off hi he!d Ed"und w! now !t hi ide cr$in)# 1N!rni!# N!rni!4 The Lion41 The whole Tel"!rine !r"$ w! ru hin) tow!rd the". But now the =i!nt w! t!"(in) forw!rd# too(in) low !nd win)in) hi clu%. The Cent!ur ch!r)ed. Tw!n)# tw!n) %ehind !nd hi # hi o'erhe!d c!"e the !rcher$ of Dw!rf . Tru"(&in w! fi)htin) !t hi left. 8ull %!ttle w! 0oined. 1Co"e %!c&# Ree(ichee(# $ou little ! 41 houted Peter. 1You2ll onl$ %e &illed. Thi i no (l!ce for "ice.1 But the ridiculou little cre!ture were d!ncin) in !nd out !"on) the feet of %oth !r"ie # 0!%%in) with their word . 5!n$ ! Tel"!rine w!rrior th!t d!$ felt hi foot uddenl$ (ierced ! if %$ ! do6en &ewer # ho((ed on one le) cur in) the (!in# !nd fell ! often ! not. If he fell# the "ice fini hed hi" off- if he did not# o"eone el e did. But !l"o t %efore the Old N!rni!n were re!ll$ ene"$ )i'in) w!$. Tou)hloo&in) w!rrior turned Old N!rni!n %ut on o"ethin) %ehind the"# !nd hrie&in)# 1The Wood4 The Wood4 The end of the w!r"ed to their wor& the$ found the white# )!6ed in terror not on the then flun) down their we!(on # world41

But oon neither their crie nor the ound of we!(on could %e he!rd !n$ "ore# for %oth were drowned in the oce!n/li&e ro!r of the Aw!&ened Tree ! the$ (lun)ed throu)h the r!n& of Peter2 !r"$# !nd then on# in (ur uit of the Tel"!rine . H!'e $ou e'er tood !t the ed)e of ! )re!t wood on ! hi)h rid)e when ! wild outh/

we ter %ro&e o'er it in full fur$ on !n !utu"n e'enin)3 I"!)ine th!t ound. And then i"!)ine th!t the wood# in te!d of %ein) fi.ed to one (l!ce# w! ru hin) !t $ou- !nd w! no lon)er tree %ut hu)e (eo(le- $et till li&e tree %ec!u e their lon) !r" w!'ed li&e %r!nche !nd their he!d to ed !nd le!'e fell round the" in hower . It w! li&e th!t for the Tel"!rine . It w! ! little !l!r"in) e'en for the N!rni!n . In ! few "inute !ll 5ir!62 follower were runnin) down to the =re!t Ri'er in the ho(e of cro in) the %rid)e to the town of Berun! !nd there defendin) the" el'e %ehind r!"(!rt !nd clo ed )!te . The$ re!ched the ri'er# %ut there w! no %rid)e. It h!d di !((e!red ince $e terd!$. Then utter (!nic !nd horror fell u(on the" !nd the$ !ll urrendered. But wh!t h!d h!((ened to the %rid)e3 E!rl$ th!t "ornin)# !fter ! few hour 2 lee(# the )irl h!d w!&ed# to ee A l!n t!ndin) o'er the" !nd to he!r hi 'oice !$in)# 1We will "!&e holid!$.1 The$ ru%%ed their e$e !nd loo&ed round the". The tree h!d !ll )one %ut could till %e een "o'in) !w!$ tow!rd A l!n2 How in ! d!r& "! . B!cchu !nd the 5!en!d / hi fierce# "!dc!( )irl / !nd Silenu were till with the". Luc$# full$ re ted# 0u"(ed u(. E'er$one w! !w!&e# e'er$one w! l!u)hin)# flute were (l!$in)# c$"%!l cl! hin). Ani"!l # not T!l&in) Ani"!l # were crowdin) in u(on the" fro" e'er$ direction. 1Wh!t i it# A l!n31 !id Luc$# her e$e d!ncin) !nd her feet w!ntin) to d!nce.

1Co"e# children#1

!id he. 1Ride on "$ %!c& !)!in tod!$.1

1Oh# lo'el$41 cried Luc$# !nd %oth )irl cli"%ed on to the w!r" )olden %!c& ! the$ h!d done no one &new how "!n$ $e!r %efore. Then the whole (!rt$ "o'ed off A l!n le!din)# B!cchu !nd hi 5!en!d le!(in)# ru hin)# !nd turnin) o"er !ult # the %e! t fri &in) round the"# !nd Silenu !nd hi don&e$ %rin)in) u( the re!r. The$ turned ! little to the ri)ht# Brid)e of Berun! in front of the". out of the w!ter c!"e ! )re!t wet# ru he . It loo&ed !t A l!n !nd out 1H!il# Lord#1 it 1Who on e!rth i 1I thin& it2 1B!cchu #1 r!ced down ! tee( hill# !nd found the lon) Before the$ h!d %e)un to cro it# howe'er# u( %e!rded he!d# l!r)er th!n ! "!n2 # crowned with of it "outh ! dee( 'oice c!"e.

!id. 1Loo e "$ ch!in .1 th!t31 whi (ered Su !n. !id Luc$. ch!in .1

the ri'er/)od# %ut hu h#1

!id A l!n. 1Deli'er hi" fro" hi

1Th!t "e!n the %rid)e# I e.(ect#1 thou)ht Luc$. And o it did. B!cchu !nd hi (eo(le (l! hed forw!rd into the h!llow w!ter# !nd ! "inute l!ter the "o t curiou thin) %e)!n h!((enin). =re!t# tron) trun& of i'$ c!"e curlin) u( !ll the (ier of the %rid)e# )rowin) ! *uic&l$ ! ! fire )row # wr!((in) the tone round# (littin)# %re!&in)# e(!r!tin) the". The w!ll of the %rid)e turned into hed)e )!$ with h!wthorn for ! "o"ent !nd then di !((e!red ! the whole thin) with ! ru h !nd ! ru"%le coll!( ed into the wirlin) w!ter. With "uch (l! hin)# cre!"in)# !nd l!u)hter the re'eller w!ded or w!" or d!nced !cro the ford ;1Hurr!h4 It2 the 8ord of Berun! !)!in now41 cried the )irl < !nd u( the %!n& on the f!r ide !nd into the town. E'er$one in the treet fled %efore their f!ce . The fir t hou e the$ c!"e to w! ! chool9 ! )irl 2 chool# where lot of N!rni!n )irl # with their h!ir done 'er$

ti)ht !nd u)l$ ti)ht coll!r round their nec& !nd thic& tic&l$ toc&in) on their le) # were h!'in) ! hi tor$ le on. The ort of 1Hi tor$1 th!t w! t!u)ht in N!rni! under 5ir!62 rule w! duller th!n the true t hi tor$ $ou e'er re!d !nd le true th!n the "o t e.citin) !d'enture tor$. 1If $ou don2t !ttend# =wendolen#1 !id the "i tre window# I h!ll h!'e to )i'e $ou !n order/"!r&.1 1But (le! e# 5i Pri66le /1 %e)!n =wendolen. !id# =wendolen31 ! &ed 5i Pri66le. ! LION41 # !nd to( loo&in) out of the

1Did $ou he!r wh!t I 1But (le! e# 5i


!id =wendolen# 1there2

1T!&e two order/"!r& for t!l&in) non en e#1 !id 5i Pri66le. 1And now /1 A ro!r interru(ted her. I'$ c!"e curlin) in !t the window of the cl! roo". The w!ll %ec!"e ! "! of hi""erin) )reen# !nd le!f$ %r!nche !rched o'erhe!d where the ceilin) h!d %een. 5i Pri66le found he w! t!ndin) on )r! in ! fore t )l!de. She clutched !t her de & to te!d$ her elf# !nd found th!t the de & w! ! ro e/ %u h. Wild (eo(le uch ! he h!d ne'er e'en i"!)ined were crowdin) round her. Then he !w the Lion# cre!"ed !nd fled# !nd with her fled her cl! # who were "o tl$ du"($# (ri" little )irl with f!t le) . =wendolen he it!ted. 1You2ll t!$ with u # weethe!rt31 !id A l!n.

1Oh# "!$ I3 Th!n& $ou# th!n& $ou#1 !id =wendolen. In t!ntl$ he 0oined h!nd with two of the 5!en!d # who whirled her round in ! "err$ d!nce !nd hel(ed her t!&e off o"e of the unnece !r$ !nd unco"fort!%le clothe th!t he w! we!rin). Where'er the$ went in the little town of Berun! it w! the !"e. 5o t of the (eo(le fled# ! few 0oined the". When the$ left the town the$ were ! l!r)er !nd ! "errier co"(!n$. The$ we(t on !cro the le'el field on the north %!n&# or left %!n&# of the ri'er. At e'er$ f!r" !ni"!l c!"e out to 0oin the". S!d old don&e$ who h!d ne'er &nown 0o$ )rew uddenl$ $oun) !)!in- ch!ined do) %ro&e their ch!in - hor e &ic&ed their c!rt to (iece !nd c!"e trottin) !lon) with the" / clo(/clo( / &ic&in) u( the "ud !nd whinn$in). At ! well in ! $!rd the$ "et ! "!n who w! %e!tin) ! %o$. The tic& %ur t into flower in the "!n2 h!nd. He tried to dro( it# %ut it tuc& to hi h!nd. Hi !r" %ec!"e ! %r!nch# hi %od$ the trun& of ! tree# hi feet too& root. The %o$# who h!d %een cr$in) ! "o"ent %efore# %ur t out l!u)hin) !nd 0oined the". At ! little town h!lf/w!$ to Be!'er d!"# where two ri'er "et# the$ c!"e to !nother chool# where ! tiredloo&in) )irl w! te!chin) !rith"etic to ! nu"%er of %o$ who loo&ed 'er$ li&e (i) . She loo&ed out of the window !nd !w the di'ine re'eller in)in) u( the treet !nd ! t!% of 0o$ went throu)h her he!rt. A l!n to((ed ri)ht under the window !nd loo&ed u( !t her. 1Oh# don2t# don2t#1 he !id. 1I2d lo'e to. But I "u tn2t. I "u t wor&. And the children would %e fri)htened if the$ !w $ou.1 tic& to "$

18ri)htened31 !id the "o t (i)/li&e of the %o$ . 1Who2 he t!l&in) to out of the window3 Let2 tell the in (ector he t!l& to (eo(le out of the window when he ou)ht to %e te!chin) u .1 1Let2 )o !nd ee who it i #1 !id !nother %o$# !nd the$ !ll c!"e crowdin) to the

window. But ! oon ! their "e!n little f!ce loo&ed out# B!cchu )!'e ! )re!t cr$ of Eu!n# euoi/oi/oi/of !nd the %o$ !ll %e)!n howlin) with fri)ht !nd tr!"(lin) one !nother down to )et out of the door !nd 0u"(in) out of the window . And it w! !id !fterw!rd ;whether trul$ or not< th!t tho e (!rticul!r little %o$ were ne'er een !)!in# %ut th!t there were ! lot of 'er$ fine little (i) in th!t (!rt of the countr$ which h!d ne'er %een there %efore. 1Now# De!r He!rt#1 the". !id A l!n to the 5i tre # !nd he 0u"(ed down !nd 0oined

At Be!'er d!" the$ re/cro ed the ri'er !nd c!"e e! t !)!in !lon) the outhern %!n&. The$ c!"e to ! little cott!)e where ! child tood in the doorw!$ cr$in). 1Wh$ !re $ou cr$in)# "$ lo'e31 ! &ed A l!n. The child# who h!d ne'er een ! (icture of ! lion# w! not !fr!id of hi". 1Auntie2 'er$ ill#1 he !id. 1She2 )oin) to die.1 Then A l!n went to )o in !t the door of the cott!)e# %ut it w! too "!ll for hi". So# when he h!d )ot hi he!d throu)h# he (u hed with hi houlder ;Luc$ !nd Su !n fell off when he did thi < !nd lifted the whole hou e u( !nd it fell %!c&w!rd !nd !(!rt. And there# till in her %ed# thou)h the %ed w! now in the o(en !ir# l!$ ! little old wo"!n who loo&ed ! if he h!d Dw!rf %lood in her. She w! !t de!th2 door# %ut when he o(ened her e$e !nd !w the %ri)ht# h!ir$ he!d of the lion t!rin) into her f!ce# he did not cre!" or f!int. She !id# 1Oh# A l!n4 I &new it w! true. I2'e %een w!itin) for thi !ll "$ life. H!'e $ou co"e to t!&e "e !w!$31 1Ye # De!re t#1 !id A l!n. 1But not the lon) 0ourne$ $et.1 And ! he (o&e# li&e the flu h cree(in) !lon) the under ide of ! cloud !t unri e# the colour c!"e %!c& to her white f!ce !nd her e$e )rew %ri)ht !nd he !t u( !nd !id# 1Wh$# I do decl!re I feel th!t %etter. I thin& I could t!&e ! little %re!&f! t thi "ornin).1 1Here $ou !re# "other#1 !id B!cchu # di((in) ! (itcher in the cott!)e well !nd h!ndin) it to her. But wh!t w! in it now w! not w!ter %ut the riche t wine# red ! red/curr!nt 0ell$# "ooth ! oil# tron) ! %eef# w!r"in) ! te!# cool ! dew. 1Eh# $ou2'e done o"ethin) to our well#1 !id the old wo"!n. 1Th!t "!&e ch!n)e# th!t doe .1 And he 0u"(ed out of %ed. 1Ride on "e#1 to run now.1 !id A l!n# !nd !dded to Su !n !nd Luc$# 1You two *ueen well#1 !id Su !n. And off the$ went !)!in. ! nice will h!'e

1But we2d li&e th!t 0u t !

And o !t l! t# with le!(in) !nd d!ncin) !nd in)in)# with "u ic !nd l!u)hter !nd ro!rin) !nd %!r&in) !nd nei)hin)# the$ !ll c!"e to the (l!ce where 5ir!62 !r"$ tood flin)in) down their word !nd holdin) u( their h!nd # !nd Peter2 !r"$# till holdin) their we!(on !nd %re!thin) h!rd# tood round the" with tern !nd )l!d f!ce . And the fir t thin) th!t h!((ened w! th!t the old wo"!n li((ed off A l!n2 %!c& !nd r!n !cro to C! (i!n !nd the$ e"%r!ced one !nother- for he w! hi old nur e.

CHAPTER 8I8TEEN ASLAN 5A+ES A DOOR IN THE AIR AT the i)ht of A l!n the chee& of the Tel"!rine oldier %ec!"e the colour of cold )r!'$# their &nee &noc&ed to)ether# !nd "!n$ fell on their f!ce . The$ h!d

not %elie'ed in lion !nd thi "!de their fe!r )re!ter. E'en the Red Dw!rf # who &new th!t he c!"e ! ! friend# tood with o(en "outh !nd could not (e!&. So"e of the Bl!c& Dw!rf # who h!d %een of Ni&!%ri&2 (!rt$# %e)!n to ed)e !w!$. But !ll the T!l&in) Be! t ur)ed round the Lion# with (urr !nd )runt !nd *ue!& !nd whinne$ of deli)ht# f!wnin) on hi" with their t!il # ru%%in) !)!in t hi"# touchin) hi" re'erentl$ with their no e !nd )oin) to !nd fro under hi %od$ !nd %etween hi le) . If $ou h!'e e'er een ! little c!t lo'in) ! %i) do) who" it &now !nd tru t # $ou will h!'e ! (rett$ )ood (icture of their %eh!'iour. Then Peter# le!din) C! (i!n# forced hi w!$ throu)h the crowd of !ni"!l . 1Thi i C! (i!n# Sir#1 he !id. And C! (i!n &nelt !nd &i ed the Lion2 (!w.

1Welco"e# Prince#1 !id A l!n. 1Do $ou feel $our elf +in) hi( of N!rni!31 1I / I don2t thin& I do# Sir#1

ufficient to t!&e u( the

!id C! (i!n. 1I2" onl$ ! &id.1

1=ood#1 !id A l!n. 1If $ou h!d felt $our elf ufficient# it would h!'e %een ! (roof th!t $ou were not. Therefore# under u !nd under the Hi)h +in)# $ou h!ll %e +in) of N!rni!# Lord of C!ir P!r!'el# !nd E"(eror of the Lone I l!nd . You !nd $our heir while $our r!ce l! t . And $our coron!tion / %ut wh!t h!'e we here31 8or !t th!t "o"ent ! curiou little (roce ion w! !((ro!chin) / ele'en 5ice# i. of who" c!rried %etween the" o"ethin) on ! litter "!de of %r!nche # %ut the litter w! no %i))er th!n ! l!r)e !tl! . No one h! e'er een "ice "ore woe%e)one th!n the e. The$ were (l! tered with "ud o"e with %lood too / !nd their e!r were down !nd their whi &er droo(ed !nd their t!il dr!))ed in the )r! # !nd their le!der (i(ed on hi lender (i(e ! "el!nchol$ tune. On the litter l!$ wh!t ee"ed little %etter th!n ! d!"( he!( of fur- !ll th!t w! left of Ree(ichee(. He w! till %re!thin)# %ut "ore de!d th!n !li'e# )! hed with innu"er!%le wound # one (!w cru hed# !nd# where hi t!il h!d %een# ! %!nd!)ed tu"(. 1Now# Luc$#1 !id A l!n.

Luc$ h!d her di!"ond %ottle out in ! "o"ent. Thou)h onl$ ! dro( w! needed on e!ch of Ree(ichee(2 wound # the wound were o "!n$ th!t there w! ! lon) !nd !n.iou ilence %efore he h!d fini hed !nd the 5! ter 5ou e (r!n) fro" the litter. Hi h!nd went !t once to hi word hilt# with the other he twirled hi whi &er . He %owed. 1H!il# A l!n41 c!"e hi to((ed. hrill 'oice. 1I h!'e the honour /1 But then he uddenl$

The f!ct w! th!t he till h!d no t!il / whether th!t Luc$ h!d for)otten it or th!t her cordi!l# thou)h it could he!l wound # could not "!&e thin) )row !)!in. Ree(ichee( %ec!"e !w!re of hi lo ! he "!de hi %ow- (erh!( it !ltered o"ethin) in hi %!l!nce. He loo&ed o'er hi ri)ht houlder. 8!ilin) to ee hi t!il# he tr!ined hi nec& further till he h!d to turn hi houlder !nd hi whole %od$ followed. But %$ th!t ti"e hi hind/*u!rter h!d turned too !nd were out of i)ht. Then he tr!ined hi nec& loo&in) o'er hi houlder !)!in# with the !"e re ult. Onl$ !fter he h!d turned co"(letel$ round three ti"e did he re!li6e the dre!dful truth. 1I !" confounded#1 !id Ree(ichee( to A l!n. 1I !" co"(letel$ out of counten!nce. I "u t cr!'e $our indul)ence for !((e!rin) in thi un ee"l$ f! hion.1 1It %eco"e 1All the $ou 'er$ well# S"!ll One#1 !id A l!n. her

!"e#1 re(lied Ree(ichee(# 1if !n$thin) could %e done... Perh!(

5!0e t$31 !nd here he %owed to Luc$. 1But wh!t do $ou w!nt with ! t!il31 ! &ed A l!n. 1Sir#1 t!il i !id the 5ou e# 1I c!n e!t !nd lee( !nd die for "$ +in) without one. But ! the honour !nd )lor$ of ! 5ou e.1 !id A l!n# 1whether $ou do not thin& too

1I h!'e o"eti"e wondered# friend#1 "uch !%out $our honour.1

1Hi)he t of !ll Hi)h +in) #1 !id Ree(ichee(# 1(er"it "e to re"ind $ou th!t ! 'er$ "!ll i6e h! %een %e towed on u 5ice# !nd if we did not )u!rd our di)nit$# o"e ;who wei)h worth %$ inche < would !llow the" el'e 'er$ un uit!%le (le! !ntrie !t our e.(en e. Th!t i wh$ I h!'e %een !t o"e (!in to "!&e it &nown th!t no one who doe not wi h to feel thi word ! ne!r hi he!rt ! I c!n re!ch h!ll t!l& in "$ (re ence !%out Tr!( or To! ted Chee e or C!ndle 9 no# Sir / not the t!lle t fool in N!rni!41 Here he )l!red 'er$ fiercel$ u( !t Wi"%lewe!ther# %ut the =i!nt# who w! !lw!$ ! t!)e %ehind e'er$one el e# h!d not $et di co'ered wh!t w! %ein) t!l&ed !%out down !t hi feet# !nd o "i ed the (oint. 1Wh$ h!'e $our follower !ll dr!wn their word # "!$ I ! &31 !id A l!n.

15!$ it (le! e $our Hi)h 5!0e t$#1 !id the econd 5ou e# who e n!"e w! Pee(icee&# 1we !re !ll w!itin) to cut off our own t!il if our Chief "u t )o without hi . We will not %e!r the h!"e of we!rin) !n honour which i denied to the Hi)h 5ou e.1 1Ah41 ro!red A l!n. 1You h!'e con*uered "e. You h!'e )re!t he!rt . Not for the !&e of $our di)nit$# Ree(ichee(# %ut for the lo'e th!t i %etween $ou !nd $our (eo(le# !nd till "ore for the &indne $our (eo(le howed "e lon) !)o when $ou !te !w!$ the cord th!t %ound "e on the Stone T!%le ;!nd it w! then# thou)h $ou h!'e lon) for)otten it# th!t $ou %e)!n to %e T!l&in) 5ice<# $ou h!ll h!'e $our t!il !)!in.1 Before A l!n h!d fini hed (e!&in) the new t!il w! in it (l!ce. Then# !t A l!n2 co""!nd# Peter %e towed the +ni)hthood of the Order of the Lion on C! (i!n# !nd C! (i!n# ! oon ! he w! &ni)hted# hi" elf %e towed it on Trufflehunter !nd Tru"(&in !nd Ree(ichee(# !nd "!de Doctor Corneliu hi Lord Ch!ncellor# !nd confir"ed the Bul)$ Be!r in hi heredit!r$ office of 5!r h!l of the Li t . And there w! )re!t !((l!u e. After thi the Tel"!rine oldier # fir"l$ %ut without t!unt or %low # were t!&en !cro the ford !nd !ll (ut under loc& !nd &e$ in the town of Berun! !nd )i'en %eef !nd %eer. The$ "!de ! )re!t fu !%out w!din) in the ri'er# for the$ !ll h!ted !nd fe!red runnin) w!ter 0u t ! "uch ! the$ h!ted !nd fe!red wood !nd !ni"!l . But in the end the nui !nce w! o'er9 !nd then the nice t (!rt of th!t lon) d!$ %e)!n. Luc$# ittin) clo e to A l!n !nd di'inel$ co"fort!%le# wondered wh!t the tree were doin). At fir t he thou)ht the$ were "erel$ d!ncin)- the$ were cert!inl$ )oin) round lowl$ in two circle # one fro" left to ri)ht !nd the other fro" ri)ht to left. Then he noticed th!t the$ &e(t throwin) o"ethin) down in the centre of %oth circle . So"eti"e he thou)ht the$ were cuttin) off lon) tr!nd of their h!ir- !t other ti"e it loo&ed ! if the$ were %re!&in) off %it of their fin)er / %ut# if o# the$ h!d (lent$ of fin)er to (!re !nd it did not hurt the". But wh!te'er the$ were throwin) down# when it re!ched the )round# it %ec!"e %ru hwood or dr$ tic& . Then three or four of the Red Dw!rf c!"e forw!rd with their tinder %o.e !nd et li)ht to the (ile# which fir t cr!c&led# !nd then %l!6ed# !nd

fin!ll$ ro!red ! ! woodl!nd %onfire on "id u""er ni)ht ou)ht to do. And e'er$one !t down in ! wide circle round it. Then B!cchu !nd Silenu !nd the 5!en!d %e)!n ! d!nce# f!r wilder th!n the d!nce of the tree - not "erel$ ! d!nce for fun !nd %e!ut$ ;thou)h it w! th!t too< %ut ! "!)ic d!nce of (lent$# !nd where their h!nd touched# !nd where their feet fell# the fe! t c!"e into e.i tence ide of ro! ted "e!t th!t filled the )ro'e with deliciou "ell# !nd whe!ten c!&e !nd o!ten c!&e # hone$ !nd "!n$/coloured u)!r !nd cre!" ! thic& ! (orrid)e !nd ! "ooth ! till w!ter# (e!che # nect!rine # (o"e)r!n!te # (e!r # )r!(e # tr!w%errie # r! (%errie ($r!"id !nd c!t!r!ct of fruit. Then# in )re!t wooden cu( !nd %owl !nd "!6er # wre!thed with i'$# c!"e the wine - d!r&# thic& one li&e $ru( of "ul%err$ 0uice# !nd cle!r red one li&e red 0ellie li*uefied# !nd $ellow wine !nd )reen wine !nd $ellow/)reen !nd )reeni h/$ellow. But for the tree (eo(le different f!re w! (ro'ided. When Luc$ !w Clod le$ Sho'el !nd hi "ole cufflin) u( the turf in '!riou (l!ce ;which B!cchu h!d (ointed out to the"< !nd re!li6ed th!t the tree were )oin) to e!t e!rth it )!'e her r!ther ! hudder. But when he !w the e!rth th!t were !ctu!ll$ %rou)ht to the" he felt *uite different. The$ %e)!n with ! rich %rown lo!" th!t loo&ed !l"o t e.!ctl$ li&e chocol!te- o li&e chocol!te# in f!ct# th!t Ed"und tried ! (iece of it# %ut he did not find it !t !ll nice. When the rich lo!" h!d t!&en the ed)e off their hun)er# the tree turned to !n e!rth of the &ind $ou ee in So"er et# which i !l"o t (in&. The$ !id it w! li)hter !nd weeter. At the chee e t!)e the$ h!d ! ch!l&$ oil# !nd then went on to delic!te confection of the fine t )r!'el (owdered with choice il'er !nd. The$ dr!n& 'er$ little wine# !nd it "!de the Hollie 'er$ t!l&!ti'e9 for the "o t (!rt the$ *uenched their thir t with dee( dr!u)ht of "in)led dew !nd r!in# fl!'oured with fore t flower !nd the !ir$ t! te of the thinne t cloud . Thu A l!n fe! ted the N!rni!n till lon) !fter the un et h!d died !w!$# !nd the t!r h!d co"e out- !nd the )re!t fire# now hotter %ut le noi $# hone li&e ! %e!con in the d!r& wood # !nd the fri)htened Tel"!rine !w it fro" f!r !w!$ !nd wondered wh!t it "i)ht "e!n. The %e t thin) of !ll !%out thi fe! t w! th!t there w! no %re!&in) u( or )oin) !w!$# %ut ! the t!l& )rew *uieter !nd lower# one !fter !nother would %e)in to nod !nd fin!ll$ dro( off to lee( with feet tow!rd the fire !nd )ood friend on either ide# till !t l! t there w! ilence !ll round the circle# !nd the ch!tterin) of w!ter o'er tone !t the 8ord of Berun! could %e he!rd once "ore. But !ll ni)ht A l!n !nd the 5oon )!6ed u(on e!ch other with 0o$ful !nd un%lin&in) e$e . Ne.t d!$ "e en)er ;who were chiefl$ *uirrel !nd %ird < were ent !ll o'er the countr$ with ! (rocl!"!tion to the c!ttered Tel"!rine / includin)# of cour e# the (ri oner in Berun!. The$ were told th!t C! (i!n w! now +in) !nd th!t N!rni! would henceforth %elon) to the T!l&in) Be! t !nd the Dw!rf !nd Dr$!d !nd 8!un !nd other cre!ture *uite ! "uch ! to the "en. An$ who cho e to t!$ under the new condition "i)ht do o- %ut for tho e who did not li&e the ide!# A l!n would (ro'ide !nother ho"e. An$one who wi hed to )o there "u t co"e to A l!n !nd the +in) !t the 8ord of Berun! %$ noon on the fifth d!$. You "!$ i"!)ine th!t thi c!u ed (lent$ of he!d/ cr!tchin) !"on) the Tel"!rine . So"e of the"# chiefl$ the $oun) one # h!d# li&e C! (i!n# he!rd torie of the Old D!$ !nd were deli)hted th!t the$ h!d co"e %!c&. The$ were !lre!d$ "!&in) friend with the cre!ture . The e !ll decided to t!$ in N!rni!. But "o t of the older "en# e (eci!ll$ tho e who h!d %een i"(ort!nt under 5ir!6# were ul&$ !nd h!d no wi h to li'e in ! countr$ where the$ could not rule the roo t. 1Li'e here with ! lot of %loo"in) (erfor"in) !ni"!l 4 No fe!r#1 the$ !id. 1And )ho t too#1 o"e !dded with ! hudder. 1Th!t2 wh!t tho e there Dr$!d re!ll$ !re. It2 not c!nn$.1 The$ were !l o u (iciou . 1I don2t tru t 2e"#1 the$ !id. 1Not with th!t !wful Lion !nd

!ll. He won2t &ee( hi cl!w off u lon)# $ou2ll ee.1 But then the$ were e*u!ll$ u (iciou of hi offer to )i'e the" ! new ho"e. 1T!&e u off to hi den !nd e!t u one %$ one "o t li&el$#1 the$ "uttered. And the "ore the$ t!l&ed to one !nother the ul&ier !nd "ore u (iciou the$ %ec!"e. But on the !((ointed d!$ "ore th!n h!lf of the" turned u(. At one end of the )l!de A l!n h!d c!u ed to %e et u( two t!&e of wood# hi)her th!n ! "!n2 he!d !nd !%out three feet !(!rt. A third# !nd li)hter# (iece of wood w! %ound !cro the" !t the to(# unitin) the"# o th!t the whole thin) loo&ed li&e ! doorw!$ fro" nowhere into nowhere. In front of thi tood A l!n hi" elf with Peter on hi ri)ht !nd C! (i!n on hi left. =rou(ed round the" were Su !n !nd Luc$# Tru"(&in !nd Trufflehunter# the Lord Corneliu # =len tor"# Ree(ichee(# !nd other . The children !nd the Dw!rf h!d "!de )ood u e of the ro$!l w!rdro%e in wh!t h!d %een the c! tle of 5ir!6 !nd w! now the c! tle of C! (i!n# !nd wh!t with il& !nd cloth of )old# with now$ linen )l!ncin) throu)h l! hed lee'e # with il'er "!il hirt !nd 0ewelled word/hilt # with )ilt hel"et !nd fe!thered %onnet # the$ were !l"o t too %ri)ht to loo& !t. E'en the %e! t wore rich ch!in !%out their nec& . Yet no%od$2 e$e were on the" or the children. The li'in) !nd tro&!%le )old of A l!n2 "!ne out hone the" !ll. The re t of the Old N!rni!n tood down e!ch ide of the )l!de. At the f!r end tood the Tel"!rine . The un hone %ri)htl$ !nd (enn!nt fluttered in the li)ht wind. 15en of Tel"!r#1 !id A l!n# 1$ou who ee& ! new l!nd# he!r "$ word . I will $ou !ll to $our own countr$# which I &now !nd $ou do not.1 1We don2t re"e"%er Tel"!r. We don2t &now where it i . We don2t &now wh!t it i li&e#1 )ru"%led the Tel"!rine . 1You c!"e into N!rni! out of Tel"!r#1 !id A l!n. 1But $ou c!"e into Tel"!r fro" !nother (l!ce. You do not %elon) to thi world !t !ll. You c!"e hither# cert!in )ener!tion !)o# out of th!t !"e world to which the Hi)h +in) Peter %elon) .1 At thi # h!lf the Tel"!rine %e)!n whi"(erin)# 1There $ou !re. Told $ou o. He2 )oin) to &ill u !ll# end u ri)ht out of the world#1 !nd the other h!lf %e)!n throwin) out their che t !nd l!((in) one !nother on the %!c& !nd whi (erin)# 1There $ou !re. 5i)ht h!'e )ue ed we didn2t %elon) to thi (l!ce with !ll it *ueer# n! t$# unn!tur!l cre!ture . We2re of ro$!l %lood# $ou2ll ee.1 And e'en C! (i!n !nd Corneliu !nd the children turned to A l!n with loo& of !"!6e"ent on their f!ce . 1Pe!ce#1 !id A l!n in the low 'oice which w! ne!re t to hi )rowl. The e!rth ee"ed to h!&e ! little !nd e'er$ li'in) thin) in the )ro'e %ec!"e till ! tone. 1You# Sir C! (i!n#1 !id A l!n# 1"i)ht h!'e &nown th!t $ou could %e no true +in) of N!rni! unle # li&e the +in) of old# $ou were ! on of Ad!" !nd c!"e fro" the world of Ad!"2 on . And o $ou !re. 5!n$ $e!r !)o in th!t world# in ! dee( e! of th!t world which i c!lled the South Se!# ! hi(lo!d of (ir!te were dri'en %$ tor" on !n i l!nd. And there the$ did ! (ir!te would9 &illed the n!ti'e !nd too& the n!ti'e wo"en for wi'e # !nd "!de (!l" wine# !nd dr!n& !nd were drun&# !nd l!$ in the h!de of the (!l" tree # !nd wo&e u( !nd *u!rrelled# !nd o"eti"e &illed one !nother. And in one of the e fr!$ i. were (ut to fli)ht %$ the re t !nd fled with their wo"en into the centre of the i l!nd !nd u( ! "ount!in# !nd went# ! the$ thou)ht# into ! c!'e to hide. But it w! one of the "!)ic!l (l!ce of th!t world# one of the chin& or ch! " %etween ch!t world !nd thi . There were "!n$ chin& or ch! " %etween world in old ti"e # %ut the$ h!'e )rown r!rer. Thi w! one of the l! t9 I do not !$ the l! t. And o the$ fell# or ro e# or %lundered# or dro((ed ri)ht throu)h# !nd found the" el'e in thi world# in the end

L!nd of Tel"!r which w! then un(eo(led. But wh$ it w! un(eo(led i ! lon) tor$9 I will not tell it now. And in Tel"!r their de cend!nt li'ed !nd %ec!"e ! fierce !nd (roud (eo(le- !nd !fter "!n$ )ener!tion there w! ! f!"ine in Tel"!r !nd the$ in'!ded N!rni!# which w! then in o"e di order ;%ut th!t !l o would %e ! lon) tor$<# !nd con*uered it !nd ruled it. Do $ou "!r& !ll thi well# +in) C! (i!n31 1I do indeed# Sir#1 line!)e.1 !id C! (i!n. 1I w! wi hin) th!t I c!"e of ! "ore honour!%le

1You co"e of the Lord Ad!" !nd the L!d$ E'e#1 !id A l!n. 1And th!t i %oth honour enou)h to erect the he!d of the (oore t %e))!r# !nd h!"e enou)h to %ow the houlder of the )re!te t e"(eror on e!rth. Be content.1 C! (i!n %owed. 1And now#1 !id A l!n# 1$ou "en !nd wo"en of Tel"!r# will $ou )o %!c& to th!t i l!nd in the world of "en fro" which $our f!ther fir t c!"e3 It i no %!d (l!ce. The r!ce of tho e (ir!te who fir t found it h! died out# !nd it i without inh!%it!nt . There !re )ood well of fre h w!ter# !nd fruitful oil# !nd ti"%er for %uildin)# !nd fi h in the l!)oon - !nd the other "en of th!t world h!'e not $et di co'ered it. The ch! " i o(en for $our return- %ut thi I "u t w!rn $ou# th!t once $ou h!'e )one throu)h# it will clo e %ehind $ou for e'er. There will %e no "ore co""erce %etween the world %$ th!t door.1 There w! Tel"!rine ilence for ! "o"ent. Then ! %url$# decent loo&in) fellow !"on) the oldier (u hed forw!rd !nd !id9

1Well# I2ll t!&e the offer.1 1It i well cho en#1 !id A l!n. 1And %ec!u e $ou h!'e (o&en fir t# i u(on $ou. Your future in th!t world h!ll %e )ood. Co"e forth.1 The "!n# now ! little (!le# c!"e forw!rd. A l!n !nd hi hi" free !cce to the e"(t$ doorw!$ of the t!&e . tron) "!)ic

court drew ! ide# le!'in)

1=o throu)h it# "$ on#1 !id A l!n# %endin) tow!rd hi" !nd touchin) the "!n2 no e with hi own. A oon ! the Lion2 %re!th c!"e !%out hi"# ! new loo& c!"e into the "!n2 e$e / t!rtled# %ut not unh!(($ / ! if he were tr$in) to re"e"%er o"ethin). Then he *u!red hi houlder !nd w!l&ed into the Door. E'er$one2 e$e were fi.ed on hi". The$ !w the three (iece of wood# !nd throu)h the" the tree !nd )r! !nd &$ of N!rni!. The$ !w the "!n %etween the door(o t 9 then# in one econd# he h!d '!ni hed utterl$. 8ro" the other end of the )l!de the re"!inin) Tel"!rine et u( ! w!ilin). 1:)h4 Wh!t2 h!((ened to hi"3 Do $ou "e!n to "urder u 3 We won2t )o th!t w!$.1 And then one of the cle'er Tel"!rine !id9 1We don2t ee !n$ other world throu)h tho e tic& . If $ou w!nt u to %elie'e in it# wh$ doe n2t one of $ou )o3 All $our own friend !re &ee(in) well !w!$ fro" the tic& .1 In t!ntl$ Ree(ichee( tood forw!rd !nd %owed. 1If "$ e.!"(le c!n %e of !n$ er'ice# A l!n#1 he !id# 1I will t!&e ele'en "ice throu)h th!t !rch !t $our %iddin) without ! "o"ent2 del!$.1 1N!$# little one#1 !id A l!n# l!$in) hi 'el'et$ (!w e'er o li)htl$ on Ree(ichee(2 he!d. 1The$ would do dre!dful thin) to $ou in th!t world. The$ would

how $ou !t f!ir . It i 1Co"e on#1 !id Peter


who "u t le!d.1 u(.1

uddenl$ to Ed"und !nd Luc$. 1Our ti"e2

1Wh!t do $ou "e!n31

!id Ed"und. ee"ed to &now !ll !%out it. 1B!c& into the tree .

1Thi w!$#1 !id Su !n# who We2'e )ot to ch!n)e.1 1Ch!n)e wh!t31 ! &ed Luc$.

1Our clothe # of cour e#1 !id Su !n. 1Nice fool En)li h t!tion in the e.1 1But our other thin) !re !t C! (i!n2 c! tle#1

we2d loo& on the (l!tfor" of !n !id Ed"und.

1No# the$2re not#1 !id Peter# till le!din) the w!$ into the thic&e t wood. 1The$2re !ll here. The$ were %rou)ht down in %undle thi "ornin). It2 !ll !rr!n)ed.1 1W! th!t wh!t A l!n w! t!l&in) to $ou !nd Su !n !%out thi "ornin)31 ! &ed Luc$.

1Ye / th!t !nd other thin) #1 !id Peter# hi f!ce 'er$ ole"n. 1I c!n2t tell it to $ou !ll. There were thin) he w!nted to !$ to Su !nd "e %ec!u e we2re not co"in) %!c& to N!rni!.1 1Ne'er31 cried Ed"und !nd Luc$ in di "!$. 1Oh# $ou two !re#1 !n wered Peter. 1At le! t# fro" wh!t he !id# I2" (rett$ ure he "e!n $ou to )et %!c& o"e d!$. But not Su !nd "e. He !$ we2re )ettin) too old.1 1Oh# Peter#1 !id Luc$. 1Wh!t !wful %!d luc&. C!n $ou %e!r it31

1Well# I thin& I c!n#1 !id Peter. 1It2 !ll r!ther different fro" wh!t I thou)ht. You2ll under t!nd when it co"e to $our l! t ti"e. But# *uic&# here !re our thin) .1 It w! odd# !nd not 'er$ nice# to t!&e off their ro$!l clothe !nd to co"e %!c& in their chool thin) ;not 'er$ fre h now< into th!t )re!t ! e"%l$. One or two of the n! tier Tel"!rine 0eered. But the other cre!ture !ll cheered !nd ro e u( in honour of Peter the Hi)h +in)# !nd ,ueen Su !n of the Horn# !nd +in) Ed"und# !nd ,ueen Luc$. There were !ffection!te !nd ;on Luc$2 (!rt< te!rful f!rewell with !ll their old friend / !ni"!l &i e # !nd hu) fro" Bul)$ Be!r # !nd h!nd wrun) %$ Tru"(&in# !nd ! l! t tic&l$# whi &eri h e"%r!ce with Trufflehunter. And of cour e C! (i!n offered the Horn %!c& to Su !n !nd of cour e Su !n told hi" to &ee( it. And then# wonderfull$ !nd terri%l$# it w! f!rewell to A l!n hi" elf# !nd Peter too& hi (l!ce with Su !n2 h!nd on hi houlder !nd Ed"und2 on her !nd Luc$2 on hi !nd the fir t of the Tel"!rine2 on Luc$2 # !nd o in ! lon) line the$ "o'ed forw!rd to the Door. After th!t c!"e ! "o"ent which i h!rd to de cri%e# for the children ee"ed to %e eein) three thin) !t once. One w! the "outh of ! c!'e o(enin) into the )l!rin) )reen !nd %lue of !n i l!nd in the P!cific# where !ll the Tel"!rine would find the" el'e the "o"ent the$ were throu)h the Door. The econd w! ! )l!de in N!rni!# the f!ce of Dw!rf !nd Be! t # the dee( e$e of A l!n# !nd the white (!tche on the B!d)er2 chee& . But the third ;which r!(idl$ w!llowed u( the other two< w! the )re$# )r!'ell$ urf!ce of ! (l!tfor" in ! countr$ t!tion# !nd ! e!t with lu))!)e round it# where the$ were !ll ittin) ! if the$ h!d ne'er "o'ed fro" it / ! little fl!t !nd

dre!r$ for ! "o"ent !fter !ll the$- h!d %een throu)h# %ut !l o# une.(ectedl$# nice in it own w!$# wh!t with the f!"ili!r r!ilw!$ "ell !nd the En)li h &$ !nd the u""er ter" %efore the". 1Well41 1Bother41 !id Peter. 1We h!'e h!d ! ti"e.1 !id Ed"und. 1I2'e left "$ new torch in N!rni!.1

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