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Sugar is made both from sugar cane and sugar beet. Sugar cane grows in tropical countries such as the islands of the Caribbean, Brazil and India. Sugar beet grows in temperate areas such as Britain. The process used to extract sugar is similar for both cane and beet, and the refined white sugar made from each is exactly the same. This sugar is ground to give finer sugars such as castor and icing sugars. It is also compressed into sugar cubes. Some refined white sugar is coloured with molasses to ma e soft brown sugar. Some sugar!cane!growing countries ma e brown sugars such as muscovado, Barbados and demerara from unrefined raw cane sugar. These sugars have more flavor than ordinary soft brown sugar. "olasses and blac treacle are by!products of the cane!sugar refining process. Sugar is pure sucrose, which is a carbohydrate. It provides energy and flavor, but does not provide any body!building foods. Sugar is used to sweeten foods and to ma e sweets and chocolate. "ost experts agree that sugar is partly to blame for tooth decay.


Sugar cane was cultivated in India in prehistoric times. The Indians discovered how to extract sugar crystals from it. Sugar was nown in #urope in the $oman period but was rare and expensive for many centuries. Christopher Colombus too the plant with him to the %est Indies in &'(). It grew so well there that huge plantations were set up by #uropeans. The plantations were wor ed by *frican slaves, and the owners made so much money that sugar was nown as +white gold,. -uring the .apoleonic wars the supply from the Caribbean to #urope was cut. "ore and more sugar beet was grown and sugar was extracted from the beet.

Make use of words or structures taken from the text Sugar to complete these statements
Sugar is made from /////////////////// as well as from /////////////////////. #xamples of brown sugars are //////////////0 ////////////0 and /////////////. 1iner sugars as, for example, castror, icing sugars and sugar cubes are examples of ////////////// given by the texts. Tropical countries li e Brazil, India, and the Caribbean islands produce a lot of //////////, while beet sugar is more common in ////////////, such as //////////////////. %hen refined sugar is coloured with molasses, we have a type of sugar nown as ////////////////. This sugar normally has less flavor than ///////////////////////. 2ne important function of sugar is to supply the body with ///////////////////, another is to provide ////////////// to the foods we eat.

1or some time, during the .apoleonic wars, ///////////////////// was used in #urope instead of cane sugar. Sugar cane was first cultivated in //////////////// and it was brought to the tropical countries li e the Caribbean islands by //////////////////////. 3arge plantations were set up, by ///////////////////// who used *frican slaves to wor cultivation of sugar ///////////////////////. for them in the