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Programme Contract Agreement with Client Programme Definition Establishing the Team to Define the Programme Developing the Vision Statement Developing the Blue Print Developing Benefits Profiles, Benefits Management Strategy and Benefits Plan Identifying and Analyzing the Stakeholders Designing the Project Portfolio and Tranches Developing the Programme Organizational Structure Developing the Financial Plan Developing the Programme Business Case Developing the Communication Strategy and Communication Plan Defining Risk Management Strategy and Developing Risk Log Developing the Project Governance Arrangements Developing the Benefits Realisation Plan Defining the Quality Management Configuration Management

Governance Organizational Assessment

Portfolio of Projects Management Project Startup

Programme Closeout Confirm Programme Closure Programme Review

Programme Organization Setup Programme Office Setup Supporting Governance Requirements Funding Arrangements Agreed Tranche 2 Accounting Procedures Implemented Reporting Arrangements Finalized Risk and Issues Management Approach Agreed Project and Programme Objectives

Programme Plan Review Projects Benefits Realisation Plan Review Tranche 1 Communication Plan Review Performance Assessment Tranche 3 Lessons Learned Analysis Update and finalize programme information Business Case

Physical Project Environment Programme Organisation Resources Identified Equipment Identified IT Infrastructure Settled Risk Management and Issue Resolution Strategies HR Management Issues/Training Procurement & Contracts Management Programme Communications Management Information Management Reporting, Monitoring and Control End of Tranche Reviews Cost and Claims Management Project Portfolio Benefits Profiles Stakeholder Map Programme Planning and Control Resource Management Strategy Benefits Management Strategy Stakeholder Management Strategy Risk and Issues Resolution Strategy Quality Management Strategy Disband the programme team Celebrate success

Assessing Quality Maintenance Audit Reviews Programme Assurance Quality Management Strategy Developing Programme Plan Vision Statement Blue Print Projects Portfolio Schedule of Costs for each Project Shared Resources Stakeholder and Forcefield Analysis Risks and Assumptions Schedule of Programme Schedule of Benefits Progress Monitoring Transition Management Approval to Proceed Programme Reviews Financial Approval Evaluation Benefits Realisation Establish benefits measurements Refining benefits profiles Monitoring benefits Managing transition Managing the cultural aspects Supporting benefit realisation Measuring benefits Monitoring Progress Managing Risk and Resolving Issues Managing the Stakeholders