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Level: High Intermediate Domain: Occupational Topic: 18. Work and employment Subtopic(s): Job Advertisements Basic !ob intervie" #uestions typical day at "ork Functions: 18.$ interpreting !ob advertisements 18.% responding to basic !ob intervie" #uestions 18.& describing a typical day at "ork Objectives: 1. 'o act out a telephone !ob advertisement conversation
(. 'o have a simulated !ob intervie". $. 'o describe a typical day at "ork.

EAX B1 Language


Listening: 1. )an understand phrases and e*pressions related to areas o+ most immediate priority ,e.g very basic personal and +amily in+ormation shopping local geography employment-. (. )an catch the main point in short clear simple messages and announcement. $. )an understand and e*tract the essential in+ormation +rom short recorded passages dealing "ith predictable everyday matters. %. )an give a simple description o+ "orking conditions. Spea!ing 1. )an tell a story or describe something in a simple list o+ points. (. )an describe everyday aspects o+ his. her environment ,e.g. people places or !ob-. $. )an give short basic descriptions o+ events and activities. %. )an describe plans and arrangements habits and routines past activities and personal e*periences. &. )an describe his. her +amily living conditions educational background present or most recent !ob. /. )an give a short rehearsed presentation on a topic pertinent to his. her everyday li+e brie+ly give reasons and e*planations +or opinions plans and actions. 0. )an interact "ith reasonable ease in structured situations and short conversations. 8. )an communicate in simple and routine tasks re#uiring a simple and direct e*change o+ in+ormation on +amiliar and routine matters to do "ith "ork and +ree time. 1. )an generally +ollo" changes o+ topic in +ormal discussion related to his. her +ield. 12. )an communicate in simple and routine tasks re#uiring a simple and direct e*change o+ in+ormation. 11. )an ask and ans"er #uestions about "hat they do at "ork and in +ree time. 1(. )an ask +or and provide personal in+ormation. 1$. )an use simple techni#ues to start maintain or end a short conversation. 1%. )an initiate maintain and close simple +ace to +ace conversation. "ea#ing: 1. )an understand short simple te*ts containing the highest +re#uency vocabulary including a proportion o+ shared international vocabulary items. (. )an locate speci+ic in+ormation in lists and isolate the in+ormation re#uired. $. )an identi+y in+ormation in simpler "ritten material he. she encounters such as letters brochures and short ne"spaper articles describing events. $%iting: 1. )an "rite about everyday aspects o+ his. her environment e.g. people places a !ob or study e*perience in linked sentences. (. )an "rite a series o+ simple phrases and sentences about their +amily living conditions educational background present or most recent !ob. $. )an "rite short simple conventional notes relating to matters in areas o+ immediate need. %. )an pick out and reproduce key "ords and phrases or short sentences +rom a short te*t "ithin the learner3s limited competence and e*perience. &%amma% Topic(s): 4odals o+ obligation prohibition and ability 5 must mustn3t can de+ining relative clauses6 5 Who that the present simple6 +or routines and habits the present per+ect +or e*periences. 'ocabula%( list: Job vocabulary !ob ad abbreviated +orms "ork vocabulary personal #uality vocabulary !ob application vocabulary

1.KWL Chart Make a list of jobs and occupations. 2. Job and occupation questions http6..itesl!.org.#uestions.!obs.html

At "hat age do people usually begin to "ork in your country7 At "hat age do people usually retire in your country7 At "hat age "ould you like to retire7 What do you think you "ill do a+ter you retire7 8escribe your current !ob. 8escribe your +irst !ob. 8o "omen usually "ork a+ter they get married in your country7 8o you ever "ork overtime7 I+ so do you get paid more +or overtime "ork7 8o you have a part9time !ob7 I+ so "hat do you do7 8o you have to attend a lot o+ meetings +or your !ob7 8o you have to do a lot o+ paper"ork7 8o you have to "ork overtime7 I+ so ho" o+ten7 8o you have to "ork on :undays7 8o you think it is more important to make a lot o+ money or to en!oy your !ob7 8o you think "omen are good bosses7 8o you "ork on "eekends7 Have you ever been promoted7 I+ you could o"n your o"n business "hat "ould it be7 ;ame three occupations that you could do. What are some #uestions that are +re#uently asked in a !ob intervie"7 What do you like most about that !ob7 What do you think is the best !ob7 What do you think is the "orst7 What do you think "ould be the most interesting !ob7 'he most boring7 What does your +ather do7 ,What does your +ather do +or a living7What does your mother do7 What in+luenced your choice o+ !ob7 ,Why did you choose your !ob7What !obs in your country are considered to be good !obs7 Why7 What plans have you made +or your retirement7 What three ad!ectives "ould describe yoursel+ as a "orker7 What time do you get home +rom "ork7 Is it the same time every day7 What time do your start and +inish "ork7 What "as your +irst !ob7 What "ould be your dream !ob7 When you "ere a child "hat did you "ant to be "hen you gre" up7

3. How to read job ads in English Watch the video and take notes on ho" to read !ob advertisements. http6..""""atch7v5e<an1#i4="%

Abb%eviations )oun# in *elp $ante# A#s

;e"spapers usually use abbreviations in the advertisements in order to save space. 'here are di++erent "ays o+ +orming abbreviations. 1. :ome abbreviations may use the +irst letter o+ the "ord6 e*. nec. > necessary (. Others are +ormed by using consonants "ithout vo"els6 e*. a+ts. > a+ternoons $. When there is a compound "ord or an e*pression "ith t"o or more "ords o+ten the abbreviation is +ormed +rom the initial letter o+ each "ord6 ".p.m. 5 "ords per minute ;ote6 'here may be slight variations in abbreviations in "ant ads +rom one region o+ the country to another. a+ts. 5 a+ternoons min. 5 minimum appt. 5 appointment mo. 5 month appro*. 5 appro*imately nec. 5 necessary asst. 5 assistant neg. 5 negotiable cert. 5 certi+ied nr. 5 near co. 5 company pd. 5 paid comm. 5 commission p.t 5 part9time dent. 5 dental perm. 5 permanent eves. 5 evenings ph. 5 phone e*c. 5 e*cellent p.o. 5 post o++ice e*p. 5 e*perienced pre+. ,d- 5 pre+erred +in. 5 +inancial re+. 5 re+erences +.t 5 +ull9time #. ,d- 5 re#uired hr. 5 hour resp. 5 responsible immed. 5 immediately rge. 5 range incl. 5 include sal. 5 salary in+o. 5 in+ormation sr. 5 salary !r. 5 !unior sr. 5 senior lic. 5 licensed temp. 5 temporary ltd. 5 limited vic. 5 vicinity ma*. 5 ma*imum "k. 5 "eek or "ork mech. 5 mechanical ".p.m. 5 "ords per minute med. 5 medical "td. 5 "anted m.+ 5 male or +emale yr. 5 year m+g. 5 manu+acturing

"ea#ing *elp $ante# A#s 1+ $aite%, $ait%ess Wtd. immed. +or busy ne" rest. +.t and p.t re+.? e*p. re#@ must be "ell9 groomed. )all bet"een 1622 ? 11622 "kdays. %&0 9 2180 -+ Sec%eta%( =arge la" o++ice needs e*p. resp. sec. 'yping /2 ".p.m. e*cel. tel. skills. & yrs. e*p. :end resume to AB) =a" Airm 1(2 4ain :t. 'oronto Ontario /+ 0ann( =ive9in nanny +or Doung busy +amily some house"ork re#. mature respond. e*p nec. 8rive lic. an asset. Ee+. re#. :al. ;eg. )all %81 9 (218 4+ Se%vice Station Atten#ant C.' eves. ? "kends must be polite hard9 "orking no e*p. nec. "ill train. H12 per hr. Apply in person to 1($ Cembina Ave. "k days bet". 1622 ? %622

.+ St+ "egis+ *otel


B*p. cook "anted to "ork 1( noon to 8 p.m. +.t inc. "kends. Cerm. position. Ch. Bet. 12 ? % p.m 1/% 9 $%&(.

1+ "e2+ e3p+ %eceptionist Aor busy doctor3s o++ice. 1& hrs. "eekly $days."k Food organ. skills. good tel. manner essential@ typing %& ".p.m. e9mail resume to6

A. Eead the ads above and discuss the +ollo"ing +or each ad. 1. Job description > kind o+ "ork hours salary bene+its etc. (. Iuali+ications. Ee#uirements > :kills #ualities education e*perience etc. $. Ho" to apply > In person@ by phone +a* or e9mail@ in "riting B+ "ea# t5e a#s again an# ans6e% t5e )ollo6ing 2uestions+ 1. Are there any !obs that do not re#uire e*perience7 I+ so "hich ones7 (. Aor "hich !ob,s- do you need to have re+erences7 $. Which !obs are +ull time7 %. B*plain the term JassetK in ad L%. &. Which !ob re#uires a neat appearance7 /. Which !ob mentions salary7 0. Which !ob says the employer "ill teach you ho" to do the !ob7 8. '"o ads ask +or similar #uali+ications. Which ads are they7 What are the t"o similar #uali+ications7

Boo! Lesson 7A pages 44 8 47 Lesson 18 "ea#ing job a#ve%tisements

A+ "ea#ing "ea#ing )o% in)o%mation 1. :ay "hat in+ormation you e*pect to +ind in a !ob advertisement. (. =ook at the !ob advertisements on pg. // and then discuss them. $. :ay "hich ad mentions the in+ormation given. %. :ay "hich !ob is best +or you and "hy7 B+ 'ocabula%( 8 9sing a #ictiona%( &. =ook at the dictionary on pg. // and +ind the missing "ords in the :ob A#ve%tisements te*t. /.:ay ho" you guessed the "ords using the cues6 1. Arom the pronunciation. (. Arom the translation. $. Arom the other connected "ords. %. Arom the e*ample phrases or sentences. 0. :elect other "ords that you do not kno" +rom the ads and try to guess their meanings. 8. )heck in your dictionaries to con+irm the "ords. D+ Listen )o% speci)ic in)o%mation 1$. =isten and say "hich !obs the t"o people do. 1%. =isten again and say "ho says the in+ormation given about their !ob. 1&. =ook at the audio script on page 1&% to con+irm your ans"ers to e*ercise 1%.

'ocabula%( 1 Occupations A+ ;atc5 t5e occupation on t5e le)t 6it5 t5e job #esc%iption on t5e %ig5t+ 1. mechanic a. designs houses and buildings (. real estate agent b. "rites +or magaMines $. accountant c. helps people "ith +amily problems %. secretary d. installs and +i*es lights "iring etc.

&. tailor /. plumber 0. nanny 8. carpenter 1. receptionist 12. architect 11. "aiter 1(. !ournalist 1$. social "orker 1%. teller 1&. electrician

e. sells houses property houses +. builds +urniture houses g. keeps +inancial records does ta* +orms h. looks a+ter children i. "orks as a cashier in a bank !. repairs car engines k. ans"ers the phone and greets people in an o++ice l. takes orders serves people in restaurant m. makes and alters clothes n. +i*es "ater pipes toilets sinks o. types letters +iles o++ices in+ormation

B+ $%ite t5e occupation besi#e t5e job #esc%iption+ T5e%e ma( be mo%e t5an one co%%ect ans6e%+ 1. 'his person "orks in a +lo"er shop and arranges +lo"ers. (. 'his person "orks in a courthouse. $. 'his person makes and sells breads cakes cookies etc. %. 'his person "orks in a hospital looks a+ter patients and helps the doctors. &. 'his person "ears a uni+orm and patrols buildings. /. 'his person +ills prescriptions in a drugstore. 0. 'his person is an animal doctor. 8. 'his person cleans and looks a+ter apartment buildings. 1. 'his person gives religious guidance. 12. 'his person prepares meals in a restaurant. $%ite i#enti)(ing sentences about job using < A mechanic is a person "ho NN etc. /+ *o6 to "espon# to a :ob A# on t5e =5one Eead the article and "atch the video on ho" to respond to a !ob ad and then provide a summary. http6..""".eho".com.ho"</0%(&12<respond9!ob9ad9phone.html

Instructions 1. Eead the !ob advertisement closely and +ollo" the directions. Aor instance the ad may direct you to call be+ore or a+ter a certain time. Have a pen and paper handy. (. )all +rom a landline phone instead o+ a cell phone. 'his provides a better connection and prevents losing the call due to a bad signal. $. Crovide your name +or the individual "ho ans"ers the telephone and ask +or the person listed on the ad. :ometimes the ad "ill state Jcontact the human resources department directlyK i+ this is the case ask +or the department. %. :upply your in+ormation and description o+ "hy you are calling i+ there is no name listed in the ad. Aor e*ample "hen the phone is ans"ered say JHello my name is Jane 8oe and I am calling in response to the retail clerk position advertised in the ne"spaper.K 'his "ill allo" her to direct you to the correct person. &. :peak to the person handling the calls +or the !ob ad. Be polite and allo" the person to speak. Fenerally he "ill provide you "ith a description o+ the !ob opening and ask i+ you are interested. /. Ans"er any #uestions the employer may have "hile on the telephone. Ee#uest an intervie" by telling him ho" interested you are in the position. Allo" him to provide you "ith a time and

location +or your intervie". Write do"n the in+ormation such as his name the address and the telephone number o+ the company.
Home"ork > :udent Book pgs. 02 > 01 &%amma% :tudy the +ollo"ing grammar points that are used in !ob ads and to mention abilities ;ust > )o%mal obligations (must ? ve%b) Dou must have a valid driver3s license Dou must "ork on the "eekend. Dou must have $ or more years o+ e*perience. Dou must be over (1. Dou must be "ell9groomed. Dou must be certi+ied in O++ice (212. an > abilit( (can ? ve%b) I can use a computer. I can "ork under pressure. I can type 122 "ords per minute. 1+ ;ust@ mustnAt@ can+ppt :ob A#s: )reate a !ob advertisement in pairs and then post them +or the rest o+ the class to select a !ob. Spea!ing "ole pla( o) a job a# p5one conve%sation :elect one o+ the !ob ads and "rite a telephone conversation. :tudent A6 Job )andidate ,e*plain the obligations 9 re#uirements:tudent B6 'he Human Eesource Agent ,e*plain some o+ your abilities1. Act out the telephone conversation you "rote.

Lesson - :ob Bnte%vie6

:ob ensus Intervie" three other classmates and complete the chart. lassmate 1 0ame: =lace o) 6o%!: 0umbe% o) 5ou%s pe% 6ee!: :ob #esc%iption, %esponsibilities: S!ills@ t%aining@ e#ucation %e2ui%e# )o% t5e job C%e2uenc( o) pa(ment *o6 long at t5at job 'ocabula%( - =e%sonal 2ualities an# emplo(ment A+ ;atc5 t5e 2ualit( 6it5 t5e co%%ect #e)inition+ lassmate lassmate .

1. responsible. dependable. reliable (. punctual $. energetic %. mature &. honest /. conscientious 0. polite 8. co9operative 1. thorough 12. patient 11. organiMed 1(. open9minded 1$. neat 1%. +le*ible 1&. accurate 1/. motivated 10. creative 18. hard9"orking 11. resource+ul (2. disciplined (1. "ell9groomed ((. articulate ($. sel+9con+ident (%. out9going

a. comes on time b. doesn3t tire easily c. acts like an adult not a child d. does "hat he. she says he. she3ll do e. has good manners +. "orks "ell "ith others g. tells the truth doesn3t lie or steal h. takes the !ob seriously i. orderly "orks according to plans !. can accept ne" or di++erent ideas k. stays "ith the !ob doesn3t give up easily can "ait "ithout being mad l. does a good !ob doesn3t +orget anything pays attention to detail m. correct n. can accept change easily o. clean and tidy not messy p. pushes onesel+ to do a good !ob #. not laMy r. can control onesel+ s. has a talent +or making ne" things and having ne" ideas t. good at solving problems "ith "hatever is available u. sociable not shy v. neat and clean in appearance ". +eels good about him. hersel+ *. speaks "ell

B+ Some 2ualities a%e ve%( impo%tant )o% all jobs+ Ot5e%s a%e impo%tant )o% ce%tain jobs@ but not )o% ot5e%s+ Select t5%ee o% )ou% 2ualities t5at (ou t5in! a%e #esi%able )o% all jobs+ + ;a!e a list o) 1 jobs an# 6%ite t6o 2ualities t5at (ou )eel a%e impo%tant )o% eac5+ 'ocabula%( . Aill in the blanks "ith the correct "ord or e*pression +rom the +ollo"ing list. Well9groomed mature reliable strengths motivated neat +le*ible creative punctual energetic thorough energetic organiMed patient co9operative resource+ul accurate 1. A person "ho can adapt to change easily is <<<<<<<<<< . (. 4ary is a very <<<<<<<<<< person. I can al"ays depend on her. $. Artists and musicians are usually very <<<<<<<<<< people. %. It is important +or an accountant to be <<<<<<<<<< in his. her "ork. &. Dou don3t have to be very <<<<<<<<<< i+ you "ork in construction. It is di++erent i+ you are "orking "ith the public. /. He is rarely on time. He is not a very <<<<<<<<<< person. 0. An <<<<<<<<<< person plans things care+ully and keeps things in order. 8. A <<<<<<<<<< student likes to learn and doesn3t have to be pushed to do it. 1. :he is a very <<<<<<<<<< "orker. :he completes everything and pays attention to every detail. 12. He is not very <<<<<<<<<< . He doesn3t "ork "ell "ith his co9"orkers. 11. His desk is never <<<<<<<<<< . He can never +ind anything on it.

1(. :he is a very <<<<<<<<<< cook. I+ she doesn3t have one o+ the ingredients she !ust substitutes one +or another. 1$. He hates "aiting in lines. He is not a very <<<<<<<<<< person. 1%. He is a very <<<<<<<<<< person. He can "ork long hours and never gets tired. 1&. Bven though he is still a teenager he is very <<<<<<<<<< and responsible. 1/. When an intervie"er asks you about your <<<<<<<<<< he "ants to kno" about your good #ualities. 'ocabula%( / Application Co%ms 4atch the e*pressions on the le+t "ith the correct meaning on the right. 1. position desired (. surname $. maiden name %. bondable &. valid /. previous employer 0. legally entitled to "ork 8. duties 1. skills 12. #uali+ications 11. salary 1(. "ages 1$. graveyard shi+t 1%. re+erences 1&. applicant 1/. !ob title 10. relocate 18. ;.A A. place you last "orked B. abilities things you can do ). not applicable doesn3t apply in this situation 8. money earned per hour B. =ate night "ork period A. last name or +amily name F. money earned per month or year H. no criminal record employer can get insurance on the employee I. person applying +or a !ob J. e++ective current legal O. "oman3s name be+ore marriage =. allo"ed by la" to "ork 4. !ob "anted or applied +or ;. skills e*perience education needed +or a !ob O. move to a di++erent place C. responsibilities things employee must do at "ork I. name o+ the "ork position E. names o+ the people "ho can give positive opinions about the applicant

'ocabula%( 1 Emplo(ment Te%ms Aill in the blanks "ith the correct "ord +rom the +ollo"ing list. hire +ire lay o++ available re+erence resume retire asset essential bondable train shi+t "age bene+its union #uali+ications raise 1. His previous employer gave him a very good <<<<<<<<<< because he "as an e*cellent "orker. (. Dou don3t need e*perience +or that !ob. 'he company "ill <<<<<<<<<< you. $. Dou shouldn3t hire a cleaning company to clean your home unless their "orkers are <<<<<<<<<< %. Eestaurants "ill <<<<<<<<<< many "aiters "hen the tourist season is over. &. When you "rite your <<<<<<<<<< you should include your education skills and "ork e*perience. /. 4ario "ants to #uit his !ob. He doesn3t like "orking the night <<<<<<<<<< . 0. When Joe applied at the store the manager told him there "ere no !obs <<<<<<<<<< . 8. Ono"ing a second language is an <<<<<<<<<< i+ you "ork in a hotel. 1. Besides a good salary the company o++ers many <<<<<<<<<< such as medical insurance a pension plan and a three "eek vacation. 12. He "orks at a +ast +ood restaurant. His hourly <<<<<<<<<< is eight dollars. 11. He "on3t get the !ob. He doesn3t have the necessary <<<<<<<<<< . 1(. A <<<<<<<<<< is an organiMation o+ "orkers. 1$. It is <<<<<<<<<< to have a car i+ you are a traveling salesman. 1%. John earns H12.22 an hour but his boss promised to give him a <<<<<<<<<< in a +e" months. He3ll probably be making H11.&2 an hour then. 1&. 4ost "orkers <<<<<<<<<< by the age o+ /&. 1/. Dou should apply to AB) )o. right a"ay. I hear they are planning to <<<<<<<<<< t"enty ne" employees. 10. 'he boss is going to <<<<<<<<<< John because he is al"ays late.

4a+ Application Co%ms =ai% $o%! Stu#ent A Di%ections: Dou an# (ou% pa%tne% eac5 5ave t5e same application )o%m but some in)o%mation is missing )%om eac5+ omplete t5e )o%m b( as!ing (ou% pa%tne% 2uestions+ B*6 What is the applicant3s surname7 Is the applicant male or +emale7 4b+ Application Co%ms =ai% $o%! Stu#ent B Di%ections: Dou an# (ou% pa%tne% eac5 5ave t5e same application )o%m but some in)o%mation is missing )%om eac5+ omplete t5e )o%m b( as!ing (ou% pa%tne% 2uestions+ B*6 What is the applicant3s surname7 Is the applicant male or +emale7 4c+ Application )o% Emplo(ment Di%ections: omplete t5e )ollo6ing application )o%m )o% a job t5at (ou 6is5 to appl( )o%+

7. 100 Common Job Interview Questions

Eead the list o+ the 122 most common !ob intervie" #uestions and select t"enty to ask. http6.."""!ob9intervie"9#uestions.
=e%sonal 1. 'ell me about yoursel+. (. What are your strengths7 The word strength refers to what you do well, your positi e !ualities or effecti e skills. $. What are your "eaknesses7 The word "eakness refers to what you don"t do well, your ne#ati e !ualities or skills. %. What do you see as a ma!or success in your li+e7 4a!or $eans i$portant or bi#. &. 8escribe a ma!or disappointment in your li+e. % disappointment is so$ethin# you were lookin# forward to and didn"t happen. /. What motivates you7 The word motivate $eans to #i e you the reason to do so$ethin#, to inspire you, to encoura#e you. 0. What does success mean to you7 8. What are three o+ your greatest accomplishments7 The word accomplishment $eans an achie e$ent, so$ethin# you did well. 1. What are your plans +or the +uture7 12. Have you done any volunteer "ork7 11. What are your hobbies7 1(. What do you like to do in your spare time . +ree time7 :pare time $eans when you"re free, when you"re not workin#. 1$. Where do you see yoursel+ +ive years +rom no"7 'en years +rom no"7 1%. 8escribe a time "hen you +ailed. 1&. What is your +avorite book . movie7 1/. What do you do +or +un7 10. What "ould you do i+ you "on the lottery7

E#ucational 1. 'ell me about your educational background. (. What academic courses did you like the most . the least7 $. Which academic course did you +ind most di++icult7 %. 8o you have plans +or +urther education7 &. Why did you choose your ma!or7 &our ma!or is your $ain area of speciali'ation in uni ersity. =%o)essional 1. Why do you "ant this !ob7 (. Why should "e hire you7 To hire $eans to recruit, or #i e so$eone a job. $. Why are you the best person +or the !ob7 %. B*plain ho" you "ould be an asset to this company. %n asset is so$ethin# aluable. &. Why do you think you "ill be success+ul in this !ob7 /. What are your #uali+ications +or this position7 Iuali+ication $eans the educational and professional back#round or e(perience needed in a job. 0. What can you o++er our company7 8. What do you kno" about this industry7 1. What is your personal mission statement7 12. Why do you think youPre suited +or this position7 :uited $eans appropriate, a #ood $atch. 11. 8escribe your "ork ethic. &our "ork ethic is your attitude towards work and beha ior at work. 1(. 8escribe your management style. 1$. What are your short9term goals7 :hort9term $eans in the near future. 1%. What are your long9term goals7 =ong9term $eans in the distant or far future. 1&. Why did you choose this +ield7 Aield $eans an area of work, such as co$puters, en#ineerin# or $edicine. 1/. Clease describe your "ork e*perience. 10. Why do you "ant to "ork +or our company7 18. What do you kno" about our company7 11. What is most important to you in a !ob7 (2. 8escribe your previous !obs. The word previous $eans what ca$e or happened before. (1. Why did you leave your previous !ob7

((. What "ere your responsibilities in your previous position7 The word responsibility refers to what you are supposed to do, what you are in char#e of. ($. What did you like the most about your last !ob7 (%. What did you like the least about your last !ob7 (&. What did you learn in your previous !ob7 (/. 8o you "ork "ell under pressure7 The word pressure $eans stress. (0. Are you punctual7 To be punctual $eans that to arri e on ti$e, to not be late. (8. Ho" long do you plan to stay in this !ob7 (1. )an you multi9task7 To multi9task $eans to do $any thin#s at one ti$e. $2. 8escribe your ideal !ob. )deal basically $eans per+ect here. $1. Ho" "ould your co9"orkers describe you7 $(. Ho" do you +eel about learning ne" things7 $$. Have you ever had trouble "ith a boss7 Ho" did you handle it7 $%. What ma!or problems or challenges have you +aced7 $&. Why did you resign7 $/. Why "ere you +ired7 $0. Are you a risk9taker7 % risk9taker is so$eone who is willin# to take chances. $8. What have you been doing since your last !ob7 $1. WhatPs the best movie youPve seen in the past year7 %2. WhatPs the most interesting book youPve read in the past year7 %1. Ho" soon can you start "ork7 %(. 8o you have any #uestions7

:ob Speci)ics 1. Are you looking +or +ull9 or part9time "ork7 (. Are you looking +or a day or night !ob7 $. Are you seeking a permanent or temporary position7 %. )an you "ork "eekends7 &. Are you "illing to "ork overtime7 Overtime $eans hours outside of re#ular work hours. /. )an you "ork nights7 0. Are you "illing to travel7 8. Are you "illing to relocate7 To relocate $eans to $o e to another location.

1. 8o you have a driverPs license7 12. 8o you like "orking "ith the public7 11. 8o you like "orking "ith numbers7 1(.Ho" are your "riting skills7 1$. Ho"Ps your spelling7 1%. What computer programs are you +amiliar "ith7 1&. 8o you kno" any +oreign languages7 1/. Have you "orked in a multicultural environment be+ore7 4ulticultural $eans $any cultures. 10. Ho" do you relate to people +rom diverse cultures7 8iverse $eans different Sala%( 18. What are your salary e*pectations7 :alary e*pectation is how $uch $oney you think you will #et. 11. What salary do you "ant to earn7 To earn $eans to $ake, to recei e. (2. What kind o+ compensation are you looking +or7 )ompensation refers to salary plus benefits. Lea#e%s5ip (1. 8o you consider yoursel+ a leader7 ((. What leadership or managerial positions have you held7 Bn#epen#ence ($. 8o you like "orking alone7 (%. Ho" "ell do you "ork independently7 (&. Ho" do you +eel about "orking by yoursel+7

Team6o%! (/. Are you a team player7 (0. 8o you "ork "ell "ith others7 (8. What strengths "ould you bring to a team7 (1. 8o you pre+er "orking on a team or by yoursel+7 "e)e%ences $2. 4ay "e contact your previous employers7 $1. )an "e contact your re+erences7 Ee+erences are people who are willin# to talk about you, your abilities or your character. Euestions Dou an As! t5e Bnte%vie6e% $(. I+ you "ere to o++er me the !ob ho" soon "ould you "ant me to start7 $$. When could I e*pect to hear +rom you7 $%. Are there any +urther steps in the intervie" process7

$&. What are the ma!or responsibilities o+ this position7 $/. Are there possibilities +or advancement7 Advancement $eans to $o e up in your job, to be offered a pro$otion or hi#her position.

Spea!ing 8 :ob Bnte%vie6s

Select a job application an# t5en 6%ite t6ent( 2uestions acco%#ing to t5e job t5at t5e( a%e appl(ing )o%+ Intervie" the person "hose application you selected

Lesson . :ob #esc%iption

Cin# Someone $5o<++ Cin# someone in t5e class<+ 1. "ho can type "ell. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< (. "ho "as hired recently <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< $. "ho pre+ers manual "ork to o++ice "ork. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< %. "ho has "orked the night shi+t at some time in his. her li+e. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< &. "ho has belonged to a union. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< /. "ho likes "orking outdoors. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 0. "ho is "illing to train +or a ne" occupation. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 8. "ho en!oys "orking "ith computers. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 1. "ho reads the "ant ads in the ne"spaper regularly. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 12. "ho has "ritten a resume in Bnglish. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 11. "ho has looked +or a !ob on the internet. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 1(. "ho is never late to "ork. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 1$. "ho is "illing to relocate +or a !ob. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Boo! 8 Lesson 7B A gui#e# tou% o) m( li)e+ pgs+ 4F 4G+

A+ "ea# )o% gene%al meaning+ 1. Write do"n your !ob title and make a list o+ all the tools you use to do your !ob. (. Eead A &ui#e# Tou% o) ;( $o%!place on page /8 and "rite do"n the captions given belo" the correct picture. $. Eead $5at a%e T5e( Sa(ing on page /8 and match the #uestions "ith one o+ the people in the photographs. B+ Listen )o% #etail %. =isten to Oevin describe the photos and take notes on any e*tra in+ormation you hear. &. Write 'rue or Aalse +or the statements and correct the ones that are +alse by reading the audio script on page 1&&. + &%amma% 8 De)ining %elative clauses

/. =ook at the sentences and ans"er the #uestions. 0. =ook at the relative clauses in the sentences in What are 'hey :aying and complete the rules. 8. )omplete the sentences "ith who, which or where and then ans"er the #uestions. 1. )omplete the de+initions "ith relative clauses. T5e =%esent Simple F+ A t(pical Da( in t5e Li)e o) 'icto%ia Contana+ http6..""""atch7v58Qs0dr%E1ns 1.Watch the video and take notes on ho" the present simple is used. D+ 'ocabula%( :obs an# #esc%iptions 12. 4atch the !obs to the "orkplaces. 11. IuiM each other in pairs on the "ork places. 1(. Work in pairs and play a !ob #uiM. :tudent A > page 1(1 :tudent B > page 1$%. Boo! Lesson 7D *o6 to #esc%ibe a t(pical #a( at 6o%! pages+ 7- 7.+ A+ "ea# an# i#enti)( t5e people 1. =ook at the pictures and try to complete the sentences and then predict the story. (. Eead A day in the li+e o+ a postman in India. and complete the captions +or photos ( > 0. $. Eead the te*t again and name the people in the photos. %. 4atch the pronouns in red the people and things. Ea!endra Feeta :ua :amundar Rishnu everybody in the village the postcard 1. Why does he "ear a turban7 he 5 Ea!endra &. Ans"er the #uestions in e*ercise %. D+ Listen )o% speci)ic in)o%mation 1$. =isten to a travel agent talking about his typical day and put the things that he does in order. 1&. =isten again and ans"er the comprehension #uestions. 1/. Eead the audioscript and check your ans"ers. AB D =ut it all toget5e% 10. Write do"n ten things that you do on a typical day at "ork and then tell a partner. Listening :ob Desc%iptions Watch the +ollo"ing videos and take notes o+ the thee people3s !ob descriptions and routines. F+ A t(pical Da( in t5e Li)e o) 'icto%ia Contana+ http6..""""atch7v58Qs0dr%E1ns G+ Collo6 me to 6o%! at Bps( http6..""""atch7v5AuAO=J*utA4 1H+ A Da( in t5e Li)e o) D% :e))%e( $ ;ilsom http6..""""atch7v5MIEQbIFWA8%

=%o#uction, Application:
Boo! 9nit 7E $%iting A job Desc%iption page 7/ A+ "ea# a #esc%iption o) a job 1. =ook at the photos and guess the ans"ers to the #uestions. 1. Where is the man7 (. What does he do7

$. Where does he "ork7 %. 8oes he like his "ork7 &. Who is the girl "ith him7 /. Ho" old is he7 (. Eead the te*t to con+irm your ans"ers to activity 1. $. 'ake do"n notes about Oarol3s !ob. goo# points ba# points

%. 8escribe ho" Oarol3s "orking li+e is di++erent +rom your daily li+e. B+ T5in! be)o%e (ou listen &. =isten to Oarol talking about his last !ob and take notes o+ he good and bad pointa that he mentions. $%itten job #esc%iption pa%ag%ap5 8 $%itten :ob "outine A #a( in m( li)e at 6o%!+ 1.Write t"o paragraphs describing your !ob Including6 Caragraph 1 Dour !ob title :chedule Eesponsibilities and Eoutines 1st paragraph 9 Introduction (nd paragraph > be+ore "ork $rd paragraph > at "ork %th paragraph 9 conclusion

Caragraph ( 4ention a short anecdote an e*perience at "ork ,story-.

11+ Listening 2uiI 1-+ "ea#ing 2uiI