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Heavy Duty Armor (Kheter Mk.

Utility Systems: Sub-vocal Activation is standard on all systems. Full Environmental Protection Can be sealed up with advanced air filtration or independent air supply for about 12 hours. !n "oar# $imite# A% Capable of automating simple actions. Combined with the Targeting and Sensor systems can designate anyone as a friendly or enemy. Can fire weapons mar ed with an ! below independently of user" about as well as a professional soldier. #e$terity %" &ar smanship %" 'erception ( )includes Sensor bonus below*. &'() Hy*ers*ectral Passive %ma+in+ Sensors +ntegrated ,ow-,ight" +nfrared through -ltraviolet .isual /nhancement" 'assive 0A#A0" and 1-12$ &agnification collected from sensor patches scattered across the entire surface of the armor" compiled into a composite color image overlaying information from each. +n additional to the variety of sensors this adds 3( to all vision-based 'erception 'ools. ,an+e -in#in+ .ar+etin+ System Can loc on and trac up to 14 targets. ,in ed to the Sensor Suite and weapon systems to allow realtime updating of targeting information and threat ac5uisition. S&A0T ammo programed in relation to the current target in less than 1 picosecond. Combined with the S&A0T ammo negates all range penalties. Counts as 2 automatic Aim actions at all times. /uantum Entan+lement 0ommunications 1et2ork Allows near-instant communications and information dispersal to and from all lin ed suits. +mpossible to eavesdrop on without alerting everyone on the networ . "io*lastic Enhancement $ayer A layer of tough electroreactive artificial muscle. Adds ( dice to all Strength 'ools )including damage" 6umping and other feats of strength*. Armor Systems3 "io*lastic ,e-le4 Armor Contributes 327 8 32, soa to final armor.

7ra*hene Metallic 7lass $ayere# 0om*osite Plate 9raphene is very durable" but not very tough" the metallic glass is a palladium phosphorous" silicon" germanium and silver microalloy and is ama:ingly tough and strong. Sandwiched together" these materials reinforce each other creating armor plating as close to indestructible as science can ma e. Adds 3147 8 314, to armor soa . .otal Armor Soak3 3247 8 31;, 6ea*on Systems3 8,otary Assault 0annon A triple barreled minigun mounted behind the head on an articulated armature for a full range of motion to fire in virtually any direction" leaving the hands free. Can be fired in single shot or bursts. 7elt fed from a store of multi-mission ammunition stored on the bac of the armor. Ammo can be switched on the fly as needed. Ammo included are: A) PMS"- 'rogrammable &atter Smart 7ullets. <hen uploaded with targeting data" can shape themselves in flight to negate range and non-visual environmental penalties entirely. +t is listed with one range increment below and cannot fire at targets beyond this range. Acc: 3% #mg: 2, 0ng: (444 Clip: 144 Spd: ( ") MaHEM- &agneto-=ydrodynamic /$plosive &unitions. -ses a powerful electromagentic field to instantly melt a payload of steel into a molten 6et that is fired into the target on impact. +n addition to the normal 'iercing tag imposes another -1 to all soa and ignores =ardness. Acc: 3% #mg: 11, 0ng: ;(4 Clip: 144 Spd: ( 0) ,a9or5ack- >iring multiple blade flechettes per shot. ,oses range in favor of enhanced accuracy and e$tra damage against multiple unarmored or lightly armored targets. >ires in a cone" can hit multiple ad6acent targets. Acc: 31 #mg: 12, 0ng: 144 Clip: 144 Spd: (

Hi+h Ener+y $i:ui# $aser (HE$$) &ounted in the right forearm. Continuous beam with advanced cooling system. >ires in two modes. >irst mode is a pulse burst" 0ar5on 1anotu5e Polymer 6eave +nlaid with nano- capacitors build charge and then unleash a rapid burst of pulsed light at a single target" inflicting damage on circuitry to transmit information throughout armor the target as normal. system. As strong as evlar with a tenth the weight. The second mode is a continuous beam. The Contributes 327 8 3(, soa to final armor. continuous beam is fired in segments % tic s long" inflicting the listed damage per tic for as long as the

target is hit. A new roll to hit is made each tic " but the weapon does not inflict onslaught penalties to the target?s #.. +n this mode the weapon is effectively speed 1 but commits to % tic s of fire minimum. Anything used for cover or to bloc the beam will ta e damage. 'ulse 7urst Acc: 3% #mg: 14, 0ng: (44 Clip: - Spd: @ Continuous 7eam Acc: 3% #mg: (, 0ng: (44 Clip: - Spd: Special Po2er Shiel# A heavy armored shield of the same &etallic 9lass-Silicon Carbide-9raphene Composite material used in the armor plating. Also suitable for melee attac s. Acc: 31 #mg: (7 #ef: 32 Spd: (