Story To Reflect Upon 153

“You Are Wonderful!” Some years ago a famous singer had been contracted to sing in the Paris Opera House. The sale of tickets was fantastic. On the night of the scheduled performance, the feeling of anticipation and excitement was in the air. The Manager of the Opera House came on the stage and made the following announcement !"adies and gentlemen, thank you so much for your support. # am sad to tell you that the man whom you$%e all come to hear will not be able to perform because he is down with an illness. Howe%er, we ha%e found a suitable substitute we hope will pro%ide you with comparable entertainment. The audience groaned in disappointment and did not e%en bother to hear the stand&in$s name. The whole atmosphere in the House turned from excitement to one of frustration. The stand&in performer ga%e the performance e%erything he had. 'hen he had finished, an uncomfortable silence per%aded the air. (o one applauded at all, Suddenly, from the balcony, a little boy stood up and shouted, !)addy, # think you are wonderful*+ The crowd broke into thunderous applause. Reflection
* We need people in our lives who can appreciate what we do. Just some encouragement and support from someone is enough to lift up our morale and spirit. * Do keep in mind that out there, there will be people who appreciate and value what we attempt the best we can to help others.

Story To Reflect Upon 154
The Three Bones
An rish f!ther "!s seein# his son off on ! ste!$ship "here the l!d "!s #oin# to ! ne" l!nd "ith the intention of see%in# his fortune in ! ne" "!y of life& '(o") *ich!el) $y +oy)' s!id the f!ther !s they p!rted) 're$e$+er the three +ones) !nd you "ill !l"!ys #et !lon# !ll ri#ht&' A str!n#er st!ndin# ne!r+y o,erhe!rd the re$!r%) !nd "hen the ship "!s under"!y) he !s%ed the old #entle$!n to tell hi$ !+out the three +ones he referred to in his p!rtin# !d,ice to his son& Sure) $y friend)' responded the old rish$!n& “The three i$port!nt +ones !re the Wish+one) the -!"+one !nd the B!c%+one&” “Why !re these three +ones i$port!nt.” the str!n#er !s%ed& The old rish$!n e/pl!ined) “ t0s the "ish+one th!t %eeps you #oin# !fter thin#s1 it0s the 2!"+one th!t helps you find out ho" to #o !fter the$ if you !re not too proud to !s% ! 3uestion "hen there0s so$ethin# you don0t %no") !nd it0s the +!c%+one th!t %eeps you !t it until you #et there&' Source Unknown Reflections
* In life, one has to have meaningful goals and set out with patience, determination and endurance to attain the goal. * We need to ask and learn from the wise ones who know as we set out in life s !ourne" in pursuit of our goals. * We should not give up or #uit in our #uest to attain the set goal. $ailure should not daunt us. %ersistence is the golden thread that runs through ever" success of man.