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The Federal Express was a passenger train in the northeast U.S. FedEx Corporation Type Founded Location Key people Industry Products Revenue Employees Website Public (NYSE: FDX) 1971 Memphis, e!!essee Frederic" #$ Smi%h, &hairma!, Pres$, &E' (la! )$ *ra+ ,r$, E-P.&F' $ Michael *le!!, E-P/Mar"e%i!0 12ber% )$ &ar%er, E-P.&3' (ir &2urier See c2mple%e pr2duc%s lis%i!0$ 459$676 )illi2! 8SD 599: 579,999 (5997) h%%p:..;;;$+edex$c2m

FedEx (NYSE: FDX), pr2perl< FedEx Corporation, is a c2mpa!< %ha% 2++ers 2=er!i0h% c2urier, 0r2u!d, hea=< +rei0h%, d2cume!% c2p<i!0 a!d l20is%ics ser=ices$ FedEx is a s<llabic abbre=ia%i2! 2+ %he c2mpa!<>s 2ri0i!al !ame, Federal Express$

he c2mpa!< ;as +2u!ded as Federal Express i! 1971 b< +2rmer 8$S$ Mari!e Frederic" #$ Smi%h i! ?i%%le 12c", (r"a!sas, bu% m2=ed %2 Memphis, e!!essee i! 1976 a+%er ?i%%le 12c" airp2r% 2++icials ;2uld !2% a0ree %2 pr2=ide +acili%ies +2r %he +led0li!0 airli!e$ he !ame ;as ch2se! %2 s<mb2li@e a !a%i2!al mar"e%place, a!d help i! 2b%ai!i!0 02=er!me!% c2!%rac%s$ he c2mpa!< 2++iciall< be0a! 2pera%i2!s 2! (pril 17,1976, u%ili@i!0 a !e%;2r" 2+ 1A Dassaul% Falc2! 59s ;hich c2!!ec%ed 5: 8$S$ ci%ies$ FedEx, %he +irs% car02 airli!e %2 use Be% airpla!es +2r i%s ser=ices, expa!ded 0rea%l< a+%er %he dere0ula%i2! 2+ %he car02 airli!es sec%2r$ Federal Express use 2+ %he hub/sp2"e dis%ribu%i2! paradi0m i! air +rei0h% e!abled i% %2 bec2me a ;2rld leader i! i%s +ield$ he c2mpa!< 2pera%es much 2+ i%s 8$S$ 2=er!i0h% +rei0h% %hr2u0h i%s Memphis hub$ The ori inal Federal Express lo o 3! (u0us% 19C9 %he c2mpa!< acDuired Fl<i!0 i0ers, a! i!%er!a%i2!al car02 airli!e$ 3% i!heri%ed Fl<i!0 i0ers>s 8$S$ mili%ar< %ra!sp2r% c2!%rac% a!d carried passe!0ers be%;ee! %he c2!%i!e!%al 8!i%ed S%a%es a!d 2=erseas mili%ar< i!s%alla%i2!s u!%il 'c%2ber, 1995$ 3! ,a!uar< 199C Federal Express acDuired &aliber S<s%em, 3!c, ;hich 2;!ed 1PS, 12ber%s Express, -i"i!0 Frei0h% a!d &aliber ?20is%ics$ #he! %hese c2mpa!ies c2mbi!ed, %he !e; 2r0a!i@a%i2! became "!2;! as FDX Corp. he !ame EFedExE had bee! a p2pular, i+ u!2++icial, abbre=ia%i2! +2r Federal Express +2r se=eral <ears be+2re %he c2mpa!< ch2se i% as i%s primar< bra!d !ame i! 199A$ he EFederal ExpressE !ame ;as elimi!a%ed e!%irel< i! 5999, ;he! FDX &2rp2ra%i2! cha!0ed i%s !ame %2 FedEx Corporation a!d ad2p%ed %he %a0li!e E he #2rld '! imeE$ 3! 5991, FedEx acDuired (merica! Frei0h%;a<s, a leadi!0 less/%ha!/%ruc"l2ad carrier i! %he 8$S$, c2mbi!ed i%s 2pera%i2!s ;i%h -i"i!0 Frei0h% a!d crea%ed FedEx Frei0h%$ 3!

Februar< 599A Fh%%p:..;;;$a!s;ers$c2m.%2pic.599AG, FedEx b2u0h% Hi!"2>s, a Dallas/ based chai! %ha% pr2=ides pri!%i!0 a!d busi!ess ser=ices, +2r 45$A billi2!$ 3! i%s ad=er%isi!0, %he c2mpa!< made +am2us %he li!e E(bs2lu%el<, p2si%i=el<E +2r %heir 2=er!i0h% ser=iceI %he 2ri0i!al phrase ;as E#he! i% abs2lu%el<, p2si%i=el< has %2 0e% %here 2=er!i0h%$E (!2%her sl20a!, E1elax i%>s FedExE, is ;ell rec20!i@ed$ F2r se=eral <ears %he c2mpa!< pr2m2%ed %he sl20a! ED2!>% pa!icE, par%icularl< 2! bu%%2!s$ hr2u0h2u% Eur2pe, %he mar"e%i!0 %a0 li!e is E#ha%e=er i% %a"esE, re+erri!0 %2 %he e++2r%s %ha% i!di=idual empl2<ees ;ill 02 %2 e!sure %ha% %he pac"a0e arri=es 2! %ime, h2;e=er a% %imes such as December, %his is !2% al;a<s p2ssible$ MaB2r c2mpe%i%2rs i!clude DJ?, N , 8PS, a!d %he 8SPS$

!peratin units and lo os

FedEx is !2; 2r0a!i@ed i!%2 a !umber 2+ 2pera%i!0 u!i%s, each 2+ ;hich has i%s 2;! =ersi2! 2+ %he l202, desi0!ed b< ?i!d2! ?eader 2+ ?eader &rea%i=e$ 3! all =ersi2!s, %he Fed is purple$ he Ex is i! a di++ere!% c2l2r +2r each di=isi2!$ he c2rp2ra%e l202 uses a 0re< Ex$ )e+2re all 2+ %ha%, %he 2ri0i!al EFedExE l202 sa; %he Ex i! 2ra!0eI i% is !2; used as %he FedEx Express l202$ FedEx Express // he 2ri0i!al 2=er!i0h% c2urier ser=ices$ 8ses a lar0e +lee% 2+ aircra+% a!d l2cal deli=er< %ruc"s %2 m2=e pac"a0es$ ?202 c2l2r: 2ra!0e$ FedEx "round // Sl2;er deli=er< %imes a% a c2s% sa=i!0s as c2mpared %2 FedEx Express$ Deli=ers primaril< %2 busi!esses$ 8ses a lar0e +lee% 2+ %ruc"s ;hich are 2;!ed b< %he i!depe!de!% 2;!er.2pera%2rs a!d dri=ers are i!depe!de!% c2!%rac%2rs$ F2rmerl< 12ad;a< Pac"a0e S<s%em (1PS)$ ?202 c2l2r: 0ree!$ FedEx Home #elivery // ( di=isi2! 2+ FedEx Ground$ Deli=ers %2 reside!ces, 2++eri!0 ser=ice %2 =ir%uall< e=er< address i! %he 8S$ he l202 is %ha% 2+ FedEx Ground, bu% 2+%e! i!cludes a dra;i!0 2+ a d20 carr<i!0 a pac"a0e$ &urre!%l<, FedEx J2me Deli=er< 2!l< 2pera%es i! %he 8!i%ed S%a%es, a!d is !2% <e% a=ailable i! &a!ada$ S2 %2 ma"e up %he di++ere!ce, FedEx *r2u!d i! &a!ada per+2rms %he busi!ess deli=eries, as !2rmal, as ;ell as %he reside!%ial deli=eries, %ha% FedEx J2me Deli=er< ;2uld usuall< %a"e$ FedEx $martPost // &2!s2lida%es parcels, +2rmerl< %he i!depe!de!% c2mpa!< Parcel Direc%$

FedEx Frei ht // ?ess %ha! %ruc"l2ad (? ?) a!d 2%her +rei0h% ser=ices$ ?202 c2l2r: red $ FedEx Frei ht East // F2rmerl< (merica! Frei0h%;a<s$ FedEx Frei ht West // F2rmerl< -i"i!0 Frei0h%$ Caribbean Transport $ervices // 8p u!%il 5996, a par% 2+ FedEx rade Ne%;2r"s$ Pr2=ides air+rei0h% +2r;ardi!0 ser=ices be%;ee! %he 8$S$ mai!la!d, Puer%2 1ic2, %he D2mi!ica! 1epublic, a!d 2%her &aribbea! isla!ds$

FedEx Kin%o&s // F2r all i!%e!%s a!d purp2ses, %he re%ail arm 2+ %he FedEx c2rp2ra%i2!$ he l202 c2l2r is blue, %he same as %ha% 2+ FedEx Custom Critical, bu% i% als2 i!cludes %he !ame Kinko's i! purple a+%er FedEx, a!d als2 c2mes ;i%h a! as%eris" shaped l202, c2mp2sed 2+ %hree del%as (each 0ree!, 2ra!0e, a!d blue, represe!%i!0 *r2u!d, Express, a!d Hi!"2s, respec%i=el<), c2!=er0i!0 a!d +2rmi!0 a purple %ria!0le i! %he middle$ ( he 2++icial le%%erhead c2!%ai!s %his a% %he upper ri0h% 2+ %he FedExHi!"2>s m2!i"er$) F2rmerl< a! i!depe!de!% c2mpa!<, i% ;as simpl< "!2;! as Kinko's$ FedEx Kin%o&s !''ice and Print Centers // Pr2=ides a ra!0e 2+ media ser=ices, i!cludi!0 pri!%i!0, c2p<i!0, a!d i!%er!e% access$ FedEx Kin%o&s $hip Centers // Pr2=ides a ce!%ral l2ca%i2! +2r FedEx cus%2mers %2 dep2si% %heir pac"a0es +2r shippi!0, als2 2++eri!0 a sel+ ser=ice ph2%2c2p< a!d +ax machi!e, a small selec%i2! 2+ 2++ice pr2duc%s c2!duci=e %2 pac"i!0 a!d shippi!0, a! ass2r%me!% 2+ b2xes, pac"a0i!0 ser=ices, a!d alm2s% all ma%erials !ecessar< +2r shippi!0 %hr2u0h FedEx$ F2rmerl<, %hese l2ca%i2!s ;ere FedEx #2rld Ser=ice &e!%ers$

FedEx Custom Critical // Deli=ers ur0e!%, =aluable, 2r ha@ard2us i%ems usi!0 a lar0e +lee% 2+ %ruc"s a!d char%ered aircra+%$ ?i"e 0r2u!d, dri=ers are i!depe!de!% c2!%rac%2rs$ F2rmerl< 12ber%s &ar%a0e 2r 12ber%s Express$ ?202 c2l2r: blue$ Passport Transport // ra!sp2r%s cars, especiall< %h2se 2+ hi0h =alue$ FedEx Trade (et)or%s // Pr2=ides ser=ices rela%i!0 %2 cus%2ms, i!sura!ce, a!d %ra!sp2r%a%i2! ad=ice$ F2rmerl< &$,$ 2;er K S2!s, %he! 2;er *r2up 3!%er!a%i2!al$ ?202 c2l2r: <ell2;$ FedEx $upply Chain $ervices // Pr2=ides l20is%ics ser=ices$ F2rmerl< 12ad;a< ?20is%ics S<s%em, %he! &aliber ?20is%ics$ he l202 c2l2r is 0re<, %he same as %he c2rp2ra%e l202$ FedEx $ervices // Pr2=ides mar"e%i!0 a!d i!+2rma%i2! %ech!2l20< (3 ) ser=ices +2r %he 2%her FedEx di=isi2!s$ he l202 c2l2r is 0re<, %he same as %he c2rp2ra%e l202$ JeadDuar%ered i! &2llier=ille, N$

he FedEx l202 is a! a;ard ;i!!i!0 l202 mai!l< +2r %he hidde! arr2; i! %he space be%;ee! %he E a!d %he x$

FedEx Express aircra't

( FedEx D&/19 (as 2+ Februar< 5997) :5 (irbus (699/799 A9 (irbus (619/599F 1A (irbus (619/699F 1: )2ei!0 757/199

9A )2ei!0 757/599 C9 McD2!!ell D2u0las D&/19/19.69 :C McD2!!ell D2u0las MD/11 F 59 ( 1 A5 11 ( 1 75 5A6 &ess!a 59C (.) 16 F2""er F57

FedEx has 2rdered 19 (irbus (6C9 +rei0h%ers a!d has 2p%i2!s 2! 19 m2re$ FedEx is curre!%l< %he lar0es% 2pera%2r 2+ %he (619, 757, D&/19 a!d MD/11$

he c2mpa!<>s ;ell/"!2;! l202 has a ri0h%/p2i!%i!0 arr2; l2ca%ed i! %he !e0a%i=e space be%;ee! %he E a!d x$ #hile %he arr2; bec2mes Dui%e 2b=i2us ;he! p2i!%ed 2u%, m2s% pe2ple d2!>% !2%ice i% 2%her;ise$ he arr2; has bee! 2ccasi2!all< p2i!%ed %2 as a mild +2rm 2+ sublimi!al ad=er%isi!0, %he arr2; s<mb2li@i!0 +2r;ard m2=eme!% a!d %hi!"i!0$ he m2=ie Cast Awa , based 2! %he s%2r< !o"inson Crusoe, is ab2u% a FedEx empl2<ee ;h2 sur=i=es a pla!e crash a!d subseDue!%l< bec2mes s%ra!ded 2! a! isla!d$ (cc2rdi!0 %2 c2mme!%ar< 2! %he D-D edi%i2! 2+ %he +ilm, %he use 2+ %he FedEx !ame ;as +2r au%he!%ici%<, a!d !2% a resul% 2+ pr2duc% placeme!%$ &hie+ 2pera%i!0 2++icer ,im )ar"sdale ;e!% 2! %2 lead Ne%scape$ ( c2mm2! s%2r< is %ha% Fred Smi%h 02% a & a% Yale 8!i=ersi%< 2! %he paper ;here he came up ;i%h %he idea %ha% became FedEx$ 3! a! ar%icle he ;r2%e +2r %he 'c%2ber 5995 issue 2+ F2r%u!e Small )usi!ess he said %ha% he d2es!>% ac%uall< "!2; ;ha% 0rade he 02%$ Je said he pr2babl< did!>% 0e% a =er< 022d 0rade, %h2u0h, because %he paper ;as !2% =er< ;ell %h2u0h% 2u%$ 3! a similar case, a & 2! a paper b< *re02r< #a%s2! led %2 %he passa0e 2+ %he ;e!%</se=e!%h (me!dme!% %2 %he 8!i%ed S%a%es &2!s%i%u%i2!$ he c2mpa!<>s pla!es are !amed a+%er %he childre! 2+ empl2<ees$ FedEx Express +lies a lar0e !umber 2+ pac"a0es +2r 8!i%ed S%a%es P2s%al Ser=ice, ma"i!0 i% 2!e 2+ FedEx>s bi00es% cus%2mers$ (+%er Federal Express became "!2;! as FedEx a!d subseDue!%l< di=ersi+ied i%s 2pera%i2!s, i% called %he 2ri0i!al ser=ice FedEx Express$ Si!ce EFedExE deri=es +r2m EFederal ExpressE, %his mea!s %ha% EFedEx ExpressE c2uld be expa!ded %2 EFederal Express ExpressE / a ple2!asm$ ,e2pard<L superchampi2! He! ,e!!i!0s i!c2rrec%l< as"ed E#ha% is FedExME %2 %he Final #eopard $ a!s;er: EM2s% 2+ %his +irm>s 79,999 seas2!al ;hi%e/c2llar empl2<ees ;2r" 2!l< +2ur m2!%hs a <ear$E e!di!0 his 7A/0ame ;i!!i!0 s%rea"$ he c2rrec% resp2!se ;as E#ha% is JK1 )l2c"M,E ;hich led %2 Na!c< Ner0>s ;i!$

here is a p2pular s%2r< %ha% %he c2mpa!< alm2s% ;e!% ba!"rup% i! i%s +irs% <ear, bu% %2 ma"e i% %hr2u0h %he &hris%mas seas2!, Fred Smi%h c2!=i!ced his empl2<ees %2 ;2r" a% 79O 2+ %heir ;a0e$ Je %he! %22" all 2+ his m2!e< %2 -e0as a!d made e!2u0h a% %he %ables %2 ;ea%her a +e; m2re m2!%hs u!%il busi!ess pic"ed up$ 3! +ac%, ;hile +i!a!cial dis%ress ;as ex%reme a!d expe!se acc2u!% pa<me!%s ;ere de+erred, %he rep2r%ed =2lu!%ar< pa< cu% ;as !e=er reDues%ed 2r 0i=e!$ he %rip %2 ?as -e0as ;as real, bu% %he c2mpa!<>s +u%ure ;as !ei%her ;a0ered !2r ;2! %ha% da<$ 3! 5996 %he EFedEx Pa!da ExpressE deli=ered %;2 0ia!% pa!das +r2m )eiBi!0, &hi!a %2 %he Memphis N22$ he (pril 5:, 5997 epis2de 2+ &2med< &e!%ral>s > he &2lber% 1ep2r%> lis%ed FedEx as %he !umber 5 m2s% da!0er2us %hrea% %2 (merica 2! i%s recurri!0 E hrea% D2;!E Se0me!% +2r d2!a%i!0 a subs%a!%ial am2u!% 2+ m2!e< +2r a *ri@@l< )ear sa!c%uar< a% a maB2r @22$ he sh2;>s charac%er h2s% S%ephe! &2lber% is ;ell "!2;! +2r his +ear 2+ bears 2! %he sh2; (%he a!imal usuall< bei!0 %he Number 1 %hrea% %2 (merica), claimi!0 %ha% %he< are E02dless "illi!0 machi!es$E

(amin ri hts o' sports stadiums and events

FedExField (+2rmerl< ,ac" He!% &22"e S%adium) i! suburba! ?a!d2=er, Mar<la!d, h2me 2+ %he #ashi!0%2! 1eds"i!s 2+ %he Na%i2!al F22%ball ?ea0ue$ FedExF2rum i! d2;!%2;! Memphis, h2me 2+ %he Memphis *ri@@lies 2+ %he Na%i2!al )as"e%ball (ss2cia%i2! a!d %he me!>s bas"e%ball pr20ram 2+ %he 8!i=ersi%< 2+ Memphis$ he FedEx S%$ ,ude &lassic is a P*( 2ur e=e!% pla<ed a!!uall< i! Ma< i! Memphis$ FedEx has bee! %he primar< sp2!s2r 2+ %he 'ra!0e )2;l si!ce 19C9$

Fr2m 1997 u!%il 5995, FedEx ;as %he %i%le sp2!s2r 2+ &hamp &ar #2rld Series ;he! i% ;as "!2;! as &(1 $ he series ;as "!2;! as %he &(1 FedEx &hampi2!ship Series, ;hich led %2 %he 2++icial E&hamp &arE desi0!a%i2! i! re+ere!ce %2 %he +ac% %he< ;ere %he FedEx &hampi2!ship$ 3r2!icall<, he Nash=ille Ne%;2r">s 1ic" )e!Bami! used %he E&hamp &arE %erm a <ear be+2re &(1 made i% 2++icial i! 1997$ FedEx became %he sp2!s2r 2+ %he !umber 11 N(S&(1 Nex%el &up car 2;!ed b< ,2e *ibbs 1aci!0$ #hile %he %eam s%ru00led %r<i!0 %2 +i!d %he per+ec% mix +2r m2s% 2+ 599:, %he c2mbi!a%i2! 2+ dri=er De!!< Jamli! a!d cre; chie+ Mi"e F2rd led %2 success, ;i%h a +e; %2p/19 +i!ishes i! his se=e! s%ar%s i! %he car la%e i! %he seas2!$ (( dri=er ca! ru! up %2 se=e! races ;i%h2u% l2si!0 r22"ie eli0ibili%<$) ha% led %2 %he decisi2! +2r 5997 %ha% Jamli! ;2uld be %he perma!e!% dri=er +2r 5997, a!d a !e; pai!% scheme$ FedEx uses +i=e di++ere!% pai!% schemes %2 sh2;case i%s di++ere!% pr2duc%s, a!d i! 599: als2 ra! a special scheme %2 pr2m2%e a chari%< e=e!% a% %he FedEx S%$ ,ude &lassic 02l+ %2ur!ame!%$ 1ece!%l< %his decisi2! sc2red

success as De!!< Jamli! ;2! %he )ud Sh22%2u% a% Da<%2!a 2! Feb$ C%h 5997