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April 26, 2014 Seattle, Wash.

Issue No. 3

Morning Cup
Your Daily Pick-Me-Up of SCAA Event News


Thousands Pour into the Exhibit

Jorge Bolaos, green coee
producer for Guatemalan Coees in Guatemala, shares, specialty coee is energy.
Kristin Anderson, customer service and sales for Atlas Coee Importers in Seattle, Wash., says specialty coee is all about relationships. Karen White, sales manager for Canada for Guittard Chocolate, based in Burlingame, Calif., believes specialty coee is challengingnot easy. Gaby Gonzalez Rodriguez, a commercial specialist for specialty coees from Ecuador, in Beverly Hills, Calif., says specialty coee in the United States is inspirational for Ecuador, and that specialty coee is unity. Chris Ryan, story editor for Sustainable Harvest in Portland, Ore., notes, Specialty coee is an excellent way for people to connect.

Hall for

All Things
estimated 10,000 attendees are gathering to share, discover and learn all about specialty coee and industry-wide excellence. On Twitter, @banuhateld said, So. Much. Coee, speaking about #SCAA2014. @2percentjazz shared, #SCAA2014 is big, big, big this year. Some great new products are out that I cant wait to get my hands on. Back at the hotel to rest. Phew! Be sure to spend hours and hours in the Exhibit Hall today and tomorrow, the nal days of The Event. Also, to make the most of your time, download the SCAA Event App (search SCAA2014 in Apple App or Google Play stores) to navigate all the exhibitors and happeningsplus more! Its a complete guide to the Event in the palm of your hand, and nd out where you need to be right now in one click. Need help with the SCAA Event app? Look for the App Squad volunteers in blue shirts at the South Lobby Registration.

Specialty Coffee

Indeed, specialty coee encompasses all of these things and much moreall clearly evident in the dynamic Exhibit Hall this week in Seattle at SCAAs Event. In fact, an

Saturday, April 26, 2014 | The MC 1

Attendees Speak out on The Event; One Says He Keeps Coming Back for the Coffee & Hugs
ith an ocial Exhibit Hall ribbon-cutting ceremony and a big crowd of coee professionals, The SCAA Event kicked o with a bang yesterday morning.
The Exhibit Hall was lled with excitement and expectation, and The Morning Cup roamed among the exhibitors, attendees and volunteers, getting their thoughts and feelings about what theyre looking forward to this week and what they love about The Event. Andreza Mazarao, sales and marketing manager for AC Caf, Brazil, shared, This is the most known and most eective event in coee, not only in the United States but in other countries as well. Barb and Doug Garrett, Orphan Espresso of Troy, Idaho, were among the hundreds of exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall. Were here for our ocial debut of our rst manufactured product, not hand-built by a guy in a shed, said Doug. And Barb commented, What keeps us coming back is seeing people that weve met in the industry, its really like a reunion for many people. Anthony Tellini, director of operations, Steven Smith Teamaker of Portland, Ore., said, Im excited to serve our product and see if we can get somebody thats drinking espresso to try Earl Grey. Mark Larsen, shift supervisor, Starbucks, Seattle, Wash, noted, Im volunteering here as part of the Green Team, directing people where to be sustainable. Im also going to be taking a sample roasting class, walking the oor and then a class about how to talk about roasting. I was hoping I could check out some of my friends as they were competing, but I was saving the Earth. Wolfgang Schaefer, co-head barista, Humboldt Cafe, Colectivo, Milwaukee, Wisc., explained, This is our rst year as Colectivo, weve been coming for 20

years as Alteralast July we rebranded. Me personally, I was competing last year. I was cleaning dishes and hiding away, so I didnt get to see all the hooplathe circusthe way I wanted to. What keeps me coming back? Its gotta be the coee, right? The hugs, really, are what Im here for.

WCR, Peru Commit to Producer Livelihoods

World Coee Research (WCR) and the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) yesterday at SCAAs Event, just after the Exhibit Hall opening. The MoU recognizes the institutions intentions to work together on improving producer livelihoods through targeted agricultural research. The goal is to increase the volume of quality coee in Peru. The rst project will be a Multilocation Variety Trial, where WCR will import thirty of the worlds best-performing Arabica varieties, possessing high quality attributes and rust resistance, into Peru. These varieties will be transplanted as part of an experiment in three or four dierent locations within Peru.


2 The MC | Saturday, April 26, 2014

y 11 a.m. yesterday morning, competition was already in full swing in the U.S. Coee Championships Arena.
The U.S. Latte Art Championship, the United States Barista Championship and the Brewers Cup were all in early heats, as the crowd circulated from stage to stage and enjoyed the BGA Cafe.

Just to See This Stage, Which Represents the Focus Put on Quality Barista Service, Is Exciting, Says One USCC Arena Spectator
The Morning Cup spoke to representatives of all the Arena denizens for their thoughts on The Event as a whole: competitor, attendee and judge. George Burnett, Intelligentsia, Chicago, Ill, North Central Region Brewers Cup Champion, said, Im really excited about getting over to the trade oor and wandering around a little bit. I did a lot of comic conventions, thats kind of where I come from. [The Event] is like the only place where you can see most of these [coee] people, its like an extended family. We have a family back in Chicago of course, but this is where you can see everyone. Candice Madison, head roaster and QC manager at Notes Coee Roasters, London, U.K., a judge in the Arena: I do a lot of work with the WCE and they needed some help with their inaugural latte art competition, so Im here judging and helping train judges for that. I love the SCAA Events, theyre amazing! Theres so much education, so much opportunity to learn, everyone from around the world comes. Its awesome! Nathan Quillo, Quills Coee, Louisville, Ky., an attendee who was exploring the Arena yesterday, said, Ive been to a lot of other similar events, but Ive never been to the SCAA. Being a roaster, being a shop owner, its neat for me to see this global perspective: roasters, farmers from around the planet being excited about coee. Just to see this stage, which represents the focus put on quality barista service, is exciting. Regionals was fun, but this is a whole other game. Im excited to see people giving coee its due in our whole food experience. Would I come back next year? The camaraderie, the excitement, its a well-put-together event, I would denitely come back.

at The Event

Go Green

Think Before You Throw: Recycling and composting bins are in almost every corner of the convention center, so youll never have to go far to make a responsible choice about waste disposal. Ask the Go Green Team in green t-shirts, if you need help. Offset Your Travel at the Registration Booth: SCAA oers every attendee the option to support the greening initiatives implemented during the event through an additional $5 donated during the registration process. Cut Down on Paper Use with the SCAA App: The SCAA app is free to all attendees and oers the ability to easily navigate the entire Event with the ease of your smart phone or tablet. Search SCAA2014 in Apple App or Google Play stores. Also of Note: Exhibitors, are you leading the way by incorporating or promoting sustainable choices at your booth? Take the go green pledge now and proudly display your badge. SCAAEvent. org/GoGreen.

Saturday, April 26, 2014 | The MC 3

JavaJog for a Cause

Meets Its Fundraising Goal for Women in the Congo

he Second annual Java Jog for a Cause was held Friday morning, April 25 in Seattles Lake Union Park. More than 200 runners #SCAA2014 attendeesbraved the early morning chill for the fun run that was created to raise money for the coee women of eastern Congo. This years race brought in more than $34,000 for the cause, surpassing its $30,000 goal.
Java Jog for a Cause was established early in 2013 by Kimberly Easson, Beth Ann Caspersen and Aimee Russillo. The Founders Run was held in Boston for the 2013 SCAA

Event; it had 15 runners and raised $7,500, which was donated to the womens committee of the Sopacdi farmers cooperative in South Kivu, DRC. We are excited to have surpassed our goal to raise $30,000 for women in coee farming communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, said Easson. While a much larger goal than last year, we wanted to set a goal that would allow us to raise more money for the cause. She added: There are eight farmer organizations in the regionSopacdi is just one. And by raising more money, we could help to link the groups together and invest in activities across the region, working together with local, community-based organizations. Runners in Fridays race raised money for the cause, both individually and as teams. The funds will be invested in womens coee groups in Eastern Congo, South Lake Kivu region. The Coee Quality Institute (CQI) is the U.S.-based 501c3 that is receiving the funds initially, and has agreed to pass-on the funds to the Congo organizations at no cost. The event is made possible through a network of volunteers as well as many generous sponsors. Platinum Sponsor for JavaJog 2014 included Westrock Coee Company, which provides global export opportunities and purposeful employment to partners at origin. Equal Exchange, Baratza,

Equator Coees & Teas and Schluter provided Bronze Level support, and Roast Magazine was the Media Sponsor. A number of product sponsors, including Theo Chocolate, Bonavita, and Espro, provided prizes for the winning runners and top fundraisers. For more information about this years race, visit, or email Story contributed by Laura Everage, a freelance writer and editor, who served on the organizing committee for JavaJog.

See what's new.

BGA Cafe Schedule for Today
8:30 a.m. 11 a.m. Portola Coee Lab 8:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. Verve Coee Roasters 11 a.m. 2 p.m. Forty Weight Coee Roasting Co. 11 a.m. 2 p.m. Temple Coee 2 p.m. 5 p.m. Blue Bottle Coee

Exhibitor, Sponsor & Industry News

Cleveland Organics Caffeine Crunch and Caffeine Crunch Frost Are the Perfect Addition to Any Cafe
Cleveland Organics creates a unique blend of chocolate to pair with dierent coee beans. Their Caeine Crunch coee beans are selected from Guatemala, where Owner Beth Cleveland has visited on mission trips for the past several years. The companys natural caramel, chocolate and fruit tones of the coee are the perfect balance with the mix of organic chocolates theyve created. Cleveland Organics Caeine Crunch Frost is a bolder and less acidic coee paired with a decadent white chocolate. Caeine Crunch and Caeine Crunch Frost are upscale crunchy treats that leave every coee lover delighted and craving for more! Email Beth Cleveland at or give them a call at 478-825-3440 to nd out how you can add their products to your stores. Visit

4 The MC | Saturday, April 26, 2014

Join the Conversation.

Heard @ SCAAs
#sccaa2014 sele. #scaa2014

Hashtag Hub
@catleah: Super duper pumped & learning a lot. #Coee culture people are fun, & smart! Great conference! #SCAA2014

@daveybeisbol: The sun is super bright in Seattle. #SCAA2014

Thanks to all the family, friends and mortal enemies who supported me and my team and all the runners in the #JavaJog this morning! 10k and $34,000 and a banana costume to help women coffee farmes in the #Congo! #SCAA2014

@konacoeeteaco: Were like a kid in a candy store in the exhibit hall of @ SpecialtyCoee


@HookedontheBean: Did I say how Highly #caeinated I am at #scaa2014 Buzzzzzzzz

@HeyHeyUW: Doing dishes. #SCAA2014 #ENDLESS

Coffee friends everywhere!!!! #seattle #ninetypluscoffee #specialitycoffee

@mightygood: Fired up. #SCAA2014

Download the SCAA Event App

(search SCAA2014 in Apple App or Google Play stores) to navigate all the exhibitors and happeningsplus more! Its a complete guide to the Event in the palm of your hand, and you can nd out where you need to be right now in one click. Need help with the SCAA Event app? Look for the App Squad volunteers in blue shirts at the South Lobby Registration.

ine Caffe
red Beans te Cove Espresso Chocola The Anywhere, Any time Coffee Break
An Upscale Crunchy Treat!
Saturday, April 26, 2014 | The MC 5

Thank You
to Our 2014

The SCAA is proud to present the sponsors of the 26th Annual SCAA Event! It is the goal of the SCAA to work closely with our partners to develop long-term relationships that support and promote the specialty coee industry. We would like to thank this years sponsors for their high level of dedication. It is with their help that the SCAA is able to host the worlds largest gathering
of specialty coee professionals on earth.

SCAA Sponsors

Official Host Sponsor

Official Portrait Sponsor

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Platinum Sponsor

Espresso Supply, Inc. Official USBC Host

Pacific Foods
Welcome Reception and Event App Sponsor

Gold Sponsors
Lanyards Monin Satellite Caf Kalita

Roasting Workshop Probat Burns

Satellite Caf La Marzocco

Roasters Guild Party Roast Magazine

Sustainability BUNN

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Membership Lounge

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Smoothie Station DaVinci Gourmet Smoothie Station Big Train Media Room Technical Services Espresso Partners Cup Satellite Caf Slate Coee Roasters Dixie Nespresso Notepads NJ Douek


Skill Building Workshop Sponsors

Brewing Room
Blendtec BUNN Curtis FETCO Global Customized Water Keurig Green Mountain Espresso Partners Dixie Espresso Supply Gevalia NJ Douek Urnex Blendtec Curtis Mahlkonig USA Global Customized Water Espresso Partners Dixie NJ Douek Urnex Gevalia Kea Coee Gavia Gourmet Coee Swiss Water Decaf Cape Horn Massimo Zanetti Tonys Coee

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Decaf Coee Swiss Water Decaf Cups Dixie Cookies Walker Shortbread Tea Choice Organic Teas

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Gold Roasting Workshop & Technical Service Probat Burns

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Roaster Partners RGC Coee Thursday-Night Throwdown

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Sensory Analysis
Rattleware Dalla Corte Mahlkonig USA Espresso Parts Gavia Roasters Guild Retreat Probat Burns Pacic Natural Foods Barista Series
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Grinder Mahlkonig USA Trophy Reg Barber

Prize Baratza


Exhibitor, Sponsor & Industry News

Mira Yudhawati

We have the stuff you need to be successful.

located in the registration area.

Meet Indonesias First-ever World Barista Championship Sensory Judge @ Remarkable Indonesia Pavilion

orn and raised in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, Mira Yudhawati has been passionately involved in the coee industry since 2004. In 2009, Yudhawati successfully became a Certied Q Graderby the Coee Quality Instituteand a Certied World Coee Event Judge, which gives her the honor to be one of the sensory judges at the World Barista Championship (WBC). Yudhawati has had the chance to judge barista championships in Bangkok, Singapore, and the Philippines, and will be in Italy this June for the 2014 WBC. She is here at The SCAA Event under the Fellowship Program of the SCAA Symposium. Indonesia is very proud of her accomplishments and involvement in strengthening the coee industry around the world. According to Yudhawati, Indonesian coee has many dierent characteristics. From every region, it has dierent acidity, body, spice, avor and aroma. So when you want to taste dierent types of coee, Indonesia has it all! With the complexity and variety of coee, Indonesia continues to be the worlds top coee producer. In 2013, Indonesia was the third biggest producer, exporting close to 300,000 tons of coee to the world. In terms of the sustainability of coee in Indonesia, things have been growing the past several years. Private companies have started to prioritize growing sustainably produced coee, mostly in Sumatra. Together with the local and central government, Indonesia continues to improve and strengthen the sustainability system in every region. Attendees are invited to stop by the Remarkable Indonesia Pavilion, booth No. 12135. The booth will display impeccable coees from Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Bali and Papua coee. A cupping session will be held today, April 26 from 5:30 - 7:15 p.m. at the Washington State Convention Center in room No. 219. For more information, please contact: Commercial Attach of Indonesia at commercial-attache@ embassyondonesia. org or Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles at itpcla@ Phone 213-387-7041. See Remarkable Indonesia Pavilion, booth No. 12135.

The Third Wave of Fair Trade

While theres a coee Third Wave, theres also a fair trade Third Wavea revolution, breaking paradigms, turning things upside down. Do you want to surf this new wave? Learn more about the Small Producers Symbol. The Small Producers Symbol (SPP) is the rst and only fair trade system in the world created and directed by the small organized producers themselves. This initiative has succeeded in opening its own space, voice and face to conscious consumers, with support from fair trade, caring and sustainable companies and organizations. This seals freshens up fair trade, to focus exclusively on small producers democratically and organizedand an alternative market, where there is no law of the strongest, but room for everyone. The SPP promotes quality and tasty, healthy, supportive products. It is guaranteed by independent certication bodies. Visit the SPP booth, No. 12128, to get involved in this great movement, supported by the Organized Small Producers Foundation (FUNDEPPO).
8 The MC | Saturday, April 26, 2014

Morn Cup
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Photos by Amanda Wilson

Exhibitor, Sponsor & Industry News

Continue Your Exploration of the Best Coffee in the World at Host 2015
Do you want to get in tune with the state of coee in Italy? Then dont miss Host 2015, the International Hospitality Exhibition (visit booth No. 18086 while at SCAA in Seattle, to learn more about the event).
Host 2015 takes place in the year of Expo Milano 2015 (a worlds fair thats being held in Italy from May 1 to Oct. 31). And during that timeframe, a great deal of attention will focus on coee. Of course, Host 2015 will be on the leading edge of showcasing the coee industry, as it takes place just before the close of Expo Milano 2015. As an international benchmark for the coee world, Host 2015 will be staged at Fieramilano in Rho, Italy from Friday, Oct. 23 to Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015. Host 2015 is planning to make the most of its synergies with Expo Milano 2015, where the main theme is food and Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, and where coee will be one of the nine cluster themes (clusters will be organized around specic food chains or specic themes of interests). Another important feature of Host 2015 is its partnership with the Specialty Coee Association of Europe (SCAE). SCAEs presence at Host 2013 saw the participation of hundreds of baristas from all over the world, including longstanding coeedrinking countries like Italy, Austria, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium and Spain, but also other interesting markets like South Korea, China, Ireland, Qatar, Turkey, Greece, Malaysia and Russia. Host 2013 also featured the World Barista Championship (WBC) AllStars Event (including Pete Licata, Michael Phillips, Gwilym Davies and James Homan), organized by World Coee Events. The WBC AllStars involved demonstrations, performances, challenges and interviews. Another important feature at Host 2013 was Lo Bevo Ca di Qualit (I Drink Top-Quality Coee), conducted by coee expert Andrej Godina and reigning Italian coee-making champion at the time, nalist in the World Baristas Championship, Francesco Sanapo. Knowing how to recognize top-quality coee and how to combine it with food were just two of the insightful topics covered in the sessions at Host 2013, and Host 2015 plans to present an even more exciting line-up of speakers and sessions. At Host 2015, the worlds best players in the coee sector will converge, companies like Kimbo, Moka Sirs, Caf Novell, Ca Vergnano, Covim, Gruppo Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli, Rancilio Group, Sanremo and Wegaall of which will interpret the key industry trends and topics. Hosts expertise in coee will be further highlighted by complimentary and businessenhancing macro areas at the exhibition, including tea, coee bars and equipment/ machines, and gelato and pastries, to create new business opportunities. For more information on attending, exhibiting or sponsoring, see (@host2013 #host2015). To learn more while at SCAA in Seattle, visit booth No. 18086.

Saturday, April 26, 2014 | The MC 9

Exhibitor, Sponsor & Industry News

Ghirardelli Expands Its Frapp Line

Stop by the Ghirardelli Booth to Try Tasty Beverage Creations and to Win Fun Prizes
Ghirardelli has expanded its frapp line into two coee-based avors, Mocha and White Mocha, as well as a decadent Frozen Hot Cocoa. Each avor contains premium ingredients, like real Colombian coee and Ghirardelli cocoa powder. And each version is available in a convenient three-pound counter top canister, as well as bulk cases. The Mocha avors oer an excellent option for cafes looking to provide a premium real coee frapp that is both simple and cost eective to make. Both avors deliver on the decadent avor consumers expect from the Ghirardelli brand. The Frozen Hot Cocoa is an exceptional product that combines the rich avor of premium cocoa powder with the creamy, cool taste of an iced blended drink. These new avors build on Classic White and Double Chocolate, the two base frappe mixes already oered by Ghirardelli. Both avors provide an excellent foundation for adding fruit or other avorings to create your own signature beverage. All avors contain real dairy and will not separate after blending. In addition to Frapp mixes, Ghirardelli has a full line of sauces and chips that can be added to any frapp to create a wide range of drinks. From caramel and chocolate sauces to high quality chocolate chips, Ghirardelli has all the ingredients necessary to create countless decadent drink options. For more information on Ghirardellis products, recipes and latte art videos, check out

Monin Announces New Dulche De Leche Sauce

Monin Gourmet Flavorings, the worlds leading provider of premium syrups and avoring products, introduces a new avor to their indulgent sauce line upDulce de Leche. Monin Dulce de Leche Sauce is the perfect creamy, dairy-rich caramel avor for crafting specialty coee beverages, and it can also be used as a decadent garnish. Visit Monin at booth No. 12101. Why this avor? Research shows that Latin American and other global inuences are driving the hottest avor trends and inuencing preferences in the United States. Additionally, a Monin-proprietary national online survey and taste tests prove that there is a high consumer intent to order this Monin avor in chain restaurants and coeehouses. New Dulce de Leche Sauce is made with the nest ingredients and natural avors. Along with Monin Dark Chocolate, Caramel, White Chocolate and Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, Dulce de Leche Sauce is Kosher and Gluten Free. All sauces are available in a 64 oz. bottle or 12 oz. squeeze bottle. Monin oers over 200 specialty syrup, sauce, pure and smoothie products designed to add avor and prot to specialty beverages. Founded in 1912 in Bourges, France and family-owned for three generations, Monin is the premier provider of avoring products for creating specialty beverages. With manufacturing facilities in three continents and distribution to more than 100 countries, Monin is recognized as the global avor leader. For more information on any Monin product, call 800-9665225 or visit for hundreds or avorful recipes. Visit SCAA booth No. 12101.

Meet the Hawaiians, Savor Their Coffee

Meet Hawaiian coee growers, a native Hawaiian chief roaster, and listen to the sweet sounds of Hawaiian music by famed musician Wailau, all representing Ka`u Coee Mill from the Big Island of Hawai`is remote Ka`u District. Meet Kalikoweo Keolanui, who will share her mana`o (knowledge) on roasting Ka`u Coee grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa Volcano. Talk story with Bull and Jamie Kailiawa, who have ranked among the top in Coee of the Year competitions, for their handpicked Ka`u Coee beans grown in upland Moa`ula of Ka`u. Meet Kea Keolanui from award-winning Rainbow Falls Hilo Coee Farm. She will invite you to come to Hawai`i to visit coee lands. Listen to Wailau, who tours with Hawaiian music in Japan, the mainland and throughout Hawai`i. Witness hula by Jamie Kailiawa.

Learn about many community projects of Ka`u Coee Mill, Edmund C. Olson and his Edmund C. Olson Trust. They include a hydroelectric plant to re up the coee mill and adjacent macadamia operations and to provide additional water for native gardens, with a companion eort to bring back a centurys old water system for improved irrigation for diversied farming. Taste the brew and see Ka`u Coee Mills new products, including Ka`u Coee Singles for Keurig coee brewers, plus a full line of specialty roasts. Meet founder Edmund C. Olson and farmer Sammy Stanbro and managers John Cross and Louis Daniele. See Julia Neal and Kea Keolanui for coee origin tour arrangements to the Big Island. Visit Ka`u Coee Mill booth No. 6041 and visit

Be sure to stop by the Ghirardelli booth, No. 15115, to try tasty beverage creations and to win fun prizes.

Check out the ColorFlex EZ Coffee and the D25 NC in the Exhibit Hall
Take a sample and see just how easy and accurate they measure
HunterLab is introducing two new instruments, the ColorFlex EZ Coee and D25 NC, to the coee world at this years SCAA Event. The ColorFlex EZ Coee is designed specically for use by coee roasters, providing accurate color measurement of ground roast coee, including freeze-dried granules and instant coee powders. A compact unit, with a footprint smaller than a shoebox, the ColorFlex EZ Coee is ruggedly built and designed to handle the rigors of a harsh production environment. Both the ColorFlex EZ and the D25 NC have built into their rmware essential coee-specic color scales, the SCAA Number, the SCAA Roast Classication and the HCCI, or HunterLab Coee Color Index. While the SCCA Number and Roast Classication data provides industry conforming documentation, the HCCI has been developed by HunterLab, the worlds most experienced color measurement company, to accurately and tightly measure ground roast coee at the 640 nm wavelength. This has long been known to roasters as the point in the wavelength spectrum where the most change occurs to the ground roast coee. The HCCI number, with its tighter tolerances, can be utilized to provide greater lotto-lot and batch-to-batch consistency within a manufacturing process. One has to see the D25 NC in action to fully grasp its unique, revolutionary features. It provides noncontact measurement, among other things, and this means the sensor stays out of harms way and clean. To achieve a more accurate measurement of samples with irregular shape, size hue, one must measure more samples to average out the inaccuracies. The D25 NC achieves this by providing automated rotary measurement, measuring up to ve times per second per ve second measurement cycle, a minimal measured area of 490 cm2! No other color measurement instrument currently on the market can measure this amount of sample or as rapidly as the D25 NC. As well, the D25 NC is adjustable to accommodate sample dishes ranging from 6 to 12 in diameter. Stop by the HunterLab booth, No. 13144, to see both the ColorFlex EZ Coee and D25 NC in action. Take a sample and see just how easy and accurate they measure.

When It Comes to Your Coffee Insurance, the Sky Is Rarely the Limit
By Logan Portmann, Rekerdres & Sons Insurance
Over the past year, the coee industry has seen prices rise and riseand rise. Regardless of the many possible reasons, the upward price trend should prompt coee traders and logistic managers to review their coee insurance limits for shipments and storage. Quickdo you know if you have a limit per truck, building, warehouse, vessel or container? At Rekerdres & Sons, we believe the current price volatility is unlikely to settle down any time soon. Accordingly, we have the tools to help track the market to stay within your limits. Then, you can focus more on making margin calls, rather than making insurance calls. Managers should also be aware of the eect of shipment roll. Whether by labor strikes or ship convenience, the net eect of coee building up, awaiting vessel load, could double your values per shipment or port warehouseand also push you outside your policy limits. It is likely that we are watching the same coee market screen as many merchants, with an eye on staying ahead of rapid upticks. Quickwhat is the movement limit in the current trading month? If limits really become an issue, we can work together to nd alternatives. Remember, when it comes to your coee insurance, the sky is rarely the limit. Logan Portmann is auditor and account executive at Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency in Dallas, Texas, for coee shippers, call 214-520-2345 or visit

Saturday, April 26, 2014 | The MC 11

For samples or information on using the Made with Ghirardelli logo, call 1.800.877.9338 or visit

12 The MC | Saturday, April 26, 2014